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Full text of "Brooklyn, New York, city directory"

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1910, pt.l 


3 1833 02253 6103 






Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 






wn iiiwtlii'niiifiifl"n" r '' ' r "" 






innnMBeBH»nM9«wa»w -- ■■' 



317 Washington St., Brooklyn Borough, City of New York 

PRICE, $10.00 

79 10650 14 

By Estate of George Upington v 

Surplus and Undivided Profits, • 

■■ . ■ ■ _______ 

— - * — ^*%ffi& 


■■Bt' PI FAIHCHILD, President 

WILLIAM HARTCNESS, , _ . ■ „ ' . , \ 

._ a * BLAKE, s_ c «y -WILLIAM J. WASON, JR., Asst. Sac'y 





w£&gSgyg $fy) . - i i urn iii tii ^ «— -- i I .. ii 


n f__t 

^w VfB___HM 



i^u_t ' __________ 

TUIC n « 'r ~ . r> • • •> iiCia HINT *uanrt. h»e>ti»tio«, *«teiiitkik m vamx 


i&£* _'___-& 320 Until 8?. gfMMUl 



f . ... i , /i.: . o .;. , ... , • • .:,„', , <••.■;■ | ■ 

[&£ V 7 7. UPINg'tON's GENKHAL';'i)IHECiX)KY' JtOftOVGH OP 


V , r 




Drills, i A 

Taps, ■ 

■■ . f 


Saws, r ^:; 


Speed \ 
iSteel is 
the very 
in the 
Market . 

Grand Prix, 

1900 .S Manufactured in Sheffield, Eng. 

91 John Street, - - New York 





can have a i 


i ======== . 


like this if 

.'■ • ■ ' 

you "will only 
let us know. 



J4°§} Prospect 


"***: , 



^283, 285, 287, 289 Greene Ave., BROOKLYN, N. 

1 I 


. •< F . i - ■ . . I. . rT : - 

'. ■'-,■-. ■ -, ', • 


• - ,r 




I- - r 







You Will Find Here Everything You 


Require for Your Home 


. ■ 

i ./ 





. ; -vv-.-' TELEPHONE, BUSHWICK 3586-7 

We Give S &, H. Green Trading Stamps With All Cash and Credit Purchases 





I. - , - V \ ' ' ' ' '.'" 

. - 





; 1 


SAriUEL H. BURR, Sole Agent, 


offices: i 

Philadelphia. San Francisco. New Orleans.' 

Chicago. Washington. buffalo. 

Baltimore. Boston. 

ttntform in <DuaIttp. 

Read Critically. Consider Thoughtfully. 

Our stock of OLD WHISKIES is unusually large and highly 
improved by age. Our customers may confide in us that the un- 
rivalled quality, everywhere acknowledged, of our celebrated Old 
Monongahela Whiskies shall be fully maintained. We beg to call 
your attention to our bottling from our old Vatted Whiskies, and 
also to the fact that we have the oldest Whiskey in existence. 
Samples of our Old Whiskies wil' be forwarded upon application. 
All goods are sold under the GUARANTEE to give PERFECT 
SATISFACTION to the consumers, or to be returned at our 
expense. Particular attention given anvl arrangements made with 
the Wholesale Trade for special brands. 


Telephone Connection. 

Philadelphia, Penna. 




: / 

■ > 

■■i s 

\ ■ 





== 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

i (Telephone 3004 Main) 

ia prepared to make a contract with you to ADDRESS 
your envelopes, FOLD, INSERT and SEAL your 
circulars and MAIL them. Or if in BROOKLYN 
will deliver them AT MUCH LESS THAN POSTAL 





We are prepared to compile lists covering all 
trades and professions throughout the United States 
and Canada from the latest Directories. j& <& 

Stock lists are valueless and we keep none on 
h and. We are receiving New Directories almost daily. 

Before doing anything in this line SEE US and , 
w e will satisfy you that we can save you TIME, 

Our Directory Library is the most complete in 
the Uni ted States; charge for consulting and copy 
ing moderate. Single references to subscribers free. 



. -, — : : 



Manufacturers of Hand and Power 
Elevators and Dumbwaiters of Every 

Description :: Also Repairing 

/, , — ■ — ^ ■— — ■ 

Get Our Estimate 


Phone 8463 Cortlandt H. J. BURLINGTON, Manager 

216 Fulton Street :: :: :: :: New York 



Roll Top Desks 

Office Furniture of Every 'Description 
' N Great Variety of Style and Price :: :: 

111 Fulton Street - - New YorK 

American Metal Ceiling Co. 



Room 601, Mechanics Banh Building 
215 Montague Street 

T., eP H. n . 3 e5 7 M.,n BROOKLYN 





Section 28 Copyright Law 
in Force July 1st, 1909 

® & & 

That any person who willfully and for profit 
shall infringe any copyright secured by this Act, 
or whov shall knowingly and willfully aid or abet 
such infringement,, shall be deemed guilty of a 
misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall 
be punished by imprisonment for not exceeding 
one year, or by a fine of not less than one hun- 
dred dollars, nor more than one thousand dollars, 
or both, in the discretion of the court. 


The Broadway Parquet Floor Co. 



New Parquet Floors laid, any design. Old Floors 
made equal to new. Floor Surfacing by Electricity. 
Old Floors Re-scraped, Re-washed and Re-polished. 
All kinds of Strip Floors Laid, Scraped and Polished. 
Dancing Halls, Skating Rinks, Bowling Alleys, Depart- 
ment Stores, etc. Weight Brushes, Caster Cups, Wax, 
etc., ih stock. 

OFFICE AND SAMPLE ROOM: 1008 Broadway (Near Willooghby Ave.) 
STOCKROOM: 4 Stuyvesant Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Telephone, 145 Bushwick 








President, A. V. WILLIAMS, Cincinnati 

First Vice-President, R. H. DONNELLEY, Chicago 

Second Vice-President, J. L. HILL, Richmond, V*. 

Secretary-Treasurer, W. H. BATES, New York 


W. H. LEE, New Haven W. H. BATE8, New York 

WM. E. MURDOCK, Boston A. V. WILLIAMS, Cincinnati 

R. L. POLK, Detroit J. L. HILL, Richmond 

R. H. DONNELLEY, Chicago E. M. GOULD, St. Louis 

W. G. TORCH I AN A, Philadelphia 


FIRST : To improve the directory business by the interchange of ideas, and 
by the exchange of competent employees. 

SECOND : To protect the public against fraudulent advertising schemes, 
operated under the name of directories, and to drive the promoters of such out 
of the business. 

THIRD : To provide permanent and continuous employment for honest 
and faithful directory canvassers. 

FOURTH : For the mutual advancement of the established and prospective 
interests of all who may become members of the association. 

$100 REWARD 

The Association of American Directory Publishers will pay the above 
reward for the arrest and conviction of any one soliciting or collecting money on 
Fraudulent Directories, provided the conviction results in imprisonment of not 
less than six months. In case of arrest immediately telegraph W. H. Bates, 
Secretary, 202 East Twelfth Street, New York. 


Telephone Address, 352 Bay Ridge Bay Ridge Office, 635 46th Street 


Metal Ceiling Works 


furnished and put up in all 
kinds of Buildings at Mod- 
erate Prices. :: :: :: :: 




Brooklyn Street Directory 




Price 25c. 


Upington's Directory Office 



Abraham A Straus, dry gds... card with name 

Albany Dental Parlors tide margin every 8th 

left-hand page and cards with "Albany" 
and " Euppert" 

American Air Compressor Works card 

with name 

American Metal Celling Co /rant 6 and 

card with name 

Ashfield J. Howard (inc.). real estate back 

cover and card with name 

Avery Copper Mfg. Co page 1 Com'l Reg'r 

Backle E. P., metal ceilings opp. Index to 

Bauman C. Ludwlg A Co., Brooklyn, furniture 

front 3 

Bayha Edwin, undertaker card with name 

Bay side 8»sh & Door Co card with name 

Bedford Riding Academy. .v right bottom 

margin every 16th page 

Benedict Bros., jewelers left bottom 

margin every Sid page 

Bergen J. D. H. A Son, real estate right top 

margin every S2d page and card with name 

Bland George P., furniture „ .left side (inside) 

margin every 32d page, card with name and 

page 1 Com'l Reg'r 

Bommer Bros., spring hinges. . . card with name 

Boynton Furnace Co ..card with name 

Bradley A Smith, brushes bottommargin 

every 8th left-hand page and card with name 

"Brooklyn Daily Eagle" leaf opp. name 

"Brooklyn Daily Times" leaf opp. name 

Brookyn Fire Brick Works card with name 

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences 

cards at " Brooklyn " and "Institute" 

Brooklyn League card with name 

Brooklyn Metal Ceiling Co inside front 

cover and card with name 

Brooklyn Trust Co front cover 

Brooklyn Warehouse A Storage Co., 

card with name 

Brooklyner Frele Presse leaf opp. name 

Brumley James L., real estate 

card with name 
Brush G. P. jr. A Bro., earpet cleaners 
side margin every Sth right and every 8th left- 
hand page and card with name 
Burrill William H., undertaker 

card with name 

Burwak Elevator Co front 6 and page I 

Com'l Reg'r 

Buttle Parqutt Floor Co left side margin 

every 32d page, cards at "Brooklyn" 
and " BuUle and page 2 Com'l Reg'r 
Candee Frederick R. (inc.), bluestone 

back cover and card with name 

Cfttherwood H. A. H. W., whiskey left top 

margin every ltth page, card, with name 
and front 4 

Clyde Steamship Co front edge of leaves 

Colllson P. J. A Co., printers.. page opp. name 

Commonwealth Roofing Co card with name 

Condon J., florist top margin every 8th 

/eft-hand page and card with name 

Crouch A Fitzgerald, trunks right 

bottom margin every 16th page and card 
with name 

Davis John Sons, skylights card with name 

Diefendorf Warren T., life Insurance card 

with name and card with "Mutual Life 
Int. Co." 

Dix Frederick W., real estate 

back cover and card with name 
Downs Frank L., drugs. . . UJl sidemargin every 

S2d page and card wtih name 

Drake School left bottom margin every Sid 

page and card with name 

Eddy George M. A Co., measuring tapes 

card with name 

Edwards Franklin G., undertaker 

card with name 

Fairchild F. M. Sons, undertakers right 

side margin every 16th page and card 
with name 

Fletcher D. B.,shirtmkr card with name 

Forman Robert J., wire works front 2 

Franklin's Benj. Detective Agency 

card with name 

Fried Charles, artificial eyes., .left side margin 
every Sid page and card with name 

Fulton A Flatbush Storage Co left side 

(inside) margin every Sid page and card 
with name 

Gould W. Reid, stationer front cover and 

card with name 

Graefs H. A. Son, liquors card with name 

Guild A Garrison, steam pomps 

card with name 

Gulick Ernestus Co., real estate.. .. left side 

margin every 32d page and card with name 

Hamilton Trust Co back cover and card 

nith name 
Harnden James H. Co., bluestone 

card with name 
Harrison's W. H. Sons, grocers 

card with name 

Healy Henry, diamonds left top margin 

every Sid page and card with name 

Herzfeld A Sweedler, lawyers right side 

margin every 32d page and card with name 

Hoecker J. B., optician right side margin 

every Sid page and card with name 
Hoole Machine & Engraving Works 

card with name 

Horton J. M. Ice Cream Co bottom 

margin every ith left-hand page 

Hotel Hastings card with name 

Hubbard's Norman Sons, machinists 

card with name 

Hurwltz S., optometrist left side 

margin every Bid page and card with name 
Imhauser E. & Co., time detectors . . left side 
margin every 32d page and card with name 
Jackson William H. Co. , grates 

card with name 

Jackson's Mantel A Grate Works card 

with name and page 655 
James John F. & Son, real estate 

card with name 
Jessop William A Sons (inc.), steel 

inside front cover 
Kalbflelsch Franklin H. Co., chemists 

card ivith name 

Eeefe Pierce, real estate rviht side margin 

every Sid page and card with name 

Kings County Trust Co .front etver 

Eissick's Business Institute leaf opp. name 

Korber Albert, decorator card with name 

Krakauer Bros., pianos right top margin 

every Sid page and card with name 

Krombach Charles, florist ...cant with name 

Lawyers' Detective Bureau — left top margin 

every Sid page and card with name 

Leahy David P. Realty Co botto.n edge 

Of leaves and card with nante 
Lewis <fc Conger, house furng. .card with name 
Lldgerwood Mfg. Co., hoisting engines 

< ard with name 
Ltnder F. O. A Son, furriers . . card with name 


Loader Joseph A Son. storage Ii'/t side 

'margin every 32d page and card with name 

Loeser Frederick A uo., dry gds card with name 
Long Island Loan A Trust Co. ..card with name 

Loomls John S. Co., lumber card with name 

Lusk William H. ( pension attorney 

card with name 
McCarthy H. A., real estate . card with name 

McManoo Joseph T., real estate right top 

margin every S2rf i-.agc and card with name 

McNamee Patrick, charcoal card with name 

Mechanics' Bank .front 1 

.Merchants Audit A Accounting Co. 

Jiont cover and card with name 

Monahan H. V., furniture leftside 

margin every 32d puge 

Mooney A Boland Detective Agency 

back in gilt 

Nassau Trust Co card with name 

National Funeral Directing Co. card -with name 

New York Frame A Picture Co right top 

margin every 8th page 
Nlcolay W. A., Hie insurance 

card at "Aetna Life" 
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co. 

card with name 
Nott's Rheumatic Balm 

back cover and card with name 
O'Keeft'e Thomas, dyer 

back cover and card with name 
Ostrander W. K. A Co., speaking tubes 

card with name 

Pep; er C. H., linoleum 

top margin every 8th left-hand page 

Perry W. B. Electric Co card with name 

Peth George (estate of), undertaker 

card with name 
Pioneer Fire Proof Storage Warehouies 

right side (inside) margin every I6lh page 

Plvovar Jacob, furrier right top 

margin every 32d page and card with name 

Pure Oil Co. right top 

margin every 32d page and card with name 
Rae William P. Co., real estate, card uith name 

Rauscher Martin J., road house left side 

margin every 32d page and card with name 
Reid J. W. A W. H., auctioneers 

card with name and with "Hegeman" 
Richardson A Boynton Co., furnaces 

card with name 

Richardson-Morgan Co., furnaces ' 

card with name 

Riker Frederick, funeral director. . . . right side 

margin every 32d page and card witli name 

Ross Charles A Son Co., machinists 

card with name 

Rustic Construction Works leftbottom 

margin every 32d page and card with name 
Ryan William H., life insurance 

card with Penn Mutual Life Ins. Co. 
Schlaefer Charles F., real estate 

card with name 

Seablom John A., awnings right Hde 

(inside) margin every 32d page, card with 
name and page 1, Oom'l Reg'r 
See A. B. Electric Elevator Co. card with name 

Sellew T. G. , office furniture .front 6 

Simpson William \V., undertaker 

card with name 

Smith A. A Co., wines card with name 

Smith CalebV., uniforms card with name 

Sockolof A., parquet floors back of "Title" 

Sohmer A Co., pianos back cover and 

card with name 
Southern Steam Carpet Cleaning Co. 

card with name 

St. John's College left tap 

margin every Zldpage and card with name 

Starr Frederick W., lumber card with name 

Steinway A Sons, pianos cards right top 

corner scattered through th~ book 

Tayntor C. E. Granite Co Uft lop 

margin every i'ldpage 

Tierney A. J., real estate leftside 

margin every 32d page and card with name 

United Shirt A Collar Co .front covr 

United States Distributing Co right side 

margin every 16th page and card with name 

VanBuren C. H. A Co. , brokers .front cover 

Von Heill William, bookbinder card with name 

Waldorf L. L.Co., real estate left top 

margin and card with name 

Waldron A. J. , real estate rigid top 

margin every 32d page and card with name 

Walker Frank, auctioneer right side 

margin every 32d page and card with name 

Ward F. H., electrician right bottom 

margin every 32d page 

Waterman L. E. Co., fountain pens. . top 

edge of leaves and card with name 
Webb James A. A Son, alcohol 

top margin every 8th left-liand page 

Welsch Samuel, real estate card name 

Wlchert & Gardiner, shoe mfrs. card with name 
Williams Herbert E., real estate 

front cover and card with name 

Wustl's J. Sons, costumers leftbottom 

margin every 32d page and card with name 




^S 3J7 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

(Telephone 3004 Main) 

fa prepared to make a contract with you to ADDRESS 
your envelopes, FOLD, INSERT and SEAL your 
ejrculare and MAIL them. Or if in BROOKLYN 
will deliver them AT MUCH LESS THAN POSTAL 






We are prepared to compile lists covering all 
trades and professions throughout the United States 
and Canada from the latest Directories. j& j& 

Stock lists are valueless and we keep none on 
hand. We are receiving New Directories almost daily. 

Before doing anything in this line SEE US and 
we will satisfy you that we can save you TIME, 

Our Directory Library is the most complete in 
the United States; charge for consulting and c opy- 
ing moderate. Single references to subscribers free 


Allen Alex drygdg 488 N J av 
American Cutler periodical 1062 Bergen 
Arnheiter & Schwartz bakers Surf av n W 

Bentson D R laundry 886 Qulncy 
Block M W fruit B c West av Wallabout 

mkt h 116 Hall 
Brooks John 437 Gold 

Buys Geo LeFort teacher 105 Lefferts pi 
Empire State Roofing Co 2866 Warehouse av 
Eismann Harry T actor h 1284 Putnam av 
Hallock Edwd phonograph supplies 4824 

New Otrecht av h 6410 15th av 
Hewett E J picture frames 573 Fulton h 242 

Horneff John L elk h 659 75th 
Hyatt Klngsley O elk h 318 Cumberland 
Jones Hugo chemist 602 Bway h 752 Bway 
Loehr, Hames & Loehr carpet cleaners 816 

Lex av 
Malone Edwd V h 825 Schermerhorn 
May John foundry 260 Monitor 
McElearney Bernard special officer h 112 
h Hy P elk h 17 Hansman 
Moore Francis M carrier h 260 Jay 
Nagle J M manager ft Bay 23d 
Petsche John plumber 1254 Bwick av h 988 

Pllcher Jas T physician 14S Gates av 
ii Lewis S physician 145 Gates av h Hotel 
Rellly Sandford T furniture h 981 B 17th 

Rltt Morris S clothing 715 Bway Mhtn k 

1460 58th 
Robinson Clinton T> manager 150 Nassaa 

Mhtn h 916 Prospect pi 
ii Julian drugs Sheepshead Bay rd c W 1st 
ii W H manager 482 Drlggs av 
Scheele's Red Cross Pharmacy 487 Harmam 
Scheldig Christian lithographer h 216 Lenox 

Scott Frank W asst manager 108 Fulton 

Mhtn h 561 54th 
Taddlken Paul G physician Clarkson av e 

Albany av 
Tllton Albro M drop forglngs Jersey City 

N J h 553A Monroe' 
Vanamee Wm lawyer, 391 Fulton h New- 
burgh N Y 
Vincent Jas B carpr 701 Prospect pi h 266 

Ward Geo H engineer 78 Delevan h 215 72d 
Weber Fred carpr B 12th c Newktrk av 

h 1703 Foster av 
Wendler Peter provisions 1701 Bway 
Weston Edwd H H Ins 824 Fbush av h 2503 

Clarendon rd 
Wlllms Francis F grocer 665 79th 
Wolleben John H express 376 Canal Mhrm a 

3511 Snyder av 
Work Nathalie h 74 2d pi 
Young Wm F salesman h 294 Sterling 
ii Wm H salesman h 261 78th 
ii Wm R piano action 33 Marcy av k 

294 Sterling 

Pictures*^ Paintings 




5 upiNgtons 


I General Directory 




I .' 




Our Advertising Patrons may be found by referring to the Index. 


Acct accountant; agl agricultural; agt agent; Ala Alabama; al alley; art 
artificial; asst assistant; av avenue; bldg building; bldr builder; Bway 
Broadway; Bklyn Brooklyn; Bwick Bushwick; Centl Central; Chrisr Chris- 
topher; Conil Commercial; c corner; carpr carpenter; coml trav commercial 
traveler; elk clerk; com commission; comr commissioner; ct court; dept 
department; depy deputy; E ras<; East N Y .Eas* .Yew Fori - ,- East Pkway 
Eastern Parkway; elec electrical; eng engineer; Fbusb Flatbush; ft /oo^; 
iw dg forwarding; furng furnishing; gds goods; Gpoint Qreenpoint; Hpkson 
Hopkinson; h house; bgts heights; Humbt Humboldt; impr importer; 
imps implements; (inc) incorporated; ins insurance; insp inspector; insts 
instruments; Jef Jefferson; kpr keeper; Knickr Knickerbocker; Koscko 
Kosciusko; la tone; lab laborer; Laf Lafayette; Lex Lexington; Mhtn J/an- 
haitan; mfr manufacturer; mtls materials; inech mechanical; mer merchant; 
Met Metropolitan; mkr maker; mkt market; n near; N north; N J Yew 
Jersey; N Y iVm Fori; oper operator; opp opposite; Pkway Parkway; 
Pa Pennsylvania; pi place; prest president; r rear; R R railroad; rd root/; 
Rochr Rochester; Rkway Rockaway; S South; Scbtdy Sclienectady ; sec 
secretary; tq square; Stuyt Stuyvesant; 6upt superintendent; suigl surgical; 
tel telegraph; ter terrace; Tpkins Tom^Hns; treasr treasurer; Vandt 
Vanderbilt; vet surg veterinary surgeon; Washn H'asAuipton; W IKeaf; 
wbf wharf; wid widow; Wilby Willoughby. 


ABO Drug Co 273 Kingston av 

•A B See Electric Elevator Co 220 Bway 

A & L Electric Co 000 Park av 
Aabue John machinist h 186 Seeley 
Aalholm Jos J toilet gds 83 John Mhtn h 68 

Fort Greene pi 
Aanons Osmund contractor h 418 54th 
Aaron Barnett L tailor 451 Fulton h 425 
Atlantic av 
ii B, L, & Co tailors 451 Fulton 
n Chas F manager 51 Beekman Mhtn h 

03 8th av 
ii Harris glass 004 Rogers av 
n Hy police h 608 E 7th 
n Hyrnan h 1307 East Pkway 
ii Jos I bldr 1432 Pitkin av 
ii Saml baker h 1070 Bergen 
Aarons Jacob h. 1570 46th 
ii Jacob tailor 5410 4th av h 279 61st 
ii Simon tailor Flushing av c Throop av 

h 224 Vernon av 
ii Solomon tailor 50 Weirfleld 
Aaronson Abraham vests 725 Bway Mhtn b 
396 Miller av 
n Andw elk h 74 Eldert 
ii Bernard truekinau 07 Selgel 
ii Jacob H shoes 17S2 Fulton h 307 

Dumont av 
ii Jos produce 67 Belmont av 


n Louis findings 115 Ludlow Mhtn h 417 

Miller av 
ii Max tailor 1105 Columbia Mhtn h 756 

Jef av 
ii Max watchmkr h 331 16th 
n M meat 144 Belmont av 
ii Morris skirts 143 Essex Mhtn h 88S 

Gates av 
ii Simon tailor U256 Myrtle av 
Aarvig Gabriel elk h 343 6th 
Aarvold Carl L elk h 4221 8th av 
Abarbanell Fredk elk h 971 70th 
ii Jacob K lawyer 3S Park row Mhtn h 
Ocean Pkway c Neptune av 
Abatemareo M bottles 572 Sackett 
Abbate Alex linuors 1227 60th 

i. Peter h 170 Carroll 
Abbatemarco Jas paper 288 4th av 
Abbazia Mlchl bldr h 3329 New Utrecht av 
Abbe Alfred P bookkpr b 899 Union 
ii Chas decorator h 14 Hull 
n Geo C teacher h 123 Clinton av 
n Paul sec 220 Bway -Mhtn h 4434 18th 

ii Eichd F uiech eng 136 Liberty Mhtn h 
416 Westminster rd 
Abbehusrn Gustav drugs h 511 Atlantic av 
Abbene Martin printer 141 Montrose av 
Abberley L'lias T h 200 Keap 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 


|i W 

H S 


^ 5 * 

•a - 


C =3 


3 B* 

s - 1 


» -o 

IB 2 

O ro 

a mt 


o ^. 



£ 3 • 

a - 

IS 5 

317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone, 3004 Main. 


< 3 



Real Estate and Insurance 


Special attention paid 

to collection of rents 

and management 

of estates. 



>i Ellas T jr artist h 161 Keap 

n Harmon D decorator 225 E 21st Mhtn 

b 94 S 10th 
n Howard B salesman h 206 Eeap 
,i Joan J decorator 225 E 21st Mhtn h 

891 Putnam ay 
ii Lester S lawyer 2 Hector Mhtn h 151 
Lefferts av 
Abberton John h 434 DeKalb av 

ii Thos F engineer h 459 DeKalb av 
Abbes John D cashier h 494 Fbush av 
Abbey Fred machinist h 940 Dean 
ii Harry foreman h 220 Bleecker 
n Hy B engineer h 471 1st 
ii Jerome electrician h 3G2 46th 
ii Saml elk h 466 Nostrand av 
ii Westminster manager 61 Front Mhtn h 
209 Clinton 
Abboudanza Ralph fruit 201 Washn Mhtn h 

328 Van Brunt 
Abbot Ahikiah h 8S St Mark's pi 

Edgar W china 29 Barclay Mhtn h 

1146 Dean 
Frank P china 29 Barclay Mhtn h 5 

1st pi 
Geo M h 50 Halsey 
M & H grocers 1645 Pitkin av 
Walter h 630 Greene av 
Abbott Abbie J wid Nathan N h 136 Quincy 
Chas A electroryper 60 Ann Mhtn h 

51 Cranberry ' 
Chas E auction 287 Bway Mhtn h 708 

Gates av 
Chas F physician h 51 Wyona 
E A elk h 633 50th 

Edwd C draughtsman h 208 Ridge- 
wood av 
Frank P dentist h 33 Cambridge pi 
Fredk B teacher h 482 7th 
Fredk W kpr h 230 Rodney 
H B b Hotel St George 
Jas elk h 12 Prospect pi 
John H letter carrier h 1582A Pacific 
Jos H horseshoer 71 N Moore Mhtn h 

242 E 5th 
Margt nurse h 280 St James' pi 
Peter supt h 170 Carroll 
Phillips lawyer 206 Bway Mhtn h 128 

Gates av 
Robt B realestate 708 Gates ay 
Royal A tutor h 1412 Sterling pi 
Sarah wld Geo h 531 Quincy 
Timothy designer h 473 57th 
Wm carpr h 420 Waverly av 
Wm F h 28 St Felix 

Wm H jr acting supt 44 Court h 234 
Abdoo Tanlous dry gds 54 Washn Mhtn h 

301 Henry 
Abeel Addison J treasr 64 Beaver Mhtn h 801 
Laf av 
» C H h 282 Albany av 
ii Edwd M dock master h 1006 Bergen 
n Geo A salesman h 218 St James' pi 
ii Jos C h 801 Laf av 
Abel Albert milk 47 Douglass 
ii Augusta supt East N Y av c Powell 
ii Chas blacksmith h 171 Euclid av 
ii Chas Janitor h 547 Classon av 
ii Christian C mer 116 Broad Mhtn h 238 

ii David furniture h 409 Bwick av 
ii Girard painter h 1010 Halsey 
ii Hy h 227 Herkimer 
ii Hy meat h 253 Harman 
ii Howard comptroller 85 Clinton h 185 

Linden av 
n John A jeweler 64 John Mhtn h 243 

n Jos searcher h 226 Hawthorne 
ii Lewis notary 135 William Mhtn h 733 

ii Louis bldr 327 Irving av 
ii Louis insp 84 Bway h 475 Bway 
ii Louis R elec eng h 1021 86th 
ii Louisa wid Wm h 315 Snyder av 
ii Max carpr 189 Harrison av 
ii Peter cigars 754 Bway h 75 Moffat 
n Peter C electrician h 254 Adelphi 
' ii Robt boxes 178 Met av h 129 N 1st 
ii Robt Jr boxes 178 Met av h 45 Marey 

ii Robt & Sons boxes 178 Met av 
ii Robt B notary 150 Nassau Mhtn h 708 

Gates av ■ 
ii Theo cigar mfr 394 Chauncey 
ii Wm. A dry gds h 7104 14th av 


Abelansky Morris pants 89 E Bway Mhtn h 

154 Thatford av 
Abele Chas W manager 116 Nassau Mhtn h 
3116 av F 
ii C W asst sec h 179 Marcy av 
ii Wm E elk h 2911 Glenwood rd 
Abellng Harrison C elk h 505 51st 
Abell Claude advertising h 422 4th 
ii Cornell lumber h 731 Washn av 
ii Fred W notary 154 Nassau Mhtn h 422 

ii Geo A salesman h 218 St James' pi 
ii Louis teller h 914 DeKalb av 
ii Mary dry gds 490 Gates av 
ii Oscar E salesman h 284 6th 
ii Thos machinist h 490 Gates av 
ii Wm A salesman h 1033 Madison 
Abolman Fredk J Janitor h 150 Pulaski 
ii Jacob dyer 97% Baxter Mhtn h 2137 Pit- 
kin av 
ii Louis carpr 24 -Moore 
Abeloff Louis paints 426 DeKalb av 
ii Saml L painter 357 Madison Mhtn h 153 
Glenmore av 
Abelov David manager 14 Maiden la Mhtn h 

189 Floyd 
Abelow Barnet hardware 220 Graham av 
ii Harris diamonds 74 Sumner av 
ii Jos jeweler h 260A Hart 
ii Saml P teacher h 74 Sumner av 
ii Solomon cigars 183 Stockton 
Abels Fredk weigher h 305 Sumpter 
ii Jos cabinetmkr h 355 Ridgewood av 
n Simon prest 44 Court h 939 73d 
Abels-Gold Realty Co 44 Court 
Abelson Barnett I tailor 8 Birmingham Mhtn 
L' 1558 St Marks av 
ii Herman painter h 555 Bwick av 
ii Saml clothier 64 Colombia 
Abendroth G Irving iron 30 Clay 
ii Karl elk h 750 McDonough 
ii Otto E wines 671 Bwick av h 710 Bwick 

ii & Stein ironwork 30 Clay 
Abensehein Geo P agt 46 Murray Mhtn h 

378 4th 
Aberbuck Louis cigars 358 Grand 
Abercrombie Edwd B editor 22 Thames 
Mhtn h Wakeman pi c 2d av 
ii Henrietta wid G W h 236 Franklin av 
ii Richd H manager h 1559 Pacific 
ii R P h 939 St Marks av 
ii Wm elk h 236 Franklin av 
Aberle Adolph: liquors 103 Leonard 
ii Chas J barber h 160 Rutledge 
n Emil J manager 18 Rose Mhtn h 1400 

St Marks av 
ii Hy roofer n 1829 Bergen 
ii Herman R rooting 854 Blake av 
ii John shoes 78 Montague h 76 Hoyt 
Aberling Chas printer h 899 Wllby av 
Abernathy Julian W principal 185 Lincoln pi 

h 182 Prospect pi 
Abernethy Alfred elk h 673 Vandt av 
ii Geo H lawyer 215 Montague h 316 Cor- 
ii John truckman h' 24J1 Hull 
ii John F roofer 703% Myrtle av h 158 

ii Richd B ice h 257 Marion 
ii Sydney F salesman h 255 Sumpter 
ii Walter E lnsp h 323 Marion 
Abery Hy A J jeweler h 50 6th av 
ii Jas E Jr elk h 583 Laf av 
ii Wm F salesman h 81 Stuyt av 
Abheldens Albert candy 176 5th av h 167 

5th av 
Abig Harry florist 1251 Hancock 
Abinder Morris meat 6S0 Union 
Abkowitz Wm furs 23 Bond Mhtn h 117 

Ablamowlez J barber 1076 Putnam av 
Abler Morris photos 1427 Myrtle av h 1003 

Putnam av 
Abies Fred weigher h 305 Sumpter 
Ablonlck Max painter 1887 Fulton h 57 
ii Moses boxes 182 Grand Mhtn h 842 Du- 
mont av 
Abosamra Nicola lmpr 139 E Bway Mhtn h 

567 55th 
Aboumrad Eday dry gds 275 Church Mhtn 
h 228 Atlantic av 
ii Sahad dry gds 275 Church Mhtn h 228 
Atlantic av 
Abousselmann Eflias dry gds 74 Greenwich 
Mhtn h 544 64th 


STORES: 519 and 1416 Fulton Street 


S47 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; 115 Pink Row, New York City, 

and 813 East situ Street, New York City 


Charlotte Rosse 
and Fancy Cakes 
used by countless 
millions. Try them 

Telephone at all Addresses 





























— SO 


UPINGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 


bfl o 

t/3 «S ii 












•a O 






<£> —- 


> cu 

«** = 


2 > 




* 3 




-T-H ^ 


lO oo 







i^» oo 


ii Miehl dry gds 74 Greenwich Mhtn h 

4909 6th av 
Abowltz Jacob drugs 742 Glenmore av 
Abraham Abraham dry gds 422 A Fulton h 

800 St Marks av 
■■ Oalll dry gds 60 Washn Mhtn h 309 

ii Chas manager h 690 Prospect pi 
it Gustav carpr h 129 33d 
ii Gustav mens furng 1465 Bivaj h 1019 

Putnam av 
n Gustav & Bro mens furng 1465 Bway 
ii Hy liquors Conklin av c E 95th 
ii Jacob milliner h 219 Hull 
ii Johanna wid Richd h 1473 Bwick ay 
ii Julius mens furng 1209 Bway h 1099 

Gates av 
ii Lawrence E dry gds 422 Fulton h 800 

St Marks av 
n Louis tailor 624 Grand h 754 Grand 
ii Margt wid Wm h 282 Hlmrod 
ii Max realestate h 1660 Bath av 
it Meyer pawnbroker 102 Fbush av h 17 

S Elliott pi 
n Morris mens furng 1209 Bway h 1099 

Gates av 
ii Saml b 1374 Putnam av 
ii Wm Jeweler h 1178 44th 
n Wm mens furng 1465 Bway h 545 

ii & Straus dry gds 422 Fulton 

Brooklyn's Leading 

Department Store. 






Abrahams Abraham photo mtls 105S Fbush 

ii Chas E milk h 473 Dean 
ii Elias clgarmkr 37 Bklyn av 
ii Howard manager 5 Nassau Mhtn h 164 

Laf av 
ii Isaac realestate h 193 Hoyt 
ii Isaiah draughtsman 38 Park Row Mhtn 

h 550 Bwick av 
ii Isidor cigars 68 Sumner av 
n Jacob cigars 291 Myrtle av 
ii Jacob dry gds 278 Smith 
ii John W public acct 154 Nassau Mhtn b 

79th n 22d av 
ii Jos foreman h 262 Driggs av 
ii Jos tailor 221 Throop av h 265 Floyd 
ii Jules boxmkr h 485 Lex av 
ii Julius realestate h 212 Lewis av 
ii Louis elk. h 8651 Bay 13th 
M Louis shoes 127 Smith h 187 Bergen 
ii Marcus tailor 16 Utica av 
ii Mary wid Isaac dry gds 355 Centl ar 
ii Peter S realestate h 134.1 53d 
ii Philip trunks 866 Bway 
ii Saml asst chemist h 869 60th 
ii Saml delicatessen 299 Bedford av 
ii Stephen h E 92d n Av M 
ii Wm diamonds 47 Maiden la Mhtn. h 

117 44th 
ii Wm realestate 46 Graham av h 286 

N Y av 
Abrahamson Abraham carpr h 147 31st 
ii Alfred painter h 173 Carroll 
ii Arthur dry gds 1792 Fulton 
ii August engineer h 142 14th 
n B delicatessen 1391 Fulton 
ii David clothier 2571 Atlantic av 
ii John h 79th c 23d av 
ii Michl harness 72 Nassau av 
ii B delicatessen 155 5th av , 
ii Simon lawyer 215 Montague h 482 

Tpklns av 
Abrahms Jos baker 1101 Bway h 1158 De- 

Kalb av 
ii L vet surg 62 Reid av 
ii Saml tailor 977 Hancock h 30 Schaef- 

" & Arenstein tailors 977 Hancock 
Abraitls Chas liquors 26 Grand 
ii Geo civil eng h 285 Penn 
ii Peter M furniture 687 3d av 

Steinway & Sons 


Nos. tor and 109 East I4tb Street 



Abram Margt wid Wm H 179 Woodbine 

n Saml dry gds 187 Johnson av 
Abramovitz Hy contractor 385 Broome Mhtn 

h 414A Koscko 
ii Isaac L meat 208 Washn Mkt Mhtn h 

244 Sumpter 
ii Morris cloths 47 Mhtn av h 325 Ver- 
non av 
ii Nathan fruit 246 Division Mhtn h 195 

ii Saml meat 26 E 113th Mhtn h 2255 7th 

ii Wm tailor 558 Marcy av 
Abramowltz BenJ liquors 329 Watkins h 325 

Dumont av 
ii Benj manager 23 Llspenard Mhtn h 

105 S 1st 
ii Harry dry gds 117 Grand 
ii Harry tailor 168% Delancey Mhtn h 

530 Cleveland 
ii Isaac grocer 295 Bwick av 
ii Jacob cigars 592 Atlantic av 
ii Jacob manager 160 Delancey Mhtn h 

339 Hamburg av 
ii Jos shirts 303 Cherry Mhtn h 548 

Rkway av 
ii Louis underwear 113 Dnlversity pi Mhtn 

h 484 Bedford av 
ii Louis J bindings 324 Church Mhtn h 

87 McDougal 
ii Saml liquors 1 Nostrand av h 536 

Flushing av 
Abrams Abel salesman h 1244 40th 
ii Andw florist 257 Duffleld 
ii Bernard ins 178 Remsen h 240 Linden 
ii Bernard mineral waters 1203 38th 
ii Carrie N h 669 Quincy 
n Chas billiards 272 Driggs av 
ii Chas cigars 515 Bway 
ii Chas fish 611 Grand 

ii Clarence S drugs 350 7th av a 601 6th 
ii David ins h 633 Lex av 
ii David S undertaker 279 Court 
ii D delivery 280 Atlantic av 
n Edgar L plumber 209 Reid av h 828 

Putnam av 
ii Elmer B oysters E 92d n Av K 
ii Fredk R realestate 740 Fbush av 
ii Geo elk L 202 Palmetto 
ii G barber 701 Gates av 
ii Harold wagonmkr h 415 42d 
ii Harry D dress gds 56 Sumner av h H 

253 Stockton • 

ii Herman shirts 43 Walker Mhtn h 1263 • 

46th « 

ii Hyman h 1263 46th g 

ii Hyman pants 42 Walker Mhtn h 647 a 

Wllby av • 

ii Isaac florist 115 7th av h 798 Prest n 

ii Israel glass 40 John Mhtn h 108 Varet o 

ii Jas L ice 333 Centl av 5 

ii John T coml tray h 253 Euclid av 3 

ii Jos elk h 1961 Cropsey av • 

ii J F <fc Son realestate 6926 3d av * 

n Leonard h 601 Wilby av 5" 

n Louis junk 1727 Park pi ot 

ii Louis tailor 266 Smith ^ 

ii Louis B painter h 3819 Fort Hamilton S. 

ii Meyer clothing 9 Great Jones Mhtn h O 

997A Laf av 3 

it Morris clothier 329 Washn Jf 

ii Morris hardware 389 Smith • 

n Nathan delicatessen 418 Sutter av • 

n Neil cutter h 69 Hart M 

ii Oscar realestate 6926 3d av h 215 71st g 
ii Otto tailor h 413 12th 2 

ii Paul tailor 393 Bridge h 92 Bay 17th g 

ii Philip shades 866 Bway 

ii Saml delicatessen 1312 Bway J 

ii Saml liquors 567 Sutter av 3 

n Saml shoes 1613 Fulton m 

h Saml tailor h 30 Sohaeffer O 

ii Saml J pants 42 Walker Mhtn b 64 ? 

McKlbbin 2 

Bedford Riding Academy 

Cor. Bedford and Atlantic Avenues 
Telephone Call, jfy { Bedford BROOKLYN, H. T. 

George H. Willers, Proprietor 


Prospect Park Branch 
Cor. Platbush and Ocean Avenues 

TELEPHONE ^ W^Flafbush 


H I 


Catberwoo6 s 8 a ? 1 " e ' i ;: Bu 5' 

* 8 South William St., 

PHILADELPHIA. ^ ^ ft{ % ^ y 

CS C3 

CO *< 



Pi o 

2 K 





ii Stephen E foreman h E 92d c Av L 
ii S clothing 260 Wyekoff av 
ii Thos painter k 210 31st 
ii Walter C musician h 1180 E 95th 
ii Walter J police h 954 Gates av 
ii Willett manager li 8G1 Greene av 
., Win li 35 Bay 20th 
ii Win janitor h 1051 Prospect pi 
ii & Stockton bldrs 4824 3d av 
Ahramson Abraham bindings 48 E 8th Mhtn 
h 121 bay 14th 
n Abraham clothing 724 Bway Mhtn h 590 

Schenck av 
ii Albert L grocer 260 Liberty av 
ii Alfred dockbldr 129 33d 
n Andw bldr h 322 51st 
ii Arthur salesman h 928 Madison 
ii Chas B jeweler h 1131 Halsey 
ii Drug Co 225 5th av 
ii Harry petticoats 444 Broome Mhtn h 204 

ii Harry realestate 140 Nassau Mhtn h 

1437 45th 
ii Harry (Kev) h 84A 16th 
ii John foieman h 168 35th 
n Jos supplies 3 Attorney Mhtn h 149 

n Julius realestate 1254 Bway h 744 Jef 

ii J h 699 Macon 
ii J carpr h 301 Pa av 
ii Louis harness 547 Liberty av 
.1 Max physician h 680 Prest 
,i Morris bags 683 Water Mhtn h 1267 

40 th 
ii Nathan hats 55 Great Jones Mhtn h 

37 Watkins 
ii Saml lawyer 140 Nassau Mhtn h 1441 

n Theo carpr h 145 IStn 
n "Wra duster h 1800 St John's pi 
Abrashkin H painter 3051 Fulton 

ii & Kornfeld paints 3U51 Fuiton 
Abrason Danl li 2571 Atlantic av 
ii Julius skirt mfr 114 Spring Mhtn h 
916 DeKalb av 
Abrecht Arthur G editor 1S2 William Mhtn 
h 315 Lincoln rd 
ii Carl V elk h 47 Kenilworth pi 
Abremovich Manuel II draughtsman 215 Mon- 
tague h 196 Vernon av 
Abresch Carl acct h W 13th c Av S 
Abreu Vasca h 287 E 8th 
Abrey Jas E foreman b 583 Laf av 
Abritis Geo liquors 293 Bedford av 
Abromet John C paper 621 Bway Mhtn h 

2125 Albemarle id 
Abrons Morris millinery 139 Osborn 
Abruzzo Frank macaroni 175 Boerum 

n Onofrio physician h 18 Jef 
Abry Louis E elk h 480 Westminster rd 
Abt Jos framer h 302 Grove 

ii Louis brewer 380% Pulaski 
Abukalil £ald restaurant 16 Park pi Mlitn h 
5504 15th av 
ii Sh'ikrey restaurant 16 Park pi Mhtn h 
15 Strong p) 
Academy of Music Lafayette av e Ashland pi 

ii of Photography 177 Montague 
Acanfora Enrico impr 19 Whitehall Mhtn h 

240 Warren 
Accardi Frank grocer 163 Humbt 

ii F agency 715 Flushing av 
Accardy Matthew meat 231 Bedford av h 

164 N 4th 
Aecarnow Faustino mer h 84 Walworth 
Accetta Geo drugs 271 3d av 

ii Michele physician 271 3d av 
Accles Edwd elk h 279 Marion 
ii Jas W h 262 12th 
ii John iusp h 757 Halsey 
n Wm J insp h 387 Bainbridge 
Aecooe John H (R»v) h 155 Carlton av 
Acerine Salvatore grocer 516 Court 
Aced Enrique A u s n h 1569 74tb 
Acevedo Justo mer 59 Pearl Mhtn h 2465 

Bedford av 
Ach Elizabeth wid John H h 184 Clymer 
ii Geo notary 51 Liberty Mhtn h 419 
Beverley rd 
Achard John V books 270 Palmetto 
Achdek Gottfried baker 230A Palmetto 
Achelis Thos dry gds 00 Leonard Mhtn h 

122 Pierrepont 
Achenhach Arthur meat 370 Palmetto 
n Christian bookkpr h 1152 Bedford ar 
ii Hy elk h 1397 Greene ay 


Achenson Edgar h 221 Oimherland 
Achille De Meo liquors 238 Prospect 
Achlustein Ilyman hosiery 3'JG Bway Mhtn h 

1571 East Pkway 
Achtzlger Michl baker 635 Bwick av 
Achzener August h 1258 Greene av 
Aciollo Consetto grocer 5H18 13th av 
Ackary Geo dry gds 79 Washn Mhtn h 461 

Acker Arthur W printer h 203 Wyona 
ii Cath wid Wm h 13 Fanchon pi 
,i Chas B foreman h 836 Jef av 
ii Decrostus C realestate h 91 Somers 
ii Elizabeth J wid John F h 540 2d 
n Emma J wid Ward h 1285 Bwick av 
ii Fannie h 336 Fbush av 
ii Frank baker h .110 Butler 
ii Henry rubber tires 1385 Bedford av 
ii Hy E coffee h 792 Greene av 
ii Israel meat 228 Throop av 
ii Jacob meat 800 Xostrand av 
ii Jas L manager 810 Bway Mhtn h 

136 Westminster rd 
ii John fish h. 103 Linwood 
ii John D elk h 615 St Mark's av 
ii Jos B b 942 St Marks av 
ii Jos B bldr 24 Stone Mhtn h 942 St 

Marks av 
ii Jos G ins h 201 Etna 
ii Lester C elk h 216 Halsey ' 
n Lillian boarding h 66 Clark 
ii Peter carpr h 306 Sumpter 
ii Kobt A printer h 1394 Bwick av 
ii Kobt G carpets 267 Onerdonk av Queens 

Borough h 1583 Gates av V 

ii Smith electrician h 53 S 9th 
ii Theo carpr h 55 Jerome 
n "Win P painter h 207 Wyona 
ii Merrall & Condit Co grocers 448 & 
1215 Fulton 
Aekerbalt Matthew grocer W 25th c Surf av 
Ackerknecht Chas insp h 453 60th 
ii Julius boxes 404 Pearl Mhtn h 1199 
Greene av 
Ackerlind C U h 250 Maple 
Ackerly Alma H wid Geo H h 21 Chestnut 
ii Ohas S fish 36 Fulton Fish Mkt Mhtn h 

135 Foster av 
ii Clarence elk h 183 Macon 
ii Geo B lawyer 65 Court h 647 Monroe 
n Geo W carrier b 1441 Bedford av 
n Sumner C examiner h 7S2 Franklin av 
ii Willard C musician h 647 Monroe 
Ackerman Abraham manager h 445 Macon 
ii Albert ironvvkr 867 Dumont av 
ii Albert H coal 2471 Atlantic av h 180 

Arlington av 
ii Andw ins h 647 Koscko 
n Annie wid Joshua h 105 Park pi 
ii Arthur h 31 3d pi 
ii Chas ins 206 Bway Mhtn h 810 Bwick 

ii Chas E h 197 Greene av 
ii Ohas Cf treasr 24 Stone Mhtn h 31 3d pi 
ii Chas H bookkpr h 60S McDonough 
ii Clark H jr elk h 50S Monroe 
ii Edwd liquors 985 Met av 
ii Edwd J h 817 Halsey 
ii Edwin B vet surg 167 Clymer h 185 

Gates av 
ii Edwin W coal 880 Fulton h 468 Waver- 

ly av 
ii Edwin W jr coal 880 Fulton L' 468 

Waverly av 
ii Elias C elk h 472A Decatur 
ii Ella wid Edwin h 328 Madison 
ii Emily wid Peter h 452 Hart 
ii Emily A wid Clark H h 50S Monroe 
ii Eva H wid Cornelius h 527 Macon 
ii Frank liquors li 115 Eckford 
ii Fredk printer h 424 17th 
ii Fredk S elk h 328 Madison 
ii Geo H proofreader h 316 Carlton av 
ii Uustav lighterage h 31 3d pi 
ii Hans cabinetnikr h 703 Sackett 
ii Harold B elk h 519 Putnam av 
ii Harry elk h 462 Hancock 
ii Harvey B ins 30 Court h 483 Madison 
ii Herbert S glass 3 Front Mhtn h 203 

ii Ira J chemist h 509 6th 
n Ira J manager 121 Fulton Mhtn h 817 

ii Jas T lawyer <187 Greenwich Mhtn h 

843 Carroll 
i, John elk h 1213 Sth av 
ii John produce h 750 Sclienck av 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 




































317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 Haln. 



WINSTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 

H- Z 

° 1 

r- O 

s i g 

oa 3 2 






u John M elk h 339 Grand ay 

i, Laura J h 197 Greene av 

ii Margt E wid Jacob D li 17 Verona pi 

ii Mary wid Saml A h 510 Monroe 

ii Max h 378 VanSielen av 

n Miehl chiropodist 4S2 Fulton 

ii Michl tailor 2 Blceeker Mhtn U 73 

ii Mildred wid Rout B h 992 Sterling pi 
n Morris fruit 12U9 40th • 
n M Frances h 09 Clermont ay 
,i Peter liquors 457 Bwick av 
ii Philip D artist 1370 Bwick ay 
n Saml grocer Snediker av c Sutter ay 
ii Stephen H dry gds 43 Leonard Mhtn h 

742 Union 
n Susan H wid John W h 224 Lewis ay 
ii Win u 531 Halsey 
ii Wm li 1S5 Kingston av 
ii Wm salesman h 784 Jef av 
n Wm W carrier h 901 Glenmore av 
,, Wolf grocer 2142 Pitkin av 
Ackermann Adolf M silks 101 Spring Mhtn 

h 55 Pineapple 
ii A Hy manager 527 5th av Mhtn h 86 

n Chas painter h 220 Himrod 
ii Chas F h SO Pierrepont 
.. Edwd'G v-prest 540 Pearl Mhtn h 86 

ii Geo lard 26 Varick 
ii Geo tuner h 1510 Gates ay 
ii Geo jr grocer h 46 Lewis av 
ii Geo A J h 378 7th 
ii Ily cooper h 204 Bradford 
n Hy Ins h 80 Pierrepont 
Aekerrina Louis steamfitter h 70 Williams av 
Aekerson Bay Shore Colony 44 Court 
,, Chas F bldr Av H c Brighton Btach 

Crossing h 763 E 17th 
n Edwd M broker 15 Whitehall Mhtn h 50 

St Felix 
n Ellen wid Jas h 038 Marey av 
ii Harrv W realestate 140 Nassau Mhtn 

h S16 E 17th 
ii John carpr b 55 Bay 34tb 
n John H sec Grand av c St Mark's ay 

h 361 Carlton av 
ii J Benton prest 140 Nassau Mhtn h 1280 

Ocean av 
,, Pierre T bldr 140 Nassau Mhtn h 43 

Wellington ct 
ii Thos B realestate 140 Nassau Mhtn h 

1280 Ocean av 
i, Thus R supt b 538 E 4th 
ii T B Construction Co 1521 Ay H 
ii Wm painter h 103 Dresden 
Ackert Ella wid J Martin h 262 St James' pi 
,i Louis leather 68 M'aujer 
ii Norman bookkpr h 416 Adelphi 
Acklnnd Robt patternmkr h 1369 53d 
Ackley Chas S h 1402 Pacific 
n Jessie F nurse h 523 Greene av 
H Jus S jr h 233 Nassau av 
,, Milt6o L supt h 726 Park pi 
n Oliver S elk h 1409 Pacific 
ii Susan wid Oliver S b 1402 Pacific 
„ Wm coal h 41 N Y av 
ii Wm N (Rev) b 534 47th 
Ackron Chas E h 123 Reid av 
Acme Bleaching Co 1366 Bway 
,, Boarding & Livery Stable 348 13th 
.i Brazing Co 202 Leonard 
ii Carpet Cleaning Works 341 Pacific 
i. Cement Plaster Mills Meeker ay & 

Newtown Creek 
ii Chemical Co 06 Sedgwick 
,i Cleaning & Dyeing Co 663 Fbush ay 
ii Column Co 372 Gpoiut av 
n Electrical Construction Co 350 Fulton 


consulting' engineers 
Unique System of Hig'h-Fres- 
sure Water Supply Superior 
Systems of Warming and 
Ventilating 1 Acme Safety 
Check for Elevator Cars Cor- 
respondence Office 486 Jeffer- 
son av 

Garage 353 11th 

Hall 32s 7th av 

Hand Laundry 229 Troy av 

High-art Hammocks 30 Main 

Horse Remedy Co 641 3d av 


ii Iron Foundry Co 280 N Henry 

i, Knitting Co 842 Flushing av 

ii Laundry 191 Macon 

i, Mfg Co 8 Henry 

ii Metal Ceiling Co 871 Flushing av 

n Press 5714 3d av 

n Products Co 635 Kent av 

ii Stationery & Paper Co N 9th c Wythe 
av & 302 Bway Mhtn 

n Upholstering & Slip Cover Co 7S7 Union 
Acorn Advertising Co 26 Court. 

,i Athletic Association 374 7th 

ii Club 470 9th 

ii Engineering Works 4524 18th av 

H Jacob painter h 463 Union 

ii John jr ins 215 Montague h 463 Union 

ii Laundry 9 Park pi 

ii Printing Co 284 Clarkson av 

n Realty Co 357 Fulton 

ii Society 1241 Bedford av 
Acosta Julian A cashier 36 Cotton Ex Mhtn 

h 247 Rutland id 
Acret Kate F wid Geo trusses 615 Fulton h 
8779 21st av 

n Truss Co 615 Pulton 
Acton John machinist 118 John 

n Valve Co 119 John 
Adae Chas W h 1637 B 18th 
Adair J;is F elk li 1212 St Mark's ay 

ii Machine Co 25 Fulton 

n Montague machinist 25 Fulton h 76 St 
James pi 
Adam Anton grocer 4 E 3d 

ii David blacksmith 542 4th av 

ii Geo plasterer li 350 5th 

ii Geo T li 632 Halsey 

ii Hy E candy h 212 Bond 
Adami August grocer 1660 Atlantic av 

n Chas E h 254 39th 

ii Hy grocer 571 6th av 
Adamo Angelo bldr h 67th n 14th av 

ii Frank architect h 67th n 14th ay 

ii Frank grocer 23 Hamburg av 
Adams Agnes laundry 1426 Crotoua av Mhtn 
h 52 Park pi 

ii Albert varuisher h 9 Woodbine 

ii Alex borseshoer 83 Schermerhorn h 121 

n Alex ins h 1251 Sterling pi 

ii Alfred carpr 38 Gold Mhtn h 371 Van 
Sielen av 

ii Alfred electrician h 291 Schenck ay 

ii Alfred manager h 141 81st 

ii Alfred A twine h StauJish Arms 

ii Alfred L elk n 189 Kingston ay 

ii Alfred M h 432 Prospect pi 

ii Allan millwright h 207 12th 

ii Allison L manager 02 Liberty Mhtn L- 
8674 20th ay 

ii Alvin collector h 301 S 4th 

ii Andrew & Co contractors 254 Melrose 

ii Anthony fruit h 759 Hart 

ii Archibald jr acct h 437 1st 

ii Arthur electrician h 1409 Herkimer 

n Arthur sexton h 1758 81st 

ii Augustus 11 draughtsman h 1298 Sterl- 
ing pi 

ii Austin h Hotel St George 

ii Beuj t 120 Amity 

ii Benj foreman h 253 Macon 

ii Caroline V h 46 S Oxford 

ii Chas h 1822 Dean 

n Ohas broker 111 Bway Mhtn h 183 Co- 
lumbia hgts 

ii Chas C supplies 998 Bway 

ii Chas E ell; h 106 S Portland av 

ii Chas F engineer h 454 Madisou 

n Chas F hfurng 1225 Bway 

ii Chas F notary 5 Beekman Mhtn h 
246 Sumner av 

ii Chas F printer 91 Newell 

n Chas Francis jr manager 5 Beekman 
Mhtn li 246 Sumner av 

ii Chas Fredk lawyer 180 Montague h 366 

ii Chas H h 39S Marion 

n Chas H h 141 St James' pi 

ii Chas H information 1 Madison ay Mhtn 
h 971 Madison 

,i Cuas L bookkpr h ill Hart 

ii Chas L jr treasr '1246 Graud h Mount 
Vernon N Y 

i, Chas P li 34 Ashland pi 

ii Chas S sec 66 Bway Mhtn b 168 Lin- 
coln pi 

ii Chas W h 197 Fulton 

ii ('lenient hinder h 132 Ashland pi 


F". M. 




Expert Testiug and Repairing 

391 Myrtle A.vo. 








-n— ■ ; 







317 Washington Si 

Tiummt 90O« tut 

22 A 
Q « 

■Ml u *~ 

■*-* w a. 



„ i ii Cora B n 1366 Nostrand av 
>-. ! ii C F Co hfurng 1225 Bway 

j ii Delia wld Frank h 49 Decatur 
-^ ! ii Delia P wld Jos h 289 Ryerson 
^ I ii DeWitt J asst engineer h 396 Butler 

— ■■ Edgar O baker 206 DeKalb av 
ig ii Edwd h 1261 Dean 

-i— • ii Edwd bookkpr h 459 51st 
-5£ it Edwd A bookkpr h 1622 72d 

S ii Edwd B laundry 162 Gates av L' 166 

*-. Cates av 

QO ii Edwd E engineer h 9 Radde pi 

n Edwd F insp h 435 Laf av 
2* ii Edwin J cashier h 8 Tennis ct 
— n Ella wld Chas h 584 Pacific 

a " i n Everitt elec supplies h 89 Clark 

^n n Express Co 325 Fulton, 8 Furman, 26 
c~; Ormond pi, 787 Fbush av, 107 Bway, 

SS 89 & 2505 Atlantic av 

•— „ E H supt h 239 N Y av 

.2 ii E D h 638 10th 

CO ■' E M Jr h 767 East Pkway 

ii Floyd J lawyer 495 Gates av b 283 
. " Division av 

O ii Frank elk h 252 Greene av 

C3 ii Frank elk h 509 0th' av 

n Fiank lumber Van Brunt c Bowne h 435 
T 5th 

OS n Frank police h 249 Marion 

Sj ii FraDk A tailor 677 Nostrand av h 243 

^* Albany av 

._ n Frank K lumber 350 Fulton c\ 1215 Her- 

, — kimer 

CO ii Frank E weigher 130 Pearl Mhtn h 

^5 58 St Johns pi 

t/y ii Fredk A spices 534 Washn Mhtn h Caton 
a av n E 17th 

SC ii Fredk D carpr h 3915 7th av 

ii Fredk F weigher 130 Pearl Mhtn h 58 
LC9 St Johns pi 

Ol n Fredk R dentist S61 Mhtn av h 177 

^™ Midwood 

ii F F h 364 Laf av 
ii F G compositor h 58A Madison 
" ii F P n 152 LeHerts pi 

n Geo h 421 Caton av 

Geo (Rev) h Ovington av c 4th av 

Geo elk h 487 1st 

Geo roofer 378 Hamburg av 

Geo B molasses 81 Water Mhtn h 1085 

Geo E fish-hooks h 719 Gates av 
Geo F salesman h 390 Van Slclen av 
Geo H supt h 426 41st 
Geo J bookkpr h 515 40th 
Geo J supplies 39 South Mhtn h 1458 

Geo T bookkpr h 184 6th av 
Geo W cashier 165 Bway Mhtn h 416 

Grand av 
Geo W foreman h 1415 Bwick av 
Geo W insp h 265 Fbush av 
Geo W realestate 5014 5th av h 649 

Geo W tel oper h 92 Lex av 
Grace C wld John P h 357 Grand av 
Grant elk h 510% 6th av 
Harry F treasr Gates, av c Nostrand ar 

h 207 Prospect pi 
Hy h 199 Ross 
Hy restaurant 142 Fbnsh av 
Hy jr molasses 3 Atlantic dock h 430 

Wasbn av 
Hy F physician h 32 Palmetto 
Hy L liquors 349 Kent av h 68 Clymer 
Hy S ins 1 Liberty Mhtn h 248 N T av 
Hy Sherman journalist h 152 Montague 
Hy T acct h 397 18th 
Hy W grocer 349 Prospect av 
Hiram M printer h 157 Himrod 
Horatio M h 54 Montgomery pi 
Hugh restaurant 1310 Bway 
Hugh A elk h 530 46th 
H G treasr 281 Mercer Mhtn h 1449 

Incandescent Light Co Drlggs av c N 

Israel dry gds 245 Sumner av 
Jacob elk h 235 51st 
Jas. elk h 95 Verona 
Jas B elk h 535 58th 
Jas C h 228 Degraw 
Jas G meat 395 5th av h 387 6th 
Jas G reporter h 160 Garfield pi 
Jas H elk h 526 Fbush av 
Jas P sec 108 Wall Mhtn h 430 Washn 







ii Jas R b 398 Marlon 

ii Jas W teas h 1228 Dean 

ii Jeanle wld Geo h 443 1st 

ii John delicatessen 682 Mhtn av 

ii John engraver h 199 Ross 

ii John E (Rev) h 159 Ross 

ii John E bookkpr h 101 S Elliott 

ii John H (Rev) h 122 Willow 

ii John H stationer h 298 DeKalb av 

ii John P elk h 357 Grand av 

n John Q printer h 129 Hpkson av 

ii John R elk h 527 Gates av 

ii Jos A truckman 136 Wythe av h 74 

N 7th 
ii Jos H manager h 164 Argyle rd 
ii Jos H sec 102 John Mhtn h 76 Pilling 
ii Jos L restaurant 144 Livingston h 523 

ii Julia E wid Saml h 236 9th 
n J J & Co brushes 128 Gpoint av 
,i J W h 1228 Dean 
ii Lillian S milliner 1608 Cortelyou rd n 

62A Bklyn av 
ii Lindsay E spice 105 Hudson Mhtn h 485 

Rugby rd 
ii Lorenzo B broker 1 Bway Mhtn h 1166 

E 18th 
ii Lottie B wid Hy h 715 Greene av 
n Louis A sugar h 1718 Cortelyou rd 
ii Louis R 185 Montague h 167 W 

n Louis R mantles Driggs av e N 9th 
ii Louis T elk h 612 Halsey 
n Lucy A wid Geo F h 123 Lincoln pi 
ii L G insp h 179 Marcy av 
ii Mantel & Supply./ Co Drlggs av c N 9th 
it Marie wid Porter C h 1044 Sterling pi 
., Mildred wid S R h 766 Macon 
ii Minnie wid Harry h 47 Shepherd av 
ii Nathan skirts 119 Spring Mhtn h 

ii Nicholas engineer h 754 40tb 
ii Norman S ins 3 S William Mhtn h 

Kenmore pi 
ii N C nurse h 1436 70th 
ii Osborn A salesman h 265 Cleveland 
ii Otto W realestate 215 Montague h 

ii Patrick grocer 61 Little b 19 Evans 
ii Pauline wid Chas h 216 Lewis av 
ii Percy salesman h 248 Madison 
n Peter Paper Co N 12th c Roebling 
ii Robt mfr 256 Church Mhtn h 444 56th 
ii Robt A meat 162 Fort Greene pi n 

Mt Vernon N Y 
ii Robt J dry gds 7624 3d av h 2334 82d 
■i Rose laundry 1027 Bedford av h 202A 

Lex av 
,i R B h 272 61st 
n Saml shoes h 63 Hoyt 
ii Saml P proofreader h 580 Barbey 
ii Saml W prest 20 Broad Mhtn h 

5th av 
ii Sidney D salesman h 750 Washn av 
ii Thos h 314 Washn av 
ii Thos (Rev) h 144 S 4th 
ii Thos C realestate Church av c Ocean 

Pkway h Church av c Coney Island av 
ii Thos W foreman h 755 Franklin av 
n Tony S grocer 52d c 20th av 
n Walter carrier b 766 Glenmore av 
ii Walter A elk h 518 Greene av 
ii Walter A silverware h 160 Schtdy av 
ii Wesley bldr h 545 53d 
n Wm clipper 369 3d Mhtn h 103 Wilson 
it Wm C agt h 302 Adelphi 
n Wm C elec eng h 495 Wasbn av 
ii Wm C manager 44 Broad Mhtn h 106 

S 9th 
■i Wm C steamfltting 2S1 Water Mhtn h 

512 Delamere pi 
■i Wm D sec 281 Mercer Mhtn h 1449 49th 
ii Wm G printer h 1384 Madison 
ii Wm G tobacco 99 Water Mhtn h 15 

Strong pi 
ii Wm H engraver h 774 Union 
n Wm M h Hotel St George 
ii Wm R lumber Van Brunt c Bowne h 

1327 Pacific 
ii Wm R & Co lumber Van Brunt c _ 

Bowne O 

n W A b 518 Greene av £, 

ii WMF realestate 1133 Fbush av h 339 ^ 

Marlborough rd .— 

ii Bros Co meat 162 Fort Greene pi 3E 

ii & Hageman tailors 677 Nostrand av w 

Adamski Julia wid J h 1264 55th J^ 

ii Taul surveyor b 5815 13th av -» 



Individual Instruction with a GUARANTEE of a Position to each graduate. Open Entire 
Year. Early Night School (take Any 2 hours) from 6 to 9 o'clock. 

Start at once. Send for Catalogue. Regents and College Preparation. 















S S £ 
" =! 3 

w 2 w 
o m > 











CC 3 

































ii Robt wagons h 079 3d av 
Adamson Albert machinist n 65th c 13tb av 
„ Alex ins h 1251 Sterling pi 
ii Carl h 37 St Marks pi 
ii David acct h 202 Prospect pk W 
ii Fredk W decorator 269 Keid av 
ii John Ins n 1251 Sterling pi 
ii Root earpr h 225 Eagle 
ii Eobt W bookkpr h 211 Hooper 
ii Saml fireman h 373 State 
ii Tilden reporter h 130 Hawthorne 
„ Wm ins h 486 9th 
Adamuccio Michl liquors 238 York 
Adamy Chas barber 66 Beaver Mhtn h 255 

46 th 
Adard Eobt ins h 244 N T av 
Adatte Albert L drags 55 N T av h 1476 
Atlantic av 
ii John agt h 215 Herkimer 
Adcock Jos stoves 373 Fulton h 1216 Bever- 
ly rd 
Addlcks John H auditor 100 Warren Mhtn h 

693 E 18th 
Addinsell Florence wid Harry h 252 Madison 

ii Harry M elk h 252 Madison 
Addis Abraham candy h 1009 Gates av 
n Catherine wid Hy W h 289 Gates av 
ii J M compositor h 135 Lefferts pi 
ii Wm E salesman h 484 Halsey 
Addison Albert dyes h 2041 Fulton 
ii D M paymaster h 848 Park pi 
n Josie M wid Matthew h 405 Jef av 
ii Matthew G broker 11 Wall Mhtn h 405 
Jef av 
Addlss Grover C cutter h 1119 40th 
Addoms Chas h 53 B 16th 
n Chas sec 67 Duane Mhtn h 385 Madi- 
ii Louis P physician h 278 Halsey 
ii Wm H export 97 Warren Mhtn h 382 
Putnam av 
at TJping-tcm's Directory Office 
317 Washing-ton 
Addy John G (Rev) h 1432 E 10th 
ii Elchd C lawyer 44 Court h 5S2 Greene 
Adee Geo W deputy tax comr Municipal 

bldg h 47 Hart 
Adelman Banat cigars 848 Fulton 
ii Harry chains 41 Maiden la Mhtn h 599 

Sutter av 
ii Harry manager 253 W 47th Mhtn h 

498 Humbt 
ii Hy painter h 106 Essex 
ii Herman grocer 16 Tpkins av 
„ Heyman sec 253 W 47th Mhtn h 498 

ii Isaac furs 51 Bleecker Mhtn h 1721 

Park pi 
n Isidor prest 65 Oanal Mhtn h 1128 50th 
ii Meyer tailor h 338 Vernon av 
•• & Felman bldrs 1163 57th 
Adelmann A wid John J h 690 Bwlck av 
ii Jos furrier h 361 Grove 
n Stephen J realestate 992 Bway h 266 
Van Buren 
Adelphi College (inc) Laf av c St James' pi 
n Exchange realestate 216A Crescent 
ii Laundry 237 DeKalb av 
ii Music Publishing Co 821 St John's pi 
n Silver Plate Co, 67 Prospect 
Adels Morris men's furng 242 5th av 
Adelson Harry photos 55 Belmont av 
it Louis F underwear 536 Bway Mhtn h 

37 Strong pi 
ii Nathan carpr h 421 Saratoga av 
ii Saml clothing mfr Il41 Koscko 
Adelstein Peter carpr h 214 29th 
ii Saml liquors 299 Dumont av 
Ader Abraham eggs 360 Sutter av 

■i Isaac butter 1680 Pitkin av 
Aderer Jules dental mtls 4 Court sq b 34 

Hamilton ter Mhtn 
Adestone Philip eggs 1109 Fulton h 1100 

Adickes Carl J candy 346 Van Brunt 
ii Ernest candy 103 Atlantic av 
n Hy meat 1449 Nostrand av h 2 Lloyd 
ii Wm candy 979 Bway 
ii Wm F grocer 175 Stuyt av h 788 Quincy 
Adle Robt J foreman h 3,17 3d 
Adlnolfl Alex banker 703 5th av 
Adirondack Ins Co of N Y 154 Montague 
Adlae Realty Co 44 Court 
Adlard Chas H elk h 690 Myrtle av 
Adlemann Saml meat il 84 Varet 


Adler Aaron cloaks 414 Fulton h 116 W 
118th Mhtn 
ii Abraham shoes 109 Columbia 
ii Albert G T agt h 483 Herkimer 
ii Alfonso electrician b 85 Ashland pi 
ii Axon grocer 295 Tpkins av 
ii A meat 400 5th av h 361 7th 
ii Benj S acct h 969 St Mark's av 
ii Bernhard meat 117 Dth av h 415 24 
ii Chas H prest 63 Milton h 1543 Madi- 
son av Mhtn 
ii Christine h 68 Macon 
ii Color & Chemical Works 170 Tillary 
ii David patentee 26 Court h 3il Tpkins 

n David teacher h 593A Macon 
ii Edwin painter 645 Park av 
ii Fannie hardware 1592 Bway 
ii Fredk H broker h 157 Franklin av 
ii Geo C L h 226 Prospect av 
ii Geo J carpr 102 Vesey Mhtn h 979 

ii Harry dry gds 1029 Bway 
ii Harry sawyer Junius c Pitkin av h 648 

ii Henry 450 Hamilton av 
ii Hy meat Battery av n 88th 
n Hy monuments 788 Jamaica av 
ii Hy salesman h 336 14tL 
ii Hy A bookkpr h 45 Berkeley pi 
ii Hy E printer h 157 Franklin av 
ii Hy G elk h 92 Hewes 
ii Isaac h 812 McDonough 
ii Isaac shoes 1271 Myrtle av 
ii Isaac tailor 87 Delancey Mhtn h 608 

Wilby av 
it Israel tailor 192 Atlantic av 
ii Jacob meat 138 Watkins 
ii Jacob & Co poultry 179 Bocrum 
ii John meat 209 Market av Wallabout 

mkt h 70 W ,118th Mhtn 
n John J pilot h 353 Macon 
ii John W draughtsman h 131 Covert 
ii Jonas broker h 914 Lincoln pi 
ii Jos ins £5 Broad Mhtn h 422 Laf av 
ii Jos B broker h 716 B 19lh 
n Leon N chemicals 170 Tillary h 64 E 

83d Mhtn 
ii Louis H photos h 1 Jardine pi 
ii Louis H printer h 160 Atkins av 
ii Louis H jr photos 1085 Bway 
ii Michl salesman h 202 Hull 
ii Morris agt 406 Knickr av h 1473 DeKalb 

ii Morris com mer h 733 Chauncey 
ii Morris meat 700 Fulton h 361 7th 
n Otto planus 5518 oth av 
ii Riebd salesman h 2<;9 86th 
ii Richd M sec 63 Milton h 242 E 60th 

n Saml manager 216 Wallabout mkt h 

233 Vernon av 
ii Siegel Co sash tnfrs 340 Junius 
ii Veneer Seat Co (inc) 65 Milton 
n Wm birds 283 Graham av 
ii Bros machines 406 Knickr av 

Adlerman Louis physician h 400 Rkway av 
ii Tbeo D physician 70 Rogers av 

Admore Robt R supt h 50 Lincoln pi 

Adolfson Adolf h 339 55th 
ii Alfred stonecutter h 129 Franklin av 

Adolph Chas F cooper 242 Richardson 
ii Gustav electrician h 231 N 7th 
ii Harry h 1320 Fulton 
ii Harry acct h 1271 St John's pi 
n Louis tinsmith h 844 Fbush av 
ii Paul mfr h 1153 St Mark's av 
ii Robt watebnikr 138 Graham av 

Adolphe P tailor 36 W 35th Mbtn h 1114 
Blake av 

Adoss Max mattresses 139 Johnson av h 114 
Mhtn av 

Adrat Philip stoves h 1S77 Dean 

Adreance Hannah h 369 Sumpter 

Adrian Alfred J meat 367 Grand Mhtn b 
139 Penn 
n Frank instmkr h 456 16th 
n Geo F jr meat Mhtn h 139 Penn 
n Geo W roofer 2S1 E Bway Mhtn b 

139 Penu 
ii Hy J realestate h 214 Hurts 
n Herman musician h 1270 Madison 

Adrlance Adrian I) cans 234 Van Brunt h 
461 Greene av 
ii Benj machinist 254 Van Brunt u 4C1 

Greene av 
ii Harry C h 762 Fbush av 

Business Directory 





317 Washington St., 






■n— ; 


Z 3" 


• 3 









734-736 FIFTH AVENUE. Telephone 27 



Telephone 3410 Flatbush 

Residence Telephone 317 Prospect 



,, Machine Works 234 Van Brunt 

,, Seymour machinist h 337 Chauneey 

ii Wiu J h 52 Hart 
Advance Oil Works 310 Flushing av 
Advertising Agency 213 Montague 

ii Mirrorgraph Co 103 Liberty 
Aeby Augustus couil trav h Gu7 Gth 
Aeebternacht Hy A coal 1 Bway Mhtn h 

5 Jef av 
Aedo Jos A com mer h 8084 Bay 17th 
Aegis Oil i Supply Co S9 Dean 
Aello Michl livery 72 Sedgwick 
Afppli J Wm barber 56 Pine Mhtn h 224 

50 th 
Aeschilniau Hy acct h 1S31 SOth 
Aetna Brick & Supply Co 4S07 6th av 

,i Development Co (inc) realestate 190 

i, Indemnity Co 44 Court & 63 William 

ii Ins Co of Hartford 178 Remsen 

i, Iron Works 224 25th 

ii Jewelry Mfg Co 158 Lawrence 

i, Life Ins Co of Hartford 215 Montague 

The Complete Protection 

by the COMPANY If insured becomes 
TOTALLY and permanently disabled. 
For further Information apply to 

W. a. NICOLAY, Manager 

215 Montague St. BROOKLYN, N. Y. 

A f berg Al carriage mfr 903 Macon 

Afetra Geo impr 195 Mott Mhtn h 1369 Bay 

Ridge av 
Affel Dederiek grocer 352 Franklin av 
n Ily grocer 113 Stone av 
n Herman grocer illXJl Fulton h 54 Down- 
Affeld Francis manager 19 Liberty Mhtn h 
873 Prest 
ii Francis O jr lawyer 141 Bway Mhtn n, 
1711 Dorchester rd 
Affleck Geo drugs h 1040 Jef av 
Affonso Lawrence carrier h 308 McDougal 
Agar E employment agt 821 Bergen 
ii Morris decorator S21 Bergen 
ii K M u 234 Cumberland 
Agat I (Rev) L' 8801 Bay 21st 
Ager Benj steam heat Fordham ?J x" h 
571 5th 
ii Chas elk h GO Sehaeffer 
ii II .E h 055 McDonough 
M John W elec eng h 290 Carlton av 
. n Louis C physician 113 Montague h '160 

Agethen August musician h 375 Marcy av 
Aghanialian H tailor 1G7 7th av 
Agne A M drugs S79 Knickr av L' 812 
Knickr av 
n Geo police h 575 Gates ar 
ii H I laundry 1027 Bedford av 
ii Walter S painter h 247 Cooper 
ii Wm E drags 879 Knickr av 
Agness M E nurse h 449 Jef ar 
Agnew Anna M p'hysleian h Olarkson av e 
Albany av 
n Clarence It artist U 710 Halsey 
ii Cyrus contractor h i!41 Meserole av 
ii C it h 943 St Mark's av 
n Emily boarding u 42 Macon 
,, Frank fireman li 34 S 11th 
n II boarding 151 State 
ii Marion It wid John W h 1310 Sterling 

ii Saml liquors 93 Park row Mhtn h 703 
Agoglla Roeeo M realestate 705 4th av 
,i R Michl realestate 705 4th av h 666 

M Bros realestate 703 4th av 
Agrella Andw D tailor 185 Clymer h 327 

B 7 th 
Agress Jim impr 201 Division Mhtn h 215 
S 3d 


n Jos liquors 71 Bway 

n 'Meyer carpr h 353 Scbenck av 

Agrest Michl dyer 58 W 3d Mhtn h 1339 

Agresta Felix G barber 34 W 33d Mhtn h 
390 E 10th 
i, Philip barber 1014 Cortelyou rd h 396 
E 16th 

Agricultural Ins Co 144. Montague & 45 

Agriseg S grocer 1068 Vienna av 

Aguailar Felix cigar mfr 35 Fulton h 356 

Ahearn Francis B police h 09 Underbill av 
ii Fredk B carpr h 695 Bergen 
n Hy P trainmaster h 41 Heudrix 
i. I Ei h 429 Clermont av 
ii Jas cashier h 02 Huron 
ii Jas compositor h 27 Duffield 
,, Jas engineer h 26 Sheffield av 
a Jas fireman h 47 Sheffield av 
n Jas W harnessmkr h d34 Concord 
ii John J liquors 448 Warren 
n John T photos 11 1st 
ii Jos police h 45 Cheever pi 
n Margt G milliner 311 Myrtle av 
ii Michl carpr h 76 Weirfield 
ii Michl J harness h 02 Huron 
ii Moses foreman li 2 Lenox rd 
ii Owen h 176 Ryerson 
n Patrick police h 191 State 
n Patrick F police h 176 Ryerson 
n Peter police h 176 Ryerson 
ii Thos delivery h 191 State 
n Thos T letter carrier lv 1351 Jef ar 
ii Wm (Rev) h Linwood c New Lots rd 
ii Wm bldr 325 Cumberland h 394 

„ Wm elk h 154 Hoyt 
ii & Malone milliners 311 Myrtle av 
n & McEntee bldrs 325 Cumberland 

Ahern Andw W roofer 24th av n Bath av 
,i Annie wid Fredk h 180 Garfield pi 
i, Chas J sec 12 Vesey Mhtn h 1S9 Nas- 
ii Chas W silversmith h 1383 Gates av 
i, Cornelius F Insp h 192 Elton 
n Fredk M lawyer 44 Court h 577 Vandt 

,i Jas roofer h 2 Duffield 
ii Jeremiah H grocer Harway av n Bay 

n John C carpr h 13S3 Gates av 
i, John F realestate 44 Court h 520 Carl- 
ton av 
ii Jos L fwdg 29 Front Mh!n h 520 Carl- 
ton av 
„ Muthew agt h 260 40th 
ii Miebl J h 520 Carlton ar 
ii P E agt Calyer c Franklin 
a Stephen M grain h 520 Carlton av 
ii Timothy J roofer h Bay 35th n Crop- 

sey av 
n Wm liquors 1090 Mhtn ar 
,i Wm T elk h 293 Modroe 

Ahl Einil music 39 Melrose 
ii Jay publisher h 5014 4th av 

Ahlboru August II neckwear 040 Bway h 
235 l'euu 
ii Chas J hardware 981 Mhtn av 
., Fred drugs 239 Nas>au av 
ii Helen drugs 239 Nassau av 
n Ily cooper 137 Freeman h 126 Kent 

Ahlefeld Edwin H manager h 339 3d 
,i Theo li 539 3d 
ii Victor H grocer 1103 Bedford av 
ii V & Sou grocers 1105 Bedford ar 

Ahlefeldt Alfred (Rev) h 218 9th 

Abler Ily grocer 048 Centl av 
ii Martin grocer G48 Centl av 
ii Bros grocers 648 Centl av 

Aiders Carl mer 189 Duaue Mhtn h 1929 
,i Caroline wid Herman h 2SS 9th 
ii Chas meat 234 Hoyt 
i, Harry elk h 485 17th 
ii Herman liquors 210 Lewis av 
ii Herman salesman b 105 Lenox rd 
n Jane wid h 200 Linden av 
ii John boaf capt h 615 o2,l 
ii I.illinu delicatessen 5714 5th av 
,i Marie 1' wid Bruno h 144 Woodruff av 

Ahlf Hy baker h 234 92(1 

Ahlgren August painter h 221 Chauneey 

Ahlgriiu Oi to cigars h ISO Fountain av 

Alilliaus Geo machinist h 02 Henry 

Alilucim Christian elk h 320 Quiney 


m ^ 

r- ^ 

m -» 

° =z m 

=£ © 5 

« =! 3 

w o 

o m > 

O -H 

> 3 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 

317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. Tel. 


3004 Haiti. 







































Ahlquist C VV h 275 Degraw 
n liilwd paints 618 Vandt av h 425 Park 
Ahlrieh John grocer Pitkin av c Suediker av 
AhlstrOIll Cbas elk h 128 Jcf av 
ii Gnstav painter h 419 Bergen 
u J. dm () h 335 9th 
Allium Alviu manager h 73 Keap 
Ahiuuty Wilson slides 754 Mtitu av 
Ahnemann Martin h 382 7th 

,, Win grocer 772 Bway 
Ahuem-n & Diederichs coal 1024 COth 
Ahnken John grocer 219 Van Brunt 
Ahoneu Alex carpr h 726 43d 
Aluberg S Oliver elk h 105 Weirfield 
Allien Peter printer h 345 1st 
Ahrenberg Solomon furniture 5 Mhtn av 
Ahrond Hy carpr h 154 Buffalo av 
n Tony liquors 244 Lorimer 
ii Tony liquors 1356 Putnam av 
Ahriudt Otto liquors 121 Franklin 
Aureus Albert N draughtsman h 434 7th av 
i. Alfred W lawyer 170 Bway Mhtn h 326 

n Anna wid Ily h 972 Bedford av 
ii Arthur novelties 171 Bway Mhtn h 735 

ii August express 326 Reid av 
M Beuj blacksmith h 262 Rutledge 
ii Casper delicatessen 13SS Greene av 
ii Cath wid John h 444 21st 
i, Cath E nurse h 30 Newell 
n Cbas candy 365 Bway 
ii Chus supt h 53 Kevins 
ii Cbas W foreman h 486 Elton 
ii Dederick foreman h 1019 Bedford av 
n Fredk grocer 237 Sumner av h 245 Sum- 
ner av 
ii Fredk W cashier h 57 Jerome 
ii Fredk W machinist h 1S1 Clymer 
ii Geo C foreman h 30 Newell 
ii Geo W bookbinder h 590 Schenek av 
ii Geo W elk h 804 Cortelyou id 
n Hy h 214 Prospect pk W 
n Hy grocer 213 Prince 
ii Hy grocer 237 Sumner av h 245 Sum- 
ner av 
ii Hy salesman h 163 Himrod 
n Ily waters h 210 Evergreen av 
ii Hy C grocer 338 Reid av h 205 Bain- 
„ Hy J bldr 1192 E 31st 
i. II v J elk h 972 Bedford av 
,i Ilobart elk h 600 Bedford av 
ii H meat 126 Beverley rd h 

end av 
n II it F grocers 237 Sumner av 
M Jacob machinist h S5 Newell 
ii Jacob II 1) 352 Union 
ii Johu bookkpr h 1388 Jef av 
n John liquors 1529 Nostrand av 
ii John liquors 204 E 5th' h 1973 
ii John liquors 104 Grand Mlitu 

ii John liquors 1529 Nostrand av 
ii John realestate h 495 Clinton 
ii John salesman h 689 Park pi 
n John F h 2316 Clarendon rd 
ii John II grocer h 295 S 1st 
i. John II h 34 N J av 
ii John II police h 1512 DeKalb av 
ii John H salesman h S52 Bwick av 
ii Julius M neckwear 447 Bway Mhtn h 

729 E 10th 
ii J Fred liquors 74 Laf Mhtn h 33 

Berkeley pi 
n Kate wid John C h 44,1 E 2Ust 
ii Louis candy 2781 Atlantic av 
n Martin grocer 1736 Nostrand uv 
ii Mary E wid John G F h 78 P.oss 
ii Moses meat 609 Vandt av b 623 46th 
n M delicatessen 332 Sumner av 
n Nicholas h 530 9th 
n Peter paper h 345 1st 
ii Rudolph liquors 226 Flushing av h 79 

ii Saml clothing 711 Flushing av 
ii Tlieo E h Bay 11th c Bath av 
ii Wni F meat h 266 Eidert 
ii Wm H elk n 855 Jef av 
ii Win II copyist h 13 Russell pi 
,, Wm II police h 1565 74th 
Aiehcle Wm F bookkpr b 249 Himrod 
Aide Jas W photos h 327 Putnam av 
Audio Angelo machinist li 451 7th av 
ii Jos fruit 4606 3d av 
ii Jos liquors 82 Skillman 

794 Graves- 

E 14th 
h 422 

Pictures^ Paintings 





ii Jos macaroni 197 Johnson av 
Alen Max carpr 7s Division Mhtn h 274 

Aievoli Raffaele undertaker 6410 New 

Utrecht av & 6S9 4th av 
Aigro Arthur G salesman h 4022 40th 
Aiken Cbas W see 34 53d h 174 E 19th 
H I> Wyatt manager 719 Bway Mhtn b 

851 Lincoln pi 
n Henrietta wid John h 140 Park pi 
.1 Richd engineer h 327 42d 
ii Wm J elk h 5315 7th av 
Aikeuhead Edwd salesman h 347 Pulaski 
,i Richd elk h 588 Park pi 
M Wm J bldr h 2515 Clarendon rd 
Aikman Chas M mfr 133 5th av Mhtn h 1156 
ii Fanny M wid Augustus H h 814 E 19th 
n Fredk A hat blocks h. 477 Wilby av 
n Gavin B elk h 408 2d 
ii Hugh drop forgiugs h 814 E >19th 
ii Johu C physician h 728 Westminster 

ii Robt boats h 521 Dean 
ii Robt S h 697 Greene av 
n Walter M h 133 Macon 
m Walter M prest 24 Cliff Mhtn h 62 

ii Warren D manager h 133 Macon 
Aileen Steamship Co ft 52d 
Aim Frank meat h 133 Wythe av 
Aimer Jas B oil 149 Bway Mhtn h 718 E 17th 
Aimers Archibald carpr h 735 58th 
Aimond Julia wid Benj h 371 Marcy av 
Alubinder E meat 844 Gravesend av 
ii Maurice meat 11 Av F 
ii Saml J meat 417 7th av 
Ainhom Morris cigars 139 Tpkius av 
Ainslie Edwd D agt h 2714 Av G 
ii Geo H paintings Fuller Bldg Mhtn h 

1140 Dean 
ii Knitting Machine Co 281 Ainslie 
ii Realty Corporation 392 Bway 
n W Douglas h 1958 E 15th 
Ainswortb Arthur C architect 13th av c 41st 
h 1222 41st 
ii Chas E salesman h 1222 41st 
n Frank R ins h d475 Bwick ay 
Alrwell Co shade holders 186 Reiiisen 
Aisensteiu Max furs 3 Cooper sq E Mhtn L 
377 Vernon av 
ii Morris jeweler 22 Eldridge Mbtu h 
330 Rugby rd 
Aisman David drugs 975 Myrtle av h 196 
Vernon av 
ii Saml fruit 313 Throop av h 316 Pulaski 
ii Simon candy 201 Pulaski h 264 Pulaski 
Aitchison Jas A see 86 Frout Mhtn h 2246 
„ M A II h 221 Cumberland 
Aitken Arthur E salesman h 1754 60rh 
ii Chas W bill poster 254 Atlantic av 
ii Jas h 569 Monroe 
ii Lawrence T physician 109 Bergeu 
n Murgt wid Chas h 5iW 10th 
n Mary wid Thus E h 396 6th 
ii May wid Mortimer I. h 336 Stuyt av 
ii Milton P elk h 569 Monroe 
ii Peter auditor h 26A Hart 
ii Walter 1! elk h 369 Crescent 
,i Wm D h 203 Marion 
.. Wm H agt h W40 Pacific 
Ajas Paul janitor h 67 Irving av - 
Ajax Iron & Wire Co 75 York 

.. Metal Co 147S Bedford av 
Ajello Jos & Co liquors 119 Prest 

ii Miehele E impr 32 Prest 
Akabas Morris cigars 293 Atlantic av h 272 

Akbcrg Chas W N interpreter 184 Atlantic 
av h 5S7 6th 
i, Emily servant 334 4th av Mhtn h 184 

Atlantic av 
ii Wm S realestate 395 Atlantic av 
Akel Said kimouas 35 Bway .Mbtu h 32 Wil- 
low pi 
Akell Abraham tailor h 362 39th 
Akerlind Arvid sec 17 State Mbtu h 546 

Akerly Hiram A bldr h 289 Highland blvd 
Akermau Wm butter 2142 Pitkin av 
Akerstrom Ullie authoress h 1707 Oreau av 
Akburst Margt wid Johu h 78 Ashlaud pi 
Akst Leo h 573 Ralph av 

Alafberg Fredk trimming 1177 Bedford av 
h 816 Halscy 
ii John police h I960 Pacific 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 






-E fij 
O r7 
Z =T 


t m 






317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone. 3004 Main. 




Expert Appraisal for Moderate Fee 







o=- § 

0<A 5 ^ 
!■ B © «i 


T2 z a *» 

0J5s s 

UT .Id 



„ Jos surg insts 230 W 30tli Mhtn b 81 
Alaska Knitting Mills 52 Walton 
Albano John meat 208 York h 207 Tork 

M N paper stock 195 Withers 
Albany At Realestate Co 72 Albany av 

M Cycle Co 42 Albany av 

ii Day Line 4 Court 

ii Dental Parlors 210 S 8th 


210 South 8th St., cor. Broadway, 

Teeth extracted absolutely without pain by 
operators ol long experience. 


Office open Sunday 9 to i p. m. 

All work guaranteed. 
Be9t set of Teeth on Rubber Plate or Celluloid 
88.00. There are no better Rubber or Cellu- 
loid sets of Teeth made, no matter how much 
you pay. 

Teeth Extracted, 25o 

Vitalized Air and Gas Administered, . f Oc 
Teeth Filled with Silter, . . . $1.00 
Teeth Filled with Gold, . . $1.00 and up 

Albany Electric Co 538 Herkimer 
11 Heights Realty Co (inc) 13 Wilby 
11 Ins Co 138 Montague 
n Roofing Co 1530 Fulton 
Albaum Franz h 92 Magenta 

,, Jos h 175 Eldert 
Albeck Fredk h 1414 Atlantic av 
n Geo A elk 362 4th 
11 Harry F printer h 823 Gates ay 
11 Jacob engineer h 3506 Glenwood rd 
11 Walter C pressman h 677 Lincoln pi 
Albee Chas P draughtsman h 31 Centl pi 
11 Elliott G vice-prest 20 W Houston Mhtn 

h 1297 Bergen 
11 B E h 1056 Sterling pi 
n Franklin C realestate 115 Bway Mhtn 

h 154 Garfield pi 
11 & Godfrey Co ironwks 215 Norman av 
Aibece Martin G printer 270 Hamburg ay 
Alber Wm baker h 256 Melrose 
Albere Frank G cardboard 46 Beekman Mhtn 
h 584 Franklin av 
11 Jay H cardboard 46 Beekmaa Mhtn h 

9 St Charles' pi 
11 Winfield dry gds 340 Bway Mhtn h 
584 Franklin av 
Alberene Stone Co laundry tubs Com] c 

Alberga Nevil C com! trav h 612 Amersfort 

Alberry Wm H salesman h 81 Stuyt av 
Albers August candy 860 Greene av h 148 
Stuyt av 
11 Dedrick H liquors 193 Kniekr av 
11 Fred liquors 584 Hamburg av h 209 

11 Fred G liquors 58 Howard av 
11 Fred G liquors 76 5th av 
ii Fredk M physician 513 48th 
•1 Hy candy 1483 Bway 
11 Hy h 240 Decatur 
n Hy jr lawyer 56 Pine Mhtn h 240 

11 Hy C coml trav h 433 Jef av 
11 Hy G architect h 203 79th 
11 Hy H candy h 11 McDougal 
n Herman liquors 180 West 
11 Herman H delicatessen 454 Grand 
11 Herman H drugs 210 Irving av 
11 John A stationer 11 McDougal 
11 Julius lawyer 64 Wall Mhtn h 203 79th 
11 Louis V H stenographer h 70 Covert 
11 Paul elk b 1856 Bath av 
11 Rudolph enameler 16 Maiden la Mhtn h 

51 Smith 
11 Wm salesman h 1278 Madison 
11 Wm F h 300 Rochr av ' 
Albert Alfred T compositor L 375 57th 
11 Andw coal 127 19th 
11 Andw I lawyer 300 Mulberry Mhtn h 

333 Wyona 
11 Arthur elk h 474 Saratoga av 
11 Chas barber 2508 Pitkin av 
11 Chas F h 436 7th av 


11 Frank elk h 4607 5th av 

11 Frank meat 487 Gates av 

11 Fredk collector h 003 Wilby av 

11 Fredk liquors 942 Bergen 

11 F & Co meat 487 Gates av & 


11 Geo h 646 Shepherd av 

11 Geo printer h 1278 Greene av 

11 G meat 259 Bridge 

11 G D baker 4013 3d av 

11 Hy notions 693 Grand 

n Hy sign painter 1807 Fulton L 739 

11 Herbert clothing h 620 Gates av 

n H liquors 35 WyekolT av 

•1 Isaac tailor .193 Bway h 336 Henry 

n Isidor lawyer 333 Wyona 

11 Jacob livery 11 Cannon Mhtn h 411 
Wythe av 

11 Jas C upholsterer h 5108 5tb av 

11 Jas E elk h 187 Amity 

11 Jerome electrician 233 54th 

11 John h 646 Shepherd av 

11 John liquors 196 Montrose av 

it John meat 487 Gates av 

11 John shoe mfr 325 Classon av h 428 
I>af av 

11 John tailor h 268 Stagg 

ii John O realestate 5014 5th av h 5818 
6th av 

11 John E ins h 518 Lex av 

11 John K cigars 18 Bremen 

ir Jos carpr 364 Barbey 

11 Jos fancy gds 251 1st av Mhtn h 55 

11 Jos fixtures 249 Bowery Mhtn h 175 
Chrlsr av 

11 Jos sec 374 Broome Mhtn h 1281 Her- 

11 J R delicatessen 247 Centl av 

11 Louis h 787 Quincy 

11 Louis waists 149 Wooster Mhtn h 75 

n L A h 104 Chestnut 

11 Max manager h 153 Pierrepont 

11 Philip H furniture 191 Cbrystie Mhtn h 
78 Beaver 

ti Robt L engineer h 337 Wyona 

11 Robt L lawyer h 596 Cleveland 

11 Rudolph furniture h 771 Monroe 

n Saml cigars L' 642 Laf av 

11 Saml paper boxes 36 S 4th 

11 Saml plumber 94 Moore . 

ti Wm barber 165 Bway Mhtn h 576 Lin- 
den av 

11 Wm cigars h 739 Halsey 

11 Wm elk h 343 Quincy 

11 Wm printer h 83 Manjer 

11 & Baker Co shoemfrs 326 Olasson av 

11 Davidson pipes 70 Troutman 
Albert's Express 4013 3d av 
Albert! Bartholin! bookkpr h 1450 53d 

11 Emilo corks 99 Sutton h 69 S Srti 

n Hy R jeweler h 796 Park pi 

11 Jas corks 99 Sutton 

11 Jas Jr corks 99 Sutton 

11 John corks 99 Sutton h 69 S 8th 
Albertis A B Co supplies 7 Fulton 
Alberts Martin machinist 303 Hendrix 

11 Michl J bookbinder h 418 Ridgewood av 

n Wm H drugs h 149 Patchen av 
Albertson Brentwood elk h 226A Madison 

n Danl h 280 7th 

n .Frank A elk h 314 Hancock 

n Harry H architect 273 Lefferts av 

11 Jas S bookkpr h 59 Madison 

n Jeremiah elk h 203 S 1st 

11 Nicholas S iookkpr h 47 Hawthorne 

11 Smith insp h 329 Carroll 

11 Wm D ferryman h 427 Herkimer 
Albertype Co (inc) photo engravers 250 

Albln Archer eye specialist h 1427 60th 

11 A D sand 17 Lee av 

n Harry salesman h 205 Eldert 

11 Robt B chauffeur h 1425 60th 

11 Solomon h 431 Gates av 
Albion Mfg Co glue 22 Sackett 
Albohn John salesman h 643 Carroll 

11 John H baker 536 Met av 

11 Philip painter 962 Mhtn av L 1602 
Albrecht Adolph leather 194 Evergreen av 

11 Arthur bookkpr h 220 Linden 

11 Chas h 1157 Greene av 

11 Chas die cutter h 618 47th 

— i 


£2 C/> 





o z » 

3 S 

w £2 is. 

© m > 

o H 

* c* 

ae x 


STOKES: 519 and 1416 Fulton Street 


847 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; 115 Park Row, New York City, 

and *13 East 24th Street, New York City 


is always pure, 
rich and delicious 
French and Amer- 
ican, all flavors. 

Telephone at an Addresses 


Real Estate and Mortgage Loans 


Telephone 834 Main 


.107 MONET TO c O/ 

41/0 LOAN ON 5 /O 



H- Z 

g 1 

x 2 

w a 

I- o 

< Ul o 

o w 

s 2E ° 

>: d 




Chas liquors 28 Graham av 
Chas produce h 110 Nostraud av 
David H stationery 125 Driggs av 
Edwd musician L' 314 Dnion 
Ellen wid Herman h 403 Chauncey 
Fredk carpr h 90 Vanderveer 
Fredk hatter h 389 Pine 
Fredk W jr hatter h 557 Grant »v 
Geo hatter h 98 Chestnut 
Geo milk h 33 Howard av 
Geo J stevedore h 20 14th 
Harry elk h 130 Shepherd av 
Hy coal h 409 S 4th 
Hy plumber h 62 Bleecker 
Hy C upholsterer 1157 Greene av 
Hy J grocer 397 Graham av 
Herman baker 457 5th av 
Jacob carpr 654 72d h 72d n Stewart av 
Louis cutter h 271 Woodbine 
Louis supt h 1157 Greene av 
Louis C bookbinder h 173 St Nicholas av 
Rudolph C collector h 1458 Greene av 
Walter restaurant 420 Flushing av 
Wilhelmina wid Chas h 471 53d 
Wm carpr h 815A Bergen 
Wm E plumber h 358 8th 
& Koons 565 75th 
Albrechtsen Cath wid Hy h 352 20th 
ii Hy P meat 457 6th av h 313 11th 
Albreter Frank J h 2067 E 13th 
Albricht Geo H W foreman h 580 Marcy av 
Albright Elizabeth fancy gds 40 Hicks 
ii Geo W collector h 8648 20th av 
ii Guy H teacher h 314 Lenox rd 
Albro Herman H salesman h 166 Schtdy av 
ii L Dorothea comr deeds 391 Fulton h 1914 
Albumen Cream Co 26 Court 
Alburtis G H h 1002 Fbush av 
Albury Chas G elk h 400 2d 
Aleock Caroline wid Thos h 378 Lewis av 
n Ellen wid John h 315 Pulaski 
n Jeremiah J manager 263 W 125th Mhtn 

h 1377 Atlantic av 
ii Margt laundry 133 Atlantic av 
n Wm A lawyer 18 Wall Mhtn h 1531 

ii Wm F manager 345 Fbush av h 764 
Washn av 
Alcorn Earle patternmkr h 214 Etna 
ii Fielding h 457 Park pi 
ii Kate wid Geo h 93 Clermont av 
Alcott Adelaide wid Chas W h 20 E 16th 

ii F H h 802 Park pi 
Alden Charles A decorator 794 Gates av 
n Conrad painter h 293 Herkimer 
ii Edmund K teacher h 365 Hancock 
ii Edwd acct h 180 St John's pi 
ii Edwin B broker h 109 Madison 
ii Geo H truckman h 1069 Greene av 
ii Harry W lawyer 2 Rector Mhtn b 475 

Washn av 
ii Hy T teacher h 185 Quincy 
ti Jas salesman h 100 Albany av 
n John h 103 Montague 
ii John asst city editor 307 Washn h Bay 

33d n Cropsey av 
ii John B ranges 373 Fulton h 755 East 

ii John B & Co ranges 373 Fulton 
n M wid Jonathan h 83 Lefferts pi 
n Richd Coe agt 350 Fulton 
n Wm H realestate 229 Bway Mhtn h 248 
Alder Agnes P notary 20 Nassau Mhtn h 
266 HalBey 
ii Benj S h 56 Lefferts pi 
ii Eugene C h 478 Washn av 
ii Irvin mfr 275 Oakland 
n Thos P treas 21 State Mhtn h 181 Bay 

n Wm A sec 51 Jay Mhtn h 266 Halsey 
Alderdice Alfred S agt 377 Bway Mhtn h 

294 Argyle rd 
Alderman Allen C lawyer 69 Wall Mhtn h 
298 Clinton 
ii Bernard cigars 389 Court 
n J Bailey stationer 93 7th av 
ii Saml salesman b 653 Macon 
Alderson Geo W painter h 439 Monroe 
Alderton Albert bookkpr h 275 Crescent 
•i Hy A physician h 142 Clinton 
n Wm salesman h 545 53d 
Aldino Chas cigars 2706 Atlantic av 

n Saml shoes 1496 DeKalb av 
Aldom Chas W bookkpr h 1055 Madison 
Aldrich Arthur C physician h 1133 44th 


n Bert L plumber h 738 Washn av 

n Caroline E nurse h 633 Madison 

ii Harry B contractor h Av S n E 8th 

ii Jane S wid Geo H h 633 Madison 

n Marion wid Albert h 214 Bleecker 

u Robt mason h 393 Gates av 

ii Susan E wid Chas II b 51 Quincy 

n Thos B wall paper 31 E 17th Mhtn h 

15 Clark 
n Timothy weigher h 229 8th 
Aldridge Alfred F editor h 61 Clifton pi 
ii Arthur F reporter h 61 Clifton pi 
ii Belle V physician h 32 Clarkson av 
n Chas E insp h 1115 Prospect pi 
ii Chas E ins 242 Bway h 912 Driggs av 
ii Chester artist h 912 Driggs av 
ii Darwin R treasr 32 Burling slip Mhtn 

h 96% Hicks 
n Fredk jr decorator 117 Lawrence 
ii Fredk T sec 44 Court h 471 Clinton av 
ii Geo mason h 912 Driggs av 
it John F steamntter h 164 Clermont av 
ii Lemuel E h 345 Quincy 
ii Minnie wid Wm h 290 Balnbridge 
ii Richd foreman h 376 Cumberland 
ii Vincent physician 32 Clarkson av 
ii V & Co steamship agts 66 Court 
n Wm artist h 1115 Prospect pi 
Aleman Miguel jeweler h 82 Fountain av 
Alence Ricardo com mer 129 Front Mhtn h 

349 48th' 
Alender John h 524 51st 
Alereoe System 11 Kingston av 
Alese John mason h 202 Melrose 
Aleskowitz Abraham cigar mfr 66 Moore & 

77 Selgel 
Alessl Jas barber 304A Reid av 
Alexander Adolph meat 347 Washn Mkt Mhtn 

h 516 Jef av 
ii Arthur magician h 201 19th 
ii Atchison G salesman h 829 Quincy 
ii Benj printer 114 W 27th Mhtn h 829 

Laf av 
ii Chas stationer h 210 16th 
ii Chas C iron 11 Thompson Mhtn h 

696A Greene av 
M Chas M bookkpr h I486 Bedford av 
ii Danl M drugs 2154 Pitkin av 
ii Danl W police h 426 59th 
n Edwd h 392 S 4th 
ii Edwd J salesman h 328 6th av 
■i Edwd T bldr h 394 Marlborough rd 
ii Elliot R chemist h 540 B 19th 
ii Bmilio hats 5010 3d av h 344 51st 
ii Emily C wid Geo h 320 75th 
ii Fanny M wid Daniel h 230 Halsey 
ii Ferdinand h 643 Macon 
n Frank L eabinetmkr 322 Van Buren 

h 1481 Dean 
ii Fredk paper 154 Nassau Mhtn h 357 

44 th 
ii Geo eabinetmkr 322 Van Buren h 

309 Lincoln rd 
ii Geo upholsterer h 1977 E 13th 
ii Geo Jr trimmer h 1063 Lincoln pi 
ii Geo F lawyer 315 Washn h 118 Gates 

it Geo H lawyer 373 Fulton h 12 Linden 

Richmond Hill L I 
ii Geo R elk h 722 4th av 
n Geo R sexton h 451 Balnbridge 
ii Harris B cigars 266 Canal Mhtn h 703 

Franklin av 
n Harry J realestate 30 Church Mhtn h 

762 Westminster rd 
ii Henri P optician 1006 Bway 
ii Hy h 62 S 9th 
n Hy mfr h 97 St Marks pi 
n Herman dry gds 229 Columbia 
ii H Willard supplies 296 Bway Mhtn h 

84,1 Wllby av 
it Jas K cashier 2590 Atlantic av h 772 

Greene av 
ii Jas K Jr bookkpr h 772 Greene av 
ii Jas R hats 12 Waverly pi Mhtn h 540 

E 19th 
ii Jas W acct h 474 6th 
n Jesse mfr h 879 Glenmore av 
ii John h 503 Clinton av 
ii John A manager h 567 McDonougb 
ii John F h 62 S 9th 
ii John J baker 764 Evergreen av h 529 

Lex av 
ii Jos collector h 669 Gates av 
ii Jos plumber h 375 Rodney 
ii Jos E elk h 72 Adelphi 
ii Julius shoes b 630 Quincy 


I- w 

z n — ) 
or o 

t CO 

•■I co 

rn Jr 

m -i X 

=2 © — 

" 3 Si 

»o > 

5* S 


154 5th AVENUE, 


723 6th AVENUE, 




fi £ 
2 ,. ° 

M M — 


fa. ■* <» 
co ~ 

«- i 



£ a • 

h ^ 

■O « 

<n3 * 

Ui GO 

5 g co 

«S 3 "* 

I (S * 

^ to 

£ «> o 

S <r- a 

£ B ■• 

™ to ui 

r a o 

S J t 

« . m 

a r" a 

E5 • 


Kate C wid Thos It h 503 CliDtoa uv 
Lewis H grocer 330 McDougal 
Lionel electrician h 312 McDougal 
Louis h 1304 Pacific 

Louis optician 511 Fulton h 290 Wind- 
sor pi 
Louis J storekpr Custom House Mntn 

li 02 S 9th 
Malcolm towing 38 South Mhtn h 1'19 

.Mary L wid Jas K h 154 Jerome 
Miclil cigars 1410 Cortelyou id 
'Miclil A stereotyper 15 Vandewater 

Mhtn h 300 Georgia av 
Morris furs 88 E Bway Mhtn h 1055 

40 th 
Morris meat 407 Washn Mkt Mhtn h 

002 Madison av 
Morris E ins 2032 Atlantic ay h 360 

N J av 
M h 373 Nostrand av 
Nathan stationer 27 Frankport Mhtn h 

023 Quiney 
Newton fancy gds 381 Nostrand av 
Noah paints 007 Sutter av 
Pharmacy 2154 Pitkin av 
Raymond W salesman h 1452 E 9th 
Ilobt machinist h 88 Clermont av 
Root poultry 332 Washu Mhtn h 151 

Lenox rd 
Robt S h 119S Pacific 
11 delivery 125 Boerum pi 
Suml h 294 Henry 
Saml engineer h 222 Chauncey 
Saml machinist h 130 16th 
Saml shoes h 413 Evergreen av 
Saul manager 153 Pierrepont 
Saul metals 150 3d av h 496 Jef av 
Sigmund stationer 249 Graham av 
Siinon brewer h 275 Hart 
Soloman broker 71 broad Mhtn h 1521 

Sol slippers 108 W 18th Mhtn h 255 S 

Thos grocer 432 4th av 
Thos B h Delamere pi n Voorhees* av 
Thos II drugs 506 Myrtle av h 317 

Tilly wid David h 509 Gates av 
Wm elk h 723 51st 
Win police h 505 Grand av 
Wm A (Rev; h 422 Elton 
Wm A elec eug li 540 E 19th 
Wm A supt 248 Fbush av h 18 Sterling 

Wm I machinist h 430 62d 
&. Ellis lumber 25 Hewes 
& Meyer iron 150 3d av 
& Touy shoeiukrs 1317 Bwick av 
Alexander-Roth Co neckwear 244 Bway 
Alexauderson John engineer h 285% 14t'b 
Alexandre Eugene h 1948 84th 

.. Saml cigars 244 Livingston h 449 Jef av 
Ahxe Frank inventor h 346 Argyle rd 
Alexstrom Rudolph harnessmkr 1672 Fulton 
Alfan Leonard elk h 924 Bedford av 
Alfanl Hy realestate h 475 Park av 
n II & Co realestate 475 Park av 
11 Jos tailor 91 Montrose av 
Alfano Louis barber 124 Cedar Mhtn h 67 

Columbia pi 
Alferman Frank J realestate 43 Woodbine h 
400 Hart 
11 Herman realestate 43 Woodbine h 496 

11 Peter realestate 43 Woodbine h 490 Hart 
11 Bros realestate 43 Woodbine 
Alffcrnianu Eugene carpr h 552 E 34th 
11 Fredk meat 4716 4th av h 220 14th 
ti Louis tinsmith li 346 55th 
Alfieri Gaetano liquors 126 Roebling 
Alfke Hy J see 7612 3d av h 244 77th 
Alfono Alexandra produce 305 Washn Mhtn h 

1154 Gleniuore av 
Alfonsen Wm E fireman h 205 20th 
Alfonsln Edwd cigars 94 3d 
Alfonso A D liquors 132 Classon av 
Alford Chas B salesman h 463 Pulaski 
n Chas II elk h 203A Lewis av 
n Danl W foreman h 449 42d 
11 Edwin V supplies 165 Fort Greene pi 

h 272 Lenox rd 
11 F A Co supplies 165 Fort Greene pi 
11 Harry journalist h 355 6th av 
11 John A bollermkr li 34S 74th 
11 Smith 10 h 436 State 

1 desire to announce tbat I have 
removed from 14 1 Broadway, to 
my Warerooms 1 

120-122 W. 31st St.. N. ¥. 

Mall and Telephone Orders will 
Keceive Prompt Attention 

Telephone 5289 Madison Square 


„ Thos K silk 119 Spring Mhtn h 208 Cler- 
mont av 

„ Wm M silks 119 Spring Mhtn h 300 
Park pi 

11 Wm B silk 119 Spring Mhtn h 909 N.-w- 
kirk av 

11 W B h 821 Argyle rd 
Alfred Fred manager 52 Duane Mhtn h 4'j4A 

Alfrege Jos R piano tuner h 552 McDouough 
Algeo Barbara H wid Jas n 305 Lenox rd 

11 Chas h 110 Kent 

n Jas E treasr 23 Park Kow Mhtn h 1230 
48 th 

11 Matilda dressmkr 635 6th av 
Alger A L h 707 Halsey 

11 Chapman II bookkpr h 796 Prest 

11 Hy C prest 1 Madison av Mhtn h 56 
I.efferts pi 

:i Page N manager u 1400 Dean 
Algier John lather h 289 McDougal 
Alhambra The 10 Sackman 
Albeit Hy salesman h 117 Roebling 
Ali Jos musician h 354 Stuyt av 

n Peter musician h 311 Sebermeruorn 
Aliano Frank S machinist h 618 49th 
Allcakos Spiros restaurant 158 Livingston h 

321 Pacific 
Alifeld Rudolph trunks 25 E 15th Mhtn h 148 

E 8th 
Alison Audw M see 246 Plymouth h 2179 

Ocean av 
Alkemeyer Edwd dry gds 40 Lispenard Mhtn 

h 8305 22d av 
Alkier Arthur h 214 B 5th 

11 Arthur bldr h 1275 41st 

11 Stanislaw J physician h 6 Sumner av 
Alkus Isaac ins h 581 7th 

11 Isidor broker h 036 2d 

11 Loan Office 988 Fulton 
Allabach Lazarus D osteopath h 62 Hoyt 

.1 Louise B osteopath h 62 Hoyt 
Allaire Alex h 409 Wilby av 

„ Frank h 328 N Y av 

11 Frank salesman li 25 Madison 

11 John h 920 Prospect pi 

n John cashier 25 Broad Mhtn h 2265 84tl 

n John B h 342 Lenox id 

» Mary M wid Geo D h 2913 Clarendon rd 

n Mary S wid Isaac S li 53SA Monroe 

11 Saml Y publisher 19 Whitehall Mhtn h 
883 Sterling pi 
Allan Alex H police h 192 Hale av 

11 Anne wid David h 388 Hancock 

n Harvey sextou h 34 Cumberland 

11 Jas carpr li 1341 Rogers av 

11 John toolmkr h 58 E 4th 

11 J Glen physician h 141 Noble 

11 M S h 655 MeDonough 

11 Robt S painter h 254 St Mark's av 

11 R E dry gds 958 Many av 

11 State Line 359 .Fultou 

n Wm J insp h 505 6th av 
A Hard Edwin S elk h 280 Carlton av 

11 Fannie M wid Chas u 021 Westminster 

11 J Frank manager h 169 Garfield pi 

11 Oliver E ins 391 Fulton L 621 West- 
minster rd 

11 &, Bedell ins 391 Fultou 
Allcorn Saml fireman h 569 Putnam av 
Allcutt Kalpb P broker h 193 Clinton 
Alldies Wm painter h 359 Witithrop 
Alldridge Arthur L wire 600 Couey Island av 
h 1784 44th 

11 Arthur L & Co wire 600 Coney Island 

11 Arthur W wire .174 Centre Mhtn h 12S0 
Bklyn av 
Alleaume Frank S printer h 343 15th 
Allee Harriett wid Wm II h 402 Vandt av 

11 Jos B pres 755 Fulton h 402 Vandt av 

11 Real Estate Co 755 Fulton 
Allegra Vincent gunsmith 106 Hamilton av 

11 Bros gunsmiths 153 Hamilton av 
Allegrelti John B tailor 1050 Bath av h 96 

Bay 13th 
Allegri G (Rev) h 179 Murcy av 

11 T student h 179 Marcy av 
Allegro Jos musician h 15 Oakland 
Alleman I-ewis A W physician 64 Montague 
Allemania Fire Ins Co 30 Court 
Allemann Jos meat 67il Washn av 
Allen Abraham realestate h 48S Howard av 

11 Abram h ;131 Halsey 

11 Addison carpr h 434 46th 

11 Albert plater h 14 Lewis av 

Rustic Work for Country Estates 

Rustic Arbors, Tea Houses, Bridges, Back Stops, Chairs, Settees, Etc 
A Building Full of Uustio Work to Select From. 



S SSSi- 


— 1 
































Jl Dl Hi BEKulN Qli OlIN 314 :: COURT :: ST. :: BROOKLYN 




QC 3 

t 3 

< UJ o 

i = 

S Si 





.i Albert J elec engr h 55 Pulaski 
.1 Alfred elk h 113 Columbia Lgts 
n Andw iron 598 Coney Islaud av h 238 

E bt.1i 
u Anna M wld Danl B h 165 Rodney 
ii Antbony J electrician h 296A Marion 
n Anthony J salesman b 283 Jerome 
,i Archibald H sec 511 Front b 82 Ilieks 
ii Arthur F advertising h 94 S Oxford 
ii Arthur W broker 15 William Mhtn h 80 

Columbia hgts 
n Arthur \V paiuter, h 117(i Madison 
.1 Austin E civil eng h 2001 E 18th 
,i A II h 385 Putnam av 
ii A H physician Flushing av opp Ryerson 
ii Benj h 700 Elmore pi 
n BeDj T bookkpr h 408 Graham av 
i, B F & Co pills 137 Middleton & 365 

Canal Mhtn 
n B Huntington broker h 789 Greene av 
a Cecil carpr h 29 Woodbine 
ii Chas teacher h 184 Steuben 
ii Chas A manager 26 Cortlandt Mhtn h 

197 Rugby rd 
ii Chas B u s n h 49 Norwood av 
ii Chas C elk h 36 Willow pi 
n Chas C dentist h 138 Clinton 
•i Chas D h 951 Prest 

ii Chas J plumber h Van SickleD n Av T 
n Chas J (Rev) h 300 Marion 
ii Chas L storage 368 Lex av h 545 

Greene av 
,i Chas M teacher h 226 Wilby av 
n Chas W glass L' 209 Taaffe pi 
ii Chas W liquors 400 S 4th 
n Ohas W sec 5 Ainslie h White Plains 

x y 

ii Chauncey F coml trav h 989 Madison 
a Clarence W h 784A Hancock 
ii Cora G wid John h 415 51st 
ii O E h 343 Franklin av 
ii Darius H treasr 386 3d av h 836 Pros- 
pect pi 
n David manager h 412 E 7th 
n David C musician h 31 Cornelia 
n Edwd elk h 847 Halsey 
ii Edwd elk h 1211 8th av 
ii Bdwd F elk h 102 Cambridge pi 
ii Edwd L janitor h 357 9th 
n Edwd L stationer 5906 5th av 
.1 Elmer dentist 1494 Bway h 505 Hart 
ii Emma wid Jas S h 710 Degraw 
n Emma T P physician h 461 Washm av 
ii Ethan lawyer 95 William Mhtn h 239 

.1 E h 276 Henry 
ii E A supplies 1406 Myrtle av V 1305 

Greene av 
ii Frank C salesman h 461 Washn av 
ii Frank E printer h 492 Greene av 
i, Frank W sec 67 Wall Mhtn h 167 Co- 
lumbia hgts 
ii Fredk engineer n 85 Concord 
n Fredk machinist h 210 Greenwood av 
ii Fredk C h 760 Union 
ii Fredk C bookkpr h 690 Prospect pi 
ii Fredk J elk h 170 Albany av 
ii Fredk W h Standish Arms 
ii Garry hfurng h 278 Etna 
ii Geo h 1213 8th av 
.1 Geo elk h 32 Covert 

ii Geo elk h 2518 Fort Hamilton Pkway 

i. Geo elk h 719 42d 
ii Geo insp h 426 Elton 
it Geo livery 841 Union 

ii Geo painter h 10 Gunther pi 

n Geo A elk h 192 S Oxford 

ii Geo C ironfounder h 652 Bedford av 

ii Geo O painter Bedford av c Albemarle 
rd h 122 Erasmus 

ii Geo E bookkpr h 191 Hooper 

ii Geo F broker h 237 11th 

ii Geo F supt 26 Court 

ii Geo H cards 25 Beekman Mhtn h Hotel 
St George 

ii Geo H carp u 87 N Oxford 

n Geo J elk h 1213 8th av 

i, Geo M h 1430 45th 

ii Geo P insp h 277 Gates av 

ii Geo S leather gds h 24 Prospect pi 

ii Geo S painter 662 Prospect pi 

ii Geo T h 691 Nostrand av 

ii Geo V salesman h 555 East Pkway 

ii Geo W h 987 Greene av 

n Geo W actor h 840 Madison 

ii Geo W ferryman h 821 Quincy 

ii Geo W manager h 121 India 


ii Harris P wall paper h 1052A Sterling pi 
n Harrison C physician h 424 51st 

Harry J agt 72 Leonard Mhtn u 131 
„ Harry W broker h 131 Halsey 
ii Hy h 1201 Dean 
ii Hy H salesman h 697 Putnam av 
ii 11 y W prest 18 Wall Mhtn h 747 Quincy 
ii Herbert student h Hotel Bossert 
ii Herbert C physician h 304 Clermont av 
n Hewlett D chandeliers h 013 Koscko 
ii Horace L ins h 805 Halsey 
ii Howard elk h 748 Jef av 
ii Howard M stencils 90 Fultou Mhtn h 

1335 52d 
ii Irving C physician 1081 Park pi 
ii Isaac coml trav h 32 Hpkson av 
ii Isaac lawyer 72 Thatford av 
n Isaac L rope 380 3d av h 705 Carroll 
ii I M Co automobiles 116 S Portland av 
n Jas chandeliers 812 Marcy av h 573 58th 
a Jas foreman h 450 Prospect pi 
ii Jas machinist h 1808 Pacific 
a Jas police h 552 9th 
n Jas printer h 787 Dean 
ii Jas tailor h 318A 8th 
ii Jas A carpr h 245 Woodbine 
ii Jas B h 530 St Mark's av 
ii Jas B police h 1242 prest 
ii Jas C h 70 Bay 29th 
n Jas M disinfectants 254 Water Mhtn h 

700 Union 
n Jas P attendant h 170 Chauncey 
n Jas S brasswkr h 1029 42d 
ii John broker h 19 Spencer pi 
ii John carpr h Van Sicklen u Av T 
ii John elk h 298 15th 
ii John electrician h 573 58th 
ii John horses h 1010 Decatur 
ii Johu mason 117 John Mhtn b 273 

ii John moulder b 2533 Tilden av 
n John B foreman h 209 Palmetto 
n John C (Rev) h 680 Macon 
ii John E mer 22 Howard Mhtn h 1179 

Jef av 
n John H mech eng 370 Gerard av Mhtn 

h 418 3d 
a John II real estate h 432 Vandt av 
ii John J lawyer 189 Montague h Hotel St 

n John L prest 1320 Fulton h 142 Decatur 
ii John P h 277 Gates av 
n John R principal h 754 Sterling pi 
a John S elk h 67th n 10th av 
ii John S foreman h 159 Windsor pi 
ii John S storekpr h 1419 59th 
a Johu T bldr h 325 Carlton av 
n John V cashier Wall Mhtn h 76 Law- 
rence av 
n John W truckman 336 Wastfn Mhtn h 

753 Elmore pi 
ii Jos roofer h 221 Howard av 
ii Jos P G weigher 114 Pearl Mbtn h 327 

n Jos W produce 45th c 4th av h G52 

ii Julian h 203 36th 
n J H h 1308 av P 
a J S letter carrier h 5814 5th av 
„ J Tlios h 259 Mhtn av 
ii J & Son produce 4501 4th av 
ii Kate wid Edwd h 647 Prest 
a Leicester h 54 Martense 
a Leslie N bookkin- 091 Nostrand av 
ii Lew H prest 13S4 Bedford av b 636 E 

ii Lewis H h 716 Cortelyou rd 
a Lewis W cleaner 42 Maiden la Mhtn h 

117 Fulton 
a Louis S manager 4523 3d av h 351 46th 
n Lucy W wid b 44 Sidney pi 
ii Lutber G plumbing 43 Boerum pi b 1043 

Sterling pi 
ii L E baker 975 Fulton 
n Margt b 3S6 Degraw 
n Margt wid Hy B h 162 Garfield pi 
ii Margt wid Thos h 93S Kent av 
n Margt H osteopath 64 7th av 
ii Marion A wid Edwd B h 1366 Bergen 
ii Martin S 81 N Moore Mhtn h 52 S Ox- 
n Mary wld Geo h 9 Matthews pi 
n Mary wid Johu h 127 Congress 
a Mary E wid Johu II h 134S Pacific 
a Mary G wld Chas R h 300 Quincy 
ii Mary T wid Edwin h 456A Classon av 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


ID fP 






1 ^ 


> *£m 



317 Washington St. BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 naln. 





o * 


bJBbM c ,., 


.53 uj 

J= z 

^ Id 

t> -J 

r*5 h- 



•— iU. 





-J 5 







„ Matthew trainer h 416 4th 

ii Maurice contractor h 19 Spencer pi 

n Maurice soap h 480 9th 

ii Maurice J civil eng 154 Nassau Mhtn h 

70 Bay 29th 
ii Maurice W bookkpr h 582 Bedford av 
ii Michl F milk 1 United States 
ii Minte B wid Hy W h 503 Vandt ay 
ii Morris S mtr 157 Classon av h 480 9th 
„ XI M la 416 4th 
ii M P h 19 Spencer pi 
ii M Shaler lawyer 189 Montague h Hotel 

St George 
ii M S h 653 McDonough 
ii Napoleon B designer h 1211 75th 
n Norman H dentist 444 Franklin av 
ii Olivir F consulting eng h 50 Orange 
n Oliver H exporter 81 New Mhtn h 423 

Lincoln pi 
,i Peter H mfr h 806 Prospect pi 
n Philip realestate 53 Park Row Mhtn h 

1507 East Pkway 
ii Raymond salesman h 248 Madison 
ii Robt mason 388 Hart 
ii Robt A foreman h 12 Koscko 
n Robt C cotton h 1111 Dean 
ii Robt L asst eng 200 Montague h 102 

Cambridge pi 
ii Robt S carpr h 87A Putnam av 
n Russell H teacher h 14 S Elliott pi 
ii R F chemist h 99 Meserole av 
ii Saml mailer h 547 55th 
ii Saml S decorator h 194 Putnam av 
ii Sarah J h 414 E 17th 
i. Stephen H hats 736 Bway h 130 Stock- 
n Theo wire h 76 Woodbine 
„ Theo F jr broker h 169 Prospect Park 

ii Thos vice-prest 31 Beekman Mhtn h 537 

n Thos messenger h 534 6th av 
n Thos G elk h 575 Bergen 
n Thos H ins h 693 Park pi 
ii Thos H manager h 357 Madison 
n Thos J surveyor h 347 9th 
n Thos L h 479 E 7th 
ii Thos W adv agt h 719 Glemnore av 
ii T F h 190 Park pi 
ii Veronica wld Geo h 149 Prest 
ii Wallace A reporter h 22 Woodbine 
ii Walter D electrician h 1335 52d 
ii Warren printer 192 Sehaeffer 
ii Wesley W engineer h 279 S 5th 
n Wm h 1436 E 9th 
n Wm pressman h 644 Henry 
n Wm printer h 386 Quincy 
ii Wm salesman h 63 Himrod 
n Wm typemkr h 748A Hancock 
n Wm G h 967 E 10th 
n Wm H elk h 348A Vernon av 
n Wm H janitor h 911 Gates av 
ii Wm H physician h 693 Park pi 
ii Wm H tailor 710 Franklin av 
ii Wm -I realestate 189 Montague h 1147 

ii Wm J insp h 505 6th av 
ii Wm J spices 11 Front Mhtn h 798 Glen- 

tuore av 
ii Wm L com mer 81 N Moore Mhtn h 56 

Sterling pi 
ii Wm L inspr to 87 Stanhope 
ii Wm P lawyer asst D S Dlst Attorney 

Wasbn c Johnson h 697 Putnam av 
ii Wm T livery 24 Bainbrldge h 1270 Pa- 
ii Wm T physician 693 Park pi 
ii Wlnfield S corsets 446 Fulton h 698 Ma- 
n W O h 1339 Bedford av 
n W I & Co realestate 189 Montague 
n Z Nelson produce 19 Jay Mhtn h 52 S 

ii Sherman & Co soap 153 Classou av 
ii & Chrlstensen chandeliers 812 Marcy av 
n & Co 4 Middagh 
n & Sharpe Co (lnc) 1326 Fulton 
H & Van Dyke paints 1406 Myrtle av 
Allen-Swan Co (inc) automobiles 1384 Bed- 
ford av 
Allen's D Sons Rope Co 386 3d av 
Allen's Theatrical Transfer Co 368 Lex av 
Allenberg Albert cabinetmkr to 320 76th 
Allcndorf John jeweler h 288 Cornelia 
Allenson John framer 665 Degraw 
Allenspach Robt elk h 160 E 23d 
Allcr T Gustln acct h 183 S Oxford 


Allerdryl Geo carpr to 659 Decatur 
Allerhand Max dry gds 552 Liberty av 
Allerich Hy elk h 1142 E 40th 
Allermann Hy grocer 1086 Fbush av h 78 3d 

Allers Chas gowns 30 W 39th Mhtn h 765 

ii D (firm of) liquors 208 S 8th 

n Fredk h 594 11th 

ii Geo liquors 6512 Fbush av 

ii Geo storage 892 Madison h 673 Macon 

ii Gustav bookkpr h 208 S 8th 

n Hy W bookkpr h 01 S 9th 

n Hy W jr sec 110 W 34th Mhtn h 288 
Lefferts av 

ii Walter acct h 763 Halsey 

ii Wm liquors h 1033 Gates av 

ii Wm H liquors 1223 Bway h 584 Van 
Allers' D Sons liquors Bway c S 8th 
Allerton Cicelia M wid h 324 Jay 
Alley Fred M editor h 265 Clarkson av 

ii Fred M manager 89 Pine Mhtn h 703 
Rogers av 

ii Jaa O Iron 18 Exchange pi Mhtn to 882 
Alleyn Chas G prest 277 Bway Mhtn h 275 

Allgaier Fred C h 5017 4th av 

ii F J liquors 114 Wyckoff ay 

ii John A shoes 50 Starr 

ii Jos shoes 714 Bway h Dnion Course L I 

ii Wm J shoes 714 Bway h Union Course 
L I 

ii Bros shoes 714 Bway 
Allgeier Mary cigars 291A Ralph av 

ii Wilhelmina wid Jos h 969 Herkimer 
Allgeo John C to 1341 Fbush av 

ii Wm H h 1341 Fbush av 
Allhelm Hy elk h 740 Laf av 
Alliance Ins Co of Phila 140 Montague 

ii Knitting Mills 136 Suydam 
Allied Arts Association 26 Court 

ii Mortgage & Securities Co 215 Montague 

ii Realty Corporation 49 Court 
Allien Frank P agt h 663 Carroll 
Alliger Chas J elk h 463 43d 

ii M H sec 1600 Bway Mhtn h 354 Henry 
Allin Geo A manager 3d av c 3d b. 5600 13th 

ii Geo L lawyer 176 Bway Mhtn h 1218 

ii Larence B h 13th av c 56th 
Ailing Alfred insp h 236 Halsey 
ii Elmore L elk h 696 Sterling pi 
ii Leonard sigis 310 Washu h 101 W 106th 

ii Newton D h 441 2d 
ii & Co signs 310 Washn 
Alllnger Albert surg instmkr h 70 Stagg 
ii Join meat 402 S 4th b 217 Knickr av 
ii Wm C meat 292 Leonard 
Allison Albert lumber h 898 Jef av 
ii Alex C ins h 588 Leonard 
ii Alice wid J to 32 S Oxford 
ii Andw police h 21 Jackson pi 
ii Andw K publisher 105 Hudson Mhtn li 

205 Nichols av 
n Anna B wid Wm A h 204 Woodbine 
ii Augustus collector h 376 2d 
ii Ben] meat 171 Boerum 
ii Casper C plumber 294 Smith h 159 

ii Cilia O li 918 Madison 
ii Edw J elk h 630 44th 
ii Eliza J tailor 187 Greenwich Mhtn h 273 

Van Buren 
ii Elizabeth wid Andw K h 64 Hemlock 
n Geo lacemkr to 508 E 34th 
n Geo F lawyer 115 Bway Mhtn h 265 

Clinton av 
ii G Wallace consulting eng 63 Park Row 

Mhtn h 400 48tli 
ii Harvey H salesman h 997 Bergen 
ii Herbert music h 721 Sterling pi 
ii Jas grocer 1610 Fulton h 524 Herkimer 
ii Jas 11 hardware 218 Fulton mkt Mhtn h 

423 6th 
it John hardware 218 Fulton mkt Mhtn h 

423 6th 
ii Laura wid Thos J to 977A Bedford av 
n' Richard machinist h 462 St Mark's av 
„ Robt O elk h 159 Baltic 
n Robt P agt 338 Fulton h Tonkere N T 
ii Saml curtains 5 E 17th Mhtn h 670 E 

ii Wm machinist to 623 DeKalb av 


Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


P ■< 

s » I 

w =J 3 

S S > 

O H 

* CO 

=- 30 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Tel. 3004 Haln. 



350 Livingston St., Brooklyn, N. Y. %3Z££Z&iE& 






































ii Wm M drugs 18 Cedar Mhtn h 12 Pol- 
bemus pi 
Allman Wm E painter h 57 Hale aT 
AUinann Weuzel woolens 71 Leonard 
Allmark John J stevedore 827 Blake av 
Allmendinger Louis architect 926 Bway h 

515 Putnam av 
Alio P M h 101 Eagle 
Alloca Zelner grocer 26 Jackson 
Allsop Heating Co 22 Columbus pi 
ii Wm knitter h 57 Underbill ay 
Allsopp Jas A automobiles 327 4th b 84 

Ocean Pkway 
Allstaedt Louis C elk h 186 Herkimer 
Allster Obrisr bay 370 Flushing av 
Allumann Cbas fireman h 270 Etna 
Allwang Andw b 705 DeKalb av 
Allwood Francis broker b 184 Pacific 

ii Jas A elk b 846 Quincy 
Allwork Roland lnsp b 254 N Y av 
Allyn Kobt S lawyer 16 Exchange pi Mhtn h 

24 Irving pi 
Alma Press 46 Wolcott 
Alman Rudolpb realestate b 1359 Putnam av 

H Saml ]r eec h 46 Berkeley pi 
Almeida Mary wid Manuel P h 238 52d 
Almgren Beruhard O draughtsman 215 Mon- 
tague L 230 95th 
n Wm Janitor b 177 Jerome 
Almirall Jos J mer 135 Front Mhtn h 408 I 
Grand av 
ii Juan A beating 281 Water Mbtn b 97 
Almon Jobn meat 105 N 4tb h 203 N 1st 
Almond Danl tinsmith 8674 18th av t 2321 
ii T R Mfg Co (inc) drill chucks 83 

n Wm pressman b Bay 13th n Cropsey av 
Almour John C public acct 257 Bway Mhtn 

n 980 Bergen 
Almquist Gustave tinsmith h 1233 67th 

n Roofing Co il233 67 tb 
Almqvlst W tutor h 1454 51st 
Almy E G crockery 46 Murray Mbtn h 237 
Gates av 
ii Geo W china 46 Murray Mbtn h 237 

Gates av 
ii Nellie wid Andw E b 303 6th 
i, W b 541 59th 
Alngren August machinist b 566 45th 
Alnwick Dorson shoes h 101 S 2d 

ii Jos police h 111 S 2d 
Alolsio Micbl barber 316 Stuyt av 
Alonso Frank salesman b 624 46th 
Alpart David carpr b 392 Wyona 
Alper Aaron skirts 444 Broome Mbtn b 27 
S 2d 
ii Benj painter 90 Henry Mhtn b 278 S 

n B stationer 291 Reid av 
n Herman borseshoer 201 Sutter av h 238 

ii Saml rags 239 South Mbtn h 235 Alnsllo 
ii Wm suits 19 Llspenard Mhtn b 311 Wil- 
liams av 
Alperln Benj Jeweler 132 Eldridge Mhtn h 
363 Cbrisr av 
ii Simon lawyer 239 Broome Mhtn h 42 

n Philip shirts 6 1st Mhtn h 227 S 2d 
ii Kowarsky & Manaccus sbirts 9 Hope 
Ailpers Geo W broker 1 Bway Mhtn h 77 
ii Herman delicatessen 267 Wyckoff av 
ii Martin ¥> bookkpr h 224 Park pi 
ii Bros delicatessen 267 Wyckoff av 
Alpersteln A grocer 709 Gates av 
ii Jos butter 615 Sutter av 
ii Max waists 124 Bleecker Mbtn h 135 S 
Alpert David furniture 1518 Bway 
ii Jacob machinist 304 Bwick 
ii Jacob teas 634 Mbtn av 
n Jos dry gds h 87 Utica av 
ii Max furniture 65 Raymond h 928 Madi- 
■i Saml M elk h 254 East N Y av 
n Sussman tailor 138 Tbatford av & 203 
Alpher David blacksmith 482 Leonard 
Alplert Nathan grocer 28 Belmont av 
Alport A B contractor 76 Powell 
Airuth Fredk G baker h 208 Walworth 
A Is Cbas salesman b 353 17th 
ii Cbas J salesman b 640 53d 



Stein way & Sons 

Nos. 107 and 109 East Uth Street 



Alsdorf Elizabeth J wid Frank b 430 Gates 
ii Jobn physician 2 Barclay Mbtn b Bay 
27 th c Oropsey av 
Alsfleld Wm tinsmith h 1055 Jef av 
AOagood Jeanette wid Hy h 64 Berkeley pi 
ii J Fred lawyer 231 Bway Mhtn h 113 

Park pi 
ii J M grocer 60 Wasbn av h 64 Berkeley 

ii Rascb & Co grocers 60 Wasbn av 
Alslng J G & Co 75 Guernsey 
Alsis Frances wid h 200 Baltic 
Alsop Reese F (Rey) b 96 Remsen 
Alspach Wm elk b 663 Prest 

ii Wm S bookkpr b 250 Greene av 
Alstadt Augusta wid Hy b 977 Gates av 
n Hy C engineer h 371 Jerome 
ii Philip b 384 Jerome 
Alstedter Morris frames 597 Bway Mhtn h 

683 Lincoln pi 
Alater Christian hay 370 Flushing av h 40 
ii Valentine dry gds 384 Flushing av 
ii Wm chaser b 1278 Jef av 
n Wm elk h 97 Sbepherd av 
Alston Fredk G electrician h 130 Lex av 
ii Moses X musician h 258 Bergen 
ii Rozelle bookkpr b 444 Jef av 
ii Theo carpr 2203 Bedford av 
■i Wm carpr b 154 Snyder av 
Alt Cbas ins 282 Wyona 
ii Edwd elk h 237 N J av 
ii Edwd lawyer b 282 Wyona 
ii Geo P comr 32 Liberty Mbtn h 200 Lin- 
coln av 
ii Geo W elk h 253 Baltic 
ii Hy E painter 591 Marcy av 
ii Julius painter b 212 Etna 
n Philip carpr 290 Lincoln av 
n Wm tailor b 403 Linwood 
n Wm H drugs 2744 Atlantic av 
Alt-Mnller Hy K b 118 Park pi 
Altboch Hy cloaks 325 Church Mbtn b 52 

Alten Emil restaurant 933 Grand 
Altenau B O printer h 129 Prospect pi 
Altenbrand Albert bookkpr h 67 Grove 
ii Hy Jr treas 12 Bridge Mhtn b 141 Han- 
Altenburg Geo meat 2649 Atlantic av b 183 
ii Hy painter 234 Jerome 
n Louisa candy 550 Liberty av 
Altenburger H h 657 Evergreen av 
Altenboff Wm R machinist h 563 Quincy 
Alter Edwd elk h 400 Cbauncey 
ii Jacob waists 207 Wooster Mhtn b 450 

46 th 
ii John printer b 916 Sutter av 
■i Max waists 207 Wooster Mbtn b 4612 

5th av 
ii Morris dry gds 219 Lee av h 370 

Marcy av 
ii S stationer 889 Gates av 
Altertsl Louis barber 11 Chatham aq Mbtn 

b 2063 E 17th 
Atherson Oscar dress gds 121 Hester Mhtn 

h 879 DeKalb av 
Altgeld Herman engineer h 244 Laf av 
ii N S h 212 Quincy 
' Althans Ohas H physician h 154 Rogers av 
Althaus August carpr h 249 Himrod 
ii Julius b 355 Bwick av 
ii Julius printer 76 Bartlett b 106 Walton 
Altheim John painter 553 Grand 
Altbeimer Benj drugs 24 Smith h 531 47th 
ii Max drugs 24 Smith h 241 Adelphi 
ii Bros drugs 24 Smith & Surf av n 
Hendersons wk 
Altblsar Cbas J lnsp b 1275 Atlantic av 

ii Fredk W carrier h 909 E 35th 
Altholz Bernard dry gds 235 Wyckoff av 


317 Washington St.. 
Telcpmonc. 3oo« Main 








as d • p » 

*H O* *4 »" X 

a» ^§ » 

> » a o 

-tfri f - IB rt 












5 --8 

• •3.3 

e- < a H 

» § =m 

c p. "0 

c a 3-r 

E J? ° _ 

fi 2 m 

2 I B w 
9 g 8 TJ 

» « £ TJ 
















H c 

bl >> 

u 3 

0) Q 





















bl * 

u to 


.. a i s 

J)S < 

-»* u 8 

' a 

o u 

A *- 


-Lewis and Willougliby Avenues, In the heart of Brooklyn- 

THat's tHe Place to Educate "Your Boy 


Althon Hy livery h 755 Gates av 

ii Win carp h 133 33d 
Altkrug Abraham A designer 444 Broome 
Mhtn h 259 Hurt 
M Julius woolens 07 E 8tb Mhtn h 266 

Throop av 
ii Louis J lawyer 712 Bway h 11 Varot 
ii & KabD lawyers 712 Bway 
Altman Aarou tailor 1190 Fulton 

,. Abraham signs 40 Canal Mbtn h 123S 

ii Abram b 258A Vernon 
n Benj grocer h 141 Stagg 
ii Bernard meat 242 Kniekr av 
ii Chas tailor 1180 Fulton b 653 Franklin 

n David lawyer b 225 Rodney 
ii Emil coml trav b 370 Laf av 
ii Ernst \V florist b 04tb n 6th av 
,i Geo J meat 52 lorb av Mhtn h 225 

ii Hannah clothing 208 Myrtle av 
,i Harry dry gds 1952 Fulton 
ii Harry H cashier 302 Bway Mhtn b 3 

,i Harry H lawyer 924 Bway h 397 Centl 

n Herman b 113 Sheridan av 
,i Herman jr salesman b 397 Crescent 
„ 11 H h 546 Wilby av 
„ Israel neckwear 29 E 10th Mhtn h 179 

Bay 20tb 
ii Jacob clothing 405 Grand 
ii Jas S monuments 986 Myrtle av 
ii Julius fruit 128 West av Wallabout mkt 

h 354 Rkway av 
n Kalman realestate 215 Montague b 563 

ii Louis cigars 39 Beekman Mhtn h 82 

ii Mary shoes 782 Myrtle av 
ii Max fruit 128 West av Wallabout mkt 

h 356 Rkway av 
ii Morris dry gds 1952 Fulton 
ii Moses contractor 258 Osborn 
ii Philip plaiter 81 4th av Mhtn h 112 S 

ii Rudolph h 603 Monroe 
ii Saml agt h 1359 Putnam av 
ii Saml produce h 1046 Jef av 
M S birds 107 Fhush av 
ii Win harness h 91 Driggs av 
ii Bros dry gds 1952 Fulton 
.. Bros fruit 128 West av Wallabout mkt 
Altmann Oscar realestate 1081 Myrtle av ih 
178 Lewis av 
n & Co realestate 1081 Myrtle av 
n Wm A delicatessen b 3904 Fort Hamil- 
ton Pkway 
Altmark Chas waists 133 Greene Mbtn h 
1249 47th 
ii Z Harry hosiery 55 Walker Mhtn b 1148 
Altmeyer Jules mechanic b 232 Williams av 
Alto August painter h 821 40th 
Alton Alfred R civil eng h 95 Hicks 
ii Ralph syrup 93 Wall Mhtn b 1164 Pa- 
Altreuter Louis elk h 92 7th av 
Altruck Julius woolens 67 8th Mhtn b 206 

Throop av 
Altschul David grocer 196 Stockton 
ii Julius h 129 Meserole 
ii Julius shoe mfr 105 Meserole 
Altsheeler B h 295 8th 
Altshuler Isaac umbrellas 44 Graham av 
n Max umbrellas 42 White Mhtn h 130 
Tpkius av 
Altvater Fredk elk b 294 Bainbridge 
Altwell Hyman actor b 362 Sackman 
Alty Jas F h 9310 Glenwood rd 
Altz Amos coml trav h 566 Park pi 
Alva agar Co 1058 Bway 
Alvanney Wm h 607 East Pkway 
Alvarez Angel cigars 017 Nostrand av 
ii Benj cigars 1408 Bedford av 
ii John M h 005 Sterling pi 
ii Miguel cigar mfr h 57 Hart 
n Miguel tobacco 209 Pearl Mhtn b 230 
Gates av 
Alvaro G embroidery 27 Laf av 
Alvemis John J engineer h 437 Warren 
n J J h 021 Nostrand av 
n Laundry 674 Nostrand av 
Alvens Wesley machinist h 282 Etna 
Alvery Susan wid Saml h 469 Macon 
Alvcs Frank interpreter h 07 Dean 


Alvin Augustus H pilot h 179 Clymer 
Alvcn Theatre 2970 Fulton 
Alvord Andw P 182 N 11th 
ii Chus F grocer 302 Hpkins av b 380 
Alwaise Francis painter h 213 Lewis av 
Alwang Eva wld Jos h 705 DeKalh av 
Aly Victor tailor 777 4th av 
Alyea Bertrand architect h 50 Fort Greene 
.. Edna wid Jas V h 159 Halscy 
Alzamora Geo P h 184 St Marks av 
ii Juan hatter 136 Fbush av h 182 St 

Mark's av 
ii Theo C men's furng 1545 Bway 
ii & Co men's furng 1545 Bway 
Alzmann Peter F electrician 690 Flushing av 

h 31 Thornton 
Amador Mary wid Martin h 187 Park av 
Amadouney Vaughn dentist 358 Stone av h 
195 Hpksun av 
ii & Anderson dentists 358 Stone av 
Amalgamated Medical Supply Co 589 Kent 
n Painters & Decorators Bridge c Wilby 
Amann Anthony G & Co 1004 Gates av 
i, A G h 1107 Halsey 
ii Chas plumber h 695 Sackctt 
ii Geo restaurant 625 Bway Mbtn b 462 

ii John realestate 76 Bleecker 
ii Julius manager h 155 E 22d 
ii Mary liquors 148 Meserole 
i, Wm H police h 423 43d 
Amarante M A 109 Hamilton av 
Amass Chas S printer h 5305 12th av 
Amato Andw grocer 217 Van Brunt 
ii Frank liquors W 17th n Surf av 
„ Michl billiards 3 9th h 553 17th 
n Salvadorc awningnikr 1131 Pacific 
Ambach Edwd earpr b 378 Baltic 
Amber Varnish Co 255 Norman av 
Amberg Geo E bookkpr b 10 Temple et 
Amberuian John E painter 882 Putnam av 

i, Kate will Jas b 64 Palmetto 
Ambler Archibald elk h 755 Westminster rd 
ii Chas stonecutter h 473 Sackett 
ii John A police h 35 St Marks pi 
n Nathan B h 1355 Pacific 
„ R T h 377 E 31st 
Ambore Geo supt 9 Richards 
Ambro Tony grocer 94 Centl av 
Ambrose Arthur W elk b 311 Scbermerhom 
ii 1) J 215 Montugue 
a Francis collector b 21 Devoe 
ii Jas ins h 726 Prest 

ii Machine Co engiueers Eagle c Provost 
n Pharmacy 767 DoKalb av 
Ambrosen Philip bookkpr h 457 37th 
Ambrosi N I) liquors VV 15tb n Surf av 
Ambiosiani F E h 136 Prospect pi 
Ambrosio V S liquors 1601 Neptune av 
Ambrnsier Otto salesman h 517 Chauneey 
Ambs John meat 1463 Bedford av 
Ambulance Auto Co (inc) 63 Quincy 
Amburo Frank banker 108 Centl av 
Ambus Harry milliner 2170 Fulton 
Amdurskv Simon liquors 183 Mott Mbtn h 

278 Hooper 
Amelang Otto G bookkpr h 214 Ross 
Amell Alonzo elk b 1422 Pacific 
ii Eugene A supt 11th av c 31st Mhtn h 

1023 Lorimer 
ii Howard W lawyer 141 Bway Mhtn h 

1422 Pacific 
,i John H trucks 29 Murray Mhtn h 125 
Wilby av 
Amelia Thos baker 437 Met av 
Amelung Chas A E h 1829 Nostrand av 
Amen Adolph elk h 629 Park av 

ii Hy tailor h 457 Crescent 
Amend Adolpb elk h 480 Grand 
ii Adolph elk h 167 Bainbridge 
ii Arthur II painter 104 Logan 
ii August elk h 395 Warwick 
n Bernard F ins 119 Nassau Mhtn b 

502 Madison 
ii Jacob grocer 71 Division av & 402 Berry 

b 68 Rush 
ii Jos printer h 252 St Nicholas av 
Ament Geo salesmau h 1352 Hancock 
ii John bookkpr h 106 Irving av 
n John G salesman b 452A 17th 
a Martin J foreman h 620 E 3d 
Amer Abraham pocket books 14 Howard 
Mhtn h 217 S 3d 
n Harry pocket books 14 Howard Mhtn h 
217 S 3d 







o z 
z o 





The New York Business Directors' for i860, under the heading Brush 
Manufacturers, gave the address of BRADLEY A SMITH, 251 Pearl 
Street. Trow's Directory for 1910 shows BRADLEY & SMITH 




— 30 

o m > 


£ S 

2 H 

Pictures^ Paintings 




I- o 

£ I s 

r*\ g ig 








ii Wm basketmkr 236 Palmetto 
America Motherhood (periodical) 823 E 18th 
American Advertising & Distributing Co 
GOA Bklyu av 
ii Air Compresser Works Van Brunt c 
Summit & 26 Cortlandt Mhtn 

American Air Compressor Works 

Air Compressors for all purposes. Vacuum 

Pumps, Air Lift Pumping System, 

Pneumatic Tools 

Office: 26 COKTLAND1 ST., New York 

Telephone 5260 Cortiandt 


Telephone 66 Hamilton. Brooklyn 

American Amusement Co 5815 5th av 
11 Antiformin Co (ine) 164 8th 
n Art Colors Co 79 Emerson pi 
11 Art Metal Novelty Co 102 Bway 
n Art Sign Co 37th c 2d av 
11 Automobile Co 912 Bedford av 
11 Baking Oo 128 Bridge 
11 Bill Posting Co (inc) 894 Fulton 
11 Block Press Co 44 Court 
11 Bonding Co 44 Court 
11 Brass Fixture Works 66 Gpoint av 
11 Building and Supply Co 208 Morgan av 
11 Can Co (inc) York c Adams 3d c 3d av 

& 447 W 14th Mhtn 
11 Car Seat Co 18 Guernsey 
11 Cash Kegistry Co 618 Atlantic av 
n Central Ins Co 359 Fulton 
11 Cloak & Suit Co (Inc) 887 Bway 
11 Coffee Co Met av c River 
11 Column Co 252 Huron 
11 Cooperage Co 249 Java 
11 Cord Matting Co 143 Spencer 
11 Cork Specialty Co 439 Columbia & 186 

Van Brunt 
11 Cork & Seal Co 109 S 5th 
11 Cornice & Skylight Works 512 Park pi 
11 Diatomite Co 249 Wilby 
n District Tel Co 155 Montague 1312 Ful- 
ton 332 DeKalb av & 77 7th av 
11 Duster Co 50 Bway 
11 Electric Controller Co 247 Chestnut 
11 Entomological Co 55 Stuyt av 
11 Express Co 339 & 1392 Fulton 33 Bond 
2566 Atlantic av Dock e Water 954 
Bway & Lee av c Lorimer 
11 Furniture Co 204 Van Brunt 
11 Gas Fixture Co 4509 5th av 
n General Engineering Co Fbush av c 

Ocean av & 132 Liberty Mhtn 
11 Gold Mirror Co 729 Met av 
11 Grille Co 667 Mhtn av 
11 Hairdresser (periodical) 4 Court sq 
11 Hand Laundry Co 978 Halsey 
11 Hawaiian Steamship Co ft 41st 
11 Hay Co 82 Kent av 
11 Hydrollth Co 25 Dean 
11 Ice Co 331 Park av ft Amity Coney 
Island W 21st Stone av c Bergen 
Klngsland av c Lombardy Ferris c 
Wolcott Fbush av c E 32d ft 24th 
Pier 4 Wallabout basin ft 51st Newton 
Creek & Grand ft Oak Kent av n 
Hooper 219 Liberty av & 28tb c Bway 
11 Ink Co 33 S 5th' 

11 Journal Examining Patterns 1188 Ful- 
11 Leaf Tobacco Co 7 Debevoise 
11 Linerusta Co 109 S 5th 
11 Machine & Foundry Co 346 Carroll 
11 Mfg Co 60 2d av 
n" Mfg Co cordage Noble c West & 63 

Wall Mhtn 
11 Medical Supply Co 589 Kent av 
.1 Metal Ceiling Co 215 Montague 
11 Metal Leaf Machine Co 182 Diamond 
,1 Metal Seal Co 109 N 3d 
11 Moulding Co 85 Fort Greene pi 
11 -National Ins Co 154 Montague 
11 News Co 279 12th & 9 Park pi Mhtn 
11 Numbering Machine Co 291 Essex 
11 Ottoman & Hassock Co 375 Pacific 
11 Parlor Frame Co 296 Norman av 
11 Patrol System 1501 Cortelyou rd 
11 Pickle Co 24 Grattan 
11 Pictorial League 106 State 


Room 661 Mechanics Bank Bldg. 

215 Montague Street, 
Tel. 3657 Main. BROOKLYN, N. Y. 

Residence Work a Specialty. 


n Plumbing Mfg Co 164 Atlantic av & 
12 Cliff Mhtn 

11 Radiator Co ft 37th 

11 Railway Traffic Co 85 Clinton 

n Rattan & Reed Mfg Co Kingsland av 
c Norman av 

11 Roller Bearing & Wheel Co 745 3d av 

11 Rug Manufactory 294 Vermont 

11 Safety Razor Co 282 Park av & 299 
Bway Mhtn 

11 School of Elocution 345 Clinton av 

11 Second Hand Cash Register Exchange 
896 Park av 

n Selling & Developing Co 157 Fbush av 

•1 Sheet Metal Works 232 Kniekr av 

11 Show Case Co 134 Grand av 

11 Silk Label Co Franklin av c Crown 

11 Smoked Fish Co ISOrSfeVav 

11 Society for the Preveutio\ of Cruelty 
to Animals 13 Wilby \ 

11 Society of Swedish Engineers\271 Hicks 

n Soft Hair Industry 41 Marion \ 

11 Specialty Co ft 21st 

n Spring & Supply Co 135 Johnson 

11 Standard Bible Co 109 S 5th 

n Star Cork Co 22 Sackett 

11 Star Hall 1813 Pitkin av 

11 Steel Barrel Co 204 Varet 

11 Stopper Co (inc) tin boxes 19 Verona 

11 Storage Warehouse & Carpet Cleaning 
Works 139 25th 

11 Stove Works 206 Sutter av 

n Sugar Retiuiiig Co Kent av c S 4th & 
85 Coml. & 117 Wall Mhtn 

11 Supply Co 76 Bay 26th 

11 Surety Co of N X 189 Montague 

11 Tag Co Wythe av c Rutledge 

11 Talking Machine Co 586 Fulton 

11 Thermos Bottle Co 31 Washn 

11 Tobacco Co 728 Wytbe av 

11 University Public Course of Home Read- 
ings 44 Court 

11 Vacuum Cleaner Co 5G0 Fulton 

n Vacuum Dyeing Machine Co 2G5 Water 

n Valet 129 Sumner av 

n Varnish Works 425 Gpoint av 

11 Wood Carpet Flooring Co 996 Fulton 

it Wood Work Letter Co 11 McKibbin 

n Wrought Anvil Co 78 Richardson 

n & African Line E Central pier Atlan- 
tic dock 

11 & Australian Line E Central pier At- 
lantic dock 

11 & Indian Line E Central pier Atlantic 

11 & Red Star Line 359 Fulton 
Americo-Italian Pharmaceutical Co 211 John- 
son a v 
Amerliug Abraham sec 48 E 12 Mhtn h 1821 g 3 
Pitkin av 'Z. \ 

11 Max liquors 539 Watkins g i 

Amerman Arthur DeW h 240 Laf av g. j 

n Chas hardware 999 Mhtn av :.- 

n Chas E bookkpr h 79th c Bay Ridge - ; 
Pkway ? I 

11 Frank treasr 106 Fulton Mhtn h 281 £ j 
13th 3 « 

,1 Saml F tailor h 621 Park pi 

11 Willard engineer h 240 Laf av 
Amery Fredk J pickles 56 High 

n Fredk T pickles 56 High 

ii Mary wid Fredk h 212 55th 

11 & Son pickles 56 High 
Ames Albert C h 1009 Sterling pi 

11 A G autos 41 Marlon 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. Telephone, 3004 Main* 



s- s= H 

* e/> 

U a r» 
• is - 

C = 







• ■* 

Bar* 1 

s - 

? ? ■ ° 


317 Washington St. 





— 00 



it Chas B notary 120 Broad Mhtn h 393 

ii Chas F pbysician h 302 13th 

ii Chas M elk h 003 Gates av 

ii Edwin A bed mfr 110 Elizabeth Mhtn 
h 390 Park pi 

ii Frank II teacher li 303 Putnam av 

ii Frank L broker Mhtn h 125 Renisen 

ii Geo A engineer h 1163 Putnam av 

ii Geo H manager 50 Church Mhtn h At 
J c Fbush ay 

ii Glen B mfr 302 Pearl Mhtn h 674 Park 

ii Hy W drugs h 580 Rogers av 
, ii John S notary 135 Bway Mhtn h 1599 
Ful ton 

n John V h 765 St Johns pl 

ii J II insp h 252 Keap 

ii L J nurse h 59 Howard av 

ii Mary E wid John F h 803 Driggs av 

„ Paul K lawyer 106 Fulton Mhtn h 456 
E 19th 

M Tbos F cigars 53 Gpoint av 

ii Thos K coml trav h 1165 Putnam av 

ii Thos M elk b 2312 Beverley rd 

ii Wm B furrier 42 E 20th Mhtn h 595 5th 
Ametrano Emanuel J rice 13 William Mhtn 
h 312 Park pl 

ii Morris grocer 511 Court 
Amey Chas L asst auditor h 307 Winthrop 
Amieo Realty Co 924 Rkway av 
Amilco Sales Co 35 S 5th 
Amis Alfred agt h 347 44th 

n Alfred M bookkpr h 719 Quiney 
Amity Realty Co 172 Montague 
Amm Margt J binder 247 Nostrand av & 618 

DeKalb av 
Ammann A manager h 1185 Gates av 

ii Andw elk h 139 linden 

n Chas rollermkr h 179 Wyckoff 

ii Fredk liquors 761 Glenmore av 

ii Fredk F engraver h 374 Hawthorne 

ii Jas produce 84 Throop av 

ii Michl meat h 32 Melrose 

ii Nicholas h 283 Grove 
Ammarell Emil C grocer 2028 Pitkin av 

ii Louis grocer 260 N J av 
Ammerman Amy wid Albert h 76 St James 

ii Anna M wid John N h 307 Arlington av 

n Arthur G manager h 366 57th 

.1 A elk h 407 Stratford rd 

ii Benj S brass beds 137 W 24th Mhtn h 
560 E 9th 

ii Edwin H bookkpr h 2159 Beverley rd 

ii Ella dressmkr h 400 Koscko 

.1 Frank S elk h 621 Park pl 

n Mary E h 331 Adelphi 

n Peter B manager h 402 E 16th 

ii Wm H Jr manager h 2159 Beverley rd 
Aramou Fredk laundry 27 Howard av h 884 
Jef av 

ii Geo shoes 429 Graham av 
Amodeo Frank sboemkr 170 Ralph h 23 Mes- 

ii John barber 263 Prospect pk W 

u Salvator shoemkr 494 DeKalb av h 733 
Met av 
Amols Louis jeweler 425 Fulton h 189 8th av 

.i Saml milliner 333 Grand Mhtu h 171 
Amolsky Harris jeweler h 506 oth av 
Anion Nicholas tailor 1407y 2 Fulton 
Amoroso Frank furniture 102 Bridge 

ii Miehele lmpr 8 Bridge Mhtn 
Amort Itudolph journalist h 97 Sheffield ay 
Amos Adolph janitor h 435 Waverly av 

.1 Gen A plasterer 1123 Bway Mhtn h 159 

n John engraver h 274 10th 

.1 John T h 370 72d | 

n Waldo Adams (Rev) h 157 Montague 
Amphi Theatre Oo 413 50th 
Ainpbion Bowling Academy 403 Bedford av 

ii Hand Laundry 117 Rutledge 

it Market 440 Bedford av 
Amplo Jos barber 297 Graham av 
Amrath Adele B sec h 5521 15th av 
Ainreln Jacoh beveller h 622 Av O 

ii Kurt h 29 Bay 32d 
Amrhein Chas fixtures 403 E 23d Mhtn h 598 

ii Geo J ins li 87 Harman 
Amrosel Jas grocer 655 Washn av 

n John stenographer 73 Nassau Mhtn h 137 
Ten Eyck 
Amsden Warren fish 87 7th av h 255 7th av 


Amsel Henj metals 400 E 16th Mhtn h 585 

ii Chus S lawyer 927 Bway h 156 Vernon 

n Max dry gds 594 Bway 
Amster Abraham spinner h 182 Freeman 

ii Jacob tailor 37 Wllby 
Amsterdam Jacob realestate h 155 Koscko 

it John coml trav h 505 Laf av 

ti Saul broker 61 Park row Mhtn h 1453 
Amthor Gustav F J manager 157 4th av 

Mhtn h 194 Rugby rd 
Amulerisen Theo printer h 206 Woodbine 
Amundsen Frank pilot h 402 13th 

„ Herman agt 19 Whitehall Mhtn h 269 

it Jacob mechanic h 80 14th 
Amundson Tony liquors 24 St Marks pl 
Amunson M N (Rev) h 681 Vandt av 
Amusement Specialty Co 191 Berry 
Amy Hy M banker 44 Wall Mhtn h 851 Car- 
Anable Riehd architect 5 E 28th Mhtn h 

91 Pineapple 
Anacreoute Anthony undertaker 204 20th 
Ananian Mathew tailor 299 Fbush av 
Anargeros & Sbackon florists 242 Sumner av 
Anastasio Anthony grocer 190A Albany av h 
1625 Fulton 

it Salvatore grocer 261 Reid av 
Anawanda Club 113 Bway 
Anaya A Ramos cigars 477 Sumner av 
Aneelivitz Saml hardware 96 Keade Mhtn h 

499 Warwick 
Anberg John rigger h 254 56th 
Anceliu Albert glass 457 W Bway Mhtn h 
126 Albany av 

n Kdwd drugs Surf av c W 16th 
Anchel Bdwd braids 148 Wooster Mhtn h 443 

Ralph av 
Anchell Benjamin Ins h 189 Pulaski 

ii Oscar printer 235 Mercer Mhtn h 744 
Anchor Fredk D S A h Gelston av n 93d 

it Laundry 301 7th av 

n Liue Steamship Co 69 Court 
Ancona Jacob D agt h 478 Park av 
Andders Fredk earpr h 11 Doscber 
Andelflnger Chas E dentist h 645 Marcy 

it Martin coml trav h 83d n 24th av 

ii Martin B h 221 E 3d 

ti M Philip manager 314 Madison av 
Mhtn h 647 Marey av 
Anderberg Chas h 36 Cambridge pl 

ii Franz shoes h. 249 Prospect pl 
Anderer Ambrose tailor h 519 51st 

ii Hy salesman h 5311 4th av 
Anderiau Theo artist h 264 St James pl 
Anders Fredk grainer h 231 N 5th 

it Robt furrier h 337 Van Sinderen av 
Andersen Albert pilot h 667 Henry 

n Albert plasterer h 1125 60th 

it Andw earpr h 854 4th av 

ii Andw delicatessen 387 Court 

it Andw foreman h 654 58th 

ti Andw grocer 210 Columbia 

ii Andw sailmkr h 308 23d 

n Anton earpr 100 Raymond 

it Anton mason h 1134 59th 

it August ironwkr h 300 46th 

n August tailor 989 Fulton h 843 St 
Marks av 

n Bernard liquors h 532A Henry 

it Carl liquors 59 Norman av 

ti Chas elk h 226 7th av 

ii Christian jeweler 2011 Atlantic av 

n Christian shoes 1111 Fulton h 606 St 
Johns pl 

it C h 42 4th pl 

ii Emil earpr b 452 41st 

n Geo O tiusmith 112 E 11th Mhtn h 
626 Vandt 

it Gustave earpr h 189 Bay 14th 

it Hans earpr h 253 Carroll 

n Harry bldr h 175 23d 

n Harry earpr h 263 10th 

it Jas engineer 78 Delevan 

ti Johannes vlee-prest 5 Beekman Mhtn 
h 523 2d 

it John arts h 421 50th 

n John earpr h 750 43d 

it John dock bldr h 638 Henry 

n John tinsmith 200 Sackett 

ii J J painter SS3 4th av 


used by countless 
millions. Try them 

STORKS i 519 and 1416 Fulton Street 


847 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; 115 Park Row, New York City, 


2 2 

and 813 Fast 84th Street, New York City 

Ttlephoas at all Addrtssct 




9 • 


® Z 2 

> o. 

< =3 



3 -id 


ja o 


* B 



lO 00 

o © 


CO ^ 












UPINGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Strait, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 


ii Lars puintcr o 333 52d 
ii Lawrence carpr h -4909 7th av 
M Lorenz painter h 647 Dean 
,i M stair bldr 346 76th 
ii Oscar earpr h 1100 St Marks av 
„ Paul P bldr h 1056 38th 
ii Rasmus (Rev) h 103 9th 
ii Talleck cigars 62 Carroll 
n Win automobiles 487 4th av 
n Wm carpr h 798 Gates av 
ii W & P machinists 513 3d av 
ii & Neilsen automobiles 487 4th av 
ii & Stlansen grocers 210 Columbia 
Anderson Adla wid John h 1772 Pacific 
.1 Adolph h 633 54tb 
,i Adolph agt h 672 Fulton 
ii Adolph bldr 325 56th 
ii Adolph carpr h 17 Prospect pi 
M Adolph painter 1295 Rogers av 
ii Agnes wid Jordan h 544 8th 
ii Aksel F draughtsman 44 Court 
ii Albert carpr h 536 45th 
ii Albert carpr 369 52d h 365 52d 
n Albert caterer 701 Sackett 
ii Albert elk h 360 Monroe 
n Albert machinist h 320 Lex av 
n Albert physician h 88 6th av 
ii Albert supt h 913 Bwick av 
n Albert A electrician h 661 Degraw 
ii Albert C h 162 7th av 
ii Albert C tailor 407 Bergen h 353 Pa- 
ii Albert E agt h 714 Prest 
ii Albert E hardware 469 DeKalb av h 

1026 Bedford av 
•i Albin J tailor 187 Montague h 958 72d 
n Albin J & Co tailors 187 Montague 
ii Alex bookkpr h S3 Bleecker 
ii Alex bookkpr h 368 Chauncey 
n Alex ins h 212 Adelphi 
n Alex mason h E 35th n Av L 
.1 Alex D fish 476 Bay Ridge av 
ii Alex H realestate 261 Fbush ay 
ii Alex L mason 453 Bergen 
ii Alex L physician 467 9th 
ii Alfred h 77 Covert 
M Alfred h 136 1st pi 
.1 Alfred painter h 236 49th 
ii Alfred C salesman h 864 Pacific 
" Alfred I h 1123 Bedford av 
■i Anders lnsp h 414 48th 
n Andw h 646 57th 
ii Andw boat capt h 425 37th 
ii Andw bookbinder h 477 48th 
ii Andw carpr h 825 Dean 
ii Andw carpr h 212 32d 
ii Andw elk h 528 Henry 
ii Andw cutter h 405 18th 
ii Andw foreman h 200 31st 
,i Andw grocer 216A 33d 
ii Andw motor boats h 50 37th 
ii Andw supt h G74A Lex av 
ii Andw truckman h Bath av c Bay 11th 
ii Andw u • s n ft Sands 
.1 Andw M bldr 5312 3d av h Spring 

Valley N Y 
ii Andrus bookbinder h 149 Linwood 
ii Anna dressmkr 315 7tb av 
ii Anna wid Wm h 1240 Pacific 
ii Anna T wid Edwd h 105 Waverly av 
ii Anton carpr h 503 Grand av 
n Anton carpr h 1263 Sterling pi 
ii Anton express 304 Atlantic av 
ii Anton house mover h 328 40th 
n Anton janitor h 144 Woodruff av 
ii Archibald boxmkr h 1174 Gates av 
ii Archibald M supt h 1187 Lincoln pi 
n Armen dentist 358 Stone av 
„ Arthur elk h 1603 E M4th 
ii Arthur elk h 441 2d 
n Arthur C elk h 061 45th 
ii Arthur G salesman h 250 Greene av 
ii Arvid mfr h 4905 6th av 
ii August chemist h 354 Bergen 
ii August machinist h 1367 Park pi 
■i August teacher h 136 Prospect pi 
ii Axel h 247 11th 
ii Axel carpr h 54 Fountain av 
ii Axel machinist h 415 92d 
ii Axel painter h 234 57th 
n Axel painter V 652 58th 
ii Axel G fireman h 315 96th 
n A C realestate 474 Bergen h 353 Pacific 
ii A G 1615 Emmons av 
n A L mason 3601 Av L 
ii BenJ F elk h 227 47th 

Bedford Riding Academy 

Cor. Bedford and Atlantic Avenues 

' Bedford BR00KLTH, B. T. 


ii BenJ H elk h 1617 71st 

ii Uenj J express li 117 Freeman 

n Birger supt h 1460 56th 

ii Boston 'h 159 57th 

ii B C reporter h 309 6th av 

ii Callxtus carpr h 607 Warren 

ii Carl bookkpr h 942 Pacific 

ii Carl carpr h 723 E 3d 

ii Carl carpr h 11147 5StL 

ii Carl engineer h 214 State 

ii Carl painter h 574 E ,16th 

ii Carl stairbldr 37 Marion h 1373 Park pi 

ii Carl F restaurant 133 Couover 

ii Carl G engraver h 1228 66th 

ii Carl O machinist h 414 St Marks av 

ii Catherine wid Robt h 122 Av C 

ii Ohas boat capt h 215 36th 

ii Chas carpr h 102 Bay 10th 

ii CLas carpr h 1310 Prospect av 

ii Chas carpr h 200 29Eh 

ii Chas cigarmkr 289 Livingston 

n Ohas elk h 457 Rogers av 

ii Ohas elk h 365 51st 

ii Chas designer h 353 Pacific 

ii Chas electrician h 62 Reeve pi 

n Ohas engineer h 87 20th 

n Chas engineer h 457 53d 

ii CLas engineer h 320 57th 

n Chas liquore 790 Fulton h 57 Douglass 

ii Ohas liquors 1002 39Ch 

ii Ohas locksmith h 103 Utlca av 

ii Chas machinist h 364 45th 

n Chas meat h 425 Ashland pi 

ii Chas painter h 523 46th 

ii CLas physician h 6th c 7th av 

ii Ohas printer h 752 Monroe 

n Ohas printer h 1351 Prospect pi 

ii Chas restaurant 473 5th av 

ii Ohas salasman h 31 Ormond pi 

ii Ohas shoemkr 272 Baltic h 366 Baltic 

ii Chas silversmith h 368 Prospect pi 

n Ohas stairbldr h 653 58th 

ii CLas tailor 17th av c Bath av 

ii Chas A elk h 547 Maple 

ii Chas E h 842 52d 

n Ohas B h 1322 Av R 

n Chas E carp h 366 R R av 

ii Ohas E engraver h 1656 E 19th 

ii Chas E realestate 1739 Fulton h 442 

n Chas E sec 1190 Fulton h 941 Albany 

n Chas G housesinitj.' h 298 N J av 
ii Chas H elk h 6Q18 4th av 
ii Chas J boat capt h 437 2d 
ii Chas L civil eng 100 William Mhtn h 

892 Greene av 
ii Chas M realestate 44 W 125th Mhtn( h 

8705 Fort Hamilton Pkway 
ii Ohas M steward Clarkson av n Albany 

Chas S salesman h 725A Madison 

CLas T (Rev) h 724 42d 

Chas V h 652 Greene av 

Chas W cabiuetmkr 42 Beaver Mhtn h 

E 19th c Av R 
Chas W contractor 9S5 Pacific h 936 

Chas W elk h 1282 Nostrand av 
Charlotte wid Chas h 58th n 9th av 
Christian shoes 111 Fulton h 606 St 

Johns pi 
Christian tailor 1704 Bath av 
Christina wid Peter h 329 Bay Ridge av 
Christ; elk h 164 35th 
David h 75 S 6th 
David honwkr h 360 Prospect pi 
David stevedore h 220 State 
David A bookkpr h 406 Gold 
David M realestate 61 Coney Island av 
David W starter h 32 E 8th 
Delia restaurant 939 2d av 
Dennis H police h 1854 E 13th 
Edgar J manager h 35S Winthrop 
Edwd h 2211 Newkirk av 
Edwd h 13VT Bedford av 
Edwd boarding h 521 Henry 
Edwd elk h 338 40th 
Edwd engraver h 566 45th 
Edwd furrier h 467 Laf av 
Edwd lusp h 84 Lott 
Edwd manager h 104 Garfield pi 
Edwd salesman h 1223 Decatur 
Edwd scaffolds h 547 St Mark's av 
Edwd tailor h 120 St Mark's pi 
Edwd A cashier h 114 Hyerson 
Edwd A eoml trav h 4S7 E 16th 

George H. Willers, Proprietor 


> O 

H < a 

• PI H 

5" z r 

% c > 

o m z 

3 ° 

co ° 

w 10 

= 3 



C H 

pi aj 









Prospect Park Branch 

Flatbuah and Ocean Avenuw 

Telephone Call, £% 

TELEPHONE '/£ W?Fla?bu,h 


Catberwoob Samud H - u n> 


New York City, N.Y. 

=3 a 



X = 

ro *» 


5 s 

>• « 

< 5 

W c 

O i 

3 £ e< 



ii Edwd H mechanic h 904 Madison 

ii Edwd N manager 25 W 42d Mhtn b 

1367 Park pi 
ii Edwd S realestate 142 Norman av 
m Edwd V salesman li 24 Shepherd av 
ii Edwin shlpbldr h 129 4th pi 
i, Edwin B elk h 127G Jet av 
ii Edwin E elk b 4S7 E lGth 
ii Edwin 1 h 2211 N Y av 
ii Edwin J elk h 233 30th 
ii Elias boat capt h 192 13th 
ii Elizabeth wid Abraham h 946 Jef av 
ii Elizabeth wid Howard h 602 Decatur 
n Elizabeth wid Jas h 281 Dean 
n Emil earpr h 436 41st 
ii Emil elk h 365 51st 
ii Emil mason h 1051 Bedford av 
ii Emil tailor h 131 57th 
ii Emma employment h 1779 Pacific 
n Emma wid Saml h 46 Park pi 
,i Eric G police h 292 1st 
ii Ernst carpr h 217 Chauneey 
ii Eugene A elk h 90 State 
ii E h 77 Hancock 
M E candy 1626 11th av 
„ E C hardwood floors 289 8th 
ii Ferdinand printer h 643 54th 
ii Frank earpr h 58th n 9th av 
n Frank cigars 474 Park av 
n Frank. foreman h 166 Van Sicklen 
ii Frank lawyer 260 Bway h 31 Monroe 
ii Frank silver buffer h 261 St Mark's av 
ii Frank B elk h E 15th e Av J 
„ Frank E elk h 1073 Halsey 
n Frank I- police h 1032 57th 
,i Frank O machinist h 343 44th 
ii Frank P pianos 370 Fulton h 529 E 22d 
ii Frank S candy 696 Leonard 
ii Frank V pilot h 147 Wyckoff 
n Fred ironwkr h 411 40th 
i, Fred W F elk h 543 76th 
ii Fredk pilot h 373 Madison 
n Fredk reporter h 63 Stuyt av 
n Fredk salesman h 1079 E 35th 
n Fredk supt h 336 40th 
n Fredk W h 321 E 28th 
ii F grocer 2701 Fort Hamilton pkway 
ii Gabriel salesman h 23 Poplar 
ii Gabriel G bldr h 78 14th 
n Geo boat eapt h 528 Henry 
ii Geo gums 100 William Mhtn h 421 Han- 
ii Geo painter h 798 Gates av 
n Geo salesman h 914 Jef av 
n Geo B musician h 198 Prest 
ii Geo B salesman h 1634 E 19th 
ii Geo C bookkpr h 345 Schenck av 
ii Geo E upholsterer h 318 57th 
ii Geo S bookkpr h 155 Norwood av 
ii Geo S salesman h 765 Albany av 
ii Geo W bldr h 950A Greene av 
ii Geo W realestate 642 Nostrand av h 

584 St Marks av 
u Gideon J elk h 926A Putnam av 
ii Giles foreman h 61 3d pi 
ii Grace wid John h 296 Hart 
ii Graham K elk h 416 Vandt av 
ii Gunner L electrician h 1540 Bergen 
ii Gustav awnings 191 Atlantic av h 617 

ii Gustav bldr h 1231 73d 
ii Gustav carpr h 191 Freeman 
,i Gustav carpr h 290 Sackett 
ii Gustav carpr h 1149 61st 
ii Gustav machinist h 424 44th 
ii Gustav machinist h 244 52d 
ii Gustav painter 264 Degraw 
n Gustnv E police h 1349 Prospect pi 
ii Hamilton lawyer 257 Bway Mhtn h 14 

Hampton pi 
ii Hannah wid Relnhold n 136 Dresden 
„ Hans elk 142 31st 

,i Hans supt 123 Liberty Mhtn h 260 54th 
ii Harold letter carrier h 461 Elton 
n Harriet wid Jas h 64 Hanson pi 
ii Harry cigar mfr h 1149 61st 
ii Harry elk h 274 Prest 
n Harry engineer h 26 3d 
ii Harry metal ceilings h 507 Clinton 
ii Harrv B supt ft Jay h 247 Lex av 
ii Harry G mer 120 Bway Mhtn h 23 

ii Harry W agt h 11 S Portland av 
ii Hedwig physician h 1544 Bergen 
ii Hy boat capt 203 33d 
ii Hy painter b 202 31st 
ii Hy plumber 238 DeKalb av h 1306 Dean 


ii Hy D h 1050 Park pi 

ii Hy J compositor h 274% Eutledge 

ii Herbert A cashier h 1617 71st 

ii Herbert O physician h 241 Saekett 

ii Herman earpr h 329 59th 

n Herry h 5221 2d av 

ti Hilma wid Eric 5722 7th av 

ii Hilmer candy 9226 5th av 

ii Hjalmar carpr h 1231 73d 

ii Horace asst see 175 Itemsen 

ii H B h 247 Lex av 

n Ida wid Wm h 74 2d pi 

n Irving bldr h 37 Prospect pi 

ii Isaac journalist h 490 Van Buren 

ii Isaac G electrician h 1624 E 14th 

ii Jacob elk h 956 Herkimer 

ii Jacob A teas 340 Van Brunt h 70 Wol- 

ii Jas bricklayer h 345 55th 

n Jas elk to 129 MeDonough 

ii Jas elk h 215 Moffat 

ii Jas electrician h 442 45th 

ii Jas machinist h 200 31st 

n Jas painter E 15 n Av I 

ii Jas supt h 314 49th 

ii Jas A buyer h 354 4th 

ii Jas D musician h 493 Nostrand av 

ii Jas E h 83 MeDonough 

ii Jas F drugs Harway av n Bay 44th 

ii Jas G drugs 1307 Bedford av h 1307 
Bedford av 

ii Jas H paper boxes h 281 Jerome 

ii Jas I engineer h 481 Chauneey 

ii Jas I machinist h 1313 Herkimer 

ti Jas R manager 383 Fulton h 1525 E 14th 

ii Jas S realestate 5 Beekman Mhtn h 327 
Park pi 

n Jas T agt h 552 Koscko 

ii Jas W lawyer 257 Bway Mhtn h 298 

ii Jawood elk h 321 Marlborough rd 

ii Jennie H wid h 66 Pierrepont 

ii John h 187 Hancock 

ii John h 85 Lott 

ii John h 1052 2d av 

„ John blacksmith h 762 50th 

ii John boat capt h 244 42d 

n John boat capt h 572 45th 
ii John bookkpr h 470 11th 
ii John books 383 Atlantic av 
ii John carpr h 307 Hancock 
n John carpr h 494 Hawthorne 
ii John carpr h 552 46th 
ii John carpr h. 240 53d 
ii John carpr b 439 54th 
,i John carpr h 133 57th 
ii John chemist h 184 11th 
ii John cigars 228 Troy av 
ii John elk h 433 Rogers av 
n John coal h 70 Nevins 
ii John electrician h 663 58th 
h John foreman h 352 Prospect av 
ii John furrier h 4 Poplar 
ii John grocer .673 Heury h 157 Carroll 
n John grocer h 58 Reeve pi 
ii John janitor h 18S S Portland av 
ii John letter carrier h 239 14th 
ii John liquors 4402 3d av 
it John liquors 547 Morgan av 
ii John lumber h 572 53d 
ii John machinist h 690 Sackett 
ii John roofer h 200 Saekett 
ii John roofer h 306 Warren 
ii John soda water h 2021 57th 
ii John supt h 223 9th 
n John tailor h 355 Clifton pi 
ii John tailor h 1779 Pacific 
ii John watchmkr h 109 Wyckoff 
ii John A blacksmith h 370 St Mark's av 
n John A carpr h 624 Bergen 
ii John A elevators h 565 10th 
ii John A lawyer 307 Washn h 303 Al- 
bany av 
ii John A pilot h 274 Prest 
ii John A stalrbldr h 209A 14th 
ii John D bldr h 950A Greene av 
ii John D carpr h 311 Dltmas av 
ii John E elk h 106 Cambridge pi 
n John E express h 712 Chauneey 
ii John E ins h 458 MeDonough 
ii John F M comparer h. 337 22d 
ii John H foreman h 51 Hale ay 
ii John H printer h 205 Woodbine 
ii John J h 524 Monroe 
n John J insp h 195 Hendrlx 
ii John L machinist h 140 Washn av 




p < 

m z 

o z = 

z o 2 

" =J 3 

8 S > 

o -H 

*- CO 

i 1 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 flaln. 



UPINGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 


O O 








John R broker 136 Water Mbtn h 240 
Prospect pi 
. Jobu R furulture 1G0 Court h 272 
Jobu R b 390 E 2d 
Jobu R asst supt b 284 Kingston av 
Jobn T blacksmitb b 144 Ten Eyck 
Jobu W meat 448 Laf av h 206A Wal- 
John W printer h 904 Madison 
Jos h 1617 71st 
Jos boat capt b 347 59th 
Jos letter carrier b 181 Woodbine 
Jos salesman h 63 Greene av 
Jos tailor 233 Bway Mbtn h 182 Have- 

Jos F elk b 246 McDonougb 
Jos F elk b 1049 40th 
Josephine wid Chas b 27 Cbeever pi 
Joslab W printer b 70th nr 13th av 
Julia millinery h 80 St Marks av 
J b 262 Gates av 
J h 258 Greene av 
Kate wid John B h 14% Monroe 
K W ice b 292 Sehermerhorn 
Lars restaurant 357A Atlantic av 
Laurentius teacher h 938 Putnam av 
Lawrence carpr b 687 Henry 
Lawrence carp h 134 33d 
Leonard decorator 2043 Nostrand av 
Lewis N physician h 526 Bedford av 
Llewellyn elk b 493 Nostrand av 
Louis oils h 64 Russell 
Louisa dressmkr 155 S Oxford 
Ludwlg grocer 693 Henry 
Ludwlg machinist h 5722 7th av 
L h 600 Greene av 
L painter h 266 55th 
Magnus J b 2316 Bedford av 
Malcolm C elk h 457 Rogers av 
Martin agt h 1013 DeKalb av 
Martin carpr h 1028 59th 
Martin electrician h 1650 43d 
Martin grocer Canarsie rd n Church av 
Martin pilot h 4209 7th av 
Mary wid Wm h 233 Lex av 
Mary A wid Wm H h 29 St Mark's av 
Mary I wid Harry b 373 Nostrand av 
Micbl carpr h 907 2d av 
Minnie wid Chas A b 275 12th 
M A parquet floors 171 7th av 
Neil elevators b 306 12th 
Nell painter b 645 Halsey 
Nels carpr h 198 31st 
Nels grocer 5403 5th av 
Nels paper 114 Douglass 
Nelson carpr h 1333 Prospect pi 
Nelson pianomkr h 654 Bergen 
Nicholas supt h 416 41st 
Nicholas H elk h 2765 E 27th 
Nils carpr h 330 Rutland rd 
Nils grate bars 95 Liberty Mhtn h 

1151 Dean 
Nils A Stewart h 525 57th 
Nils O painter 1372 Park pi 
Nils O •painter b 1141 St Mark's av 
Nils S R buyer 100 Bway Mbtn h 321 

Marlborough rd 
N A h 632 57th 
Olaf h 157 Carroll 
Olaf carpr 568 Baltic 
Olaf carpr h 224 36th 
Olaf carpr h 715 50th 
Olaf express 201 Hamilton av 
Olaf machines h 290 Lex av 
Olaf machinist h 555 4th av 
Olaf G pilot h 101 Wyckoff 
Olaf W cashier h 11 Slocum pi 
Olaus grocer 326 Atlantic av 
Oliver H h 25 Madison 
Olsen truckman 66 Coles 
Oscar h 120 33d 
Oscar bldr b 1231 73d 
Oscar engineer h 32 Hubbard pi 
Oscar engraver h 96 Snyder ar 
Oscar painter h 176 13th 
Oswell carpr (h 487 47th 
Otto carpr h 127 Hoyt 
Otto janitor fo 519 Sterling pi 
Otto J elk h 628 44th 
Otto W carpr V 418 E 28th 
Ove carpr b 1027 40th 
Paul h 175 8th av 
Peter bldr h 519 47th 
Peter carpr 147 4th av 
Peter carpr h 316 18th 


ii Peter engineer h 105 S Oxford 

ii Peter lronwkr h 1355 St Mark's av 

n Peter machinist h 77 Clermont av 

n Peter restaurant Canarsie Shorn b 71 E 


ii Peter E carpr h 337 44th 

ii Peter O h 797 Carroll 

ii Peter R elk h 920 Bedford av 

n Peter S h 175 Hall 

ii Peter S Jr salesman h 132 Adelphi 

ii Ralph elk h 565 Barbey 

n Robe W tea 123 Front Mhtn h 3 Seeley 

ii Kobt bricklayer h 1854 E 13th 

ii Robt elk b 281 Dean 

n Robt grocer 06 Albany av 

ii Robt grocer 916 Gates av 

n Robt supt h 127 Hoyt 

ii Robt A carpr h 195 Hendrix 

ii Robt B elk 'h 765 Nostrand av 

n Robt B physician li 925 Sterling pi 

ii Robt G elk h 659 Degraw 

ii Robt H h 360 Monroe 

ii Robt H bldr h 913 Bwiek av 

n Robt H elk h 59 E 4th 

ii Robt J agt h 19 Hale av 

n Robt J laundry 110 Albany av h 1542 


n Robt J police h 162 Ryerson 

n Robt K engineer h 753 Belmont av 

ii Robt L realestate 406 Bway h 584 St 

Marks av 

ii Robt L & Bro realestate 406 Bway 

ii Robt M eneineer h 676 44th 

ii Robt P civil eng h 1361 57th 

ii Robt S baker 243 Palmetto 

ii Robt T h 440 Cleveland 

ii Robt W tea 121 Front Mhtn h 5 Wind- 
sor ter 

ii Rowland F candy 1181 Bway h 913 

Bwick av 

ii Saml carpr h 158 Baltic 

ii Saml salesman h 419 St Marks av 

n Saml F physician 763 Dnion 

ii Sarah wid Geo h 987 Dean 

ii Sarah wid Wilson h 689 Bergen 

ii Sarah A wid Thos b 196 Van Buren 

n Seluia delicatessen 387 Court 

ii Sophia wid Chas h 662 Warren 

n Sparks Supply Co 350 Fulton 

ii Stanislaus K barber 547 Marcy av h 548 

Marcy av 

n Swantou iron 49 Cortlandt Mhtn u 321 

Marlborough rd 

ii Sven painter 846 Fulton 

ii S O b 625 Lincoln pi 

ii Theo carpr h 1230 73d 

ii Tbeo electrician h 348 20th 

ii Tbeo D broker 5 Thomas Mhtn h 293 

Park pi 

n Thos carpr h 236 Prest 

ii Thos furniture 717 Mhtn av 

ii Thos furrier h 976 Kent av 

ii Thos grocer 879 Mhtn av 

n Thos horseshoer Frost c Kingsland av 

n Thos pattenmikr h 75 S 6th 

ii Thos tea 1044 Mhtn av 

ii Thos J printer h 584 St Marks av 

ii Thos L elk h 913 Hancock 

ii Thos W auctioneer h 163 Prospect pk W 

ii Victor elk h 326 Greene av 

ii Victor engineer h 207 Wyckoff 

ii Victor salesman h 672 Fulton 

ii Vitalis engineer h 181 Cbauncey 

ii Walter engineer h 29 Willow 

ii Walter sallmkr h 350 52d 

ii Walter B architect 150 Nassau Mhtn h 

223 Lincoln pi 

n Walter C elk h 972 Sterling pi 

ii Willard elk h 440 McDonough 

ii Wm h 334 76th 

ii Win h 920 8th av 

ii Win h li>2 33d 

n Wm cigars 1875 Dean 

n Wm elk h 132S Hancock 

ii Wm elk h 539 11th 

ii Wm compositor h 89 Decatur 

ii Wm decorator h 780 DeKalb av 

ii Wm detective h 913 Hancock 

ii Wm express h 561 Clinton 

n Wm laundry h 572 4th av 

ii Wm mason h 467 Laf av 

ii Wm painter h 610 Glenmore av 

ii Wm pilot h 31 Poplar 

„ Wm pilot h 132V. 16th 

ii Wm stenographer h 1081 Park pi 

n Wm supt ft Grand h 80 Norman av 

ii Wm supt b 602 lltb 



317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. Telephone, 3004 Main. 








■n— ; 

H 0> 
rn >■* 
r vj 

J- p 

Z 3* 











317 Washington St. 



y o e 




i, Win A collector h 139 57th 
.i Win A supt 32 Nassau Mbtn h 31 Mon- 
„ Wm B h 972 Sterling pi 
ii Wm B elk h 140 Washn av 
ii Wm C broker 96 Bway Mbtn h 131 Lin. 

coin rd 
ii Win C bldr h 42 Van Siclen av 
„ Wm C elk h 385 Hlmrod 
ii Wm C drugs 320 Laf av h 251 Washn av 
n Wm D bldr h 952 Greene av 
,i Wm D elk h 183 Palmetto 

acct h 114 Monroe 

salesman h 569 E Pkway 

jr h 1048 Sterling pi 

h 1681 83d 

bookkpr h 355 Clifton 

iron h 378 Clifton pi 

realestate h 102 Macon 

h 497 Dean 

h 89 Decatur 

carpr 101 Downing h 1768 E 


m Wm E 
ii Wm E 
„ Wm E 
„ Wm G 
„ Wm G 
„ Wm G 
,i Wm G 
ii Wm H 
ii Wm H 
I, Wm H 
n Wm H ceilings 127 Produce Exchange 

Mhtn h 130A 10th 
ii Wm H electrician !h 647 Dean 
n Wm H fireman h 412 Stratford rd 
ii Wm H janitor h 616 Schenek ay 
ii Wm H printer 51 Warren Mhtn h 438 

Prospect ar 
•i Wm J h 2646 Atlantic av 
ii Wm J h 1429 Onion 

ii Wm J ins 19 Liberty Mhtn fa 1964 84th 
ii Wm J printer h 913 Hancock 
ii Wm J stationer 86 Reade Mhtn h 330 

ii Wm J varnish 35 Nostrand av h 455 

E 17th 
ii Wm P elk h 230 McDonough 
n Wm S printer h 45 Fort Greene pi 
" Wm T elk h 124 Ridgewood av 
ii Wilson S upholsterer h 300 Lex av 
ii Winifred supt h 396 Herkimer 
ii Woodford D teacher h 1494 57th 
.. W M L 1240 Pacific 
i. & Co painters 846 Fulton 
ii & Co pianos 370 Fulton 
ii & Olhson painters 1197 Atlantic av 
ii & Willerth brass foundry 209 King 
ii 's John D Sons bldr 950A Greene av 

Andolschek P embroidery 52 Delmonieo pi 

Andonlan Araham agt '116 Nassau Mhtn h 78 

Andrade David D teacher h 1327 70th 
ii Margt wid Clarence h 671 McDonougb 
ii Maurice mechanic h 241 Grove 
n Maurice printer h 1497 E 17th 
ii Morris mechanic !■' 181 Congress 
ii Pablo A salesman h 395 Sterling pi 

Andre August h 94 Park pi 
ii Barth delicatessen 729 Knickr av 
ii Jacob cutter n 208 Ralph 
ii Milton salesman h 1464 Bedford av 
ii Peter tailor h Gatling pi c 90th 
ii Philip D grocer Neptune av c W 2d 
ii Walter painter h 377 2d 

Andrea Plnno baker 11 Hudson av 
i. P D grocer 133 Wyekoff av 

Andreas Frank shoes 652 3d av 
ii Jeremiah J mer 17 Battery pi Mhtn h 
429 3d 

Andreasen Melltha L (Rev) h 475 79th 

Andreason Olaus ice W 21st c Neptune av 
h 1939 63d 
ii O A engineer h 178 14th 
ii Soren sampler n 1254 DeKalb av 
ii Walter musician h 81 Pierrepont 
ii & Lundqulst ice W 21st c Neptune av 

Andreassen Alfred mouldings ft 24rh h 426 
ii Lars lumber 16 Coenties slip Mhtn h 

265 52d 
ii Lars salesman h 135 Carroll 
ii & Fredde shipbldrs ft 25th 

Andree Z h 2225 Tilden av 

Andrels Ohas prest 59 Pearl Mbtn h 788 
Kenmore pi 

Andren Frithiof L organbldr 885 Gates »v 
ii John M cablnetmkr h 1277 Gates av 
ii Walfried M upholsterer h 457 Quincy 

Andreozzi Geo V notary 18 Union 

Andres Conrad baker h 266 Bergen 
ii Frank baker h 8 Ridgewood av 28th wd 

Andresen Albert F R physician h 88 6th av 
ii Christian shoes 1111 Fulton 
ii C restaurant 473 5tli av 
ii C restaurant 2821 W 17th 


ii Elliott G asst manager Beard c Con- 
over h Staten Island 
ii Fredk O painter h 714 Lincoln pi 
ii John O folding beds 275 Leonard b 

1265 Jef av 
ii Lois E artist 340 Bedford av 
Andress Fred machinist h 718 E 35th 

ii Hampton salesman h 1316 42d 
Andrew Anna M wid John h 95 Hancock 
n Caroline wid John H h 123 Oak 
.1 Edwd L h 162 Stuyt av 
ii Geo W H carpr h 159 Ashford 
ii Jas H physician h 500 Madison 
ii John restaurant 513 Bway 
Andrewes Harold A lawyer 220 Bway Mhtn 

h 379 8th 
Andrews Albert E h 255 Van Buren 
Alexander engineer h 27 3d 
Amador manager 309 Canal Mhtn h 799 

Ocean av 
Annie wid Jas h 840 DeKalb av 
Archibald real estate 28 Moffat 
Arthur L bookkpr h 100 Pa av 
Arthur T express 213 Sandford 
Axel cablnetmkr 1417 Fulton h 199 Cor- 

Comelia gm 

nella Jj* 

Beekman B bookkpr h 161 Woodruff av 
Ben;) trimmings 260 W Bway Mhtn h "T| 

1204 E 19th — 

Chas h 65 Jef av O 

Ohas electrician h 1679 86th m 

Chas B varnish 35 Nostrand av h 71 « 

Bklyn av 
Chas H drugs h 609 Sterling pi 
Chas W mfr h 114 McDonough 
D D h 388A Decatur 
Edmund foreman h 175 Pulaski 
Edwd F electrician 840 DeKalb av 
Edwd F truckman h 354 Clifton pi 
Elbert J manager .150 Sands h 457 W 

123d Mhtn 
Fredk bookkpr h 629 Laf av 
Fredk Ivookkpr h 50 Vernon av 
Fredk lawyer 331 Canal Mhtn h 1052 

Fredk treas 25 Park row Mhtn h 626A 

Fredk H elk h 60 Hale av 
F W electrician 272 Wyekoff av 
F W Justus h 707 Decatur 
Geo preserver 646 Dean h 225 75th 
Geo E salesman h 4 S Portland av 
Geo T h 118 Quincy 
Geo W elk h 82 Quincy 
Granville collector h 20 Park pi 
Herbert G h 364 60th 
Herbert G lawyer 201 Montague h 1801 

Av J 
Hollis M salesman h 803 Beverley rd 
Horace S elk h 283A Hart 
Horace W manager 66 Cortlandt 

h 1220 Glenwood rd 
H Murray lawyer 11 Bway Mhtn 

Berkeley pi 
Jas h The Touraine 
Jas elk h 119 McDonough 
Jas H h 312 S 5th 
Jas H h 481 Wilby av 
Jas M h 552 Dean 
John elk h 1100 Fulton 
John machinist h 164 57th 
John manager 1224 Bedford av h 1165 

John salesman h 278 78th 
John A elk h 47 S Oxford 
John E ins h 332 McDonough 
John G meat 187 DeKalb av h 300 5th av 
John S h 283 A Hart 
John W civil eng h 1834 E 13th 
Jos straw gds Houston c Mulberry Mhtn 

h 461 Waverly av 
Jos F elk h 246 McDonough 
J Preston h 263 Lefferts av 
Leon A agt h 589 Park pi 
Lewis G realestate 371 Fulton h 741 

Louisa wid Hy h 162 9th 
Lib 8417 19th av 
Mark P lawyer 621 Custom House Mhtn 

h 194 Clinton 
Mary wid h 832 Fbush av 
Meta will Andreas h 459 41st 
Milton L laundry 338 Throop av 
Peter plumlier h 705 Prospect pi 
Preston L bookkpr h 315 E Stb 

Wustl's Sons, 




...MASQUERADES. &o... 

Telephone Connection 
FRED. J. VVUSTL, Prop. See Card with N.uiio 


m CO 




a co 





P < 

m z 


o z 
z o 

m =! £ 

CO o 

o m > 
o —I 

* CO 

i 1 


■ ■ ■ 

■ ■ ■ 

CC 3 

w 4 

r- o 

s § g 

to S 5 

I s 

i Si 









ii Eobt com mer 115 Franklin Mhtn h 
423 80th 

n Saml H depy chief elk 44 Court h 8 
Arlington pi 

ii Sol trimmings 260 W Bway Mhtn h 1204 
E 19th 

n St George S ins 178 Eemsen h 349 
Linden av 

n Thos plumber h 705 Prospect pi 

ii Walter B salesman h 538 Amersfort pi 

ii Wm h 746 Hancock 

,i Wm h 102 Prospect pk W 

ii Wm elk h 143 4th av 

ii Wm consulting eng 120 Liberty Mhtn 
h 367 Grand av 

ii Wm realestate h 567 5th 

ii Wm teacher h 265 Hawthorne 

ii Wm A lawyer 147 Montague h 227 Ber- 
keley pi 

ii Wm B ins 16 Exchange pi Mhtn h 724 

ii Wm H teacher h 265 Hawthorne 

ii Wm J ins h 69 Roehr av 

n Wm salesman h 37 Grant sq 

ii Wm T advertising 122 E 25th Mhtn h 
616 Nostrand av 

ii Wm T artist h 666 St Johns pi 

ii Wm W cashier 16 Court h 65 Jef av 

ii & Cluff ins 178 Remsen 
Andrian Elbert bookkpr h 100 Dnderhill av 
Andriatch J pressman h 122 Court 
Andrie Chas lithographer h 313 Sheffield av 

ii Hy V aast custodian h 85 Bay 20th 

ii W V h 1299 Sterling pi 
Andrlozzi M realestate 20 Hamilton av 
Andron Saml I realestate h 355 Pa av 
Androvette Asher pilot h 178 Albany av 

„ E Everett mer 80 Wall Mhtn h 102 

ii Geo E h 1155 Dean 

ii Geo E prest 497 Bway Mhtn h 126 

ii G E h 311 E 19th 

ii Howard F mason h 217 Madison 

n John pilot h 1148 Cortelyou rd 
Andrus Edwd L cigars h 162 Stuyt av 

ii Leon agt h 271 St James pi 

ii Newell P insp h 674 Macon 
Andruss Elizabeth wld E Van Arsdale h 
268 80th 

ii Malcolm P u s a h Fort Hamilton 
Andruszkewicz K W liquors 235 Kent av 
Andryjaek M employment 100 Bay 13th 
Ane Chas P h 406 7th av 
Anear Frank elk h 291 Baltic 
Anenberg Saml furniture 391 Grand h 96 

Anenderd Jacob furniture 29 Hamburg av h 

289 Snediker av 
Anerhahn Tbeo elk h 356 7th 
Angel Guardian Home 12th av n 64th 

ii Harry elk h 548 Macon 

ii Mary wid Wm h 204 Putnam av 

ii Nicholas barber h 3 Eldert av 

ii Warren. A talc 142 Fulton Mhtn ■ 87 
Angelbeck Chas grocer 230 Troy av 

n Chrisr grocer 565 Evergreen av 
Angelee Jas grocer 138 Sackman 
Angelina Fredk grocer 692 Glenmore av 
Angell ChaB A viee-prest 190 Montague fl 
495 8th av 

ii Earl draughtsman h 1236 58th 

ii Edmund A (Rev) h 464 Herkimer 
, ii Emory D realestate 186 Remsen h 162 

ii Frank S lawyer 44 Court 

n Fredk letter carrier h 1496 Dean 

ii Hy H correspondent 300 Bway Mhtn h 
557 4th 

,, Margt G stationer 1234 Gates av 

ii Philip undertaker h 139 Noble 

ii Rufus G acct h 69 Downing 
Angello Giuseppe liquors 103 Liberty av 
Angelo Frank shoes 4004 3d av 

M Frank D grocer 128 Union 

n Frank D shoes 276 Bond 

n Jose meat 144 Columbia 

ii Restivo bldr h 298 3d av 
Angelon Emile painter h 628 St Marks av 
Angelora Vlncenzo liquors 364 Leonard 
Angelos & Pepenos florists 4.16 Simmer av 
Angelson Max grocer 590 Ralph av 
Anger Edwd M oil 26 Bway Mhtn h 116 
St James pi 


152-158 Third St. 


Telephone, 1213 Hamilton 


u Fredk P broker 27 William Mhtn h 
390 Bainbridge 

ii Paul artist h 1Y0 Ashford 
Angerman Jos lithographer h 41 Wyona 

n Louis suet h WV S 2d 
Angermann Ernst baker 41 Tpklns av 

n Frank poeketbookmkr h 493 Logan 
Angermuller Ernest baker 7204 13th av 
Angevine Chas B bookkpr h 54 Doscher 

ii David engineer h 225 Hpkson av 

n Elijah M meat h 878 Hooper 

ii Geo M binder h 1114 38th 

ii Hamilton elk h 1108 Hancock 

n John F foreman h 352 Grand av 

ii Lewis J investments 27 William Mhtn 
h 48 Livingston 

ii Wm com mer h 204 Columbia hgts 
Angle Harrison M mfr 426 Kent av & 1 
Madison av Mhtn h 404 E 18th 

n Max tailor h 701 Bwick av 

ii Wm K printer h 688 Prest 
Angleburth August b 553 Midwood 
Angliera John fruit 218 Washn Mhtn h 

5711 17th av 
Anglim Michl J feed h 345 Hamilton av 
Anglin Redmund J dry gds 487 7th av 
Angliss Fredk W stevedore h 239 Throop av 

ii Jos liquors 309 Myrtle av h 197 Steuben 

ii Thos electrician h 341 B 8th 
Anglo-American Nile Steamer & Hotel Co 

375 Fulton 
Anglo-Saxon Trunk Store 248 Fulton 
Anglum Edwd elk h 78 Underbill av 

n Michl express 14 Atlantic av 
Angman Gumar bookbinder h 725 43d 
Angora Fur Works 114 Berriman 
Angus Albert B elk h 8 Crooke av 

ii Caroline L h 894 Sterling pi 

ii DeWitt elk h 1565 B 14th 

,i Jas R elk h 419 S 5th 

ii John elk h 59 Joralemon 

ii Jos electrician h 142 Hoyt 

n Thos R h 578 Laf av 

ii Thos W coml trav h 284 Etna 
Anheuser-Busch Agency 435 Atlantic av 
Anhier Peter carpr h 303 Ditmas av 
Anido Fred dentist h 3904 9th av 

ii Victor pressman h 265 9th 
Anisansel Arthur A collector h 823 Monroe 
Anlsfield Marie milliner 92 Fbush av h 131 

Ashland pi 
Anixter Abraham E realestate 2865 Bway 

Mhtn h 1158 DeKalb av 
Ankel Chrisr G printer 922 Fulton h 231 St 

James pi 
Ankelmann E H truckman 108 10th av 
Ankenberg Oscar meat 151 5th av 
Ankenbrand Chas baker h 131 Noll 

ii Chas tailor h 130 Maujer 
Anker Peter J elk h 185 Hall 

ii Rlchd bookkpr h 178 14th 
Anketell Alfred janitor h 728 Classoo av 

ii Seabury C saiimkr h 808 MeDonough 

ii Thos plumber h 167 Waverly av 
Ankler Hy polisher h 265 Berry 
Ankner Anthony brass gds 66 Gpoint av 

n Elizabeth wid Jacob h 87 Essex 

ii Harry silversmith h 359 Hooper 

ii Theo elk b. 87 Essex 
Ann Chas salesman b 289 Wyckoff 
Annable Geo A mfr 459 Carroll h 411 3d 

ii Hy D drugs h 425 Putnam av 
Annan John machinist h 208 Prospect pi 
Annatoyn B B h 59 Park pi 
Annenberg Jos milliner 97 Av B Mhtn h 27 
Graham av 

n J furniture 54 Graham av h 170 Moore 

„ Max J h 623A Wilby av 

ii M h 121 Powell 

ii Saml shoes 213 Mhtn av 

ii Saml tailor h 319 Vernon av 
Anness Dudley S insp h 322 Hancock 

ii Harry C drugs 5026 5th av h 475 51st 
Annett Gustav musician h 440 Grant av 
Annex Brass Foundry 315 Gpoint av 

,, Hotel 12 Fulton 

., Lavuidrv 5409 4th av 
Annln Fannie M wid Jos h 352 Adelphi 

,i Richd W mfr Newark N J h 80 S El- 
liott pi 
Annis Ralph elk h 621 52d 
Annunciation Home 6-1 Haveineyer 
Annunzlnto Sabato viee-prest 26 Court h 

1458 3Sth 
Anolick Ellias roofer 294 Lorimer 
Anraku Yeielil editor 154 Nassau Mhtn b 
125 Sands 

Business Directory 



317 Washington St., 
Telephone, 3004 Main. 












734-736 FIFTH AVENUE. Telephone 27 



Ausado Chrisr broker h 214 Oth av 
Ansart Auiia wid Arthur li 129 Palmetto 
Ausbacher Adolph colors 310 N 7tb h 15 W 
75th Mhtu 

ii A B & Co colors 310 N 7tb 

.. David A colors 310 N 7th h 71 Centl 
Park W Mhtn 

ii Haixy M elk h 317 Marion 

n Louis A colors 310 N 7th h 2 W 8Sth 
Ansbro Jas h 374 3d 

it John asst supt h 457 46th 

ii Martin collector h 351 9th 

ii Mlchl J police h 111 St Felix 

ii Patrick J police h 438 Gold 
Anschutz Paul machines 318 Graham av 

ii Peter h 39 Melrose 
Ansell Geo h 93 Monroe 
Anselm Carl B prest 173 Van Sinderen av h 

62 Elton 

Ansen Chas meat 180 Jamaica 
Ansley Hy furnaces 1402 Bway b 457 3d 
Anson John W hardware 53 Hamilton av h 
465 Henry 

ii Wru H carpr h 2209 Beverly rd 
Ansonia Clock Co 7th av c 12th 

ii Market 419 7th av 
Ansorge Harry salesman h 438 72d 

ii Jos agt 621 Bway Mbtn h 625 11th 
Anstett John N bottler h 61 Sumner av 

ii Jos bathroom gds 352 Pearl Mbtn h 35 
3d pi 
Anstey Ricbd manager h 225 Pulaski 

ii Eobt L see 422 Gates av 
Antel Eugene printer 624 Coney Island ar 
Antell Edwd G editor h 465 4th 
Antelyis Frank upholsterer 113 Walton 
Anteman Elias hatter 437 Knlckr av 
Anteneu Edwd elk h 307 Hewes 

ii Jacob watch case mkr h 1732 Pacific 
Anthes Fredk C physician h 2132 85th 
Anthonisen A K liquors 32 Sackett 
Anthony Adolphus machinist h 1995A Fulton 

n Arthur J bicycles 104 Nevins 

ii Edwd J notary 271 Bway Mbtn h 586 

ii Edwd J jr garage 253 Keid av 

ii Frank W realestate 44 Court h 451 
Greene av 

n Fred elk h Bedford av c S 3d 

ii Geo E buyer h 187 Prospect pi 

ii Holland C architect 111 5th av Mhtn h 
64 Montague 

n Jas P fish 237 Fbush av 

ii Jos S h 707 Vandt av 

ii L liquors 244 Lorimer 

ii Paul bookkpr h 540 11th 

n Paul tailor h 202 Freeman 

ii Peter I, pilot h 116 Vandt av 

ii Robt h 1046 Herkimer 

n Robt E insp h 353 E 17th 

ii Rowland C adjuster 16 Exch pi Mhtn h 

63 St John's pi 

ii Win pressman h 61 Pineapple 
Antlne Saiul cigars 780 Marey av 
Antioco Peter grocer 196 Hamilton av 
i, Peter produce 178 Reade Mhtn h 466 
Antkies Isaac cotton gds 122 Greene Mhtn h 

1580 East Pkway 
Antler Ben] restaurant 322 Chester 
Antman Ellas restaurant Surf av opp W 16th 
ii Solomon tailor 139 Madison Mhtn h 1007 
Antmann Myer tailor h 30 Hinsdale 
Anton Helen manager h 81 Columbia hgts 
ii Helen wid Emanuel h 416 3d 
„ John fertilizing h 1240 84th 
n Jos advertising h 59 Woodbine 
n Sophia chair seat mkr 398 S 5J:h 
ii Thos engineer h 109 Sackett 
ii ' Win bookbinder h 13 Bainbridge 
Antone Ellas J iner 39 Bway Mhtn h 610 

54 th 
Antoni August boxes h 30 Spencer 
Antoniello Gaetano rags 180 Nassau 

M Bros .iunk 158 High 
Antonini Germain interpreter h 350 44th 
Antonio & Nicolas liquors 188 Meserole 
Antonlus Emma H H physician 108 Newell 
ii John Ice 707 Schenck av 
n John E machinist h 234 Lee av 
ii Wm blacksmith b 249 Ashford 
Antonnrttl Pezzie grocer 1C3 Stone av 
Autonowsky Abraham grocer 444 DeKalb av 
ii Benj stationer 17S1 Bway 
n Benj S physician b 423 Miller av 


Telephone 3410 Flatbush 

Residence Telephone 317 Prospect 



Aiituns.m .John coal h S9 14th 
Antony Chas jiollce h 273 Wyckoff av 

,, & Sehoeufeld drugs 131 Centl av 
Antrobus Ihos I? painter b 344A 13th 
Antuns Olaf carpr h 204 31st 
Antwiler F S bookkpr h 271 Chauncey 
Astz August llruman h 109 Woodbine 

,i Chas F drugs h 4G01 4lh av 

n Hy piauornkr h 198 McDougal 

n John A barber 672 Evergreen av 

ii Philip h 719 Glenmore av 
Anvy Hugh baker h 57 2d 
Anwander Chas L ins h 697 Jef av 
Anzelewitz Aaron A jeweler 128 Canal Mhtn 

h 1157 45th 
Anzer Hy E lawyer 441 51st 
Apat Jos D ins 83 Johnson av 
Apatow Morris machines 426 Bwick av 
Apel Gustave E furnaces 575 4th av h 165 

ii Gustave F agt h 271 Sackett 

ii Hy glass 210 Laf Mhtn h 81 Linden 

ii Hy R wagonmkr 688 Bedford av h 694 
Bedford av 

ii Huldreich liquors 364 5th av 

ii Wilhelmina wid August h 87 Bergen 
Apeler Herman liquors 398 Grand 
Apell Arthur varieties 2059 Atlantic av 

ii Louis lithographer h 94 S 4th 
Apelsen David wagonmkr 184 Thatford av 
Apex Steam Packing Co Pearl c Water 
Apfel Antoinette K physician 283 S 5th 

n Chas L lawyer 68 William Mhtn h 7 
Lawrence av 

i, Geo police h 515 88th 

ii Harry illustrator 70 5th av Mhtn h 2105 

ii Harry physician h 333 Pa av 

ii Marion M physician 283 S 5th 
Apfelhaum Herman furs 124 University pi 
Mhtn h 1539 55th 

ii Max bldr 509 Howard av 
Apgar Gillard W elec contractor h 134 Con- 

ii J Preston h 374 8th 

n Sarah wid Willet h 1392 Bwick av 

ii Wm L tel opr h 5 Spencer ct 
Apisdorf Solomon cigars h 494 Court 
Apking Cath wid Chas h 64 1 /. Koscko 

i. Chas H roofer 625 DeKalb av 

ii Wm E horses 674 Marey av 
Aplustille Elizabeth wid Albert h 40 E 5th 
Apman John H letter carrier h 176 Baltic 

ii Margt wid John h 446 Park pi 

ii P S elk h 446 Park pi 
Apostolides D cigarettes 121 Pearl Mbtn h 

319 Sackett 
App Chas liquors Myrtle av c Bwick av 
Appe Chas elk h 201 Palmetto 
Appel Abraham realestate h 175 Huron 

i, August fish 451 Centl av h 983 De- 

ii Augustus meat 171 Fort Greene pi b 
101 W 140th Mhtn 

ii Chas h 140 Kent 

i. C H realestate 824 Mhtn av h 99 Java 

ii Edwd h 1554 Greene av 

ii Edwd salesman h 181 Sheffield av 

ii Emanuel meat 211 Market av Walla- 
bout mkt h 51 129th Mhtn 

ii Frank barber 154 Grove h 144 Grove 

ii Frank clgarmkr 29 Carlton av 

ii Frank B meat 331 Knickr av h 241 

ii Harris caps 94 Moore 

ii Hy painter h 106 Stagg 

ii John clgarmkr h 1SS 10th 

ii John florist 65th c 5th av 

ii John manager Bway c Bedford av h 
70 R R av 

ii John salesman h 444 Pulaski 

ii Jos liquors h 567 Evergreen av 

ii Louis meat 171 Fort Greene pi h 680 

n Morris meat 211 Market av Wallabout 
mkt h 244 W 131st Mhtn 

ii M & E Co meat 211 Market av Walla- 
bout mkt & 171 Fort Greene pi 
Appelbaum David tailor 82 Rutgers Mhtn 
h 179 Graham av 

n Fredk h 211 St James pi 

ii Harris grocer 14 Harrison av h 287 
Division av 

ii Harry dry gds 293 Knlckr av 

ii Isaac grocer 222 Hamilton av h 55 

ii Louis delicatessen 114 Sumner av 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 



k 1 !!■ ■■ 
































Z S 


S m 

Z2 33 



o ^ 


m > 











317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Tel. 3004 Halo. 

Pictures^ Paintings 








< Ul 








o z 
z o 










p. Louis einbds 93 Wooster Mbtn li 1935 

ii Win E liquors 11G Hamilton av 
Appelbooni Auua wid Morris h 983 Gates av 
Appelgate Chas E tiorist 15 Putnam av h 
426 Grand av 

ii Edwd L bricklayer b 802 McDonough 

ii Herlin M h 16 Slocum pi 

ii Jeremiah shipmaster b 292 Quincy 

ii Jesse broker b 120 Av C 

ii Jos reporter h 16 Slocum pi 

ii Jos H tish 931 Fulton h 16 Slocum pi 
Appelgren Carl painter h 318 58th 
Appelhauser Philip h 812 McDonougb 
Appell Chas tailor 1347 Myrtle av 

., M Maxim h 671 45th 
Appellgate Division Supreme Court Borough 

Appelman Isaac tailor 47 E Bway Mhtn h 

1686 Pitkin av 
Appelson Saml crockery 416 Graham av 
Apperman Gabriel cornicenikr 40 Tpkins av 
Appiarius John P salesman h 1418 Herkimer 
Applebaum Abraham A dry gds 113 Mhtn av 

ii Isaac cloaks 5304 3d av h 448 54th 

M Jacob contractor h 387 Schenck av 

ii Philip candy 556 Marcy av 

ii Saml feed 201 Thatford av 
Appleby Alfred J teacher li 406 Dean 

n Edwd L plumber 454 Bedford av h 
252 Rutledge 

ii Geo H printer h 995 Myrtle av 

■i Harry D civil eng h 70 Bay 20th 

ii Jacob police, h 355 Franklin av 
Applefleld Israel cigars 397 Sutter av h 370 
Ala av 

ii John cigars 397 Sutter av b 370 Ala av 

ii Bros cigars 397 Sutter av 
Applegate Andw engineer h 8 Coney Island 

n Carson W carpr h 496 Putnam av 

ii Chas L lawyer h 78 Downing 

ii Edwd G prest h 666 Ocean av 

n Frank E elk h 77 S 9th 

.1 Geo h 3311 Glenwood rd 

ii Hy fish h 331 Franklin av 

ii Herbert manager 5 Beekman Mhtn h 910 
Sterling pi 

.. John H elk h 112 Ashland pi 

n Leah wid Benj P h 122 St Felix 

n Morrow W autos 2222 Tilden av h 470 
E 20 th 

M Otto mens furng GO South Mbtn h 117 

■i Win G supt h Van Sicklen n Av T 

ii Wm H agt h 81 Cooper 

ii Wm S physician h 931 Fbush av 

ii W Lorette physician 81 Cooper 
Appleton Albert W salesman h 164 Foun- 
tain av 

■i Albert W Jr salesman h 861 Halsey 

ii Arthur coml trav h 101 Park pi 

ii A M elk h 63 McDonougb. 

n Chas R salesman h 3S Wyona 

ii Chas W judge 307 Washn h Mhtn 

ii Edwin J h 258 Laf av 

ii Floyd- (Rev) h 104 Hendrix 

ii Frank H ins 16 Exchange pi Mhtn h 
43 S Portland av 

ii Fredk J salesman h 375 Lex av 

n Harry salesman h 1031 Bergen 

ii Herbert ins 3 S William Mbtn h 379 
Washn av 

■i Jas H (Rev) h 339 79th 

ii Lloyd E h 582 Fbush av 

ii R Ross prest 1 E 14th Mhtn h 146 

ii Thos tires 160 Waverly av h 105 Rverson 
Appley Mary H wid Marcus V h 453 51st 
Applevard Austin gunsmith 8 John Mhtn h 
426 56th 

n Rlchd elk h 524 64th 

ii Rlchd W bookkpr h 540 75th 

ii Thos W engraver h 50A Windsor pi 
Appraisers Real Estate Securities Co 180 

Apramolio Germano barber 122 Stauton Mhtn 

h 526 Hawthorne 
Apprel Jas shoes 1019 Halsey 
Appuhn Ernest furs h 550 State 
April John stonecutter h 128 16th 
Aprlll Israel H clothing 39 East Bway Mhtn 
h 1873 Prospect pi 

ii Max mer h 268 Albany av 

n Philip clothing 39 East Bway Mhtn h 
1873 Prospect pi 
Apsel Fred produce 376 Hamburg av 
Apsteln Abraham tailor h 17 Lee av 


Apt Jos B police h 100th c 3d av 
Aptakin Saml cigars 848 Fulton 

ii & Gordon cigars 48 Ralph av 
Apuzzo Lovenzo junk 301 3d av 
Apy Edwd truckman 31 Prince h 356 State 
n Edwd & Co truckmen 31 Prince 
ii Hy upholsterer h 16 Adelphi 
ii Martin electrician h 134 Cumberland 
Aquaro Jos drugs 202 Spring Mhtn h 363 

Aquaro-Deodatl B drugs 642 Lorlmer 
Aquatic Boat Club Pier 3 Wallabout 
Aquavella Jas liquors 447 East N Y av 
ii Jas undertaker 689 Liberty av h 2116 
Aquila Nina music 890 Met av 
Arabian Supply Co 327 Evergreen av 
Arabol Mfg Co (Inc) paste 58 Nostrand av 
Aradowsky Saml furniture 122 Norfolk Mhtn 

h 395 Cbrisr av 
Araho Lumber & Storage Co 1105 Met av 
Arak Saml cigars 463 Bwick av 
Araktounjy Farjalla laces 35 Bway Mhtn h 

120 Atlantic av 
Aram Tbos F elk h 1223 E 7th 
Aramoonie Ameen lace 47 Washn Mhtn u 49 

Aranow Jacob cigars 48 3d av 
Aranowltz Isaac painter 228 Centl av 
Arata Jas F penmkr h 1235 40th 
ii John fruit 120 Bway Mhtn h 414% Clin- 
ii Louis D artist h 79 Rutland rd 
,i Paul fruit 376 Tpkins av 
ii Stephen bookbinder h 414 43d 
Arbach Emma wid Chas G h 120 Pacific 
Arbeiter Israel grocer 142 Graham av 
Arber Adolph C ribbons 621 Bway Mhtn h 854 

Bwick av 
Arberg D manager 253 Canal Mhtn h 327 

Van Brunt 
Arbogast Geo meat 158 7th av h 498 2d 

ii Valentine h 336 57th 
Arbona Anthony physician 128 Pa av 
Arbor Gustave E printer h 100 16th 
Arbuckle Andw salesman h 411 Crescent 
n Building (offices) 367 Fulton 
ii John coffee 71 Water Mhtn h 315 Clin- 
ton av 
n Bros barrels 408 Hicks 
ii Bros coffee John c Jay & 71 Water Mhtn 
Arcade Laundry 2009 Nostrand av 
Arcanum Yacht Club ft Bay 32d 
Arcelli Martha cigars 124 Bleecker Mhtn h 

380 Bradford 
Arcese A (Rev) h W 17th c Mermaid av 

ii Louis h 563 53d 
Archard Philip A police h 206 Hale av 
Archbold Gregory j manager h 98 Elmwood 
ii Jas J truckman 93 Warren Mhtn h 136 

Ocean Pkwav 
ii Robt P elk h 100 Vanderveer 
ii Walter C police h 748 Marcy av 
Archer Alex hardware 1143 Fultou & 504 
Franklin av 
n A Fred h 179 72d 
n Ohas engineer h 327 14th 
ii Cora E h 453 Marion 
ii C T nurse h 483 12th 
ii David electrician h 564 Grand av 
ii Edwd C elk h 893 4th av 
n Edwin elk h 77 Weirfleld 
ii Edwin J bookkpr h 2204 Beverley rd 
n Ernest salesman h 179 72d 
ii Estelle B teacher h 253 Greene av 
■i E A h 281 Park pi 
ii Francis L lawyer 189 Montague h The 

ii Frank carpr h 147 Stuyt av 
ii Fredk tinsmith h 42 Shepherd av 
ii Geo elk h 91 4th av 
n Geo A elk b 144 Van Buren 
ii Geo W oil 133 Front Mhtn h 164 Pros- 
pect pk W 
ii Hy laundry 89 Fbush av 
ii Irwin tel oper h 4913 5th av 
ii I H h 36 Grace ct 
ii Jacob W h 103 Balnbridge 
ii Jas grocer 618 Herkimer 
ii Jas manager h 20 Fiske pi 
ii John salesman h 500 Quincy 
ii John J grocer 570 Vandt av h 311 Park 

ii John W engraver h 127 Cambridge pi 
ii Jos W machinery 116 Liberty Mhtn h 
117 Decatur 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 


z > 

CB 50 



2 CO 



3 n 


CO »< 

















> r 

E % 

73 P 3 

317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone. 3004 Main. 


29 West 34th Street, New York 



Estimates Furnished for Work 
in any kind of Mar- 
ble or Granite 

Telephone : Murray Hill, 2272 




» « 


-Ml m 






^ hi 

r>. j 








ii Josephine wid Geo 1 1050 Pacific 

ii J Warren h 1384 Union 

ii Mfg Co 488 Waveriy av 

ii Mtehl E elk h 1509 Pacific 

ii Milton elk h 439A MeDonough 

n Norman L b 295 Sterling pi 

t. Osborn elk h 411 3d 

ii O R bookkpr h 273 6th av 

ii Patrick J grocer 173 Albany ay h 311 

Park pi 
ii Robt elk h 330 Bergen 
n Tbos elk b 122 Woodbine 
n Tbos police h 463 72d 
M Warren S manager li 41 Hart 
ii Wm B engraver h 125 R R av 
n Wm G public acct 320 Bway Mhtn h 

006 MeDonough 
n Bros grocers 173 Albany av & 570 Vandt 
Arches Geo cooper h 10 E 3d 
Archibald Albert J paper 150 Nassau Mhtn 
h 221 Greene av 
n Clinton lather h 440 10th 
ii Danl B shipmaster h 497 10th 
ii Harold V salesman h 1725 70th 
ii Jerome bldr h 851 Prest 
Arehibald-Ayers Co remedies 26 Court 
Arcbinal Adam optical gds 61 Fulton Mhtn 

h 201 Ten Eyck 
Archiopoli J F h 94 Windsor pi 
Architects Standard Bronze Co 16 Eckford 
Architectural Wood Works 37th n 3d av 
Arci Construction Co 99 Bway 

.1 Juan B bldr 99 Bway h 932 Gates av 
Arellli Hanna grocer 560 7th av 
Arcona Wm jeweler 336 Court 
Arctic Knitting Mills 199 Ellery 
Arcnri Antonio barber 357 Smith 
ii Ferdinand banker 156 Central ay 
n Jas barber 550 Court 
ii & Kumore fruit 191 Hamilton av 
Ardell H S b 343 72d 

Ardenter Mustard & Spice Co 246 Plymouth 
Arderv John R salesman h 132 6th av 
ii J09 opr b 1046 40th 
ii Walter A salesman h 153 Berkeley pi 
Ardler Saml manager 216 Wallabout mkt 
Ardner David painter b 143 Albany av 
Ardrey Harriet O wid John b 398 7th ay 
Aren Francis F h 563 17th 
Arend Geo H tinsmith h 256 Woodbine 
Arendt Richd P sec 13 Wilby h 1070 Myrtle 

ii dyeing 1408 Nostrand av 

Arens Abraham tobacco 178% Water Mhtn 
h 323 50th 
ii Jonas tobacco 178% Water Mhtn h 323 

n Max lawver 116 Nassau Mhtn h 532 8th 
m Theo E elk h Bath av & Bay 11th 
Arensberg Meyer drugs 137 Myrtle av h 61 
.1 M & S drugs 1293 Fulton & 137 Myrtle 

ii Sidney drugs 1293 Fulton h 47 Plerre- 
Arenson Jos skylights 64th e 4th av h 455 
ii Lewis sewing machines 551 Bway h 112 
,Arenstein Louis tailor 977 Hancock h 133 

Arent John h 585 Warwick 
Arents Emeline H wid Chas R h 59 Berkeley 

Areskog Geo H dentist h 53 Butler 
ii Gustavus H dentist 78 St Marks av 
,i Otto E drugs 120 Smith h 53 Butler 
Aretsky Philip manager 265 E Bway Mhtn 

h 275 Chrisr av 
Arey Albert L teacher h 247 N Y av 
ii Laura wid Marlow R h 1358 50th 
Arfeld Freida millinery 1505 Bway h 48 

Arfert Herman C drugs 194 Knickr av 
Arfman H J h 3411 Av F 
Arfmann Arthur ins b Conklin av n Rkway 
n Chrisr grocer 1002 Fbush' av h 261 E 

ii Chrisr <B delicatessen 766 Franklin av 
ii Fredk grocer 744 Washn av h 419 

Park pi 
ii Hy M hotel 1749 81st 
ii Jacob delicatessen 434 Evergreen av 
ii John drugs 660 Waslm av & 45 5th av 
h 419 Park pi 


it Louis h 177 Patchen av 
n Louis grocer h 364 Lewis av 
ii Rudolph grocer 388 Ridgewood av h 
153 Euclid av 
Arfsten B D grocer 205 Nostrand av 

ii Theo F grocer 377 Hancock 
Argenteau Kennels (inc) 26 Court 
Argers A restaurant 434 5th av 
Argondlzza Gaetano barber 43 Underbill av 
h' 461 Bergen 
n Geo barber 216 Fbush av 
Argowitz Michl hotel h 1812 St Johns pi 
Arguelles Fredk bookkpr h 540 55th 
ii Jose cigars 236 Fbush av h 232 Fbush 
Arguimbau Regnald De C acct 15 Dey Mhtn 
to 628 Fbush av 
ii Sarah J wid Nathaniel h 48il 1st 
Argus & Schmidt bakers 1345 Fulton 
Argyle Co underwear 12 Forest & 60 Lis- 

penard Ml/tn 
Arieh John delicatessen 163 Snediker av 
Arida Chak oriental gds 18 Rector Mhtn b 

25 Willow pi 
Arids Antolnnios kimonos 93 Washn Mhtn 

h 294 Henry 
Arindell Cyril E bookkpr h 1522 57th 
Aring Ernest grocer 57 Ralph av 

ii John E sexton h 1004 Bedford av 
Arink John H truckman h 197 S Portland av 
Arion Hall 13 Arion pi 
ii Louis S reporter h 1122 57th 
ii Realty Co 44 Court 
ii Singing Society 13 Arion pi 
Aripatch' Nathan painter 539 Graham av 

ii S painter 164 Graham av 
Arison Solomon b '1224 39th 
Arizzi Angelo sculptor h 222 Maeon 
Arkansas Distilling Co 32 Wolcott 
Arkawy Abram bldr 11265 East Pkway 
ii Herman bldr 1265 East Pkway 
ii Bros bldrs 1265 East Pkway 
Arkell Safety Bag Co 69 N aith 

ii Thos chef h 155 Stuyt av 
Arkels Jas h 105 Noble 

Arkenau Otto hotel Coney Island av n Ocean 
Pkway h 39 E 10th 
ii Bros hotel ft Tilyous walk 
Arker Isaac bldr h 424 Hpkson av 
Arkin Morris b 693 Monroe 
Arkow Jas M prest 32 Ridge Mhtn ih 836 

Sumner av 
Arkowitz Mlehl liquors East Pkway c Lin- 
coln pi 
Arkowsky B tailor 36 Walton 
Arkuczeowitz Michl liquors 294 Met av 
Arkwrlgtit Jane wid Abraham h 125 Hart 
Arky A dyeing 254 Green 
Arland Otto B electrician 300 Mulberry Mhtn 

h 1321 34th 
Arlington Apartments 64 Montague 
ii Art Gallery 1249 Fulton 
ii Cleaning & Dyeing Co 26 Arlington pi 
•i Edwd h 8305 13th av 
ii Hand Laundry lil94 Bedford av 
ii Realty Co 1075A Myrtle av 
it Restaurant & Cafe 380 Nostrand av 
Arlt Otto elk h 1277 Park pi 
Arluck Saml grocer 299 Knickr av 
Arm Gottlieb liquors 269 Norman av 
ii Harry dry gds 135 Harrison av 
ii Saml L dry gds 135 Harrison av 
ii L S & Son dry gds 135 Harrison av 
Armagast Wm buyer h 926 Prospect pi 
Armann Ohas com mer 1014 Washn av 
Wallabout mkt h 1648 N Y av 
ii & Berg com mers 1014 Washn av 
Wallabout mkt 
Armas Antonio cigarmkr h 195 Covert 
Armbruster Adele wid Fredk <h 415 E 3d 
Albert h 804 Macon 
Benj J police h 110 Chauneey 
Oasper hatter h 293 Grove 
Chas E salesman h 1025 Madison 
Ohas L extracts 282 Marion 
Edwd electrician h 288 Himrod 
ii Eugene L boxes 297 Monroe Mhtn h 
263 Eldert 
Fredk salesman h 947 Greene av 
Geo h 1438 Greene av 
Geo fireman h 252 Wyckoff av 
Jos strapmkr h 652 Koscko 
Wm boxmkr 295 Monroe Mhtn h 1347 

Jef av 
Wm eoml trav h 204 Hooper 
rmendlnger Geo bldr 1153 Myrtle av h 10 











O" - 





*> a 





























09 ° 


JO > 


O < 

o ? 

* • 


r s 

* 2 



2 $ 

















STOKES: 519 and 1416 Fulton Street 


247 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; 115 Park Bow, New York City, 

and S13 East 84th Street, New York City 


is always pure, 
rich and delicious 
French and Amer- 
ican, all flavors. 

Telephone at all AtUr*«ttt 


Successor to GIIXINS & PIVOVAR 


=== Formerly with JAMES CASSIDY 

22G Livingston S-fc. 
NEAR e:i_ivi f>i_. 


OC 9 

00 « 

I- O 

< Ul o 

flc r- 






o z 
z o 




>i Louis architect 872 Bwlek av 
,i M & Sou contractors 1153 Myrtle ay 
Armet Archibald bookbinder h 2081 Dean 
ii Geo oysters h E 92d n Av L 
ii Robt bookbinder 51 Warren Mhtn h 

Hinsdale o New lots rd 
Armetta John meat 74. Columbia 
Armfleld Alfred elk h 22 Prospect pi 
Arming Francis M bookkpr h 314 State 
Armltage Albert L engraver h 535 53d 
ii Edwd T h 614 53d 
ii Thos police h 114 Euclid av 
n Wm eigarmkr h 1391 Madison 
ii Wm machinist h 206 40th 
ii Wm C asst sec 68 William Mhtn h 

812 8th av 
Armmuth Anne grocer 222 Franklin 
Armour Agnes D, dressmkr 132 Schermerhorn 
ii Albert P sec 947 Marcy av 
ii Anna h 229 Adelphi 
n Clark kisp h 25 Strong pi 
ii Emma wid Geo h 266 Carlton av 
n Franklin D W elk h 3112 Clarendon rd 
ii Harry sec h 684 Hancock 
ii John W editor h 118 Concord 
ii Jos electrician h 68 Troy av 
ii Mary E wid H H h 084 Hancock 
ii M Y (firm of) baker 1600 Fulton 
ii Packing Co 197 Port & 98 

N 6th 
ii Theo S mer 32d c Bway Mhtn h 674 St 

Marks av 
ii & Co fish 1233 Bedford av 
ii & Co meat 315 39th & 186 Fort Greene 

Arms F T pay insp h Navy Yard 
ii Guy H student h 149 Willow 
ii Mary F wid Chas h 374 Hancock 
Armstead Frank C engineer h 17 Fair View 

Armstrong Albert H plumber h 283 Beld av 
ii Alice hotel Ocean av c Av S 
ii Andw J express 39 Fleet 
n Andw P awnings 549 DeKalb av 
ii Arthur E h 1017 8th av 
"AG prest 676 Hudson Mhtn h 664 

Park pl 
n A I prest 410 W 13th Mhtn h 618 East 

Pit way 
ii Cath wid John h 405A 17th 
n Cath wid John h 343 40th 
ii Chas treas h 2067 E 13th 
ii Chas A liquors h 297 Pearl 
ii Ohas A plumber 219 E 38th Mntn h 677 

Park pl 
ii Chas B lmpr 59 Pearl Mhtn h 41 Monroe 
ii Chas M printer h 185 Fountain av 
n Chas R printer 110 3d av 
n Clarence L ins 80 William Mhtn h 185 

Kingston av 
n Cork Co 216 Plymouth & 57 Murray 

ii C H decorator h 985 Gates av 
ii David electrician h 331 Degraw 
ii David engineer h 424 44th 
ii David laundry 1095 Bedford av h. S58 

Lex av 
ii Edmund V news h 74 Ocean Pkway 
n Edmund V jr broker h 74 Ocean Pkway 
ii Bdw E engraver h 36 Wyckoft 
ii Edwd P (Rev) h 919 E 13th 
ii Edwd T plumber 348 Court & 219 E 38th 

Mhtn h 249 Prest 
ii Ella wid Wm h 261 77th 
ii E D homeopathic medicines h 171 Halsey 
ii Francis mech eng h 71st n 17th av 
ii Frank T elk 420 Prospect pl 
n Fredk A electrician 348 Court h 164 Dn- 

derhill av 
n F W delicassen 411 Myrtle av 
n Geo h 327 Sumpter 
ii Geo H distiller 14 Water Mhtn h 71 

ii Geo S h 1058 E 19th 
ii Geo S jr civil eng h 1068 E 19th 
ii Geo W h 241 Putnam av 
ii Geo W bookkpr h 588 Pacific 
n Harold sec h 325 78th 
n Hy contractor Rogers av c Malbone 
ii Hy J elk h 490 E 16th 
ii Jas elk h 167 Sands 
ii Jas elk h 301 B 7th 
n Jas foreman h 215 Cornelia 
ii Jas grocer 773 Grand 
ii Jas plumber 348 Court h 335 Prest 
ii Jas D printer h 126 Crystal 

Steinway & Sons 



Nos. 107 and 109 East 14th Street £ 



ii Jas E L baker 291 7th av Z 
ii Jas H realestate 156 Bway Mhtn h 47 n 


ii Jas L physician h 247 N Y av m 

ii John h 1123 Bedford av Ij 

n John elk h 1367 55th ** 

ii John grocer h 638 45th C 

n John notions 407 Van Brunt (0 

" John salesman h 31 Schtdy av {/) 

ii John A lawyer 1116 Gates av m 
ii John H realestate 1468 Bway h 159 II 

Halsey , Lj 

n Josephine F wid Harry h 15) Clark "' 
ii Julia wid John h 26 Boerum pl 
ii J Lewis prest 149 Bway Mhtn h 262 fc 

Albany av 

ii Lynn P (Rev) 360 Pacific h 508 5th ft 

ii Mary J wid Geo J h 344 Pulaski J, 

ii Michl h 535 Sterling pl J 

ii Norah milliner 855 Bway «B 

ii Pauline wid Jeremiah h 465 Pulaski H 

ii Printing Co 110 3d av CO 
ii Robt jeweler 780 DeKalb av h 840 Jef 

av ■ 
ii Robt millinery 855 Bway 


dentist 1389 Broadway h Free- _i 
port 1. 1 fs 

ii Robt S grocer h 665 Bergen J» 

n Roland D coml mer 106 Wall Mhtn h ** 
17 Prospect pk W > 

ii Sidney S ins 172 Montague h 27 St ft 
Felix " 

ii Theodore engineer h 176 Bay 4th m 

n Thos bookbinder h 275 Putnam av 
n Thos leather 1076 DeKalb av "H 

ii Thos leather findings 820 Lex av O 

n Thos L foreman h 1315 Sterling pl jj 

ii Walter manager h 416 Adelphi 
ii Walter D compositor h 436 00th _ 

n Wm bookkpr h 430 7th Jj 

ii Wm surgl insts h 93 Cumberland C 

ii Wm A h 121 7th av 50 

,i Wm A elk h 421 42d ■» 

n Wm A manager h 537 8th 
ii Wm F shellac 229 Pearl Mhtn h 

Putnam av 
ii Wm J bookbinder h 183 Fountain av 
ii Wm J bookkpr h 3408 Newkirk av 
ii Wm M ins h 8034 17th av 
ii & McKiuley vinegar 75 Huron 

Armstrong-Hopkins Geo F (Rev) h 
Greene av 

Armstrong-Hopkins Salenl physician h 
Greene av 

Army & Navy Veterans' Assn Borough Hall 
n & Navy Union of u s a 200 Montague 

Arnaud Chas E salesman h 756 79th 
ii Jos instructor h 971 Putnam av 

Arnberg Hyman skirts 529 Bway Mhtn h 
647 Wilby av 

Arncke Chas grocer 541 4th av 
,i Hy elk h 370 Hooper 

Arndt Aaron carrier h 2907 Newkirk av 
ii Frank liquors W 1st c Park pl 
ii Hy carpr h 70th c 8th av 
n Paul drugs 605 Hart 
ii Rudolph engineer h 515 56th 

Arneberg Albert M, realestate 149 Bway 
Mhtn h 596 Park pl 
n Jens L tailor 212 Montague h 880 Ster- 
ling pl 
n L & Bro tailors 212 Montague 

Arnesen Carl J measurer h 646 58th 
ii John carpr h 210 29th 

Arnheimer Louis h 1435 50th 

Arnheiter Adolph P baker W 27th u R R av 
h Surf av n W 16th 
ii Wm h 41 Division av 
•i & Schwartz bakers W 27th n R R av 

Arnholtz Theo C manager h 99 Meserole av 

Arnofsky Harris mens filing 37 Mhtn av 

Arnoff Ellis caps 495 W Bway Mhtn h 1437 




H H 

z m 

« r 



•• i 


I— PI 



52 ' o = 









154 5th AVENUE, 

723 6th AVENUE, 











< © 
7 c 


i o 

fd *J 

© 4 
c » 













n L h 1437 57th 
Arnold Adele wid August U 171 14th 

n Albert h 1089 Pacific 

ii Albert shoes h 227 Hlmrod 

ii Alex photos 44 Fbush uv h 228 Living- 

ii Alonzo cashier h 743 41st 

H Alton B mfr h Hotel Bossert 

ii Annie stationer 374 5th av 

ii Anuie E wid Ansel h -1534 57th 

ii August meat 189 Smith h 266 Classon 


ii August musician h 98 Greene av 

ii Augustus machinist h 23 Mlddagh 

ii Benj button holes 260 Bowery Mhtn h 

428 S 5th 

ii Carl birds 168 Throop av 

ii Chas mfr h 506 73d 

n Chas mechanic h 370 Madison 

ii Chas ranges h 935 Gates av 

n Chrisr tailor 232 Palmetto 

ii Clarence engineer h 88 Milton 

ii Clifford E elk h 492 Quincy 

ii Conrad realestate h 157 Hpkson av 

ii C G h 206 Windsor pi 

n Douglas C paints h 47 Pierrepont 

n Edgar M elk h 405 Monroe 

ii Edwd B h 80 Henry 

n Edwd S glass stainer 250 Fulton h 152 


ii Edwin elk h 469 41st 

ii Elizabeth wid Geo h 269 Division av 

ii Elizabeth H sec 85 Livingston h 228 


ii Emma h 25 Monroe pi 

ii Ernest manager h 38 Suydam 

n Ernest meat 1582 Fulton h 1593 Fulton 

ii Ernest meat 225 Smith 

n Ernest plumber h 1483 DeKalb av 

n Ferdinand photos h 409 Rodney 

ii Frank raler 48 Duane Mhtn ih 31 Linden 

n Frank J teacher h 622 Mansfield pi 

ii Frank J h 476 9th 

ii Frank L ins 56 Pine Mhtn h 305 


u Frank W lawyer 119 Nassau Mhtn h 153 


h Franklin H h 152 Montague 

ii Franklin P realestate 373 Fulton h 1S6 

Prospect pi 

ii Geo cases 53 Ann Mhtn h 93 Herbert 

n Geo E mason h 139 4th av 

ii Geo F elk h 309 Leonard 

ii Geo J elk h 1445 56th 

ii Geo W examiner h 365 4th 

ii Hans architect 307 Washn h 336 Fbush 


ii Harry bldr h 1707 Dean 

ii Hy meat 225 Smith 

ii Horace L designer b 738 E 32d 

ii Isabelie dressmkr 169 Clinton 

ii Jacob hats 98 Mhtn av 

ii Joel hats 680 Bway b 135 Heyward 

ii John elk h 581 5th av 

ii John meat 208 Washn mkt Mhtn h 66 

Hale av 

ii John painter r 118 Spring Mhtn h 211 

Norwood av 

ii John E court officer h 1154 Decatur 

ii Jos buyer h 100 Newell 

ii Jos candy 252 Wyckoff av 

ii Jos elk 'h 240 Fountain av 

n Jos painter h 163 Ridgewood av 

ii Kate wid Saml h 696 Fulton 

m Killian music h 1312 Gates av 

ii Llbbie wid Edwin b 111 Calyer 

ii Louis realestate 846 Fulton h 543 Bergen 

n Lucius carpr h 41 Milford 

ii Lyndon manager 344 Produce Exch Mhtn 

h 15 Clark 

ii Margt wid Jacob h 535 WIlby av 

n Mary wid Win h 67 Cranberry 

,i Matthew electrician h 150 26th 

ii Max elk h 438 Bainbridge 

ii Nelson B treas 71 Otsego h Westfleld 

N J 

n Newton livery 54 Koseko h 183 Spencer 

ii Rlchd A broker h 96 Columbia hgts 

n Robt bookkpr h 35 4th pi 

ii Robt court attendant h 661 46th 

n Robt A bookkpr h 563 Park pi 

ii Saml tailor h 428 S 5th 

ii Saml H earpr h 291 6th 

ii Saml P coml tray h 77 Kenilworth pi 

ii Stephen teacher b 51 Howard av 

ii Sumter salesman h 1433 Bay Ridge av 

ii Tbeo engineer h 650 58th 

ii Tbeo W elk h 464 6th 

I desire to announce that I have 
removed from 14 1 Broadway, to 
nay Warerooms — — — — — — — — — — 

120-122 W. 31st St , N. Y. 

Mail and Telephone Oiderg will 

Keceive Pi-onipt Attention 
Telephone 5889 Madison Square 


ii Tbos L coffee 39 Old Slip Mhtn h 82 

n Thos W sfenclls 49 Fulton Mhtn h 603 

ii Willard J lnsp h 704 Hancock 

ii Wm cigars 493 Bway 

n Wm elk h 227 MeDonough 

ii Wm furrier h 200 Pulaski 

n Wm lawyer 179 Montague h 15 Clark 

n Wm A carpr 278 Baltic h 291 6th 

ii Wm H cons eng 62 Bway Mhtn h 165 
Prospect pk W 

ii Wm H realestate 44 Court h 8752 23d 

ii Win T h 266 E 19th 

ii Wm W h 468 Bainbridge 

ii W R granite 56 Milton 

ii Bros plumbers 98 Lawrence av 

ii & Locke glass stainers 250 Fulton 

ii & Son carpi's 278 Baltic 

ii & Stable cigars 9 Debevoise 

M & Walter meat 772 Grand 
Aruoldi Herman salesman h 240 Hewes 

ii Wm C tea 85 Front Mhtn b 947 St 
Marks av 
Arnoldson Ohas wagonmkr Ih ,1280 Park pi 
Arnone Jas rags 53 Frost 
Arnott Eliza wid David b 810 Carroll 

ii Mary J wid Jas h 745 Sterling pi 

ii J O painter 1239 Atlantic av 

ii & Stevens monuments 227 26th 
Arnott's Stores ft 27th & 129 Broad Mhtn 
Arnow Arthur Ins 215 Montague h 982 De- 
Kalb av 

n Nathan art 962 DeKalb av 
Arnsperger Wm h 836 Bway 
Arnstein Jos meat 449 Graham av 
Arntzen Andw paints h 623 Quincy 

ii Frigga nurse h 4802 4th av 
Arnzen F B designer h 1008 Decatur 

n Hy O Jeweler 269 Bway h 149 S 9th 
Arolo John carpr h 716 43d 
Aron Aaron meat 335 Johnson av h 435 

ii Eugene b 396 8th 

ii Jacob meat 278 Hooper 

n Jos L meat 177 Fort Greene pi b 
2400 7th av Mhtn 

ii Margt J wid h 330 Koseko 

ii Philip meat Atlantic av e Williams av 
h 0S9 Quincy 

ii Robt L meat 258 Hudson av h 584 7th 
Aronofsky Frank grocer 112 Mhtn av 
Aronow Israel woolens 111 Hester Mhtn h 
402 Linwood 

ii Jos realestate h Conklln av n Rkway av 
Aronowitz Asac jeweler 37 Maiden la Mhtn 
h 21 S 3d 

n Baruch supplies 24 Catherine Mhtn b 
442 Chester 

n David grocer 255 Hamburg av 
Aronowsky B plumber 109 Harrison av 

ii Saml caps 223 Greene Mhtn b 4317 13th 
Arons Harry printer h 245 S 3d 

ii Jos sec 313 Fbush av b 205 Park pi 

ii Jos tailor 47u6 3d av 
Aronson Abraham h furng 651 Myrtle av 

n Albert tailor 557 Coney Island av b 
834 Myrtle av 

ii Andw meat 3305 Church av h 303 

ii Augusta dressmkr 2186 Fulton 

ii A J liquors 205 Nassau av 

ii Bemhard painter b 5703 13th av 

n Chas millinery 1075 Bway 

n David dry gds 61 Belmont av 

ii Eina harness h 15 Pulaski 

ii F stationer 3S4 DeKalb av 

ii Harris caps 50 Great Jones Mhtn h 1701 
East Pkway 

ii Harrv roofer h 193 Hooper 

i, Hy physician 1) 364 12th 

ii Isidor grocer 15 Stockton 

ii Jacob painter h 418 44th 

ii Joel tools 29 Ten Eyck h 755 Greene av 

n Max hats 636 Bway ilbtn h 135 Rodney 

ii Mayer gas fixtures 22 Morton h 1703 
Pitkin av 

ii ilayr fixtures 67 Centre Mhtn h 1615 
Pitkin av 

ii Mever skirts 59 E Bway Mhtn h 1224 
39 th 

n Mfg Co frames 1041 Bway 

ii Moses salesman h 922 Prospect pi 

ii M realestate 450 iNostrand av 

ii M statiouer 277 Nostrand av 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 



















317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. Tel. 

3004 naln. 



UPiNGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 

00 4 

I- 2 

S E S 

i I § 

1 Si 

=5 H 





.. M tailor 283 Grand av 

ii Peter h 1096 Park pi 

ii Saml tailor h 590 Rogers av 

ii Saml M cigars Tbroop av h 262 Pulaski 

ii Sarah millinery 21 bO Fulton 

n Saul clothing 50 E Bway Mhtn h 1224 

ii Simon fancy gds 523 Atlantic av 
,i Wm elk h 518 E Sth 
n & Fierst dry gds 61 Belmont av 
ii & Korufeld realestate 774 Bway 
Aronstam Alex realestate 1256 Gates av h 
216 Bleecker 
ii Chas S lawyer 215 Montague h 199 

Sth av 
ii Marcus h 199 8th av 
Aronstein Saml E boxes 43 Mercer Mhtn h 

173 Sutter av 
Arostegui Club 340A 9th 

,i F cigars 447 5th av h 383 14th 
Arowltz Albert vprest 94 John Mhtn h 1582 

E 13 th 
Arp Hy engineer b 412 Dean 
n Max F butter 511 E 28th 
,, M F & Bro grocers 131 Tpkins av 
Arpe Herman impr 64 Pearl Mhtn h 244 

Arpert Herman bookkpr h 570 Vandt av 
Arpin Frank dress gds h 521 Dean 
Arps Hy liquors 1117 Bway b 1134 DeKalb 
ii Otto L liquors 499 Broome Mhtn h 999A 
Laf av 
Arrance Augustus iusp b 643 60th 

ii Stephen h 625 47th 
Arras Hy agt 445 9th 

n Philip baker h 443 9th 
Arrastia Herminia M wld Manuel h 513 
Greene av 
n Leopold de translator 81 New Mhtn 
h 705 DeKalb av 
Arrighi Carlo statuary 382 Water Mhtn h 

996 4th av 
Arrington Walter elk h 382 Warren 
ii Wm E baker h 327 Putnam av 
Arrison Chas T mfr h 80 Rutland rd 
Arrow Jas mer h 284 Park pi 
Arrowsmlth Hubert physician h 170 Clinton 

ii H A h 429 16th 
Arsell Wm police h 89 Reid av 
Arsen Walter lamps 547 6th av 
Arstein Jos meat Richardson c Graham av 
Art Cabinet Mfg Co 116 Ellery 
ii Furniture and Opholsterlng Co 1483 

Bedford av 
,i H electrician h 27 N J av 
ii Leather Co 191 Fulton 
ii Machine Co 231 Fulton 
ii Marble Works 393 Herkimer 
n Peter J machinist h 79 Vermont 
n Plating Works 1146 Myrtle av 
ii Sheet Metal Co 260 Wallabout 
ii Drn Co cremation urns 54A Jef 
Artale Frank grocer 193 Johnson av 
Artall Paul J elk h 433 DeKalb av 
Artengren Alfred draughtsman h 239 Sackett 
Artbe John C umbrellas 307 Canal Mhtn h 

175 Quiney 
Arthur Christiana wld Peter h 734 DeKalb 
ii Clifford h 1123 Bedford av 
ii Danl viee-prest 188 Front Mhtn h 348 

Washn :.v 
ii David feed h 483 Hpkson av 
ii David hatter h 1161 Gates av 
ii Edwd G manager 55 New Mhtn h 11 

Verona pi 
ii Edwd W photos Ocean Pkway c Av 

ii Frank D lawyer 84 Cotton Exch Mhtn 

h 385 Jef av 
ii Geo W collector h 405 E 5th 
ii Harry E elk h 749 41st 
ii H P h 10 Bleecker 
.1 Jas machinery 188 Front Mhtn h 348 

Washn av 
ii John F mfr 188 Front Mhtn h 40 Clif- 
ton pi 
M Jos T elk h 184 Wlnthrop 
ii Joshua B supt h 74 Penn 
ii Robt broker h E 26th n Av Z 
ii Theo L livery 2216 Church av h 150 

Lenox rd 
.1 Walter B photos b 167 E 8t.h 
ii Wm machinist h 575 Warren 
ii Winslow engineer h 594 Van Buren 
Artificial Stone Co 155 Jamaica av 


Artillery Club 238 Madison 
Artis Frank h 11 Prescott pi 
Artist John blacksmith h 1446 Greene av 
Artistic Novelty Decorating Co 370 Rodney 
Artie Anthony agt h 433 DeKalb av 
Artloff Edwd designer h 1070 Jef av 
Arts & Craft Shop 516 Fulton 
Artus Herman elk h 110 Moffat 

it Wm cutlery 187 Fulton h 96 Chester 
Artz Wm delicatessen 550 7th av 
Arundale Walter W engraver b 22 Johnson 

29th ward 
Arundel Thos elk h 147 Norwood av 
Arundell Danl sampler h 189 Baltic 
ii Frank h 106 Newell 
ii J Fredk h The Touraine 
Arverne Bldg Co bldrs 192 Montague 
Arvlne Fordyce B dentist h 793 Lincoln pi 
Arvintz Aaron N plumber 513 W 125th Mhtn 

h 1768 Prospect pi 
Arwe Carl H metal gds 1352 DeKalb av 
ii Fredk A W candy 1236 Rogers av 
Arwln Realty Co 313 Fbusli av 
Arzberger Frank truckman 125 Evergreen av 
ii Philip shirt mfr 18 B 22d Mhtn h 36 

Ash ford 
ii Valentine cigar mfr 20 Park h 205 
Arzt Louis iron S860 Jackson av Mhtn h 
379 Sutton 
ii Wm iron 860 Jackson av Mhtn h 104 
Asacog Boys' Club 102 Pineapple 

n Neighborhood Assn 52 Sands 
Asahana Hy sec Carlton av c Pacific h E 

29th n Beverley rd 
Asarch Bernard stationer 957 Sutter 
Asbell Arthur C h 436 Gates av 

n Walter laundry 20 Bergen h 436 Gates 
Asbestolith Mfg Co 248 Java 
Asbury Clement B arbitrator 25 Broad Mhtn 
h 823 Prospect pi 
ii Harry F studio 337 Fulton h 767 Put- 
nam av 
Asch Geo brewer h 515 St Marks av 
n Max meat 94 Leonard 
ii Tobias bottler 732 E 11th Mhtn h 
1349 Putnam av 
Aschauer Mary wld Geo h 829 Bwlck av 
Asehe Albert C lawyer 253 Bway Mhtn h 
1834 E 13th 
ii Chas H broker 21 State Mhtn h 937 

Park pi 
ii Fred D asst manager 26 Bway Mhtn h 

Nostrand av c Hancock 
n Hy S bookkpr h 616 East Pkway 
n Sidney L ins 135 William Mhtn h 616 

East Pkway 
ii Wm bookkpr h 941 Park pi 
Asehenbaeh Chas W harness 65 Murray Mhtn 

h 277 McDonough 
Aschenfeld J pants 49 Varet 
Ascher E jeweler 718 5th av 
n Hy acct h 8411 13th av 
ii Herbert manager h 234 Decatur 
ii Max designer h 242 Hewes 
ii Morris trimmings 262 Graham av 
Aschner Amos E cigars 369 Fulton L' 653 
ii Claus E cigars 369 Fulton u 633 Carroll 
n Fredk B cigars 369 Fulton h Mhtn 
ii Hermann cigars 234 Fulton h 111 Clark 
ii Isidor cigars 369 Fulton h 172 St 

John's pi 
n Nathan A cigars 369 Fulton h 175 Amity 
Aschner's A Sons cigars 369 Fulton 
Aschoff F Victor cashier 49 Barclay Mhtn 
h 1944 Benson av 
.1 Geo A broker 102 Wall Mhtn h 703 

Vandt av 
ii Hy L broker 12 Wall Mhtn h 164 Sterl- 
ing pl 
ii Lena wid John H h 664 East Pkway 
" Thus decorator h 327 Sterling pl 
ii Victor notary 49 Barclay Mhtn h 1944 

Benson av 
ii Wm lildr h 1S7 23d 
n Wiu elk h 108 Dean 
.. Wm H h 2919 Fort Hamilton Pkway 
Aseutney Realty Co 75 6th av 
Aseltine Alverton H Journalist h 631 Greene 

Asendorf Christian upholsterer h 342 49th 
n Fredk L salesman h 1S2 Freeman 
ii Herman C wines 450 Rogers av h 9S3 
Mhtn av 



53 r* h 


8 £ "8 

(a -I 

i-i £. 

m ^° B? 

re n 

S: W «■■ 
o « S 

2. a E 
< 2 = 

re £s 
•, n C/i 

"3 - 


3" iS re 

O 1= T3 

|3 o 3" 
re © O 

"* 3 3 

trt - re re 


» b u 

i. i. _ 

_ Cm W 

CC U. Vj 



o p a 

a 5- 3 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 





W M 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Tel. 3004 Halo. 




Ct« J?fc 5 M 
*<~W ■§>• 

W «« §K 

9 • 
5 ► 

<5 « 



Ash Asa manager 221 Wooster Mbtn li 11 
Bay 20th 

it Chas F dentist 160 Park pi 
ii Chas K dry gds B222 5th av h 5300 
6th av 

ii Ernest A music h 411 Caton av 

ii Ernest H Jeweler 1399 Bway h 916 

ii Howell J coppersmith 44 Dean h 52 
Prospect av 29th ward 

ii Isidor waists h 328 Keap 

ii Jacob machines 221 Wooster Mhtn h 11 
Bay 20th 

i, Jos h 11 Bay 20th 

n Jos H coppersmith 44 Dean h 163 Baln- 

ii Jos H Jr manager h 163 Balnbridge 

ii Junius B H salesman h 205 Lee av 

ii Nelson jeweler 1165 Bway h 505 Monroe 

ii Robt J painter h 893 DeKalb av 

■i Stephen B optician 156 Lawrence h 629 

ii Sydnev jeweler 1165 Bway h 768 Jef av 

ii Victoria jeweler 1165 Bway h 629 Mad- 

n Wni A elk h 154 S Elliott pi 

n & Heilbronn dry gds 5th av c 53d 
Ash-Menthol Co 629 Madison 
Asha Norman V carpr h 748 Gates av 
Ashauer Lewis h 259 Cornelia 

ii Louis police h 1318 Jef av 
Ashbey Chas S fish 1505 Fulton & 1108 Bed- 
ford av 
Ashbrook John T realestate 795 Fbush av 
Ashburner Gilman elk h 421 E 17th 
Ashbury Kate wid Geo h 638 10th 
Ashby Geo E elk h 106 Waverly av 

ii Homer H snpt h 267 Lewis av 

ii John elk h 315 7th av 

ii Rlchd H sec 22 Court h S Ozone Park L I 

ii Win h 332 Hawthorne 
Ashcroft Fred actor h 297 6th av 

ii Herbert elk h 170 Eldert 

n .Mary K wid Rlohd h 284 Gates av 

ii Ralph W elk h 39 Remsen 

ii Walter B v-pres 15 Fulton Fish mkt 
Mhtn h 377 Monroe 
Ashe Edwd C signs 520 Chauncey 

n Fredk D h 148 Hancock 

ii Fredk W vet surg 1411 Av P 

ii John liquors 617 3d av 

n Meyer grocer 543 Stone av 

ii Sydney W elee eng h 1134 Pacific 
Ashelmer Jacob n 1401 Greene av 
Ashein Gustave A caterer h 338 Clifton pi 
Ashenden Francis engineer h 1034 40th 
Ashendorf S N cigars 1074 Mhtn av 
Asher Alfred bookkpr h 61 Ralph av 

i. Asher drugs 1876 Bway h 10O2 Decatur 

i, Helen wid h 35 2d 

ii Hy drugs 1876 Bway h 70A Schaeffer 

ii Hy jr elk h 64 Hull 

ii Jacob shoes 1848 Park pi 

n Marv wid Hazzard h 95 E 18th 

ii Philip trimmings 79 White Mhtn h 206 
Sutter av 

ii Thos C elk h 225 Herkimer 
Asheville Line ft N 7th 
Asbfield Elizabeth wid Hy h 413 Tpkins av 

ii Fredk J bldr 350 Fulton h 567 Dela- 
mere pi 

■i Fredk R bldr 850 Fulton h 933 B 15th 

ii Herbert bldr 350 Fulton h 376 Mont- 

ii J Howard realestate 526 Nostrand av h 
1343 Pacific 

ii J Howard (inc) realestate 526 Nostrand 


Real Estate 



Telephone, 2477 Bedford 


Ashford Athletic Club (inc) 200 Schenck av 


ii Metal Celling Co 177 Richmond 
ii Shirt Co 220 Ashford 
Ashforth Edwd realestate 51 W 42d Mhtn h 
390 Jef av 
ii Wm T plumber 2772 Atlantic av h 356 
Euclid av 
Ashi Abraham G notions 100 Greenwich. Mlitn 

h 39 Willow pi 
Ashie Michl impr 39 Bway Mhtn h 5416 6th 

Ashland Emil janitor h 88 Clifton pi 
Ashler John florist h 186 27th 
Ashley Alice I wid Chas h 28 Irving pi 
ii Chas N bookkpr n 686 Lincoln pi 
ii Frank M patents 154 Nassau Mhtn h W 
ii Fred G asst sec 186 Remsen h 441 2d 

6th n Neptune av 
ii Fredk elee eug h 310 Dltmas av 
ii Fredk G lawyer 215 Montague h 68 St 

James pi 
ii Helen wid John h 50 Aberdeen 
ii Herbert actor h 18 Lincoln pi 
ii Jas T cashier h 175 Linden av 
n Jennie P h 478 Wilby av 
ti John I elk h 260 Lex av 
n John J physician h 2 Hart 
ii John J jr eye specialist h 28 Palmetto 
ii John W stoves 113 Beekman Mhtn h 860 

ii Jos electrician h 7© Aberdeen 
ii Moses G milk h 124 S 1st 
ii Robt W blacksmith h 365 12th 
ii Saml E Q fish 157 5th av h 28 Irving pi 
ii Thos storekpr h 741 58th 
ii & Merwln jewelers 1032 Gates av 
Ashman Amelia wid Wolf h 168 Dean 
ii Edwd salesman h 329 Balnbridge 
ii Maurice awn mer 1005 Wallabout mkt h 
168 Dean 
Ashmore Geo A insp h 2722 Albermarle rd 

ii John W reporter h 1460 Bedford av 
Ashmun Alonzo A principal Wyona n Jama- 
ica av h 1163 Dean 
ii Gilbert A physician h 1163 Dean 
Ashner Slgmund tobacco 224 Pearl Mhtn h 

1804 Coney Island av 
Ashton Cath wid Michl h 272 14th 
ii Chas H painter h 321 53d 
ii D H hatter h 554 48th 
ii Frances J nurse h 3S2 Madison 
ii Frank G valves 128 Liberty Mhtn h 917 

St Marks av 
ii Frank J carrier h 297 McDonough 
ii Geo A elk h 217 Middleton 
ii Geo B collector h 464 Hart 
ii Hy L bricklayer h 2 W 4th 
n Jas G elee eng h 273 Grand av 
ii John cigars h 297 McDougul 
n John M realestate Bath av & Bay 19th 

h 1835 83d 
ii Rlchd surveyor h 1545 N Y av 
it Thos J bldr h 584 DeKalb av 
ii T Warren bookkpr h 701 Mansfield pi 
ii Win elk h 409 Hart 
ii Wm painter h 536 57th 
ii Wm G salesman h 465 Wilby av 
Ashwell Hy A hat blocks 536 W Bway Mhtn 

h 636 Marcy av 
Asia Andw cigars 514 Flushing av 
Aslp Wm S police h 273 Prospect pi 
Ask Oscar liquors 637 3d av h 5S15 13th av 
Askel Said J klmonas 35 Bway Mhtn h 133 

Askew Alice laundry 272 Wvekoff av 
ii Carrall A manager h 3803 10th av 
n Jas coal h 699 Lex av 
n Jas B drugs 530 Gates av 
n John D elk h 349 12th 
Askln Chas II elk h 220 52d 
ii David elk h 193 Byerson 
ii David J printer h 557 Greene av 
ii David T electrician h 573 Gates av 
ii Thos police h 39 Van Buren 
ii Wm police 573 Gates av 
Asklne Geo impr Mhtn h 799 Kenmore pi 
Askllng Philip painter h 899 Belmont av 
Asklof August wid Fabiah h 211 Ridgewood 

Asklund John A vans 318 Douglass h 410 

Aslaksen C h 27 E 3d 
Asman Wm C agt h 558 Balnbridge 
Asmanu A h 226 Bleecker 
Asmus Bertha wid Chas h 1397 Jef av 
ii Jacob umbrellas 40 Hamburg av 
ii Jas elk h 34 Howard av 
ii Slogler brass finisher h 194 Melrose 




































Watches, Diamonds and Jewelry 
141 Broadway, cor. Liberty St., New York 

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OPIKGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 

oc 3 





Asnnissen J H undertaker 1259 Bwick ar 
Asms Abruiu liquors 51 Main h 234 ii 14th 
n A liquors 229 Hoyt 
Aspeeiete (Jo roofers 280 Baltic & 132 Nassau 

Aspeil Thus A sulesiuuu h 680 Delamere pi 

ii Wholesale Grocery Co 5UO 53d 
Aspern John shipmaster h 65 Norwood ay 
Aspiuall Frances wid Wru P h 52 Vau Buren 
ii P 6 h 28 Speucer pi 
n H Eruest elk h 545 Carlton ay 
ii Jos judge Court House h 673 Laf ay 
ii Seott patternnikr h 122 3d pi 
ii Walter A drugs 1147 Fulton h 15 Jef ay 
M Wm h 673 Laf ay 
Aspland Ceo H mason h 35 Grant sq 
Asposet John S shoes 701 Atlantic ay 
Asquith Alfred W cloth Leonard c Church 

Mhtn h 1G3 Clinton av 
Assante Pasquale physician 125 1st pi 
Asselta Raphael physician h 67 Williams ay 
Assembly Catering & Supply Co 153 Plerre- 
ii Realty Corporation 422 Gates ay 
Assenhcim Jos art gds 15 Bway Mhtn b 8624 
24th ay 
n Louis J art gds 15 Bway Mhtn h 8624 
24th a.y 
Assenheimer Otto C insp 500 Park ay Mhtn 

h 863 Carroll 
Assersou Hy R to 495 6th ay 
Assing Wui stable 346 Water Mhtn h 455 

Assip John bldr h 224 6th ay 

ii Thos F h 224 6th ay 
Asslander Nicholas grocer 208 Kent 
Assmau Herman mechanic h 627 Hart 
Associated Electricians 26 Court 
ii Merchants of Brooklyn 44 Court 
n Nurses Club 184 Amity 
ii Operating Co ft 47th 
ii Realty Improvement Co 180 Montague 
Association for Improving the Condition of 
the Poor 104 Livingston & 470 Throop 
n Hall (Y M C A) Bond n Fulton 
n of Fully Disabled Veterans Borough Hall 
Ast Julius barber 3109 Ocean av 
n Kobt furniture h 540 50th 
ii Thos It bricklayer h 765 Bedford ay 
Astakson D earpr 762 49th 
Astarita Achille bookkpr h 802 St John's pi 
ii Anthony caterer 169 Halsey h 1654 At- 
lantic av 
ii August Ice h 12 3d pi 
n Emma D yocal teacher h 802 St Johns 

n Jas J notary 320 Bway Mhtn h 250 39th 
ii Jas J & Bros realestate 795 3d ay 
Aste Anthony L horses h Mansfield pl c 
Jerome av 
ii John Ethan coml tray h 60th n 17th ay 
ii Tobias b 379 Palmetto 
Astell John J h 168 High 
Asten Chas h 71 Irving pl 
.. Jane wid Barthw h 170 McDonough 
ii Wm h 224 Eckford 
Aster Carl J engineer h 5812 6th ay 
Asterley Richd N treasr 1 Madison ay Mhtn 

h 204 Bay 35 th 
Astle Jos earpr h 626A Bergen 
Aston Albert lawyer 25 Broad Mhtn h 78 
Hanson pl 
n Alfred suspendenukr h 101 Oak 
n Alfred M printer 108 Liberty Mhtn h 

360 14th 
n Geo electrician h 309 Keap 
ii Geo A prtuter 108 Liberty Mhtn h 360 

14 th 
n Geo G printer 108 Liberty Mhtn h 360 

ii Moreton W printer 22 Thames Mhtn h 

591 Halsey 
ii Sainl T priuter 22 Thames Mhtn h 591 

ii Wm E machinist h 1189 Bedford ay 
ii W F buckles 230 Java 
.1 W K 179 Remsen h Cedarhurst L I 
Astor Shoe Co 643 Fulton 
Astoria Coke Co 632 Kent ay 
Astraukas K liquors 1(>4 Wythe ay 
Astrotf Hy tailor 326 9th 
Astroni Fred hats 600 3d ay Mbtn h 646 

Astrowsky Jacob cigars 373 Myrtle ay 
Astwood Jas H engineer h 303 'Hancock 


Atak Miguel cigars 3 Howard Mhtn h 542 2d 
Atchison Caroline wid Albert h 592 Quiney 
ii Geo printer h 592 Quiney 
ii Jas A auditor 27 William Mhtn, h 2240 

ii Peter elk h 94 McDougal 
n Robt penmkr h 521 Greenwood ay 
ii Saml vet surg 16 Baiubrldge h 169 De- 
Aten Wm H physician h 100 Greene ay 
Athearn Wm E engineer h 47 Bay 29th 
Atherton A K h 387 5th 
n Chas F drugs 883 Fbush ay 
ii Wm J drugs h 104 Chauncey 
n Zebla h 709 Putnam ay 
Athousen John tailor 263 13th 
Abhing L baker 262 Kingston ay 
Atkin Bernard mer ih 88 Lewis ay 
Geo painter h 410 7th 
Jos electrician 81 5fh ay h 5006 5th ay 
Margt wid Jas h 65A Patchen av 
Wm Janitor h 598 Koscko 
Atkins Arthur h 949 Park pl 
Chester salesman h 91 Java 
Earl restaurant 1307 Nostrand ay 
Elizabeth H wid David P h 121 Quiney 
Etta wid Ohas h 195 Garfield pl 
Hy engraver h 300 Adelphi 
Hy salesman h 179 Adelphi 
Howard M ins h 180 Sterling pl 
Iroa Works 824 Belmont av 
Jas O plush 41 Union sq W Mhtn h 393 

E 18th 
John H lawyer 150 Nassau Mhtn h 

1240 46th 
John J bookbinder h 505 Gates ay 
Jos h 414 Rutland rd 
Jos draughtsman h 598 Decatur 
Patrick electrician h 71st & Narrows av 
Rlehd H shoes 275 Columbia 
Saml cigars h 310 6th 
Saml furs 43:1 Bedford av h 263 Hooper 
Saml H fireman h 310 '12th 
Thos J h 631 Wilby av 
Wm mason h 346 2d 

Wm E impr 160 Pearl Mhtn >h 372 Jef 
Atkinson Albert J drugs 200 Bway Mhtn h 
1443 73d 
n Alfred salesman h 315 Stuyt av 
ii Arthur printer h 581 10th 
n Blanehard h 591 4fh 
ii Blanehard P advertising 290 Bway 

Mhtn h 80 N Y ay 
ii Chas realestate h 91 Clark 
ii Chas E manager 12 Park pl Mhtn h 

586 7th 
n Chas L physician h 75 Hanson pl 
ii OLas S broker h 1170 Dean 
a Charlotte wid John M h 537 Hancock 
ii Elizabeth wid J A h 8 S Oxford 
ii Ernest stenographer h 549 Lex av 
ii Fred W prest 85 Livingston h 55 Pine- 
n Fredk elk h 324 Adelphi 
ii Geo A priuter h 592 Quiney 
ii Geo O (Rev) h J52 Pulaski 
n Harry G h 602 Macon 
n Jas C coml tray h 393 E '18th 
ii Jas P ins 44 Court h il96 Berkeley pl 


general agents Northwestern 
Mutual Life Insurance Company 
44 Court Telephone No 2492 

n Jas K realestate 199 Montague h 1 

Verona pl 
John h 581 II Oth 
John elk h 227 Halsey 
John J liquors 143 Raymond 
John J h 557 Carlton ay 
John W insp h 117 Windsor pl 
Lewis P h 8 S Oxford 
Lindsay H drugs h 20 St John's pl 
Louis M elk h 81 1st pl 
Mary wid Jas candy 115 Concord h J37 

Paul electrician h 939 Sterling pl 
Paul R treas 360 Pearl h 260 76th 
RIc'hd elk <h 315 Stuyt ay 
Russell J hardware dlS3 Bway 
It S h 412 Macon 
Saml (Kev) h 40 Eldert 
Saml earpr h 254 Hewes 
Sue M nurse h 471 Quiney 
ii Thos steamfltter h 1491 Gates ay ,■ 

Business Directory!!! 



Washington St., 

nc, 3004 Maim. 


r 1 






ass D 
oo _ 

oo ™ 
















-*— ' 






























Authorized by the State of New York 
56-58 PINE STREET, NEW YORK CITY Tel. John 2131 



ii Wm li 412 Macon 
ii Wm undertaker h 920 Dean 
ii Win F ins 44 Court h 283 Bklyn av 
ii Wm H li 728 Classon av 
ii & Co (inc) ebocolate 771 Bedford av 
Atkiss Jas police b 200 Franklin av 
Atlanta Home Ins Co 26 Court & 179 Rem- 

Atlantic Basin Iron Works 11 Imlay and 18 
ii Carbon Works 2819 Church av 
n Chemical Works 76 Evergreen av 
ii Chemical Works 11 Seabring 
ii City Heights Realty Co 26 Court 
ii Coast Dispatch ft N 4th 
ii Comb Works 77 Wallabout 
ii Co sash chain 26 Rodney 
n Co-operative Savings & Loan Assn 321 

n Dock Co 1 N Pier Atlantic Dock 
n Five &. Ten Cent Store 2613 Atlantic av 
ii Garden 628 Bway 
n Hygic Ice Co 1864 Atlantic av 
ii Iron Works 365 Lorimer 
ii Iron & Steel Co Humbt c Norman av 
ii Stables 430 Atlantic av 
ii Stevedoring Co 213 King 23 Ferris & 

W Centl Pier Atlantic Dock 
ii Storage Warehouse 70 Atlantic av 
ii Supply Co plumbers supplies 500 Atlantic 

ii Theatre 2646 Atlantic av 
ii Transport Line 359 Fulton 
,i White Lead Works 135 Marshall & 100 

William Mhtn 
ii Wood Heel Co 1747 Fulton 
ii Yacht Club Bay View av & Highland 

av Sea Gate 
ii & Pacific Tea Co 847 Fulton & 189 
Atlas Assurance Co (ltd) 97 Bway 
ii Brass Foundry 112 Gpoint av 
M Embroidery Works 185 Van Brunt 
M Ins Co of London 172 Montague 
ii Morris flowers 235 Mercer Mhtn h 248 

S 2d 
ii Motion Pictures 281 Bway 
ii Poster Print 103 Pineapple 
ii Stamp Co 319 Evergreen av 
n Steel Column Co ft 24th 
ii Steamship Co 359 Fulton 
Atley Mary wid John J h 40 Clinton av 

ii Porter F examiner h 400 Washn av 
Atno Francis R manager h 183 Berkeley pi 
ii Mary F wid Louis H h 57 Prospect pi 
Aton Wm K lawyer 26 Court h Oakdale L I 
Attarian Megerdicb physician h 49 Bain- 
ii Toros tailor 122 Albany av h 1557 
Park pi 
Attell Chas dry gds 325 Knickr av 
Attcnborough Geo T com mer 443 Bway 

Mhtn h 165 Bay 31st 
Atterbury Sarah wid Thos W h 1125 Madi- 
Attfleld Wm A vet surg 321 Dean h 272 
H & Gillespie vet surgs 321 Dean 
Attianese A barber 252 Humbt 
Attias Mesody cigars 146 Park Row Mhtn 

h 2750 W 3d 
Attini L M h 137 Pacific 
Attinson Isaac jeweler 352 Myrtle av 
Attix Albert A electrician 283 Fbush av h 
509 2d 
n Electrical Engineering Co 283 Fbush av 
ii Thos F electrician 283 Fbush av h 

588 Park pi 
ii Thos F jr electrician 283 Fbush av n 
5S8 Park Dl 
Attlesey Chas E supt h 1259 41st 
Attlewed Christian sbipbldr ft 25th h 217 

Attwater Chas H realestate 44 Court h 449 

Attwood Edwd C painter 1112 Fbush av h 
805 Ocean av 
n Fred J H exporter 171 Water Mbtn h 

1126 Pacific 
ii Fredk J chemist h 469 58th 
n Herbert E decorator 1112 Fbush av h 

805 Ocean av 
ii H E Co decorators 1112 Fbush av 
ii John D salesman h 765 Westminster rd 
■i Jos G h 765 Westminster rd 
Atwater Alex police h 1854 Pacific 
ii Arthur h 564 Evergreen av 



ii Bert L gum 429 6tb av Mhtn h 2222 

Bath av 
ii Edwd W bookkpr h 518 Halsey 
ii EdwcLW jeweler 15 Maiden la Mhtn h 

380 Macon 
ii Ellen wid Percy h 368 Prospect pi 
ii Hy Day comptroller Atlantic av c 

Clinton h 151 Joralemon 
ii Hy G h 312 St James pi 
ii Hy H photos 940 Madison h 110 Wilson 
ii Jas h 604 Madison 
ii Jane B wid John H h 232 Jef av 
ii John A drugs 477 lieap h 518A Halsey 
ii Lawrence W elk h 119 Martense 
ii Lyman W mecli eng li 377 1st 
,i L W h 2167 Bedford av 
Atwell Everett D dentist 1387 Bway & 7 
n Fredk pilot h 69 Decatur 
ii David S carrier h 908 DeKalb av 
ii Randall h 589 Decatur 
ii Robt X cashier h 3S7 Gates av 
Atwood Adelbert D physician 980% DeKalb 
ii Chas C mech eng h 200 Berkeley pi 
ii Chas G h 200 Berkley pi 
ii Elbert C sec 95 Liberty Mhtn h 68 

ii E J h 440 Ocean Pkway 
ii Frank R salesman h 803 Beverley rd 
ii Geo D manager 90 West Mhtn h 514 E 

n Harold realestate 352 Atlantic 

335 State 

n Harry elk h 49 Stanhope 

ii Harry collector b 204 Rutledge 

ii Hy C acet a 43 Hancock 

ii Hy C dry gds 2755 Atlantic av 

n Jennie wid Jas G h 454 3d « 

ii John printer h 1000 Decatur * 

ii John W lumber 18 Bway Mhtn h 196 J 

Lincoln rd / 

n John W realestate 982 Fbush av h 61 I 

Clarkson av ■ 

ii J D h 454 3d ; 

ii M"E employment 34 Nevins « 

ii Wm W trainmaster h 64 Herkimer { 

ii Wm J sec 220 Bway Mhtn h Hotel St * 


AuBon Marche dyeing 70 Montrose av \ 

Aub A F realestate Ocean Pkway n Sheeps- J 

head Bay rd 
Aube August manager h 324 Chauneey * 

ii Edgar E h 73 Kenilworth pi * 

n Hy B letter carrier h 335 3d 
ii Hy W lawyer 37 Liberty Mhtn h 580 J 

n Jos E insp h 242 Prest r 

ii Julian elk h 823 Lex av * 

n L L wid R W jr h 99 Wlnthrop 
ii Peter R h 578A Halsey C 

ii Peter R Jr printer h 180 Euclid av f 

Aubergeon Hy M elk h 145 Somers ; 

Aubery Albert C lawyer 215 Montague & 35 * 
Nassau Mhtn h 534 Madison f 

Aubrey Arthur J reporter h 520 Pacific m 

Auchmuty Arthur auditor 215 Montague h 81 _ 
St Marks av » 

Aucbterlonie Madeline wid Jas C b 
Rogers av 
ii Wm J realestate 367 Fulton h 
Prospect pk W 
Audas Isaac carpr h 320 57th 
Audet Arthur J salesman h 411 Koscko 
Auditore Frank banker 107 Union h 120 
Windsor pi 
ii F & J & Co stevedores 44 Sackett 
n Jos stevedore 44 Sackett h 151 Union 
Audley Louis J printer h 194 Ross 
Audlin Jas housesmlth h 142 High 
Auer Chas h 552 Decatur 
ii Chas gold leaf 525 Glenmore av 
ii Emma wid Miclil h 525 Glenmore av 
n Ernest C elk h 11S3 Jef av 
ii E & Son gold leaf 525 Glenmore av 
ii Geo carpr h 119 Stanhope 
ii John contractor 648 Lex av h 19 Lin- 
ii John Jr hardware 199 Middleton h 23 

Centl pi 
n John B shoes 576 Hamburg av 
ii John W mason 957 Bway h 359 Ver- 
non av 
ii John & Son contractors 648 Lex av 
ii Jos meat 2527 Pitkin av 
,i Peter h 1126 Wllby av 
ii Philip h 1204 Greene av 
ii Robt machinist h 1168 Gates av 







m z 

no ^ 

° =Z m 

2 O 2 

" =3 S 

CO o 

o m > 


The New York Business Directory for 1860, under the heading Brush 
Manufacturers, gave the address of BRADLEY & SMITH, 251 Pearl 
Street. Trow's Directory for 1910 shows BRADLEY & SMITH 

at rue: same location 



Pictures^ Paintings 





ii Win b 74 Ralph 

i. Wm bldr 1107 Myrtle ay h 730 WUby 

b 258 






h 1506 Gates i 
Hy h 512 Hart 
308 Butler 

n Wm plumber 127 Nostrand av 
N Y av 
Auerbaeh Abraham novelties 118 
Mhtn h 163 Lorlmer 
ii Albert W (Key) b 155 Vernon aT 
„ Fredk h 112 3d pi 
n By designer 154 Nassau Mhtn b 156 

Vernon av 
ii Julius supt h 33 Joralemon 
n Louis manager b 480 Van Baren 
n Louis S meat 465 7th av 
ii Maurice A paper bags 12th av c 38th 
ii Morris stationer 186 Lee av h 243 Lee 

ii Otto L printer 189 Pearl Mhtn h 1445 

n Rudolph agt h 112 3d pi 
ii Saml ins h 692 Park av 
ii Theo E realestate 276 Hamburg av h 8 

Elderts la 
ii Wm F printer h 880 Greene av 
Auerbacber Jacob dry gds Centl av c Greene 

av h 1195 Greene av 
Auerhahn Tbco elk h 356 7th 
Auerbara Frank school supervisor h 137 

Aueurl Saraplino liquors 
Aufderbeide Sophie wid 
Aufenanger John elk h 

u W J h 44 Onion av 
Aurenger Geo shoes h 1175 Putnam av 
Augenslcht Max candy 145 Court 
Augenthaler August brushes h 273 N J av 
ii Cbas depy collector Washn c Johnson 
h 193 Throop av 
Auger Cath L dressmkr h 137 Washn av 
.1 Edwd V elk h 562 Park pi 
ii Eugene A salesman h 100 Patchen av 
n Fred R mineral waters 193 Throop av 
ii Newell realestate h E 10th n Av N 
n Rose wid John B h 65 Joralemon 
Augilia Michl J liquors 442 EldertB la 
Augsburg Hy leather h 20 Covert 
Augur Wm A twines 23 Fulton Mhtn h 33 

Crooke av 
Augus DeWitt elk b 1565 E 14th 

ii John foreman b 59 Joralemon 
August John Dr hair rejuvenator 56 Fbush 
ii Mlchl barber 806 5th av 
n Olaf engineer h 873 54th 
ii Victor Ice cream h 80 Dnderhill av 
Augustien Textile Mfg Co 87 Woodbine 
Augustln Carl plumber 213 Irving av 
ii Gustav elk b 204 Palmetto 
ii John liquors 661 Centl av 
Augustine Cbas F h 434 DeKalb av 
,i Ernst bldr h 143 Woodbine 
ii John treas 288 Washn Mhtn h 861 

ii John T machinist 14 Maujer 
n Jos A h 259 N 5th 
Auhage August liquors 118 3d av 
Aukam Carl baker 1625 8th av 
Aukamp Chas F b 993 Sterling pi 
,i J h 1224 Sterling pi 
n Wm J engraver h 1224 Sterling pi 
Aul Frank engineer h 20 Sheffield av 

ii Leopold h 1544 Bwick av 
Aulbach Adam painter h 249 Himrod 

ii Anna B wid h 110 Ashford 
Auld John R Ins 66 Bway Mbtu h 421 Ar- 

gyle rd 
Aulenbacb Frank E prest 375 Pearl b 149 

Auleta Humbert produce 39 Fulton Mhtn h 

133 Bridge 
Aumack Geo mason Bay 13th n Benson av 
b Harway av n 27tb av 
ii Harry C engineer h 157 Rldgewood av 
n Louisa wid Andw J h Harway av c 
27th av 
Aumann Ferdinand Jr realestate 231 S 4tb 

ii Ferdinand & Son realestate 231 S 4th 
Aument Harry A manager h 761 Elmore pi 
Aumiller Geo masoo h 98 Troutman 
ii John plumber h 1285 Madison 
ii Wenzel turner h 133 Oakland 
Aund Wm stationer 355 Lex av h 321 Grand 

Aune Dederick carpr h 330 Bergen 
Aungst R H teacher h 221 TpkTns av 
Aunt Hannah's Nephews chemists 250 Pul- 
Auperln John B mechanic h 243 Bradford 


Aupple Jacob elk h 184 Java 

Aureccbione Adamo realestate 2359 Atlantic 

Aurin Otto furniture h 698 7th av 
Aurora Grata Club 1100 Bedford av 

ii Leghorn Farm 2406 Fbush av 
Aurr Wm plumber h 258 N Y av 
Aus Gunvald civil eng 11 E 24th Mhtn h 

186 Bklyn av 
Anser Purdy bookkpr h 456 Franklin av 
Ausfall J H mfr h 161 Washn pk 
Auslander Chas cutter h 448 41st 

ii Gustave hardware 1198 Bway 

ii Ignatz grocer 389 Centl av 

ii I & S grocers 389 Centl av 

ii M grocer 619 5th av 

it Nathan shoes 559 Myrtle av 

ii Saml grocer 389 Centl av h 4713 8th av 
Ansneit Olis elk h 1146 40th 
Ausplannd Fred R plumber 500 Park av 

Mhtn h 637 Vandt av 
Aust Thos carpr h E 94th n Av L 
Austen Frank drugs b 609 Koscko 

ii H L h 270 41st 

n Percy R asst mgr b S21 St Johns pi 

n Tbeo jeweler h 250 Silllman pi 
Auster Adolph tailor 662 Nostrand av 

ii Annie furs 30 B 13th Mhtn h 901 St 
Johns pi 

n Israel Jeweler 588 Sutter av 
Austerberry Jos C valves 35 Warren Mhtn 

b 371 3d 
Austern Louis shoes 613 Myrtle av h 870 

Bedford av 
Austin Alex bldr h 1632 71st 

ii Alex mechanic b 208 Eldevt 

i, Artell C elk h 151 S 9th 

n Arthur D elk h 316 E 5th 

ii Augustus bookkpr h 44 Adelphl 

I. Cbas B florist 100 W 17th Mhtn h 
410 Vandt av 

n Danl B h 53 Herkimer 

ii Danl S boilermkr h 425 52d 

ii David D elk b 1523 59th 

ii Dwiglit E manager 99 Chambers Mhtn 
h 742 Elmore pi 

ii Edwd plumber h 57 37th 

ii Edwd K mer 82 Front Mhtn h 1522 
Caton av 

ii Fire Ins Co of Texas 140 Montague 

n Frank machinist b 186 Warwick 

ii Fred cigars 343 6th av 

ii Fredk tinsmith h 166 Taylor 

■i F V h 1494 E 17th 

ii Geo E prest 253 Bway Mhtn h 1030 
Ocean av 

ii Geo H storage 415 Bedford av h 151 
S 9th 

ii Gerald elk h 1169 40th 

it Harold engineer h 1155 Dean 

ii Harry J agt 149 Bway Mhtn b 245 Weir- 

ii Harry O h 156 Montague 

n Harry R musician h 980 Gates av 

ii Hy plumber h 43 Moffat 

ii Hy O elk h 256 Maple 

ii Hy R acct h 380 4th 

ii Hy W supplies 109 Liberty Mhtn h 52S 
Fbush av 

ii H F b 24 Cambridge pi 

ii Isabelle supt h 390 Herkimer 

n Jas W h 922 Dean 

ii Joel J fwdg 82 Front Mhtn b 154 Clark- 
son av 

ii John C plumber 134 Reid av 

ii John T agt 105 Hudson Mhtn b 286 
Marlborough rd 

ii Jos locksmith 626 6tb av 

n Jos A B truckman 1 Jones la Mhtn h 
793 Lex av 

ii Margt wid Chas T h 624 Hancock 

ii Margt M wid John D h 370 Clinton 

n Myron K coml trav b 1162 Sterling pi 

ii M nurse h 707 Laf av 

ii Rlchd machinist h 179 S 3d 

ii Richd F h 316 Carlton av 

n Riehd W umbrella mfr h 1202 Park pi 

n Robt rubber tires 227 Pacific h 139 

ii Robt A plumber 174 SaDds h 207 Nassau 

ii Robt B lawyer 50 Church Mhtn h 539 
Delamere pi 

ii Robt & Co rubber tires 227 Pacific 

■i Solomon T cashier h 442 Cbauncey 

n Thos G music h 223 Bergen 

ii Victor engineer h 1494 E 17th 

ii Wxn carpr h 172 Division av 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 


2. " = Si 
•5 S * 


I p 

H =» 

» oo 

a r* 

n - 

2" 5 


P at 

a s =. 

^* § w 22 

s> * si • r* 

s ? « p 

317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone, 3004 Main. 


Real Estate and Insurance 

Special attention paid 

to collection of rents 

and management 

of estates. 



ii Wiu electrician 1711 Fulton 

M Wni K engineer h 430 47tU 

ii Wui V realestate 140 Nassau Mlitn h 211 
K 8th 

ii Win \V candy 223 Lee av 

n Willis supt h 1108 Gates av 

ii & Salzman electricians 1711 Fulton 
Austins Edwin A leather gds 35 Frankfort 

Mlitn u 303 14tli 
Auatro- American Line 359 Fulton 
Ausubel Harry dry gils 1338 Fulton 
Autei! Geo M prest 26 South Mhtn h 2119 
Caton av 

ii Walter machinist h 79 Hooper 
Auteurieth Christina wld Chrisr h 606 

ii Fred electrician 619 Madison av Mhtn 
h 1356 E 8th 

n Jacob realestate h 333 S 1st 

ii Jacob ]r liquors Ocean I'kway n Fort 
Hamilton Pkway 

,. Win H h 318 S 4th 
Auth Chas die sinker h 261 Cornelia 

ii Chas sec 27 Rose Mhtn h 893 Decatur 

ii Edwd signals 120 Liberty Mhtn 
Authenrieth Edmund tinwkr 1166 Fulton h 

1156 Fulton 
Autison Paul supt h 358 Prospect pi 
Auto Car Agency 159 Clymer 

ii Club 23 Cranberry 

ii Maintenance Co 1239 Fulton 

1. Rental Agency 487 4th av 

n Kenting Co 467 Flushing av 

ii Underwriters Assn 14(J Montague 
Automatic Folding Box Co 232 Bond 

.1 Bate Co 713 Herkimer 

n Merchandizing Co 241 Nostrand av 

ii Steam Oarpet Cleaning Works 953 Myr- 
tle av 

ii Storage & Repair Co 48 Dean 
Automobile Club of L 1 360 Cumberland 

.. Supply Mfg Co (inc) 220 Taatfe pi 
Alitor .Sanil liquors 201 Smith 
Auty Wiu curpr li 568 V'andt av 
Auwarter Emll baker 3067 Fulton h 354 

Arlington av 
Auwell Fred P elk h 273 Quiney 

,i John F elk h 92 Sterling pi 

M Lewis u 657 Atlantic av 

„ Lewis C paints 100 William Mhtn h 844 
Avansino Bros furniture 2416 PItkiu av 
Avell Gustave shoes 285 Irving av 
Avellina Johu florist 66 Prest 
A vena Michl liquors h 2127 Bergen 
Avenius Hy dry gds 107 Mhtn av 

n John men's furng 280 St Nicholas av 
b 429 Grove 

ii Rudolph salesman h 546 Hart 
Aveiell Elizabeth wid Geo W h 304 Lewis av 

ii Frank H elk h 15 Woodbine 

.1 Geo W dentist h 217 Bklyn av 

ii Minnie A milliner h 224 Grand av 
Averick BenJ tailor 65 Montgomery Mhtn h 
. 477 Marcy av 

,i Jos stationer 125 Smith 
Averill John .S taxidermist 449 Evergreeu av 

ii Mahlon as-st sec h 264 Lefl'erts av 

ii Paiut Co 240 Plymouth 

ii Schuyler gas titter h 248 S 3d 
Averre B O drugs 82 Park av h 234 Greene 

ii Louis E drugs 38 Cedar 
Avers Mlchl W elk h 266 Covert 
Avery Arthur H treasr 19 Roosevelt Mhtn h 
91 Chauncey 

i, Augustus P Ins 201 Bway h 527 Throop 

., Chas h 1139 Fulton 

.. Chas H drugs 84 4tli av h 243 79th 

.1 Edwd H h 721 E 17th 

ii Edwd H manager u 1941 83d 

ii Edwd W physician 16 Hancock 

i. Frank M lawyer 41 Park row Mhtn h 
108 Lincoln pi 

,i Geo J sec 364 Front Mhtn h 274 E 31st 

,i G D ins 164 Montague h 28 Arlington pi 

ii Harry B elk h 735 Greene av 

,, Harry T dentist h 1319 Bedford av 

AVERY HENRY Wcoppers m « b 

334 Front Mhtn h 820 Quincy 

ii Hugo elec eng 26 Court h 98 2d pi 

ii Irving M furs 19 B 21st Mhtn h 108 

Lincoln pi 
ii Jas express 63 Franklin 
„ Jas D brick 367 Fulton h Cllffwood N J 


ii Jas G foreman h 347 6th 

ii John meat h 136 Elton 

n John salesman h 811 East I'kway 

a Marcellus salesman h 301 Koscko 

ii Mary B wid Elijah h 2808 Av G 

ii Kobt lawyer .26 Court h 98 2d pi 

ii Theo M contractor 26 Court h 98 2d pi 

ii Tlios C coppersmith h Foster av n B 8th 

ii Thos H sec 200 Montague h 090 Myrtle 

n T M & Co contractors 26 Court 

ii Wm tel oper h 129 Livingston 

ii Wm H h 309 Nostrand av 

i. Wm H stationer 917 Marcy av b 1398 
Avey Fredk J manager h 496 12th 
Avidou Harris milk 2095 Bergen 
Aviguupe Antonio cigars 158 Stone av h 132 

Stone av 
Avllu Edwd C supt 104 Livingston h 457 

Avis Ephraim S com mer 79 Front Mhtu h 
150 Lincoln pi 

n Wm A com mer 79 Front Mhtn h 150 
Lincoln pi 

n Wm T notary 79 FTont Mhtu h 713 
Avison D pictures 5206 5th av 
Avitabile S b 546 9th 
Avocuto Antonia carrier h 221 Columbia 
Avolia Antonio grocer 87 Degraw 
Avrach Nathan realestate 1580 St Marks av 
Avrick 1 delicatessen 44 Main 
Avrll Jacob baker 5812 5th av 
Avrutis Louis realestate li 19 Lewis av 

n Saml jeweler 1388 Bway h 19 Lewis av 

ii Wm optician 1388 Bway h 19 Lewis av 
Awad Awse dry gds 23 Rector Mhtn h 4218 
5th av 

ii Gabriel shawls 29 Rector Mhtn h 542 

ii Nicola mer 23 Rector Mhtn h 530 48th 
Awe Chas hardware 51 E 19th Mhtn h 537 

Stone av 
Awerman Bros hardware 706 Mhtn av 
Axelband I h 25 Cook ' 
Axelman Meyer leather gds 112 Chambers 

Mhtn h 199 Bay 20th 
Axelrad Clara meat 56 Morrell 
Axelrod Abraham tailor h 643 Prest 

ii Isaac A silks 475 Bway Mhtn h 165 

ii Saml fruit 18 Ludlow Mhtu h 199 
Bwlck av 
Axelson Francis G painter 327 Smith 
Axelstrom Rudolph harness 1672 Fulton h 

198 Decatur 
Axeu John h 348 2d 

Axis-Cut Pebble Co opticians 327 Fulton 
Axuiacher Mary wld John h 286 10th 
Axt Fredk musical insts 51 Smith 
Axtell Wm D carpr h 457 18th 

ii Wm H elk h 76 Macou 
Axworthy S L h 328 Lenox rd 
Ayasse John F carpr h 260 Montauk av 
Aydelotte Wm L printer h 539 Shepherd av 
Ayen Geo J undertaker 198 7th av 
Ayer Chas F broker 25 Broad Mhtn h 189 
Sterling ul 

ii Ira physician 1357 70th 

ii Peter meat h 517 3d 

n & Smith undertakers 226 7th av 
Ayers Albert M machinist 144 Centre Mhtn 
h 108 Euclid av 

ii Andw A treasr 1 Madison av Mhtn h 925 
Jef av 

ii A B realestate 994 Mhtn av 

i. Everett Ashing tackle 717 Jef av 

ii Geo L realestate 331 Franklin av 

ii Geo W agt b 746 McDonough 

ii Harry F h 478 Gates av 

ii Jabez G printer h 332 Av O 

ii James E printer h 591 Madison 

ii John foreman h 198 Saratoga av 

ii John liquors 3S7 DeKulb av 

i. Johu II h 853 B 17th 

ii Jos printer h 94 Rogers av 

ii Robt boat capt h 571 40th 

n Robt elk h 360 Henry 

ii Susan dressmkr h 208 Quincy 

„ Wm silversmith h 1783 E 12th 
Ayervies Isaac grocer 410 S 4th 
Aylesbury E h 5506 6th av . 
Ayllng Robt S tiookkpr h 181 Hart 

ii Wm F manager 5th av c 54th n 781 
East Pkway 
Aylmer Jas liquors 464 7th av b 371 16tb 


STORES: 519 and 1416 Fulton Street 


847 Herkimer St., Brooklyn : 115 Park Row, New York City, 

and 213 Fast 84th Street, New York City 


Charlotte Rasse 
and Fancy Cakes 
used by countless 
millions. Try them 

Telephone at al I Addrtucs 



P < 

PI z 

? = 

O =* m 

" =* 3 

g S > 

^ CO 


UPINGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 



• H 


2 o 

C «j 


03 7T 


< =3 




J 3 ^ 
i/5 > 


3 -* 


XI o 

-2 cc 

7X 00 


10 o 


o ^ 


r - oo 


E: 1*3 






Aylward Hy W electrician 161 Washn Mhtn 
h 472 51st 
.1 John h 231 67th 
i, John carpr h 646 39th 
.. Jobu J electrician 101 Washn Mhta h 
472 51st 

ii Wni H snpt h 566 58th 
Aylwin Andw G elk h 183 Lefferts pi 
Aymar Edwd h 837 Greene av 

i. Lewis W elk h 498 E 8th 

■i Win G salesman o 153 Washn av 
Aymerioh Marianna wid Edw h 1918 84th 
Aynioug Arniand tel oper h 143 Cleveland 
Ayoob Riebd cigars 166 Atlantic av h 17 

Strong pi 
Ayotte Wilfred J cigars 1403 Fulton 
Ayre Robt h 16S 20th 
Ayres Benj physician 288 Jef av 

.. Donald F lawyer 367 Fulton h 218 Union 

ii Emerson boilermkr h 469 44th 

■i Geo L h 18 Herkimer 

ii Jas A b 235 Dean 

ii Jos tuer h 199 Bay 10th 

ii Jos supt h 242 92d 

ii Kite M h 12 Cambridge pi 

ii L h 232 Schermerhorn 

M Nelson G prest 122 Bowery Mhtn h 235 

n Paul prest 359 Pearl h Rockville Centre 
L I 

.1 Philip H elk h 5610 4th ay 

n Itobt pilot h 168 20th 

ii Robt realestate 360 5th av h 357 2d 

n Robt L carpr 285 5th av h 357 2d 

.. Thos h 273 Wyckoff 
Ayvazian Geo h furng 88 7th av h 70 7th av 

ii Jas hardware 372 7th av h 418 11th 

.1 John H h furng 88 7th av h 70 7th av 

n l:ros u furng 88 7th av 
Azarra Frank shoes 1021 Halsey 
Azerrad Albert cigars 200 Park row Mhtn h 
605 Met av 

ii Jacob cigars 17 E Bway Mhtn h 64 
Sktllman av 
Azzarn Ohas barber 586 Evergreen av 

ii Mark shoes 263 Centl av 

ii Salvatore shoes 499 DeKalb av 

n Salvatore shoes 30 Sehaeflter 

n Thos barber 686 Evergreen av 
Azzata Thos barber 192 Bridge 


B Apron Supply Co 835 Myrtle av 

B B B B Yeast 19 Conselyea 

B L M Motor Car Co 31 Delavan & 29 W 

42d Mhtn 
B & L elec contractors 1311 Kings High- 
Baab Otto piano tuner h 43 Hicks , 

ii Theo treas 39 Bway Mhtn h 719 43d 
Baach Bmil restaurant h 337 Court 
Baacke Gustave cigars 5G1 Grand 
ii & Wendling cigars 561 Grand 
Baade Riehd fireman h 152 S 9th 

ii Riehd mechanic h 891 Halsey 
Baaden Frances wid Chas h 1350 Putnam av 
ii John C printer h 18 Folsom pi 
Baal Mtehl barber 192 Graham av h (160 

Johnson av 
Baar Emil grocer 85 Johnson h 48 Johnson 
' ii Emil & Co grocers 85 Johnson 
M Fredk janitor h 719 Hancock 
n Jacob h 552A Macon 
a Julius meat 767 Grand h 209 Powers 
M Leo realestate 78 Graham av h 209 

ii Louis meat h 1214 Decatur 
M Max soapmkr 175 Devoe 
ii Sigmund fat Tenderer 772 Humbt li I960 

ii Solomon fat Tenderer 772 Humbt h 353 

Vernon av 
ii Bros fat Tenderers 772 Humbt 
Baas Berend W elk h W 6th Coney Island 

•i Fannie shoes 2531 Atlantic av 
Baaseh Herman H manager h 220 Ovington 

Baaty Frank lithographer h 1085 Decatur 
Babb Ernest janitor h 137 Johnson 
■ i Geo W las 38 Pine Mhtn h 311 Gar- 
field pi 
Babbldge Ohas h 208 St James pi 

■i Warren J candy h 1236 58th 
Babbitt Abbie H wid it; 153 Keap 


n 1! T (iuc) soapmfra 309 Jay 4 82 
Washn Mhtn 
Babbot Frank L lawyer 346 Bway Mhtn h 

149 Lincoln pi 
Babcoek Albert tea h 216 9th 
.. Anua F wid Chas II h 1738 Bway 
ii Annie. M wid Jas h 1137 Deak 
ii Bertha wid Wm h 019 58th 
ii Chas B stationer 80 4th av 
ii Chas E Jr buyer 621 Bway Mttn h 

462 Hancock 
ii Chas L realestate 164 Montague h 567 

ii Chester D attorney h 735 Carroll 
ii David insp h 1275 Herkimer 
ii David B h Hlotel Touraine 
ii Edmund C bookkpr h 546 54th 
a Edwd G elec eng h 325 Grand av 
ii E Howard dentist 140 Remsen b 162 

■i E W h 325 Grand av 
ii Frank E agt h 515 East Pkway 
ii Frank W broker h 210 9th 
ii Fredk H elk h 666 Carroll 
ii Geo H real estate 7 E 42d Mhtn h 18 

Arlington pi 
ii Geo H jr real estate 7 E 42d Mhtn h 18 

Arlington pi 
n Geo N bricklayer h 144% Sumpter 
ii 'Harriet A wid Marion h 210 9th 
ii Harry cashier h 21 Centl pi 
ii Harry A teller h 164 Laf av 
ii Harry W laundry 319 Sumner av h 214 

Stuyt av 
ii Harvey coaches 160 Waverly av 
ii Hy realestate h 18 Arlington pi 
ii H H h 340 73d 
ii John D h 144 Cliuton av 
ii John E h 431 H6th 
ii Irving mechanic h 1169 Bedford av 
ii Lisle H dentist 446 Fulton h 217 B 23d 
ii Marion wid Geo F h 519 East Pkway 
ii Parthenia wid Wm R h 91 3d pi 
n Percy C undertaker h 222 Pacific 
ii Saml h 39 Eldert 
ii Theo printer h 80S Glenmorc av 
ii Wallace ins 48 Liberty Mhtn h 62 

Greene av 
ii Walter W salesman h 173 Quincy 
n Wm matmkr h 336 Jerome 
ii Wm G h 196 15th 
ii Wm H 1 269 Carlton av 
n Wm N advertising 192 Bway Mhtn h 

1527 E 19th 
ii & Wilcox Co Kent av c Division av 
Babeuf Riehd B elk £i 237 53d 
Babiak Andw provisions 690 3d av 
Babies Piroska h 294 E S8th 
Bablngton Fred A supt h 77 S 2d 
ii Hy police h 388 Keap 
ii Thos M furrier h 577 MeDonough 
Babkes Joseph decorator 216 Hoyt 
Babst Frank C locksmith 592 Wythe av 

n Jacob cabinetmkr 1661 DeKalb av 
Babtiste Carl A publisher 114 Liberty Mhtn 

h 333 Marlborough rd 
Babunl Jos restaurant 773 Wythe av 
Babushkin Benj painter 97 Van Buren 
Bacal Max grocer 380 Hudson av 
Baealtzug Wolf juice 67 1st av Mttn h 98 

Bacarbelli Peter grocer 5118 5th av 
Bacchus John G (Rev) h 239 Gates av 
ii Stockbridge lawyer 16 Court h, 239 
Gates av 
Baccolino John hats 141 Hamilton av 
Baceus Frank coml trav h 794 Sterling pi 

ii John It elk li 794 Sterling pi 
Bach Alex cigars 1226 Myrtle av 
ii Andreas baker 264 Nassau av 
ii Edwd J rubbers h 162 Eagle 
n Harriet suits 29 W 15th Mhtn h 43 

ii Harry bookkpr h 1198 Madison 
ii Hy truckman h 913 Grand 
ii Herman cigarmltr h 43 Weirfield 
n John gardener h 1938 Dean 
ii John truckman 909 Grand 
ii Matt restaurant 516 Flushing av 
ii Paul notions 147 Linden 
ii Philip elk h 166 Bleecker 
ii Raymond O artist b 449 Pacific 
■i Robt B lawyer 44 Court h 336 West- 
minster rd 
ii Saml bookkpr h 336 4th 
Bacharach Julian h 786 St Johns pi 
a Milton h 1022 E 10th 


Bedford Riding Academy 

Cor. Bedford and Atlantic Avenues 
Telephone Call, ^ \ Bedford BROOKXYS, «. T. 

George H. Willers, Proprietor 


Prospect Park Branch 
Oor. Flatbuah and Ocean Avenues 

TELEPHONE ^ w at F ^ h bush 


8 South William St, 


New York City, N.Y. 

3 S 

u. J «0 

i w 



™ £ 



o 6 

i ss 

-* C£ ■>-< 

2 -J § 


Bachart Chas plumber 985 Wilby av 
Baehe Clias bookkpr h 168 Hall 
ii Christian L bricklayer h 283 6th 
ii Max prest 220 Bway Mbtn b 358 Strat- 
ford rd 
Bacbelder J W drugs 331 Nostrand av b 298 
n Mary A teacher h 466 2d 
Bacbeller Fredk painter h 195 Woodbine 
Bachelors' Hand Laundry SO Poplar 
Baehena Augustus h 356 Union 
Bacbenheimer Hy salesman h 788 Macon 
ii Isaac sec 199 Grand Mhtn h 114 Van 

Siclen av 
ii Seligman bookkpr h 203 Wilby av 
a S h 74 Bay 29th 
Bacher Rudolph C baker 1039 Bway h 24 
■ EC realestate 2194 Fulton 
ii Wm A lawyer 957 Bway h 12 Suydam 
ii Wm R realestate 2194 Fulton 
ii & Klein lawyers 957 Bway 
Bachert Chas plumber 95 Centl av 
ii Geo C liquors 88 Centl av 
ii Jacob baker h 113A Covert 
ii Rudolph baker 11 Belvldere 
n Wm h 383 Jef av 
Bachley Chas E elk h 153 DeKalb av 
Bachman Bernard oil 149 Conselyea 
ii Chas D painter 195 Greenwich Mbtn 

h 1409 Bath av 
ii Edgar salesman h 42 Pulaski 
ii Eanil realestate h 1703 Av G 
ii Geo engineer b 342 54tb 
ii Godfrey H broker h 178 E 7th 
ii G W h 7716 4th av 
■i Hannah wid Fredk h 740 57th 
ii Harry M h 196 Bay 10th 
ii Herbert H ins h 2 Bainbridge 
ii Hollis W painter 195 Greenwich Mbtn 

h 1419 Bath av 
ii I h 1069 Prospect pi 
ii Julius grocer 497 6th av 
ii Louis L elk h 386 7th av 
ii Margt wid John A 908 Wilby av 
ii Russell R cashier h 15A Berkeley pi 
ii Wallace bookkpr h 201 Hale av 
n Wm h 388 8th 
Bachmann Alois liquors 36 Dltmars 
ii Clarence salesman h 13 Pulaski 
ii Edwd meat 183 Tbroop av h 746 Bwick 

ii Edwd meat 1203 Myrtle av 
ii Hy G cutter h 231 Himrod 
ii Herman actor h 411 S 4th 
ii John F H grocer 420 Henry 
ii Maurice jeweler h 248 Himrod 
ii Pauline A boarding h 331 Greene av 
ii R roofer 333 Van Brunt 
Bachmeier John H manager 64 Fulton Mbtn 

b 716 Elmore pi 
Bachmeyer Adolph music teacher h 222 
ii Alois liquors Grant & Newtown Creek 
■i Herman machinist h 184 Essex 
Bachrach Clarence G lawyer 714 Bway h 
1479 Dean 
ii Danl h 842 Classon av 
ii Ellas grocer 162 Maujer 
ii Frank hardware 395 Conrt h 814 De- 

ii Herman S lawyer 714 Bway h 256A 

Vernon av 
ii H S & C G lawyers 714 Bway 
ii I grocer 1211 41st 
ii Jos (estate) robber 23 Judge 
ii Max plumber 223 Throop av It 22 

Thatford av 
ii M & Co plumbers 1004 Myrtle av 
ii Philip E rubber h 162 Powers 
ii Saml realestate 16 Court h SB S Ox- 
ii Sigmund cigars 1396 Myrtle av 
H Wm realestate 16 Court 
Bachsmith John elk h 77 Eldert 
Bachtlar Antbony bookbinder h 130 Rutledge 
Bachtler Hy cigarmkr h 994 Wilby av 

ii Martin salesman h 196 Schaeffer 
Bachwitz Louis notions 821 DeKalb av 
Bacigalupl Anthony cigars Norwood av c 

Fulton h 193 Norwood av 
Baclgalupo Chas undertaker 26% Mulberry 

Mbtn b 56 2d pi 
Back Albert salesman h 341 12th 
ii Alex stationery h 1226 Myrtle av 
ii Davis tailor 420 Decatur 


n Herbert chandeliers 30 Hudson av h 418 

Cortelyou rd 
n Louis h 312 Monroe 
n Mary wid Geo h 411 Evergreen av 
ii Raymond C photos h 449 Pacific 
Backe Theo A commutators 33 Herkimer pi 

h 677 St Marks av 
Backer Abraham tailor 247 Henry Mhtn h 
394 Atlantic av 
ii Conried mechanic h 264 Palmetto 
ii Geo pocketbooks 319 Melrose 
ii Israel overalls 59 Walker Mhtn h 25 

ii Jos liquors 477 Chrisr av 
ii Louis bookkpr h 175 Ten Eyck 
ii Wm h 168 Cooper 
Backert John C machinist h 326 74th 

ii & Shroder Steam Heating Co (lnc) 474 
Backes Jacob F salesman h 348 Euclid av 
ii John elk h 59 Georgia av 
ii John meat h 137 Sompter 
n Wm cigarmkr 290 Stagg 
Backhaus Christ liquors 196 Howard av 

n Fredk grocer 291 Maujer 
Backhaut Saml furs 55 W Houston Mhtn 

h 1435 60th 
Backhouse Fiances A wid Geo h 372 Washn 
ii Geo broker 27 William Mhtn h 1312 
Backhus John G stevedore h 448 37th 
ii J tailor 158 Berkeley pi 

BALK It, t I metal ceilings 307 
Sackett h 635 46th 

Backman Chas bldr h 717 50th 
ii Cbas T h 751 51st 
ii Emel h 990 2d av 
ii Gustav machinist h 052 57th 
ii Gustav A foreman h 652 57th 
n John M u s a h 256 Rutledge 
ii V D elk h 1490 Bath av 
ii Wm F electrician 256 Rutledge 
ii Wm M sec 191 Fulton Mhtn h 49 Gar- 
den si 

Baekof Adolph ironwkr h 87 De Sales pi 
ii Fredk draughtsman h 81 Calyer 

Backstairs Thos h 41 Ashland pi 

Backstrom Andw carpr h 328 39th 
ii Andw J carpr h 832 37th 

Backus Arthur G engineer h 171 Albany av 
ii A H (Rev) b 135 Richmond 
ii Cbas N supt h 440 Classon av 
ii Erastus P detective h 26 S Elliott pi 
ii Florence wid Foster L h 115 Lincoln rd 
ii Fredk tailor h 389 10th 
ii Geo mortgages 40 Wall Mhtn h 749 

East Pkway 
ii Grosvenor H lawyer 154 Nassau Mhtn 

h 161 Henry 
•i Hy F coal 162 Wilby 
ii John T h 495 9th 
ii Jos salesman h 998 Halsey 
ii Mary wid h 931 Pacific 
n Oscar carpr h 44 Hoyt 
ii Raymond B manager b 161 Henry 
ii & Lewis lawyers 215 Montague 

Bacon Alex S- lawyer 37 Liberty Mhtn h 
101 Rugby rd 
ii Andw h 13 Monroe pi 
ii A Elliott printer h 192 23d 
ii Cbas manager h 374 8th 
ii Chas B physician 109 Cumberland 
ii Chas J b 417 4th 

ii Coal Co Reld av c DeKalb av 1178 
Fulton 142 Cumberland & 185 Sum- 
ner av 
ii Ellis elec eng h 704 Cbauncey 
ii Frank hatter h 1171 Bedford av 
ii Frank M flooring 26 W 27th Mhtn h 

210 Garfield pi 
ii Jas B dusters h 462 6th av 
n Jas F engineer h 507 Park pi 
ii Jay W salesman h 1123 Park pi 
n John h 51 S Portland av 
ii John B b 374 8th 

ii Jos M coal 1178 Fulton b 867 Park pi 
ii Mary wid Peter b 404 Sterling pi 
ii Stephen H broker 66 Bway Mhtn h 4s 

ii Patrick elk h 347 Rodney 

Bacot Thos R oil h 365 Ocean av 

Baczensky J painter 145 Force Tube av 

Badanes Saul principal Glenmore av c Stene 
av h Woodhaven L I 

Badcock Robt manager 68 Broad Mhtn h 
587 Macon 


m CO 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


— 1 



































317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Tel. 3004 Haln. 

AC != 

< u S 

co 2 z 

« = o 







MTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 


m Robt Jr oils 68 Broad Mhtn h 212 Cler- 
mont av 
Baildour Klcbd S physician h 405 Cllaton 
Bade B liquors 83 Wyekoff av 
n Claus h 209 Hancock 
ii Hy dentist 335 Grand h 136 Halsey 
" Hy A lildr 552 3d h 491 4th 
ii John supplies 91 Bowery Mbtii b 84th 

c New Utrecht av 
m Louis delicatessen 317 Grand av h 307 

Grand ay 
ii Wm grocer 1078 Bedford av b 1049 Bed- 
ford av 
Badeau Arthur C b 228 N Y av 
■i Arthur G securities 30 Broad Mhtn h 
228 N Y av 
Badecker Fredk meat b 1085 DeKalb av 

ii & Horning meat 1226 Bway 
Badeker Fredk J meat 400 Atlantic av h 981 

Baden Cbas ins h 602 Carlton av 

ii Mary wid Hy h 1393 Gates av 
Badenhoff Chas salesman b 402 Berry 

ii Hy liquors 485 Evergreen av 
Badenhoof Hy liquors 572 Centl av b 1138 

Eadenhoop H liquors 858 Glenmore av 
ii John h 246 Covert 
•i Michl candy 1217 Halsey 
Badenhop Chas liquors 35 B 19th Mhtn h 412 
ii Wm H candy 398 Court 
Badenius Hy C grocer 204 6th av 
Bader Agnes dressmkr 20 Meserole 
ii Cbas printer h 50 Essex 
ii Gustav undertaker 497 Liberty av 
ii John elk h 260 Sumner av 
n John G police h 38 Vandt av 
ii John H realestate h 94 Cumberland 
n John Ii coml trav 461 East Pkway 
ii John L undertaker 497 Liberty av & 1976 

M Louis G letter carrier h 21 Granite 
n Morris tailor 1076 Rogers av 
ii Wm tobacco 4 Burling slip Mbtn h 847 

Bwlck av 
.. Wm K b 459 Blast Pkway 
ii W B physician h 1198 Bwlck av 
Bader' s Louis Sons undertakers 497 Liberty 

Badger Chas A compositor h 1121 Putnam ar 

ii Danl h 1121 Putnam av 
. ,, David decorator b 81 37th 
n Geo W organ pipes h 531 Decatur 
■i Ray hotel h 225 Lincoln pi 
M R Vernon lawyer h 149 Remaen 
ii Wm O elk h 207 Clinton 
n W Otis jr lawyer 100 William Mhtn h 
221 Bergen 


tion optician 317 IiivingrBtcm h 
137 Hicks 

ii Roy S bookkpr b 15 Glenada pi 
Badho Herman h 17 Berkeley pi 
Bailing Johanna wid Fred b 977 Putnam ar 
Badner Micbl grocer 418 Met av 
Badran Najab B publisher 34 West Mhtn h 

35 Willow pi 
nudum Fred L carpets 134 Atlantic av h 

249 51st 
Baecht Gustave upholsterer 623 Franklin av 
Baeck Wall Paper Co ft 37th 
Baecker Geo carpr h 225 Madison 

ii John clothing 8 Gold Mbtn h 258 Madi- 

ii John M h 403 Quincy 

ii Philip grocer 23 Scboles 
Baeckle Ludwlg reporter h 542 Hart 
Baeder Carl varnish Glendale L 1 h 817 
Wllby av 

ii Geo N milk 190 Prospect 29th Ward 
Baehm Geo A twines h 448 14tb 

.i Peter goldpluter b 182 Ashford 
Baehr Alfred elk h 134 Woodbiue 

ii August musician h 1481 Greene av 

I. Bernard elk h 200 Patchen av 

ii Chas refiner b 148 George 

ii Edwd coml trav b 200 Patchen av 

ii Emil elk h 200 Patchen av 

.. Jacob printer 88 Walker Mhtn b 200 
Patchen av 

■i John h 381 Hlmrod 

.. Happel & Halzkamp 1125 Wallabout 
Biehie Itlchd F (Rev) b 876 N Y av 


Baer Abraham meat 303 Tpkins av h 802 
Tpklns av 

ii Adam J printer h 1490 Greene ar 

ii Albert b 2119 Ocean av 

ii Albert clothing 2725 Fulton 

ii Albert H elk h 350 E 51st 

n Christ liquors 2o8 Bway 

ii Christina wid Wm h 214 Windsor pi 

ii Edwd meat 3J8 Nostrand av 

ii Gabriel meat 842 Bwlck av 

ii Geo musician h 102 Ten Eyck 

ii Isaac bolognas 00 E 3d Mhtn b 4701 
15th av 

n Isldor h 493 12th 

ii Isidor cutlery 5014 3d av 

ii Isidor cutler b 1413 40th 

ii John F liquors 765 Park av 

ii Jos furrier 31 W S Mbtn b 1174 43d 

ii Julius elk h 108 Hall 

ii J.ouls asst supt h Bay 13th n Bath av 

ii Louis cigars 2979 Fulton 

ii Marcus grocer 606 Mhtn av 

ii Margt grocer 600 Mhtn av 

ii Rudolph meat 5313 5th av 

ii Sanil tailor 492 DeKalb av 

ii Sanders shoes 1429 Bway 

ii Simon dry gds 629 Hamburg av 

ii Wm L h 317 Cumberland 

n Winfield S (Rev) h 390A Monroe 
Baerenklau Albeit b 54 Hlmrod 

ii August h 61 Schaeffer 

ii August coppersmith 1030A Gates av h 
176 Harman 

ii Gustav A steamfitter 1013A Gates av 
b 54 Hlmrod 

ii H A heating 1013 Gates av 
Baeschliu Chas elk h 302 Bainbrldge 
Baesl Jos baker 889 Glenmore av 
Baessler Chas foreman h 204 Eldert 

ii Otto furrier h 245 Woodbine 

ii Robt stationer 362 Centl av 
Baest Anton D electrician h 361 Fenlinore 
Baethge Julius grocer 1225 Myrtle av 
Baetz Chas manager 28 E 22d Mhtn h 140 

Baeucble Christian machinist 133 Watklus 

ii Loreuz W h 10 Spencer ct 
Ban" Aaron mens £ urng 220 5th av 

ii Barnett com mer 307 Johnson av b 16 
E 110th Mhtn 

ii Isaac underwear 592 Hart 

ii & Lechinsky poultry 307 Johnson av 
Baffa Alfred bookkpr h 1237 DeKalb av 

ii Frank barber 77 Howard av 

ii Gennaro candy 95 Sumpter 

ii Jas billiards 1239 Myrtle av 

ii Jas supplies 88 Suydam 

ii Louis barber 1237 DeKalb av 

n Thos A realestate 176 Bway h 77 
Howard av 
Bag Jos mens furng 1025 Flushing av 
Bagal Ellas dry gds 234 5th av 
Bagean Benj tailor 600 W 138th Mbtn h 

1212A 40th 
Bagenstose Harvey teacher b 519 East Pk- 
Bagg Milton P diamonds 452 5th av Mhtn h 

978 Park pi 
Baggjley Josiah machinist h 20th av c 70th 
Bagger Hartvig A insp h 7015 Fort Hamil- 
ton Pkway 
Baggott Vallandingham B lawyer 309 Bway 

Mhtn h 1440 54th 
Baggstrom Cath wid Peter b 572 Bainbridge 
Baglall Wm A lithographer h 328 76th 
Bagley Cbas elk h 563 Halsey 

n Danl F carpr h 129 St Mark's pi 

I. Danl F laundry 187 Pearl b 285 

ii Edwd E laundry 187 Pearl h 265 

■i Edwin J salesman h 26A Woodbine 

ii Geo salesman h 817 Laf av 

ii Gottlieb machinist b 246 Eldert 

ii Hy salesman h 246 Eldert 

ii norace S com mer 17 Wasbn pi Mhtn 
h 139 Quincy 

ii Hugh engineer h 110 Adelphi 

n John laundry 187 Pearl h 265 Scher- 

ii John V elk h 119 Johnson 

it Saml broker b 869 Jef av 

ii Saml stationery 11 Gates av 

ii Saml G cigar mfr 1351 Bway h 809 
Jef av 

ii Stephen lawyer h 363A 6th 

n Stephen J lawyer b 544 St Mark's av 

ii Theo salesman h 1373 Bway 




Export Testing and Bepairimg 

%Jk# 4<k I 3r\ 391 Myrtle Avo. 

W ^%. t"C MmJP j BROOKLYN.N Y. 







J- aj 

Z 3* 











317 Washington Si 





* t 


o g 












C3 K-' 







- J 



02 J 


















.i Wm H elk ti 284 Keap 

n Bros laundry 187 Pearl 
Bagnall Fredk n h 719 E 4th 

ii F 11 cigars 6319 18th av 

ii Gerald reporter h 685 E 2d 

ii Louise wid Olias 1' h 986 Bergen 

ii Thos H bookkpr h 489 Marlborough rd 
Bagnarello Jos detective h 12 St Charles pi 
Bagnell Anna suits 15 W 17th Mhtn h 502 
6th av 

ii Jas stationer 643 3d av 

ii Mary wid Jos h 502 6th av 

,i Rout (Rev) h 268 Stuyt av 

n Wm h 694 6th av 

ii Wm J cashier 3 S William Mhtn h 246 
Bagon Margt wid Patrick h 685% 6th av 
Bagot Thos R manager 95 William Mhtn 
h 303 Ocean av 

ii Wm com mer 112 Court h 2713 E 26th 

ii Wm J h 1626 Voorhies av 
Bagully A (Rev) h 41 Debevoise 

ii Ily physician 74 McKibbin 
Bah Geo printer h 148 Logan 
Bahan Jos T express h 172A 26th 
Bahenmuller XJax liquors 99 Nostrand av 
Baher Andw bldr 1473 DeKalb av 

n Aug musician h 1481 Greene av 
Bahl Philip liiiuors 208 Sutter av 
Bahler Fredk O mfr h 448 Monroe 
Bahinan Augustus P police h W 6th Coney 

ii Chas barber 1108 Bedford av 
Bahn. Chas A lithographer h 353 E 28th 
Bahnmuller Chas liiiuors 521 Park av 

ii John liquors 521 Park av 

n Bros liquors 521 Park av 
Bahnsen Arthur h 1800 Dean 

ii Peter earpr h 279 Himrod 
Bahntge Chas F h 473 Putnam av 

ii Fred W grocer 371 Jay h 473 Putnam av 

ii Geo F teller h 867 E 18th 
Bahoot Wadea jr impr 35 Bway Mhtn h 47 

Atlantic av 
Bahouth Habib oriental gds 20 Rector Mhtn 

h 316 Henry 
Bahr A R glassware 618 Grand 

M Christian liquors 441 5th av 

ii Chrlstr liquors 339 5th av 

ii Conrad meat 1365 Fulton h 186 Herki- 

ii Danl waters 899 Grand 

ii Demijohn Co 901 Grand 

n Frank h 402 Bainbridge 

ii Fredk shoes 264 Irving av 

ii Geo meat h 18 St Andrew's pi 

n Geo J truckman 913 Grand h 10 Blceeker 

ii Jacob ins 109 Bway li 18 St Andrew's pi 

ii John h 381 Himrod 

ii John candy 1193 Bedford av 

ii John H grocer 252 Albany av 

ii Jos realestate h Bay 8th n Cropscy av 

ii Jos E mineral waters 899 Grand 

ii Peter H grocer 249 7th av h 484 5th 

ii Walter h 1466 75th 

ii Wm candy 41 Tokins av 

ii &'Cokelet supplies 618 Grand 
Bahre Hy b 31 Patc-hen av 
Bahrenburg Chas C com mer 103 Murray 
Mhtn h 612 2d 

ii Clans H produce 103 Murray Mhtn h 
354 Westminster rd 

ii Diedrich manager h 1337 Fulton 

n Edwd elk h 551 9th 

ii Edwin H restaurant 457 5th av h 551 9th 

ii Emma W wid John h 551 9th 

n Fredk h 128 Palmetto 

ii Fredk grocer 640 Bwick av 

ii Fredk A com mer h 196 High 

ii Fredk W h 1078 Bedford av 

ii Hy meat 1812 Fulton 

ii Herman grocer h 213 Macon 

ii John mfg 120 Spring Mhtn h 259 Gar- 
field pi 

ii John H meat 1337 Fulton 

ii John H realestate h 362A 14th 

n John P grocer 5414 5th av h 535 53d 

ii L P H physician 176 Prospect pk W 

n Louis R elk h 2121 82d 

ii Meta wid John h 1078 Bedford av 

•i Paul O elk h 1078 Bedford av 

ii Wm H produce 103 Murray Mhtn h 616 
Delamere pi 
Bahrman Hy R draughtsman h 125 Kent 
Bahrs G J h 430 49th 

ii Hy milk h 661 Quiney 
Baler Chas lithographer h 512 Barbey 

ii Francis G L 1157 39th 



ii Frank tinsmith 145 Mauler 

•i John F vocalist h 187 N J av 

ii Jos wagonmkr h 25 Pelllngton pi CS 

n Ludwig elk h 174 Elton -n 

ii Margt wid Hy h 287 Rutledge — 

Balerleln Hy J agt h 188 Elton 3E 

ii John stamper h 1538 Bwick av rn 

Baietti Carabine grocer 592 6th av _j 

ii Edwd chef h 373 13th ZD 

Balker Abraham produce 24 Corlears Mhtn h J~ 

602 Cleveland Z 

n Jacob produce 24 Corlears Mhtn h 570 mjfL 

Cleveland *** 

Ballat Alfred jeweler 199 Bridge __ 

ii Alfred jr jeweler 199 Bridge O 

n Alfred & Son jewelers 199 Bridge E2 

Balldon Geo W editor 26 Bway h 788 Lin- 
coln pi 
Bailer Chas wheelwright h 886 Hart 
ii Eliza wid John h 386 E 16th 
ii Elizabeth wid Michl h 1114 50th 
ii John lithographer h 386 E 16th 
n Julia wid Jos 288 Himrod 
Bailey Adaline wid Alfred h 734 Madison 
ii Adolphus G tea 259 Greenwich Mhtn h 

74 Hancock 
n Albert N turner h 510 11th 
ii Alfred florist h 187A 29th 
ii Alfred see 1012 Gates av h 44 Johnson 

ii Alfred D insp 39 Whitehall Mhtn h 82 

ii Almedia wid Isaac h 817 Park pi 
ii Amos J (Rev) h 131 Keap 
ii Arthur D elk h 28 Hart 
ii Arthur S painter h 109 Cornelia 
ii Banks W stationer 878 Fulton h 872 

ii Belle wid Jas E h 806 Carroll 
ii Benj T printer 38 Park Row Mhtn h 471 

Jef av 
ii Bradbury M h 435 Macon 
ii Carrie wid Martin h 1535 Dean 
ii Chas printer h 510 11th 
ii Chas A insp b 161 Gates av 
ii ('has D elk h 1516 Bedford ay 
ii Chas D teas 24 Stone Mitn h 1396 

ii Chas F salesman h 226 Sumpter 
ii Chas P elk h 714 Gates av 
ii Chas W elk h 420 Classen av 
ii Danl W jr hotel ft W 25th 
ii David H hotel ft W 25th 
•i DeWltt lawyer 135 Bway Mhtn h 102 

ii Karl F bookkpr h 360 Fenimore 
ii Edwd F mer h 1003 Decatur 
ii Edwd H elk h 289 Union 
ii Edwd M machinist h 33 Eldert 
ii Edwin D (Rev) h 180 Stratford rd 
ii Elijah H dentist 289 Onion 
,i Elijah H jr ins h 289 Union 
n Elsie wid Stephen h 423 Waverly av 
n Eugene goldbeater h 1003 Decatur 
ii Eugene mattressmkr h 484 Koscko 
ii Eugene teacher h 8792 23d av 
ii Frank h 625 Decatur 
ii Frank elk h 989 Laf av 
ii Frank plumber 328 West Mhtn h 211 

Hpkson av 
ii Frank plumber h 265 Decatur 
ii Frank vice-prest 175 Kemsen & 176 

Bway Mhtn h 338 Clinton av 
ii Frank H u s n h 15 Halsey 
ii Frank W bookkpr h 826 42d 
ii Fredk B elec eng h 221 East Pkway 
ii Fredk B asst District Attorney Court 

House & lawyer 44 Court h 221 East 

ii Fredk D physician h 260 Hancock 
ii Geo printer h 1827 Bergen 
ii Geo B elk h 435 Macon 
ii Geo H h 955 DeKalb av 
■i Geo H broker 27 William Mhtn h 02 

S Oxford 
n Geo W lawyer 175 Remsen h 263 Fbush 

ii Geo W pressman h 131 Huron 
ii Harry bricklayer h 355 44th 
ii Harry janitor h 748 Gates av 
ii Harry A stenographer h 310 11th 
ii Harry E elec contractor 28 Elm Mhtn h 

1428 56th 2 •*• 

ii Hurry E engineer h 1259 65th ^^ O 

ii Harry M earpr h 1302 Park pi S 3Q 

ii Harry R printer h 405 Hancock ~r: ™ . 

P < 

m 2 

2 c 

° * m 



— : so 

© £2 w 
o m > 




Individual Instruction with a GUARANTEE of a Position to each graduate. Open Entire 
Year. Early Night School (take Any 2 hours) from 5 to 9 o'clock. 

Start at once. Send for Catalogue. Regents and College Preparation. 

154 NASSAU STREET. NEW YORK r «*«• B-w-i 

' Neax Brooklyn Bridge 



rejll estate 

1153 bedford ave., brooklyn 

fie -= 



































ii Harry It realestate 1522 Fbush ay b 

746 E 22d 
n Hy carp h 296 Howard ay 
ii Hy M l>ookkpr h 479 Prospect pi 
n Herbert E coml truv h 989 Laf av 
ii Horace ilk b 24 Hinsdale 
ii Hugh 1 engineer h. 861 Sterling pi 
ii Jas elk b 17 Hanover pi 
n Jas elk b 1012 41st 
M Jas machinist b 939 Jef av 
n Jas notice server h 478 Lex ay 
H Jas salesman h 1031 Halsey 
ii Jas H machinist b 1013 Gates av 
.1 Jas H prost 80 Richardson b 2025 Bway 

ii Jas S meats 1663 Shore rd 
.1 Jean M printer 38 Park Row Mbtn b 471 

Jef av 
ii Jeanne A prest 224 Livingston h 230 

ii Jennie dressmkr h 143 Wilson 
n Jennie II wid Chas h 118A Sehaeffer 
ii Jesse h 057 Laf av 
.1 John lromvkr b 281 Marion 
ii John A h 275 Madison 
•i John H elk h 408 E 21st 
a John II hotel ft W 25th 
.. John H physician 68 McKibbin h 331 

Vernon av 
ii John J asbestos h 160 Linden 
ii John K b Cropsey av n 24th av 
ii John \V salesman b 336 Hancock 
n John W supt h 1111 Dean 
ii Jos elk b 1012 41st 
ii Jos P elk h 74 Hancock 
ii Jos W insp b 294 Vandt ay 
M J A tint) baker 224 Livingston 
■i J H h 1396 Union 
ii J S & Co meats 1663 Shore rd 
.. J W h 1223 Dean 
n Kenneth M elk b 479 l'rospect pi 
M 7/eile h 137 Gates av 
ii Leslie bookkpr h 440 72d 
ii Louis M depv comptroller 120 Bway 

Mhtn b 113 St John's pi 
m Mabel W dressmkr 1715 Bergen 
ii Marcus L dentist h 382 Court 
n Margt wid Dan] h 1818 E 14th 
ii Margt F dressmkr h 100 Lewis av 
a Martha C artist 250 Pulton b 92 

,, Mary wid Geo h 304 Stuyt av 
ii Maud wid Wm h 532 E 8th 
n Melvin J ins 84 William Mbtn h 73 

St Marks av 
ii Nelson painter h 192 Buffalo av 
ii Oscar J ins h 289 Union 
a Otis L baker 266 Jay 
ii Paul chef h 473 6th av 
ii Philip A fireman h 1843 Bay Ridge av 
a Ray M elk b 679 Quiney 
.. Raymond h 2C0 Taaffe pi 
ii Regina D wid Chas E h 1862 85th 
ii Robt W h 175 Amity 
ii Saml N lawyer h 717 Prospect pi 
ii Sarah jvid Albert L h 5 Monroe pi 
.. 8 bldr b 322 Pa av 
ii Tbeo salesman b 343 Linden av 
H Theo H manager 105 Chambers Mbtn 

1141 85th 
a Thos asst h 400 49th 
n Virginia B embroideries 573 Fulton 
ii Walter M mech eng h 454 Gates av 
M Wm h 1580 Dean 

n Win boats 2d av e 34th b 740 4th av 
ii Wm constable h 217 Sehaeffer 
ii Wm manager h 179 Harman 
ii Wm B Jr elk h 543 56th 
ii Wm C broker 49 Cotton Exeh Mhtn 61 

H Win F ins h 221 East Pkway 
.. Wm G h 741 Halsey 
ii Wm L police h 444 Bainbridge 
.. Wm R h 113 St Johns pi 
ii Wm T insp h 541 Dean 
ii W B h 660 Madison 
n W O vice-prest 224 Livingston 
ii & Barrera realestate 2216 Surf av 
n & Lund Mfg Co 596 Kent av 
Bailey's Marine Compo 1046 Atlantiv av 
Balllard Edwd V engineer h 224 78th 
Balllet Philip carrier h 345 52d 
Baillev Alex coal 507 St Johns pi 
Ilalllle Albert E finisher b 452 Shepherd av 
n Alex M engineer h 197 Chestnut 
ii Ellis H sec 20 Court Ii 574 Fbush av 
ii Ellis P pipes 85 0th h 574 Fbush av 
ii Jas ins h 147 Hull 



Nos. 107 and 109 East 14th Street 



ii Robt ironwkr b 78 Cumberland 

ii Thos G broker 66 Beaver Mhtn b 124 
S 9th 
Bally Geo W cotton 20 Cotton Exeh Mbtu 

h 264 Hancock 
Bairn Amos elk h 5009 4th av 

ii Renj jackets 34 Goerck Mhtn h 577 
Jtalph av 

ii Louis jackets 34 Goerck Mhtn h 577 
Ralph av 
Bain David chef h 461 Chauucey 

ii Fredk lawyer h 381 2d 

ii Geo electrician b 104 Albany av 

ii Jas machinist b 810 Bergen 

ii Johu mecb eng h 90 20th 

ii John J b 141 Ridgewoo<l av 

ii Martin engineer h 171 India 

ii M h 11 Fort Greene pi 
Bainbridge Chas E h 330 Ocean Pkway 

ii C Herbert ins 201 .Montague h 92 Gates 

ii C II £ Co ins 201 Montague 

ii Hy elk b 349 E 22d 

ii Hy C paper 2 Cumberland h 26 Cam- 
bridge jil 

ii Hy C Jr h 5 McDonough 

ii John G locksmith 1142A Bedford av h 
270 Quiney 

ii Puilip M paper 2 Cumberland b 2i. 
\Vashn av 

ii Poultry Earnis 262 Bainbridge 

ii Ricbd W paper 2 Cumberland h 215 
Washn av 

ii Robt F manager 65 5th av Mhtn h 164 
Albany av 

ii Sarah M wid Hy h 126 Dean 

.. Wm elk h 370 8th 

n Wm C chemist h 1642 11th av 

ii & Taylor electricians 415A Gates av 
Balnbridge's Chas T Sous paper 2 Cumber- 
Balnes All*rt printer b 362 Baltic 

ii Alex salesman h 1332 Sterling pi 

ii Edwd salesman h 100 Hart 

ii Edwd H plasterer Ii 638 Park pi 

ii Fredk A manager b 522 Madison 

ii Jas II printer h 9P8 Pacific 

ii Jane will Hugh b 7*5 Lex av 

ii Jennie nurse h 319 Chauneey 

ii Saml printer h 786 Lex av 

ii Wm manager 5216 3d av 
Baird Alex 1/ mason 1. 440 Koseko 

ii Andw elk h 46 21 

,i Andw D stone 667 Wythe av h 140 

ii Andw R stone 38 Hooper h 57S Madi- 

,, A D & Sons stone 667 Wythe ay 

ii Chas manager b 65 Bond 

ii Chas W elee eng h 316 Lincoln rd 

ii Edwd police h 2658 E 18th 

ii Edwd J acct h 74 7th ay 

ii Emeline wid Thos h 650 53d 

ii Geo L contractor h 624 Monroe 

a Hy W lawyer 2 Rector Mhtn b 625 

,i Ira police h 2658 E 18th 

ii Jas B supt h 84 Hewes 

ii Johu elk h 106 Euclid av 

ii John A mason h 440 Koseko 

n John J acct h 132 Remsen 

H Lindsay C liquors h 600 Bedford av 

ii Max surveyor b 1191 Dean 

ii Robt eugineer h 1244 Hancock 

.1 Robt B vice-prest 38 Murray Mhtn b 
42 7th av 

ii Robt C see 159 Maiden la Mhtn h 625 

n Thos engineer h 124 8th 

ii Thos A electrician h 764 Classon av 

n Wm carpr b 11*4 Johnson 

ii Wm T manager 115 Nassau Mbtn h 230 
Stratford rd 

ii Wm W mason h 08 Hooper 

n Win W stone 667 Wythe av b 80 Hewes 

Business Directory! 





317 Washington St., 

TtLIPHOIII. .lee* Maim. 





-t<*> -' 

•u ^ — • 











o «• 

>> 5 




734-736 FIFTH AVENUE. Telephone 27 South 


Telephone 3410 Flatbnah 

Residence Telephone 317 Prospect 



ii Wm W Jr depy sheriff h 79 Hooper 
Balrdain Frank elk h 279 Halsey 
Bairs & Miller furniture 202 Grand 
Balseley Frank cashier h 449 Itugby rd 
Baisley David express 12 Fulton Mhtn h ID 
92d n Skidinore la 
„ Edwd Ins h 502 7th 
n Geo W elk h 236 Fountain ay 
ii Hy produce h E 92d n Skldmore la 
ii John A express h Conklin ay n E 92d 
ii Susan wirt Richd h E 92d n Ay K 
Balst Geo compositor h 1183 Greene ay 
Baith Ignatius plumber 110 University pi 

Mhtn h 1633 E 14th 
Baltinger John candy 564 Glenmore av 
Baitler Simon h S3 Williams av 
Baittie Moses foreman h 358 13th 
Baiz Jos- I bookkpr h 787 Coney Island av 
Bajaksuzian D tailor 765 Fbush ay 
Bajineta Farnien engineer h 89 DeSaleB pi 
Bajohr Albert tinsmith 634 6th av 
n Paul roofer 034 6th av 
ii Bros tinsmiths 634 6th ay 
Bake Chas dyer h 59 Java 
Baker Abraham vinegar 488 Cherry Mhtn 
h 602 Cleveland 
ii Alarie F elk h 128 Rogers av 
ii Albert entertainer h 884 Gates av 
ii Albert A letter carrier h 370 Halsey 
,i Albert E elk h 552 47th 
ii Albert G earpr h 22 Hawthorne 
n Albert L ribbons 469 Broome Mhtn b 

221 S 9th 
ii Albert W salesman 772 Jef av 
ii Alex baker h 124 MeDougal 
ii Alex elk h 204 Cleveland 
ii Alex painter h 201 Sumpter 
ii Alpheus H h 665 Park pi 
ii Amaziah F leather gds 2330 Pitkin ay 
ii Amos S hardware 489 Myrtle ay h 248 

Wilby ay 
ii Andw elk h Bath av n Bay 11th 
ii Annie wid David drugs 309 Lorimer 
ii Annie S wid Chas h 474 72d 
ii Arthur E elk h 450 Madison 
n A drugs 59 Johnson av 
ii A Foster trunks 871 Fbush ay h 1637 

Bklyn ay 
ii Byrou W principal Sutter ay n Grafton 

h 48 Willett Jamaica L I 
ii B I decorator 1044 Fbush ay 
n Chas hatter h 377 E 29th 
ii Chas machinist b 1465 Bergen 
ii Cbas mason h 259 Hemlock 
ii Chas salesman h 41 4th av 
n Chas A lithographer b 704 8th ay 
ii Chas A shoe mfr 647 Lex ay h 500 Jef 

ii Chas B iner 61 Hudson Mhtn h 1238 

•i Chas D editor 24 Bway h 633 Decatur 
n Chas E broker h 623 Bedford av 
ii Chas E draughtsman h 1381 St Johns pi 
I. Chas H insp h 474 72d 
ii Chas J lawyer 181 Bway Mhtn h 391 

S 3d 
ii Cbas L h 76 DeSales pi 
ii Chas L painter h 14 Stewart 
ii Chas R painter h 190 Chauncey 
ii Cbas T u s a h Fort Hamilton 
ii Chas W J elk h 1358 Bergen 
n Clarence pressman 557 Evergreen ar 
,i Clayton H elk h 678 Carroll 
ii Danl pilot h 536 Pacific 
ii David F h 2273 S5th 
ii David S metals 148 Bridge h 46 

ii Dwight lumber h 175 8th av 
.1 Dwight B h 550 7th 
ii Edwd elk h 450 Madison 
n Edwd janitor h 740 Marey av 
ii Edwd manager 633 Fulton h 156 Jef ay 
n Edwd shoes h 527 Lex av 
ii Edwd H act h 534 MeDonough 
ii Edwd G elk h 526 Hetidrix 
n Edwd J harness 12S Chambers Mhtn h 

52 Montauk av 
n Edwd Q manager 317 9th h 1350 Pros- 
pect av 
ii Edwd R machinist h 338 Grand av 
ii Edwin messenger h 825 Dean 
ii Edwin H oils 43 Water Mhtn h 48 Gar- 
den pi 
m Bdwin P ins h 1714 79th 
■i Ellen v Id Jos li 005 Classon av 
ii Elwood T li 1201 Dein 


Elwood W h 366 Highland Boulevard 
Emily wid John h 25 Garden pi 
Emma dressmkr 835 Sutter av 
Ernest hardware h 248 Wilby av 
Ernest A broker 25 Broad Mhtn h 337 

Stuyt av 
E Fraukliu illustrator 96 5th av Mhtn h 

91 State 
Francis S fish 1169 Fulton 
Frank salesman h 543 Putnam av 
Frank salesman h 219 Vernon ay 
Frank A drugs 50 Johnson ay 
Frank C lawyer 115 Bway Mhtn h 480 

E 19th 
Frank E teacher h 181 Joralemon 
Frank II h 470 Dean 
Frank H physical culture h 372 8th 
Frank M prest 21 Piatt Mhtn h 330 

Westminster rd 
Frank S livery 46 Herkimer pi 
Frank W salesman h 543 Putnam av 
Franklin Co 124 Washu av 
Fredk earpr h 187 Jerome 
Fredk stair bldr 170 Van Sicien av 
Fredk A bicycles 1080 Bedford ay b 

561 Laf av 
Fredk C h 145 Joralemon 
Fredk J realestate 225 5th av Mhtn h 

824 Wasbn av 
Fredk K elk h 55 Hancock 
F A & Co bicycles 108O Bedford aT 
F B h 16 Garden pi 
Geo manager h 49 S Oxford 
Geo printer h 200 36th 
Geo shoe mfr 647 Lex ay h 150 Baln- 

Geo A h 958 Greene av 
Geo A asst supt 55 Duane Mhtn h 914 

Geo E ins h 750 MeDonough 
Geo B receiver h 1815 Bklvn av 
Geo H h 227 Monroe 
Geo H prest h 213 Laf av 
Geo W shoe mfr 325 Classon ay h 607 

Hancock / 

Geo & Sons shoe mfrs 647 Lex ay 
Gustave elk h E 95th c Hoyta la 
Harold M elk h 182 Prospect pi 
Harold P electrician h 104 Columbia 

Harriet wid Chas h 180 Prospect pi 
Harry elk h 914 Hancock 
Harry collector h 349 Chauncey 
Harry ins h 232 Sumpter 
Harry C earpr 48 B 5th 
Harry I) jeweler 511 Throop ay 
Harry G moulder h 102 Clymer 
Hayden M chemist 641 Washn Mhtn h 

27 Hart 
Helen S wid Chas h 694 Lincoln pi 
Hy h 2260 84th 
Hy decorator h 137 Woodbine 
Hy electrician h 524 11th 
Hy machinist h 600 Koscko 
Hy C bldr 22 Hawthorne 
Hy B paints 264 Sumner av h 137 

Hy J fish 758 Fulton h 750 Fulton 
Hy L elk h 529 11th 
Hy R supt 79 Schermerhom 
Hy S (Rev) b 324 55th 
Herbert bldr h 774 Franklin av 
Herbert manager 1222 Bwiek av h 22 

Herman H lawver 164 Montague h New 

City N Y 
Howard B realestate 370 Nostrand av h 

1081 Bergen 
H A & Co (lne) dry gds 1720 Bway 
Jacob realestate 156 Reld av h 724 

Jas elk h 190 Bay 10th 
Jas machinist h 1350 Putnam ay 
Jas E agt h 115 S Elliott pi 
Jas M painter 249 5th ay 
Jas M salesman t 528 50th 
Jas McF h 1285 Dean 
Jennie V H physician 512 Bedford ay 
John h 496 Vandt av 
John acct h 571 East Pkway 
John pilot h 233 Union 
John printer h il70 Richmond 
John ruler h 1339 DeKalb av 
John tailor 182 Evergreen av 
John H elk li 427 42d 
John iH jr salesman h 483 Prospect pi 
John J elk h 914 Hancock 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 

m c/> 



P < 

S z m 

2* o E 

"» ± 5 

o m > 

O -H 

* CO 

> 3 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Tel. 3004 /lain. 

° 1 

< a s 

S 2 ^ 

5= z o 











.i John L physician Hi 699 Putnam av 

ii John M salesman h 403 Quincy 

i, John W broker 57 Bway Mhtn h 478 3d 

M Jos bricklayer li 121 Marion 

ii Jos liquors 417 Chrlsr av 

I. Jos J h 724 Quincy 

ii Jos J lawyer 34 Nassau Mhtn h C41 


M Jos W machinist h 74 34 tk 

ii Laura wid Lawrence h 221 S 9th 

ii Leighton salesman h 185 St Marks av 

n Leighton F police h 2093 Pacific 

ii Louis elk h 178 31st 

M I.ouis painter h 524 11th 

a Louis A collector h 224 Linden 

n Louis F h 811 Beverley rd 

ii Louis H machinist h 317 Euclid av 

ii Louisa wid Jos h Av L n E 94th 

n Lowell M ins t 190 Prospect pi 

ii Lyttleton h 314 12th 

.1 Mary wid David h 635 11th 

M Mary A wid Thos F h 36 Wyckoft* 

a Mary E sec Hotel Martha Washington 

Mhtn h 590 Lincoln pi 

n Mary J wid John h 422 45th 

ii Mary L wid Isaac H h d65 Prospect 

pk W 

a Mary S wid Chas R h 244 Washn av 

ii Max baker b 267 51st 

ii Melissa wid Thos h 605 Franklin av 

ii Mills P restaurant h 1056 Greene av 

ii Minnie L h 68 Van Buren 

ii Morris M clothing 5101 3d av h 448 


ii Norman elk h 316 Lex av 

ii Oliver cigarmkr h 262 Classon av 

ii Oscar painter h 752 McDonough 

ii Patrick J supt h 354 77th 

.1 Percy elk h 88A 2d pi 

ii Percy H teacher h 116 Schermerhorn 

ii Peter bottler h 1265 Wilby av 

n Porter elk h 1289 Dean 

ii Raymond H elk h 438 10th 

ii Robt prest 45 Washn sq Mhtn h 544 

Carlton av 

■■ Robt E printer ih 52 Montank av 

ii Rose wid Jas h 665 Franklin av 

ii Rosina dressmkr 96 N 9th 

ii Sarah M wid E I L h 806 Lincoln pi 

ii Sidney H teller h 2014 86th 

n Smith mer h 16 Garden pi 

ii Spencer elk h .1027 Putnam av 

ii Stanley P bookkpr h 1815 Bklyn av 

ii Stephen foreman h 162 57th 

ii Stout metals il4S Bridge h 46 Bleecker 

n Theo decorator h 16 N J av 

ii Theo fruits 407 Warwick h 2334 Pitkin 


n Theresa wid Fredk L h 1409 Pacific 

M Thos mason h 368 Throop av 

n Thos police h 1185 Putnam av 

ii Thos watchmkr h 473 Belmont av 

.1 Thos R bookkpr h 169 Taylor 

.. Thos H h 2280 80th 

ii Tbos-H carpr h 6S05 16th av 

ii Thos J elk h 425 Miller av 

n Thos O principal Throop av c Madison 

h 437 Hancock 

■■ Thos W carpr 689 Quincy h '119 Patchen 


n Tiernan engraver h 438 Hendrix 

ii Vincent fish 733 3d av 

ii Walter actor h 774 Franklin av 

ii Walter cutter h 656 Ohauncev 

ii Walter L elk u 221 S 9th 

n Walter S shoe mfr G47 Lex av h 1140 


ii Warren dry gds h 1345 Bergen 

ii Wm bldr 774 Franklin av 

ii Wm electrician h 6012 8t)h av 

ii Wm foreman ih 403 Rldgewood av 

ii Wm iusp h 240 6th 

ii Wm machinist h 396 Pacific j 

ii Wm salesman h 678 Carroll 

ii Win tiles 229 Tpklns av h 535 Lex av 

.. Wm B plumber 339 Bedford av h 221 

S 9 th 

ii Wm B plumber 834 Fbush av 

ii Wm C salesman h 311 Lex av 

ii Wm D agt 41 Onion Sq W Mhtn h 310 

St James pi 

ii Wm E h 747 Hancock 

ii Wm E realestate 111 Bowery Mhtn h 

177 St Marks ar 

n Win F comr Centre e Broome Mhtn h 

379 Wnshn av 

,i Win II ailist li 706 av 

Pictures^ Paintings 





ii Wm H bookkpr li 2028 Farragut rd 

ii Win H carpr h 119 Patchen av 

ii Wm H chocolate 49 Clymer h Bay Side 
L I 

ii Wm H elk h 412 MeDouough 

ii Wm H janitor h 750 Marcy av 

n Wm H salesman h 391 S 3d 

n Wm L engineer h G31 Halsey 

ii Wm L painter 1223 56th 

ii Win O cigars h 311 Lex av 

ii TV E h 276 Stuyvesant av 

n & Fox arc lamps 83 Schermerhorn 
Bakerman A lawyer 1763 Pitkin av 

ii John J lawyer 5309 4th av h 523 58tb 
Bakers' Employment Bureau 444 Bway 

ii Exchange 949 Wilby av 
Bakewell Elizabeth wid Wm C h 135 Van 

ii Elwood locksmith h 20 Moffat 

„ Geo E leather h 517 E 34th 
Bakke Edwd h 240 Prest 

ii Ole baker h 722 4th av 

„ Ole carpr h 313 7th 
Bakkevold Adam h 000 Dean 
Bakst Harry cigars 334 Atlantic av 
Balaban Abraham J towing 157 South Mhtn 
h 817 Beverley rd 

h H dry gds 217 Mhtn av 

ii Maud dry gds 565 Coney Island av h 
817 Beverley rd 

M Slebert physician 35 Palmetto 
Balaguer Enrique medicine 2141 Beverley rd 
Balamut Morris cloaks 14 W 4th Mhtn h 
404 Bradford 

ii Saml elec fixtures 1485 Fulton 
Balanzategin Wm elk h 125 Schermerhorn 
Balbln Gabriel cigars 43 John Mhtn h 8804 

2d av 
Balbinder Herman roofer 988 DeKalb av 
Balbo Dominick h 847 Pacific 
Bale Edwd elk h 111 Herkimer 
Balch Burton M teacher h 31 Madison 

ii Chas T h 237 Emerson pi 

ii Cbas W stenographer h 67 Cranberry 

ii Fredk laundry h 431 Herkimer 

■i Harriet E physician h Long Island 
State Hospital 

n Horace L sec 1 Madison av Mhtn h 38 
Monroe pi 

ii Saml B mer 151 Reade Mhtn h 149 

BALCH, PRICE & CO b atsa n d 

furs 376 Tulton 

Balcom Arthur eoinl trav h 409 E 29th 
ii Emma J h 2711 Bedford av 
ii Frank P h 556 Hancock 
ii Saml B butter 151 Reade Mhtn h 

ii S S h 158 Prospect pk W 

Balcomb Jean Bart consulting eng 26 Court 
h 961 Belmont av 

Baldauf Bernard bldr h 26 E 2d 

Baldelll Farrucclo elk h 135 Albany av 
ii Narisco smelter h 386 Marcy av 

Balderson Horatio B elk h 145 Sumner av 
■i John N physician 499 Chauneey/h 309 

Baldes Robt painter h 432 Hlmrod 

Baldl Jos shoes 62 Buffalo av 

Baldluger Louis gas fixtures 39 Harrison av h 
237 Penn 
ii Max meat 36 Tpkins av 
ii & Kupferman Mfg Co gas fixtures 59 
Harrison av 

Baldo Jeremiah grocer 217 20th 

Baldorf Chas inventor b 73 St Marks av 
i, John B fish h 424 Jef av 

Baldrick Geo toolmkr h 1S6 16th 
.. Matthew machinist h 150 30th 

Baldwin Alanson T granite 29 W 34tb Mhtn 
h 29 Strong pi 
ii Albert L dancing 513 Lex av 
ii Albert S elk h 73 Rutland rd 
n Alfred decorator h 513 Lex av 
ii Alonzo (Rev) h 75 Lewis av 
n Andw C elk h 144 Garfield pi 
ii Arthur machinery h 389 Macon 
n Arthur I. vice-prest 56 Park Mhtn b 

782 Westminster rd 
ii Augustus H mason h 380 E 29th 
ii Avers C manager 340 Court 

Garfield pi 
ii BenJ I engineer h 203 S 9th 
ii Carrie E wid Cbas H h 124 S 9th 
•i dins gas fixtures b 014 3d av 
n Cbas nias.iu h 925 Iluucoik 


340 Court b 144 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 









1 ft! 


Z 3* 









317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone. 3004 Main, 





Expert Appraisal for Moderate Fee 



[xj 111 

H •Hid ■■ 



.1 rii .'is salesman h 551 Tbroop ai 

ii Ohas £ mason ti 253 E 23d 

n Ohas F elk h 10 Woodruff av 

ii Chas H jeweler h 425 Monroe 

ii Ohas H treas 33 Beeknian Mhtn b 137 

Kutland rd 
ii Clarence A ins 38 Pine Mlitn h 474 5tb 
,. O R h 1766 Union 
ii Daul J salesman h 303 Cth a¥ 
ii David S b 1016 Voorhees av 
n Edgar truckman h 125 Covert 
n Edwd I h 3<t3 6tb aT 
ii Edwd P painter 18 Dtlca av 
n Edwin printer h 536 Essex 
.. Elias B h 378A 5tb 

ii Emma V sec 26 Brevoort pi h ft Sands 
ii Esther b 1218 Pacific 
ii Ezra salesman b 60 Rutland rd 
ii E LI 425 Monroe 
ii Francis X salesman b 254 Keap 
ii Frank com iner 33 Soutb Mhtn h 156 

ii Frank physician h 347 Hancock 
.. Frank P u s n h ft Sands 
ii Frank S civil ens h 781 East Pkway 
n Kred VV sec 190 Montague h 314 Sherman 
.. Fredk H supt Bayonue N J b 150 6th av 
n Fredk K salesman h 493 Greene av 
n F Rhey mech eng h 150 6th av 
ii Geo fireman b 1718 Bergen 
n Geo pilot h 309 S 2d 
ii Geo tinsmith h 180 Alnslie 
ii Harold F machinist h 427 Sterling pi 
ii Harry B elk h 302 Van BuTen 
ii Harry M elk b 409 Marlborough rd 
ii Hy O cashier 353 Decatur 
ii Hy M h 1685 B 19th 
ii Horace agt h 170% Garfield pi 
ii H W Co shoes 508 Fulton 
ii Jas gardener h 193 Kent 
ii Jas H appraiser 132 .Nassau Mhtn h 38 

.1 Jane T wid E h 95 S Oxford 
ii Janette physician h 284 Quincy 
ii Jesse S mason b 303 6th av 
ii John C h Bay 10th n Bath av 
ii John C student h 347 Hancock 
.1 John E elk h .145 Bay 8th 
n John <i toolmkT b 26 Koscko pi 
n John H mason h 380 E 29th 
ii John J meat 87 S 5th h 79 S 5th 
n John J salesman h 564 55th 
ii John O grocer 364 Grand h 020 Wilby av 
ii John O & Co grocers 364 Grand 
ii John P steamheaters h 30 Dresden 
ii John T liquors h 29 2d pi 
ii Jos W realestate 253 Bway Mhtn h 10 

Woodruff av 
ii J A h 563 Decatur 
ii Katherine C b 397 Clinton av 
ii Lindsley P prest 6 Liberty pi Mhtn b 

95 S Oxford 
ii L Grant physician h 28 Sehennerhorn 
.1 Martha H 137 Vandt av 
.1 Mary h 397 Clinton av 
n Mary wld h 155 Washn av 
ii Melvin C engineer b 761 Hancock 
ii Ricbd W curtains 360 Bway Mhtn b 275 

ii Saml elk h 139 Hale av 
ii Sarah wid Leonard h 309 60th 
ii Simeon b 214 HickB 
i. Smith S elk h 548 Bainbrldge 
ii Spencer S sec 20 Broad Mlitn b 401 Cler- 
mont av 
n Stephen C lawyer 190 Montague b 73 

Rem sen 
ii Stephen H elk b 598 Henry 
ii Steplieu P cigars 421 Bway 
ii Sylvester D police h 485 ciasson av 
n Theo broker 24 Broad Mhtn h 371 Wav- 

erly av 
ii Thos produce b 176 Melrose 
ii Thos St John contractor 138 Hall 
ii 'Walter plumber 374 Lai av h 152 Hicks 
ii 'Walter J teacher h 253 Cavlton av 
ii Warren T mason h 39 Sehaeffer 
ii We6ley M student h 701 Hancock 
n Win elk b 623 53d 
ii Wm dispatcher h 59 Palmetto 
ii Wiu plumber b 64 Rkwav nv 
ii Wm C contractor 142A Hull 
.. AVm D elk h 1688 Bergen 
ii "Wm J consulting eng 61 Park Row Mbtn 

h 151 Halsey 
ii Wm J Jr beating 1IS3 Bway Mbtn h 313 






ii Wm M pre6t Greene e West &: 
William Mbtn h Garden City L I 
ii Wm P manager h 160 6th av 
ii * Byrne lawyers 190 Montugue 
ii * Woolnough plumbers 448 Laf av 
Bale Fredk salesman h 950 Many av 
ii Jas gralner h 113 Prospect pi 
ii Jas E ins 95 William Mbtn h 

21st av 
ii Jas H music h 759 Halsey 
ii Wm H elk h 700 Macon 
Baleman Leah wid Jas h 399 Lin wood 
Balenzweig D liquors 47 Graham av 

ii H & Co bakers 78 Graham av 
Bales Jas J moulder h 200 19th 
Baleston Isaac tailor 700 DeKalb av 
Balfe Geo W elk h 348 Hoyt 
ii Harry h 873 St Marks av 
.1 Riehd J baker b 81 Clermont av 
n Thos F police h 329 Bond 
Balls Louis tailor h 574 Logan 
Ballsh Fred A impr 55 Bway Mhtn b 

Balivet Henri designer b 016 St Johns pi 
ii Henri P tailor 44 Court h 54 Stratford 
Baliz«T A Jeweler 1223 Myrtle av 
n Adolpb oculist 1223 Myrtle av h 703 

Bwick av 
ii Adolpb mechanic h 703 Bwick av 
n lsidor oculist h 701 Bwick av 
Balk Hy F paper boxes 150 Skillman h 171 

Nostrand av 
Balke Walter adv agt h 273 Bergen 
Balkin Jos mfr b 486 N J av 
Balkind Jos L b 8701 21st av 
Balko Alice Z wid Wm h 265 Macon 
Ball Albert machinist b 977 Lorimer 
ii Albert electrician h 777 Monroe 
.. Albert B cl>- s 84S Gates av 
ii Albert W asst manager 532 Bway Mhtn 

h 137 Remsen 
ii Alfred salesman b 99C Putnam av 
ii Alfred J printer b 34 Ridgewood av 
ii Allan shipmaster h 375 Henry 
ii Arthur G furnaces 6 Henry b 2164 Coney 

Island av 
ii Arthur J elk h 11)43 Herkimer 
ii Augustus elk h 418 Adelphi 
n Chas A machinist 58 Palmetto b 777 

n Chas E fish 709 Schenek av 
ii Chas E stoves 8 Henry b 2162 Coney 

Island av 
n Chas H bldr b 1603 40th 
n Chas V machinist h 857 Halsey 
n Edwd meat 159 5th av & 253 Myrtle av 

h 174A 6th av 
ii Edwd A broker 78 Broad Mbtn h 321 

ii Edwd L mer h 293 20th 
ii Electric Co 71 Clymer 
ii Emil baker 130 Myrtle av 
ii Ernest E salesman h 1304 Sterling pi 
ii Eugene butter 44 Washn av b 234 Haw- 
ii Frank J engiaeer h 3615 Fort Hauiiltou 

ii Frank J printer h 15 Hampton pi 
.. Fredk J machinist 56 Gpoint. av h 333 

ii F H b 121 Hancock 
ii Geo salesman h 152 Underbill av 
ii Geo G ins 1170 Bway Mhtn h 326 E 

n Geo H liquors 223 Fulton h 142 Henry 
n Geo L painter 244 Linwood h 226 Berrl- 

ii Geo M & Son machinists 56 Gpoint av 
n Geo W carpr b 186 Asbford 
ii Granville hatter h 418 Adelpbi 
ii Harry B stenographer h 214 Parkside av 
ii Hy A sec 327 Schermerhurn h 308 Al- 
bany av 
ii Hy F agt h 22 Fiske pi 
ii Horace L printer h 34 Ridgewood av 
ii Jas M letter carrier h 306 Albany av 
ii Jas M supt h 1090 Lincoln pi 
ii John drugs b 608 DeKalb av 
ii John lawyer h 10S Park pi 
ii John painter 209 Ciasson av h 622 

Myrtle av 
ii John jiollsber h 64 High 
ii John O manager 955 Bway b 645 Mc- 

ii John H printer h 977 Madison 
n Job 11 bldr b 438 Gold 


STOKES. 510 and 1416 Fulton Street 


847 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; 115 Park Bow, New York City, 

and SIS East 24 tk Street, New York City 

is always pore, 
rich and delicious 
French and Amer- 
ican, all flavors. 

Telephone at ail AddrtsMt 

m c/> 





o z 
z o 

m ;H 

CO o 

o m 







> ° 

— J 30 



Real Estate and Mortgage Loans 


Telephone 834 Main 


and management or 


4l% LOAN ON 5% 






t- O 

S £ g 

£ I o 

2 QJ 









P o 



11 Ix)uls tailor 1846 Fulton 

11 Ixmls B bookkpr h 17 K 7tu 

ii M & C grocers 942 Fbush av 

ii Norman It elk h 22 Fiske pi 

ii Saml elk h 8622 18th av 

n Simon cutler 215 Hiuirod 

n Thos F wateheasenikr h 321 E 18th 

ii Thos P broker 78 Broad Mhtn h 222 

ii Walter h 848 Gates ay 
•i Walter J stenographer h 15 Hampton pi 
I. Walter L earpr h 249 Cleveland 
ii Walter T h 715 E 5th 
n Walter T plasterer h 11 Rocbr av 
ii Wm earpr h 186 Ashford 
ii Wm engineer h 156 Freeman 
ii Wm fish 369 Ilamtiurg av 
ii Wm viee-prest 42 E Houston Mhtn h 

564 Decatur 
ii Wm A eashier 335 Schermerhorn h 21 B 

.. Win A electrician h 349 Pulaski 
.. Wm E vice-prest 19 W 34th Mhtn h 859 

East Pkwaj 
" }y. m £ decorator h 685 Classon av 
ii Wm G realestate h 2040 E 13th 
n Wm H earpr 209 Classon av h 

Myrtle av 
ii Wm H drugs h 63 Hart 
n Wm H painter 2029 Fulton h 

ii Wm J bookkpr h 272 Stratford id 
.1 Wm J realestate 2040 E 13th 
ii Wm S asst U S dist attorney 151 

Bldg Mhtn h 30 Keninore pi 
" Wm W insp h 1403 St Marks av 
ii W Warren u s n h 1050 Sterling 
ii & Jewell machinists 24 Franklin 
Ballaban Abraham h 1484 East I'kway 
Ftallaeb Borris supplies IS Tpkins av 
Ballagb Jas It elk h 333 Chauncey 
Ballabau Mary h 1117 Decatur 
Ballam Anna wid Wm h 623 E 4th 
Ballance R & Son stairbldrs 82 Wallabout 
.1 Wm A stairbldr 82 Wallabout h 746 
Greene av 
Ballautyne Hy vlce-prest 453 Broome Mbtn 

u 251 Lincoln rd 
Ballard Cecilia A drugs 259 Prospect uk SV 
n Cora M physician 587 Leonard h 2 

Verona nl 
ii Ernst turner h 322 78th 
i. Fredk L carpets h 900 Hancock 
.. Geo F stenographer h 96 Ralph av 
ii Harry supt h 322 78th 
i. Herbert G machinist h 520 76th 
ii Jas A Ins h 1058 40th 
ti John painter h 4608 17th av 
n John G manager h 2 Verona pi 
ii Jos carrier h 1248 53d 
ii Margt wid Jas h 444 51st 
n Raymond h 322 78th 
n Richd caterer h 94 Fleet pi 
ii Richd express 374 Gold 
ii Robt J truckman b 444 51st 
H RyeJ contractor h 176 Ashford 
Ballassy Emery acct h 363 7th 
Ballay Chas liquors 1293 Bwick av 
ii Constant F l>ookkpr h 154 Cornelia 
ii Harry C engraver h 135 Weldon 
M Jules manager h 1632 Bwick av 
Balleisen Wolf realestate 11 Graham av h 

354 Vernon av 
Ballenberger Fredk machinist h 317 59th 
Ballenger Arthur salesman h 57 Lee av 
Ballentine Jas H h 210 Reid av 
Ballenzweig H baker 78 Graham av 
Bailer Herman earpr h 270 Jerome 
i. Jos furs 262 Greene Mhtn h 550 N J av 
ii Wm J P pipe covering h 196 Ilarman 
Baljett Alliert H lawyer h 615 Sterling pi 
Rallctto Paul photo engraver h 1163 58th 
Ballln Frank J auditor h 180 Prospect pk W 
ii Nathan asst corporation counsel Hall of 

Records h 1924 85th 
ii Sol S shirts 508 Bway Mhtn h 1924 85th 
n & Degenhardt realestate 1435 Nostrand 
Balling Frank stonecutter h 306 Pulaski 
ii Jos police h 175 India 
ii Mary wid Andw h 765 Bwick av 
ii Peter h 191 Kent 
Ballison Delmar J police h 361 East Pkway 
Ballman Albert meat 1636 DeKalb av 
ii Chas L painter h 206 Franklin av 
ii Fredk W baker h 1225 Halsey 
Ballot L li 913 Prefit 
Ballotta Frank grocer 64 Union 


Ballon HcnJ dry gds 201 Mhtn av 

,i ('has A ojicr Ii 855 M 351 ll 

ii Gtaas C h 187 Kingston av 

n Haul W knit gels 3-IG Bway Mhtll h 820 
Av C 

ii Edwd bookbinder h 1274 Madison 

ii K reporter li 300 E 18th 

ii Fredk bookbinder h 622 Marc; av 

ii Fred elk h 942 Putnam av 

n Irving nifr h 40 McKonough 

n John T h 80 Moffat 

n Laura M S wid Geo R h 334 Hancock 

ii Saml B prest 359 Canal Mhtn h 30 Mc- 

.1 Willard A teacher h 332 Laf av 

ii Wm A elk h 275 Halsey 
Ballow Edwd W braids 42 Bond Mhtn h 
359 Lewis av 

n Hy police h 1445 75th 

n Wm foreman h 27 Loriiuer 
Balluff Victor meat 5800 5th av h 66th c 

7th av 
Ballway Geo W realestate h 1513 8th av 
Ballweg John E candy 320 Reid av 

ii John J candy 121 Nostrand av 

n & Greenwald candy 121 Nostrand av 
Ballyn lssen tailor 1512 Bway 
Balmain Robt compositor h 437 49th 
Ralinanno Alex W bookkpr h 1359 73d 

n Chas G vice-prest Court c Montague h 
591 5th 

n Robt G eashier Baltic c Nevins h 18 B 
Balme Albert E sec 135 W 37th Mhtn h 464 
i Prospect pi 

I ii 11 Alex broker 61 Beekman Mhtn h 296 
Vandt av 
ltaliner Ida wid Jas H h 33 St Marks av 

n Jos earpr h 249 Bradford 
Balmer's Bj thing Pavilion ft W 5th 
Balmes Frank W elk h 1232 40th 

n Mary wid Marion h 349 18th 
Balmuth Max dry gds 681 Glenniore av 
Balofsky Jacob tailor 131 Scholes h 1025 
Flushing av 

n & Levine tailors 131 Scholes 
Balogh Louis carriage painter 19 Dean n 62 

Bals Conrad earpr h 3918 Av K 
Balsam I> M neckwear h 130 Palmetto 

ii D M Co neckwear 130 Palmetto 

n I^eo cloaks 1205 Bway h 647 Wilby av 

ii Louis C liquors 681 Myrtle av h 550 
DeKalb av 

ii Philip ceilings 473 Marcy av 

n Theo elk h 702 Hancock 

ii & Alexander imprs 132 Palmetto 

n & Co liquors 681 Myrtle av 
Balsamo Arthur realestate 2889 Mermaid av 

ii Casper liquors 2882 Mermaid av 

n Domenieo fish 94 Union 

n Theresa grocer 60 Atlantic ar 
Balser Ohas mechanic h 182 Halsey 

ii Geo machinist h 19 Melrose 
Balsbofer Fredk J h 466 17th 
Balsley Chas elk 817 Park pi 
Balston Oscar F chief insp 63d c Av A Mhtn 

h 103 Decatur 
Baiter Lazarus painter 171 Harrison av 
Baltimore Badge & Noveltv Co 371 Fulton 

n Dairy Lunch 389 Fulton 

ii A Ohio R R 343 Fulton & ft N 7th 
Baltner Hy foreman h 226 Jerome 
Balton Philip elk h 704 Sterling pi 
Baits Edwd G editor 253 Bway Mhtn h 27 
Waldorf ct 

ii Elmer F chemist h 120 Crescent 

ii Frank salesman h 405 Lincoln av 

ii Geo meat Park av c Clinton av h 130 

ii M h 277 Gates av 
Baltzer Jos A li 262 N 6th 

ii Oscar elk h 29 Mllford 

ii Wm elk h 77 Williams av 
Bali Andw cutter h 280 Linwood 

ii Eidwd elk h 30 Roebr av 

■i Fredk realestate 16 Court h 596 Her- 

ii 'Philip L bookkpr h 1022 Herkimer 

■• Peter candy 1702 Fulton 

ii Peter earpr h 591 Herkimer 
Balzano Chas fruit 8646 18th av 
Balzarlui John manager 434 Broome Mhtn 
h 273 Tlllary 

ii Jos restaurant 830 Fulton 

ii & Maglolo restaurant Ocean av Coney 



154 5th AVENUE, 


723 6th AVENUE, 



2 3 

o r 



•• I 


*• I 
I- pi 

« ■ 



a» o 

i— a 
_< a 




m ** 

" m 
-i x 


X —I 
o Z 





c i 

3J 9 

o 1 


? 5 !• 
«> ~ 

=»ir> o 


£ o» ca 


00 <o Id 


r a «* 

21- 2 


to - ® 

cs . en 



IS * 

oe |_ « 

•OB 1 )' 


co 5, to 

■£ 3 •■ 

1 3 
* j 

«0 CO 


z X 



Balzer Hy ice h 107 Snyder av 

ii Hynian poultry 441 Washn mkt Mhtn 
h 231 60th 

ii Wiu realestate h 181 Marten6e 
Balzhlser Frank h 24 Russell pi 

ii Hy drugs 2040 Fulton h 1969 Fulton 

ii Isaac drugs 2040 Fulton 
Bamann John P h 317 Devoe 
Banibaner John fireman h 1396 Decatur 
Bamber Wm cheese 87 Warren Mhtn h 844 

Bamberge August h 119 Sheffield ay 
Bamberger Geo dry gds h 111 Prospect av 
29th ward 

ii Harry h 617 2d 

n Herman M fancy gds 515 Bway Mntn 
h 452 Carlton av 

,i Ira Leo lawyer 309 Bway Mhtn h 265 
Jef ay 

ii John liquors 888 Franklin ay 

.. John liquors 411 11th h 475 6th ay 

n Julius trimmings h 846 Fbush ay 

„ Mary wld J h 131 Jef ay 

ii Seb meats 10 Hamburg ay 

ii Bros liquors 6th ay c 11th 
Bamburger Chas J salesman h 131 Jef ay 
Earne Frank engineer 3811 12th ay 

ii Louis shoes h 246 Keap 
Kaniford wid Lloyd h 1153 Gates av 

ii Fredk L broker h 1150 Decatur 
Bammann August upholsterer 376 S 4th 

ii Hy h 167 Park av 

.. Hy elk h 617 Hart 
Bamonte C drugs 242 Onion av 

.1 Pasquale liquors 32 Withers 
Bampton Benj C engineer h 313 Adelphi 

.1 Chas M electrician h 89 Somers 

.1 Hy C insp h 313 Adelphi 

.. Hy C mer h 230 52d 

ii Walton G draughtsman h 313 Adelphi 
Bams Alfred elk h 857 Dean 
Banano Julius interpreter h 262 86th 
Banaszynskl Mathew tailor 506 Franklin ay 

h 331 Herkimer 
Banberger Harriet M shoes 234 Livingston 

ii Jos artist h 1 Pelllngton pi 
Banbury Jas J (Rev) h 1265 56th 

ii Reginald M H physician h 253 Warren 
Bancker Abraham chemicals 160 William 
Mhtn h 1015 Beverley rd 

ii Andw advertising 163 Elm Mhtn h 
430 Clinton ay 

ii Edwd H treas 82 3d h 4 St Pauls ct 

ii Jersey A -wld Wm D h 430 Clinton av 
Bancroft Aaron banker 16 Beaver Mhtn h 
163 S Oxford 

" B L drugs 1389 Nostrand ay h 786 
Prospect pi 

ii Eva wld Fredk h 96 73d 

n Nellie wid h 139 Freeman 

" Olin F drugs 1060 Fulton 948 Bergen 
712 Nostrand av & 748 Washn ay h 
786 Prospect pi 

.1 Sidney oils h 420 Laf av 

ii Wallacfe engineer h 139 Freeman 
Band Saml supplies h 196 Penn 

n Wm jeweler h 368 Chauncey 
Bandazaweiz Simon liquors 68 N 8th 
Bandeccha Elizabeth dressmkr h 508 Qulncy 
Bandechette D C h 477 Jef av 
Bandel Chas'F osteopath 148 Hancock h 218 

N Y av 
Bandell Fredk D realestate 215 Montague h 

104 S Portland av 
Bandes Louis tailor 320 Schermerhorn h 1625 

Bandholtz Frank A bldr 16 Court h 6923 
Ridge Boulevard 

ii Harry S realestate 16 Court h 6923 
Ridge Boulevard 

ii Bros realestate 16 Court 
Bandler Gabriel boarding h 150 Bay 22d 
Bane John E elk h 1023 Putnam av 

ii Wm L broker 70 Wall Mhtn h 412 
Rugby rd 
Banell Chas corks h 153A Lex av 
Baner Frank J compositor h 205 Sumpter 
Baney John elk h 493 16th 
Banfleld Frank stenographer h 74 S 9th 

.1 Hy S bookkpr h 236 6th ay 

ii Wm cashier h 74 S 9th 
Banford Jas drugs h 259 11th 

ii John machinist h 215 Hooper 
Bang Anton janitor h 447 Balnbridgc 

ii August metal ceilings h 497 Clinton 

ii Chas H prest 4911 3d av h 562 48th 

n Hy G machinist h 84 India 

1 desire to announce that I have 
removed from 14 1 Broadway, to 
iny Warerooms . 

120-122 W. 31st St., N. ¥. 

Mail and Telephone Orders will 
Receive Prompt Attention 

Telephone 5289 Madison Square 


Bange Fredk H elk h 980 Bergen TJ 

Bangeman Hy elk h- 39 Hill ~ 

Bangert Anthony salesman h 80 Lott «*— 

Bangerter Fredk meat h 2181 Bedford av CTi 

Bangs Bleecker supplies 80 John Mhtn h — ,1 

400 Laf av _— ; 

ii Chas jr typesetter h 439 51st ~J 

n Cbas R lawyer 15 Broad Minn h. 9 2 

Monroe pi f JL 

ii Gustav metal ceilings h 98 3d pi *** 

ii Owen M electrician h 316 S 1st 

Banham Saml H heating 446 Adelphi h 930 C3 

Hancock — 

ii Saml S prest 446 Adelphi h 593A JPJ 

Halsey fjn 

Banham-Wagner Co sheet metal 446 Adelphi J* 

Banigan Louis lawyer 32 Liberty Mhtn h 119 C~3 

Montague ™H 

ii Lucretia h 2250 Clarendon rd Q 

Bauison Abraham bldr h 23 Humbt _-. 

Bank Chop House restaurant 516 Fulton ■*» 

,, Tobias tailor 155 Lewis Mhtn h 246 ■< 

Hpkson av 

Banker Anton tailor h 253 Clinton q 

ii Elizabeth wid Robt h 485 Herkimer Jj* 

i, G N physician 413 40th ~ « 

ii John carpr h 364 6th T| 

ii John F tailor 166 Court h 253 Clinton — - 

ii Llewellyn D S physician h 53 Jef av O 

ii Louis S grocer h 1249 Rogers av m 

ii L S tailor 1406 Bedford av *. 

ii Rosa fruit 171 Washn mkt Mhtn h 290 


Bankers' Land & Mortgage Co 887 Mhtn av 

„ Life Ins Co 371 Fulton ^J 

ii Surety Co 367 Fulton 

Banks Albert carpr h 209 Westminster rd ^ 

„ Albert realestate h 227 18th < 

ii Alfred E electrotyper h 2109 Pacific w 

ii Anderson W buyer h 136 Hull ZZ 

ii August engineer h 198 S 8th W 

ii Chas A agt h 485 Ridgewood av 2C 

n Chas A elk h 939 Sterling pi — 

. n Chas D manager h 375 Chauncey 2; 

ii Cbas R sec 104 Livingston h 51 Clark -», 

,i David R realestate 95 Bway h 897 *" 

Sterling pi "5 

n Edwin E electrotyper h 2109 Pacific O 

ii Jas H hardware 1126 Bedford ay h 431 —m 

Greene av 
ii Jesse L h 582 Bedford ay -_ 

ii John H stonecutter h 431 Senator V* 

ii Jos M salesman h 851 E 34th -H 

n Leslie H typewriter h 4412 4th av J 

n Malcolm S h 178 Lefferts pi 
ii Obadiah bookkpr Ii 202 Westminster rd m 
ii Phoebe wid Wm H h 51 Irving pi JjJJ 

ii Saml laundry 150 7th av ^ 

ii Wlllard N tea 56 Front Mhtn h 178 Q 
Lefferts pi ^3 

11 Wm engineer h 370 Barbey Si 

„ Wm A h 851 E 34th ^» 

11 Wm F h 421 50th |"~ 

n Wm G insp h 1539 54th ^* 

11 Wm H prest 110 South Mhtn h 851 * 
m 34th "«fc 

11 Wm W hardware 1126 Bedford av h " 

White Plains N Y 
■1 Willis H h 1539 54th 
Bannard L J h 265 Qulney 

Bannatyne Geo E foreman h 336 Chauncey .J 
Banneck Herman salesman h 126 St Felix III 
Banner Abraham manager h 124 Schaeffer ' l1 

1, Wm G electrician h 104 16th I"" 

Bannerman Alex C mfr h 1681 43d m 

11 Frank Jr mer 501 Bway Mhtn h 7 

Hampton pi 
11 Wm J machinery 528 Columbia h 689 
Bannert Felix F J lawyer 215 Montague h 

1507 DeKalb av 
Bannlgan Eugene F elk h 178 Prospect 
n Jas F printer h 140 Classon av 
11 M Gertrude milliner 832 Fbush av h 
4 Caton av 
Bannln Mlchl E dry gds 83 Worth Mhtn h 
55 Montgomery pi 
11 Thos J lawyer 83 Worth Mhtn h 65 
Montgomery pi 
Bannister Eleanor C artist 246 Fulton h 109 
Cambridge pi \ 

11 Harry cutter h 354 Maeon 
11 Warren R contractor h 261 Kingston 

•• Wm P architect 69 Wall Mhtn h 109 
Cambridge pi 
Bannon Ann wld Simon h 561 20th 

Rustic Work for Country Estates 

Bostlo Arbors, Tea Houses, Bridges, Back Stops, Chairs, Settees, Etc 
A Bolldlng Fall of Bustle Work to Select From. 




s = 1 

= o 5 

■" =! 3 

w o 

o m > 

o -H 

* CO 

I 1 


1 I 

: s 

< w s 















314 :: COURT :: ST. :: BROOKLYI 



ii A lnsp h 200 Lefferts av 

ii Chas plumber 16 Marlon Mhtn h 439 

ii David J lawyer 18 Cortlandt Mhtn 

h 164 Underbill av 
n Edwd J police h 51 Tpkins pi 
ii Jas cutter h 459 72d 
ii Jas E steamfltter h 637 Vandt av 
ii Jas M musician b 552 Hart 
m John fireman h 737 Coney Island av 
u John shipbldr Grassy Point N ¥ b 

1032 Lorimer 
ii Jos police b 338 Marcy av 
ii Matthew police h 797 Bergen 
ii Michl stationery 726 Prospect pi 
ii Micbl J liquors 60 Kitigsland av 
ii Patrick J men's furng 827 Fulton 
H P & Sons truckmen 131 Ricbards 
n Ricbd F police h 272 St Marks av 
ii Thos F lawyer 21 Park Bow Mhtn h 

744 St Johns pi 
n Wni h 1S9 Tillary 
ii Wm fireman b 639 Franklin av 

Banowitcb Moses drugs 529 Greenwood av 

Banta Albert Z Ins h 499 E 18th 
ii Chas J Ins 72 William Mhtn b 1024 

Ocean av 
ii Eustis cigars h 787 Sterling pi 
ii Edmund rner h 535 Bergen 
ii Frank salesman b 344 Eldert 
ii Fredk elk h 124 Shepherd av 
ii Garrett cutter b 197 Rutledge 
ii Geo cooper b 117 Eagle 
ii Geo W b 336A Hancock 
M Harry C steamfltter h 293 Orescent 
ii John printer b 1718 Pacific 
n John A ice h 539 Bergen 
ii John H elk b 326 Monroe 
ii Peter R foreman h 1248 Halsey 
m Theo M ins 346 Bway Mbtn h 144 St 

James pi 
ii Walter A refrigerators b 699 Sterling 

n Walter W salesman h 42 Elton 
•i Wm electrician h 161 E 8th 
ii Wm A oils 95 9th h 317 B 29th 
ii W E b 551 47th 

Bantel Gustave A Jeweler 122 E 23d Mbtn 
h 233 Covert 
H Gustave W lawyer 190 Montague h 169 

ii John M matmkr h 447A Evergreen av 
ii Philip watchmkr h 1253 Decatur 
n Wm optician h 70 Sumner av 

Bantell Anna candy 533 6tb av 

Bantln A J b 398 E 8th 

Banting Chas supt h 837 Bedford av 

Bantje Wm F h 641 Delamere pi 

Bantle Conrad restaurant 608 Fulton 

Bantleon Fred mfr b 43 Somers 

Bantzboff Marie b 1141 41st 

Banus Etta wid Chas b 542 Elton 

Banvard Jessie wid Eugene b 476 Classon av 

Banzar Mfg Co paints 122 Green 
■i Wm T engineer h 390 Hart 

Banzer John b 10 Pa av 
ii & Scbluchtner auto supplies 1455 Bed- 
ford av 

Banzhof Albert H T lawyer 20 Broad Mbtn 
h 75 82d 
n Geo elk t 76 Clinton pi 

Baptist Harry coal 4010 3d av h 414 48tb 
ii Herman tailor 267 Maujer 
ii Home 665 Greene av 
ii Jobn ins h 8023 13th av 
ii Wm salesman b 236 Grove 

Baptlste Benj B b 1562 68th 
ii Edwd F mer b 418 Miller av 
ii Francis police h 507 Ovlngton av 
ii Jos coal 4010 3d av h 443 66th 
ii J & H coal 4010 3d av 
ii Louis hardware ix 90 73d 

Baque John undertaker 74 Hamburg av 

Bar Jos elk b 146 Rochr av 

Baracca Jobn interpreter h 85% 3d pi 
ii Leonora wid Victor h 520 2d 

Baracks Wm sttatloner 485 Court 

Barad David N chemist h 357 East Pkwaj 

Baradel Jos wheelwright h 89 6th av 
ii Marie J dressmkr 89 6th av 

Baraglia V barber 1020 Gates av 

Baragwanath Fredk A solicitor h 1104 Hal- 
ii Rachel wid Harry h 518 Lex av 

Baram Ben] meat Bath av c Bay 13th 
ii Frank H police h Bay 13th n Bath av 



Baran Chas harnessmkr 220 Union av b 941 
n Rlchd E photos 499 Grand 
Baraque Jobn b Benson av c Bay 35th 
Baras Saml upholsterer 700 Amsterdam av 

Mhtn b 129 5th av 
Barasch Abraham N realestate 315 Montague 

h 615 East Pkway 
Baraschick Abraham H cloaks 148 Greene 
Mhtn b 103 Bay 34th 
it David sec 148 Greene Mbtn b 204 Shef- 
field ar 
ii Harry furniture 2007 3d av Mbtn h 
108 Snedlker av 
Baratz Abraham shirts 158 Monroe Mbtn h 
204 82d 
ii Harry letter carrier h 411 Watklns 
ii Louis liquors Sutter av c Thatford av 
h Liberty av c Hinsdale 
Barbag Saml restaurant 1781 Pitkin av 
Barbagelata Louis restaurant 51 South Mbtn 

h 274 1st 
Barbanel Hyman bldr h 99 Williams av 
Barbanell Solon editor 397 Fulton h 1044 

Barbaresi Harold contractor ib' 2821 W 3d 
Barbari Nasib D physician 304 Henry 
ii Saml machinist h 351 46th 
ii Saml D interpreter b 311 Henry 
Barbella John blacksmith 511 Rutland rd h 

506 Rutland rd 
Barben John D lawyer 375 Fulton h 1461 
DeKalb av 
ii Morris fruit 470 7th av 
Barber Asphalt Paving Co 165 6tb 
ii Auto-Cab & Repair Co 226 State 
ii Barnet tailor 197 Ralph av 
ii Calvin F physician h 57 S Oxford 
ii Clifford salesman h 20S Halsey 
ii Edwd J corsets 1239 Bway 
ii Edwd W manager 2328 Bedford av 
ii Ernest B machinist 408 Jay h 1771 

n Fredk C reporter 7 Spruce Mbtn h 444 

67 th 
ii Geo S elk h 662 .Monroe 
ii Harry realestate 186 Remsen h 208 

ii Harry G coal 357 Water Mhln b 291 

Clinton av 
n Harry W elk b 650 Park pi 
ii Ida J towing 116 Broad Mbtn b 210 

ii John Insp b 417 11th 
ii John machinist h 63 1st pi 
ii John J bookbinder 16 Nassau h 391 Jef 

it Jobn W electrician h 426 44th 
ii Jos meeh eng h 21 Rush 
ii Letitia wid Wm h 329 40th 
ii Louis G h 403 6th av 
n Margt wid Job h 143 Greene av 
n Mayor W publisher 15 William Mhtn h 

191 Lefferts pi 
ii Oliver J pilot h 678 Bedford av 
■i Philip lather h 460 Bay Ridge av 
■i Robt printer h 388 E 3th 
ii Robt F physician b 191 Lefferts pi 
ii Robt S salesman h 287 Clarkson av 
ii Shirley printer b 330 Jerome 
ii Thos notions 105 Rogers av 
ii Vincent physician h 269 Arlington av 
ii Warren C coal 1 Bway Mhtn h 414 Cler- 
mont av 
ii Willard J bookbinder h 391 Jef av 
ii Wm baker h 368 Degraw 
ii Wm bookkpr h 1548 2d av 
n Wm garage 224 State h 193 State 
ii Wm E manager 116 Broad Mhtn h 210 

n Wm McKinley lawyer 239 Bway Mhtn 

h Hotel St George 
ii Wm S dentist 90 St Marks av 
ii Wolfert W carpr h 208 Halsey 
ii & Co fwdg Pier 6 S Central Pier At- 
lantic Dock 
Barberie Abraham V twines 63 Park pi Mhtn 
h 174 Taylor 
ii John civil eng 243 Bway Mhtn h M 

Irving pi 
ii Wm h 545 Hancock 
Barberow Geo elk h 768 B 8 th 
Barbert Jobn B barber 798 Fulton b B99 

Barbleri Anthony cutter 210 Centre Mhtn h 
649 Henry 
ii Catharina wid Andw b 8602 22d av 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 





r 1 


P> 00 

P c 





317 Washington St. 



Tel. 3064 flaln. 








uj t : 

.2 u 

£ z 

12 o 



— IL 





— Jq 








.. Paolo fruit 19D West Mlitn h 145 Park 
Barbour Adin H mailer h 669 Jerome 
ii Arthur L tel oper h 1071 E 34th 
n Edwd W h 581 Park pi 
M Geo A musician h 443 Miller ay 
,i Jas H sec 45 Cedar Mhtn li 1081 E 17th 
ii Shirley printer h 168 Ashford 
,i Thos J broker 25 Broad Mhtn h 169 
Barcig Gapari meat 25 York h 234 4th av 
Barek Oscar T cashier h 748 St Johns pi 
Barclay Alfred A millinery gds 677 Bway 
Mhtn h 487 1st 
., Anuett h 78 Bay 20th 
ii A O h 310 Prest 
ii A M salesman h 562 7th 
a Blanche h 160 Kemsen 
M Geo G bookkpr li Senator n 5th av 
ii Jas lawyer 2 Rector Mhtn h 74 Rutland 

ii John compositor li 7 Moffat 
ii John S carpr h 321 52d 
n Julia wid Thos h 51 Johnson 
ii Mary It wid Thos D h 359 Laf av 
ii Naval Stores Co 62 Delevan 
ii Ralph G lawyer 375 Fulton h 359 Laf ay 
Barclay-Berri Co oils 57 Commerce & 82 Pine 

Burezik Anton cigars 164 Throop av 

ii Geo A plumber 228 Union av 
Bard Fred B lawyer 170 Bway Mhtn h 236 
.. Jos candy 965 Myrtle av h 385 Throop av 
ii M dry gds 702 Gates av 
ii Robt painter h 2223 86th 
ii S M prest 187 Montague h 1525 Av H 
M & Margolies candy 965 Myrtle av 
Bardach Nathan lawyer 116 Nassau Mhtn h 

615 E 3d 
Bardasch Chas H underwear 392 Bway Mhtn 
h 547 Bergen 
ii Herman underwear 392 Bway Mhtn h 
547 Bergen 
Bardel H T n 1664 N Y av 
Bardeleben August candy 268 Driggs av 
Burdell Sarah wid Win H h 292 Park pi 
Bardcn Francis liquors 1036 2d av 
.i Patrick J h 948 Dean 
ii Wm W physician 88 2d pi 
Bardenhagen C Dederick salesman * 205 
ii Hy C grocer 172 Franklin 
.. John grocer 182 Ralph av h 190 Ralph 
Bardenheuer Wm C h 696 E. 19th 
Bardens August brewer h 254 Himrod 
Bardes Danl plumber h 18 E 5th 
n Eugene meat 295 7th av 
.1 Fredk T asst supt 30 P O bldg Mhtn b 

247 Vernon av 
ii John H waists 224 Livingston h 270 

Lenox rd 
n J Garfield bookkpr h 232 Ross 
n Wm elk h 199 Woodbine 
Bardewyck Wm elk h 8619 19th av 
Bardin Almon G ins 320 Bway Mhtn U 16 

Bardman Peter painter h 1654 Bergen 
Bardoaf Wm painter h 263 Cooper 
Bardonnex Frank phonographs 5220 5th av 
Bardrom Chas painter h 157 S Elliott pi 
Bardson Harrison elk h 1060 72d 
Bardus Hy salesman h 91 Covert 
Bardwell Darwin L supt 500 Park av Mhtn h 
61 St Marks pi 
ii Geo W vice-prest 74 Liberty h 60 Cam- 
bridge pi 
ii Real Estate Co 180 Montague 
Bardwil Amin E lace 90 Washn Mhtn h 137 

Bardy Wm impr h 8 Laf av 
Bareneld Edwd Ins 1 Madison av Mhtn h 

600 Madison 
Bareis Gottlieb mechanic h 319 Arlington av 
Barell Jules E elk h 472 57th 
Barend Jos compositor h 627 Bedford av 
ii Simon cigars 282 Bedford av h 28 Fill- 
more pi 
Barends Hy P manager 101 Chambers Mhtn 

h 1543 48th 
Barene O E engineer h 5124 4th av 
Baretta Vincent sec 1547 Bway Mhtn h 165 
Lefferts Dl 
n Vlto treasr 1547 Bway Mhtn h 165 Lef- 
ferts pi 
Barfett Jas R plumber 259 Fbush av 




Bariield Uhas B lawyer 589 Sutter av 
Barg Chas D grocer 266 Fbush av h 95 Pros- 
pect pi 
ii Chas H h 7614 4th av 
n Louis bicycles h 7904 3d av 
ii Wm h 7614 4th av 
Barge Christian cheese h 272 45th 
Burger Fred tailor li 426 S 4th 
Barget August W drugs Jamaica L I h 704 
ii Frank carpr h 1939 Dean 
n Frederic drugs 322 Grove 
ii Louis music h 764 Quincy 
ii Mary wid Jos h 1943 Dean 
Bargetzi Otto carver h 251 18th 
Bargfrede John W teller h 88 Lynch 
Bargman John E foreman h 1304 Park pi 

ii Martin painter h 734 Grand 
Bargmanu Louis salesman h 1182 Decatur 
Barhite Wm E teacher h 762 E 18th 
Baihydt Jerome A salesman h 794 Greene av 

ii Tunis salesman h 752 Elmore pi 
Barile Alex contractor 23 Sheridan av 

ii Thos junk 278 Bond 
Barilla Chas printer h 84 Pine 
Baring Fletcher M salesman h 1162 Pacific 
Baringe Hy grocer h 553 DeKalb av 
Baris Louis cigars 1306 Kings Highway 

n Morris furniture 2G2 Grand 
Barish Joseph stationer 1522 Cortelyou rd 

h 1218 Cortelyou rd 
Bark Fredk elk h 1114 Prospect pi 
Barkan Harry painter 133 Stockton 
M Max shoes 148 Watkins 
ii Morris wallpaper 675 Driggs av 
Barkas Morris Jeweler 1157 Bway 

ii M & Son opticians 1157 Bway 
Barkelow Harry painter h 45 E 2d 
Barker Adelbert machinist h 1410 Putnam 
ii Albert S optometrist 23 Fbush av h 

1547 E 14th 
ii Albert W compositor h 511 E 8th 
n Arthur R furs 131 W 42d Mhtn h 700 

n .Bertha G wid h 95 Bay 32d 
ii Chas elk h 346 4th 
ii Chas plumber h 824 Herkimer 
m Chas rigger h 157V4 14th 
ii Chas varnishes h 422 Prospect av 
ii Chas B h Av I c E 4th 
ii Chas F elk h 346 4th 
ii Chas P h 215 Quincy 
.1 Chas P lawyer 71 Wall Mhtn h 3S5 

ii Chas S ins 144 Montague h 1028 Bed- 
ford av 
ii Charlotte wid Jas A h 159 10th 
ii Clifford E sec 200 Montague h Richmond 

Hill L I 
ii DeWitt W dentist h 87 Laf av 
ii Dominick grocer 771 Fulton 
ii D & Bro grocers 771 Fulton 
ii Edwd bookkpr h 1475 E 2d 
ii Edward realestate h 182 Russell 
ii Edwin A elk h 182 Russell 
ii Edwin W collector h 1393 Park pi 
ii Enoch manager h 815 Halsey 
ii Evan physician h 347 Ocean Pkway 
n Frank elk h 28 Fountain av 
ii Frank engineer h 1127 Decatur 
n Fredk A engineer h 455 6th 
ii Geo elk h 193 7th av 
ii Geo A hatter h 499 St Johns pi 
ii Geo A pilot h 173 Luquer 
ii Geo A jr asst supt h 914 Hancock 
ii Geo H carpr h 1239 56th 
ii Gilbert H cashier h 56S Bainbridge 
ii Harry manager 1206 Cortelyou rd 
ii Harry realestate h 208 Halsey 
ii Harry L realestate h 807 Beverley rd 
ii Herbert J civil eng h 678 Mansfield pi 
ii Horace E physician h 478 58th 
ii Howard M mer 17 State Mhtn h 105 

ii H h 539 Throop av 
ii Ida wid Baxter h 346 4th 
ii John elk h 219 Marion 
ii John grocer 771 Fulton 
i. John H agt h 466 E 7th 
n John J elk h 678 Mansfield pi 
ii John L h 448 Bainbridge 
ii John L Jr ins 25 Pine Mhtn h 448 

ii John T h 1073 Lincoln pi 
ii John T agt h 104 Newell 
ii John W laundry 325 Dean h 359 Lenox 

ii John W physician h 7 Macon 


< CD 
































Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 Haiti. 




350 Livingston St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 1 £™ P *™£&*Z1 





















— 1 










n Jos watchcasemkr h 472 Gates at 

n Jos A elk h 435 Gold 

ii Jos B optician h 327 Pa av 

,i Jos K teacher b 457 Oth 

ii Jos I. editor 3! Nassau Mhtn h 371 Park 

„ J C elk h 435 Jef ar 
ii J J, bookkpr h Greene av n Nostrand aT 
ii Mary wid John A h 769 Bwlek ar 
ii Mary wid Riebd li 815 Halsey 
ii Mary H wid Jacob h 371 12th 
.i Mary E wid Wm W h 78 Kingston ar - 
ii Oliver P realestate 307 Fulton n 180 

ii Paul J livery 680 Pacific 
,i Rleud A h 144 S Portland ar 
ii Robt P manager h 825 Dean 
.1 Rockwell J C sec 85 Centre Mhtu h 347 

Ocean av 
n Russell B engineer h 342 E 22d 
ii Stanley salesman h 347 Ocean Pkway 
ii Thos W carpr 75 Patchen av 
ii Titus F printer h 1421 E 35th 
•i "Walter S usher h 1846 Dean 
n Wendell P lawyer 100 William Mhtn 

h 466 E 7th 
ii Wiltiur F police h 750 Lincoln pl 
ii Wm candy h 498 Marion 
ii Wm elk h 182 7th av 
ii Wm laundry 521 56th 
ii Wm letter carrier h 379 Bleeeker 
■i Wm truckman h 920 Pacific 
ii Wm A clothing h 78 Kingston av 
ii Wm G decorator h 458 Monroe 
,i Wm H h 800 E 12th 
H Win P furnaces h 69 Beid av 
ii W A h 485 12th 
ii Bros grocers 77-1 Fulton 
ii Bros laundry 325 Dean 
Barkey Hy liquors 227 Troutman 
ii Hy restaurant 515 Glenmore av 
n John brushes h 305 Stagg 
Barkin Saml tailor 163 Canal Mhtn h 325 

Rkway av 
Barkman Ohas stationer 445 Evergreen w 
Barko Bernard dry gds 305 Columbia 

ii Meyer dry gds 57 Columbia 
Barkoff Jacob h 1863 Park pl 
Barkow Robt liquors h 291 7th 
Barlett Hubert H II dock master h 1356 E 

Barley Jonathan W ins 68 William Mhtn 

h 246 Clinton 
Barling Arthur janitor h 160 Albany ar 
ii Eva wid Augustus h 856 Lincoln pl 
ii Frances E wid Eugene h 170 Wilson 
ii Geo W machinist h 761 Bedford av 
ii Jas hatter h 305 Nostrand av 
ii John realestate 1800 Bath ar h 8510 

21st ay 
ii Jos decorator h 253 Hall 
ii W B electrician h 107 Prospect ar 
Barlo Barnet barber 546 Myrtle ar 
Barlos Abraham bedding 407 Rkway ay 
Barlow Chas salesman h 172 Patchen ar 
Chas H bldr h 122 Raymond 
Edwd broker h 547 54th 
Edwd W broker 91 Wall Mhtn h 447 58th 
Edwin h 14 Decatur 
Everett D lawyer 38 Park row Mhtn 

h 198 Logan 
Geo actor h 263 Bleeeker 
Hy tinsmith li 186 Classon av 
Howard J elk h 529 Monroe 
Jas engraver h 210 Bay 7th 
John advertising h 178 Nevlns 
John H reporter h 244 Grand av 
John D oil h 143 Lott 
John J carrier h 212 Sumpter 
John T elk h 205 Orescent 
John AV physician h 7 Macon 
Jos R K sec h 316 Quincy 
Julian H foreman h 177 8th 
Raymond S real estate 26 Court h 183 

Richd K bookkpr h 770 Jef av 
Wm plumber h 100 Bay 13th 
Wm S h 2139 S6th 
Wm T tin wkr h 265 Crescent 
Barly Jos agt h 674 Degraw 
Barmore John H D elk h 220 Dean 
Barmwater Emil B K treasr 114 Liberty 

Mhtn h 235 Penn 
Barnaby Fredk W fwdg agt 17 Battery pl 
Mahtn h 307 Greene av 
ii Walter M auditor h DeKoven ct 
ii Wm S mfr h 28 McDonough 


Barnard Alfred Jeweler li 171 Prospect pl 
n Alfred restaurant 1194 Fultou U 154 

ii Club 132 Remsen 
n Edwd shipmaster h 476 Classon av 
ii Ellen wid Robt G h 359 Ridgewood av 
ii Frank H electrician h 357 7th 
ii Geo foreman h 20 Clinton av 
■i Geo G lawyer 180 Montague 
ii Geo Y engraver h 51 Bay 17th 
n Geo & Co (inc) sporting gds 6th av c Pa- 
cific & 311 Jay 
ii Ida usst supt DeKalb av e Raymond 
M Jas P machinist n 257 Grand av 
ii Jesse wid Eugene H h 476 Classon av 
ii Leon W lawyer 111 Bway Mhtn h 147 

ii Louis M eggs 336 Washn Mhcn h 1077 

Prospect pl 
ii L D salesman h 345 Saekett 
ii Oiley R paper 33 Rose Mhtn h 139 

S 9th 
ii Percival G lawyer 1 Bway Mhtn h 89 

ii Purcell elk h 711 Gates ar 
ii Thos h 357 7th 

ii Thos carpr h 261 Prospect pk W 
ii Wm A refiner 171 Park Row Mhtn h 171 

Prospect pl 
ii Wm L broker 25 Broad Mhtn h 2173 

Barnarli Jos 311 Jay 
Barnbrook Alfred B mason h 549 St Marks 

Barndollar Clarence B h 920 Prospect pl 
ii John S ins 51 Wall Mhtn h 1242 Pa- 
Barnell Bros grocers 145 Johnson 
Barnello Manfred carpr h 131 Classon av 
Barner Andw tailor h 376 Ralph 

ii A S (Rev) h 181 Prospect pk W 
Barnerman Edwd h 1418 Av P 
Barnes Albert elk h 568 Monroe 
ii Alfred steamfitter 928 Belmont av 
ii Almirno truckman h 938 Kent av 
ii Almond W soap Eagle c West 
n Anthony T laundry h 385 Hawthorne 
ii Arthur C h 681 79th 
ii Benj gardener h 645 Delamere pl 
ii Caroline W h 610 Carlton av 
n Chas music h 191 Keap 
ii Chas A salesman h 1672 43d 
ii Chas B elk h 53 Madison 
ii Chas F mfr 17 McKibbin h 259 Clark- 
son av 
ii Danl prest 74 Wall Mhtn h 24 Scher- 

■i Danl V realestate 16 Court h 24 Scher- 

ii Dora M district nurse 15 Garnet h 

1058 Bergen 
ii Edwd bookkpr h 584 Vandt av 
ii Edwd supt h 533 Nostrand av 
n Edwd tinsmith h 269 S 4th 
ii Emily wid John furniture 915 Fulton 
n Erastus H lumber 11 Bway Mhtn h 

44 Montgomery pl 
ii Ernest C elk h 395 Classon ay 
n Eugene F treasr 643 Myrtle av h 84 

n Everett principal Conselyea c Humbt 

h 1402 Dean 
n E Clinton h 915 Fulton 
ii Francis D dentist 178 Stuyt av 
ii Frank E civil eng 30 Church Mhtn h, 

169 Bay 28th 
ii Fredk typewriting supplies 161 Pierre- 

pont h 31 Linden 
ti Fredk H elk h 345 Stuyt av 
ii Geo li 335 S 3d 
ii Geo carpr h 661 Baltic 
ii Geo carpr h 545 Chauncey 
ii Geo elk h 610 Carlton ay 
ii Geo vet surg 747 Grand h 42 Herkimer 
ii Geo H blacksmith h 647 47th 
ii Geo H lawyer 52 E 19th Mhtu h 181 

n Geo W mason 881 Myrtle av 
ii Gilbert H h Hotel St Ueorge 
ii Harold L physician 42 Elton 
n Harrison optometrist 729 Mhtn av 
ii Hy elk h 258 47th 
n Hy II decorator 194 Atlantic av 
ii Herbert bookkpr h 904 Union 
ii H O publisher h 2084 Bedford av 
i. Jas elk h 209 S 4th 
n Jas A agt h 194 Essex 




)KLYN 1 




317 Washington St.. 
Telephone. 3001 Mam 

M ■ a *j v 



f -1 









5-s a^ 

o Sr 


« m 

SB ** Si 

ct B p to 

■a s r 
a a I.' 


It IS 




-Lewis and Wllloughby Avenues, in the heart of Brooklyn- 

THat's tHe Place to Educate Your Boy 

o 9 






<• i 


01 g 








J s 









bl a 














0) bl 



i, Jus mechanic b 3614 13th av 

ii Jas S h 61 Plerrepont 

ii John acct h 737 Kenniore pi 

ii John elk h 364 5th 

n John A engineer h 309 Balnbrldge 

ii John C electrician b 24 E 2d 

ii John J liquors h 504 Vandt 

ii John J police h 117 Euclid av 

ii John R elk h 44 .Montgomery pi 

ii John V mer 76 Broad ilhtn h 24 

n Jos E towerman h 269 14th 
n Joshua Inventor h 1192 Fulton 
ii Kenneth E electrician h 160 Lex av 
ii Lawrence K manager 320 5th av Mbtn 

h 48 McDonough 
ii Lena B wid Bdwd h 612 Greene av 
ii Louis suits 766 Bway 
ii Maria C h 1058 Bergen 
n Marie wid A S h 90 Joralemon 
■■ Mary wid Geo h 222 Etna 
ii Mary wid Rlchd b 653 Wasbn av 
ii Mary wid Wm h 617 Gates av 
ii Mary J wid Geo h 406A 18th 
■i Mary L wid Gaybert h 536 55th 
ii Maurice candy h 335 S 3d 
n Morgan K elk h 345 Stuyt av 
ii Raymond F infr b 90 McDonough 
ii Richd broker b 6 S Elliott pi 
ii Robt H manager h 24 Van Buren 
ii Roseoe printer h 1828 Benson av 
ii Roxanna K pbysician h 350 6th av 
ii Thos blacksmith h 292 McDougal 
ii Vincent M hardware 1882 Fbusb av 
ii Walter manager h 610 Carlton av 
ii Walter E Ins h 101 S Elliott pi 
ii Wm draughtsman h 290 McDougal 
ii Wm Janitor b 80 Putnam av 
n Wm machinist h 77 Bond 
ii Wm painter b 222 Etna 
ii Wm B painter 194 Atlantic av h Mor- 
ris Park L I 
ii Wm J bookkpr h 451 Balnbrldge 
ii Wm V engineer 186 Remsen b 333 

Lewis av 
ii Willard X dentist h 167 Hancock 
ii & Wells realestate 16 Court 
Barnes' J \V Sons decorators 194 Atlantic av 
Barnet Fred J physician h 679 Elmore pi 
Burnett Alpbonse proofreader h 473 West 

29 th ward 
.1 A planing mill 128 2d av 
ii A J h 365 77th 
ii BenJ coml tmv h 17th av n 86th 
ii Bernard clothing 32 E Bway Mbtn h 

1164 47th 
ii Bernard A shirts 80 Franklin Mbtn h 

1277 41st 
i, David Jeweler h 469 5th 
ii Bdwd mfr b 170 Euclid av 
n Edwd C produce h 405 Miller av 
ii Edwd M printer h 215 Duffield 
ii Edwd T h 231 Wyckoff 
ii Edwin compositor h 425 Park pi 
ii Eva boarding h 126 I'rospect pi ' 
ii E C compositor h 186 Schtdy av 
n Fredk E h 61A Balnbrldge 
ii Geo diamonds b 180 S 9th 
ii Geo manager b 571 Halsey 
„ Geo police h 345 6th 
■i Geo A laundry 118 Ryerson 
ii Geo W h 638 Gates av 
n Geo W cutter b 412 15th 
ii G liquors 90 Wythe av 
n Harry elk b 412 43d 
ii Harry diamonds 473 Fulton h 446 14th 
ii Harry h furng 2769 Atlantic av 
ii Harry meat h 166 Pa av 
ii Harvey salesman h 286 Clinton 
ii Helen F wid Jas h 196 Washn pk 
ii Hy mer h 443 McDonough 
ii Hyman bldr h 30 Hinsdale 
ii Hyman I lawyer 132 Nassau Mhtn h 

1665 43d 
n Jacob mens furng 661 Myrtle av 
n Jas elk b 1636 72d 
n Jas liquors 149 Sands h 183 Bridge 
ii Jas H decorator h 31 Vermont 
ii John bookkpr b 140 Clinton av 
ii John salesman h 327 Halsey 
ii John G clothing 1728 Fulton 
•i John W machinist h 324 Hart 
ii Jos liquors 4222 3d ar 
ii Jos picture frames 290 Pearl Mhtn h 

1152 DeKalb av 
ii Julius glazier 574 6th av h 329 18th 


ii LawTence O produce 405 Miller av 

n Lewis decorator 434 Hancock 

n Lissa M physician h 1030 Park pi 

ii Louis cigars h 163 Wilby 

ii Louis Jeweler h 469 5th 

ii Louis shoes 6012 New Utrecht av 

n Louis stenographer 32 Bway Mhtn b 490 
Wilby av 

n L h 75 McDonough 

ii Morris meat 166 Pa av 

ii Morris meat 581 3d av 

ii Robt painter h 191 Lee av 

n R P civil eng h 495 Wasbn av 

ii Saml grocer 329 18th 

n Saml Ins h 374 5th av 

ii Solomon leather 10 Ferry Mhtn h 490 
Wilby av 

ii Theo trucks 157 Lorimer 

ii Thos J liquors 205 Smith h 47 Wyckoff 

ii Thos J vice-prest 22 William Mhtn h 
856 Prospect pi 

ii Victor decorator 434 Hancock 

ii Wllhelmina wid Jeremiah J b 514 
Wilby av 

ii Wm grocer h 143 Albany av 

ii Wm police h 1454 Bwick av 

n Wm salesman h 334 Hart 

ii Winfred janitor h 352 Prospect pi 

n Bros decorators 434 Haucock 

ii Bros diamonds 1151 45th 
Barney Edgar S teacher 34 Stuyt Mbtn h 
48 S 8th , 

n Geo D pbysician h 21 7th av 

ii Geo W realestate h 1828 84th 

,i Jos G realestate 16 Court b 399 6th av 

ii Louis ins 977 Lorimer 

„ L W (Rev) h 272 Hewes 

ii Percy C civil eng h 827 Kenmore pi 

ii Wesley actor b 842A Madison 
Barnhart Abner salesman h 1050 81st 

i, Allen K sugar 106 Wall Mhtn h 5605 
4th av 

ii Edwd R music b 330 9th 

ii E H h 1059 81st 

ii Isaiah C physician 218 Arlington av 
Barnbill John J lee h 194 Walworth 
Barnicle John J broker 138 Front Mhtn b 603 

ii Michl broker 136 Front Mhtn h 6 Willow 
Barnie Alex elk h 425 Gold 
Barnikel Geo plater h 202 Grove 

n John liquors 194 Irving av 

ii Peter shoes 699 DeKalb av 
Barning John h 38 Furinan av 

ii John salesman h 100 Cumberland 

ii John H grocer h 552 15th 
Barnitz Abigail wid McClintic b 394 5tb 

ii Geo D police h 4S8 10th 
Barnowitz Morris tailor 281 Bedford av 
Barnsdall Geo realestate b 143 6th av 

n Jas K h 143 6th av 
Barusdorf Wm A salesman h 324 Union 
Barnum Chas H diamonds 71 Nassau Mhtn h 
654 Park pi 

ii Chas K mantels 246 Front Mhtn h 29 

ii Edmund B lawyer 371 Fulton h 637 
Prospect pi 

ii E dentist 5023 4th av 

ii Frederic Lee pbysician h 105 Clark 

ii Geo C elk h 391 Rugby id 

ii Harry envelopes h 135 Schaeffer 

ii Noak K tiles 246 Front Mhtn h 29 

n Virgil E wid h 325 Washn av 

ii Wm A inks 40 Tiffany pi h 819 Pros- 
pect pi 

n W D h 178 Herkimer 
Barnutz John furniture mfr 260 Gold h 447 

W 24th Mhtn 
Barnwell Patrick h 142 92d 
Baroen Chas grocer 554 Myrtle av 
Barogge Lawrence J elk h 39 Jef av 
Barol Max photos 282 5th av b 209 7th av 

ii Myron artist 282 5th av h 650 Prest 
Baron Aaron carpr h 522 Vandt av 

ii Arthur E supt h 129S Sterling pi 

ii Christian liquors h 170 Veron av 

ii David grocer 178 Mhtn av 

ii Fredk liquors 754 Myrtle av 

ii Gustave realestate 5500 13th av 

ii Harry extracts 311 Broome Mbtn h 
153 Ross 

ii Hy extracts 5 Rlvlngton Mhtn h 60tb 
c 15th av 

ii Hy G knit gds h 145 Pateheu av 


The New York Business Directory for 1860, under the heading Brush 
Manufacturers, gave the address of BRADLEY & SMITH, 251 Pearl 
Street. Trow's Directory for 1910 shows BRADLEY <fc dMITH 






< CD 































































ii Hirscb grocer h 64 Morrell 
ii Jacob metals h 23 Caton pi 
ii Jennie lamps 101 W 29th Mhtn li 846 

ii Jos printer h 1152 Gates av 
ii J liquors 1145 Glenmore av 
ii Louis prest 20 Chatham sq Mhtn h 1155 

ii Max extracts 5 Rivingston Mhtn h 15th 

av c 50th 
ii Max tailor h 481 Clermont av 
ii Max F fruit h 67 Ryerson 
ii Mills Co coffee 106 S Oxford 
ii M & I. liquors 870 Bway 
ii Paul printer 20 Chatham sq Mhtn h 

1155 42d 
n Rebecca glass 69 Gpoint av h 93 

Giioint av 
ii Richd photos 499 Grand 
ii Saml dancing 345 Clinton av b 305 

].af ax- 
il Saml prest Wythe av c Penn 
ii Saml Co welsh rarebit 891 Fulton 
ii Saul J lawyer 32 Nassau Mhtn h 15th 

av c 50th 
ii Solomon button mfr 103 Johnson av h 

216 Graham av 
ii Theo S 782 Wythe av 
Barona Jos fruits 286 Washn Mhtn b 208 

Windsor pi 
Barondes Rosa cloaks 359 Canal Mhtn b 591 

N J av 
Barondess Jos ins 165 E Bway Mhtn b 1530 

ii Morris cloukmkr h 479 N J av 
Barone Salvatore grocer 6314 Fort Hamilton 

Baroni G P vealestate 1812 East Pkway h 

299 Glenmore av 
Baronowski Thos delicatessen 349 Kniekr av 
Barons Frank S dentist h 177 Harrison 
Barony Tony iron 019 Bergen 
Barqulnero Boniface exporter 192 W Bway 

Mhtn b 144 Quincy 
Barr Adam realestate 350 Fulton o Wood- 
haven L I 
ii Adolph liquors 223 Fulton h 50 Strong 

ii Alfred grocer 190 Dean 
ii Andw W tyepwrlter h 1876 Bergen 
ii Archibald J supt b 1620 43d 
n Bessie wld J h 20 S Elliott pl 
n Chas letter carrier h 21G Windsor pl 
ii Chas J undertaker 1256 Bedford av h 

1242 Bedford av 
ii Danl stevedore h 528 58th 
„ D b 363 4th 

n Edwd iron 90 John Mhtn b 109 State 
ii Edwd N grocer 167 Park av 
ii Elizabeth A wid Stewart h 385 Halsey 
n Emery ins b 109 State 
ii Geo h 78 Clarkson av 
ii Geo engineer h 370 50th 
ii Jacob soap 99 Frost h 313 Graham av 
ii Jesse broker h 1134 Bergen 
n John "h 40 S Oxford 
n John u s n h 204 Columbia Hgts 
ii John cigar mfr h 239 Dean 
ii John O notary 128 Bway Mhtn n 179 

Marcy av 
ii John J express b 105 Franklin av 
ii Max liquors 223 Fulton h 486 2d 
ii Michl instmkr o 405 Himrod 
ii Michl J grocer h 122 McDougal 
.1 Michl P u s D 1050 E 10th 
ii Robt F u s a h 204 Columbia Hgts 
n Saml tailor 436 Myrtle av 
ii Sidney U supt h 418 McDonough 
ii Thos machinist 65 Bridge 
.. Thos T prest 26 Court 1. 40 S Oxford 
ii Wm carpr h 369 Pacific 
ii Win elk h 912 Lincoln pl 
ii Wm E h 234 Macon 
ii Wm T suits 41 W Slst Mhtn h 62 S 

Portland av 
ii Bros liquors 223 Fulton 
BaiTacea Peter barber 5417 6tti av 
Barrack Chas exjiort h 575 62d 
Bai'raelougb C L h 14 Monroe 
Barradell Jos weaver h 103 Rodgers av 
M Wm H lawyer 44 Court h 193 Rogers 

Barranco Augustine P sec 94 Wall Mhtn h 

192 Crystal 
i. Caesar A cigars 96 Maiden la Mhtn h 

,159 Atkins av 
Barre Danl h 2<1 av c 75fh 

Pictures^ Paintings 





n Danl C florist 1888 Coney Island av 
ii Fredk II elk h 272 E 16uh 
ii H F h 64 Van Buren 
Barreau Francis E elk h. 378 Gates av 
Barredo Jos cigars 342 Court 
Barrel Morris glazier 97 Gpoint av h 101 

Barren Ferdinand A electrician 1234 Fulton 
n Geo elk h 518 7th 
ii Geo W asst supt U70 Hamilton av in 562 

.. Wm F h 346 Gates av 
n ii Tresham electricians 1234 Fulton 
Barrera Stephen F b 2113 Mermaid av 
Barrett Albert elk h 32 E 5th 
n Byron S teacher h 1039 E 14th 
n Caleb franier h 201A McDougal 
ii Chas plumber 319 Palmetto 
ii Ohas A horseshoer 402 Clermont av h 

532 Carlton av 
ii Chas J elk h 128 18th 
n Danl painter h 361 S 5th 
ii Edwd A treasr 1007 Atlantic av & 

133 Navy (h 246 Johnson 
ii Edwd J mason h 622A Gates av 
a Ernest L (h E 27th n Voorhies av 
ii Francis J h 200 S$ Johns pl 
ii Frank C bookkpr n 1007 Hancock 
ii Frank C ins h 388 8th 
ii Frank X cashier h 311 6th av 
ii Fredk J physician h 423 Washn av 
ii Geo shoe mfr 340 DcKalb av h 242A 

ii Geo E dentist 487 Bedford av 
ii Geo E realestate b 20 Vernon av 
ii Geo W bookkpr h 251 Bainbridge 
ii Hy cigars 88 Debevoise 
ii Hy painter 79th n 7lh av h 7203 6th av 
ii Herbert M broker 40 Exchange pl Mhtn 

h 92 Gates av 
ii H M h U20A Greene av 
ii H St John decorator h 109 Gates av 
n Isaac S elk h 523 Throop av 
ii Jas plumber h 245 "Nostrand av 
ii Jas salesman h 42s Slst 
ii Jas F h 71 PierrepoLl 
ii Jas H h 416 E 52d 
ii Jas J supt h 584 Bergen 
n Jas M cashier 154 Nassau Mhtn b 797 

Ocean av 
ii John h 715 65th 
ii John h 400 59th 
ii John engineer h 143 likway av 
ii John foreman h 232 Palmetto 
n John lnsp h 347 13th 

ii John inabou 16 South Mhtn h 461 At- 
lantic av 
ii John police h 546 Grand av 
ii John A elee eng h 1302 Pacific 
a John D electrician b 250 Greene av 
ii John H music 14 Cooper 
ii John I (Rev) h 367 Clermont av 
n John J depy collector Washn c Johnson 

h 128 18th 
n John J tel oi>er h 921 Belmont av 
ii John W police h 289 Logan 
ii Jos elk h 327 Elton 

ii Jos ins 100 William Mhtn h 511 Laf av 
ii Jos C supt 132 E 12th Mhtn h 72 Stagg 
n J C" Mfg Co 630 Driggs av 
it Ijouis S horseshoer 492 Clermont av h 

532 Carlton av 
ii Louis S sec 550 W 2s>tb Mhtn h 442 

ii Margaret nurse h 74 Ryerson 
ii Margt wid Matthew h 250 Greene av 
ii Man- wid Wm h 668 Gates av 
a Mary J wid Jas h 176 Albany av 
n Mfg Co roofing mtls 620 Smith & 17 

Battery pl Mhtn 
ii Matthew F' liquors 191 Franklin av 
ii Michl F grocer 308 Spring Mhtn h 330 

Bedford av 
a M Geo drugs h 914 8th av 
ii /Patrick T grocer 308 Spring Mhtn n 

330 Bedford av 
ii Teter wagon mfr 1007 Atlantic av h 

246 Johnson 
ii Peter Mfg Co wagons 129 Navy & 1007 

Atlantic av 
ii Philip salesman h 206 Pacific 
ii Richd E coml trav h 781 McDonough 
ii Richd J lithographer h 782 Madison 
ii Richd S printer h 314 Pear] 
ii Robt bookkpr b 110 Vernon av 
ii Robt F lnsp b 862 Herkimer 
ii Thos agt h 143 Mlddleton 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 







:: ■ 

* **■ 

ii CO 

5- S 1 

If m » 

o g UJ m 

5 S. 1 O <x> 

g -9 M 9 BB 

- 1 H ft, T3 

|^(j 53 

1* E a S2 

2 « " a — 

3- 3 • ° 

£ 5 

317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone, 3004 Main, 


* i 





317 Washington St. 




„ Tbos tinsmith 675 DeKulb av 

,i Thos A treas 439 Laf Mhtn h C26A 

Greene av 
ii Thos J bookkpr li 241 Van Burea 
ii Thos J police h 108 S 2d 
ii Thos J jr h 1037 Bergen 
ii Thos P letter carrier h 271 Baltic 
ii Walter B tailor h 495 12th 
n Wilbur F h 346 Gates av 
ii Wm foreman h 354 59th 
n Wm F elk h 96 Park pi 
n Wm H h 343 Adelphi 
ii Wm H elec eng h 464 43d 
n Wm J advtg agt 24 Bway h 1494 

ii Wm J realestate h 1110 Fulton 
ii Wm J solicitor h 1494 Pacific 
ii Wm P printer h 323 Marlon 
ii Wm K asbestos 22 Burling slip Mhtn b 

202 Lincoln pi 
ii Nephews & Co (Inc) dyeing 168 Pler- 
repont & 482 & 1177 Fulton 
Barretts Louis liquors 243 Liberty av 
Barreuther Fredk teacher h 539A Monroe 
Barrie Frank hay 510 Met av h 282 Hooper 
ii Geo disinfector h 227 Hull 
ii John hay 510 Met av h 7 Alice ct 
ii Robt ice cream h 347 St Marks av 
Barrlnger Jennie wid Hy h 397 Cbauncer 

ii Wm mfr h 142 Rodney 
Barrington Benj elk h 1066 Mhtn av 
ii Harry C storage 148 Gpoint av 
■i Ida wid Chas h 2150 80th 
ii John C storage 148 Gpoint av h 72 1-2 

Norman av 
ii J C & Son storage 148 Gpoint av 
ii Mlchl fruit 222 Patchen av 
Barris David h 26 Patchen av 
Barritt A Sidney h 164 Prospect pk W 
ii Leon publisher 150 Nassau Mhtn h 613 
B 14th 
Barro Frank liquors 907 Bway 
Barron Chas A acct h 76 S Elliott pi 
ii Edwd machinist h 143 Adelphi 
ii Eugene Ins h 424 45th 
ii Geo elk h 295 Classon av 
ii H foreman h 245 48th 
ii John baker h 116 S 3d 
ii Jos ins h 190 Bay 14th 
ii Morris D dyeing 5412 3d av 
ii Patrick A coml trav h 1435 69th 
ii Robt M elk h 524 48th 
n Walter J inventor 47 Bway Mhtn h 461 

Bedford av 
ii Wm printer h 1198 Bwick av 
n Wm H china 1303 Fulton 
n Wm H decorator 228 Livingston 
ii Wyman S mfr 104 S 8th h 94 Rodney 
Barrone Giuseppe fruit 286 Washn Mhtn b 

208 Windsor pi 
Barrow Clarence A depy elk Borough Hall 
h 908 Sterling pi 
ii Frank barber h 108 Eldert 
ii Wm h 441 48th 
ii Wm M salesman h 436 47th 
Barrowman Junius B millinery 109 Kingston 

av h 221 Moffat 
Barrows Hamilton Janitor h 368 18th 
ii John H machinist h 158 Eldert 
ii Lambert h 177 St James pi 
Barry Alex B elk h 344 Koscko 
ii Alex J armorer h 656 Decatur 
ii Anilw h 722 Carroll 
i. Andw elk h 341 13th 
n Anna wid Patrick J h 487 Henry 
ii Anthony M decorator 2171 Clarendon 

rd h 572 E 15th 
ii A Floyd supt h 463 E 9th 
n Oath delicatessen 4S0 3d av 
ii Chas actor h 212 Bay 7th 
ii Chas J h 292 Tpkins av 
ii Danl wheelwright h 559 Drlggs av 
M Danl F printing ink 17 Spruce Mhtn 

h 615 E 28th 
ii David J police h 249 E 23d 
ii David P jeweler 145 5th av Mhtn h 

691 Putnam av 
ii Delia wid Benl h 140 Clifton pi 
ii D horseshoer 202 Gpoint av 
.1 Edwd fireman h 284 10th 
ii Edwd grocer 223 Conover 
ii Edwd mechanic h 938 Gates av 
ii Edwd music li 817 Dean 
ii Ella C wid W F h 1354 Pacific 
ii Ellen dressmkr 669 Mytle av-— ' 
ii Eugene A electrician h 349 7th 
ii Frank elk h 1080 Greene av 


ii Fivdk elk h 272 E 18th 

ii F Harry Insp h 64 Van Buxen 

n Garrett sec 17 Fulton Fish Mkt Mhtn 

h 704 E 4th 

ii Geo S ins 45 Cedar Mhtn h 1354 Pa- 

M Jus mason h 1001 Dean 

n Jas meat h 192 Prospect av 

n Jas police b 430 60th 

ii Jas tailor 424 Adelphi h 11 Ashland pi 

ii Jas B printer 318 B 23d Mhtn h 347 

Jamaica av 

ii Jas F bookkpr h 1042 Putnam av 

ii Jas G elk h 292 Tpkins av 

ii Jane wid Edwd F h 708 Union 

ii John bookbinder b 225 Hull 

ii John carriagemkr 93 Evergreen av 

ii John cigars 114 Bridge 

n John elk b 4417 5th av 

ii John elk h 417 11th 

ii John printer h 253 Moffat 

ii John salesman h 57 Hubbard 

n John H h 823 E 16th 

ii John H restaurant 1163 Bedford av 

ii John J insp h 540 Bergen 

ii John T chemist 14 Dey Mhtn h 1263 


ii John T drugs 7 Jones Mhtn h 201A 6th 


ii Jos elk h 333 Degraw 

n Jos engineer h 640 Laf av 

n Jos B h 347 Jamaica av 

ii Jos E electrician 292 Tpkins av 

ii Jos F engineer h 1039 Laf av 

n Loyal W elk h 771 Greene av 

ii Magnus liquors Concord c Hudson av 

ii Mary wid Jas h 31 Foster av 

ii Michl J collector h 3620 13th av 

n Patrick h 194 Nassau 

n Percy L h 133 Hewes 

ii Peter elk h 8417 17th av 

ii Robt H realestate 85 Morton 

n Rose meat 239 Hoyt 

ii Saml h 575 7th 

ii Thos B salesman h 489 Rugby rd 

ii Thos H music h 1226 Halsey 

ii Thos J candy 746 Gates av 

ii Thos J foreman h 288 Sumpter 

ii Timothy h 39 St Marks pi 

ii Wallace elk h 243 Steuben 

ii Walter H realestate h 433 3d 

ii Wm h 187 S 9th 

n Wm painter h 631 Lex av 

ii Wm D boxes 48 Hudson Mhtn h 78 S 


ii Wm F marshal 31 Pa av h 1354 Greene 


ii Wm G agt 563 Bway h 666 St Johns pi 

n Wm H actor h 256 Ru Hedge 

ii Wm J foreman b 78 S 3d 


ner ave 

ii & Fianck marshals 31 Pa av 
Barsaloux David cashier h 514 E 8th 
Barschow F C metals 24 Dlkeman 
Barselotta Peter restaurant 47 Washn av 

h 68 Baxter Mhtn 
Barshay Meyer delicatessen 53 Bridge h 167 
Waverly av 

ii Saul baker 60 Sumner av h 276 Stockton 
Barsky Jacob furniture 8 S William Mhtn 
b 1333 44th 

ii Jacob laundry 54 Atlantic av 

ii Jos physician 203 E Bway Mhtn b t06 

n Louis tailor h 399 Blake av 
Barson Abdalla N cigarettes 40 West Mhtn 
h 422 Clinton 

,i G H elk h 254 Lefferts av 

ii Salim cigarettes 40 West Mhtn h 422 
Barstow Edwin J salesman 24 State Mhtn 
h 717 Sterling pi 

ii Hy W manager h 136 Cambridge pi 
Bart Wm A physician h 234 Eckford 
Barta Jos tailor 157 Evergreen av 
Bartarst Eugene glider h 1511 8th av 
Barrels Chas A grocer 4226 5th av 
Bartel August grocer 33 Jamaica av 

n Chas meat 275 Evergreen av h 253 Etna 

n Conrad machinist h 167 Harman 

ii Geo liquors 113 Smith 

ii Gustav ins h 421 52d 

ii John baker h 24 Sumner av 

ii Otto painter h 280 Evergreen av 

ti Philip printer 639 Bwick av 

n Philip A bookkpr h 29 Willow 


STOKES: 519 and MM) Fulton Street 


847 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; 115 Park Bow, New York City, 

and SIS Fust 24th Street, New York City 

Charlotte Rasse 
and Fancy Cakes 
used by countless 
millions. Try them 

Telephone at all Addresses 



UPINGTGH DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Sheet, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 



bfi o «> 


S fe g 

c/3 «y ij 

o c 
p * 111 

u 53 ca 

Ljl T3 <-> 



© — - 


> a. 

■** = 







E tf 









CO **" 


=l z 



Da ^oaa 



ii Saml varieties 64 Tpklns av 
I. Wm moulder h 312 Linden 

Harteld Mary h 520 Delaiuere pi 
pi Sophia wid Herman F h 177 Hancock 

P.nrtel] Lewis adjuster h 7 Heury 29th Ward 
ii Saml h 948 Laff av 

Bartelnies Bernard furniture 302 Penn h 1049 
n Louis furniture 302 Penn h 277 Wlerfleld 

Iiartelmes' H Sons (ine) furniture 302 Penn 

Bartels Aaron polisher h 456 41st 
ii Andw A elk h 4819 4th av 
.i Chas carpr h 1469 N Y av 
.. Chas manager h 429 48th 
.i Chas A agt 45 Warren Mhtn h 333 65th 
ii Fredk h 971 St Mark's av 
n Geo h 9G 1st jpl 
ii Geo bookkpr h 1503 Dnlon 
n Geo liquors 113 Smith 
ii Harry A carrier h 1237 Herkimer 
ii Hy cleaner 620 Koscko h 1150 Bway 
n Hy liquors 1564 Bway 
ii Hy meat 181 Franklin 
.1 Hy W elk h 656 Decatur 
ii H delicatessen 324 Suydam 
ii Louis A polisher h 36 Covert 
n Louise stationer 448A Laf av 
n Otto varnish Stewart av c Randolph 
i, Philip A bookkpr h 29 Willow 
ii Wm draughtsman h 34 Richmond 
ii Wm manager h 352 73d 
ii & Rohdenburg liquors 1564 Bway 

Bartelsen Kathrina candy 4620 3d av 

Bartelstone L h 573 E 8th 

Barten Gustave meat 1892 Bway 
ii Hy cooper h 175 Hicks 

Bartenwerffer Fredk restaurant 719 Grand 

Barter Wm P ins 172 Montague h Verona N J 

Earth Abraham contractor h 160 57th 
ii Adam contractor 82 Eldert's la 
ii Adam printer 75 Broad Mhtn h 99 Ten 

I, Alois plumber 393 Knickr av 
ii Benj machinist h 307 Palmetto 
ii Chas machinist h 5403 5th av 
ii Chas B barber 59 Fbush av 
ii Frank baker 296 Leonard 
ii Fredk salesman h 891 Pacific 
ii F h 750 Franklin av 
n Geo J cashier h 217 Ten Eyck 
ii Geo M horseshoer 419 Hamburg av 
ii Gottlieb baker h 386 Chauncey 
ii Hy meat 1302 8th av h 444 13th 
ii H meat 738 Washn av 
ii Ignatz J plumber 110 University pi Mhtn 

1633 E 14th 
ii Jacob painter h 209 Sumpter 
ii John meat 65 Kent av h 404 S 4th 
ii Louise wid Chas h 1092 St Mark's av 
ii Peter elk h 13 Furman av 
ii Peter mason h 243 Stockholm 
ii Peter J h 1352 l'.wick av 
n Bohr foreman h 5716 6th av 
■I Rudolph h 113G Wilby av 
ii Sarah nurse h 215 Prospect pi 
ii Sorgan electrician h 626 44th 
ii Theo delicatessen 3061 Fulton 
.. Theo & Sou meat 3153 Fulton 
ii Vincent furniture 448 Bedford av h 154 

ii Wm broker h 1199 Greene av 

Barthei Chas F baker 1699 Bway 
ii Oscar machinist 89 Wallabout h 41 

.1 Peter J acct h 427 Qulncy 

Barthman Hy C Jeweler 1 Maiden la Mhtn h 
S92 Park pi 
ii Wm" jeweler 1 Maiden la Mhtn h 22 
Montgomery pi 

Bartbold Geo baker 284 Wilhy av 

Bartholme Edwd baker 906 Herkimer 
M Hy bookkpr h 430 Cleveland 
ii Minnie wid Adam h 70 Graham av 

Bartholomew Chas B manager h 159 Halsey 
n Chas H carrier h 1098 Fbush ay 
n Edwin T elk h 194 Chauncey 
ii Frank cutter h 101 E 8th 
n Frank electrician h 4 Lex av 
ii Frank engineer h 1550 E 17th 
ii Frank H engraver 12 Elm Mhtn h 233 

34 th 
ii Irving engineer h 385 7th 
m John T carpr h 345 72d 
ii Ralph I sec 165 William Mhtn h 149 S 

n Reuben machinist h 1668 Bergen 
ii R A bookkpr h 846 Prest 

Stein way & Sons 


Nos. 1 or and 109 East 14th Street 



ii Thos carpr h 1327 East Pkway 

n Wilbur F stamps 21 Park Row Mhtn h 

368 Livingston 
ii Wm h 100 Hanson pi 
Bartlck Jos M elk h 239 13th 
ii Matthew engineer h 239 13th 
ii Thos J machinist h 239 13th 
Bartik Frank laundry 204 Court 
Bartln Alman G ins h 16 McDonough 
Bartkowskl Alex liquors 530 4th av 
Bartle Albert H realestate N Y Tlinea Bldg 

Mhtn h 1040 E 19th 
ii Wm A h 951 Prospect pi 
Bartles J F h Hotel St George 
ii Wm D realestate 59 William Mhtn h 

218 Van Buren 
Bartlett Alice L dressmkr h 350 4th 
n Anderson candy 302 Prospect Pkway 
ii Arthur D engineer h 680 Greene av 
ii Beuj L elk h 762 Laf av 
ii Chas B coml trav h 843 Hancock 
ii Chas H h 608 E 17th 
ii Edgar supt h 458 45th 
ii Edmond advertising 395 Bway Mhtn h 

166 Ross 
ii Ernest carrier h 300 S 1st 
■i Frank elk h 1069 57th 
n Frank R asst eng 215 Montague h 344 

ii Fredk h 960 Bedford av 
ii Fredk L civil eng 190 Montague h 

2591 Bedford av 
it Geo engineer h 267 Hooper 
ii Geo D teacher h 215 Laf av 
ii Geo D jr h 981 E 18th 
ii Geo E oils 243 South Mhtn h 47 Plerre- 

ii Geo W lnsp h 242 Bay Ridge av 
ii Harriette F wid Homer L h 1 St 

Pauls ct 
ii Harry M dentist 127 W 21st Mhtn h 

707 Macon 
ii Hy R bookkpr h 332 Hawthorne 
n Homer L civil eng 189 Montague h 

785 Monroe 
ii Homer L surveyor 1367 Bway h 886 

ii Homer T architect h 1285 Dean 
ii Jas G tel oper h 313 13th 
n John salesman h 1068 E 18th 
ii John E civil eng h 319 Carlton av 
ii Julia wid Walter h 166 Ross 
n J L jr h 391 1st 
ii Leonard carpr h 26 Pilling 
ii Margt R wid G Waldron h 167 Bay 28th 
ii Robt A broker h 550 DeKalb av 
ii Rhoda wid John h 1356 E 10th 
ii Sophia wid Walter h 448 Classon av 
ii Stephen B weigher h 35 E 10th 
ii Theodore F salesman h 586 Pacific 
ii Thos plumber h 111 Bay 17th 
ii Wesley P moulder h 534 4fith 
ii Willard Judge Albany N Y h 21 Pierre- 
ii Wm buyer h 217 71st 
ii Wm livery 172 Dutfield 
ii Wm supt h 4G2 45th 
ii Wm A woolens 817 Bway Mhtn h 49 

Kenilworth pi 
ii Wm Cushing banker h 560 McDonough 
ii Hayward & Co engineers ft N 11th 
Bartley Anna wid Jas R h 348 18th 
ii Chester R h 252 Ridgewood av 
ii C painter h 215 Kent 
ii Danl M elk h 190 St Marks av 
ii David elk h 219 52d 
„ Edwd L barges 23 South Mhtn h 471 

ii Ellas H physician h 65 S Portland av 
ii Jas h 715 Gates av 
ii Jas A elk h 450 59th 
ii Jas H dry gds 240 Sumner av h 187 

Van Buren 

Bedford Riding Academy 

Cor. Bedford and Atlantic Avenues 
Telephone Call, *fg [ Bedford BROOKLYN, B. Y. 


George H. Willers, Proprietor 


Proipect Park Branch 
Oor. Flatbush and Ocean Avenue* 

TELEPHONE ^4 Wlatbush 


































































(Datberwoofc Samud ° ur . r ' 

wwvuwv wvvv 8 South William SL, 
PHn^EUBiA. New York Cjty> N Y 


3 5 

ea >• 

S 1 

§ W 


X — « 
lu u 

CO »* 




* o 

a o 





ii John meat b 166 14th 

n Jos B b 70 Cedar 

i, Sophie wid Wm J h 227 67th 

it T J & Co iron 75 Guernsey 

.1 Wm F printer 21 Ann Mhtn h 70 Cedar 

ii Wm J plumber h 190 St Mark's av 

,i Wm S h 471 58th 

ii Wm S barges 23 South Mhtn h 1113 

ii Wm T ii s n Ii 555 Carlton av 

„ Wilson F elk h 503 Quiney 
Bartling Geo H plumber 4208 3d av 
Bartlor Saml candy 53 Maujer 
Bartmann Chas liquors G43 Wythe av 

M Jos T salesman h 1352 51st 

ii Thco II upholstery gds 114 5th av Mhtn 
h 59th c 17th av 
Bartnik John bhmkbooks 60 Fulton (Mhtn h 

422 49th ' 

Bartnofsky Jos tailor 250 Atlantic av 

M Mich] cigars 157 Harrison av 
Barto Chas E tel oper h 166 Schaeffer 

ii Edwd H agt 333 Fulton h Flushing 
L I 

ii Ernest baker h 47 Chauncey 

ii Jesse M manager 138 Montague h 469 E 
Barto] Chas F coml trav h 43 Prospect pi 
Bartolanci Saml grocer 1189 Fulton 
Bartolo E harness mfr 178 Wilby av 
Barton Albert M milk 359 Myrtle av h 206A 
Wilby av 

ii Alfred h 64 St Pauls ct 

.. Annie M school 329 Franklin av 

ii Bayard W advertising 150 Nassau Mhtn 
h 460 15th 

ii Bernard G lawyer 215 Montague h 117 

ii Chas elk h 632 Monroe 

ii Edmond T elk h 260 53d 

ii Edwd tel oper h 233 52d 

n Elizabeth wid Jacob R h 1036A Sterling 

ii Geo A gunsmith h 188 Reid av 

ii Geo A milk h 271 18th 

ii G F h 58 Maple ct 

it Herbert A (Rev) h 1914 Bay Ridge av 

ii Herbert O elk h 137 N Oxford 

ii Herman elk h 1220 Bedford av 

n Jas C carpr 203 Eckford h 121 Norman 

n Jesse cashier h 2226 Tilden av 

ii John hardware 308 Smith 

ii John J electrician h 809 Gates av 

ii Jos H polisher h 501 Carlton av 

ii Josiah C manager 253 Bway Mhtn h 
117 Prospect pl 

ii Julia A wid h 242A Classon av 

ii Minnie wid Geo A h 389 6th av 

ii Philander F foreman h 848 E 34th 

ii Robt elk h 403 Etna 

ii Robt electrician 59 Milford 

n Robt F letter carrier h 38 Wyckoff 

ii Saml h 1002 Rkvray av 

n Snjnl locksmith 535 3d av 

n Saml W engineer h 876 Driggs av 

ii Stephen bldr 1020 Bedford av 

ii Stephen A dockbldr h 89 Rockwell pl 

ii Thos F alderman Citv Hall Mhtn & 
hotel 1041 Mhtn av h 100 Clay 

n Thos R ins 67 William Mhtn h 479 Madi- 

ii Vincent J fireman h 147 Prest 

ii Wm A collector h 331 88th 

•i Wm A dockbldr h 188 Reid av 

ii Wm E insp h 273 12th 

ii Wm H carpr h 58 Grant av 
Bartow Arthur K manager h 7612 13th av 

n Carman A Ii 375 Henry 

ii E Whlttemore realestate 44 Court b 234 

ii Francis M manager h 1051 Laf av 

ii Harry F h 1415 Bway 

ii Hasbrouck coffee 65 Furman h Hacken- 
sack X J 

ii Herbert C elk h 137 N Oxford 

ii Jas salesman h 964 Halsey 

ii Jesse ins 138 Montague h 469 E 29th 

ii John M dyer 4710 3d av h 81 Pa av 

n Rachel B wid Wm J h 239 Macon 

ii Win A lawyer 156 Bway Mhtn h 152 
Putnam av 

ii Wm E carpr 146 N Elliott pl 
Bartram Chas B stationer 126 William Mhtn 
h 229 Hewes 

ii »Fred W jr h 165A Jef av 

ii Hawley W see h 143 Sumner av 


,i lly J painter h 200 Franklin av 
Bartruff Geo L physician h 473 Evergreen av 
Bartsch Chas sec 426 3d av 
ii Chas wagonmkr 981 Dean b 808 Sterling 

n Herman A sec 140 Montague h 97 Bay 

ii Julius h 155 Martense 
ii Robt blacksmith h 607 Essex 
ii Wm typewriter h 253 Lex av 
ii Wm jr silversmith h 253 Lex av 
Bartscher Frank baker h 335 N J av 

ii Wm turner h 224 Cornelia 
Bartscherer Alois bldr 272 St Nicholas av 

ii Jacob bookkpr h 178 Evergreen av 
Barueh Bernard realestate 46 Graham av h 
806 St Johns pl 
ii Edwd lawyer 699 Bway h 896 St 

Johns pl 
ii Geo fancy gds 1037 Bway h 4 Suydam 
n Saul lawyer 699 Bway b 896 St Johns 

ii & Abrahams realestate 46 Graham av 
ii & Barueh lawyers 699 Bway 
Barudio Jos h 177 Jef 

Baruth Albert J realestate 608 Myrtle av h 
398 Sterling pl 
ii Benj manager 1587 Bway h 768 De- 
ii Bernard cigars h 10 Saratoga av 
n Bernard ins h 1C56 Bath av 
ii Chas barber h 452 Madison 
ii Herman pawnbroker 608 Myrtle av h 

398 Sterling pl 
n Morris elk h 452 Madison 
ii Boland M realestate 608 Myrtle av h 

398 Sterling pl 
ii Saml shoes 254 Driggs av 
Barvar Morris dyer 9S2 Mhtn av h 123 

Barwick Fred N painter 227 Grand av 

ii Wm machinist h 100 Linden 
Barwin Realty Co 190 Montague 
Barwise Chas sec h 11 Cambridge pl 
ii Chas A coffee 81 Water Mhtn h 57 
Barwood Chas foreman h 221 Linden 

ii Jane wid Thos R h 693 Rogers av 
Bary A M h Kimball la nr Flatlands av 
Barzaghl Leopold treasr 30 Clinton h 130 W 
77th Mhtn 
ii Rosa prest 30 Clinton h 130 W 77th 
Barzick Geo A plumber 164-Throop av 
Barzllay David cutter 29 Gold Mhtn h 1365 
a Edwd cigarmkr h 2016 Homecrest av 
Barzily Max dry gds 359 Sutter av 
xsasby Martin h 738 Lincoln pl 
Basch Benj supt h 235 Hawthorne 
n Jacob furs h 446 Hendrlx 
ii Jerome S salesman h 403 Crescent 
ii Jos silversmith 255 Centre Mhtn h 466 

ii Ray hardware 2520 Pitkin av 
ii Saml silversmith 255 Centre Mhtn h 

1423 E 35th 
ti Saul painter 227 Hale av h 446 Hendrlx 
ii Simon engineer h 1198 Greene av 
n & Ussher decorators 227 Hale av 
Baschkopt Hy jeweler 47 Maiden la Mhtn h 

24 Hart 
Baschwit Louis painter 87 Norman av h 139 

Bascom Hy M tel eng h 774 Jef av 
ii Willard B upholsterer h 545 Hart 
■i Wm T realestate h 1188 Sterling pl 
Bascome W R asst eng 19 Adams h 272 Mhtn 

av Mhtn 
Base Hv tinsmith h 272 Hlmrod 
ii Lewis bookkpr h 528 6th av 
ii Martin agt h 537 45th 
Basedon Hy elk h 1257 Madison 
Basel Emil E fireman h ISO Devoe 
ii Jacob h 164 Schaeffer 
ii Jos cigars 704 Flushing av 
Bases Abraham ins h 369 Vernon av 
n Hy furs 7 McKenney h 315 Vernon av 
ii Isidor furs 7 McKenney h 57 E 99th 

ii Bros furs 7 McKenney 
Bash Esther nurse h 74 Lee av 

ii M H & Sons furs 500 Fulton 
Basha Najeeb T dry gds 80 Gwich Mhtn h 
157 Warren 
ii Tamils dry gds 80 Greenwich Mhtn h 
157 Warren 
Bashevitz Albert liquors 125 Fulton 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


2 CD 





m z 

s » I 

== o 5 

" =J 3 

§ m 5 

I I 

317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 naln. 



UPINGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 


M Wm liquors 

125 Fulton h 98 Gpolnt 






ii Bros liquors 98 Gpoint av 
Basbford Fredk cashier h 428 E 9th 

ii VVui moulder h 360 Clifton pi 
Bashist Bros meat lliOii 40lh 
Bastik Stanley carpi- h 250 Linden 
Bashkewitz Jacob cotton 131 Hester Mhtn h 

135 East N Y av 
Basil Nicholas printer 48 New Bowery 

Mhtu h 142 Dean 
Basila Nicolas N impr 35 Bway Mhtn h 

315 53d 
Basile Andw undertaker 816 Kent av 

n Danl grocer 182 7th av 

ii Doniinick barber 194 Court 

ii Maria midwife 170 Union 

ii S truckman 04 Coles 
Basili Gaetauo grocer SO Skillman 
Basin David waists 275 Church Mhtn h 
1263 42d 

n Morris tailor 348 Fulton h 139 liberty 
Basist Wolf fruits 281 Atlantic av 
Baskerville John milk 1609 Park pi 

ii John W plumber 14 Bedford av 
Baskin David jeweler h 1053 57th 

ii David A walstmkr 965 40th 

n Morris plasterer h 2166 Dean 
Baskyitz Solomon grocer 367 Wyona 
Baslaw Max paper 261 Atlantic av h 266 

Basler Carrie wid Fredk h 137 Sheffield av 

ii Geo G barber 523 5th av 

ii Martin tailor h 101 Snyder av 

ii Wm fireman n 240 57th 
Bason F h 183 1 31st 

ii Geo F contractor h 16& Woodruff av 
Bass Albert R paints 140 Maiden la Mhtn 
h 65 Decatur 

ii Benj O paint 140 Maiden la Mhtn h 1652 
E 12th 

ii Edwd fruits 520 Centl av h 35 Bartlett 

ii Frank ft paint 140 Maiden la Mhtn h 
65 Decatur 

ii Fredk W broker 130 Pearl Mhtu h 133 
Cambridge pi 

ii Geo h 5004 3d av 

ii Jos cloaks 22 W 21st Mhtn h 239 West- 
minster rd 

ii Jos cutter h 1727 Park pi 

ii Lewis K cutter h 1400 Bergen 

ii Louis ins h 93 Dean 

ii Louis B tailor li 1400 St Marks av 

n Mlchl tinsmith h 1722 78th 

ii Morris mfr h 1583 Lincoln pi 

ii Morris painter 234 Court h 481 E 144th 

n Oscar F tinsmith h 58 Atlantic av 

n Reuben cloaks 13 Chrystie Mhtn h 7 

ii Solomon restaurant h 235 S 9th 

n Solomon tailor 49 Grand 

n Sydney JO G h 54 Ocean av 

ii Wm F h 231 81st 

ii Wm L h 103 Prospect pk W 

ii & Rodin cigars 582 Atlantic av 

ii & Selgel fruits 520 Centl av 
Bassaline John clothing 143 Conover 
Bassano Arthur elk h 1873 Dean 
Basse Fredk elk h 459 FJlton 

n Janof tailor h 47 Herkimer pi 

ii Wm E Ins h 758 McDonough 
Bassel Mandel furniture 126 Delaneey Mhtn 
h 309 Vernon av 

ii Morris furniture 26 Duane Mhtn h 369 
Vemon av 

ii Sainl tailor 108 Stagg 
Basselman Wm salesman h 475 E 26th 
Bassemlr Barbara wld Jacob h 256 Ralph 

ii Geo agt h 228 Schaeffer 

n Harry B spinner 125 Worth Mhtu h 53 

ii John L, spinner 125 Worth Mhtn h 8 

ii Peter varuislier h 567 Hart 
Bassen Edwd painter h 91 Snedlker av 

ii John H realestate li 1096 Jef av 
Bassendeo Thos pilot h 164 Ashford 
Bassert John bookkpr h 120 Schaeffer 
Bnssett Alex wire 707 Wythe av h 92 Hooper 

n Alfred J mason h 1569 Atlantic av 

ii Augustus h 70 73d 

ii Ehen P electrician 50 Church Mhtn h 
37 Lincoln rd 

ii F-dwd lawyer h 139 4th av 

ii Edwd A salesman h 1427 68th. 


ii Edwd M comr 154 Nassau ^Qltn & 
lawyer 277 Bway Mhtn u 1710 New- 
kirk av 
Frank h 383 6th av 
Frank T h 623 Greece av 
Geo printer h 257 Cooper 
Geo H h 397 Chauiicey 
Hy A salesman h 623 Greene av 
Hy S bookkpr h 658 Monroe 
John h 62 Java 
John ironwkr ii 461 48th 
John E elk h 60 DeSales pi 
John H agt 5006 3d av 
Paul J pickles 2 W Bway Mhtn h 252 

Philip tailor 144 Stagg 
iiobt supt h 94 Livingston 
Robt J engineer h 1717 44th 
Sidney hardware 589 Vaodt av 
Wm musician 3.S4 Degraw h 32 Tklns pi 
Wm printer h 20th c 8th av 
Bassewitz Sauil hardware 171 Columbia 
Bassi Salvator lunchroom 21S> Havemeyer 
Bassin Mlchl tailor h 93 Howard av 
Bassist M cigars 604 3d av 
Bassler Chas hardware 504 5th av h 506 5th 
ii C H h 357 Sterling pi 
ii Uustav hardware 504 5th av h 301 11th 
ii G &. C hardware 504 5th av 
ii Jacob lusp h 7 Hicks 
ii John cigar mfr 6S3 DeKalb av 
n Julia wid Jacob h 500 5th av 
n Wm elk h 43G G2d 
Bassmau Louis cigar mfr 40 E Bway Mhtn 
h 288 Wyona 
ii Peter police h 567 Hart 
Bassner K designer h 624 Gates av 
Basso Bartholomew liquors h 29 Grand av 

ii Saml furrier h 720 DeKalb av 
Bassoff Morris jeweler h 422 13th 
Bast John li 766 Hart 

n Oscar A physician 122 Jef 
Bastain Gotthardt musician th 244 Moffat 
Bastedenbeck John barber 543 DeKalb av 

ii Matilda laundry 16 Koscko pi 
Bastedo Geo electrician h 469 77th 
Bastelman Wm stenographer h 318 Carroll 
Basten R M nurse h 246 Carlton av 
Bastgen Hubert mer 51 Rockwell pi h 587 

East Pkway 
Bastlan Aug ironfounder h 108 Eldert 
ii Gustav liquors h 90 1st pi 
ii Hy L meat 2079 Coney Island av 
ii J meat h 2455 Bedford av 
ii Louis meat 1085 Rogers av h 597 Rogers 
Bastiansan Hy shoes h 620 Laf av 
Bastible Ellen A wid Danl u 968 Wilby av 
ii Frank K reporter h 968 Wilby av 
n Frank X h 8421 17th av 
Bastier Hy J machines 442 Water Mhtn h 

240 Ralph 
Bastress John E prest 350 Fulton h 1720 
Dorchester rd 
ii Vought & Co (inc) realestate 350 Fulton 
Batch Emll brushmkr h 63 Ala av 
ii Wm truckman h 55 Georgia av 
ii & Furmau liquors 367 Glenmore av 
Batche Wm brewer h 2279 Pitkin av 
Batchelder Albert B realestate 150 Nassau 
Mhtn h 2324 Clarendon rd 
.1 Thos H realestate 531A 6th av 
Bateheller B C mech eng 52 Bway Mhtn h 
Hotel Margaret 
ii Margt wld Hy K h 459 6th 
ii Hattie wid John h 468 4th av 
Batchelor Albert B h 1631 Bklyn av 
ii Hv C hardware 7 Murray Mhtn h 1168 

n John drugs h 298 Quincy 
n Mabel M cap mfr h 64 Putnam av 
ii Nanll h 289 Himrod 
Batchenberg Peter music teacher 32 Dltmars 
Batchis Bertha manicure h 97 Park pi 
ii E music teacher h 251 6th nv 
ii Hv B music teacher h 95 7th av 
ii Hy V realestate 189 Montague h 563 8th 
ii & Motta (luc) realestate ISO Montague 
ii & Werthemer music teachers 210 6th av 
Batdorf Chas S prest 34 Nassau Mhtn h 73 

St Marks av 
Bate Esther wld Jas h 402 Bergen 
ii Howard H correspondent h 442 49th 
ii Mortimer S rice 91 Wall Mhtn h 99 St 
Johns pi 
Bateman Danl plumber li 314 49th 
n Ella D nurse h 405 Etna 



317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. Telephone, 3004 Wain. 


i — i uttiywiM 



ra - 



■n— j 







317 Washington St 





■i Hy M h Harway av & Bay 37th 

ii Horace It jeweler 83 Nassau Mhtn h 

05 7th av 
ii Jas contractor h 39 Crystal 
ii Jas B elk h 89 Hart 
ii John F manager Bway c Reade Mhtn 

h 6116 14th av 
ii John T police h 1341 St Mark's av 
n Wm S shipwright h 166 Newell 
Bates Albert W h 432 3d 
ii Alex J Ins 45 Liberty Mhtn h 374 Clin- 
ii Allen J lmpr Mhtn h 213 Foster av 
n Andw N sec h 159 Wilby av 
ii Arthur ins h 80 Columbia hgts 
ii Arthur supt h 90 Penn 
ii Arthur W h 11 Agate ct 
ii Ben] F supt 346 Fulton h 43 S Oxford 
ii BenJ R Insp h 412 McDonough 
ii Chas painter h 36 Douglass 
ii Chas J express h 264 Rutledge 
n Chester E lawyer 84 William Mhtn h 

11 Agate ct 
ii Clifton W teacher h 1353 Pacific 
ii Edwd patternmkr h 467 51st 
ii Ernest F undertaker 249 Floyd 
n Frank C civil eng 215 Montague h 374 

ii Frank E manager h 272 St James pi 
ii Fredk C manager 44 Broad Mhtn h 117 

ii Fredk L notary 83 Cedar Mhtn h 539A 

ii Geo elk h 677 10th 
,i Geo editor h 1158 44th 
ii Geo painter 15 1st 

ii Geo upholsterer 1094 Fulton h 169 14th 
„ Geo C elk h 521 B Pkway 
ii Geo V supt 608 W 43d Mhtn to 5G3 46th 
n Herbert teacher to 8123 23d av 
ii Hezeklah D salesman to 1157 Putnam av 
ii Isaac B h 1042 Putnam av 
n Isaac F elk h 237 Winthrop 
n Jas baker h il52 7th av 
n Jas salesman lb! 561 Franklin av 
ii Jas J moulder in 750 40th 
ii Jas T h 521 East Pkway 
ii Jas W delicatessen 5204 6th av h 5212 

6th av 
ii Jane wid Wm h 132 Pulaski 
n Jerome E shoes 202 Ohureh Mtotn h 374 

Washn av 
ii John locksmith 179 Bedford av 
ii John stevedore h 119 Montgomery 
ii John E elk h 692 Lex av 
n John L shoes h 621 54th 
ii John P glasscutter h 1274 40th 
ii John W supt to 521 East Pkway 
n Jos R truckman to 120 Spencer 
ii Kafol O lawyer 37 Liberty Mhtn h 374 

ii Leonard W shoes 202 Church Mhtn L' 

374 Washn av 
ii Louis elee eng to 80 Columbia hgts 
n L Ebhelbert h 1460 72d 
ii Machine Co 706 Jamaica av 
ii Mary Y wid John W h 521 East Pkway 
ii Norval paperhanger to 692 Lex av 
ii Philip painter h 3921 Fort Hamilton 

ii Richd H upholstery gds 140 5tb av 

Mhtn h 521 East Pkway 
n Robt elk 1 411 8th 
ii Robt W Ins h 152 7th av 
■i Roswell J printer h 103 Ridgewood av 
ii Saml H plumber to 235 67th 
ii Sherman W physician 313 Wyckoff av 
n Shoe Store 2932 Fulton 
ii Ulysses G bookkpr h 729 Franklin av 
it Wm Ins h 80 Columbia hgts 
ii Wm O locksmith 244 Bedford av b 184 

Bedford av 
ii Wm H pihyslclan h 137 Clinton 
n Winifred S meat h 76 Berry 
ii W h 467 51st 
Bath Beach Bottling Co Benson av 
ii Beach Garage il907 Cropsey av 
ii Jas H ins h 295 Sehneck av 
ii John elk h 315 6th av 
Bather Wm T engraver h 513 Macon 
Bathgate Jas plumber 2035 Fulton 
Battler Anthony bookbinder h 137 Rutledge 
Batjer John F grocer 569 Hamburg av to 

217 Eldert 
Batken Miehl earpr h 139 Albany av 
Batlin Hv cornloeinkr h 234 Hart 
Bato M S rice 01 Wall Mhtn h 99 St John's 





Batsche Geo supt to 283 N J av 

ii Wm G plumber 2279 Pitkin av 
Batsel Jos D elk h 349 A 14 th 
Batsford Wm F h 1435 71st 
Batson Cecil collector to 11409 DeKalb av 

n Geo W editor 44 Broad Mtotn to' 8G2 
E il8th 

ii Lisle restaurant h 570 St Mark's av 

n Richd S elk to 016 48th 

ii Walter M bricklayer h 50 S 10th 
Batt Ohas F garage 1378 Bedford av to 327 
Jef av 

ii Clarence S cigar mfr to 551 4th 

n Fredk linotype to 759 Hart 

ii Jesse R treasr 332 Canal Mhtn h 653 

n Simon prest 332 Canal Mhtn to' 553 1st 
Battalora Chas J detective to 792 Greene av 
Battam Jeremiah manager to 350 Ovington 

ii Lawrence police to 308 8th 

ii Patrick police to 336 Sumner av 
Batteher John H cigars 24 Stone Mhtn to 807 

Battefield John baker to 211 Monroe 
Battell Geo stoves h 395 DeKalb av 

ii John M teaetoer h 263 Halsey 

ii John S ins 56 Cedar Mhtn to 469 De- 

ii Simon ironworker 1487 DeKalb av 
Batten Ohas cigars 268 Jamaica av 

ii Walter hardware 2214 Pitkin av 

ii Wm locksmith h 518 Bedford av 
Battenberg Jacob liquors 444 Atlantic av 
Battenfcld Ernest liquors 97 Nostrand av 

n Fredk liquors 97 Nostrand av to 267 
Lefferts av 
Batterbee Chas painter to 430 Shepherd av 
Batterman O H asst treasr Bway e Graham 
av h 432 Pulaski 

n Hy dry gds Bway c Graham av to Hotel 

ii Hy L investments 190 Montague to 404 
Clinton av 

ii H (firm of) dry gds Bway c Graham av 
Battermann Jacob carpr to 418 Van Buren 
Battersbv Alzamora H vice-prest 215 Mon- 
tague to E 18th c Av Q 

■i Flora wid Chas h 2630 Delamere pi 

ii Susan wid Chas h 2630 Delamere pi 

ii Thos painter to 11 Erasmus 

ii Wm J painter 1421 Bedford av 
Battersly Hugh police h 623 Vandt av 
Batterson John R sawyer h 200 Ross 

n Kate wid Frank J h 612 64th 

ii Lincoln S photos 630 3d av 
Battestin Martin A artist h 865 Dean 
Battey Alfred machinist n 61 Walworth 

n Donald B salesman h 599 St Marks ay 

n Geo M reporter h 82 Pierrepont 

ii M K matron h 157 Dean 

ii Wm Earle salesman to 699 St Marks av 

ii Wm J to 4819 4th av 

ii W J woolens 79 5tn av Mtotn to 599 St 
Marks av 
Battger Fredk K restaurant 62 Grand 

ii Lucy h 210 E 18th 
Battiato T barber 187 Centl av 
Battier M E h 573 4th 

Battison Frances wid Geo K to 1353 Pacific 
Battista D barber Shore rd 
Battisti Achille & Co painters 942 40th 
Battle Anthony J liquors 61 Nassau 

ii Anthony J police to 756 Franklin av 

it John salesman h 522 55th 

ii John treasr h 1220 Sterling pi 

ii John F elk to 601 Grand av 

n Mary S wid John D h 1540 56tto 

n Paul cigars 96 Maiden la Mhtn h 96 

ii Richd J engineer 2S9 Bridge 
Battles Jas F shoes 139 Franklin av 

ii Mary wid Jas h 175 Franklin av 
Battley Louis F bookkpr h 747 Halsey 
Batto Jos crockery 230 4th av 
Batton Cbas h 1399 Fulton 

ii Jos toookkpr h 16 Suydam pi 

n Levi M exporter h 682 Degraw 
Batty Carry wid Danl li 357 Linwood 

ii Geo H supt h 203 Baltic 

ii Harry furniture 612 Hart 
Baturin Saml realestate h 181 Pulaski 
Baty Arthur S ins h S61 Greene av 

ii Geo hatter h 13G4 Park pi 
Batz Frank salesman h 310 E 4th 
Batzing Justus tailor 257 Laf Mhtn h 697 
Glenmore av 



































...MASQUERADES, &o. . . 

Telephone Connection 
FRED. J. WUSTL, Prop. See CarU wltli Name 





152-158 Third St. 


Telephone, 1213 Hamilton 

g i 

<° a 

r- o 

< s s 

> d 







ii Philip painter h 377 Scbenck av 

Riu Abraham hats 1460 Pulton 
ii John metals h 260 Himrod 

Bauberger Chas W teacher h 6617 13th av 
M Juhu salesman u 134 Moffat 

Baueh Jacob tailor 203 Washn h 52 Johnson 
ii Lothar F engraver h 1009 Greene av 

Bauehene Philip meat 205 Meserole 

Bauehman Chas dry gds h 51 Patchen av 

liaude Wm Frank manager 416 Bway Mhtn 
h 192 Bay 14th 

Bauder Bradford V (Rev) h 53 S Oxford 
ii John M foreman h 30 B 2d 
a Paul baker h 283 Evergreen av 

Bauer Adam ice 284 Troutman 
ii Albert engineer h 390 Pulaski 
a Albert meat 3288 Fulton 
a Alfred grocer 470 6th av 
ii Andw fish 71 Morgan av 
n Anna principal Butler n 4th av h 288 

n Arthur meat 3288 Fulton 
ii Arthur O baker 82 Centl av 
ii August bldr 240 St Nicholas av 
ii August gilder h 693 Sackett 
n August springmkr h 416 Prospect av 
ii Augustus plumber 464 Centl av 
n Augustus H F janitor h 103 Pineapple 
ii Benj metal lather h 53 Albany av 
a Bernhard grocer 1082 DeKalb av 
n Carl dyeing 1004 Fbush av h 464 Bed- 
ford av 
„ Carl pianos 738 Bway h 666 Wilby av 
ii Chas h 216 Schaeffer 
,i Chas h 199 12th 
a Chas elk h 154 Bidgewood av 
n Chas engraver h 364 Etna 
ii Chas fixtures 444 Hart 
a Chas machinist 89 Wallabout h 297 Har- 

ii Chas H cigars 71 Park av 
ii Chas R meat 161 Maujer 
ii Christian architect 745 Mhtn av h 51 

ii Christian cigars S3 Columbia 
ii Christian machinist h 215 Himrod 
ii Christian J meat 298 Boud 
ii Chrisr bldr h 404 Mansfield pi 
ii Chrisr lithographer b 1002 Hancock 
ii Chrisr H carpr h 604 Koscko 
a Conrad plumber h 116 Shepherd av 
n Edwd electrician h 16 Bay 14th 
.1 Edwd meats 348 Nostrand av 
ii Edwd physician h 149 Grove 
ii Edwd F h 297 R It av 
ii Edwd J broker h 13 Covert 
., Elizabeth wid Jos h 192 Kent 
a Elizabeth wid Michl h 268 Van Bnrea 
n Emil meat 2917 Fulton 
n Bmil oils 252 Water Mhtn h 205 Sump- 

a Einll C bldx 6 Stanhope h 10 Stan- 
a Ernest barber 410 Hudson av 
ii E H plumber 6 Stanhope 
ii E L liquors 377 Myrtle av 
ii Ferdinand N elk h 147 Himrod 
ii Frank pianos 14th c 6th av Mhtn h 

511 East N Y av 
n Frank soap 65 4th av Mlitn h Bay 8th 

n Cropsey av 
n Fredk elk h 1463 DeKalb av 
n Fredk foreman h 1002 Hancock 
a Fredk rnfr h 946 St Marks av 
ii Fredk see 290 Bway Mhtn h 738 Bway 
ii Friedrich h 706 Putnam av 
ii Geo h 79 Hooper 
n Geo delicatessen 369 Crescent 
ii Geo chairs 761 Franklin av 
ii Geo elk h 390 Pulaski 
a Geo F elk h 719 Lex av 
ii Geo H Jr marbl^setter h 1632 57th 
ii Geo W upholsterer h 118 Covert 
n Gustav lithographer h 796 Macon 
ii Hy agt h 1002 Hancock 
ii Hy carpr 436 Prospect av 
a Hy elk h 354 S 4th 
ii Hy meat h 50 Buffalo av 
n Hy sawyer h 221 Walworth 
a Hy tinsmith 50A Hull 
■i Hy A lithographer h 1002 Hancock 
ii Hy C salesman h 17 Linden 
M Hy D salesman h 250 Himrod 
a Hy J optician 401 Bridge h 704 8th av 
ii Herman hotel Canarsle Shore 
n Herman C b 725 Coney Island av 
ii Hugo clgarmkr b 209 Himrod 


ii Jacob agt h 141 Himrod 

ii Jacob machinist 571 Evergreen av 

ii Jacob plumber h 99 Himrod 

n Jacob pressman h 223 Himrod 

ii Jacob sec 243 West Mhtn h 406 E 5th 

ii John h 761 Franklin av 

ii John baker 342 Melrose 

ii John cooper h 1107 Greene av 

ii John feed 1160 Myrtle av h 60 Linden 

n John painter 194 Evergreen av 

ii John printer h 733 Decatur 

n John realestate 927 Bway b 65 Grove 

ii John C printer 18 Spruce Mhtn h 733 

n John F meat h 214 Chauncey 
ii John J electrotyper h 417 Hart 
n John L physician h 984 Bwick av 
a John M treasr 5 Beekman Mhtn h 549 

Marcy av 
n John W Investigator b 138 Madison 
ii Jos cutler 21 Clinton Mhtn h 166 Hart 
ii Jos pianos 338 E 31st Mhtn h 706 

Putnam av 
ii Jos plumber 3S8 Wallabout 
n Jos F truckman 19 India 
n Julius machinist h 192 Kent 
ii Julius C woolens 27 E 21st Mhtn h 

176 Lefferts av 
n J Q h 50 Sunnyslde av 
ii Kate h 451 Decatur 
ii Louis electrotyper 340 Pearl Mhtn h 

100 Essex 
ii Louis lithographer 4 New Chambers 

Mhtn b 1309 Putnam av 
ii Martin vlce-prest 1466 3d av Mhtn h 3 

Montague ter 
ii Matthew liquors 377 Myrtle av h 117 

a Max h 802 Monroe 
■i Morris meat 2917 Fulton 
n Oscar h 35 Bay 32d 
ii Otto J foreman h 406 E 5th 
ii Paul machinist h 960 Wilby av 
ii Paul C elk h 82 Dean 
ii Peter hotel 12 Fulton 
ii Philip meat 1S2 Jamaica av 
ii Philip piano tuner h 168 S 2d 
ii Philip H truckman 191 Ainslie 
ii Richd shoes b 875 Driggs av 
ii Rlcbd F saws 232 Java 
„ Rlcbd H h 816 8th av 
ii Richd H liquors 348 Fulton 
a Robt h 7 Regent pi 
ii Rudolph agt h 623 Evergreen av 
ii Saml bakers fixtures h 444 Hart 
ii Saml Ins h 347 Vernon av 
ii Sigmund mer 812 Bway Mhtn h 7 

Regent pi 
ii Solomon meat 567 Washn mkt Mhtn 

h 487 13th 
ii Susan wid Hy h 1237 Bedford av 
ii S C & Son fixtures 444 Hart 
ii Theo moulds h 1403 DeKalb av 
ii Valentine milk 287 Wallabout 
ii Walter F realestate h 590 Balnbridge 
ii Wm cigars h 51 Irving pi 
ii Wm goldbeater h 378 Glenmore av 
ii Wm weaver 1233 Myrtle av 
ii Bros meat 2917 Fulton 
ii Bros plumbers 6 Stanhope 

Bauereiss Wm meats 125 3d av 

Bauerle Wm meat 05 Java 
n Wm provisions 94 Hamburg av 

Bauermelster Chas W barber 27 Covert 

Bauernfeind Max liquors 122 Hamburg av 

Bauersfeld Mary wid Louis F h 43 Welrfield 
H Max shipsmith h 1220 Gates av 
ii Robt A elk h 93 Ralph 

Baugh Ohns J mfr 121 Jamaica av 

Baughan Harry heating 16 Franklin Mhtn 
h 234 Martense 

Baugher Richmond bookkpr h 236 45th 
ii Wm J coml trav h 391 Lewis av 

Baughman Jos J vice-prest 187 Montague li 
New Cumberland Pa 

Baughn Chas C h 371 9th 

Baukat J G elec eng Grand Centl Sta Mhtn 
u 643 Fbush av 

Baulch Robt carpr h 433 18th 
n Walter C lawyer 33 RiojJ Mhln h 162 
Garfield pi 

Baulet Fredk signmkr b 331A 17tb 

Baullng Frank candy ^'57 Grand 

Baulslr Augustus cashier h 544 Belmont av 
,i Clarence elk h IS7 9th 
n Danl F janitor h 556 Lex av 
ii Geo sec 530 E SOth Mhtn h 550 Koscko 

Business Directory 





317 Washington St., 
TutPHOHc, 3004 Maim. 



/0 -< 

in * 




, c/> 



Jffcn&IE1(fl!U 734 ' 736 FIFTH AVENUE - Te,e P hong 27 South 









|— i 




1— ■ 





_ j 

s z 









J D 











Telephone 3450 Flatbnth 

Residence Telephone 317 Prospect 



ii Jess S elk h 276 Warren 
fi Sarah wid Matthias h 1379 Bwlek av 
n Wm carrier h 25 Centl pi 
ii Wm hatter h 1270 Sterling pi 
Bantu Abraham painter 321 E 56th Mhtn h 
1098 Blake av 
ii Adolph neckwear 498 Bway Mhtn h 1209 

ii Andw F realestate h 137 Stuyt av 
ii Arthur B lawyer 177 Remseii h Mhtn 
ii August J drugs 217 5th av h 446 Oeutl av 
n Bernard cutter h 74 73d 
n Carl F W drugs h 554 Hamburg av 
,i Edgar A dry gds 452 Fulton h 22 W 72d 

ii Edwd electrician h 480 Gates av 
ii Edwd D hardware 326 Flushing av h 

,1631 E 13th 
n Gabriel prest 5S0 Bway Mhtn h 1208 

Beverly rd 
ii Geo cornicemkr h 550 Koscko 
n Geo draughtsman h 827 Beverley rd 
ii Geo tinsmith b 301 Lincoln rd 
ii Geo J h 539 Koscko 
ii Harrison J supt h 631 57th 
ii Helen M wid Gabriel millinery 418 Ful- 
ton h 310 Garfield pi 
ii Hv skirts 15 Walker Mhtn h 1266 39th 
n Isaac E meat 687 Classon av h 422 St 

Marks av 
n Jacob h 860 Bwick av 
ii John delicatessen 227 Reid av 
ii John grocer 3428 Fulton 
■i John G A drugs 4424 5th av 
ii Jos conil trav u 1269 40rh- 
ii Julia millinery 7 Bond Mhtn h 25 Bay 

n Leopold suspenders 310 Church Mhtn h 

43 Amboy 
ii Louis h 938 Gates av 
ii Louis tailor 393A Gates av 
ii Matilda dressmkr h 297 Lex av 
ii Saml tailor h 384 Essex 
ii Slgmund coml trav h 1269 46th 
ii Wolff clothing h 100 Williams av 
Bauman Alfred wagonmkr 391 Oakland 
ii Andrew elk h 12S7 Benson av 
ii Chas fruit 2035 Bath av 
n Edwd F fish 1S38 Bway h 309 Sumpter 
ii F E h 180 Berkeley pi 
ii Geo elk h 119 Huron 
ii Hy elk h 1408 Gates av 
ii Hy engineer h 60 Stockholm 
ii Hy horsesboer 7 Thames h 40 Bogart 
ii John aet h 257 Melrose 
„ John liquors 237 Starr h 960 Wilby av 
ii John plush h 1513 Greene av 
ii John A decorator h 3S1 Marlborough rd 
ii Jos elk h 446 Pulaski 
ii Jos dry gds h 685 Classon av 
ii Nathan mfr 142 Harrison av 
ii Oscar baker 1475 DeKalb av 
ii Rudolph music h 1114 Hancock 
ii Wm barber h 29 Howard av 
n Wm- painter h 136 Nostrand av 
Baumann Adolph realestate h 1360 Greene av 
n Anthony G photos 76 Bowery Mhtn h 318 

ii Carl skirts 28 W 15th Mhtn h 1315 79th 
ii Chas liquors Richards c Wolcott h 96 
Beard . 

., Chas O films 429 6th av Mhtn 492 
LYN furniture 1449-1455 
ii David K P waists 87 University pi 
Mhtu h 13&5 Dean 
raiwil D compositor h 854 Hart 
lOdwd It iMWkkpr h 07th u 13th av 
Frank h CIS Hurt 
Frank cigars 144 Meeker av 
Geo lithographer h 253 Moffat 
Harry meat 210 Marcy av 
Hy h 150 Dean 
Hv carpr h 67th n lltu av 
Hy ml lie h 723 58th 
Hv G salesman h 100 Etna 
Herman P mfr 6 W 20th Mhtu h 888 

St Johns pi 
Isaac mer h 554 7th 
Isaac truckman 39 Llspenard Mlitn h. 

250 Hewes 
Jacob M carpr h 804 Jamaica av 
John bldr 11 Newell 
John carpr h 182 26th 
John dockmaster h 54 2d pi 


John liquors 52 Wolcott h 90 Beard 
John watchiukr U £54 Hurt 
John A meat 240 Hamburg av h Rich- 
mond Hill L I 
John meat h 37 Centl pi 
Jos J cutter h 38 Aberdeen 
Kopel dry gds 239 Osboru 
Louis h 562 7th 
Lucas grocer 278 Devoe 
Michl liquors 52 Wolcott h 50 Dlkeman 
Michl H h 96 Beard 
Mildred wid Frank h 112 Chestnut 
Robt liquors 160 Dutch Mhtn h 124 N 

Portland av 
It. G h 474 Wythe av 
Wm h 27 Granite 
Wm J physician 120 Dlkeman 
Wm R photos 76 Bowery Mhtn U 318 

55 th 
Bros liquors Richards c Wolcott 
& Haubeustock furniture 614 Grand 
Baumeister Edwd W sec h 105 Palmetto 
Michl baker 651 Liberty av 
Wm baker h 1506 DeKalb av 
Baumberger Jacob laundry Mhtn h 98 Koscko 
Baumsteln Saml Insp h 278 Hinsdale 
Baumgard Hans physician n 4th av c 46th 

ii Hy draughtsman h 465 Park pi 
Baumgardt Fredk elk h 536 11th 

ii Walter electrician h 2S0 Cornelia 
Baurngartel Emil machinist h 206 Moffat 
Baumgarten A painter 244 Franklin 
ii Bernhard chemist h 619 Macon 
ii Jacob h furng 141 Harrison av 
ii Morris photos 273 Grand 
ii Wm agt h 184 Stuyt av 
ii Wm sec 391 Fulton 
ii Wm jr h 134 Balnbrldge 
Baumgartner August baker 134 Evergreen av I 
ii August mechanic h 103 Woodbine 
n Fredk mfr 228 Sandford h 315 Qulncy J 
ii H janitor h 143 Palmetto C 

ii Jos F draughtsman h 824A Quiney 
ii Wm machinist h 1362 DeKalb av * 

Baumgott Geo elk h 258 N Y av 
Banmhogger M boarding 10 Fort Greene pi * 
ii Theo upholsterer 1094 Fultou h 225 £ 
Greene av ■ 

Baumiller Leo engineer h 200 Cooper » 

Baumler Saml C foreman h 137 Keap ; 

Baumoehl Sigmund paints 422 W Bway Mhtn a 

h 395 Miller av 
Baumsteln Max liquors 101 Kent av ( 

Baumwoll Benj cigars 216 Stockton . 

Baunslilag I principal h 474 N J av . 

Baur Abraham meat 303 Tpkius av h 302 i? 
Tpkins av 
ii Adolph upholsterer h 1345 Greene av \ 
ii Chas S agt h 469 Park pi 
ii Chas S jr h 633 Sterling pi } 

■i Christian bldr h 464 Mausneld pi J 

ii Frank G plumber 39 Hull h 67 Chauncey ( 
ii Geo h 620 E 26th ■ 

ii Gustave salesman h 232 Rodney . 

n Gottlieb plasterer h 560 E 32d !l 

ii Jacob mason h 180 Evergreen av 
ii John C (Kev) h 517 76th ', 

ii John C F mason 60 Junius • 

n Michl baker h 349 Bedford av 
ii Relnholt bldr 258 Palmetto 
ii Wm F mason 17 Hull 
n Wm J mason h 299 Evergreen av 
Baurhyte Chas H marine eng h 65 Pilling 

ii Sidney W marine eng h 236 E 5th 
Bauries Fred h 1047 Decatur 
Baurle Geo elk h 118 Bckford 
Bans Peter C jr shoecutter h 284 Dean 
Bauscert Chas electrician 918 Belmont av 
Bausch Albert jeweler 51 Lee av 
ii Jacob h 107 S 3d 
ii John liquors Graham av c Stagg h 129 

ii Matthew liquors 700 Flushing av 
ii Philip barber 436 Humbt 
ii Robt baker 2762 Fulton 
ii Wm A carpr h 56 Sumpter 
Bausel Geo tinsmith 420 Kulckr av 
Bauser Hy lumber h 279 Maujer 

i, Peter millwright h 185 Cornelia 
Banseweln Paul coal 120 Classon av u 54 

Bausowitz Saml delicatessen 23 Morrell 
Bauss Oscar A bookkpr h 166 Newell 
Baussmann Hv tinsmith 8 I.ombardy 
Baust Fredk silversmith h 659 Koscko 

ii Philip provisions 146 Knlckr av 
Baustcb Julius h 97th n Bay Ridge Pkway 

m co 

p < 

m z 

= I 

° Z m 

= O 2 

O H 

* CO 

— 30 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 

317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. Tel. 3004 Haln. 












< uJ 




cc r: 
id t 



■£ == 













z - 







■ ■^■■mi 





iiauter August J delicatessen 1-47 Bwlck av 

Bautz M elk h 519 Wilby av 

Bauwoert Frank S deutlst 260 DeKalb av h 
10U1 Sterling pi 

Buuxbaum Isidor 880 Bway b 825 Laf av 
ii Lewis baker h 289 Evergreen uv 

Bavaria Bealty Ou 307 Fulton 

Bavarian Hotel 5723 3d av 

Have Wm elk b 157 Wilby av 

Bavendam Aaron b 340 Greene av 
a Hy W police b 19S Hendrix 

ISaverstock B canily 193 Nassau av 

Bavetta Jos music teacher b 609 Neck rd 
a Salvatore barber 491 6th av 
ii V musician h 165 Lefterts av 

Baw Micbl letter carrier h 170 Chestnut 

Bawden Clarence C salesman h 855 E 35th 

Bawo Carl F VV china 26 Barclay Mhtn h 
200 8th av 

Bax Chas E cutter h 243 Hooper 
ii Jillies foreman h 243 Hooper 

Baxter Andw machinist b 281 6th av 
n Audw prest 17 Battery pi Mhtn b 97 

ii Andw jr sec 17 Battery pi Mhtn h 97 

ii Andw J carpr h E 52d n Canarsle la 
ii Chas painter h 1277 Prospect pi 
ii Chas F physician 460 Argyle rd 
ii Chas G engineer h 247 12th 
M Chas H salesman b 700 Laf av • 
ii Clair ius h 146 Pierrepout 
ii C A wld I. E h 1036 71st 
, C W bldr h 117 Prospect pi 
ii Edwd engineer h 9 Webster pi 
n Edwd manager b 1257 791b 
,i Eliza A wid LeviT h 346 Putnam av 
n Geo mfr h 100 Taylor 
n Geo G lawyer 189 Montague h 474 8th 
ii Geo W contractor h 5714 7th av 
M Geo W painter h 296 Balnbrldge 
n Hugh elk h 286 S 4th 
ii Jas E engineer h 85 S Portland av 
ii Jas T printer h 241 Grand av 
ii John E dry gds 496 Broome Mhtn b 

630 E 22d 
ii Juhu F (Rev) h 032 Myrtle av 
ii Jos machinist h 552 10th 
n J h 97 St James pi 
ii Lemuel W elk h 072 Greene av 
n Louis F musician b 281 Quincy 
ii Margt wld Wm J h 1013 Laf av 
ii Mary wld Tbos J h 566 43th 
n 1'atrick fish 1014 DeKalb av 
ii rauliue nurse h 202 Prospect pi 
n Philip W agt h 448 15tb 
n Robt H salesman h 1721 Ditmaa av 
ii Saml h 2S5 Baltic 
„ Thos (Rev) h 352 42d 
n Wm machinist h 248 Schermerhorn 
n Wm I) iiumps h 162 Reid av 
ii Wm E h 309 Westminster rd 
ii Wm H compositor h 346 56th 
ii Wm J naval constructor ft Sands 
ii Wm T chemist h 7 St James pi 

Bay Dredging & Contracting Co, 215 Mon- 
ii Frank S acct h 679A Hancock 
ii Jos printer h 1072 Putnam av 
i, Ridge Athletic Club (lnc) 517 46th 
ii Ridge Cement Block Co 743 79th 
ii Ridge Chandelier Co 5119 5th av 
,i Ri.lge Dairy Co 90 3d av 
n Ridge Dental Parlors 52d c 3d av 
ii Ridge Development Co 73d c 3d av 
,, Ridge Dry Goods Co 5603 3d av 
i, Ridge Furniture Co 1252 3d av 
n Ridge Garage 359 55th 
n Ridge Hospital 60th c 2d av 
,i Ridge Iron Works 5010 2d av 
n Ridge Loan Office 5311 3d av 
ii Ridge Lumber Co (lnc) 566 65th 
n Ridge Metal Celling Co 504 39th 
ii Ridge Novelty Works 273 44th 
ii Ridge Park Improvement Co 189 Mon- 
tague & Bay Ridge av c Fort Ham- 
ilton Pkway 
ii Ridge Pharmacy 5524 5th av 
.1 Ridge Realestate Agency 8550 3d av 
ii Ridge Realtv Co 6944 3d av 
n Ridge Republican Club 260 Bay Ridge 

ii Ridge Savings Bank 5517 5th av 
ii Ridge Sheet Metal Works 076 72d 
,i Ridge Shoe Co 5201 3d av 
n R'rtge Stair Bldg Co 346 76th 
a Ri.lge Storage & Van Co 4911 4th av 
n Ridge Yacht Basin ft 57th 

Pictures^ Paintings 





Shore Laundry 91 7th av 

Side Garage 1805 Cropsey av 

State Laundry 644 Coney Island av 

State Lunch 1286 Fulton 

State Realty Co 44 Court 

Transportation Co 215 Montague 

View Hoarding & Livery Stable 303 

View Heights Land Co 16 Court 
View Ribbon Co 46th c 2d av 
Bayarsky Saml clothing 5 Walker Mhtn h 

257 Snediker av 
Baydrop Chas liquors 15 Furmau 
Bayer Abraham paints 104 Tbatford av 
Abraham H h 665 Greene av 
Arthur J salesman h 384A Clinton 
Chas laundry 29 Boerum pi 
Chas pilot h 89','j Stuyt av 
Chas tailor 192 Engert av 
Christ machinist h 156 Welrfleld 
Danl painter b 22 Tpkins av 
Emil J auditor 44 E 23d Mhtn h 371 1st 
Francis J treasr 159 W 29th Mhtn h 296 

Westminster rd 
Geo h 23 Sehaeffer 
Geo painter 279 Boerum 
Geo F Janitor h 132 Prospect pi 
Geo P meat 1053 Flushing av h 53 

Hamburg av 
Gottlieb manager 18 Bway 
Gustave elk b 235 Prest 
Harry draughtsman h 162 Newton 
Hy lithographer h 244 Woodbine 
Hy M printer h 12 Essex 
Hy R thermometers 06 Beekman Mhtn 

h 525 58 th 
John carpr h 142 Palmetto 
John instructor 109 E 14th Mhtn h 1182 

Bwlck av 
John realestate h 273 Irving av 
Josephine wld Adolph h 89A Stuyt av 
Marie L principal Bwiek av c Selgel b 

655 Greene av 
Martin b 655 Greene av 
Mary A wid Theo h 514 8th av 
Michl baker b 204 Bleecker 
F h 553 8th 
Paul fireman u 76 S 10th 
Peter A machinist h 149 Ryerson 
Theo meat 147 N 6th 
Theo salesman h 314 State 
Walter A teas 116 Bridge h 373 Jef av 
Wm mason 108 Starr h 92 Morgan av 
Wm realestate 810 Park av 
Wm shoes 53 Hamburg av 
Wm J machinist h 1196 Greene av 
Wm V letter carrier h 85 E 4th 
Bayerdofer Antoinette wid h 98 Lewis av 
Bayerlein Julius electrician h 645 45th 
Bayersdorf Leo collector h 5219 New Utrecht 

Bayes Wm R lawyer 40 Wall Mhtn h 1501 

E 10th 
Bayha August lithographer h 299 Lenox rd 
n Edwin undertaker 219 Atlantic av & 807 

Fbush av h 391 Ocean Pkway 
ii Geo supt h 201 Rldgewood av 
ii Herman foreman h 2322 Bedford ay 
ii H D garage 273 Sackett 
ii John M h 391 Ocean Pkway 
ii Julius undertaker 109 4th av 
ii Louis F com mer 273 Sackett 
■i Wm J elk h 118 Beverley rd 
Bayles Aaron prest 401 Laf Mhtn h 1134 
ii Alfred G h 167 Atkins av 
ii Elbert C engineer h 226 57th 
ii Frank A agt 338 Fulton h White 

Plains N Y 
ii Havens B physician 125 7th av 
ii Kate wid Harvey G h 140 Putnam av 
ii Sidney pilot h 208 Harrison 
ii Wm H physician h 2177 Bedford av 
ii Wm S h i458 Dean 
Bayley Andw E painter h 47 Marion 
ii Edwd F h 176 Harrison 
ii Geo H glass mfr 105 Vanderveer h 12.'! 

ii Geo W prest 105 Vanderveer b 60 

Sunnyside av 
n Harold R broker 34 Pine Mhtn h 3 

ii Herman auto repairer h 812 6th 
ii Horace 8 treas 17 pi Mhtn h 139 

ii Rlchd W art glass h 548 Balnbrldge 
Baylies Bradford L B physician 418 Putnam 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 


Ce 50 




H W 



vt >< 
















317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone. 3004 Main. 


iti I: 


■■■ & Q. 




1— u. 











29 West 34th Street, New York 



Estimates Furnished for Work 
in any kind of Mar- 
ble or Granite 

Telephone : Murray Kill, 2272 




Undertaker and Embalmer 



219 Atlantic Avenue Near Court Street 

Telephone Call, 1259 Main 

807 Flatbush Avenue Opp. Caton Avenue 

Telephone Call 2395 Flatbush 
Office Open Day and Night Coaches and Camp Chairs to Hire 

Stables 218 State Street 


ii Eobt silversmith h 1240 39th 
Baylis Arthur R draughtsman h 2416 Clar- 
endon rd 
ii Benj F elk h 88 Lex ay 
ii Chas T (Rev) h 1081 Bwick ay 
ii Frank W bookkpr h 970 Bergen 
.i Geo hardware 27 Park row Mhtn h 

226 Van Buren 
ii Geo salesman h 233 Lewis av 
ii Geo H flsh h 181 Hull 
ii Geo W treasr 78 Hudson Mhtn h 413 

5 th 
ii Mary E wld Geo C h 413 5th 
ii Raymond E bookbinder 216 William 

Mhtn h 588 St Marks av 
n Richd elk h 455 Gates av 
n Van Wyek fish 52 Fulton mkt Mhtn h 

60 Vernon av 
ii Wm realestate h 7211 6th av 
ii Wm H grocer h 88 Lex av 
Bayliss Ellen wld Benj b 129 Park pi 
,i John T patternmkr h 308 76th 
ii Lucien S judge 611 Fulton & lawyer 

76 William Mhtn h 170 Prospect pi 
ii Richd elk h 849 E 34th 
Bayly Danl Y drugs h 820 Prest 
m John A coml trav h 821A Onion 
ii TLeo R elk h 301 Macon 
Bayne Cbarlotte wid Richd h 548 Lex av 
ii Edwd C h 1144 Bwick ay 
n Frank messenger h 548 Lex av 
n Jas E ins 164 Montague h Richmond 

Hill L I 
ii Richd salesman h 548 Lex av 
Baynon Edwin E sec 9th av c 13th Mhtn h 
229 Etna 
ii Elihu K horseshoer 176 Flushing ay h 

72 Waverly 
ii Eugene F ins h 151 Cornelia 
n Herbert ins h 55 Patchen ay 
Bayouth Khaleel klmonas 35 Bway Mhtn h 

176 Atlantic av 
Bayreuther Wm gardener h 1707 81st 
Bayslde Dairy 1746 Bath av 
ii Review 1831 Bath ay 
ii Sash & Door Co 28th c 3d ay 

Telephone 698 South 

Bayside Sash and Door Co. 

28th Street and 3d Avenue 

W. J. THURBER, Sec'y and M'g'r 

Bayslde Valet 8504 Bay 19th 

Kayton John A machinist h 117 Erasmus 

Bazar Adolph clgarmkr h 1161 40th 


STOKES: 519 and 1416 Fulton Street 


247 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; 115 Park Bow, New York City, 

and 313 Eaut 24th Street, New York City 



Bazerque John elk h 2339 Benson ay 

n Theonide h 205 Bay 29th 
Bazley Thos D meat 18th ay c Rutherford 
pi h 7821 18th ay 

ii Wm stenographer h 2308 Beverly rd 
Bazzell Jesse ins h 164 Hart 
Beach Alfred C plasterer h 267 15th 

ii Augustus S elec contractor 5309 13th 
av h 1339 57th 

n A T iron 59 Green 

ii Chas H h 1C2 Norwood av 

ii Cortez drugs h 241 Fountain ay 

ii David R loans 200 Bway Mhtn h 758 

n Frank h 603 88th 

ii Frank E elk h 683 Haisey 

n Frank L printer h 73 Buffalo av 

n Geo bldr h 86 Logan 

ii Geo electrician h 683 Sterling pi 

ii Geo foreman h 3 Ditmas av 

ii Geo H elk h 169 Lee av 

ii G Pierrepont depot master h 65 Johnson 

ii Harry bricklayer h 718 41st 

ii Hy S dental supplies 5 Wilby h 537 

ii Irving S pressman h 122 Beverley rd 

ii Jas S printer h 458 Linwood 

ii John elk h 501 Dean 

„ John X dry gds 328 Bway Mhtn h 
17S S Oxford 

ii Jos salesman h 255 Pacific 

ii J Edwd h 2314 Beverley rd 

ii Louis V b 2G3 14th 

ii Lucian B electrician h 1282 N Y av 

ii Mandeline wld Danl h 72 Java 

ii Mary E nurse h 625 Sterling pi 

n Ralph M physician 69 7th av 

ii Robert M h 3 Verona pi 

n -Russ Co iron 59 Green 

M Walter E carpr 1133 Blake av 

ii Wm D (Rev) h 2021 84th 
Beacham Daul undertaker 1339 DeKalb ay 

ii Fredk h 182 Huron 

ii John D salesman h 43 Madison 

n & Co medicine 137 Middleton 
Beacherer Jos carver h 731 MeDonough 
Bcacker Chas li 337 Essex 
Beacon Harold F meat h 4712 18tb av 

ii Robt J rihysielan 352 Van Buren 
Beacorn Isaac F fish 1909 Bway h Lynbrook 

L I 
Beadle Harry W h 320 Dnion 

n Marv A wld Harry H h 320 Onion 
Beadles Chas h 236 S 3d 
Beadman Jas wirowkr h 737 Lincoln pi 

ii Win F slioemkr 277 Tpklns av 
Beagen Eugene eugineer h 311 Wlnthrop 

ii Geo W coml trav h 584 Ridgwood av 

ii Jas smelter 367 Bedford av 

ii Jos bricklayer h 517 St Mark's av 

ii Jos mason Ii 1604 Pacific 
Bengini Andw draughtsman h ill Court 
Kcagliy Geo L h 504 Bedford av 

is always pure, 
rich and delicious 
French and Amer- 
ican, all flavors. 

Telephone at nil Addresses 

















jay 1 




r^r 3 


























































§ 3 

X E 

I- o 


a 2 z 

2 UJ 

>: =J 



Successor to GIULINS & PIVOVAB 

Formerly witli JAMES CASSIDY 



ivingston S-fc. 

k.W IE.L.IV1 F»l_. 



11 Wallace bookkpr h 504 Bedford av 
Beahan Geo h 136 17th 

„ Isabel wld Jos W b 609 Sterling pi 
Eeukey Hy F examiner 17 Park row Mhtn h 

102 Dean 
Beakler Christian foreman h 1001 Hart 
Beal Arnold H mfi- h 196 N J av 
11 Arthur W viee-prest 70 Cortlandt Mhtn 

h 1104 Dean 
11 Byron A ins 128 Bway Mhtn h 1104 

.1 B Edwd see 70 Cortlandt Mhtn h 1104 

11 Edw F painter h 78 Truxton 
n Hv A furniture h 134 Pulaski 
11 John G supt h 132 Webster ay 
11 J Arnold h 15 Clark 
11 Kate J wid Robt S h 523A 18th 
11 Robt C broker 25 Broad Mhtn h 15 

11 Robt V contractor h 134 Pulaski 
Beale Edwin coml tray h 588 11th 
Beales Albert broker 52 Bway Mhtn h 153 
Rugby rd 
„ A Frank broker 52 Bway Mhtn h 928 
c *- \fflrks flv 

11 Elizabeth wid John h 656 Greene av 
11 Margt W wid Hy h 656 Greene av 
Bealey Anna wid Geo J h 325 Laf av 
11 Cath M dry gds 677 DeKalb av 
11 Geo J stationer 132 Nassau Mhtn h 411 
Bealln John F salesman h 314 Putnam av 
Bealing Hy truckman h 146 Duquer 
Beall Chas A extracts 166 Duane Mhtn h 
615 E 17th 
11 Chas W designer h 820 Washn av 
Bealler John E police h 67 Weirfield 
Beals F Amplias engineer 16 Court h 258 
Lefferts av 
11 H Warren newspapers 134 Leonard Mbrn 
h 1724 Av H 
Beam Frank cutter h 179 Woodbine 
11 Geo M printer 45 Rose Mhtn h 288 N J 

n Maria h 198 Greene av 
11 Martin R decorator h 454A Greene av 
11 Mary wld Payton h ^28 9th 
11 Silas elk u 203 Woodbine 
Beamish Clias carpets h 637 Grand av 
,, Edgar T lawyer 26 Court h 16 St Felix 
,1 Frank h 1430 Pacific 
11 Frank laces 4421 5th av 
n Hy L liquors 75 DeKalb av h 16 St 
Felix 1 

Beamore Wm A printer b 390 Pacific 
Beams Alfred elk h 857 Dean 

11 Laura wid Geo h 740 Park pi 
Bean Albert laundry 756 Nostrand av 
„ Albert R private detective h 392 Tpklns 

11 Arthur A agt 25 W Bway Mhtn h 570 

11 Arthur S osteopathist 34 Jef av 
„ Fredk A dentist 364 Fulton h 585 Carl- 
ton av 
11 John mason h 686 Marcy av 
11 Norman N shoes 537 Fulton h ©1 S El- 
liott pi 
Beanbach Chas delicatessen 937 Bway h 266 

Bear Max elk h 330 Bedford av 
11 Simon salesman h 238 Covert 
11 Saml manager h 283 7th 
11 Theo O salesman h 790 Sterling pi 
11 Wm H h 582 Rogers av 
n Wm supt h 763 East Pkway 
Beard Clarence insp h 790 Sterling pi 
11 O B wid Hy C lb 10S Washn pk 
11 Edwd H police h E 13th c Av Y 
11 Ernest manager h 459A Prospect av 
n Geo R cashier 37 Fulton Mhtn h 103 St 

James pi 
n Isabella O wld Ira ti 103 St James pi 
11 Jas elk h 160 Madison 
11 Jas R sec 66 Bway Mhtn h 330 E 18th 
11 Mary A wid Wm h 140 Amity 
11 Robt laces h 43 Tpklns pi 
11 Robt L machinist h 1244 Hancock 
it Wm dredging 24 State Mbtn b 184 Clin- 
ton av 
11 Wm H manager 5 Beekman Mhtn h 281 

Jef av 
11 W H Dredging Co Long Dock Erie 
Basin & 24 State Mhtn 
Beard's Erie Basin Stores ft Van Brunt & 
ft Richards 


Beurdall John D oils 0,' 1226 Prospect av 
11 John P realestate 1226 Prospect av h 

Newton N J 
11 Thos manager h 212 Sterling pi 
11 Wm liquors 26 Coney Island av 
Beards Beard wax h 250 Tpklns av 
11 Edwd carpets 856 Bway 
11 Reuben grocer 7304 3d av 
Beardsbaw Martha A music h 639 Sterling 

Beardslee Helen wld C W h 169 Rodgers av 

11 Laura G wid Fredk E ii 595 Hancock 
Beardsley Adelaide P wid n 215 Wlntbrop 
Chas engineer h 117 Koscko 
Chas salesman h 76 Van Slelen av 
Clarence B ins 46 Cedar Mihtn h 170 

Prospect pi 
Edwd pilot m 229 34th 
Elizabeth wld Chas H h 211 11th 
E E h 1057 86th 
Frank J teacher h 443 E 4th 
Geo h 293 Stuyt av 
Geo !h 402 Van Slelen av 
Geo A earpr h 289 E 51st 
Geo F salesman h 334 OLauncey 
Mark L salesman h 14S1 58th 
Mary S typewriting 26 Court h 410 

Wm B physician h 101 Taylor 
Wm H manager 21 Murray Mhtn h 60 
Van Buren 
Beardsworth Richd dry gds 194 Bway Mhtn 

h 2812 Av G 
Beardy Peter truckman h 2S8 Baltic 
Bearens F J earpr 65% Skillman av 
Bearent Edwd h 120 Ralph 
Bearman Aaron lawyer 9116 3d av 
Harry cigars 203 Osborn 
Jobn clothing 1888 Fulton IL' 922 Her- 
Morris tailor 480 Gates av 
Nathan hosiery 39 Lispenard Mhtn h 135 

Thos liquors h 125 Hoyt 
11 Thos R liquors 1 Bowery Mhtn h 90 
Bearmore Wm compositor h 390 Pacific 
Beam B S h 570 McDonough 
Bearnot BenJ leather 2188 Fulton 
Beams Fannie J stenographer 26 Court h 
262 St James pi 
11 Fredk J contractor 339 Winthrop 
11 Jas S h 61 Pierrepont 
11 Jos H h 119 Lefferts pi 
n Jos H jr mfr 198 Bway MTitn h 145 

11 Mary C h 95 Joralemon 
11 & Brenner lawyers 26 Court 
Bearse Ohas foreman h 51% Downing 
11 E Lewis shades 256 Pearl Mhtn h 98 

11 Howard N h 51% Downing 
Beary David giocer 579 Court 
Beasley Crawford D physician h 702 Greene 
11 Cyrus elk h 530 Macon 
11 David S bldr h 187 Van Buren 
n David S publisher it 947 St Marks av 
n Geo D realestate 24 Court h 1S7 Van 

11 Harry L elk a 458 Hancock 
11 John W elk h 35 S Oxford 
11 Leonard h 458 Hancock 
11 Lester W prest 643 Myrtle av h 607 

n Lester W Jr fwdg 130 Pearl Mfotn h 576 

11 Warren D ins 32 Nassau Mlitn h 20 

Glenada pi 
11 Wm liquors 356 Gold h 6 Fleet pi 
Beaton Angus earpr h 251 52d 
11 Jas It salesman h 1239 Halsey 
11 Mary wld Chas h 1239 Halsey 
11 Robt S h 698 Hancock 
Beatson John publisher h 5 Regent pi 
Beattie Alfred engineer h 397 1st 
n Andw Co roofers 26 Court & 31 2d Mhtn 
11 Anna M wld Wm J h 591 6th av 
n Emma wld Edwd C h 21 Pulaski 
.. F W & Co meat 242 Court 
11 Jas G supt Washu c Water h 581 E 26th 
11 Jas S broker Mhtn h Mansfield pi n 

Voorhles av 
a Jonathan rigger h 399 14th 
11 Lawrence jr treusr Washn c Plymouth 

h 275 Clinton av 
n Lee W (Uevl h 29 DeKoven ct 


154 5th AVENUE, 

723 6th AVENUE, 



z PI 

cs r 


■• I 


> I 

1— rn 




~ o 

* -I 
1 5 







5 • 



u o 

W S 


« * 

C • 

• 2 


■t o 

5 - 










ii Patrick J liquors 553 DeKalb av 

n Thos S elk li 23d ay c Cropsey av 

ii Wilfred engraver 67 Fulton Mhtn h 960 

Park pi 
ii Wm E bldg mtls 103 Purk av Mhtn k 

310 Macon 
ii Wm W salesman h 1428 53d 
Beatty Ohas supt h 86 Saratoga av 
ii Dana C elk h 212 Dean 
ii Edwd A lawyer h 1475 Bedford av 
ii Geo A realestate h 680 St Johns pi 
ii Geo F bldr h C80 St Johns pi 
ii Geo F cloaks h 209 Clinton 
ii Geo N electrician 29 W 15th Mhtn h 

403 Westminster rd 
ii Geo W physician h 204 Hancock 
ii Jas liquors 736 Franklin av 
ii Jas N lawyer 126 Bway Mhtn h 184 17th 
ii John elk h 287 Grove 
ii John J plaster h 1469 Dean 
ii Jos G stenographer h 564 Washn av 
ii Michl D police h 134 Diamond 
n Patrick h 1250 Herkimer 
ii Wm h 68 E 4th 
:i Wm J woolens 79 5th av Mhtn h 699 

St Marks av 
ii Wm W printer h 226 Lee av 
n W F h 1342 Bwick av 
Beattys Geo D lawyer 49 Wall Mhtn h 845 

Prospect pi 
Beaty Cornelius salesman h 430 Vandt av 
ii Sarah wld Jos B h 430 Vandt av 
n Wm B h-430 Vandt av 
Beau Monde The 1259 Bedford av 
Beaubar John h 47 Hoyt 
Beaubelle Rosenno grocer 4824 6th av 
Beauchamp Chas W elk h 1110 Halsey 
Beaudel Arthur vice-prest 8 Church Mhtn 
h 572 58th 
ii Chas h 346 73d 

ii Chas see 8 Church Mhtn h G72 58th 

ii Chas jr prest 8 Church Mhtn h 572 58th 

Beaudet Homer J prest 154 Nassau Mhtn 

h 1466 E 9th 
Beaudry Herman J livery h 350 Hawthorne 
Beaufort Dora nurse h 1465 51st 
Beaulieu Jos bldr h 2416 Church av 
Beaumel David W pens 35 Ann Mhtn h 504 

Beaumond Albert elk h 930 Madison 
Beaumont Daul hotel Surf av 
ii Walter h 1878 Pacific 
ii Wm J locksmith h 555 Quincy 
Beaurais Thos A h 944 Kent av 
Beausejour Jacob h 922A 4th av 
Beauty Pattern Co (ine) 1188 Fulton 
Beavan Edwd G lawyer h 363 Cumberland 

ii Edwd P painter h 363 Cumberland 
Beaver Alex elk h 1222 41st 

August monuments 260 Cooper 
Geo L lithographer h 514 6th av 
Godfrey S messenger h 183 Harrison 
Hy elk h 57 Bay 17th 
Nicholas monuments h 162 Linden 
Peter glassblower h 26 Sehaeffer 
Eobt B painter h 989 Lorimer 
Thos manager h 1283 Park pi 
Walter S realestate 851 Mhtn av h Rich- 
mond Hill L I 
ii Wm h 537 Halsey 
Beavers Geo W prest 609 W 43d Mhtn h 

50th e 15th av 
Bebee Wm E O broker 20 Broad Mhtn b 168 

Laf av 
Bebensee Chas D police h Schenck av n E 
ii Julius liquors Av K c E 95th 
Bebon Danl G maehst li 228 Bleecker 
Bebra John A meat 6803 7th av h 706 68th 
Becerra Vincent correspondent h 538 Dean 
Becget Arthur Ins h 675 10th 
Bech Fredk salesman h 4 S Portland av 

i. F S h 937 Park pi 
Beclier Arnold caterer h 1452 Bwlck av 

ii Frank compositor h 423 54th 
Bechert Alex O tutor h 464 Bainbridge 
ii Max E brewer 184 N J av 
ii Wm C elk h 464 Bainbridge 
Bechmann Wm candy 56 Court 
Becho Edwd machinist h E 56th c Remsen pi 
Bechsteln Ctu'S A manager 52 10th av Mhtn 

h 982 D 17th 
Becht Ohas h 247 Harinan 
ii Fredk cigars 19 Ala av h 43 Sheffield av 
ii Geo cigars 2230 Pitkin av 
ii Hy G riesnatcher h 141 Shepherd av 
ii Jacob machinist h 110 Llnwood 

I desire to announce that I have 
removed from 140 1 Broadway, to 

my Warerooms — — — - — — — — ^— 

120-122 W. 31st St . N. Y. 

Mall and Telephone Oiders will 

Receive Prompt Attention 
Telephone 5289 Madison Square 


John grocer 87 Gerry 
Jos engineer h 229 9th 
Michl mason h 246 Vermont 
Peter Janitor h 671 Bedford av 
Peter machinist h 180 Richmond 
Bechtol Eidwln D lawyer 54 Wall Mhtn h 119 
n John D manager h 218 Hawthorne 
n Maria wid Albert h 500 2d 
ii Martin bldr h 989 Hart 
ti Martin (inc) franier 989 Hart 
ii Mary C wld Chas H h 3314. Av Hi 
Bechtle Chas G baker 181 Reid av 

ii Matilda wid Eugene h 296 Grove 
Bechtler Emil frames 1429 DeKalb av 
Beehtlufft Fredk W bookkpr h 80 Ocean av 
Bechtol Geo collector h 551 McDonough 
Bechtold Adam baskets 242 Melrose 
ii Adolph G optician. 230 Livingston h 384 

Fj 2d 
,i Alfred elk h 97 Moffat 
ii Conrad process server k 997 Halsey 
ii Frank cigars 119 Berry 
ii Fredk manager h 551 72d 
n Geo elk h 94 Bleecker 
n Geo elk h 7615 3d av 
ii John liquors h 61 Irving' av 
n John A machinist h 1216 Halsey 
ii Louise wld Chas F h 965 Wllby av 
-" ii L h 1941 E 14th 
ii Philip pianomkr h 97 Moffat 
ii Rudolph painter h 591 Evergreen av 
ji Wm J lithographer h 1185 Greene av 
ii & Co opticians 230 Livingston 
Beehtoldt Chas P elk h 834 Herkimer 
ii F M liquors h 651 72d 
ii Harry W ins h 1710 Bergen 
Beck Abraham tailor 213 Columbia 
ii Adolph elk h 37 Woodbine 
n Aegesta principal Vandervoort av c 

Thames h 428 Jef av 
ii Albert carriagemkr 1933 Bway h 2035 

East Pkway 
ii Albert foreman h 936 Putnam av 
ii Albert tailor h 156 Harman 
ii Albert W physician 108 Garfield pi 
ii AJex jeweler 1576 Fulton 
ii Alex meat 274 Humbt 
ii Alex S shoes 845 Mhtn av h 644 Leonard 
ii Alfred meat h 342 6th av. 
ii Alwin baker +47 3d av ■ 
•i Andw meat 590 Bway h 274 Jef 
ii August agt h 13 S Oxford 
ii August painter h 558 Essex 
n August R manager 176 Remsen h 442 62d 
ii Benedict J supt h 1079 Bwick av 
ii Burdet B art h 36 Eldert 
ii Caroline wid Fredk h 218 Linden 
ii Chas elk h 759 Monroe 
n Chas harness 128 Snyder av u 5 Union pi 
n Chas hatter h Neck rd n Gravesend av 
ii Chas lithographer h 456 Pulaski 
ii Ohas machinist h 594 Driggs av 
ii Chas tinsmith 596 Laf av h 340 Koscko 
ii Chas H h 96 Orange 
ii Chas J jeweler h 30 Bremen 
ii Chas L elk h 827 Halsey 
ii Chas M li 242 Montrose av 
n Chas M stable 147 Classon av 
ii Chas insp h 185 St Marks av 
ii Chas O & Co stoves 596 Laf av 
ii Christian painter h 243 Covert 
ii Christina candy 566 3d av 
ii Clarence salesman h 1280 Bergen 
ii Conrad elk h 113 Dean 
ii David pilot h 224 Covert 
n Edwd G cigars 599 H-uuburg av 
„ Edwd J chief eug h 459 75th 
ii E S surgl apparatus h 203 8th av 
ii Frank leather 11 Emerson pi h Maspeth 

L I 
ii Frank machinist h 170 Ashford 
ii Frank plumber h 121 Marcy av 
ii Frank F fish 851 Bedford av h 120 

Franklin av 
ii Fredk electrician h 101 El 3d 
ii Fredk machinist h 1125 Laf av 
n Fredk IT jeweler h 155 Norwood av 
ii Frrnlk J engraver 51 Maiden la Mhtn h 

1985 Pacific 
n Frieda delicatessen 364 Van Brunt 
ii Geo tailor 30 Bremen 
n ny meat 231 Bedford nv h 123 N 4th 
ii Hy provisions h 75 Clifton pi 
n Hv C treasr 93 Underbill av h Bloom- 
field N J 






Brooklyn Elite Directory, 

E 2 

O -£> Sa 

2 O S 

w £2 ^ 

o m > 

o -i 

* co 

3 = 




317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 naln 



UPINGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 

° s 

<° <+ 

I- o 

< W S 

tt Z uj 

£ o z 

c° 5» S 

« 2 s O 

z UJ 

■5 H- 



n Hy P signs 119 Fulton Mhtn b 174 

ii Uy J harness 128 Snyder av h 5 

Onion pi 
ii Herman P printer b 317 E 28th 
n Isidor shoes 2051 Fulton 
ii 1 (.Rev) h 2061 Pulton 
ii Jacob cutter h 1400 Greene av 
ii Jacob M liquors 263 Stone av 
ii Jas buyer h 155 Garfield pi 
n Jas coml trav b G12 6uth 
ii Jas & Co roofing 594 Laf av 
ii John cigar mfr 4U0 Glenmore av 
ii John elk h 308 Chauncey 
n John electrician h 229 Lee av 
M John horse clipper 272 Evergreen av 

889 Bway 
ii John liquors 399 Bway Mhtn b 194 

Fountain av 
ii John liquors 217 Jackson 
ii John plumber h 90 Marion 
ii John ruler h 100 Wyona 
ii John C h 108 Garfield pi 
ii John F Co rcalestate 3353 Myrtle av 
ii Jos liquors 1040 Herkimer 
ii Jos supt 774 Fulton b 681 Belmont av 
H Jos treasr Montrose av c Leonard b 

133 Ralph 
ii Joshua electrician h 229 Lee av 
ii Julian upholsterer h 585 Essex 
ii Leo mfr 75 Wooster Mhtn h 719 Macon 
n Lewis decorator h 404 Union 
n Louis C elk h 148 Linwood 
n Louis J printer b 300 7th av 
ii Louis J toolmkr h 214 Cortelyou rd 
n Lydia music b 66 Linden 
ii Mathias bldr h 203 Rutledge 
n Max coffees h E 53d n Beverley rd 
ii Michl C insp h 1040 Herkimer 
n Morris grocer 233 Columbia 
ii Morris liquors Liberty av c Stone av 
ii Nathan H notice server h 532 Dean 
ii Nathaniel agt h 86 George 
ii N brassfinislier h 1395 Greene av 
ii Otto W artist h 409 Washn av 
ii Peter machinist h 17 Hale av 
ii Peter mechanic h 276 l'rest 
n Philip U meat 652 Gates av 
n Biehd collector b 177 I'atchen av 
ii Ricbd liquors 907 Bway 
ii Rudolph J clothing h 1280 Bergen 
ii Saml grocer 644 Hamburg av 
ii Saml grocer 517 Sackman 
ii Saml shoes 363 Fulton h 121 Scher- 

ii Saml stationer 215 Fbush av h 532 

ii Saml H reporter h 30 Hubbard 
ii Saml N underwear 73 Wooster Mhtn 

h 759 Macon 
,i Shoe 845 Mhtn av 

ii Sigmund physician Henry n Neptune av 
n Theo H salesman h 141 Wyckoff 
,i Theo J b 629 40th 
ii Theo P (Rev) b 217 13th 
ii Thos salesman h 185 12th 
,i Walter artist h 244 Vandt av 
ii Wm h 558 Essex 
n Wm compositor h 1411 71st 
ii Wm engineer b 126 Wyckoff 
ii Wm florist East N Y av c Albany av 
ii Wm liquors 604 Jamaica av 
n Wm meat Surf av opp W 20th 
n Wm C ruler h 36 Dresden 
.1 Win E machinist h 240 6th 
n Wm L candy 1930 Bath av 
ii Bros harness 128 Snyder av 
ii & Thormahleu horse clippers 272 Ever- 
green av 
Beck's Casino 604 Jamaica av 
Beckel Geo W asst see 186 Montague b 
Colonial rd c 81st 
ii Jos & Co corsets 17 Ralph 
ii Louis baker h 607 Warren 
Beckendorf Wm II elk h 1152 49th 

,. Wm H jr h 1361 51st 
Becker Abraham stationer 404 Atlantic av 
h 450 Atlantic av 
ii Adam bricklayer h 23 Stewart 
Adam jeweler 146 Ralph av 
Adelaide butter 469 Rogers av 
Adolph bookbinder b 1297 Gates av 
Adolph J electrician h 322 Eldert 
Albeit meat 459 DeKalb av 
Albert I broker h 1087 Dean 
Anna wid John b 415 Hlmrod 
Annie wld Chas h 1269 Jef av 
Annie M wld John J b 352 7th 

h 280 


H August b 132 Jef 

n August foreman b 145 Hlmrod 

n August grocer 693 Gates av h 

Reld av 
n August printer 300 Graham av h 

St Johns id 
n August salesman h 2221 Beverley rd 
ii Augusta dressmkr 1190 Greene av 
ii Augusta wld Wm h 219 Pa av 
ii Augustus C plumber 312 Grand b 537 

Bedford av 
ii A picture frames h 145 31st 
ii A L h 817 E 16th 
n Barnet delicatessen 234 Mvrtle av 
ii Barnett L optician 203 E Bway Mhtn 

h 287 Division av 
n Beni physician 369 DeKalb av 
ii Ben] printer h 1344 Gates av 
n Ben] A plateglass 420 Keap h 452 Gra- 
ham av 
ii Benj H glass 148 Union av 
ii Bernard J lawver 375 Fulton h 233 17th 
ii Bertha baker 247 Hoyt h 120 Douglass 
ii Carl coal h 1007 Putnam av 
n Carl J artist 108 E 23d Mhtn h 155 Mon- 
n Caroline wid h 1139 Greene av 
ii Chas bldr 274 Scboles h 437 Pulaski 
ii Chas elk h 1256 Prospect pi 
n Chas gastitter h 1190 Greene 
n Chas grocer Reld av c Lex 

Tpkins av 
ii Chas machinist h 22 B 3d 
ii Chas plumber h 188 Ashford 
n Chas reaiestate 59 2d av Mhtn h 39 

ii Chas salesman h 62 Grant av 
ii Chas tailor 222 Van Siclen av 
ii Chas truckman 332 Bleecker 
n Chas E bookkpr h 639 Lex av 
ii Chas E liquors 2720 Atlantic av h 424 

Lincoln av 
ii Chas L bookkpr h 907 St Johns pi 
n Chas L prest 290 Bway Mhtn h 354 1st 
a Chas P physician h 218 Hale av 
ii Chas S painter h 1810 N'ostrand av 
ii Christian coal 344 Bleecker h 78 Boerum 
ii Christian police h 422 37th 
ii Christian printer h 397 Bainbridge 
ii Christian shoes 182 Melrose 
ii Clarence music h 113 Gates av 
ii Claude M manager 189 Montague h 361 

Clifton pi 
n C L candy 557 Hamburg av 
n Danl C h 419 Ocean av 
ii Edwd h 973 Madison 
ii Edwd elk h 641 Hancock 
ii Edwd lead burner h 1344 Gates av 
n Edwd machinist h 175 Classon av 
ii Edwd painter n 131 Stanhope 
ii Edwin reporter h 116 Clynier 
ii Edwin J manager h 99 l*ee av 
ii Egon E Jeweler 1461 DeKalb av 
ii Emil liquors 82 George 
n Ernest barber 300 Bedford av h 57 Lee 

ii Frank compositor h 423 54th 
ii Frank tailor 1479 DeKalb av 
ii Predk carriagemkr 112 Glen 
ii Fredk elk h 156 Reid av 
ii Fredk electrician h 823 Park av 
ii Fredk engineer h 646 Park pi 
ii Fredk foreman h 674 E 16th 
., Fredk tailor h 1001 Wilby av 
.1 Fredk O sec 130 Worth Mhtn b 660 

Wilby av 
.1 F grocer 127 Bush 
M F O h 813 Laf av 
ii Geo h 474 Belmont av 
ii Geo h 547 Hancock 
ii Geo h 14 Schaeffer 
ii Geo h 135 Woodbine 
n Geo barber 2 Astor pi Mhtn h 3908 

New Utrecht av 
H Geo elk h 75 Evergreen av 
ii Goo electrician h 406 Greene av 
ii Geo mason h 417 Evergreen av 
ii Geo meat h 543 72d 
ii Geo (dumber h 1S8 Ashford 
ii Geo F elk h 207 Rldgewood av 
.. Geo H plumber 2214 E 12th 
ii Geo L meat h 319 narman 
ii Geo L varnisher h 39S Logan 
ii Geo W lawyer h 81st c 1st av 
ii Godfried massage h 5S6 Pacific 
ii Gottfried machinist b 64 Morton 
n Gustuv tailor 56S Mhtn av 
ii Harry h 1261 Herkimer 
ii Harry painter h 274 5th av 




3 O % 

CO o a 


7? — 

- * §■ 
5 9 K 

C = 3 





rf<a ^ 



ft p 

t o 

Oi b oi 

J- J- U. 

_ OJ m 

E J- 4j 


ft 3 S 

O Bi » 

2. 5' 5' 

Ob! "H 

2 2? — 

en V A 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Tel. 3004 flaln. 






Ctf oS sg 


U3 »« qfc 

> < 

< 1 







ii Hy elk h 32 Eldert 

n Hy grocer 1124 Bwlck ay 

ii Hy ice h 170 12th 

ii Hy notions 1096 Bwlck av 

ii Hy painter h 112 Glen 

ii Hy printer h 450 Harman 

ii Hy roofer h 261 Hull 

ii Hy stationer 96 Evergreen ay 

ii Hy tailor 75 Evergreen av 

ii Hy truckman h 88 Waverly ay 

ii Hy J elk h 1386 Putnam ay 

ii Herman meat 35 Reid ay 

ii Hugo tailor 1001 Wilby ay b. 997 Wilby 

ii H W baker 628 Glenmore av 
ii Jacob boxinkr h 1363 Putnam av 
ii Jacob carpr 178 Noll 
n Jacob clothing h 168 Hyerson 
n Jacob grocer 91 Eagle 
ii Jacob interpreter h 121 Stagg 
ii Jacob notions 2561 Pitkin ay 
ii Jacob realestate 813 40th 
ii Jacob steamfltter h 1560 DeKalb ay 
ii Jacob F printer 121 Stagg 
ii Jacob S h 1400 East Pkway 
n Jas drugs 1074 Bedford ay h 9 Raleigh 

ii Jas P physician h 1125 Bergen 
ii John brewer h 32 E 2d 
n John candy 176 Union av 
ii John cigars 2900 Atlantic ay 
ii John compositor h 1231 40th 
ii John cooper 579 Leonard 
n John mason h 165 Ashford 
ii John overalls 53 Alien Mhtn h 1210 

ii John police h 1234 Putnam av 
ii John police h 817 41st 
ii John tailor 947 DeKalb av 
ii John truckman 207 India h 161 Russell 
ii John C h 117 Bradford 
ii John F brewer 31 Belvidere h 680 Bwlck 

ii John F elk h 378 Essex 
ii John F realestate h 58 Bremen 
ii John F tinsmith h 378 Essex 
ii John H elk h 270 E 9th 
n John H machinist h 518 Van Buren 
ii John J manager h 407 Westminster rd 
ii John W elk h 486 Lincoln av 
ii Jos cigars 281 S 4th 
ii Jos ironworks 330 Rivlngton Mhtn h 

1430 St Harks av 
ii Jos A artist h 515 5th 
ii Jos F supt h 542 Carlton ay 
ii Jos H sec h 123 Schermerhorn 
ii Karl delicatessen 1117 Ftilton 
n Lawrence printer 192 N J av 
ii Leon W u s n h 411 Rogers ay 
ii Lorenzo engineer h 1432 Fbush ay 
ii Lorenzo B ice h 1202 Rogers ay 
■i Louis agt h 234 Rodney 
ii Louis baker 2634 Pitkin ay 
ii Louis elk h 209 Livingston 
n Louis, ins h 163 S 1st 
ii Louis C artist 96 5th ay Mhtn h 787 

Greene ay 
ii Louis J notions 3043 Fulton h 322 Ar- 
lington av 
n Mary wid Hy h 1386 Putnam ay 
n Mary wid Hiram h 639 DeKalb av 
ii Mary L wid Jas L h 88 Meserole av 
.1 Morris agt 124 Suffolk Mhtn h 304 El- 

ii Morris prest 195 Eldridge Mhtn h 1810 

East Pkway 
M Moses tailor 798 Myrtle av 
ii Moses jr principal Av K c El 88th h Av 

J c E 40th 
ii M cigars 404 Atlantic av 
ii Nathan paints 470 Bergen 
ii Nicholas barber 371 Myrtle av h 368 

Myrtle av 
ii Nicholas plumber h 217 Devoe 
n Otto agt h 19 Sherlock pi 
ii Otto elk h 303 Clinton 
ii Otto B ins h 366 Etna 
M Paul baker h 1374 Bwlck ay 
ii Peter brushes h 240 12th 
n Peter grocer 165 Atlantic ay h 168 

n Peter machinist fo 293 Monroe 
ii Peter tailor 178 Noll 
ii Peter tinsmith 106 Maujer 
n Peter Co composition gds 126 18th 
ii Peter & Co 14 Hopkins 
ii Philip jeweler h 23 Bleecker 


n Philip plumber h 102 Ten Eyck 

ii Philip prest 644 1st ay Mhtn h 339 Mc- 

ii Philip upholsterer 208 Meserole 
ii P A glass cases 461 Hudson ay h 14 S 

Elliott pi 
ii Relnhold furrier h 221 Linden 
ii Rudolph butter 469 Rogers av 
ii It dry gds 157 3d av 
ii Saml aect h 1558 68th 
ii Saml S glazier 427 DeKalb av 
n Simon realestate h 1400 East Pkway 
ii Tank Mfg Co 255 N Henry 
n Tea & Coffee Co 271 Myrtle ay 
ii Theresa wid Louis h 205 Lenox rd 
ii Thomas watchuikr 204 Cleveland 
n Vincent mechanic h 796 Madison 
ii Walter music h 296 Jef av 
n Wm boxmkr h 127 Eagle 
ii Wm h furng 329 Myrtle av 
it Wm merchant h 1260 Greene ay 
ii Wm music h 128 Palmetto 
ii Wm painter h 144 Schermerhorn 
ii Wm shoes 6 N Y av h 379 Sumpter 
ii Wm sprlngmkr h 329 Bleecker 
ii Wm tinsmith h 17 Fanchon pi 
ii Wm H liquors 12 Union ay 
ii Wm R machinist h 219 Pa ay 
ii Wm V rufr 3d ay e 3d h 199 Dean 
it Bros coal 340 Bleecker 
ii Bros grocers 106 Reid av 
n & Rosenberg bakers 20 Moore 
n & Rueger earprs 272 Scholes 
ii & Son printers 121 Stagg 
ii & Wolf picture frames 211 Navy 
Becker-Laurlch F physician 131 Java 
Beekerer Jos h 731 McDonough 
Beckerich Elizabeth wid John h 683 DeKalb 
Beckerman Louis realestate 133 Rivlngton 
Mhtn h 105 Ames 
n Wm salesman h 362 Vernon av 
ii Wm waists 450 Broome Mhtn h 105 
Beckers Wm physician 49 8th ay 
Beckert August caner h 210 Sunnyslde av 
Beckett Gustav realestate 839 Gates ay h 
968 Laf av 
ii Jas A realestate 307 Tpklns ay 
ii John S h 1123 Bedford ay 
ii Louisa A h 193 Schermerhorn 
ii Thos h 3 Miller av 
ii Walter J electrician 108 Norman av 
ii Wm h 166 Fbush av 
ii Wm C foreman h 132 State 
Beckley Edwd cooper 26 41st 
ii Frank h 349 Gates av 
ii Geo W butter 5410 5tb av h 622 58th 
ii Julius police h 551 Chauneey 
ii Robt S carpr h 318 39th 
ii Wm J weigher h 352 54th 
Beekling John J varnish h 891 Glenmore av 

ii Peter weaver h 893 Glenmore av 
Becklund Fredk carpr 622 Baltic 
Beckman Alfred M salesman h 904 DeKalb 
ii Arthur J grocer 17 Melrose 
ii August cashier h 351 1st 
it August salesman h 593 Decatnr 
n BenJ stationer 105 Stone ay h 1370 

n Chas patternmkr h 402 Fenimore 
ii Chas J foreman h 532 Maple 
ii Emil machinist h 407% 20th 
n Harrison C supt h 915 Av J 
ii Hy grocer 1819 Fulton h 16 Sumpter 
n Herman cutter h 82 Prospect pi 
ii John h 240 76th 

ii John cablnetmkr h 1268 Sterling pi 
ii John A elk h 430 55th 
ii Jos shoes h 75 S 2d 
ii Thos shipmaster h 737 6th ay 
ii Thos H realestate h 543 Franklin ay 
ii Walter J elk h 738 DeKalb ay 
ii Wm baker 625 Evergreen ay 
ii Wm grocer 184 Park av 
ii Wm realestate h 517 51st 
n & Lindroth earprs 1121 Prospect pi 
ii & Peters grocers 1819 Fulton 
Beckmann August elk h 179 Schaeffer 
ii Chas machinist h 585 E 37th 
ii Chas painter h 1338 Gates av 
n Chas H liquors h 82 Prospect pi 
ii Christian grocer 723 Nostrand ay 
ii Dederick candy 3019 Fulton 
ii Fredk elk h 240 Adeiphi 
n Hy restaurant 330 Fulton h 64 Court 




5 CD 




























Watches, Diamonds and Jewelry 
141 Broadway, cor. Liberty St., New York 

Try our New Patent Collar Sutton -The Benedict" 




UPlfiGOTS DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 

g 1 

x S 
™ * 

< g 8 


2 I I 










,i Hy J realestate 476 57th 

.. John E grocer 1031 Flushing av 

ii TeteR, salesman h 93 Pilling 

ii Win candy 48 Court h 56 Court 

ii Win elk h 134 Greene ay 

ii W cashier h 27 Marion 

ii W Fredk grocer 145 Cooper 
Beekroege Herman h 183 S 2d 

ii Margt tailor 652 Fulton 

i< & Co tailors 652 Fulton 
Beckstroin Arthur salesman h 443 7th ay 
Becktoff Harry tailor 420 Sumner ay h 300 

Bwick ay 
Beckwith Arthur H mer 18 S William Mhtn 
to 465 B 16th 

ii A editor 307 Fulton h 150 Schermer- 

ii Chas N salesman h 1654 71st 

ii Claude lawyer h 146 Pierrepont 

ii Cyrus C coml tray h 586 10th 

n Edwin optician 11 Maiden la Mhtn h 
293 Henry 

ii Geo E port warden Mhtn h 434 7th 

ii Geo S manager h 1523 59th 

ii Hy S h 412 Chauncey 

ii James P W bookkpr h 91 Weirfleld 

■i Michl h 609 Hancock 
Becraft Edwd elk h 570 Classon ay 

.1 Frank police to 124 Euclid ay 
Beddinger Fredk printer li 188A Stuyt ay 

ii Levi engineer h 212 Qulncy 
Beddoe Geo K to 557 8th 
Beddon Geo F ironwks to 233 52d 
Beddow Arthur T buyer h 38 Putnam ay 
Bedell Albert M h 465 E 29th 

ii Alice A h 11 Cranberry 

ii Alonzo M pilot b 733 Driggs ay 

ii Amanda D h 9 Cranberry 

ii Annie wid Ohas to 90 Hock well pi 

ii Annie L music to 997 Greene ay 

n Augustus mer to &16 Union 

ii Augustus S realestate E 17th c New- 
kirk ay to 231 E 18th 

n Chas L printer h 207 S Portland ay 

ii Clarence elk to' 207 S Portland ay 

ii Clarence Geo garage 712 Coney Island 
ay to 42 Weirfleld 

n Company suits 460 Fulton 

n Edwd E elk to 816 Quincy 

ii Edwin realestate h 419 Sterling pi 

ii Edwin W milk to 193 Powers 

ii Foster foreman to 205 S Portland av 

n Frank roofer to 75S Gates av 

ii Frank H bookkpr to 1334 Sterling pi 

ii Frank L h 347A Gates av 

ii Geo t>ookkpr to 370 50th 

n Geo M pilot to 789 Lincoln pi 

n Harry P engineer to 1334 Sterling pi 

n Harvey A ins 391 Fulton h 231 E 18th 

ii Hy elk h 214 Walworth 

ii Hiram G realestate 26 Court h 309 
Marlborougto' rd 

.1 Ida wid to 379 Washn ay 

ii Ira electrician to 308 Linden 

.1 Jas A electrician h 17 Schenck ay 

ii Jas H machinist h 1325 42d 

ii Jane wid Kldhd to 52 Herkimer 

ii John painter 586 DeKalb av 

., John M janitor h 722 79th 

ii Jos boxinkr to '17 Schenck ay 

ii Jos polisher to 711 E 4th 

.1 Jos C asst supt 57 Bway Mtotn to 370 

ii Lewis L special officer h 712 Carroll 

ii Mary A wid Chas h 204 Prospect pi 

ii Nellie wid Hy to 215 Lewis av 

ii Oscar carpi- h Glenwood rd c B 98th 

ii Ozias A h 726 Madison 

n Eletod M prest 216 William Mtotn to 513 

n Rufus C cutter h 35 Koseko 

n Sidney G carpet cleaner 604 Lex ay to 
997 Greene ay 

ii Stephen feed 10 Bwick ay to 615 Macon 

n Sylvanus castoier h 85 Penn 

n Walter E suits 460 Fulton h 3G5 Clinton 

ii Wesley C elk to 104 Putehen av 

ii Wm H fireman h 346 54th 

,i Wm M feed 10 Bwick av to 638 Greene 

n Wm M & S lhay 10 Bwick av 

n Bros garage 712 Coney Island ar 
Bedelman Geo paymaster h 341 Waverley av 
Bedford Academy 640 Nostrand av 

ii Alfred O oil 26 Bway Mhtn to 410 Clin- 
ton ay 



Has. lorand 109 East 14th Street 



n Auto Garage 220 Clifton pi 

,i Billiard Parlors 1256 Bedford ay 

n Branch of the Peoples Trust Co Bedford 

av c Halsey 
ii Branch Y M C A Bedford ay c Monroe 
n Burglar Alarm Co 564 DeKalb av 
ii Cafe 1203 Fulton 
ii Carpet Co 1188 Fulton 
ii Otoas E oil 26 Bway Mtotn to 191 Clinton 

ii Circulating Library 1143 Bedford av 
ii Cleaning & Repairing Co 1406 Bedford 

ii Company dry gds 1057 Bway 
ii Cooperative Bldg Loan Assn Troy ay n 

ii Dairy Co 204 Classon av 
ii David H lawyer h 636 Sterling pi 
n Dental Office (inc) 6 Halsey 
ii Dispeusary 343 Ralpto av 
n Edwd T oils 26 Bway Mhtn to 181 Clin- 
ton av 
n Edwin R physician h 352 Hancock 
ii Express 1320 Fulton 

ii Fredk H oil 26 Bway Mhtn to 193 Clin- 
ton ay 
n Garage Co 1287 Bedford av 
ii Guild Dispensary 962 Bergen 
ii Heating Co furnaces 1233 Atlantic av 
ii Heights Bakery 1083 Rogers av 
,i Hy E clocks 165 Graud av Ih 80 St 
James pi 

ii John G eabinetmkr h 434 Carlton ay 
ii Kindergarten 88 Rogers av 
ii Laundry 1188 Bedford ay 
ii Mansion 903 Bedford ay 
ii Paint Shop 990 Fbush av 
u Palace bowling alleys 869 Bedford ay 
ii Parijuet Floor Co 7510 3d ay 
ii Patrick H oil 26 Bway Mhtn to 193 

Clinton ay 
ii Record 529 Nostrand av 
n Rest Hotel Bedford av c Bast Pkway 
ford av c Atlantic av & Flatbush 
av c Ocean av 
ii Roaiioke Co realestate 215 Montague 
ii Rootiug Works 1182 Bedford av 
ii Rubber Tire Co 162 Purk pi 
ii Slipcover Co 411 Sumner av 
H Social Club 132 S 8th 
n Steam Carpet Cleaning Works 18 John- 
son av 
ii Tea & Coffee Co 57 Rogers ay 
,, Theatrical Co 431 Bedford ay 
ii Wagon Works Nostrand av c Park av 
ii Waist Shop 1227 Bedford av 
ii Wm bldr 105 Meeker av h 138 Penn 
.1 & Park Av Board of Trade 507 Park av 
Bedlnger Adam moulder h 249 Devoe 

ii Chas tinsmith h 273 Milford 
Bedinglield Elizabeth wid Victor L h 5 Lin- 
den av 
ii John S engineer h 101 Halsey 
ii Victor G aect h 2717 Newkirk ay 
Bedle Eusebius A salesman h 234 S 3d 
Bedlow Hy A manager h 69 Stuyt av 
Bednall Robt machinist h 414 B 3d 
Bednartz Chas ius 273 Barbey 
Betlwln Theo M teacher h 319 Macon 
Bee Emma L wid Geo h 16S Congress 
ii Hive Hygienic Ice Co 608 Lex ay 
ii Hive Realty Co 1212 Nostrand av 
ii John electrician h 161 Prest 
ii Peter A grocer 167 Huntington 
<i Bros grocers 316 Smith 
Beebe Alex H patternmkr h G84 Van Buren 
i, Chester H music h 272A Halsey 
ii Clarence W painter 83 Gpolut ay h 96 


Business Directory!! 



7 Washington St.* 

PHONE, 3004 M*iM 








- 1* ^ 

— o 


ae«- * a 

j-'O o 



Authorized by the State of New York 

56-58 PINE STREET, NEW YORK CITY Tel. John 2131 











-t— ■ 





























ii Clemens E b 151 Madison 

ii Eklwin I bookkpr h 6 Pulaski 

ii Frances P physician h 1-15 Clinton 

ii Frank electrician b 679 Haisey 

ii Frank B com uier 110 West av Walla- 
bout Mkt b 1142 Pacific 

ii Frank P manager b G'JO MeDouough 

ii Goo H h 202 Qulncy 

ii Geo P lawyer 32 Nassau Mhtn b 146 

n Geo R h 618 St Marks av 

ii Geo W ins b 727 Monroe 

ii Geo W pilot b 415 Madison 

,i Hy boat capt b 4:54 53d 

ii Hy O broker h 310 Sumner av 

,i Hy W lawyer 18 Wall Mbtn h 267 

ii Hiram barnessmkr 448 Myrtle av 

n Howard F banker Pine c William Mhtn 
b 399 5th 

ii Ira L sulphites 132 Nassau Mhtn h 790 
Westminster rd 

n Ira L jr paper 132 Nassau Mhtn b 790 
Westminster rd 

ii Jas B pilot b 546 Franklin av 

ii Jas D M pilot h 540 Franklin av . 

ii Leonard fish 730 Mhtn av h 194 Leon- 

,i Leonard teas 100 Water Mhtn b 403 
Wasbn av 

ii R H fish 340 Myrtle av 

n Susanna wid Cuas E h 205 Hancock 

ii Walter H baker 78 6th av 

ii Wilbur h S12 Prospect pi 

ii Wilbur J manager h 618 Jef av 

ii Wm h 574 Atlantic av 

ii Wm E O broker b 160 Laf av 

n Wm H com mer 221 Flushing av & 108 
Wallabout Mkt h 48 St Pauls pi 

n Wm W foreman h 666 Park pi 
Beehee Alex S civl eng 21 Jackson av L 1 

.. City h 651 Hancock 

ii May L nurse h 197 Garfield pi 

., Wm J lusp h 197 Garfield pi 
Beech Fred T drugs h 179 Wasbn pk 

ii Geo agt h 337 44th 

ii Geo F compositor h 571 St Johns pi 

ii Thos h 238 McDonough 
Beechel B J J realestate h 434 73d 

n Wm C salesman h 434 73d 

.. W F h 434 73d 
Beecher Arthur C carpr h 46 Lefferts pi 

,i Christian engineer h 1147 57th 

ii C Y h 1609 50th 

ii Harry W coml trav h 46 Lofferts pi 

n Jesse wid Clarence b 356 16th 

ii John B candy 1061 60th 

H John J Ins 215 Havenieyer h 677 Bed- 
ford av 

,i J B b 345 73d 

n Morris machinist h 279 Marlon 

ii Wilbur elk b 1050 Bedford av 

ii Wm O lawyer 170 Bway Mhtn h 123 
Columbia bgts 

ii Wm P police h 356 16th 
Beeching David G bookkpr h 143 Sumner av 

ii Harold K elk b 1504 Pacific 
Beecker Hy bookbinder h 209 Sumpter 
Beeckman Hy G broker 360 Produce Exch 
Mhtn h 543 Franklin av 

ii Louis salesman h 561 11th 

ii Thos H realestate h 543 Franklin av 
Beeckman August C butter 386 Grand h 

295 S 3d 
Beeckner Louis hardware h 561 11th 
Beedin Julius printer h 16 Folsom pi 
Beegan John diemkr h 485 12th 
Beehler Geo liquors Mhtn av c Frost 

ii Jennie wid Chrlsr h 593 Putnam av 

ii John Ins h 42 Delmonico pi 

,i John G liquors 393 Mhtn av 
Beekman Albion B bookkpr h 399 Rugby rd 

n Chas N salesman h 733 DeKalb av 

n Henrietta wid Wm h 58 Wyona 

ii Hy truckman h 143 5th av 

ii John V supt Dlkeman e Ferris 

H Livingston elk h 8628 New Utrecht av 

ii Otto W compositor h 670 Lex av 

n Saml h 108 Albany av 

n Sarah wid Ben] h Mansion House 

ii Walter N dentist 780 Fulton h 395 
Bceman Millie wid A h 1505 Pacific 

n S candy 223 Nassau av 
Been Oscar drugs Herkiuier e Schtdy av 
Beenstock Adolph tailor 03 Wall Mhtn h 203 
Sth ay 



Beeny Geo W elk b 78 Cornelia 

Beer Albert ins 914 Bway h 118 Balnbridge 

n Felix salesman h 159 N 5th 

ii Frank H salesman h 1110 Gates av 

ii Fredk elk h 14 Bay 20th 

ii Geo salesman h 64 Bay 20th 

ii Geo upholsterer h K91 Herkimer 

ii Geo L bldr 914 Bway b 118 Balnbridge 

ii Hy P electrician 82 Montague h 42 Jora- 

ii Hy P & Co electricians 82 Montague 

n Hy W Insp h 315 Ditmas av 

ii Hy W jr insp h 315 liitmas av 

n Jos bookkpr h 337 10th 

ii Louis realestate 9.14 Bway h 118 Bain- 

ii Louis jr bldr 914 Bway h 118 Baiubiicine 

ii Moris F ins 153 Pierrepont h 337 10th 

i, Saml carpr h 123 42d 

n Theo L bookkpr h 337 10th 

ii Victor elk b 782 Madison 

ii Wm insp h 537 3d av 
Beer's Louis Sons bldrs 914 Bway 
Beere Benj realestate 270 Wushn 

n Geo wlrewkr h 49 Prospect pi 

ii Geo W wirewkr 294 Taaffe pi h 2C3 
Lex av 

ii Jos gardener h 75 Johnson 

ii Jos insp h 438 Gold 
Beeres nector plasterer h 116 Crescent 
Beerman Isaac N waists 99 Prince Mh:n 
h 74th c 14th av 

ii Peter dry gds 39 Sumner av 
Beers Ernest salesman h 1343 73d 

n E LeGrand h 131 Kenisen 

ii Francis B stocks 215 Montague 

ii Frank cooper h, 133 Palmetto 

ii Fredk W elk h 329 Linden av 

n Geo plumber h 264 5th av 

n Geo A elk h 195 Covert 

n Gustavo elk h 99 Prospect pi 

ii Hy h 500A Macon 

ii Jas engraver h 390 Pacific 

ii John A insp h 187 Covert 

n John Z elk h 71A Monroe 

ii Mary L wid Edwin h 131 Remsen 

ii Nathan T physician 516 Nostrond av h 
866 Prospect pi 

ii Sarah wid Isaac h 195 Covert 

ii Theo liquors 894 Myrtle av 

n Wm H contractor 478 57th h 375 57ili 

ii Wm L fire marshal 167 E 67th Mhtn h 
258 Prospect pi 

ii Wm W contractor 32 Rockwell pi 

ii Resseguie lumber 45 Classon av 
Beery E M physician 118 Gates av 

ii Robt C printer 401 Smith 
Beesley Ida wid Chas h 982 Jef av 

ii Jane wid Jas h 64 Herkimer av 
Beester Louis painter h 131 Franklin av 
Beet John bldr 5521 3d av 

ii Thos detective 132 Nassau Mhtn h $748 
18th av 

n Wm carpr 140 Broad Mhtn h 414 60th 
Beetar Kalll church gds 237 Bway Mhtn h 

157 Warren 
Beetha John U designer h 261 Clifton pi 
Beetham John W candy h 101 16th 
Beets Fredk polisher h 1005 38th 
Beetz Chas J h 322 Jef 

ii Peter inveutor 13 Chambers Mhtn h 
300 Jef 
Begadom John ironwkr h 454 Pulaski 
Began Stephen cabinetmkr h 447 Lex av 
Begbie John G foreman h 891 St Johns pi 

.1 Ri?bd gasfitter h 118 Linden 
Begeman Fredk salesman h 71 Kenilworth pi 
Begen Edwd J liquors 172 Bowery Mhtn b 

174 Eagle 
Begg John W manager 144 Montague h 1437 

Beggs Alex J salesman h 443 1st 

n Arthur E viee-prest 92 William Mhtn 
h 681 10th 

ii Eben J prest 92 William Mhtn h 681 

■i Edwd J treasr 92 William Mhtn h 6*1 

ii E J <fc Co chemicals 6th n Gowanus 
canal & 92 William Mhtn 

ii Frank E elk b 9S Chauncey 

n Frank V musician h 391A 9th 

ii Jennie S wid John h 6S1 10th 

ii Thos P letterer h 196 Lex av 
Begin Martin (Rev) h 84 Herbert 
Beglev Hugh bricklayer h 10S Somers 

ii Jas attendant h 40 Duflleld 

ii Walter J h 350 12th 




30 ■ — : 


m s 

r- ^ 

m z 

"o c= 

° Z m 

z © 5 

w =i 5 

w 2 w 

o m > 

o —I 

* CO 

i i 


<\ I I The New York Business Directory for 1860, under the heading Brush 
III Manufacturers, gave the address of BRADLEY & SMITH 251 Pearl 
IBS Street Trow's Directory for 1910 shows BRADLEY & SMITH 
























— > 













Begly Jos D realestate 774 Nostrand av h 

818 Sterling pi 
Beguelin Hy R jeweler 23 Maiden la Mbtn 

h 52 8th av 
Ben Albert E elk h 516 7tb 

" Albert F easblcr h 433 Logan 

ii Rmil L b 23 Virginia pi 

ii Walter salesman h 516 7th 
Bchan Cornelius J buyer h 715 Argyle rd 

ii Ellen wid Wm h 489 10th 

ii Jas salesman b 27 Milford 

•i Jas F elk h 769 Gates ay 

ii John police h 222 Hewes 

ii Louis salesman h 353 S 2d 

ii Marianna wid John W h 429 Cleveland 

■t Mary b 370 Adelpbi 

n Purvis J principal Laf av n Olasson av 
b Woodhaven L I 
Bebar Nissim manager 150 Nassau Mbtn b 

89 Johnson 
Behln Sarah A b 94 Pineapple 
Behing Hy salesman h 453% State 
Behland Chas liquors 253 Irving av 
Beble Fredk weaver b 416 Himrod 

n Louis electrician h 962 Marcy av 
Beblen Chas machinery 72 Trinity pi Mhtn 
h 590 Monroe 

.. Miehl baker 173 Bridge 

ii Teresa stationery b 39 Bklyn av 
Beblens Garage 583 Mbtn av 
Behlers Fredk J liquors 623 Atlantic av 
Beblert Chas L bookkpr h 161 Prospect pk 

Behling Chas mer h 446 Park pi 

ii Ralph M property man h 560 10th 
Behlmer Hy elk h 1111 8th av 
Behm Chas iron wks h 242 42d 

ii Mary C wid John b 262 20tb 

.1 Wm gardener b 56 E 4th 
Bebman Edwd manager b 26 Wllby 

.1 Emma wid Hy W b 417 E 17th 

ii Evelyn wid Louis C b 57 7th av 

n Rachel V matron h 11 Sackman 
Behn Adolpb bookkpr h 321 51st 

n Conrad b 68 Hull 

n Dederlck grocer 1001 Sutter av h 476 

H Fredk grocer 358 Crescent 

ii F & Co grocers 358 Crescent 

ii Herman grocer 4274 Fulton 

ii H H & Co 74 Meserole av 

ii John D grocer 860 Liberty av 

ii Julius grocer 182 Tpkins av h 174 
Tpkins av 

ii Bros grocers 4274 Fulton 
Bebneke Hy W oysters h Av L n E 94th 

ii Lizzie wid Chrisr h 790 Halaey 

ii Paul J designer h 443 State 
Behner Jacob janitor h 179 Hendrix 

ii Jacob painter h 26 N J av 
Behnk Jos H police h 198 S 8th 
Behnke Claus D grocer 106 Patchen av b 
735 Monroe 

ii Clara D wid Chas h 735 Monroe 

ii Fredk grocer 415 Union h 368 Prest 

ii Wm candy 148 Met av 

ii Wm T grocer 415 Union h 368 Prest 
Behnken Hy h 466 5th 

n Hy grocer 177 S 2d 

ii Herman h 250 Rutledge 

n Herman grocer 2701 Clarendon rd 

ii H Emlle chemist b 466 5th 

ii John grocer 219 Van Brunt 

ii John F machinist h 748 57th 

ii Tbeo candy 310 Koscko 

ii Wm grocer 1473 Bedford av h 1479 
Bedford av 
Behr Andw polisher 412 Wilby av h 147 

ii Edwd pianos 298 11th av Mhtn b 838 

ii Ernest printer 360 Miller av 

n Frost surg lnsts h 97th n 3d av 

ii Geo W manager 231 Water Mhtn h 132 
Prospect av 

ii Gustavus E metal 81 Fulton Mhtn h 
605 3d 

ii Hy baby carriages 2827 Atlantic av b 
248 Reld av 

n Hy F meat h 372 Rldgewood av 

ii Herman & Co sandpaper 33 Tiffany pi 

ii John grocer 308 Sumner av 

ii John A realestate b 97th n 3d av 

ii Leonard 3 elk h 570 57tb 

n Louis grocer 326 Bleecker 

ii Robt paper 75 Beekman Mhtn b 838 

ii Wm clockmkr h 430 7th av 

n & Debold varnishes 412 Wilby av 

Pictures^ Paintings 




iij^jll JtvE 

Behre A Fredk sec 540 1st av Mhtn h 217 

ii Gretehen wid August b 76 Morton 
ii John collector h 261 Linden 
ii V liquors 5321 7th av 
Behrend Albert notions 355 Bway Mhtn n 

279 Decatur 
Behrends Albertlna wid Wm h 154 57th 
n Jesse H lawyer 188 Montague h 467 

Waverly av 
Bebrenboff Adolf restaurant 1023 Fulton 
Bebrens Alex cutter h 671 Herkimer 
n Arthur ice h 1893 Bergen 
ii August b 731 Rogers av 
ii August pilot h 516 Fbusb av 
ii A engineer h 269 St James pi 
ii Chas liquors 258 Fulton Mhtn h 1507 

8th av 
M Chas D realestate 190 Montague h 20 

Revere pi 
.1 Chas H h 20 Revere pi 
ii Chas H grocer Foster av n Gravesend av 
ii Christian candy 48 5th av 
ii Fredk h 48 Rush 
ii Fredk elk h 345 52d 
ii Fredk grocer 949 Franklin av 
ii Fredk A lawyer 50 Pine Mhtn h 462 

n Geo meat h 125 Vermont 
n Geo F grocer 6804 New Utrecht av 
it Geo H grocer 18th av n BeDSon av 
ii Harry meat h 374 Herkimer 
ii Hy candy 231 Columbia 
ii Hy candy 751 DeKalb av 
ii Hy grocer h 37 St Mark's av 
n Hy liquors 1237 Atlantic av 
ii Hy supt h 809 Classon av 
ii Hy C grocer 258 Kings Highway 
ii Herman grocer 153 High 
n Herman liquors 130 West Mhtn h 1501 

8th av 
ii John grocer 90 S 4th 
ii John grocer 245 Av A Mhtn h 8305 22d 

ii John liquors 308 Church Mbtn h 668 

Prospect pi 
n John salesman h 19 E 3d 
ii John H rialestate h 372 Jerome 
n Jos grocer 947 Franklin av 
ii Karl F & Co drugs 231 DeKalb av & 

61 Sands 
n Loretta wid Augustus h 36 Hawthorne 
ii Louis b 1446 Dean 
n Louis elk b 1446 Ocean av 
n Louis drugs 61 Sands h 297 Vandt av 
ii Louise wid Karl F h 297 Vandt av 
n Mary C wid Geo b 820 Sterling pi 
n Matthew baker 409 Mvrtle av 
ii Otto bookkpr h 1065 Jef av 
n Peter N truckman h 1893 Bergen 
ii Richd pilot h 217 Tpkins av 
ii R H fish 1108 Bedford av h 406 Wilby 

ii Rudolph liquors 7th av c 58th 
ii Wm jeweler h 553 48th 
ii Wm liquors 308 Church Mbtn h 668 

Prospect pi 
ii Wm F liquors 190 West Mhtn h 1507 

8th av 
ii W F meat 1077 Fulton 
ii & Schmleder grocers 6804 New Utrecht 

Behrer Arnold willowware 275 Pearl Mhtn h 

106 Bainbridge 
ii Oath wid John h 409 6th av 
ii Clarence supplies 275 Pearl Mhtn h 106 

Behring John police h 304 Grove 

n Peter coal h 592 Vandt av 
Behringer Chas bookkpr b 323 Ralph 
ii Cbiis engraver h 5206 0th av 
ii Chas paluter h 1071 Wilby av 
n Edwd A belting supplies 82 Warren 

Mhtn h 1219 Dorchester rd 
ii Emil smith 45 Fulton Mhtn h 58 Jef 
ii Fanma wid b 201 Wilson 
ii John A realestate 1199 Fbush av h 736 

E 32il 
n Oscar painter h 1071 Wilby av 
Behrlscb Gabriel I lawyer 175 Remsen h 30 

Sidney pi 
Behrman Abraham tailor h 367 Vernon av 
ii Chas Ins 38 Park row Mhtn h 394 

ii Chas H salesman h 213 Etna 
ii Edwd C butter 257 Wasbn Mhtn h 134 

ii Emma wid Chas H h 197 Hooper 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone, 3004 Main. 


- i- A-l 

». u * 




Real Estate and Insurance m 7*;i 


Special attention paid 
to collection of rents 
and management 



ii Geo W butter 257 Washn Mhtn >h 208 
Lefferts pi 

ii Hy butter 257 Washn Mhtn b 453 Put- 
nam av 

ii John H milk 709 6th av 

ii Louis men's furgs 714 3d av 

ii Peter truckman h 109 Washn a? 

ii Saml W elk U 36 Varet 

n Wm E carrier h 2058 Fultou 
Behrmann Cbas notary b 213 Lewis av 

ii Cbas H grocer 451 Classon av b 211 
Gates av 

ii D H h E 89tb h Flatlands av 

ii Gustav plumber 644 Evergreen av b 1329 

n Harry fixtures 49 New Bowery Mhtn b 
203 Keap 

.1 Hy elk li 404 5th 

m H li(]iiors 3933 Fulton 

ii John grocer 154 7th av 

ii Justus elk h 451 Classon av 

ii Max pressman h 1582 E 14th 

ii Moses carpr h 263 Keap 

n Wm E grocer 22 Kocbr av 

ii Bros grocers 100 Snyder av 

ii & Honebein grocers 154 7th av 

ii & I.eniban plumbers 119 Weirfleld 
Behwoldt Frank salesman h 1280 Decatur 
Beichert John M mfr h 742A Laf av 
Beicklain Frank elk b 83 India 
Belderlinden Alfred machinist b 112 Ryerson 
Beidleman Hy H school 1202 Bedford av h 

907 St Johns pi 
Beier Arnold barber 158 Meeker av 
Beierlein August livery 240 26th 

n Geo painter 255 IHimrod 
Beifel Louis shoe mfr 545 Graham av 
Eeihl Cbas cooper b 512 Jerome 

.. Fredk C bookkpr h 2590 Atlantic av 

n Hy elk h 14 Decatur 

.1 Hy painter 371 Wythe av 

ii Peter R metalwkr h 22 Scbaeffer 

n Bros painters 371 Wythe av 
Beil Benj meat 2380 Pitkin av 

n Ernest E mer h 464 5th 

ii Geo rollermkr h 2S5 Himrod 

n Robt machinist h 29 Maujer 
Beilby Mary A h 1200 St Johns pi 

ii Wm salesman h 278 Cbauncey 
Belle Chas electrician h 101 Barbey 
Beilen Jos realestate h 1258 40th 
Keller frank carpr h 327 2d 
Heiley Aaren trimmings 74 Grand Mhtn h 

1225 42d 
Beilfuss Ernest furrier h 1422 Greene av 
Bellin David candy 49 Meserole 

n Louis designer b 1039 42d 
Beilman Hy grocer 325 Humbt 

n Jacob plasterer b 140 Woodbine 

H Jacob undertaker 286 Devoe 

ii John manager h 1403 Cortelyou rd 

ii Peter interpreter b 512 Argyle rd 

ii & Bushman plasterers 140 Woodbine 
Beilsteiu Christian lawyer 87 Fulton Mhtn h 
80 Woodbine 

n Fredk G pipe 490 Bwick av h 80 Wood- 

ii Fredk G & Co steamfitters 490 Bwlck 

.1 Philip meat 192 5th av 
Beim David tailor 110 .Montrose av 
Beimerson Jos tailor h 301 Hinsdale 
Helms Chas wheelwright 69 Kent h 187 Jef 

ii & Zehlein wagonmkrs 69 Kent 
Bein Abraham toys 324 Smith 

ii Wm nurse h 487 St Marks av 
Reiner John grocer 72 N 7th 
Beincrl Fredk manager 300 Fulton h 55 

n Geo D contractor 43 E 8th Mhtn h 6411 
15th av 
Beinfield Sarah dry gds 170 Irving av 
Beinhard Fredk carpr b 170 Scbaeffer 
Beinliart Afreln painter 717% Gates av 
Relnhauer Hy h 36 Rush 
Beinke Fred elk h 572 Warren 

n Wm F cigars 8818 5th av 
Belnlich Jos carpr 218 Marion 
Belrd Thos b 66 2d pi 
Beirleln Gustave carpr h 1519 Dean 
Belrman Hy dry gds h 157 Keap 
Belrne Frank E bookkpr h 499 Vandt av 

ii John janitor b 106 St Mark's pi 

ii John liquors 126 Bedford av 

.. John P lnsp h 463 45th 

ii John T h 777 Fbush av 


.. Thos elk h 777 Fbush av 
Belsel Cbas baker 1727 Nostrand av 
Geo painter h 41 Koscko 
John elk b 71 Palmetto 
Peter baker h 510 Hart 
Wllhelm undertaker 1919 Fulton 
Wm J barber 30 Pine Mhtn h 1413 
Bay Ridge av 
Beisele Jacob carpr h 298 Centl av 
Belser Chas C fixtures 34 Mhtn av h 8108 
13th av 
ii Ida W wid Chas h 8108 13th av 
Belsheim Geo elk h 548 53d 
Beislegel Jacob b 241 Covert 
Belsinger Dyonis tailor 8517 12th av b 1664 

Beisner Fredk produce 1008 Wallabout mkt 
b 99 Hall 
,, Hy produce 101 Wallabout mkt b 101 

ii H L delicatessen 923 Met av 
Beissel Geo A elk h 4 Lewis av 
ii Wm agt 338 Fulton h 31 Olive 
ii Wm J dentist 1004 Bway b 766 Bwlck 
Beiswanger Chas painter h 14 Lewis av 
ii Fredk elk b 33 S 1st 
ii Jacob h 28 Palmetto 
Beltchman A truckman 1841 Pitkin av 
Belter Albert elk h 1136A Herkimer 
Beitermann Alfred printer h 78 4tb av 
Belth Hy W shawls 476 Broome Mhtn b 327 
Grand av 
H Jas Jr stereotyper h 15 Richmond 
ii Josephine wid Jas B b 327 Grand av 
ii Thos coml trav b 407 2d 
Beker Thos watchmkr h 88 Hemlock 
Belanowsky Abraham realestate b 1395 East 

Belbinger John G bicycles 42 Albany av h 

154 Albany av 
Belcha Frank J glass 200 4th av b 342 

Atlantic av 
Beleham Robt J candy 66 4th av 
Belcher Edwd H K agt 64 Cliff Mhtn b 209 
Carlton av 
ii Edwd L rugs 2802 Fulton 
n E W b 46 Livingston 
ii John W realestate 402 56th 
it Saml E pianos 62 Uulversity pi Mhtn 

h 74 Van Buren 
ii Wm G laundry 70 High 
Belden Alfred G oils 145 Maiden la Mhtn h 
109 8th av 
ii Alfred G Jr oils 145 Maiden la Mhtn 

h 109 8th av 
ii Arthur G chemist h 96 Columbia brts 
H Frank M paper 302 Bway Mhtn b 272 

Clinton av 
n Hy J elk h 10 Regent pi 
n Herbert proofreader h 23 Mlddagh 
ii Jas M b 726 Monroe 
ii Jos carpr 17 Patchen av 
n Robt h 726 Monroe 

ii Robt laundry 19 Patchen av b 1111 
Laf av 
Beldln Wm elk h 453 55th 
Belding Harry elk h 208 Wasbn pk 

ii Otto C dry gds b 625 Lincoln pi 
Beldoch Beruard furniture 768 Park av 

n Hiram shoes 889 DeKalb av 
Belfer Chas J lawyer 367 Fulton h 103 
ii Julius S lawyer 367 Fulton 
■i Saml J realestate 367 Fulton 
ii & Flash bldrs 1361 St John's pi 
ii & Flash lawyers 367 Fulton 
Belflore Jos shoes 255 Reid av 
Belford Alfred C h 244 Gates ar 

n Cath wid Matthew b 154 Douglass 

n D J plumber h 323 Bond 

ii Edwd J plumber 323 Smith h 473 4th 

n Geo lnsp h 366 Pw>spect pi 

ii Jas A editor Bible House Mhtn b 248A 

ii Jas F machinist h 97 2d 
ii John L (Rev) h 495 Classon ay 
ii J Frank elk b 430 8th 
n Matthew A plumber 323 Smith h 298 

■i P & Son vans 65 Court 
ii Wm h 188 6th av 
ii Wm h 404 Onion 
ii Wm liquors 458 Sackett 
ii Wm H liquors 156 3d av 


STORES: 519 and 1416 Fulton Street 


847 Herkimer SU, Brooklyn; 115 Park Row, New York City, 

and 213 East a tli Street, New York City 

Charlotte Russe 
and Fancy Cakes 
used by countless 
millions. Try them 

TtlepboiM at til MtanM 

m CO 

5 CD 




o z S 

z o 5 

" =« S 

w 2 v> 

o m > 


i 3 



UPIN6T0N'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Strait, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 

• H 

s • 

C en 


<o -2 

> cu 

< = 


J2 S 

3 Ji 


J2 O 


* 3 



m oo 

o o 













.i Win J truckman 81 Wyckofl! & 65 Court 

h 27 Wyckofl 
ii W printer h 463 6th av 
ii Bros plumbers 323 Smith & 774 Fbush 
Belfry Ira E drugs 864 Bway 
Belgard Benj musician h 210 Lee av 
ii Geo h 422 Clinton 
M Jacob livery h 173 1-2 Lee av 
ii Rebecca wld Abraham h 899 Jef av 
ii Rosa wid Abraham li 260 Rutledge 
Belger Eugene toys h 282 Hlmrod 
Belgium Mirror Works 17 McKlbbin 
Bel grin C T elk h 1098 FbuBh av 
Belbold Jos baker 65 Irving av 
Bellanofe Saml roofer 88 Debevoise 
Belice Antonio barber 108 Norman av 
Beliner Abraham cloaks h 358 Jerome 
Bellnky Max bldr h 117 Kent 
Belinsky Ida A bedding 934 Mhtn av 
Belltz Anna wid August h 239 Dean 
Belizas E restaurant 225 Havemeyer h 398 

S 5th 
Belke Chas realestate 132 Nassau Mhtn 1> 

250 Ralph 
Belknap A A stationery h 1149 Ocean av 
ii Byron C attendant h 450 J>ean 
ii Chas A inventor 310 Bway Mhtn h 827 

ii Chas H prest 249 Wilby h 1717 H 18th 
ii B S McSherry & Moran Co putty 5 

Alnslle & 286 Monroe Mhtn 
ii Willard W elk h 1650 41st 
Bell Albert physician h 6th c 7th av 
n Albert E h 332 Laf av 
ii Albert L elk h 125 6th av 
ii Alfred physician h 37 Linden 
ii Andw W cigars 83 Murray Mhtn h 423 

n Anna wid Chas h 465 Herkimer 
ii Auneli B h 1532 Bedford av 
ii Arc Light Co (inc) 340 Bway 
ii A N physician h 337 Clinton 
ii Benj salesman h 90 Howard av 
ii Benj H electrician 808 1-2 Nostrand av 

h 995 St Johns pi 
ii Cath M wld Chas B h 284 Etna 
n Chas paper cutter h 115 Franklin av 
ii Chas D elk h 26 Monroe 
n Cbas E coal 350 Fulton h Bedford av c 

ii Chas S bookkpr h 53 Fort Greene pi 
■i Clarence bookkpr h 108 Albany av 
ii Cornelia wld John h 112 Java 
n Edgar J salesman h 153 Waverly av 
,i Edmund R h 995 St John's pi 
n Edwd elk h 735 Macon 
ii Bdwd court officer h 137 Atlantic av 
n Edwd fireman h 230 93d 
ii Edwd realestate 90 King 
ii Edwd B bookkpr h 865 St John's pi 
ii Bdwd H steward h 96 Pineapple 
ii Bdwd W lawyer 26 Cortlandt Mhtn b 

160 Centl av 
ii Edwin h 47 Koscko 
I. Elizabeth wld h 28© Koscko 
n Ernest salesman h 331 Roebllng 
ii Evelyn wid Chas h 38 Irving pi 
ii Fireprooflng Co 539 Kent av 
n Francis waters 319 97th h 9214 3d av 
ii Frank elk h 112 Java 
ii Frank glider h 38 Irving pi 
ii Frank grocer h 116 Utica av 
ii Frank salesman h 398 Shepherd av 
ii Frank P surveyor 76 William Mhtn h 

114 Madison 
ii Garrett lnsp h 608 2d 
ii Geo bookkpr h 108 Albany av 
ii Geo elk h 115 Chestnut 
ii Geo engineer h 181 Carlton av 
,i Geo mfr 49 S 9th h 771 E 18th 
ii Geo powder 223 Livingston 
ii Geo H draughtsman h 1301 Park pi 
ii Geo S salesman h 464 Miller av 
n Geo V compositor h 311 Albany av 
.. Geo W bookkpr h 324 5th 
ii Geo W broker h 784 Bwick av 
•i Geo W salesman h 277 Halsey 
ii Harry W fireprooflng 539 Kent av h 26 

Edgecombe av Mhtn 
ii Hy electrician h 209 Covert 
ii Hy machinist h 80 4th av 
ii Hv painter h 47 Koscko 
i. Hv E physician 859 Sterling pi 
ii Herbert G h 577 E 8tb 
n Howard J bookkpr b 36 Cooper 
ii Jas h 681 Greene av 


ii Jas lusp h 294 Sumpter 

ii Jas salesman h 2033 Bast Ptway 

ii Jas A liquors 109 Concord 

ii Jas C teacher h 1032 Sterling pi 

•i Jas I> corporation counsel Borough Hall 

h 91 Rugby rd 
ii Jas G realestate h 340% Decatur 
n, Jas H elk h 827 Bwick av 
ii Jas P barber 156 Montauk av h 50 

Montauk av 
ii Jas V elk h 324 5th 

n> John broker 206 Bway Mhtn h 803 Glen- 
more av 
ii John elk h 268 Bergen 
ii John elk h 324 Greene av 
ii John insp h 1004 Bedford av 
ii John plasterer h 460 Ralph av 
ii John A colormixer h 208 42d 
ii John D elk h 108 Albany av 
ii John D leather h 137 S 9th 
ii John H manager 100 Maiden la Mhtn 

h 884 Sterling pi 
ii John W salesman h 244 Eldert 
ii Jos M realestate 16 Court h 190 Scher- 

ii J Snowden lawyer 165 Bway Mhtn h 390 

ii Louis drugs 403 Myrtle av 
ii Mary E wld Thos C h 274 7th 
ii Mary E wid Walter h 679 Qulney 
ii Merritt G salesman h 884 Sterling pi 
n Max signs 13 Cook 
■i Nelson H machinist h 368 14th 
ii Oscar teacher h 90 Howard av 
ii Otis D buyer h 174 Lefferts av 
ii Patrick J carpr h 803 Glennaore av 
ii Paul u s n h 3818 Fort Hamilton Pkway 
ii Peter h 86 Hancock 
ii Robt G h 234 Essex 
ii Robt J elk h 1340 Jef av 
ii Robt J physician h 304 Warren 
ii Robt V h 1231 41st 
■■ Robt W ins 100 William Mhtn h 228 

N Y av 
ii Rosalie physician h 504 4th 
n Rudolph F bldr 44 Court h 342 E 32d 
■i Saml elk h 348 41st 
n Sarah wld Danl W h 1097 Bedford av 
ii Stanley J baker 314 Hicks 
n Thos opr h 216 6th av 
ii Thos (Rev) h 551 Decatur 
n Walter L vet surg 520 Bergen h 174 

St James pi 
ii Walter W engineer h 509 Chauncey 
ii Watson H instructor h 96 Moffat 
ii Wm h 428 43d 
n Wm agt h 557 45th 
ii Wm elk h 1399 Madison 
ii Wm engineer h 473 9th 
ii Wm machinist h 307 10th 
ii Wm steward h 3818 Fort Hamilton 

ii Wm Jr carp h 265 93d 
ii Wm A salesman h 803 Beverley rd 
ii Wm O engineer h 413 11th 
ii Wm H carrier h 432 50th 
ti Wm J bookkpr h 904 Union 
■■ Wm J bldr 9214 3d av 
ii Wm J elk h 159 Carroll 
ii Wm J elk h 208 42d 
ii Wm J painter h 67 Koscko 
ii Wm S bookkpr h 884 Sterling pi 
ii Wm T cashier h 580 DeKalb av 
ii Wm & Sons carprs 3d av c 93d 
ii Bros fish 389 6 th av 
ii Fishbein Co restaurant 60 Washn 
Bell-Wort Mfg Co 223 Livingston 
Bellaflore F & Bro marble 62 Montrose av 
Bellalre Chas planomkr h 143 Palmetto 
Bellamy Donald L salesman h 639 Sterling pi 
ii Ella wid John h 396 1st 
ii Fredk P lawyer 204 Montague h 260 

ii Rlchd milk h 725 Prospect pi 
ii Robt tea h 2026 Bergen 
it Thos H bookkpr h 2224 Beverley rd 
ii Wm aeet 1776 E 12th 
ii Wm agt h 178 Prospect pk W 
Bellattv Louis L manager h 133 Clinton 
Belle Terre Estates (Inc) 209 Montague 
Beller Benj grocer 351 E 138th Mhtn h 848 

Rkwny av 
ii Bennett stationer 717 Nostrand av h 756 

Nostrand av 
ii Chas F elk h 892 Jet av 
ii Harrv machines 37 Graham av h 115 



si CM 

CO 00 

* CO 



r o 
> c 

Z H 
H I 


H < " 

• m 

• zr 

« c > 

% PI z 

? o 


E c 


C H 

n a 




a « 



Bedford Riding Academy 

Cor. Bedford and Atlantic Avenues 

Bedford BRO0KXYU, H. T. 

Telephone Call. 4 *§ 

George H. Willers, Proprietor 


Prospect Park Branch 
Cor. Flatbush and Ocean Avenues 

TELEPHONE '^^tbush 


&atberwoo6 s ??f": Bu ' r ' 

8 South William St., 

PHrLADEI^HIA. ^ ^ ^ fJ y 



"* 2 J ^ 

CD n (a S 

2= * S » 

x " OS ** 







n Isldor suits 11 W 20th Mhtn h 102 

ii Israel cabinetmkr 276 Otb av Mhtn h 117 

ii Max dyer 19 Myrtle ay h 22 Myrtle av 

n Mlchl tailor li 138 Maujer 

ii M stationer 717 Nostrand av 

ii M tailor 351 5th ay h 332 5th 

ii P engraver h 117 Hart 

ii Ralph h 117 Freeman 

ii Bros stationers 717 Nostrand av 
Bellerjeau W V elec eng h 495 Washn av 
Bellevue Chemical Oo (ine) 359 Jay 
Bellew Jas attendance officer h 190 Nos- 
trand av 

i, Jas police h 882 Pacific 

.. "Win F cotton h 282 B 9th 
Bellick Robt h 906 DeKalb av 
Bellin Freda candy 359 Mhtn av 
Belling Frank A liquors G84 3d av 
Bellinger Hy M lawyer 105 Bway Mhtn h 
1676 Ocean av 

.. Ily M jr h 1676 Ocean av 

n Herbert J carpr h 1276 Herkimer 

ii Melvin E drugs 688 Halsey h 34 Or- 
mond pi 

I. Reinhold shademkr b 631 Baltic 

ii Wm piano mover 631 Baltic 
Bellington Geo produce h 514 Bergen 

n John bookbinder 655 Atlantic av 
Bellinzoni .Siome goldplater b 400% 13th 
Bellion Wm machinist h 158 Monitor 
Bellls John R stationer 18 Bway Mhtn h 163 
Linden av 

n Wm elk h 544 Tbroop av 
Bellman Frances grocer 466 Bergen 

n Fredk pocketbooks b 191 Schaeffer 

ii Fredk printer h 115 Essex 

n Herman baker h 179 Ridgewood av 

ii Jacob coats 112 Stanton Mhtn h 246 S 

ii Nicholas meat 373 Van Brunt 
Bellmer CbaB liquors Graham av c Bway 

ii Chas H grocer 7134 5tb av b 479 72d 

n Company liquors 727 Bway 

.i Edwd F vice-prest 50 W Bway Mhtn 
b 346 49th 

ii Geo grocer h 621 Oviugton av 

ii Hy grocer 3286 Fulton 

ii Herman grocer 1808 Gravesend av 

ii John liquors 727 Bway h 1118 Madison 

n John electrician 03 Park row Mhtn 
h 17th av c Bath av 

ii Pauline wid John G h 360 60th 
Bellmore Villa Site Development Co 44 

Bello Vito tailor 1009 Nostrand av 
Bellaff Conrad meat h 28 Weirfleld 
Bellois Chas piano tuner b 752 Marcy av 

ii Fredk W grocer 753 Marcy av h 367 
Lex av 
Bellows Arthur foreman h 251 Rutledge 

.. Arthur C h 56 Lefferts pi 

ii Arthur C wines 50 Broad Mhtn h 112 
Bay 28th 

ii Chas wines 52 New Mhtn h 30 Pierre- 
pont ' 

ii Chas H ins 29 Liberty Mhtn h 1103 
Lincoln pi 

ii Chas M physician 433 Nostrand av h 
149 Hancock 

n Chas R lawyer 52 New Mhtn h 30 

n Edwd elk h 299 13th 

ii Edwd P salesman h 393 4th 

ii Frank H elk h 561 Madison 

ii Grace E music h 289 Putnam av 

ii Hattie A wid Hy S h 313 Halsey 

n John machinist h 253 Emerson pi 

ii J Chester ins h 56 Pierrepont 

ii Wayne R b 541 E 26th 
Bellringer Herbert advertising 42 Union sq 

Mhtn h 8008 13th av 
Bellsmith Harold S photos 830 Fbush av 
Bellucci Frank fruits 326 Wasbn Mhtn h 
337 Bay Ridge av 

ii Geo painter h 743 Bedford av 

ii Petro broker 86 Havemeyer 

M Vincent liquors 814 Kent av 
Bellvin Edwd elk h 217 DeKalb av 
Bellwidt Louise wid Wm h 429 42d 

ii Maria L wid Wm h 662 54th 
Bellworthy Wm elk h 233 Adelphl 
Belmar Israel meat 65 Varet 
Belmont Fish Market 5317 5th av 

n Handkerchief Co 145 Belmont av 

ii John sboemkr 118 S 4th 

n Pharmacy (inc) 287 6th av 

ii Stable Supply Co 233 37th 


Belmonth John pilot h 420 2d 

Belmore Bruce W lawyer 1246 Grand h 

Hewletts L I 
Belmuth Nathan W fixtures 49 Elizabeth 

Mhtn h 1408 Pitkin av 
Belof David candy 924A Fulton 
Beloff Ben;) feed 436 Ilk way av 
Belopolsky Isaac paper 146 Meserole h 416 

New Lots rd 
Belovsky Morris grocer 312 Bwlck av 
Below Fredk h Ocean Pkway c Neptune av 
Bels Jacob sec 118 Maiden la Mhtn h 136 
Prospect pi 

ii Saml collector h 19 Sterling pi 
Belsito D h 2 Union pi 

i. F G h 2627 Bedford av 

ii Wine & Liquor Co 534 Carroll 
Belsky Barbara wid Wm h 316 S 4th 

n Jacob glass 418 Bway 

ii Max horseshoer 140 McKlbbin 

n Morris painter 40 Sumner av 
Belter John H salesman h 557 Decatur 
Belth Rudolph frames 22 W 4th Mhtn h 1121 

Belton Amelia wid Thos h 106 Macon 

ii Andw J supt h 199 Fenimore 

„ Geo A elk h 1548 71st 

ii Jas tester h 996 Putnam av 

ii Jessie R wid Thos K h 191 Garfield pi 

ii John broker h 253 Harrison 

ii John foreman h 94 Clinton av 
Belts Leonard J engineer h 7 Cranberry 
Beltz Harry A cigars 416 Bway Mhtn b. 183 

Woodruff av 
Beltzer Margt wid Chas h 311 Harman 
Belush Michl lithographer h 11 Vermont 
Belvedere Market 288 5th av 
Belvidere Cafe & Restaurant 879 Bway 
Belvin Edwd fish 504 Evergreen av 

n Edwd fish 341 7th av h 470 11th 

n Hy mfr h 470 11th 

ii Jos mfr 412 11th 

ii Julius fish 97% 3d av h 470 11th 

n Bros fish 97y 3 3d av 
Belyea Truman S elk h 1357 75th 
Belz Cill liquors 202 Mhtn av 

ii F & Co roofing 270 Knickr av 

ii Roland mason h 121 St Nicholas av 
Belzer Geo reporter h 175 Elton 

ii Geo O elk h 741 McDonougb 
Bemark Bennie salesman h 658 Warren 
Bemis Geo M h 530 E 9«h 
Bemiioh Louis cigars 153 Degraw 
Ben Franklin Fire Ins Co 148 Montague & 
12 Court 

n Franklin Press printers 286 Classon av 
Benas Adolph baker h 155 Howard av 

n Benj bldr h 627 Greene av 

ii Ernest B plumber 4 McDonough h 1141 
Benatar Harry drugs 215 Ridgewood av h 

127 Hale av 
Benavitz Philip findings 442 Atlantic av 
Benhicksen Christian boat eapt h 434 44th 
Benbrook Jas P elec eng h 495 Washn av 
Bence John fo 240 Howard av 
Bench Abram I rlnsmith 469 Ohauncey 
Benohin Adolph manager 836 Bway h 828 

Park av 
Bencl Philip dry gds 215 Union av 
Bend Fredk elk h 4013 3d av 
Bendall Clarence machinist h 117 Jerome 

ii Robt A manager 550 W 38th Mhtn h 
1001 Dordhester rd 

n Walter H advertising 150 Nassau Mhtn 
h 1001 Dorchester rd 

ii Wm printer h 210 Hale av 
Bendeke Andw 3 candy 148 Union av h 472 

Bendel Christian liquors 222 Wyekoff av 
Bendelari Geo editor 170 Nassau Mhtn h 
191 Sterling pi 

ii Hamilton V h 354 Ocean av 

ii J Potter cigars h 191 Sterling pi 
Bender Abraham L lithographer 25 3d av 
Mhtn h 2816 Canarsie la 

ii Ben] H cigars 787 Grand 

n Bernhard meat 34 Herbert 

ii Chas carrlagebldr 187 Pacific h 168 Pa- 

n Ohas machines 356 Grand h 141 Keap 

ii Chas D examiner h 463 Wythe av 

ii Chas P steamfltter h 2915 Newkirk av 

ii Clarence S agt h 1402 Pacific 

i, Cork Co 20th c 2d av 

ii Cyrlacus teacher h 900 "Wilby av 

ii Edwd lawyer 190 Montague h 135 Mc- 


Brooklyn Elite Directory, 



p < 
5 2 

O 2 




=3 SO 

w 2 *^ 
o m > 

o —\ 
*■ CO 

— 30 

517 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 Hals. 



UPiNGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 

x 2 

w « 

H- O 

5 I £ 

I * o 

>: d 



ii Erwin engineer h 302 Lincoln rd 

ii Frank elk h 2708 Av G 

ii Frank engraver 6G Beekman Mhtn t 496 

M Fred engineer h 1423 Prospect pi 

.1 Fredk G harnessmkr h 21 Cornelia 

ii F H h 206 Norwood av 

.1 Geo ih 538 Slat 

ii Geo bookkpr h S50 Hart 

ii Geo letter carrier h 139 Milford 

ii Geo machinist h 236 Franklin av 

.1 Geo machinist S7 Frankfort Mhtu h 595 

ii Geo manager h 759 Halsey 

ii Geo police h 247 Hart 

ii Geo F elk h 150 E 23d 

n Hy grocer 325 Prospect av 

H Hy truckman h 162 Harman 

ii Hy weaver f 234 Moffat 

•i Herman cutter h 15S4 St Mark's av 

ii Herman P physician h 683 Bwick av 

ii H P h ,1486 Union 

ii Jacob carpr h 1425 Prospect pi 

ii Jacob leather gds h 287 7th 

ii Jas T plumber 138 E 56th Mhtn u 469 
Liberty av 

ii Jean D h 38 Stratford rd 

ii John agt h 76 Jef 

" John cabinetmkr h 515 E 28th 

ii John furrier h 284 S 4th 

.1 John liquors Bedford av c N 6th b 87 
N 7 Hi 

ii John marble 242 Java 

ii John G salesman h 212 Van Sicklen av 

■i John J (Rev) h 26 Olive 

ii Jos cutter h 644 Hart 

■ I Jos hats 437 Grand 

ii Justus steamfltter h 2147 Beverly rd 

n Louis meat 188 Calyer h 709 Leonard 

n Louis meat 162 Guernsey 

ii Louis plumber 246 Hamburg av 

ii Louis R meat h 759 Halsey 

ii Mary wid John H h 343 Balnbridge 

.. Max tailor h 307 Bradford 

ii .Morris horses 196 Dnion av h 321 
Marcy av 

,i Motor Car Co 658 Bergen 

m Ophelia A wid Fredk W b 10 Mon- 
roe pi 

n Otto plumber 288 Centl av 

■■ Peter h 2708 Av G 

„ Philip shoes 245 Grand h 591 Bedford 

ii Richd D broker 277 Bway Mhtn b 
591 Bedford av 

ii Robt baker h 235 Palmetto 

i< Rudolph sec 87 Frankfort Mhtn b 535 

n Rudolph police h 28 Norwood av 

.1 Saml elk h 6006 4th av 

n Sebastian h 4609 Fort Hamilton Pk- 

ii Simon horses 196 Union av h 223 Penn 

ii Solomon salesman h 291 Stuyt av 

ii S & M horses 196 Union av 

■I Thos wheelwright 602 DeKalb av b 42 

.1 Thos P iron 553 40th 

ii Wm shirtmkr h 18 Stewart 

i, Wm G meat h 581 Franklin av 
Pendernagel Jas F prest 106 S 3d h 89% 
Division av 

n Jas F jr dentist 34 Putnam av 
Benderoth Adam grocer 583 Glenmore av b 

599 Glenmore av 
IWndersky Max fruit 375 Centl av 
Bendert Plus elk h 1003 Decatur 
Hendbam C elk h 148 Fulton 
liendhelm Saml L meat 217 7th av h 384A 

Bendlcke Kathlnka nurse h 4802 4th av 
Bendickson Alfred carpr h 238 49th 

ii Andw blacksmith h 285 14th 
Bendlg R C collector h 358 56th 
Bendin Bortolo grocer 435 Marcy av 
B-ndinger August manager h 373 Putnam av 
Bendlt Harold G salesman h 362 Chauneey 

n Jacob horses h 827 Putnam av 
Bendlx Harry H elk h 1646 49th 

ii Hy framer h 1267 56th 
Bendixen Bernhardt S grocer 538 Clinton 

ii B Christie grocer h 199 33d 

ii B S & Son grocers 538 Clinton 
R.-ndler Chas painter h 187 Pacific 
Bendzcn Christian steamfltter h 114 55th 
Bine Chas W supt h 252 77th 

.. John chemist 041 Dean h 158 St Marks 


ii John plumber h 103 Hanson pi 
Beneckson Louis stationery 181 Graham av 
Benedetti Victor grocer 1271 Fulton 
Benedetto Carlo liquors Leffelts av n Canar- 

sle rd 
ii Jas dry gils 523 Mldwood 
Benedict Abner A realestate h 1707 Ocean av 
ii Andw C ins 215 Montague h 320 W 76th 

ii Benj (Rev), h 144 Halsey 
ii B Lincoln U S comr Washn c Johnson 

h 143 Henry 
ii Chas E adjuster 35 Nassau Mhtn h 256 

ii Chas F salesman h 1060 56th 
ii Chas H elk h 1282 Decatur 
n Chas S proofreader h 1446 Bedford av 
ii Clarence C stenographer h 431 Jef av 
ii David W elk h 1419 58th 
ii Edwd G lawyer 79 Wall Mhtn b 53 

n Edwd S ins 30 Court h 285 Lefferts 

H Edwd S printer h 822 Marcy av 
n Erastus D lawyer 16 Court b 503 East 

N Y av 
ii Frank plumber h 121 Schaeffer 
i, Fredk S architect 156 5th av Mhtn h 

1808 Beverley rd 
ii Harold proofreader h 4718 6th av 
ii Jas A glusscutter h 1321 Greene av 
ii Jas H cashier 180 Remsen h 41 Cam- 
bridge pi 
ii Jas T printer h 62 Chestnut 
ii John mfr b 7 Post row Coney Island 

ii John E elk h 514 MeDonough 
ii John G electrician 905 Jef av 
ii John R salesman h 1060 56th 
ii J Frank h 991 St Johns pi 
ii J Howard realestate 215 Montague h 

162 Underhill av 
ii Legrand agt 140 Nassau Mhtn h 128 

ii Louis C h 43 Monroe pi 
n Louis LeG lawyer 53 Wall Mhtn h 

Union League Club 
ii Lydia h 296 Washn av 
ii Russell lawyer 18 Wall Mhtn b 104 

E 16th 
ii Seelye ins 215 Montague h 1 W 70th 

ii Thos H hardware 99 John Mhtn h 162 

Reid av 
n Walter S ins 215 Montague h 75 Colum- 
bia hgts 
n Wm A salesman h 251 Lex av 
u Wm M lawyer 189 Montague h Rock- 

vllle Centre L I 
ii W deL h 282 Vandt av 


Broadway Manhattan 

',, & Benedict ins 215 Montague & Liberty 
e Nassau Mhtu 
Benedlk Michl liquors 82 Coml 
Benedum Chas J engraver 150 Nassau Mhtn 

h 215 Hawthorne 
Bene'^e Chas H h 1143 Bwick av 

ii Fredk foreman h 206 Kent 

ii Geo J hardware 195 Nassau av 
Benello Alfonse h 1781 East Pkway 
Benena Fredk grocer 2365 Atlantic av 
Benenson Jacob carpr h 517 N J av 
Benert Geo elk h 310 Grove 
Benerman Frank O salesman h 740 Decatur 
Benesch Anthony engineer h 823 39th 

ii A B n 1270 84th 
Benevento Chas cigars 7 Prest 

ii & Martorelli liquors 2825 W 16th 

ii & Massa undertakers 140 Van Brunt 
Beneville Geo F sec 359 J;iy b 378 1st av 

,. Roland E chemist 359 Jay h 5615 13th 
Benevy Adolph lawyer 850 Bway 
Benflcld Emma grocer 457 53d 

ii Frank butter 463 Court h 173 S Elliott 
Bengal Nathan tailor h 1859 Park pi 
Bengel Rose wid John h 369 48th 
Benger Ernest prest 119 4th av Mhtn h 480 

ii Geo glusscutter h 605 Hurt 
Benges Christian W elk h 198 7th av 
Bengey Wm mechanic li 13" Wilby 
Ber.gtson Gustave carpi- h 1529 oath 



Expert Testing and Repairing 

391 IS/lyi-fclo Ave. 







m ' 




-n — 

o 8 

Z 3* 




mm 0&& 





* o 



317 Washington Si 


tkmcphonk 30O4 nnm 

s « 

Q c 



«o J 








Benham Carl S salesman h 72 Howard av 

ii Bdwd S manager h 332 Chauncey 

n Eugene P draughtsman 21 Park row 
Mhtn h 1784 Bklyn ay 

ii Geo D architect h 636 Halsey 

ii Hy T> salesman h 56 S 8th 

,. J A h 327 E 32d 

m Rlchd K b 55 Monroe 

ii Robt E elk b 653 Halsey 
Benhard Jacobson buyer h 588 East Pkway 

n Louis h 263 Court 
Benle John plumber h 95 Clermont av 
Benigsohn Benj wines 61 Atlantic av 

ii David liquors 15 Union h 175 Carroll 

n & Levine clothing 500A 6th ay 
Benike Chrisr plumber h 186 Sumpter 
Benlsch Ohas J monunents 895 Jamaica av 

ii Gustave monuments 838 Jamaica av 

.i Mark O instructor h 487 Koscko 

ii Bros monuments 838 Jamaica av 
Benito Jose cigarmfr 318 7th av 
Benitt Peter grocer 437 Glenmore av 
Benjamin Aaron h 1775 Pitkin av 

.i Aaron lawver 61 Park row Mhtn b 151 
Tbatford av 

ii Abraham grocer 51 Moore 

n Abraham E elk b 293 Floyd 

H Assar diamond polisher h 5306 7th av 

,i A & Co coats 31 and 193 Bway 

.. Benj h 260 Pulaski 

,. Benj bottler 651 Bergen h 225 Prospect 

.. Benj liquors h 87 Moffat 

ii Chas E h 748 Carroll 

ii Chas H pilot h 220 Madison 

ii David rectifier 302 Cooper i 183 Cooper 

■i Edwd A ins 309 Bway Mhtn b 8828 22d 

ii Predk salesman h 352 S 4th 

ii Harris carpr 25 Seigel 

ii Harry cutter h 336 14th 

M Ilarrv novelties 4714 5th av 

ii Hy plumber h 1430 St Mark's av 

.. Herman salesman h 194 S 2d 

n Jacob furrier 41 Bleecker Mhtn h 1914 

•i Jas II (estate of) drugs 2059 Fulton 

ii John elk h 110 Chauncey 

ii Jos bottler 651 Bergen h 357 50th 

., Jos realestate 308 Cooper h 183 Cooper 

n Louis music 117 Fbush av 

,• Max cigarmkr h 404 E 29th 

ii Morris wine 2137 Pitkin av 

■i M J h 118 McDonougb 

ii Peter barber 410 Grand h 429 Grand 

ii Robt artist h 457 Bedford av 

■i Robt treasr 380 Throqp av h 388 Koscko 

.1 Simeon cigarmfr h 358 State 

ii Solomon cigars 45S 5th av h 378 11th 

.1 S T drugs 2059 Fulton 

ii Tbos machinery 32 Howard Mhtn h 152 

H Tbos R cigars h 1851 Sterling pl 

n Walter G realestate h 1297 St John's pl 

.. Win. F treasr 182 Laf Mhtn h 659 Car- 

ii Bros brewers 1117 Washn av 
Benjamins A J h 4805 4th av 

ii Jos J polisher h 759 Putnam ay 
Benjaminson David optician h 259 Hart 
Benjes Dederick candy 509% Myrtle av 

„ Wm bldr 86 1st av Mhtn h Elm av c 
Liberty 31st Ward 
Benk Albert janitor h 529 56th 
Benken Fredk birch beer 8 Monitor 

ii John D grocer 573 Lorlmer 
Benkler Wm F police h 147 Chauncey 
Benleser E J & Son truckmen 359 Hudson av 
Benn Alfred patternmkr h 1757 72d 

„ Carl auditor 120 Bway Mhtn h 797 

n Geo E boat capt h 619 58th 

ii Wesley B cashier h 45 Jef av 
Bennan Saml h 1557 East Pkway 
Bennanno Guilio Interpreter h 262 86th 
Benne Wm produce 332 East av Wallabont 
mkt h 208 Franklin av 

ii Wm jr com mer 1021 Wallabont mkt 
h 208 Franklin av 
BenDoche Christian A supt 60 Pine Mhtn h 
1556 55th 

ii Thornwald A engineer h 290 14th 
Benner August cigars h 20 Maujer 

„ Oath wid John h 289 S 5th 

ii Frank M stalrbldr h 1487 Greene av 

ii Frank W musical Insts 320 Graham av 

ii Hy elk h 377 5th 


ii Herman produce 127 West av Walla- 
bout mkt h 130 Washn av 
n John F realestate 156 Bway Mhtn h 

794 E 18th 
ii M B nurse h 14 Hancock 
ii Rudolph elk h 322 Graham av 
ii Rudolph linotype h 1552 Greene av 
Benners Annie wid Arnold h 1456 Bedford 

Bennertz Carl surgl insts h 764 Glenmore 

Bennet Asa E h 238 S 2d 
ii A Graham produce 871 Washn Mhtn 

h 417 79th 
ii David S laces 9 E 35th Mhtn h 140 Mc- 
ii Fredk W livery 280 Sackett h 289 

ii Geo engraver h 248 Woodbine 
ii Geo B electrician h 465 Prospect av 
i, Harry b 58 S 9th 
ii Hy B agt h 907 St Johns pl 
ii John A realestate 892 Ocean Pkway 
ii John A undertaker 295 Fbush av h 196 

Park pl 
ii Jos E supt 1780 Shore rd h 543 Mon- 
ii J Edwd lawyer 150 Nassau Mhtn h 

431 56th 
•i L Demson elk h 842 Fulton 
ii Robt weigher h 37 Dnderhlll av 
ii Wm hay 76 Bwick av 
Bennett Alfred electrician h 188 Bergen 

ii Clarence bookkpr h 1126 38th 
Bennett Adolph salesman b 847A Monroe 
ii Albert banker h 577 7th 
ii Albert fireman h 94 3d 
ii Albert E manager h 294 RIdgewood av 
,i Alfred elk h 217 Middleton 
ii Alfred coal h 570 Vandt av 
ii Alfred A dry gds 1429 Myrtle av h 294 

ii Alfred D sec h 60 Shepherd av 
ii Alfred H bookbinder h 1427 40th 
n Alfred J manager 504 Fulton h 696 

Franklin av 
n Alfred T realestate h 696 Franklin av 
ii Alfred W ins h 233 17th 
ii Alice physician h 127 Milton 
ii Allen K elk h 114 Ridgewood av 
ii Andw engineer h 131 Harrison 
ii Andw tailor h 31 Somers 
njf Andw F boxmkr h 856 Bedford av 
ii Anna wid Geo J h 2328 Bedford av 
ii Anna C wid Hy b 943 Gates av 
ii Annie wid Oliver b 193 Skillman 
ii Annie wid Wm h 8744 19th av 
ii Anthony D hair gds 112 University pl 

Mhtn h 212 Lewis av 
ii Archibald G horsesboer 701 Prospect pl 

h 607 St Marks av 
ii Arthur V acet h 30 Sidney pl 
ii Arthur W broker 37 Wall Mhtn h 262 

ii Augustas (miner h 1325 St Mark's av 
n Augustus manager h 259 Putnam av 
n A h 149 Berkeley pl 
ii A R h 642 2d 
,i A W h 461 7th 
ii Benj h Conklin av n E 93d 
ii Bernard realeBtate h 565 64th 
ii Bernard tobacco h 362 Laf av 
ii Bernard F police h 184 Prospect 29tb 

n Bernard L bldr h 225 Ryersou 
ii Chas h 977 Bedford av 
ii Chas elk h 175 Gold 
n Chas contractor 376 Lefferts av 
ii Chas electrician h 184 Dufflcld 
n Chas embalmer h 871 Fbush av 
ii Chas engineer h 740 4th av 
ii Chas realestate 5th av c 9th h 565 54th 
ii Chas salesman h 155 Howard av 
n Cbas see 299 Bway Mhtn h 183 Gar- 
field pl 
n Chas teacher b 257 Grand av 
■i Chas O h 336 80th 
ii Chas E fireman h 9 Lenox rd 
ii Ohas F B h 504 Monroe 
ii Chas G lawyer 99 Nassau Mhtn h 10'J ■> 

Gates av 
ii Chas H bookkpr h 120 Kingston av 
n Chauncey M lawyer 426 W 58th Mhtn 

h 844 Putnam av 
ii Chrisr broker h 161 N 5th 
•i Chrisr insp h 375 13th 
.1 Chrisr milk h 1142 40th 
ii Clara dressnikr h 2252 Bedford av 


Individual Instruction with a GUARANTEE of a Position to each graduate. Open Entire 
Year. Early Night School (take Auy 2 hours) from 6 to 9 o'clock. 

Start at once. Send for Catalogue. Regents and College Preparation. 

154 NASSAU STREET, NEW YORK n ™b u ^™&^ 



-< CO 

























> 1 

— 30 












< UJ 


£ 2 















!• Clarence E h 135 96th 

ii Clifford elk h 136 Woodbine 

ii Clinton A elk h 435 80th 

ii Cornelius H elk h 247 Etna 

.. C C milk 324 56th 

ii David pocketbookmkr h 643 58th 

n David C bldr h 416 79th 

.1 David C Jr lawyer 49 Wall Mhtn h 

416 79th 

n D W lee h- Mill rd n Av N 

ii Earl J lawyer 215 Montague h Rock- 

ville Centre L I 

.. Edgar L bookkpr h 1658 71st 

ii Edwd h 1609 E 22d 

ii Edwd elk h 134 Concord 

.1 Edwd plumber 2220 Fulton 

ii Edwd realestate 16 Court 

n Edwd C physician h 475 75th 

ii Edwd G salesman h 267 Martense 

ii Edwd R h 379 Webster av 

n Edwin B salesman h 150 Rutland rd 

n El beit A tieasr 1 Bway Mhtn u 577 7th 

n Ell G wire mfr 44 Cliff .Mhtn h 183 Gar- 

fleld pi 

.1 Elizabeth G florist 794 Fbush av h 436 

Clarkson av 

M Ellen wld Lawrence h 1041 Bedford av 

ii Ellen wld Michl h 156 St John's pi 

.1 Ellsworth E prest 302 Bway Mhtn h 

533 8th 

.. Elmer E carpr 133 Cedar Mhtn h 41 


n Emeline wld Tbos h 201 Wilson 

ii Emma P wld Geo H h 496 Chauncey 

n Ernest H manager 24 Park pi Mhtn h 

84th n 11th av 

ii Eugene ins 4 Court sq h 528 8th 

ii Eugene L elk h 737 Carroll 

ii Ezra W ins 71 Bway Mhtn h 594 Halsey 

n E Howard manager 31 Nassau Mhtn h 

707 Vandt av 

ii Francis E h 206 Bergen 

ii Frank broker h 1500 Pacific 

ii Frank brushmkr h 277 Crescent 

ii Frank elk h 74 Covert 

ii Frank collector h 711 Lex av 

ii Frank compositor h 1036 DeKalb av 

n Frank ferryman h 997 Decatur 

ii Frank insp h 520 Balnbridge 

ii Frank pointer h 359 42d 

,i Frank publisher 46 New Mhtn h 1500 


„ Frank realestate 8th n 39th h 268 49th 

n Frank shoemkr h 1394 St Mark's av 

n Frank A li 733 Macon 

ii Frank C salesman h 804 Cortelyou rd 

ii FTank H broker h 453 Gates av 

ii Frank J h 103 Montague 

n Frank O bookkpr h 444A Koscko 

ii Franklin physician i 686 Greene av 

ii Franklin I jr realestate h 686 Greene av 

ii Fredk foreman h 473 Dean 

ii Fredk Ins h 723 Chauncey 

ii FTedk A salesman h 10 Fort Greene pi 

ii Fredk G investments h 234 St James' pi 

ii Fredk M broker Produce Exeh Mhtn h 

786 Prest 

.1 Fredk R elk h 473 Dean 

.1 Fredk W fruit 11 El 24th Mbtn h 736A 


ii Fredk W salesman h 503 3d 

ii Geo asst supt 957 Bway h 385 Bleecker 

.1 Geo carpr h 243 DeKalb av 

ii Geo decorator h 364 Laf av 

ii Geo manager h 248 Woodbine 

ii Geo A insp h 983 Madison 

ii Geo D compositor h 205 Euclid av 

ii Geo B florist h 436 Clarkson av 

.1 Geo H h 287 Garfield pi 

n Geo H insp h 254 Berry 

ii Geo L machinery 136 Liberty Mhtn h 

38 \ Pulaski 

ii Geo R notary 35 Warren Mhtn h 183 


ii Geo S h 675 DeKalb av 

ii Geo S h 642 2d 

ii Geo S elk h 267 St Mark's ay 

n Geo S liquors 232 7th av 

ii Geo S realestate 26 Court h 289 Kings 


ii Geo W foreman h 349 20th 

ii Geo W mason h Lake ti 86th 

ii Geo W music h 733 McDonough 

ii Grace A wid Walter El h 386 Essex 

ii Harriet B uurse h 138 Sumner av 

ii Harry carpr h 321 Neck rd 

ii Harry ins h 1201 Hancock 


ii Harry G artist h 452 Miller av 

ii Harry ] Insp h 12 Norman pi 

ii Harry L F printer h 319 20th 

ii Harry P elk h 1801 Benson av 

ii Harry W diesinker h 1323 St Mark's av 

ii Helen A wld Cornelius R h Gravesand 

av n Kings Higlnvuy 

ii Henrietta wld Herman h 1670 Dean 

ii Hy h 82 Webster av 

ii Hy tinsmith 605 DeKalb av h 219 Spen- 

ii Hy undertaker h 486 Madison 

ii Hy P boxmkr h 856 Bedford av 

n Hiram R reporter h 420 10th 

ii H W bookkpr h 783 Hancock 

ii Imogene h 591 Pacific 

ii Isaac tailor 1410 Fulton 

ii Isaac E foreman b 176 Richmond 

ii Isaac W salesman h 193 Clermont av 

ii Jacob h 11 Dltmars 

.ii Jacob Jr collector h 61 Lewis av 

ii Jacob ferryman h 250 Berry 

ii Jacob D h 8200 18th av 

ii Jas elk h 907 Hancock 

ii Jas fish b 416 S 4th 

■i Jas liquors 82 Hamilton av 

ii Jas machinist h 320 40th 

ii Jas machinist h 267 44tb 

ii Jas G fireman h 104 Somers 

n Jas H carpr h 791 (ilenmore av 

i, Jas L lawyer 170 Bway Mhtn h 1266 


ii Jas N elk 416 79th 

ii Jas R mason h 274 17th 

n Jas R police h 2897 Albermarle rd 

■■ Jane wid h 59 Middagh 

ii Jarvla K bookkpr h 136 Cleveland 

n Jennie wid Saml h 451 6th av 

n John elk h 13G Woodbine 

n John elk h 8411 13th av 

ii John elk h 1075 East Pkway 

n John farmer h Mill id n Av N 

ii John foreman h 298 Gates av 

ii John gardener h 720 Degraw 

ii John A bookkpr h 1124 Putnam av 

n John A elk h 055 McDonough 

ii John A painter 323 .Smith h 270 Smith 

ii John A salesman h 114 Ridgewood av 

ii John B farmer b Mill rd n E 48th 

n John B painter h 62A Hull 

ii John E h Ovingtou av n 4th av 

ii John E ice h 973 Glenmore av 

ii John F farmer h King's Highway c W 


ii John H h 4506 4th av 

ii John H carpr h 150 Van Sieklen 

ii John H elk h 510 9th 

ii John J baker h 8."ifi Bedford av 

ii John J bldr 327 Adams h 05 Van Siek- 
len av 

ii John J pianomkr h 53 Magenta 

ii John J supt h 506 13th 

n John S agt h 88 Cumberland 

' ii John S farmer h 28!) King's Highway 

ii John S lawyer 371 Fulton h 77 Johnson 

ii John T collector h 340 55th 

ii John V elk h 456 53d 

•i Jos agt h 15 S Oxford 

n Jos plumber h 314 McDougal 

ii Jos A lawyer 31 Nassau Mhtn h 476 2d 

" Jos F salesman h 1626 10th av 

ii Jos J elk h 86 Cumberland 

.. Jos P elk h 90 State 

ii Jos P h E 7th c Av M 

ii Jos W farmer Mill rd n Av N 

ii Judson S elk h 223 Bttinbridge 

ii J W printer h 593 Rogers av 

ii Katherine h 83d n 18th av 

ii Katherine will Byron h 344 Sehermei- 


i. Katherine R h 235 79th 

ii Leo K underwear 382 5rb av h 481 13th 

ii Lewis K elk h 136 Cleveland 

ii Lillian M reporter 307 Washn h 209 

Lincoln rd 

ii Lucy P wid Hazen AV h 783 Hancock 

ii Marcus elk h 242 Emerson pi 

ii Margt wid Jos h -141) 48th 

ii Margt wid Geo printer 774 Bedford av 

■i Margt A wld Geo A h 58 Greene av 

ii Martin elk h 307 K<ap 

ii Martin treasr 6S Pa av Ii 140 Barbey 

n Martin police h -(SO Balnbridge 

ii Martin E ins h 60S Macon 

n Mary wid h 551 Wilby nv 

ii Marv wid Geo Ii K'.fiS St Mark's av 

■i Mary wld Hy h 47G 2d 

Business Directory! 





317 Washington St., 








Z 3* 
PI C* 

,* n 





* o 








734-736 FIFTH AVENUE. Telephone 27 






ii Mury E wid Alonzo h 327 15th 

ii Mary M sec h 77 Qulncy 

n Matthew rigger h 322 45th 

ii Max candy mfr 68 Glenmore av h 84 

n Max painter 196 7th av 
ii Miclil glass h 2383 Fulton 
n Michl grocer 527 Flushing av 
ii Milton foreman h 237 51st 
ii M & Sous realestate 448 Dean 
n Nathaniel h 440 55th 
n Nellie wid Saml h 1217 Bergen 
ii Nelson C salesman h 790 Washn ay 
ii Nelson H elk h 2252 Bedford av 
n Nicholas H engineer h 444A Koscko 
ii Olaf painter 369 Fbush av 
+1 ii Oliver ins h 203 ITranklin av 
M n Peter editor 46 New Mhtu h 332 Ever- 
,, green av 

y n Peter J manager h 141 McDonough 

ii Philip J cashier h 408A Jef av 
t) ii Phoebe wid Jacques h 262 18th 
• ii Richd elk h 809 Jet av 
S ii Klchd tailor 206 Bway Mhtn h 419 55th 
Ifc ii Richd E elk h 96th n Bay Ridge Pkway 
O n Richd P salesman h 1627 70th 
C ii Robt bookkpr h 1670 71st 
O „ Robt elk h 476 2d 
*? ii Robt mason h 269 39th 
£ n Robt A theatrical h 546 Monroe 
{; ii Robt H hatter h 1201 Hancock 
to ii Robt J printer h 244 Harrison 
« ii Ruloff R livery 267 Greene av h 228 
£ Greene av 

"■ ii It Walter men's fuvug 1011 Bway h 
a 247 13th 

*f ii R W furniture 400 6th av 
" n R W Oo mens furng 1011 Bway 457 
3 Fulton & 500 5th av 

a ii Saml engineer h 1217 Bergen 
Saml H actor h 34 3d av 
Saml J h 242 Emerson pi 
Saml S grocer Neck rd n Gravesend ar 
Saml W shoes 20 Lex av h 225 E 18th 
Sarah notions 1256 DeKalb av 
Sarah J wid h 1360 St Mark's av 
Sidney manager 260 W Bway Mhtn h 

149 Berkeley pi 
Silas G elk h 417 79th 
Stephen R foreman h 215 Sumpter 
Theo underwear 382 5th av h 404 13th 
Theo & Son underwear 382 5th av 
Thos h 141 Essex 
Thos h Narrows av c 70th 
Thos architect 5125 3d av h 435 55th 
Thos broker 235 Bway Mhtn h 668 

Thos carpr h 210 55th 
Thos elk h 530 Balnbrldge 
Thos lithographer h 254 Covert 
Thos police h 11 Jackson pi 
Thos C paper 234 Bway Mhtn h 643 

Thos C jr ins h 185 S Elliott pi 
Thos.E bookkpr h 530 Balnbrldge 
Thos F truckman h 268 49th 
Thos H h 507 Beverley rd 
Thos H h 391 4th 
Thos J priuter h 244 Harrison 
Van Brunt W realestate 192 Montague 

h 355 9th 
Wallace G elk h 983 Madison 
Walter carriagemkr h 122 Cumberland 
Walter H asst cashier 128 Bway Mhtn 

h 611 Carlton av 
Walter J h M4 Quincy 
Walter T actor h 82 Palmetto 
Walter T lawyer 99 Nassau Mhtn h 

1090 Gates av 
Watson L livery 73 S Elliott pi h 124 

S Oxford 
Watson L jr livery 261 79th h 7901 

Ridge Boulevard 
Wilbur K salesman h 259 McDonough 
Wm h 173 Eckford 
Wm bookkpr h 354 45th 
Wm brushmkr h 56 Johnson 
Wm elk h 177A Hull 
Wm elk h 51 Lincoln pi 
Wm gardener h 368 92d 
Wm liquors 572 Centl av 
Wm painter h 1002 40th 
Wm pilot h 237 Prest 
Wm realestate h 1204 E 19th 
Wm A salesman h 244 Harrison 
Wm P. estimator h 1463 St Mark's av 
Win B ins h 702 McDonough 


Telephone 3410 Flatbnth 

Residence Telephone 817 Prospect 



ii Wm C laundry h,227 49th 

ii Wm F realestate 44 Court h 829 E 

it Wm F prest 41 Park Row Mhtn h 265 

Carlton av 
ii Wm G elk h 349 20th 
ii Wm H h 2252 Bedford av 
ii Wm H broker 101 Wall Mhtn h 1213A 

ii Wm H carpr 133 Cedar Mhtn h 57 

ii Wm H cooper h 1316 64th 
ii Wm II electrician h 429 Lincoln pi 
ii Wm II painter h 75 Ala av 
ii Wm H plumber h 43 Albany av 
ii Wm H realestate 448 Dean h 156 St 

Johns pi 
n Wm H wagonmkr 131 Nassau 
ii Wm II jr b:oker h 1213A Bergen 
ii Wm J asst cashier 4th av c Atlantic 

av h 33 St Johns pi 
n Wm J compositor h 269 Lincoln rd 
n Wm J lithographer h 1372 Putnam av 
ii Wm N drugs h 369 Sumpter 
ii Wm P cigars 20tt 39th 
ii Wm R h Bay Ridge Pkway c 79th 
„ Wm V B realestate 26 Court h 929 

King's Highway 
ii Wm W realestate 186 Remsen h 1204 

E 19th 
ii Wilson D h 649 Vandt av 
n Wvekoff stationer h 2222 79th 
ii W H & Co drugs 1299 Fulton 
ii W J h 871 Fbush av 
ii W W loans 26 Court 
ii & Schmidt wagon mfrs 437 Hudson av 
ii Alnsworth & Sawtel architects 13th 
av c 41st 
Bennetts Thos oils 418 Greenwich Mhtn h 

5 Narrows av 
Bennetter Waldemar bookkpr h 1278 Madi- 
Bennewltz Wm grocer 178 Gold 
Bennev Richd baker h 180 S Elliott pi 
n Walter dentist 352 W 23d Mhtn h 401 
Laf av 
Bennie Wm fireman h 241 50th 
Bennlng Herman barber 409 Bedford av h 
983 Madison 
ii John G auditor 280 Bway Mhtn h 1636 
E 21st 
Benninger Bernice h 817 Union 

ii Jacob h 37 DeKoven ct 
Bennlngsen Fredk W elk h 807 Hancock 
Bennington Arthur editor 61 Park row Mhtn 
h 68 St James pi 
ii John H notary 168 Montague 
Bennis Thos H sec 60 Hamiltou av h 246 

Garfleid pi 
Bennit G S h 76 Maple ct 

u H C boarding h 39 S Oxford 
Bennitt Mark B lawyer 190 Montague h 138 

Bennor E Louise wid John h 412A Sackett 
Bennson Ludwig carpr h 251 46th 
Benny Abraham printer h 656 McDonough 
a Edgar salesman h '1170 Madison 
ii Jas u 366 Hooper 
Benoit Gaston W elk h 671 MoDonough 
n Hy lawyer 302 Bway Mhtn h 1004 Ber- 
n Julia wid Aphonse h 2751 E 27tu 
ii Maurice (! corn! trnv h 236 Albany av 
a Maurice V mer h Emmons av n E 28th 
ii W Wright physician h Clarksou av c 
Albany av 
Benoliel A I) liquors 141 Myrtle av & 223 

Smith' h ISO Dean 
Benon Morltz compositor h 5702 6th av 
Benos Arnold broker h 627 Greene av 
Benov Rudolph Jeweler 657 Myrtle av 
Benovich Hyman dry gds 173 Harrisou av 
Benrimo Abraham agt 10S5 Vienna av 
Benross Mathilda wid Saul h 585 Pacific 
Bensch Alfred liquors 109 Forsyth Mhtn h 

109 Jerome 
Bense Chas meat 263 Noatrand av 

ii Hy grocer 135 S 1st 
Bensen Chas grocer 105 Albany av 
n Edwin drugs h 316 Hooper 
,i Hy grocer li 3S6 14th 
n Joh-n H hotel 12 lJway h 216 Hooper 
n Morris tailor h 387 5lh av 
ii & Merkel grocers 423 7th 
Benshlmoe Alfred L teacher h 427 Rugby rd 
Benslnger John h 221 Wast Pkway 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 

m co 






O 5- 

rn -j 

C£ O 

o m 






1 § 


J17 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 ruin. 





•— ■ 
































,. Jos ins 115 Bway Mhtn fo 221 East 

Benson Annie wid John F li 428 Prospect av 

.. Arthur oiler h 440 57th 

ii Arthur tea 114 Water Mhtn h 09 Jef av 

n Arthur C tea 109 Water Mhtn L' 09 Jef 

ip Arthur S reporter h 297 Gth av 

.1 A H candy 189 Gold 

,i Ben} D stationer 43 John Mhtn h 117 
Lefferts pi 

m Berger J bricklayer h 206 Dean 

ii Bernard carpr h 165 24th 

ii Bernard coal 38 Tpkins av 

ii Bemdt decorator h 104 Tilden ay 

ii Bernhard manager 43 Exchange pi Mhtn 
h 200 Putnam av 

n Bernt carpr h 324 Sackett 

ii Beverly D tel oper h 1308 Pacific 

m Chas carpr h 367 16th 

ii Chas elk h 219 Dean 

ii Ohas supt h 1750 E 13th 

ii Chas A realestate 26 Court h 15 
Mathews pi 

ii Dinah laundry 21 Manhasset pi 

it Edwd engineer h 176 Union 

n Edwd A realestate 152 Bay 19th L' 1711 

ii Edwd J engineer h 172 57th 

n Edwin broker h 507 Greene av 

n Edwin J printer h 449 59th 

ii Edwin P stationer 49 John Mhtn h 68 
S Portland av 

n Elizabeth wid Win h 143 Wyckoff 

ii Ernest carpr h 455 Pacific 

ii Fannie E wid Alfred G h 507 Greene av 

n Frank elk h 985 Bedford av 

.. Fredk agt h 755 43d 

ii Fredk S engineer 556 Kent av h 79 Wil- 

ii Fredk S jr supt !L' 82 Taylor 

ii F O carpr h 166 57th 

n Geo photos 328 Bedford av h 81 Edsall 
av Eidgewood 

n Geo plumber h 1070 Halsey 

ii Geo realestate h Ocean Pkway n Av P 

ii Geo E elk h 12 Schtdy av 

" Geo W h E 94th n Farragut rd 

ii Hans P boat capt h 469 51st 

ii Harry machines h 330 Chauncey 

ii Harry L bookkpr h 1628 68th 

ii Hy musician h 15 Wyckoff 

ii Isaac 1. 455 44th 

ii Jas bldr 150 Nassau Mhtu h 221 Bay 
Ridge av 

ii Jas carpr h 317 40th 

ii John boat capt h 448 Clinton 

n John cabinetmkr h 653 Degraw 

„ John elk h 101 3d pi 

n John machinist h 258 49th 

M John manager b 247 Hart 

ii John painter h 159 Albany av 

ii John II stationer 404 Atlantic av h 
597 4tb av 

ii John H .& Co steamship agts 494 At- 
lantic av 

ii John N painter h 53 Cheever pi 

ii Jos wheelwright h 446 57th 

ii Louis bldr 1SS4 Bergen 

ii Louis carpr h 352 43d 

n I.ouis painter h 223 Prospect av 

ii Louis A insp h 495 4th av 

i. Martha M wid Hy C h 208 Rodney 

ii Mary h 214 Columbia hgts 

ii Mary B wid John h 219 Dean , 

ii Minuie L wid Geo R h 421A Laf av 

,i Newton elk h 231 Rutledge 

ii Nicholas police h 203S Pacific 

n Olaf h 90th e 4th av 

,i Olaf carpr h 132 18th 

ii Oliver A police h 133 N Elliott pi 

ii Peter fireman h 1195 St Mark's av 

ii Peter realestate 149 Bway Mhtn h 476 
75 th 

ii Philip A asst manager 176 Remsen U 
New Rochelle N Y 

ii Saml cabinetmkr h 292 16th 

■i Saml carpr h 195 St Mark's av 

n Thos agt h 391 Bergen 

ii Tlluiau C stationer 43 John Mhtn h 
1150 Dean 

ii Wm carpi- 181 Gpolnt av h 74 Oak- 

ii Wm cooper h 335 42d 

,i Wm meat 438 DeKaib av b 3 Union pi 

n Win C lion moulder h 21 1A Lewis av 
Bensoiilmrst Building Co IStU av c 85th 

Pictures^ Paintings 





., Yacht Club ft Hubbard 
Bent Earl D b furug 329 Myrtle av 

ii Francis P alderman City Hall Mhtn & 
realestate 994 Bwick av h 1044 Bwick 

„ Thos C lithographer h 372 13th 

n & Becker u furng 329 Myrtle av 
Bente August elk h 769 Park pi 

ii C & Sou painters 521A Greene av 

ii Wm painter li 521A Greene av 
Bentel Geo H die sinker h 1099 Halsey 

ii Jacob candy 195 Linden 
Bentele Hy lithographer h 245 Woodbine 

,i Thos candy 133 Bridge h 1017 2d av 
Benter Edwd II grocer 295 Park av 

ii Hy meat b 117 Washn av 

ii Wm C sporting gds 115 Nassau Mhtn 
b 10 Clinton av 
Benthien Hy C druggist h 487 18th 
Bentisen Oie A delicatessen 289 Columbia h 

200 Prest 
Bentivegna C undertaker 150 Humbt 
Bentlvoglio Carlo dry gds 6512 New Utrecht 

Bentkowski Konstautin liquors 66 N 7th 
Bentley Chas elk h 405 Clinton 

ii Chas J soap 159 Sullivan Mhtn u 52 
Sterling pi 

ii Ellis B opr h 170 Wilson 

ii Geo S drugs 179 Adams 

ii Jas foreman h 410 51st 

ii Jane H wid Anthony h 431 Classon av 

ii John B agt 487 Bway Mhtn h 407 4th 

,i N W elk h 702 Fulton 

ii Thos supt h 137 S 1st 

,i Walter E (Rev) h 129 Kent 

ii Wm H carpr St John's pi Mhtn h 
746 Cleveland 

ii Wm H supt h 435 E 4th 
Benton Albert B printer h 471 51st 

ii Annie S wid Wm H h 156 Adelpht 

•i Arthur caterer h 142 Lex av 

n Chelsea B bookkpr h 428 Park pi 

ii Eleanor wid Eugene W h 233 Dean 

ii Fredk Ironwkr b 100 Steuben 

ii Geo W b 40G Hancock 

n John h 400 Hancock 

ii Le Roy milliner 924 Bedford av 

i, Lew F reporter h 189 Bay 26th 

ii Stuart H lawyer 132 Nassau Mhtn n 
72u Nostraud av 

ii Stuart H jr physician 1334 Dean 
Bentote Stanley elk h 763 St John's pi 
Bentseu Anna laundry 1336 Bway n 894 

ii August grocer 294 Columbia h 596 Hepry 

ii Benj elk h 500 4th av 

ii David R laundry 1336 Bway h 99 

n Saml metal h 411 Hoyt 
Bentz Ohas painter h 230 St Mark's av 

ii Geo H physician b 6SD Greene av 

ii Hy elk h 1223 Greene av 

ii John elk h 230 Scbaeffer 

ii J J manager 83 5th av 

ii P meat 19SO Nostrand av 
Bentzeu Hy C mason h 340 Bergen 
Benvenuto & Rosetti plumbers 238 Van Brunt 
Beuward Herbert I realestate 847 Bedford 

Benwell Chas brass turner h 347A 13th 
Benyovitz Louis elk h 358 50th 
Benz Adam corselmkr h 105 Bleecker 

i. Albert cutter h 382 Bergen 

n Chas spinuer h 399 Dean 

ii Hy frame r h 470 Ralph av 

ii John produce h 1323 St Mark's av 

n Karl b 177 St Mark's av 

ii Win produce h 1311 St Mark's av 
Wm F iner h 450 Ralph av 

Broome Mhtn h 438 
Mhtn h 1431 

Benze Geo cards 419 
ii Wm F cards 419 Broome 
Benzenberg Fredk decorator 1022 Cortelyou 
id h 385 Stratford rd 
i. Gustav bldr h 385 Stratford rd 
n Otto painter h 1355 Greene av 
i, Paul architect h 385 Stratford rd 
Benzeno F W h 101 Van Buren 
Benzer Hy glassware 22 Stockholm 

i. Geo glass li 605 Hart 
Benzie Alex shipOtter h 222 Clermont av 
Benzlger Blase foreman h 339 Cleveland 
n Jos elk h 1005 Putnam av 
n I.ouis G church gds DeKaib av c Rook- 
well pi h 301 W 71st Mhtu 
ii Martin lithographer b 339 Warwick 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone. 3004 Mala* 

5 CO 





•n— - 


z ar 











Ei&ert Acsraisal for Mviers.^ :» 


: • < • - • . .-: 

Mi : 


efc «*s beKatt «» e 
m Jf dairy Wanra 

aipr h S<7 46cfc 

i . , = : i .— : ■. v.: 
- ----.. i i -.-. - 7-1 



«▼ k 42 ieM 


C* 41 Wi 

- - : • ■;' 

:.l trr i 


K. SMtakfl^J 

- 1 - 


Real Estate and Mortgage Loans 


Telephone 834 Main 


.107 MONET TO -07 

4$ /O LOAN OH 5 /O 



r- o 

< ixi o 
o w 


m 2 z 







Real Estate 

Appraisals, Mortgage Loans, Rents Collected, 

Estates Managed, Property for 

Sale and To Let 







11 Cornice & Skylight Works 6th c 3d av 
., De Hart realestate 314 Court h 287 B 

ii Dennis E Bee 136 Front Mhtn h 77 

Clarkson av 
.. De Witt treasr 241 Bway Mhtn h 159 

Laf av 
.. Edwd J chief elk Hall of Records h 171 

ii Francis B physician h King's Highway o 

Gravesend av 
ic Fenwick W realestate h 10 Hubbard pi 
ii Frank barber 563 5th av 
.. Fredk I h 210 Parkside av 
M Garret infr h 83 Hendrix 
ii Garret Co (inc) sauce 124 Sutton 
ii Garrett S farmer h 130 Kenilworth pi 
ii Geo mfr h 544 Jef av 
ii Geo C machinist h 820 Marcy av 
ii Harry F h King's Highway n Nostrand 

n Harry R plamber h 86 Lex av 
ii Harold G elk h 361 Ocean av 
ii Hy engineer h 72 State 
n Hy L salesman b 677 N J av 
M Herman S h 103 Willow 
ii Howard R plumber h 257 Grand av 
ii Iron Works 135 51st 
ii Jacob D H realestate 314 Court h 614 

ii Jacob I lawyer 60 Wall Mhtn h 161 

ii Jacques B V shoes 78th & 3d av n 522 

n Jas tel opr h 687 Vandt 
ii Jerome L realestate U 370 Hancock 
n John earpr h 1350 Prospect pi 
ii John gardener h 106 Concord 
ii John harnessmkr h 172 58th 
ii John ins 86 William Mhtn u 424 E 23d 
ii John liquors 274 Hamilton av 
ii John painter h 111 Sandford 
.i John printer h 92 Concord 
ii John O h 243 78th 
n John C realestate h Bay Ridge Pkway 

c 75 th 
ii John E carpr 886 5th av 
ii John E) elk h 31 Greene av 
., John F electrician h 479 12th 
ii John H realestate h 643 Fbush av 
ii John H supt h E 2d c Ryder av 
ic John H jr cooper Gravesend av c Byder 

n John L h 626 B 21st 
ii John W h 188 Lefferts jt 
n John W H sec 756 Bway Mhtn h 185 

ii Jos salesman h 3 Stewart 
•i Jos tailor b 1897 Dean 
ii Jos L bldr 396 Court h 104 1st pi 
BERGEN J D K & SON real estate 

314 Court 
ii Kate wid John b 83 Marlon 


.1 Martin J elk h 1008 Fbush av 

■i Martin T truckman h 46 S 8th 

ii Mary cigars 148 Columbia 

ii Mary wid James h 70 Linden 

ii Mary C principal Bwick av C Stagg h 

252 W 91st Mhtn 
■• Philip P jr salesman h 160 Pulaski 
ii Phoebe R h Hotel St George 
n P J mer h 84 Sterling pi 
ii Saml W h 589 Putnam av 
ii Sarah h 2275 Church av 
ii Storage Warehouse 633 Bergen 
n Susan A h 516 Nostrand av 
ii Tcunis J h 526 E 21st 
ii Theo H 3729 King's Highway 
•i Theo V farmer h 334 77tb 
ii Thos oper h 347A Quincy 
ii Thos W cigars 5524 3d av 
ii Tunis G lawyer 160 Bway Mhtn b 101 

n Van Brunt prcst 26 Court h Bay Ridge 

Pkway e 77th 
ii Vanderveer salesman h 67 Chauncey 
n Wm carrier h 408A Sackett 
n Win tailor 677 N J av 
ii Wm A asst corar Hall of Records Mhtn 

h 46 S 8th 
ii Wm A shoes Hewes c S 5th h 176 Stock- 
it & Co lumber ft Coml & 9 Old Slip Mhtn 
ii -Franklin Auto Co 938 Bergen 
Bergendoe Chas carpr h 403 20th 
Bergener Geo D lawyer h 137 McDonougb 
ii Hy J dry gds 1489 Fulton 
ii Wm elk h 137 McDonougb 
Berger Abraham mfr 139'.-j Madison Mhtn 

b 1152 DeKalb av 
ii Abraham tailor h 138 Stockholm 
ii Alfred mechanic b 843 DeKalb av 
ii Alfred A R h 764 Washn av 
ii Andw manager h 143 Eldert 
n Bennett novelties 1922 Fulton 
ii Bernt civil eng 45 Bway Mhtn h 364 

ii Chas tea h 611 4th av 
n Chas L elk h 465 4th 
■i David grocer Sutter av c Shepherd av 
ii David meat 59 Moore 
ii David restaurant 181 Harrison av 
ii Edwd meat 500 Myrtle av 
ii Edwd L physician St Mark's av c Olas- 

son av 
ii Elkln realestate h 242 Vernon av 
ii Emll embroideries h 73 Hawthorne 
ii Emlle h 275 Clinton av 
■■ Emily K wid Ambrosp J h 744 Park pi 
ii Frank H engineer h 671 Carroll 
ii Frank J designer 24 Murray Mhtn h 95 

n Fredk C iinpr 171 Duane Mhtn h 1523 

n Geo A printer b 1141 Hancock 
ii Geo T elk b 86 Sterling pi 
,i Gorman B Jeweler 33 Wilby h 133 Wllby 


154 5th AVENUE, 


723 6th AVENUE, 



£ to 

2 oo 

I- °° 

as n — i 

or © 

2 co 

•H •• PI 

m -i X 

2 ' © — 

= a S 5 

5 -3 

• • "«i as 2 



s 2 

i- * 






"P .: — " Harry carpets 46 Belmont av h 164 
c ji — » Tbatford av 

TS 5 c S3 ii Harry grocer 580 3d av 
~ £ m n %"• ii Harry tailor 1-!S Elizabeth Mhtn h 1845 

|i* « w „ n Hy electrician 5th av c 89th 

- g • £ S 3 u Hy liquors 1081 Flushing av 

• - I ™ ^ •■ " Hy mineral waters 113 Johnson av h 83 

. <* £ . m " Leonard 

S B "» c ? " Herman dry gds 501 Myrtle av h 1024 

» o »2 St Fulton 

£•§. . S- ° ii Isidor hardware 438 E Houston Mhtn 

5> •§" • 2 -3 .» h ,116 S 2d 

7>?u5 ii Jacob glass 428 Sumner av h 196 Stoek- 

o •"* <r -e -o ton 

2 . J 2 • 2 .. John h 244 Pa av 
" Z T* - 3 ■ " Jos sll0es 275 Smith 
Jp J E< > ., Jos tailor 359 Bedford av 
5 J iS o H a ii Julius laundry 609 Met av 
P « "0 ™ H S ii Julius M mer 32 Wallabout mkt h 265 
.2 • * < A Ryerson 

H Q B3 £ 53 « ii Justus baker 5419 3d av 
» a j. .* z ?. ii LUHan dry gds 4313 13th av 
JI) « T s < — „ Lillian wid Jacob h 65 Sumpter 
•0 W *" S -J ii Louis h 542 Greene av 
" N If = " Louis dry gds 2823 Atlantic av 

ii Louis dry gds 501 Myrtle av h 1924 Ful- 
ii Louis furs h 671 Bwlck av 
n Louis furs 80 University pi Mhtn h 1184 

ii Louis realestate h 345 Bainbridge 
n Machine Works 166 4th av 
n Mary S h 150 Hooper 
ii Max blueing 120 Harrison av 
ii Max dry gds 1067 Flushing av 
ii Max dyeing 331 Graham av 
.1 Max woodenware 32 & 149 Wallabout 

mkt h 265 Ryerson 
n Michl carpr 176 Tbroop av 
ii Morris elk h 758 Decatur 
ii Nathan Jeweler 158 Cunal Mhtn h 536 

Wilby av 
■i Octave W impr 171 Duane Mhtn h 1523 

■I Oscar furs h 359 88th 
ii Otto R autos 166 4th av h 143 4th av 
n Paul grinder 7 Belmont av 
ii Peter liquors 655 Grand av 
ii Peter F wheelwright 430 Park av 
ii Philip tel oper h 174 N 8th 
ii Robt blacksmith 1816 Fbush av h 2024 

Fbush av 
n Robt O h 247 N Y av 
ii Saml bldr b 536 Flushing av 
.1 Saml realestate h 1836 Park pi 
ii Saml A lawyer 277 Bway Mhtn h 198 

ii Thos W mer 5524 3d av h 443 75th 
.1 Wm h 671 Carroll 
,i Wm editor h 713 78th 
.. & Urban liquors 153 Harrison av 
ii Bros dry gds 501 Myrtle av 
Berges Morris lithographer h 1017 8th av 

ii Ralph salesman h 1017 8th av 
Bergeson John engineer h 261 E 31st 
Bergfeld W II grocer 1501 King's Highway 
Bergfleld Victor elk h 586 Vandt av 
Berggren Chas h 165 Windsor pi 
n Ernest agt 1 State Mhtn h 1760 Prest 
., Fritbjof C G machinist 173 Grand Mhtn 

h 316 E 5th 
ii Gustave machinist 3d av c 23d 
ii Nilse cabinetmkr h 417 51st 
ii Wm bookkpr h 566 Baltic 
Bergh Chas A realestate 138 Ralph av 
n Oscar broker 436 Produce Exch Mhtn h 
S3d n 7th av 
Berghauser John clgarmkr h 842 Bwick av 
ii Wm designer h 354 Chauncey 
ii Wm signs h 154 Sumpter 
Bergheln Wm lithographer h 19 Woodbine 
Berghoff Brewery Depot W 25th n Surf ay 
Berghorn August grocer 296 Wilby av 

ii Wm meat h 112 Utlca av 
Berglda Adolph grocer 31 Tpklns av h 122 
Tpklns av 
n Jos delicatessen 178 7th av 
Bergln Hannah wid Timothy h 216 Adelphi 
ii John police h 541 40th 
ii Kyran grocer 66 Park av h 103 N El- 
liott pi 
ii Mary O nurse h 216 Adelphi 
Bergkllnt E h 427 60th 
Berglaud FMwd boats h Av L n E 95th 
n Fredk shipmaster h 78 St Marks pi 
,i John carpr h 323 45th 

1 desire to announce that I have 
removed from 14 01 Broadway, to 
my Warerooms . 

120-122 W. 31st St., N. Y. 

Mail and Telephone Orders will 
Receive Prompt Attention 

Telephone 5389 Madison Square 


Berglass M P plumbers supplies 108 Junius 

Uergler Geo T cigars New Utrecht av n 56th 
h 5912 14th av 

n Geo T jr barber New Utrecht av n 
56th h 5912 14th av 
Berglund August carpr h 478 Dean 

ii August reporter h 68th n 12th av 

ii August stoves h 697 Franklin av 

ii Carl painter h 332 40th 

n Caroline C trimmings 303 Fulton 

ii Chas machinist h 505 57th 

ii Harold machinist h 484 45th 

ii Harry bookkpr h 727 58th 

ii Harry upholsterer 146 Bergen 

ii Herman electrician h 118 Oak 

■i John G painter 512 55th h 508 55th 

n P Wm awnings 303 Fulton h 145 Ber- 
Bergman Chas chalrmkr 460 48th 

n Chas L elk h 179 Nassau 

ii Geo harnessmkr 338% 19th 

M Gustav insp h 477 Rldgewood av 

ii Gustav machinist h 422 45th 

n Herman tailor 2134 Dean 

ii Jacob F milk 750 Schenck av 

ii Jos cigars 24G2 Pitkin ay 

ii Julius detective h 1125 Putnam av 

ii Julius painter 1407 Fulton 

ii J S elk h 1135 Halsey 

n Laura knitwear 162 Hoyt 

ii Louis paper 109 Graham av 

n Louis realestate h 1125 Putnam av 

ii Maurice realestate 74 Hart 

n Morris crockery 112 Bowery Mhtn h 
1245 46th 

ii Morris tailor 259 Court 

ii Neil autos 3 Prospect pk W h 233 Car- 

n Otto elk h 1146 Laf av 

ii Saml broker h 374 Miller av 

ii Wm machinist h 40 Prospect pi 
Bergmann Albert D broker h 637 50th 

ii Alex machinist h 340 54th 

ii Carl restaurant 45 Liberty Mhtn h 263 

ii Chas H sec 231 Front h 19 B 126th 

ii C W auditor h 637 50th 

ii Edwd salesman h 313 Hoyt 

n Ernst clgarmkr 71 W Bway Mhtn h 
433 37th 

ii Fredk drugs h 605 East Pkway 

ii Geo F architect 136 Charlton Mhtn h 
761 E 32d 

ii Hy agt h 909 St John's pi 

n Hy E realestate 377 Centl av h 1278 

ii John blacksmith h 633 Grand av 

n Louis furniture 367 Graham av 

ny Rudolph elk h 119 Rogers av 

ii Saml realestate h 977 Laf av 

ii Sophia wid Fredk h 331 Lincoln av 

ii Sophia wid Herman h 637 50th 
Bergner Adam liquors 171 Wyekoff av 

ii Chas elk h 202 Ross 

it Paul moulder h 165 Hlmrod 
Bergoffen Herman teacher h 287 Division av 
Bergold Hy J physician h 162 S 8th 
Bergqulst Chas bldr u 84 Woodhull 
Bergqvlst Bent dumbwaiters 258 3d av h 
328 Dean 

ii Jacobson & Co dumbwaiters 258 3d av 
Bergren Aaron painter h 1359 Prospect pi 
Bergrln Morris skirts h 530 Stone av 

ii M bldr 1451 East Pkway 
Bergsteen Adolph baker 88A 4th av 
Bergsteln Isidor elk h 226 McKlbbln 

ii Jacob clothing 444 Broome Mhtn h 870 
N J av 

ii Louis baker 383 Rodney h 323 S 1st 

ii Bros bakers 383 Rodney 
Bergstrom August painter h 221 Bergen 

,i Carl E molder h 169 E 32d 

ii Chas E painter h 128 4tii av 

ii Q Adolph salesman h 358 57th 

n John M tailor 192 Amity h 162 Court 

ii Oscar b 5004 3d av 

■i Wm h 866 4th av 

ii <& Bass machinists 158 2d av 
Bergunsky Louis tailor 49 Pike Mhtn h 197 

Montrose av 
Bergwall Chas carpr h 350 41st 

ii Fredk h 240 Prospect pi 
Berlnatl Jos fruit 132 Court 
Beringer Chas meat b 19 Strong pi 

ii Chas police h 252 Palmetto 

n Harry R fwdg h 74 2d pi 






o z 
z o 


"'■ — 30 

w 2 *~ 
o m > 

o —I 

* CO 

> § 

Rustic Worh for Country Estates 

Buatlo Arbon, Tea Houses, Bridges, Back Stops, Chairs, Settees, Etc 
A Building Full of Rustic Work to Select From. 



J I ill III DtnuLll ft uUN 314 :: COURT :: ST. :: BROOKLYN 




Steinway & Sons 




< S 8 
5 | g 

oo 2 5 


m Jobn F police h 227 Covert 
Berltzson Herman restaurant 72 Summit h 
r - ^fa 9 Manhasset pi 

DC "3 Berje Christina wid Geo h 652 53d 

r^ ^ Berju Louis realestate 321 Canal Mhtn h 

~ K 1670 42d 

Berk Benj clothier 36 Fbush av h 848 Union 
it David b 425 4th 
n John H h 1620 Av V 
.1 Max clothing 5 Wllby h 425 4th 
ii Morris clothing 245 Smith 
ii Bros clothing 5 Wilby 
Berkefeld Adolph h 103 Joralemon 
Berkeley Apartment Hotel 111 Montague 
M Fahle prest 186 Remsen h 539 E 18th 
ii Institute 183 Lincoln pi 
n John laundry 30 Erasmus 
Berkemeyer Chas H h 190 Baltic 
**-* 3C Berkenstein Hyman h 1094 DeKalb av 

Z3 n Berker Wm depy collector Washn c John- 

■g T^ son h 3 Hausman 

m ~ LU Berkery Miehl supl h 130 Rogers av 

• ^ _i Berkes Fredk painter h 1395 Gates av 

^ m lij Berkewltz Heru grocer 183 Osborn 

gg , Berktelt Wm S meat h 52 Buffalo av 

... r" Berkhoff Jacob stationer 58 Ten Eyck 

*"V Berkiness Gouwald earpr h 65 1st pi 

Berkinghoff Louis tailor 478 Madison 

Berkinboff Hyman tailor 203 Washn h 133 

■an* Cook 

*-~— J y Berkman Barnet cloaks 13 Cbrystie Mhtn h 
*m &. ^^ ' Ames 

Qj >■ ii Bernard pants 103 Bleecker Mhtn h 237 
**■!■» _j Williams av 

^^^_ v^ " Herman restaurant 670 Bway b 662 
j™ Bway 

OO M Johanna wid Chas b 300 Bergen 
Q ii 'Max cloaks 5304 3d av h 5Gth c 4th av 
— r»»_ ft— || Saml candy 223 Nassau av 
sciV* ii ii .Saml tailor tit) Tpklns av 

_ ^n^— QQ 'I & Applebaum cloaks 5304 3d av 

n & Lipp dry gds 359 Centl av 
■■■■■ •» Berko & Thurlot glass 463 36th 

« ■ * Berkov Jacob W stationery 540 Grand 
JT Berkovitz Saml vests 164 Eldridge Mhtn h 
_ ___ CO 86 Throop av 

f 1 ** TI % .1 Wm tailor 294 Bowery Mhtn h 193 S 9th 

tsmmam jg» „ Wolf clothing 533 Myrtle av 

-^ Berkowitz Albert candy 516 Myrtle av 
^^^^_ J-2 „ Benj mens furng 77 Catherine Mhtn b 
1 \ h- 585 Madison 

^^^ en ii Bernard novelties 294 Bowery Mhtn h 96 

#•■■■■ 5» Teu Eyck 

HUH ^~ n Bernard plpemsr h 460 Schenek av 
^——^l Cjl " Bernard B physician h 96 Ten Eyck 
C^3 "™ " Bernhard grocer 508 Flushing av 
'"^^ CO " David cloaks h 131 Lewis av 
• ^ ii Emll cloaks 53 E 8th Mhtn h 57 Trout- 

WKBtmmm ^* man 

%HMT 2 ii F shoes 523% Myrtle av 

^■^ *^ ii Harry paper 47 Gt Jones Mhtn h 386 

* i » ^ Vernon av 

n Harry upholsterer 1206 Myrtle av 

n H machines 1828 Fulton 

a Irwin trimmings 1661 Bway h 1 Sehaef- 

ii Isaac h 1396 Pitkin av 
ii Isaac paper 47 Gt Jones Mhtn b 386 

Vernon av 
n Isaac tailor 94 Reid av 
n Isaac trimmings 79 Forsyth Mhtn b 1396 

East Pkway 
ii Jacob dry gds 45 Osborn 
,, Jas h 627 Bedford av 
ii Jos cotton gds 415 Bway Mhtn h 447 

Ralph av 
ii Jos realestate 64 Essex Mhtn h 627 Bed- 
ford av 
ii Leopold tailor 868 Bedford av 
ii Kalman hotel b 1203 8th av 
a Mac H buyer h 1358 Hancock 
ii Max cloaks 850 Sutter av 
ii Max grocer 1950 Fulton 
ii Max shoes 379 Kniekr av 
•i Michl h 825 Laf av 
n Michl collars 79 Forsyth Mhtn h 448 

Hpkson av 
ii Morris boxes 389 Laf Mhtn b 2 Bristol 
ii Morris dry gds 195 Scholes 
ii Morris grocer 415 Saratoga av 
ii Morris leather 599 Driggs av 
ii Morris underwear 84 Gerry 
ii Nathan printer 246 Canal Mhtn to 530 

N J av 
ii Philip tailor 440 E Houston Mhtn b 38 

ii Saml cornlcemtr h 277 46th 
n Saml grocer 343 Osborn 
n Saml mer h 217 Vernon av 

Hot. 107 and 109 East Hth Street 



ii Saml neckbands 79 Forsyth Mhtn h 1402 

Kast Pkwav 
ii Saml tailor 144 Goerck Mhtn h 61 Ross 
.1 Sigmund shoes 5201 3d av h 336 50th 
ii Saul J notary h 12 Sumner av 
n Wm tailor h 52 Morton 
n Bros neckbands 281 N 6th 
n & Zinner stationers 373 Stone av 
Berkshire Apartment House 204 Columbia 
ii Constructing Co 239 Utlca av 
ii Lunch (inc) 584 Atlantic av 
Berkstine Jacob clothier 368 N J av 
Berkwich Thaddeus W elk h 720 Carroll 
Berlage Danl piano tuner h 174 Jef av 
ii Hy grocer 265 Linwood 
ii Louis H barber 54 Montrose av 
Berlaker Antonio baker 129 N 4th 
Berlat Max furs 38 E 9th Mhtn h 582 Cleve- 
Berle Kort b 54 Westminster rd 
Berlenbach Francis J architect 260 GraLam 
av h 13 Stuyt av 
ii Frank hldr 15 Cedar h 36 Suydam 
ii Geo J elk to, 119A Sumner av 
ii Philip H physician h 9 Stuyt av 
Berler J furrier h 550 N J av 
Berlett Julius collector h 939 Bedford av 
Berlice Thos actor to 549 Bedford av 
Berlieh Alfred baker b 433 Bay Uidge av 
Berlin Adolph realestate 44 Court b 533 
ii Christine nurse h 365 Van Buren 
ii David candy 50 Park av 
ii Frank B infrs agt 346 Bway Mhtn h 

1152 57th 
ii Harry Jeweler 93 Graham av 
ii (Harry S grocer 29 Washn av Walla- 
bout mkt b 70 Carlton av 
n H S & Co grocers 29 Washn av Walla- 
bout mkt 
ii Hyman drugs 2176 Pitkin av h 297 

ii Jacob milliner 1123 Bway to 283 1st av 

ii Jolhn N com mer 346 Bway Mbtn h 884 

n John N eoml trav to 3410 14th av 
n Jos I realestate 16 Court h 906 DeKalb 

ii Knitting Mills 220 Essex 
ii Morris tailor h 1425 Bay Ridge av 
ii Saml drugs 2176 Pitkin av h 297 Brad- 
ii Saml N milliner 23 E Houston Mbtn 

h 443 14th 
ii Simon suspenders 24 Orchard Mhtn b 

281 Wyona 
ii Steam Laundry 767 Wythe av 
.1 The dry gds Bway c Wilby av 
ii Victor stationer 210 Patchen av 
ii Wm jr police h 36 Stewart 
ii Bros drugs 2176 Pitkin av 
Berliner Abraham cloaks 4922 3d av b 38 
E Bway Mhtn 
.1 Edwd elk h 31 Tpkins av 
ii Harry printer h 239A Vernon av 
ii Hy printer h 912 DeKalb av 
ii House & Window Cleaning Co 476 47th 
ii H auctioneer h S59 St John's pi 
ii Julius plumber 147 E 125th Mhtn b 

74 Morton 
ii J Co liquors 33 Graham av 
ii Louis cashier h 139 Albany av 
ii Louis mer h 421 Grand av 
it Louis salesman h 259 Linden av 
ii L drugs 401 Vermont 
n Morris tailor h 499 Hpkson av 
ii Saml meat 372 Hudson av 
ii Simon auction gds 29 Lispenard Mbtn b 

421 Grand av 
ii Wm 6ulesman h 20 Sidney pi 
Berllnger Wm bldr 1485 Fulton h 149 Ken- 

ilwortn pi 
Berlinghoff Chas F realestate h 111 Harman 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 



317 Washington St. 



Tel. 3004 nain. 






o * 



.2 u 

£ z 

H Ui 
*5 h 



L. LU 










h 22 

b 817 
h 436 

Mbtn b 4610 

Mhtn li 346 


Berllnsky Harris clothing 47 Bayard Mhtn 

h 357 Saratoga av 
M Harris liquors 166 McKibbln 
ii Harris meat 51 Moore 
Berlitz School of Languages 218 Livingston 
Berlowe Herman candy h 327 Marlborough rd 

ii & Valensky candy mfrs 82 Varet 
Berlowitz Dayld plumber 514 Bwick av h 551 

Bwick av 
ii Julius remnants 133 Chrystle Mbtn h 129 

Berman Abraham furniture 143 Watklns 
ii Abraham rags 126 Attorney Mbtn h 

287 Watkins 
ii Adolph cutter h 333 2d 
ii Anna mirrors 311 Bowery Mhtn h 565 

Centl av 
ii August salesman 497 N J av 
ii Benj elk b 583 Hendrix 
ii B tailor h 1050 DeKalb av 
.1 Geo agt h 155 S Elliott pi 
ii Harris glazier 1112 Fulton 
ii Harry fancy gds 66 Seigel 
n Harry liquors 744 Wasbn at 

ii Hy stationery 9204 3d av 
ii Herman realestate 242 Bway 

Marcy av 
n Isaac poultry 318 Johnson av 

n Isaac tailor 36 Meserole 
ii Isidor cloaks 26 Waverly pi Mhtn h 

1362 48th 
ii Jacob candy 477 Marcy av 
ii Jacob dry gds 82 Johnson av 
n Jacob tailor 543 Nostraud av 
ii Jacob I lawyer h 306 Pa av 
•i John mer 1888 Fulton h 922 
ii Julius clothier 414 Bway 

12th av 
ii Koppel carpr 6 E 8th 

n Leo a 607 Wilby av 
ii Louis elk h 486 Koscko 
ii Louis grocer h 1283 41st 
H Louis furrier h o02 Barbey 
ii Louis stationer 508 3d av h 527 Bwlck 

ii Max candy 567 3d ay 
ii Max M milk 479 Marcy av h 381 Sack- 

ii Morris clothing 34 W Houston Mhtn h 

1212 Beverley rd 
n Nathan husiery 39 Lispenard Mhtn h 135 

ii Philip cloaks 26 Lispenard Mhtn h 1334 

ii Saml carpr h 558 Lenox rd 
ii Saml clothing 662 Driggs av 
n Saml dry gds 296 5th av 
ii Saml fancy gds 1044 DeKalb av 
ii Saml Jeweler 1108 Mhtn av 
it Saml tailor 179 Court 
ii Selig mens furng 105 Fulton 
ii S L tailor 1475 60th 
ii Bros candies 567 3d av 
■■,& Bernstein poultry 318 Johnson ay 
ii & Jacobs Co h trimmers 51 Newport 
Bermann Hugo upholsterer 358 Tpklns av 
n Louis liquors 168 Lorlmer h 1485 De- 
Kalb av 
ii Max painter 330 5th av 
ii Saml tailor h 1243 41st 
ii & Fragow painters 330 5th ay 
Bermas Amelia wid h 89A Cooper 
ii Fredk E buyer h 445 Bainbrldge 
n Isaac M mfr h 1280 Hancock 
ii Lester W aect h 324 Halsey 
n Max bookkpr h 788 Macon 
ii Montrose cooper h 1258 Bwlck ay 
ii Sol wool 181 Franklin Mhtn h 385 

Bermel Cbas clothing 232 Marion 

n John tailor h 335 Crescent 
Bermingbam Francis H physician h 132 

Bermont Wolf cigars 1702 Bath av 
Bern Benj mer h 570 McDonough 

ii Geo baker h 99A Somers 
Bernard Archibald express h 502% 6th ay 
n Augustus A solicitor h 185 Schermer- 

n Ernest E h 1161 E 29th 
ii Frank shipwright h 340 2d av 
ii Geo lawyer h 482 Chauncey 
ii Harry plater h 502% 6th ay 
ii Jacob jeweler 32 Maiden la Mhtn b 75 



Jos painter h 747 41st 
Jos A manager h 626 Baltic 
Julia nurse h 423 Lincoln pi 
Lena feathers 873 Glenmore av 
L M eggs h 1077 Prospect pi 
Paul D salesman h 19 Wilby ay 
Taub liquors 138 3d av 
Theo F salesman h 818 Putnam ay 
Thos carpr h 339 E 8th 
Bernardt Hy turner 212 Pacific h 379 Bergen 
Bernath Berthold dry gds 835 Bway h 32 

Bernau Robt A liquors 162 Tpkins ay 

n Robt A salesman h 842 E 34th 
Bernauer E C physician h 860 Laf ay 
Bernberg Max tailor 114% Sumner ay h 19 
Lewis ay 
ii & Jacobson tailors 114% Sumner av 
Bernd Paul liquors 847 Union h 635 Park pi 
Berndt Reynold tailor h 440 6th ay 
Berneburg Christ elk h 11 Melrose 
ii Julius shoes 61 W 24th Mhtn h 36 Fur- 
man ay 
Berner A E h 824 Washn av 
ii Engelbert grocer 156 Wyckoff av 
ii Fredk N h 344 Van Slclen av 
ii Harry waters 44 Johnson av h 13 

ii Herman metals h 206 Maujer 
ii Herman trunks 34 Howard Mhta h 160 

ii H D & Winterbauer Co (inc) pumps 

563 Bwick ay 
ii John H painter 1197 St Mark's av 
ii Mary wid Fredk h 257 Schermerhorn 
ii Matthew mason h 395 Linden 
ii Max shoes 1037 Mhtn av 
ii Paul salesman h 536 Koscko 
ii Saml drugs 151 Ryway ay 
ii Wm salesman h 553 Laf ay 
ii & Anderson decorators 1295 Rogers av 
Berner-Kramer Drug Co 359 Franklin ay 
Berner-Schachter Drug Co 161 Rkway av 
Bernet Robt lithographer h 282 Himrod 
Bernett Fredk M ins h 723 Chauncey 
Bernhard Adolph stereotyper h 4606 4th ay 
ii Albert musician h 521 57th 
n Chas G Ins 166 Montague h 746 Lin- 
coln pi 
ii Danl bookkpr h 1188 Jef ay 
ii E h 159 Livingston 
ii Harry I attorney 277 Bway Mhtn tx 

1684 42d 
n Louis grocer 493 Knickr av 
ii Rubin tailor 118 Graham ay 
ii Saml ins h 994 Putnam ay 
ii Valentine livery 142 Union h 12 1st pi 
Bernhardt Abraham B milk 712 Hendrix 
ii Ada wid h 729 Monroe 
ii Adam h 804 Knickerbocker av 
ii Alfred printer h 226 56th 
ii Amanda h 951 Fulton 
ii Carl W manager 443 Atlantic ay 
ii Chas (est of) horseshoer 166 N 4th 
ii Chas machinist h 634 Union 
ii Chas musician h 19 Lewis ay 
ii Chas F carpr 132 3d Mhtn h 70 George 
ii Chas F turner h 1248 Sterling pi 
n Edwd carpr h 233 Ralph 
ii Geo mfr h 1005 Halsey 
■i Gustav h 453 42d 

n Hy woodturner 212 Pacific h 379 Bergen 
ii Jacob upholsterer 31 Cedar 
ii K W h 443 Atlantic av 
ii Lewis elk h 263 Covert 
ii Maria wid Hugo h 629 67th 
ii Morris elk h 1240 Snedlker av 
ii Philip h 1822 Av H 
ii Wm H chemist h 204 St Mark's av 
Bernhelm Alfred banker 780 Bway h 949% 

Greene ay 
Bernhelmer Hy grocer 294 S 2d 
Bemheisel Jas C restaurant 19 & 136 Wal- 

labout mkt h 700 Prest 
Bernhold E h 93 4th av 
Bernholtz Elizabeth dry gds 11S8 Nostrand 

Bern! Bros liquors 215 Held av 
Bernle Abraham supt h 66 2d pi 
Bernler Louis L manager 80 Broad Mhtn h 

665 10th 
Bernlkon Saml cigars 283 Evergreen av 
Bernlnger John S tea 17 Oakland 

n Justin dry gds h 212 Prospect av 
Bemius Andw signs 433 W 37th Mhtn h 
182 W 9th 
ii Jacob baker 396 5th av 

P < 

= o 5 

» =! 3 


o m > 

o H 

* CO 

— 30 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 Haln. 




350 Livingston St., Brooklyn, N. Y. S;^'^^ 

oc -= 





























ii John P wagonmkr 670 3d av h 242 ISth 
n Mlcbl tinsmith 21 Judge h 274 Devoe 
Bernkopf Isaac lawyer 1003 Bway h 912A 
Laf av 
ii Jacob If lawyer 1003 Bway 
Berumann Louis liquors 1485 DeKalb av 
gems Geo H vet surg 74 Adams h 260 82d 
,i Hy h 177 Pearl 
„ John H h 336 21st 
n Jos H h 110 Lefferts pi 
ii Wm H hay 175 Pearl h 177 Pearl 
ii & Atchison vet surg 74 Adams 
Bernstein Abraham agt h 18 Prescott pi 
H Abraham baker 350 Dumont av 
ii Abraham crockery 216 Essex h 22 Fol- 

som pi 
ii Abraham furs 25 Bleecker Mhtn b 1661 

Prospect pi 
ii Abraham metals 78 Throop av 
n Abraham realestate 26 Court h 340 

ii Abraham trunks 623 Myrtle av 
H Abraham H lawyer h 76 Pine 
ii Abraham S salesman h 501 58th 
., Abram carpr 227 Belmont av 
.. Adolf cutter h 1066 40th 
ii Albert delicatessen 10 Columbia pi 
■i Albert N h 835 Putnam av 
ii Alex A furs 57 E Bway Mhta h 5903 

17th av 
ii A Lincoln lawyer 215 Montague h 97 

Miller av 
■i A N realestate 758 Flushing av 
ii A Oscar lawyer 44 Court h 352 Wyona 
ii Benj paints 754 Grand 
ii B elockmkr 372 N J av 
n B liquors 74 Graham av 
ii Chas engraver h 158 Cornelia 
.1 David tailor 708 Washn av 
ii Edwd Jeweler h 454 Linwood 
n Ellas clothing 195 Mercer Mhtn b S09 

ii Gedaliah grocer 557 Stone av 
n Geo cutter h 1998 Dean 
n Harris L wagonmkr 19 Leonard 
ii Harry candy 931 DeKalb av 
ii Hy elk h 2129 Pitkin av 
ii Hy clothing 219 Greene Mhtn h 189 

ii Hyman candy 33 Meserole 
n Hyman furniture 164 Colombia h 1151 

n Hyman salesman h 1483 St Mark's av 
n Ida millinery 667 Bway h 48 Bartlett 
u Isaac meat 312 Wallabout mkt b 119 

M Isldor grocer 181 Division av 
n Isidor jewelry 143 Sands 
ii Israel b 601 Linwood 
ii Jacob furniture 160 Graham av b 882 

ii Jacob signs 38 Canal Mhtn b 76 Pine 
ii Jacob tailor 253 Bway Mhtn h 301 

ii Jacob tailor 86 Forsyth Mhtn h 69 Graf- 
ii Jas physician h 1361 46tb 
ii John L lawyer 5 Beekman Mhtn h 399 

Stratford rd 
ii Jos cigars 325 Franklin ar 
ii Jos liquors 293 Bwick av h 299 Bwlck 

ii Jos h 114 Melrose 
ii Jos novelties 57 Hope b 353 W 117tb 

ii Jos salesman b 1004 Gates av 
ii Jos N milliner 22 W 4th Mhtn b 704 

Wilby av 
ii Julius elk h 49A Wilson 
ii J stationer 277 Tpklns av 
n J R grocer 640 Bwlck av 
ii Louis dry gds 2129 Pitkin av 
■i Louis meat h 766 Greene av 
ii Louis meat 47 Sutter av 
ii Louis tailor 418 Rogers av 
ii Louis underwear 144 Orchard Mhtn b 

1754 Prospect pi 
ii L wagonmkr 19 Leonard 
n Max candy 1848 Bway h 850 Dumont 

ii Max cigars 17 Atlantic av 
ii Max painter 270 Hamburg av 
ii Max trunks 1160 Fulton 
I ii Max M realestate h 781 Laf av 
ii Meyer express 68 Selgel 
ii Mlchl realestate b 136 Crescent 




ii Morris furrier 7 Bleecker Mhtn h 1497 

St Mark's av 
.i Morris grocer 340 Rkway av 
n Morris tailor 55G Vandt av 
ii Morris tailor 27 Sunnier av h 276 Stock- 
ii Mos»-s h 114 Liberty av 
n Moses realestate 361 Stone av 
ii M stationery 154 Ralph av 
ii Nathan clothing 255 Greene Mhtn b 

278 S 4th 
ii Nathan realestate h 76 Pine 
ii Nathan tailor 394 S 3d 
it Nathan N cigars h 617 Classon av 
ii N h 928 Madison 
ii N & J realestate 2336 Pitkin av 
n Philip police h 364 Baltic 
ii P M 417 Grand 
ii Saml bristies 24 Osborn 
ii Saml crockery 452 Grand h 417 S 5th 
ii Saml furrier h 1228 40th 
ii Saml hatter h 1624 41st 
ii Saml liquors 293 Bwlck av h 192 Varet 
ii Saml shoes 179 Wyckoff av 
ii Saml tailor 623 DeKalb av 
ii Saml tailor h 191 Hoyt 
n Saml tailor 22 Lee av h 307 Throop 

ii Saml tailor 5217 5th av 
ii Saml tailor 77 Marcy av 
n Saml trunks 1160 Fulton 
ii Selig meat 173 Glenmore av b 116 

Liberty av 
ii Simon carpets 670 Bway b 49 Mhtn 

ii S poultry 360 Johnson av 
ii S stationer 324 Smith 
ii Theodore delicatessen 36 Tpklns av 
ii Wm extracts 155 McKibbln 
ii Wm fireman h 533 Wilby av 
ii Wm realestate 873 Park av 
n Wm skirt infr 102 Mhtn av 
ii W metals 76 Throop av 
ii Bros liquors 71 Cook 
n Bros tailors 708 Washn av 
n & Gordon furniture 164 Columbia 
Bernstrom Edwd draughtsman h 1587 Gates 

Bernth Autbony baker 5418 3d av 
Bero Louis H spinner h 72 Hemlock 
Berondka John tailor 197 Hamburg av 
Beronsky Morris clothing 109 Canal Mhtn b 

1650 East Pkway 
Berow A D physician h 139 Stockton 

ii Israel I drugs 4220 13th av 
Berqulst Adolph S civil eng 21 Park row 

Mhtn h 1571 47th 
Berra John A meat 5803 7th av 
Berrall Edwd S mer 150 Nassau Mhtn b 

922 8th av 
Berran Jos cigar mfr 737 1st av Mbtn b 727 

E 17th 
Berresford John H carpets 366 5th av Mhtn 

h 197 Van Buren 
Berri Herbert h 752 Ocean av 

ii Wm prest Washn h 467 Clinton av 
Berrlan Barbara wid Geo h 698 E 5th 
ii Chas M lawyer 111 Nassau Mhtn h 86 

Rockwell pi 
ii Charlotte wid Louis H h 480 Wilby av 
n Edwd electrician h 74 Hendrix 
ii Everett S produce 30 Wallabout mkt b 

281 McDonough 
ii Harrison H com mer 132 West av Wall- 
about mkt b 274 E 23d 
ii Isaac elk h 125 Ryerson 
ii John W lnsp h 74 Hendrix 
ii J Clayton produce 147 Wallabout mkt h 

544 Decatur 
n Louise wid Richd b 340 53d 
n Philip elk h 77 Lefferts pi 
ii Preston D com mer 188 Reade Mhtn h 

807 Union 
ii Walter B h 219 Rodney 
ii Wm rugs h 237 S 4th 
' ii Bros produce 30 & 147 Wallabout mkt 
Berrlck Coleman tailor 78 Montague h 285 
ii Morris tailor 78 Montague b 170 7th av 
ii Bros tailors 78 Montague & 386 1st 
Berrldge Jas agt h 900 A Madison 
Berrle Jeannle wid John h 112 Johnson 
Berrien Augustus elk h 345 Dean 

ii Chas paper ruler h 394 Koscko 
Berrler Jacob T engineer h 1113 38th 
Berrill Chrisr gardener h 242 9th 
ii P J truckman 52 Classon av h 31 Carl- 
ton av 




317 Washington St.. 





m » |D 

oa 2 ^ 




■< n 5 V 

as p • e 

«• 3g s 

< & 


tf ft z,*o 


6»H Z 
W o S fll 

* * tr_» 

2 f p to 

a c o ~ 

1 8-Po 

g * f 


-Lewis and Willoaghby Avenues, in the heart of Brooklyn- 

I o 

1 Z 

3 < 

I H 


h c 

u s 

H i 


j • 

D > 















h = 


ii DC i s 
U u o s 

Q m 


§ ° 

* u. 


4 > 





THat's the Place to Educate Your Boy 


Berriman BenJ H pictures 502 Court 
ii Hy shoes h 275 S 4th 
ii Nathan furng gds 17 Pitkin av b 691 
Berris Louis h 749 DeKalb av 
Berroth John C h 247 Grove 
Berry Abraham K shlpjolner h 633 49th 
ii Albert h 208 St Mark's av 
ii Albert carpr h 143 Classon av 

ii Albert machinist h 1362 Putnam av 

ii Alfred mason h 340 13th 

ii Annie wid Saml J h 471 11th 

.1 Arthur carpr h 544 Belmont av 

ii Arthur salesman h 5ti0 51st 

ii Beuj E h 538 Greene av 

ii Chas h 137 Quincy 

n Chas agt h 809 Classon av 

ii Chas carpr h 130 Clarkson av 

ii Chas dockbldr h 521 Baltic 

ii Chas laundry 20 Bergen b 561 Baltic 

ii Chas salesman h 194 Gold 

ii Chas jr engineer h 39 Hawthorne 

.. Chas A h 1937 83d 

ii Chas E ladders 56 Pa av h 30 Shef- 
field av 

ii Chas T (Rev) h 159 Ross 

ii Chas W physician 315 45th 

ii Edwd 233 Hooper 

n Edwd ice h 2140 Beverley rd 

n Edwd F engineer h 511 Rldgewood av 

ii Edwd F machinist h 1211 8th av 

ii Francis L stenographer h 201 Warren 

ii Frank A grocer 333 Henry h 176 Amity 

ii Frank D prest 45 E 17th Mhtn h Stand- 
ish Arms 

n F C & Co drugs 234 7th av 

ii Geo civil eng h 78 Morton 

n Geo C ins h 466 Nostrand av 

n Geo F insp h 825 E 12th 

ii Geo H h Rogers av c Maple 

n Geo W teller b 51 Chauncey 

ii Harris realestate h 531 55th 

ii Hy T dry gds 1359 Fulton 

ii Horatio decorator h 259A Clifton pi 

n Horatio C salesman b 251 Westminster 

ii Jas A elk h 414 54th 

ii Jas F draughtsman h 282 7th 

n Jas F pilot h 1504 Bedford av 

M John h 1115 Bergen 

ii John h 46 Rogers av 

ii John h 4320 3d av 

ii John engineer h 139 16th 

n John joiner b 101 Milton 

ii John lawyer 180 Bway Mhtn h 78 Mor- 

ii John D jeweler h 750 Decatur 

ii John D machinist h 738 St John's pi 

n John F realestate 375 Fulton b 140 St 
John's pi 

ii John H chef h 43 St Felix 

n John J printer h 486 Glenmore av 

ii Jos elk b. 128 4th pi 

ii Jos A sexton b 992 Wilby av 

ii Lawrence salesman h 382 Clifton pi 

ii LawTence J h 418 43d 

n Levi R baker h 297 Lex av 

n Louis candy 514 Fbusb av 

ii Marcellus F manager 65 Bway Mhtn h 
129 Lincoln pi 

ii Micbl J h 282 7th 

■i Oscar M elk h 71 Stuyt av 

ii Peter W police h 72d c 11th av 

ii Richard realestate 271 6th 

n Robt C printer 403 Smith 

ii R Lloyd elk h 546 Dean 

n Saml elk b 268 Halsey 

ii Saml J letter carrier b 6915 17fh av 

ii Sarah F wld Chas H h 754 Lincoln pi 

ii Sidney A plumber 638 Grand h 62 Con- 

ii Silas H librarian Bedford av e Madison 
h 331 Clifton pi 

ii Thos (Rev) h 131 Vermont 

ii Thos lawyer 128 Bway Mhtn h 790 Jef 

ii Thos stationer 469 Tpklns av 

n Thos F printer b 577 Decatur 

ii Vida M boarding b 1261 Pacific 

ii Warren R mer b 4609 4th av 

ii Wm mineral waters h 79 Ryerson 

ii Wm toolmaker h 1090 DeKalb av 

ii Wm H electrician h 1415 Bwlck av 

ii Wm J elk h 46 Rogers av 

ii Wm J Journalist h 739 East Plrway 

ii Wm J sec 85 Livingston h 1937 83d 

ii Wm W elk h 21 Newell 

n W Howard plumber b 760 MoDonongh 


M SS D realestate 186 Remsen h 61 Pierre- 
Berrye Mills E eandymkr h 424 loth 
Berryman Alex mason b 24 Lawlon 
ii John H carpr 227 Evergreeu av 
ii Wm nifr h 1151 Dean 
ii Wm salesman h 225 Evergreen av 
ii Wm R broker h 1421 75th 
Berscb Robt raincoats 125 Prince Mhtn b 

376 H 2d 
Berschatzky M bathB 72 Sebjel 
Berse Tinie neckwear 242 Laf Mhtn b 715 

Bersbad Nathan hats 165 Greene Mhtn h 359 

Bershatsky Michl realestate h 322 Pulaski 
Bersig Chas horseshoer h 573 Bergen 
Bersiu Albert civil eng h 2071 Pacific 

n Alex teacher h 185 Montague 
Bersnak Jacob cabinctmkr b 110 1st pi 
Berson Aaron fixtures 965 Myrtle av 
ii M piano tuner h 202 Snettield av 
Berst Chas F plumber b 294 Ashford 
Berstein Abraham grocer 187 Boerum 
ii Alfred u s n h 1257 44th 
ii Bernard h 124 Jef 
ii David painter h 1833 Prospect pi 
ii Elias stationer 5422 3d av 
n Julius printer h 417 S 5th 
ii Saml grocer 1990 Bergen 
Berster Geo N cigars 11 Court sq b 2093 

Bert Albert ins h 05 Kingston av 
Berta Edwd silks h 1209 Av R 
Bertelli Rlcardo bronze 275 Green b 20 W 

16th Mhtn 
Bertels Julia wid Richd h ISO Sumpter 
Berten Adolph eabinetmkr h 542 Ete6ex 
Bertges John furniture 261 Meserole 
Berth Chas polisher h 319 Marcy av 
Bertbaume Leo E> draughtsman h 20 Sidney 

Berthelon Richd salesman h 295 S 4th 
Berthelson Emil agt h 197 Hoyt 
Berthet Isldor embdr 767 Lex av Mhtn h 562 

Bedford av 
Berthias John chef h 92 Henry 
Berthoff Lillian wid Fredk h 589 Quincy 
Berthold Frank H engineer h 655 Koscko 
ii Mary wid Chas h 1136 Greene av 
Bertholf Chas E h 506 Gr:ind av 
ii Gilliam police h 287 14th 
ii Sarah C wid Jas H h 506 Grand av 
Berthond Geo watchmkr h 349 Hoyt 
Bertlboni Bruto salesman h 1415 71st 
Bertie Grace A wld James cigars 260 Bond 

ii John elk h 771 4th av 
Bertin Paul H h 1084 E 17th 
ii Rene L civil eng 33 W 32d Mhtn h 1812 
Av J 
Bertlne Geo sec 54 Wall Mhtn h 85 Halsey 

ii Pasquale D h 261 Clinton pi 
Bertinhal Peter plumbing h 65 Reid av 
Bertinl Frank photos 2349 Pacific 
ii Wm realestate h 375 6th av 
Bertles J tel opr h 400 Sackett 
Bertody Howard M dry gds h 1634 E 19th 
Bertolacci Alfred fruit 821 Fulton 
n Alfred & Co grocers 821 Fulton 
n John grocer 1461 Bedford av 
n Ralph grocer 1055 Bedford av 
ii Bros fruits 1055 & 14C1 Bedford av 
Berton Alice dressmkr b 787 Halsey 
ii Geo W plumber h 2S4 Bridge 
ii Louis cashier h 54 Hemlock 
,i Wm pilot 222 S 3d 
Bertoni P grocer 473 Humbt 
Bertram August meat 739 Liberty av 
ii A restaurant 704 Grind h 676 Grand 
n Clarence elk h 352 Bergen 
ii Ernest O liquors 407 Gates av h 401 

Gates av 
ii Ernest W machinist h 101 Pilling 
ii Hy birds 5507 5th av 
ii John sec 122 Chambers Mihtn h 1238 

ii John H to 10 St Andrew's pi 
ii Wm painter h 1077 Decatur 
ii Wm A artist 170 Nassun Mhtn t' 111 

Fort Greene pi 
ii Wm E 101 Pelling 
ii Zacbarlab h 445 Shepherd av 
ii & Voll liquors 405 Gates av & 821 
Rogers av 
Bertrand Jacob machinist h 377 S 3d 

n Leo printer h 199 S 4th 
Bertrans Otto manager h 30 Quincy 
Bertron Wm V foreman h 1376 Greene av 





o z M 

35 © 5 

m =j 3 

w 2 w 

o m > 

o -I 

g CO 

i 1 


The New York Business Directory for I860, under the heading Brush 
Manufacturers, gave the address of BRADLEY & SMITH, 251 Pearl 
Street. Trow's Directory for 1910 shows BRADLEY A SMITH 
JBlT THE 25.4MV1E 

tuoG^-raoiM I 

S i 

»- o 

< a § 

Z uj 





Bertsch Alfred 543 Ewaj Mhtn h 626 E 29th 
ii Andw h 162 Stanhope 
ii August h 316 Greenwood av 
ii Ebba wid Ross h 492 Monroe 
ii Emil brewer h 92 Cedar pi 
n 'Fredk meat 163 Stanhope 
ii Fredk C police t 8740 18th av 
n Gottlieb engineer h 1453 71st 
ii Hugo furrier h 232 Rodney 
ii Peter Co signs 464 Bway 
ii Win F signs 464 Bway h 16 St Charles' 
Bertscher Fredk pilot h 19 Granite 
Berube Jos elk h 4S6 3d 
Berulson Andw carpr h 1 2d pi 
Berutich Juan M hotel 102 E 15th Mhtn h 

1112 Beverley rd 
Berwald Emanuel elk h 972 Greene av 

n Jas express h 129 Waverly av 
Berwanger Chas h 36 India 
Berwick Cake Co 149 N 1st 

ii John W manager h 2181 Bedford av 
Berwin Abraham liquors 232 Union av 
ii Abraham L mfr h 175 Chauncey 
ii Gabriel A supt h 449 Jef av 
ii Knitting Mills 424 Balnbridge 
ii Sigfried mfr 180 Howard av h 424 
Berwind Louis grocer 92 S 8th 
Berwlng Cbas painter h 490 Marion 
Bery Edwd machinist h 634 57th 
Berz Chas delicatessen b 588 Itogers av 
ii Isaac meat 99 Scholes 
„ Julia wid Matthew h 826 72d 
Berzlck Saml lawyer 26 Court h Pitkin av c 

Stone av 
Berzy Aaron dottier 1551 Fulton 
Bescaroff Piano School 379 Lewis av 
Besch Carl A insp h 94 Milton 

H Caroline L nurse n 66 Montague 
Besdine Louis realestate 44 Court <h 410 
ii Morris 955 DeKalb av 
Besemer John O stonecutter h 9405 Fort 
Hamilton Pkway 
ii Win carpr h 272 Linden 
Besen Chas cutter h 343 44tn 

n Saml ins h 296 Suydam 
Beshlian Robt A garage 369 Fbush av ll 

142 Fbush av 
Besler Earnest blacksmith h 1300 Gates av 
Besmann Cbas salesman h 260 Melrose 
Besner Jacob J asst supt 367 Fulton h 432 
„ Jas ins h 432 Halsoy 
ii Nathan ins h 224 Linden 
Bessellevre E C h 7107 14th av 
Bessell Max tailor 966 Mhtn av 
Bessels Edgar C salesman h 452 80th 
Bessemer John cutter h 284 Grant av 
Besser Geo W foreman h 687 Monroe 

ii Isabella wid Geo h 800 Putnam av 

Besserer Fredk A jeweler h 95 Marion 

Bessey Geo elk h 345 Grand av 

n 'Hy printer 157 William Mhtn h 

ii Jra bookkpr h 329 12th 
n Jas M broker 66 Bway Mhtn h 
Bessier Chas H musician 2608 Atlantic av h 
677 McDonough 
ii Vetal pianos 2008 Atlantic av h 677 

ii V & Son pianos 2608 Atlantic av 
Bessier Ernest blacksmith h il300 Gates av 
ii John weaver h 435 Cleveland 
n RudolpOy meat h 860 Hart 
n Wm mfr h 976A Gates av 
Bessllng John E trucks 45 Howard Mhtn to 

182 Steuben 
Besson John h 338 Clinton 

i, W W h 1281 53d 
Best Albert painter h 285 Ashford 
n Allan grocer 55 Meserole av 

i, Etiwd h 1351 Bwick av 
ii George ice h 232 St Mark's av 
n Geo printer h 224 Sehaeffer 
ii Hartford ins b 1803 Albemarle rd 
ii Herman D sec U03 Park av Mhtn h 

E 19th 
ii Jas baker 500 Atlantic av h N J 
ii Jas Cracker Co 500 Atlantic av 
ii John h 44 Palmetto 
ii John C barber h 437 Balnbridge 



h 213 


Pictures^ Paintings 





■i Louis barber 44. Court h Homedest av 

n Av T 
n Lyman A principal Lin wood c Arlington 

h 947 Prest 
n Thos grocer 73 Sumpter 
ii Walter baker 500 Atlantic ay 
ii Walter jr bookkpr h 167 Bergen 
n Walter H elk h 566 Atlantic av 
n Walter J mineral waters h 705 Pros- 
pect pi 
ii Wm electrician h 289 Carlton av 
n Wm H mens fumg 1252 Fulton h 1208 

n W N mer 11 Bway Mhtn h 229 Ryerson 
ii W N American Calorific Co 643 Smith 
Bestenbostel Hermann wiginkr h 1048 Her- 
Eestcrman John F C Ice 193 33d 
Besthoff Fredk letter carrier h 1391 Jef av 

n Saml elk h 206 S 2d 
Bestick Frank printer h 379 S 3d 
Beston Annie wid John h 35 Granite 
ii Geo L broker 68 Broad Mhtn h ft Bay 

ii Geo W grocer h Bav 10th n Cropsey av 
ii Rafala S grocer 215 West Mhtn h ft 
Bay 10th 
Bcstrik Mary wid Francis grocer 67 Huron 
Besunder Max mer h 143 Hooper 
Beswick Albert electrician 272 Kent av h 
327 Rutland rd 
ii David elec supplies 272 Kent av h 604 

ii Thos motors 272 Kent av h 604 Halsey 
ii Bros electricians 272 Kent av 
Beta Geo plumber 779 Nostrand av 
ii Raphael fruit 254 Waslin Mhtn h 140 
Mhtn av 
Betcher Louis E weaver 160 Jamaica av 
Betes John tailor h 55 Dean 

ii Lawrence boilermkr h 57 Java 
Bethany Deaconesses Hospital 237 St Nicho- 
las av 
Bethel Chas elk h 242 Prospect Park W 
Bethesda Sanitarium 952 St Marks av 
Bethge Max manager h 1220 Park pi 
Bethke Gustav florist 151 Mhtn av 
Betbman Edwin watchmlcr h 202 St Nicho- 
las av 
Bethon Frank clgarmkr h 142 Sehaeffer 

ii Wm messenger b 1327 Jef av 
Betjemann John C grocer 230 Navy 
Betach Chas elk h 11 2d 
ii John F grocer 7 Beaver 
ii Lawrence h 441 Harman 
n Wm G L h 49 S Portland av 
Bett Martin engineer h 314 50th 
Bettallco A liquors 2 Watkins 
Bettcke John H tinsmith 582 Laf av 
Bette Chas elk h 546 51st 
Better Fred grocer 00 Debevolse 
Betterton Frank lawyer 160 Bway Mhtn h 

139 Henry 
Bettes Frank salesman h 1150 50th 
Bettinger Chas carpr h 107 Sheridan av 
ii Christian carpr 123 Hoehling 
ii Francis X (Rev) h 230 13th 
n Fredk jeweler b 292 Harman 
Bettman Isaac elk h 8733 20tb av 

ii Mortimer I salesman h 8635 20th av 
Betts Almira wid H Stebbius h 273 Put- 
nam av 
ii Chas elk h 460 6th av 
ii Chas H G plumber 148 E 18th Mhtn h 

885 Putnam av 
ii Elethla wid Jas h 803 Greene av 
n E R h 1263 Pacific av 
ii Farron S mfr h 1240 Pacific 
ii Geo A h 846 Prospect pi 
ii Geo A broker h 1.111 Dean 
■i Geo H elk h 110 Balnbridge 
ii Geo L stenographer h 391A McDonough 
ii Geo W ins h 98 Ross 
ii Harry F laundry 797 Franklin av h 779 

Franklin av 
ii Herbert K agt 1431 Bway Mbtn h 04 

Jef av 
ii John elk h 100 Ralph av 
ii John H lawyer 100 Bway Mbtn h 424 2d 
ii J Revbert extracts 29 Powers h 36 Con- 

ii Leland P music teacher h 391A Mc- 
ii Morris h 478 1st 
ii Norman elk h 1007 Decatur 
ii Robt supt 85 N 3d b Orange N J 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 


3 HI 

II a 

~ i b 
i» a 

a r*" 
■o - 

5 S t- 

69 5 s 


2 3* 


3 ¥2 



317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone, 3004 Main. 



De ** 2 





317 Washington St. 




ii Roland W h 692 St Mark's av 

ii Romeo T civil eng Pier A N River 
Mhtn h 191 Halsey 

ii Solomon liquors 2051 S6th 

k Wallace E h 442 Prospect av 

•i Walter S police h 501 E 29th 

ii Ward agt 461 Bway Mhtn b 23 Clin- 

ii Wm printer h 121 Clymer 

ii Wm stereotyper h 1002 Fbush av 

ii Wm teller b 885 Putnam av 

ii Wm H h 230 Prest 
Bettstadt Tbeo meat 320 Stuyt av h 868 

Betty Robt realestate 1218 3d av Mhtn h 

182 Wyckoff 
Betyeman Lewis elk h 207 Stuyt av 
Betz August fish 690 Grand 

ii Cbas foreman h 31 N J av 

n Cbas stenographer b 1285 St Mark's 

ii Chas waters h 409 S 4th 

ii Frank delicatessen h 55 Irving av 

ii Fredk elk h 1718 8th av 

ii Fredk upholsterer h 92d n 3d av 

ii Geo mason h 227 Wyckoff av 

ii Geo tailor h 172 Sumpter 

ii Hy physician h 165 Tpklns av 

ii John elk h 1441 Gates av 

ii John C undertaker 329 S 1st 

ii John J grocer h 93 Himrod 

ii John W tailor h 225 Marion 

ii Jos examiner h 12S5 St Mark's av 

ii Jos fruit 1670 Bway 

n Jos L police h 720 51st 

ii Jos W restaurant 160 Fulton h 849 

n Lawrence meat 575 Hamburg av h 1284 

ii Margt grocer 55 Irving av 

ii Maria wld Philip h 310 Monroe 

ii Max A baker 52 Montauk av 

n Oscar salesman h 360A Tpklns av 

ii Philip lithographer h 678 Carroll 

ii Wm cigar mfr 1169 Bedford av 

ii Wm dry gds h 49 S Portland av 

ii Wm lithographer h 1441 Gates av 

ii Wm tinsmith h 293 Harman 
Betzag John truckman h 28 Ten Eyek 
Betzel Louis candy 1635 Shore rd 

ii Simon foreman h 628 Halsey 

ii & Gaertner candy 1635 Shore rd 
Betzer Harry printer h 1300 Putnam av 
Betzold Louis liquors 466 3d av 
Beudert Mary wid Fredk h 338 Warwick 
Beuerman August F lithographer h 1101 

ii Frank O salesman h 740 Decatur 
Beulow Alfred collector h 256 Dean 
Beuman Wm elk h 1283 41at 
Beuning Hy supt h 161 Henry 
Beurcke Fred R H elk h 599 Prest 
Beuret Albert ironwkr h 185 Cornelia 
Beuscher Theo tailor 206 Melrose 
Beusmanrl Chas jeweler 337 Grand 

m Fred F grocer 1747 Fbush av 

ii Hy W bookkpr h 47 Pulaski 
Beuss Hy leather h 311 Palmetto 
Beutel Geo h 240 Penn 

M Robt J machinist h 120 Crystal 
Beutner John caudy 487 Ridgewood av 
Bevae Patrol System 471 Carroll & 157 21st 
Bevan Alfred mechanic h 403 Himrod 

ii Arthur salesman b 253 Clifton pi 

ii Arthur J elk h 299 13th 

ii Mary h 370 Adelphi 

ii Wm S eye shades 829 Gates av 
Beverldge Emma G vocal teacher h 65 7th 

ii Frnnk electrician h 421 Chauneey 

ii Goo buttons h 65 7th av 

ii Louis W realestate 4001 Fort Hamil- 
ton Pkway h 1269 48th 

ii Wm manager h West c 51st 
Beverly Emma F wid Geo h 513 Gates av 
Bevers Hy A delicatessen 46 Washn av n 

202 Wasbn av 
Bevler Chas & Co hotel 339 Bway 

ii Emma wid Chas h 818 Jef av 

ii I prest 989 Gates av 

n Louis C supt h 693 Macon 

ii Philip H h 212 Berkeley pi 
Bevinetto Jerome combs 825 Bway 
Bevlngton Chas E editor 24 Park pi Mhtn 
h 779 Monroe 

n Chas E insp h 879 Hancock 


Bevins Eliza W wld Granville I h 1224 Her- 
it Geo M painter h 497 6th av 
ii Max Spencer lawyer 299 Bway Mhtn h 

78 Hancock 
ii Stanley H lawyer h 78 Hancock 
Bevis Thos plumber h 156 14th 
Bevlln Tbos manager 111 Washn av 
Bevott Carson mfr h 69 Lincoln rd 
Bewley Ella wld Thos h 12G0 Decatur 
Bey Dederick H grocer 427 Court 

ii SIdky h 154 Bay 31st 
Beyard Eugene H h 396 Harman 
Beye Hy liquors 1488 Fbush av 
Beyer Albert J (Kev) h 197 Maujer 
n Albin Jr. civil eng ii 510 Warwick 
ii Anna employment 163 Graham av 
ii Anna wid Otto h 723 Hancock 
ii August F wines 225 Prospect park W 
ii August G h 49 Kenihvorth pi 
ii August G lawyer 45 Bway Mhtn h 1323 

Greene av 
ii Chas shoes 610 Wythe av 
. ii Chrisr machinist 581 Evergreen av 
ii Conrad baker 5009 3d av 
ii E drugs 254 Albany av 
ii Ferdinand A bookkpr h 79 Reld av 
ii Frank J designer h 95 Cleveland 
n Fredk printer h 1368 Putnam av 
ii Geo foreman h 14 Ten Eyck 
ii Geo meat 769 Fbush av h 16 Crooke av 
ii Geo sec 500 5th av Mhtn h 2500 New- 
kirk av 
i' Geo A realestate 444 Kuickr av 
ii Geo H salesman h 520 Madison 
ii Geo J asst see 1012 Gates av h 1112 De- 
ii Hy elk h 1440 Gates av 
ii Hy grocer Stewart av n Bay Ridge av 

h Stewart av n Ovlngton av 
ii Hy jeweler 29 Gold Mhtn h 498 5th 
ii Hugo cabinetmkr h 510 Warwick 
ii Jacob sashes h 499 Decatur 
n John elk h 20 Weldon 
ii John machinist h 848 Bwick av 
ii John machinist h 17C1 71st 
n Jos coal h 49th n 8th av 
ii Jos tailor h 25 Melrose 
ii Jos B salesman h Elmore pi n Av O 
ii J H h 474 Bainbridge 
ii Kilian h 803 Lincoln pi 
n Louis F police h 279 Crescent 
n Louis H bldr h 23 Wellington ct 
n Louis W cutter h 253 71st 
ii Mux liquors h 805 Union 
ii Max C police h 498 Prospect pi 
ii Meyer h 260 Vernon av 
n Otto designer h 94 Adelphi 
ii Otto ruler h 561 Crescent 
ii Philip meat 315 Court 
ii Wm delicatessen 399 Myrtle av 
ii Wm fur skin dresser 995 Met av 
ii Wm machinist 162 Evergreen av 
ii Wm meat h 23 Wellington ct 
ii Wm plumber 8736 18th av h 73d n 18th 

ii Wm printer h 619 Berriman 
ii & Heckert meat 1221 Fulton 
Beyerbacb Chrisr bookbiuder h 129 Palmetto 
Beyerle Chas lithographer b 227 Schaeffer 

n Jacob dress shields h 164 S 1st 
Beyerlein Hy delicatessen 487 5th av 

M Jacob tailor h 352 Melrose 
Beyers Annie wid Adam h 819 50th 
ii Jos agt h 522 11th 
ii Susanna wid Geo h 408 45th 
Beygran Fredk R h 794 Prest 

ii Paul h 796 Prest 
Beylich Otto engraver 112 Fulton Mhtn h 411 

Lo rimer 
Beynon Marie H nurse h 140 Ralph av 
Beyrer Chas W barber h 17 3d 
Beyreuther A Arthur grocer 407 Knickr av 
Beyseigel Philip grocer 1087 Liberty av 
Bezell Thos h 48 6th av 

Bezzenberger Jacobine wid Hy h 105 Etna 
Bliast Harry cigars 334 Atlantic av 
Biaginl Andw draughtsman h 111 Court 
Biagiotti Jos plaster 328 39th h 996 4th av 
Blalick Wolf cigars 801 Halsey 
Bialkln N cigars 13 Gpoiut av 
Bianchi Alex tailor 1000 Liberty av 
ii Angelo letter carrier h 428 57th 
it Chas stone cutter h 179 27th 
n Ermine G notary 61 Park rd Mhtn h 

179 27th 
ii Frank shoes 472 3d av 
n Geo barber 494 Grand 

*»j o 

SS 2 


STOKES: 519 and 1416 Fnlton .Street 


S47 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; 115 Park Bow, New York City, 

and 213 Bast 2 ltli Street, New York City 


Charlotte Fusse 
and Fancy Cakes 
used by countless 
millions. Try them 

Telephone at all Addresses 


UPINGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 


• H 














3 -*: 












•— < 








ae z 
uj o 







.c Henriclio drugs 413 Park av h 79 Taaffe 
Bianco Antonio realestate 383 Jay h 636 

ii Jos tailor b 153 Sklllman 

i. Paul elk h 1599 Dean 

ii De Giuseppe & Danzilo realestate 26 
ISianculli Jos grocer 411 Mhtn av 
Blanzana Emil artist h 3003 Clarendon rd 
tiiards Barhara wid Tbos h 1090 Pacific 
Biba Frank liquors 313 Havemeyer b 365 S 

Bibb Jobn E u s n b 594 Lincoln pi 
Kjbbins Mary J wid b 521 Herkimer 
Biliby Geo plumber 677 Atlantic av h 746 

Sterling pi 
Bible Patrick foreman b 91 Java 

" Patrick H b 1025 Lorimer 
Bibula Jacob grocer 328 Chester 
Bicbsel Albert elk h 1354 Bwick av 
Kick Albert bats 230 Grand b 649 Prospect 

ii Engelbert bottler 791 Bedford av h 829 
Bedford av 

ii Hy wallpaper 48 E 13th Mhtn h 486 

ii Louis K asst U S District Attorney 
Washn e Johnson b 701 Franklin av 

ii Morris salesman h 348 60th 
Bickard Geo oil h 155 Logan 
Blckel Ohas jeweler h 457 Chestnut 

M Wffl meat h 293 Devoe 
Blckenbach Edgar E physical director h 99 

Meserole av 
Blekerstaff Jobn manager 169 William Mhtn 
•h 327 E! 7tb 

ii Roland M salesman b 130 Halsey 
Bickerton Chas agt h 173 Atkins ay 

ii Danl painter h 38 3d 

ii David elk b 34 Bergen 

ii Wni J clothing 278 Bedford av 
Blckford Alfred contractor 16 Court 

n Cbas carpr h 488 Gates av 

ii Cbas R salesman h 286 Marlon 

ii Edwd E elk b 84 Montague 

ii Edwin N carpr h 200 Atkins av 

I. Edwin W elk h 227 96th 

ii H C teacher h 19 Halsey 

ii John L realestate 16 Court h 118 Qulncy 

ii Oliver machinist h 24 Georgia ar 

n Pembroke elk h 739 McDonough 

ii Wm N bookkpr h 70 Maple ct 
Blcking Geo E box mfr 595 Park av 

ii Jos E elk h 89 Nostrand av 
Blckley Alex H buyer h 2S9 Fenimore 

ii Ohas gilder h 589 10th 
Eickmann Theo M liquors 5724 New Dtrecht 

Bickmore F L teacher h 8 Grant sq 
Blcknell Albert elk h 567 10th 

ii Allen D music h 184 Adelphl 

ii Anna R dressmkr h 184 Adelphl 

ii Edwd A machinist h 358 Clifton pi 

,i H M h 212 881h 

ii Leavltt G machinist h 1040 Bedford av 

i, S Helena b 142 Columbia hgts 
Bk-o Jos b 1465 67th 
Biddison Edwd D elk h 8312 12th av 

ii Saml M broker 116 Nassau Mbtn b 8312 
12th av 
Biddle Eugene C wagons b 431 Sterling pi 

., Kerlin I ins h 250 N Y av 

ii Tims W wallpaper 7 Bainbrldge 

ii Wm machinist h 348 Marlon 

.. Wm C b 109 Laf av 
Biddlecombe Cbas C engineer h 379 Jerome 
Biddy C Howard aect 28 Fulton h Wood 

Ridge N J 
Bldeuu Alfred elk h 470 Miller av 

ii Gaston engineer h 176 Marlon 

., Maxim carpr 13th av c 39th 

.1 Win smith 102 Lewis Mbtn h 258 St 
Nicholas av 
Biderman Bernard umbrellas 6 Llspenard 
Mhtn h 1214 41st 

., Morris umbrellas 297 Church Mbtn h 139 
Bldgoofl V elk h 77 Vermont 
Bldstrup Jens F electrician 26 Frankfort 
Mbtn h 46 Jerome 

n Martin machinist b 26 E 3d 
Bidwell Clins T h 11 Park pi 

ii Jas E stevedore b 74 Green 

.. Wm F dentist 210 S 8th h 67 Morton 
Lie Emil h 311 Wasbn av 

Bedford Riding Academy 

Cor. Bedford and Atlantic Avenues 
Telephone Call, jfy [ Bedford BROOKLYN, M. T. 



ii Jnell Jeweler 237 Columbia h 98 1st pi 
Blebel John furrier b 754 49th 
Bleber Gerson realestate h. 116 Vernon av 

ii Jos liquor h 202 Lenox rd 

n Saml stonecutter h 377 Saratoga av 

ii Solomon tailor h 1203 40th 

ii Wm realestate 116 Vernon av 

n Wm supplies 688 Flushing av h 130 
Tpklns av 
Biebrich C A h 120 Covert 
Blechele Chas salesman h 478A Decatur 

ii Cbas A salesman 215 Montague 

■• Edgar E ceilings 18 E 42d Mhtn h 434 
Biedenbapp C h 27 Hiinrod 
Blederman Augustus E b 30 Vernon av 

ii Leopold dyer 1546 Madison av Mhtn b 
5213 5th av 

n Louis elk h 1076 Halsey 
Bledermann Adolph cloaks r 180 Suffolk 
Mbtn b 217 Graham av 

ii August tobacco 72 Tpkins av h 531 
Wilby av 

n Louis artist 61 Park row Mhtn h Miller 
av n Highland Boulevard 
Bledinger Jobn delicatessen 192 Hamburg av 
Biefer John engraver h 256 St Mark's av 
Biefsky Sol furs 31 W 8tb Mhtn h 1350 42d 
Bleg Hy mason h 183 Etna 

ii Hy pottery 48 Wallabout h 795 Bedford 

ii Hy A h 359A Flushing av 

ii John F mfr h 1111 Dean 
Biegen Hy painter h 1395 Gates av 

ii Peter furrier h 177 Maujer 
Bieger Jacob tailor b 1362 St Mark's av 
Blegfeld Herman elk h 239 N Y av 
Biegner Chas fish 154 Nassau av b 79 Newell 
Biehl Fredk prest 413 W 51st Mhtn h 284 

Blehler Hy electrician h 1000 Hart 
Biehusen Christina grocer 591 Cent av 

ii Gustave grocer 377 Marion 

ii Herman R grocer 119 4th av 

a John H grain 603 Warren 
Blel Walter J elk h 385 S 3d 
Biele Emil realestate 5312 3d av h 5314 2d 

Blelek Jos delicatessen 701 Bedford av 
Blelenberg Cath wid Hy h 999 Laf av 

ii Hy salesman h 5410 6th av 

ii John agt 527 W 29th Mbtn h 89% 
Stuyt av 

ii John H elk h 999A Laf av 

ii Wm asst sec Franklin av c Montgomery 
b 389 16th 
Bieler Jos Ironworks 137 Melrose 

H Saml machinist h 108 Martense 
Biell Raffaele restaurant 53 Havemeyer 
Bieling Alfred C wugonmkr 210 Stuyt av 

ii E Robt wagonmkr 90 Jamaica av 
Blelltz August painter h 415A 17th 

ii Bernhard D salesman h 429 37th 
Biello Rapbaclo grocer 214 N 8tb 
Blelstein Fredk supplies 490 Bwick av h 80 

Biem Beuj jackets 34 Goerck Mhtn h 577 

Ralph av 
Blemer Chas grocer 605 Hamburg av b 211 

ii Frank J printer h 622 Bainbrldge 

ii John V shoes 1773 Bway 
Bien Jos L elk h 2415 Pitkin av 
Bienbeck Chas grocer 379 Bway b 266 Penn 

ii & Landsberg grocers 311 Court & 379 
Bienenfeld Albert jeweler h 96 Linwood 
' n Chas lawyer 98 Graham av h 852 Greene 

n & Avrutls lawyers 98 Graham av 
Bienenstock Morris liquors 5601 3d av 

ii M realestate 1230 38th 

ii & Sherman liquors 708 5th av & 5601 
3d av 
Blenstock Nathan paper 80% Ludlow Mhtn 

h 78 S 8th 
Bier Chas elk h 217 Dltmas av 

ii Cbrlsr J bookkpr h 397 Linden 

ii Geo cablnetmkr h 174 Kent 

■i John cablnetmkr h 174 Keut 

ii John meat 202 Ralph av 

ii Max stamps h 1464 Bedford av 

ii Ottilie laundry 5 McDougal 
Bleracb Edwd AV h 07 Granite 
Blerbach Chris bookbinder h 129 Palmetto 
Blerbauer Bruno W physician 47 Plerrepont 
Bierbiebler Mlehl machinist b 314 Heap 

George H. Willers, Proprietor 


O "o 

> o 

-4 < * 

• in H 

« z r 

« c > 

e m z 

3 ° 

a > 

§ < 

5 XI 

S C 

3 n 




























Prospect Park Branch 
Flatbush and Ocean Avenues 

TELEPHONE ^ 4W at Flatbush 

Gatberwoob Samud ° ur . r ' 

PHH.ADEI.PH1A. New Yor|< Cjtyj N> ^ 


g < £ 

S J "9 





£ z {< 

=1 £ * 

9 ^' S 

S < v 

° z o 

§ £ 

£ u 



Bierce Arthur O printer b 89 Pineapple 
Bierck Emery lmpr 874 Bway Mhtn h 475 
Franklin av 
n R V h 475 Franklin av 
Bierds Chas T realestate 1805 Fulton b 294 
Grand av 
ii Francis P carp h 1099 Pacific 
n Wm elk b 1113 Sutter av 
Bierei Margt wid August b 298 Linden 
Bierer Abram tailor 58 Spring Mbtn h 672 

Park av 
Biererman Leopold dyeing 5213 5th av 
Bierlein Fredk R express 230 Hamilton av h 
418 Clinton 
ii Gustav cooper fa. 207 Hall 
Blerman Mark realestate b 303 Howard av 
Biermann Amelia wid Geo b 1125 Decatur 
ii Deidricb P public acct 133 Park row 

Mhtn h 340 E 18lh 
n John ironwkr b 224 Liberty av 
ii J liquors 115 Fountain av 
ii Wm undertaker 225 Hamburg av b 229 
Hamburg av 
Biermeyer Frank meat 311 5th av b 408 3d 
Biernbach Louis fruit 1029 Washn av Wall- 
about mkt h 98 Ellery 
Bierubaum Jos furs 10 N Bway Mhtn h 720 

Bierne Jos X salesman h 499 Vandt av 
Biers John W liquors 337 Van Siclen av b 
360 Montauk av 
n Micbl J manager h 524 Chauncey 
Biersack Ohas oper h 1329 Halsey 
Bierschenck Chas M earpr 239 Gpolnt av h 
78 Conselyea 
.. Philip bldr h 668 East Pkway 
ii Wm collector h 1001 Halsey 
Bierwirth John H machinist h 281 Rutledge 

ii Julius C physician 253 Henry 
Bies John S elk h 377 Grove 
Biesautz Otto elk b 504 E 5th 
Biesecker Burton H butter b 329 Stuyt av 
ii John S supplies 59 Murray Mbtn h 105 
Biesel Wm unuertaker 1919 Fulton 
Bieser John CTpr 532 Bwick av 
Bieshunskv Abraham liquors 539 Scbenck av 
Biesterfeldt Herman b 84 4th pi 
Biettendorff Albert draughtsman b 740 De- 
Biffar Bernard J realestate 21 Park row Mhtn 
h 9SV& Lewis av 
ii Bernard T photos 1846 Bway h 177 Ver- 
non av 
Biffl Wm T roofing 339 Fbush av & 10 Wind- 
sor pi h 377 Prospect av 
Bigby Wm S machinist 265 Wvckoff h 197 
ii & Co machinists 265 Wyckoff 
Bigelow Chas dentist 472 Fulton h 485 Laf av 
ii Plus A carpetlayer h 342A Balnbridge 
ii Derwent h 14 Irvlngton pi 
ii Edwin H acct 30 Broad Mhtn h 624 

E 21st 
ii Edwin .W treasr 143 Chambers Mhtn h 

10 Schermerhorn 
ii Elliot prest 7 E 20th Mhtn h 52 Sidney 

n Elliott Jr woolens 7 E 20th Mhtn h 52 

Sidnev pi 
.1 Harry R elk h 45 E 10th 
ii John h 1068 Putnam av 
n Jos W tutor h 142 Wilson 
n Tbeo S agt h 103 S Oxford 
ii Wllloughbv C manager 9 Murray Mhtn h 
904 St John's pi 
Bigert Jos M foreman h 35 Forrest 
Blggam Wm H physician h 1197 Dean 
BIggan Jus boilermkr h 296 S 3d 
Biggane Martin J (Rev) h 173 Garfield pi 
n Martin L bookkpr h 173 Garfield pi 
n Patrick H insp h 598 Koscko 
BIggar Cath wM Matthew h 384 Lex av 

ii Walter C acrt h 65 Midwood 
Biggart Geo ins 1037 Gates av h 301 Sum- 
ner av 
,, Geo F realestate 1037 Gates av h 301 

Sumner av 
ii Jas h 301 Sumner av 
Bigger Press printers 1032 Laf av 
n Wm B printer h 385 Koscko 
ii Ta G printer 10** Laf av h 385 Piilaskl 
Blggert Thos depy h 163 Park av 
Blgget John A liquors Jersey City N J h 675 

Vandt av 
Biggie Louis J machinist h 486 7th av 
Elggln Andw steamfltter h 141 Essex 
n Christopher steward h 40 Wyona 


Blggio Ernest h 1055 E 7th 
Biggs A J h 37 Ashland pi 

ii Chas H mer h 58 Doscher 

n Edwd E trucks 99 Franklin Mhtn h 341 
S 3d 

ii Frank salesman b 19 Prospect pi 

ii Geo Jr elk h 750 58th 

ii Helen M' boarding Sea Gate 

ii Hy bookkpr h 25 Jerome 

ii Hy salesman h 301 Hewes 

n John A salesman h 121 Van Buren 

ii Mary E wid Jeremiah h 425 St Mark's av 

,i Richd oysters h Av K n E 95th 

ii Thos R elk h 14 Prospect pi 

ii Wm liquors Canarsie shore 

ii Wm H police h E 96th n Flatlands av 
Bigham Fredk engineer h 250 Schermerhorn 
Biglen John liquors 183 Water h 191 Johnson 
Bigler Jacob tailor 155 Suffolk Mhtn h 179 

Bigley Chas B mer h 104 Park pi 

ii Richd pilot h 313 6th av 

„ Wm police h 313 6th av 
Biglin Isabelle wid Thos h 2617 E 26th 

ii Thos N surveyor h 77 State - 
Biglow Chas J agt b 1166 Sterling pi 

n John It supt h 11G6 Sterling pi 

n Lucius H Jr stationer 62 Broad Mhtn h 
12C7 Pacific 
Bigmau Oscar liquors 456 DeKalb av 

ii Saml elk h 456 DeKalb av 
Bigoney Edwd F salesman h 198 E 7th 

n Wm F buyer h 19S B 7th 
Bigongiari D asst tutor h 131 Sands 
Biguin Chas elk h 354 E 2Sth 

„ Christian boat capt h 362 E 28th 
Biherman Geo plumber h 552 N J av 
Bihl Wm sawmill 554 Hamilton av h 97 

Prospect av 
Blhler Jos baker h 58 Stockholm 
Bijou Hotel 22 Smith 

,i Theatre 28 Smith 
Bikoff Saml lawyer 54 Canal Mhtn h 1667 

Pitkin av 
Bikzo Micbl grocer 125 Kent av 
Bilawsky Jacob cigars 1799 Fulton 
Bilello Pibillp barber 6S Sumner av 

ii Philip optometrist 18 Jef 

a Thos shoes h 360 Midwood 

ii Tlhos W mechanic h 633 DeKalb av 
Biles Horatio H engraver h 370 Park pi 
Bilheimer Thos salesman h 120 Bay 17th 
Bill Alfred D housemover h 101 Koscko 

ii Francis X leather 25 MeDougal 

ii Herbert E agt 127 Duane Mhtn h 678 
Marcy av 

ii Jos liquors 98 'Wyekoff av 

ii Jos A supt 256 Maujer (h 45 Orient av 
Billard Hy Y manager h 368 Throop av 

,i Herbert W lusp 367 Jay h Bklyn Hills 
Queens Bor 

ii Isaac G manager h 326 Macon 

i, Wm realestate 193 Montague h 123 St 
BiUer Frank J detective b 341 Liberty av 
Bllleri John shoes b 179 N J av 
Billet Lena crockery 927 DeKalb av 

ii L & Co hat frames 1070 DeKalb av 

n Bros hat frames 935 DeKalb av 
Billhardt John F elk h 119 Moffat 

ii Philip reporter b 128 Suydam 
Blllhoff Helena wid Conrad h 25 Dewey pi 
Billlch Wilhelmina wid Fredk h 132 Park pi 
Billln Eugene P bookkpr h 1446 4Sth 
Billing A W physician h 239 85th 

ii Caroline nurse h 366 Jerome 

ii Robt wagons :115 Jamaica av 
Billingham Frank elec eng h Cropsey av c 
Bay 20th 

■i Percy L bookkpr h 215 B 23d 
Billingbelmer Jos elk (h 714 Washn av 

ii Max M manager fa 447 43d 

ii Theo cigars .191 Reid av h 183 Reld av 

ii T F h 2032 85th 

n Victor cigarmkr 191 Reld av h 183 Reid 
Billings Anna G wid Wm h 1845 Bergen 

ii Atta P wid John I fa' 166 Schermerhorn 

n Chas A manager Provost c Paldge av 
h Flushing L I 

ii Ohas D electrician h 94 Kenllwortb pi 

n Chas H salesman h 155 DeKalb av 

ii Edwd elk h 239 Emerson pi 

a Edwd C lawyer 373 Fulton b 120 State 

n Edwd H elk h 12 Kingston av 

ii Eupbemla wid Jos N h 449 Lex av 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 




S SI* 

P < 

5 = 

= <= 

o z s 

* S m 

w 2 *» 

o m > 

o H 

* CO 

i 1 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 naln. 



UPINGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 3(7 Washington Street, Brooklp 

Telephone 3004 Main 


O o 







M Geo S lawyer 44 Court h 27 S Portland 

ii Geo W truckman li 1440 Fbush av 

ii Geo W Jr ins 141 Bway Mhtn li 1440 
Flmsb av 

n Jos X broker it 430 St John's pi 

ii Lawrence liquors 760 3d av 

n Lawrence A liquors 530 Clinton 

ii May wid Auselm H lace curtains h 262 

ii Pipe Bender Co 390 Decatur 

., P elk h 1440 Fbush av 

ii Saml H ins h 195 Euclid av 

ii Sarah E wid Andw h 538 Mansfield pi 

ii Theo M elk h 12 Kingston av 

ii Win H elk h 205 Carroll 

ii Win H letter carrier h 28 Wyckoff 

ii Win R sec 95 Liberty Mhtn h 36 Mon- 
roe pi 

ii & Norden liquors 124 Beard 
Bllllngsley John A (Bev) L- 446 Macon 
Billlngton Charlotte dressmkr 465 Sumner 

n Edwd J elk h 157 10th 

a Geo printer h 699 Lex av 

ii Feter elk in 373 Arlington av 
Billinan Hy cashier 33 Grand h 824 Lincoln 

ii Win elk h 532 Koscko 
Billmyer Fred maehinist h 236 Covert 

ii Willoughby L stenographer n 116 Rod- 
Billo Geo H supplies 82 John Mhtn a 994 

Bwick av 
Billups Geo engineer tb 2050 Dean 
Billwiller Chas J mech eng h 115 Montague 
Billy Mary dry gds 456 Atlantic av 
Bilsky Aaron plumber 2257 7th av Mntn ih 

202 S 1st 
Blitz Andw R ih 141 Lefferts av 
BIlz Chas salesman h 355 7th av 
Blmberg Alex J mer 262 Canal Mhtn h 264 
Garfield pi 

ii Louis J mfr Mhtn h 376 Sterling pi 

ii Thos C engineer h 376 Sterling pi 

a Thos R mfr b 264 Garfield pi 
Bindel Ben] grocer 1751 St John's pi 
Binder Adam bolognamkr h 160 20th 

n Adolpn elk n 200 15th 

ii David laundry 4022 5th av h 617 4th av 

ii Geo earpr h 187 Stanhope 

ii Hy saw filer h 290 Himrod 

ii Israel tailor 592 Bwick av 

ii Max awningmkr h 253 Moffat 

ii 'Max tailor 81 Montrose av 

ii Michl furrier h 111 E 3d 

.1 M supt h 237 St Nicholas av 

ii Rlchd C R manager 1619 Bway Mhtn h 
Hotel St George 

ii Russell T agt n 234 E 8th 

ii Wolf cigars 4018 5th av 
Bindernagel Wm cutter h 208 Woodbine 
Blndewood John earpr h 215 Freeman 
Bindhardt Annie wid Geo h 397 17th 

ii Rlehd A paints 13 6th av Mhtn h 897 
Bindley John B manager h 407 4th 
Blndrlm August blacksmith 66 N Henry h 
95 N Henry 

n Eva M dressmkr u 165 Qulncy 

ii Eva V wid Julius n 366 Greene av 

n Geo F salesman h 682 Evergreen av 

n Jos grocer 60 Meeker av 

ii Julius Jr bicycles 1051 Bedford av h 
257 Lex av 
Bindrum Hy C elk h 1379 Gates av 

ii Robt phvsieian h 189 Cooper 
Binfleld Albert printer h 324 Eldert 
Bingberg Edmund salesman h 358 Dean 
Blngel Anna wid August h 139 S 9th 

ii Chas W pianos 1810 Fulton h 214 Marlon 

ii Hy C chemist h 189 Buffalo av 
Blngener John W salesman h 126 Prospect pi 
Blngert Jacob ironwkr h 920 Hart 
Bingham Arthur J painter h 216 16th 

ii Chas T sugar 130 Front Mhtn h 1284 

ii Edwd printer h 464 Prospect av 

ii Elizabeth wid Chas E 370 Douglass 

ii Elizabeth N chiropodist h 228 Fbush av 

ii Frank J designer h 200 Lefferts av 

i. Gabrlella C wid Alondo E h 275 Halsey 

ii G M h 1268 Pacific 

a Jas C realestate 189 Montague h Amity- 
ville L I 

ii Jos A salesman h 150 Schermerhorn 

ii Mary G h 275 Halsey 


a Theo C elk h 370 Douglass 

ii Wm elk n 227 Union 

ii Wm T dry gds h 376 Adelphi 

ii & Fitzgerald Co (inc) realestate 189 
Montague & Amityville L I 
Blngle Francis grocer 169 Columbia 
Blugstroni Leonard earpr h 527 Logan 
Binhold Frank W elk h 508 N'ostrand av 
Bini Antonio musical insts 1065 DeKalb av 

ii Jos gralner 1065 DeKalb av 
Biukovitz Morris mer 50 Worth Mhtn h 446 

Binkss C Alfred engineer h 874 72d 
Binley Wm jr naval architect h 842 Clas- 

son av 
Binn Carl elk h 792 Prest 
Bluuey Wm J rail mfr Kent av c Rodney h 

121 Penu 
Blnney-Godfrey Co (lne) Iron 631 Kent av 
Binnie A W h 302 Clinton 

ii Thos stonecutter h 452 6th av 
Binning Roland broker 854 Driggs av 
Biunlnger Ernst h 560 74th 

ii Hy O jr provision h 4718 5th av 
Binns Geo chemicals h 140 Kent 

a Geo J elk h 3522 Av H 

•i Jas D brasswkr h 122 Nostrand av 

n Jos chemicals h 354 Ocean av 

ii Julian hatter h 3522 Av H 

ii Sarah I wid David W h. 865 St Mark's 

ii Wm A B electro plater 28 Johnson av 
h 272 Bwick pi 
Binny Jas earpr h 366 Hooper 
Binswanger Jacob supt h 1652 42d 

ii Simon marble Gravesend av c 22d av 

n & Goldsmith monuments Gravesend av 
c 22d av 
Bint Hv elk h 438 44th 
Biny Edwd h 792 Prest 
Binzer Chas baker 4222 8th av 

ii Hy bormkr h 1205 Gates av 
Blondo Fllippo undertaker 142 Hamburg av 
Biork Fredk machinist h 676 58th 
Blot Gustav E printer h 468 7th av 

ii John painter h 963 DeKalb av 

ii Jos G meat h 633 Vandt av 

ii Julia wid Jos h 880 St John's pi 

ii Peter florist h 722 Sackett 
Birch Chas B collector h 170 Skillman 

ii Forbes S Ins h 170 Skillman 

ii Geo J earpr h 70S McDonough 

ii Geo L elk h 232 Bainbridge 

n Geo W electrician h 8 Polhemus pi 

a Geo W ins h 537 Putnam av 

ii Gustave B machinist h 242 Prest 

ii G Birger machinist 57 Poplar h 735 Car- 

a Isaac R shoes 132 Duaiie Mhtn h 160 St 

ii Jas C machinist h 341 59th 

n John W woolens 5 W 18th Mhtn h 8 
Polhemus pi 

ii Mathilda wid Jacob M u 416 50th 

■i Otto G h 52 1st 

ii Philip manager h 6821 16th av 

a Win weigher h 52 1st 

ii Wm E manager h 1368 Bay Ridge av 
Blrchall Geo polisher h 59 Lincoln pi 

ii Geo H elk h 649 Prospect pi 
Blrehard Harry S Ins h 15 Cooper 
Bircher Albert detective h 106A Hull 
Blrehland Fredk machinist h 1017 8th av 
Birchman Wm painter h 1452 71st 

ii Willis painter h 737 58th 
Birchmore Woodrldge H physician h 163 Ful- 
Bird Andw T salesman h 890 Greene av 

n Annie M millinery 411 55th 

ii Augusta h 379 Hancock 

ii Bernard elk h 19 4th av 

ii Chas earpetlayer h 607 Koscko 

ii Edgar C advertising 45 Bway Mhtn h 
233 Hancock 

ii Elizabeth C wid Cornelius h 234 Carl- 
ton av 

ii Elizabeth M wid h 306 Fenimore 

ii Francis H asst foreman h 334 Throop av 

ii Fred C teacher h 142 Union av 

ii Geo salesman h 116 Cooper 

■i Geo W h 57 Chauncey 

ii Herbert S chemist h 486 E 8ti 

ii Iscam salesman h 224 72d 

ii Jacob oper h 1671 86th 

ii Jas stevedore h 207 Green 

■i Jas D elk h 72 S Elliott pi 

ii Jas R physician h 379 Washn av 

ii Jas S liquors 5th av c 24th 



317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. Telephone, 3004 Main. 








-n— ; 

n — 
r vi 

o S 

Z 3" 



'."I PI 










317 Washington St. 








ii Jas W contractor h 274 44th 
n John foreman h 1076 Rogers av 
ii John J depotmaster h 4G0A 17th 
ii Jos candy h 291 15th 
ii Jos H h 486 -B 8th 

ii Louise A wid Wm H h 250 Greene av 
n Lucy wid Archer h 431 Wnverly av 
ii Mai-gt wid Matthew h 409 Warren 
ii Nathan H livery 880 Qulncy h 990 Put- 
nam av 
ii Nicholas grocer h 97 Sandford 
ii Peter A truckman 215 Mercer Mhtn h 

512 5th 
ii Peter B prest 90 West Mhtn h 360 

Washn av 
,i Philip A attendant h 447 45th , 
ii Robt elec eng li 1120 Hancock 
ii Theo restaurant h 1630 19th av 
M Theo L supplies 96 John Mhtn h 315 Jef 

ii Thos plumber h 308 R R av 
ii Thos truckman 215 Bond 
n Thos P tailor h 135 28th 
ii Wallace ins h 1336 Hancock 
ii Wm H foreman h 334 Throop av 
n Wm H plumber h 122 Ashland pi 
ii Wm H exporter 29 Bway Mhtn b 210 

St James' pi 
ii Wm J elk h 308 R R av 
ii W H h 247 Gates av 

Blrdsall Albert T physician h 521 Clinton av 
ii Amos L sexton h 272 Franklin av 
ii Claude H salesman h 1445 57th 
ii Danl realestate 317 Bway Mhtn h 58 

i, Elizabeth W wid Hiram L h 416 Hal- 

ii Ernest W h 55 Pineapple 
ii Prances S wid Thos H h 193 Bergen 
n Fiank elk h 181 S 8th 
n Frank florist Mhtn h 55 Pineapple 
ii Frank B h 736 St John's pi 
■i Hy Y elk h 1155 Lincoln pi 
ii Horatio H h 835 Quiney 
ii H adjuster h 736 St John's pi 
ii H B h 1045 E 35th 
ii Jas W baker h 561 Macon 
ii Paul A painter h 479 Gates av 
ii Sib 916 Prospect pi 
ii Wm F buyer h 5805 4th av 

Birdsell J Frank asst sec 181 Montague h 
Richmond Hill L I 

Birdy Wm elec eng h 295 DeKalb av 

Biren Hy S Jeweler 1742 Bway 
n Simon jeweler 1742 Bway 

Blrenbaum Isidor furs 35 E 9th Mhtn h 366 
Ala av 

Birge Geo tanks h 1207 8th av 

Birgel H F lithographer 21 Cliff Mhtn h 839A 
Greene av 
„ H F h 1489 Union 
ii John C bookkpr h 516 Van Buren 

Blri Jacob elk h 196 MIddleton 
ii Wm mechanic h 1276 Madison 

Birk Danl.E elk h 525 Lex av 
ii Fredk electrician 2182 Fulton 
ii Fredk phonographs h 16 Olive pi 
ii Fredk restaurant 24 Fulton Mhtn h 
159 Grand 

Blrkel Hy collector h 547 10th 

BIrkeland Louise nurse h 4802 4th av 

Birkemeier Jos h 437 Stanhope 

Birken Israel liquors 274 East N T av 

Blrkenfeld Max elk h 189 Covert 

Birkenkopf John h 908 Laf av 
ii John S printer h 75 Palmetto 

Blrkenthal Helen teacher h 373 Ralph ay 

Birkett Darnell elk h 382 3d 
ii Hy M insp h 492 Chauncey 
ii Jas R surveyor h 556 Laf av 
ii John collector h 556 Laf av 
ii Wm H supplies 68 Myrtle av h 1645 
N Y av 

Birklnshaw Ada K millinery 459 Grand h 
301 S 5th 
ii Hy K milliner 293 Grand h 301 S 5th 

Birkland Wm N delicatessen 608 5th av 

Birkle Edwd treasr 565 5th av h 1521 Bev- 
erley rd 
•i Hy elk h 179 Hoyt 

Blrkman Bernard leather gds 42 S 6th h 549 

Blrkner Chas bookkpr h 155 Covert 

Blrman Jacob M lace 44 Av A Mhtn h 117 

Birmberg Max bldr h 1651 East Pkway 

Birmingham Alexis music h 679 Quiney 
n Andw glass h 1030 Greene av 


n Danl printer h 171 84th 

ii Edwd J restaurant 399 Bedford av h 
598 Bedford av 

ii Ellen wid Nicholas h 1030 Greene av 

ii Francis boxmkr h 637 Monroe 

n Geo A hatter h 301 23d 

ii Geo E painter h 869 Pacific 

ii Jas F publisher 223 Spring Mhtn h 
383 Clinton av 

n John dispatcher h 116 India 

ii John J realestate 286 9th av Mhtn h 
78 E 7th 

ii John R h 679 McDonough 

ii Mark lawyer 17 Battery pi Mhtn h 47 

ii Martin E restaurant 399 Bedford av 
h 598 Bedford av 

ii Thos bookkpr h 454 Pulaski 

ii Thos clothing Gpoint av c Mhtn av 
h 209 Eekford 

ii Thos J elk h 4508 4th av 

n Walter h 979 Utica av 

it Walter K bookkpr h 248 7th av 

ii Wm elk h 250 Rutledge 

ii Wm compositor h 276 Reld av 

ii Wm E printer h 267 Bainbridge 

ii Bros restaurant 397 Bedford av 

n & Co clothing 759 Mhtn av 
Blrn Herman tailor 155 Goerek Mhtn h 836 
Greene av 

ii Ignatz tinsmith h 370 Hooper 
Birnbaum Adolph salesman h 1551 55th 

ii A tailor 171 Montrose av 

ii David tailor h 1904 Park pi 

n Herman hardware 325 Franklin av 

ii Isaac h furng 309 Grand h 308 Grand 

ii Isaac liquors 33 Gpoint av 

ii Max grocer 251 Dumont av 

ii Morris pants 18 Johnson av 

ii Moses grocer 319 Chester 

ii Philip letter carrier h 902 Bedford av 

•i Saml J clothing 1610 St Mark's av 
h 621 Stone av 

ii & Axelrod clothing 1810 St Mark's av 
Blrner Leon dry gds 231 Court 

ii Louis harnessmkr 196 Flushing av h 
127 Park av 
Blrney Frank mason h 238 51st 

n Lawrence stonecutter h 53 Underbill av 

ii Peter cutter h 426 Lincoln av 
BIrnhaU Louis manager 26 Court h 50 Lewis 

Blrnle Jos liquors 90 Washn av 

ii Malcolm librarian h 429 Pulaski 

ii Robt elk h 241 Cooper 
Birnn Robt insp h 189 Windsor pi 
Birns' Express 1040 Laf av 
Biron Wm L printer h 882 Greene av 
BIrs Abijah chemist h 75 Buffalo av 

n Alonzo elk h 743 Halsey 

n Otis chemist h 75 Buffalo av 
Blrsner Chas A supt 299 Evergreen av 
Birtner Chas meat 446 3d av h 212 7th 
Bisang Chas upholsterer h 620 Park pi 
Bisbee Eugene h 37 Irving pi 

ii John F Ins 16 Court h Springfield L I 

ii K A salesman h 589 St John's pi 

it Martin h 738 Lincoln pi 
BIsby Geo E mech eng h 967 St Mark's av 
BIsch Alban upholsterer 501 Lex av 

ii Eugene baker 1179 Bway 

it Otto artist h 199 S 3d 
Blschof Geo J civil eng h 471 Ocean Pkway 
Bischoff Albert h 697 Laf av 

n Alex F barber 73 W Bway Mhtn h 166 

it Andw teacher h 49 Stockholm 

ii Anna C wid Wm h 765 54th 

ii A P h 89 Furman av 

it Bernhard grocer 400 Court h 98 1st pi 

ii Chas baker 1083 Mhtn av 

n Chas engineer h 1327 Halsey 

ii Chas liquors 81 Forest av Queens Boro 
h 267 Woodbine 

n Chas realestate h 210 Prospect av 

n Chas jr elk h 317 21st 

ii Fredk baker 5303 5th av 

ii Fredk chocolates 30 St Felix & 29 Ash- 
land pi h 452 N J av 

ii Fredk A truckman 767 40th 

ii Geo electrician 115 Rapelye 

ii Geo liquors 562 Mhtn av 

ii Geo liquors 279 Wyekoff av 

ii Hy distiller 177 Stagg h 668 Wilby av 

ii Hy manager h 67 Stuyt uv 

n Hy W livery 2414 Church av 

WUstl's Sons, 




...MASQUERADES, &o... 

Telephone Connection 

FRED. J. WUSTL, Prop. See Guard with is. .mo 








Z: so 
m > 




ce -= 

z o 





ii Herman grocer 1816 Fulton 

ii Herman grocer 313 Marcy av 

ii H W & Son livery 2414 Church av 

ii John h 100 S Oxford 

ii John bookkpr h 1065 A Greene av 

ii John delicatessen 376 Murey av 

ii John delicatessen 140 Ralph av 

ii John H delicatessen 1474 Fulton h 1491 

ii John H liquors 279 Wyekoff av 
ii Jos restaurant 715 Mhtn av 
n Louis grocer 4th av n 88th 
ii Philip O contractor h 332 Franklin av 
„ Robt furrier 16 W 4th Mhtn h 363 East 

ii Sol J lawyer 141 Bway Mhtn h 236 

Ridgewood av 
ii Win ironwkr h 1186 Halsey 
ii Wm soap h 1229 Herkimer 
ii & Peter grocers 1816 Fulton 
Blsco Herman S waists 28 W 27th Mhtn h 

277 Rutland rd 
Bisgen Martin J glassware 200 Withers 
Bisgyer Jos clothing 759 Grand 
Bishon Sainl stationer 296 Liberty av 
Bishop Aaron remnants 66 Moore 
.1 Albert engraver h 682 Hancock 
i. Albert H barber 25 Reld av 
ii Alfred L house mover 629 Grand 
H Arthur printer 177 William Mhtn h 67 

Tpkins av 
.1 A Reynolds elk h 27 Grace ct 
ii Burton T bldr Maple n Bedford av h 129 

ii Caroline S wld Wm h 496 Greene av 
.. Chns agt h 126 Hall 
ii Chas eugraver 20 Fulton Mhtn h 1118 

Nostrand av 
.1 Chas F printer h 396 Madison 
.1 Chas G dentist 12 Graham av h 837 Laf 






Bway Mhtn h 227 

Chas H manager 

Bklyn av 
Chas T elk h 514 8th av 
Clifford M autos 18 Halsey h 647 Put- 
nam av 
David h 440 9th 

David T physician 210 Garfield pi 
Edgar coml trav h 281 Berriman 
Edgar H realestate h 647 Putnam av 
Edwd police h 25 DeKalb av 
Edwd salesman h 237 Warren 
Edwd R draughtsman h 1299 St John's 

Edwin J h 464 Lex av 
Elbert F supt h 214A Prospect 
Eli H prest 215 Montague h 647 Putnam 

Eliot physician h 46 Gates av 
Elizabeth h 122 Linden av 
Elizabeth candies 207 Fulton h 32 Mid- 

Emeline A wld Geo W h 1868 Deaa 
Ernest S physician h 919 Bedford av 
E H & Son autos 18 Halsey 
Frank electrician h 122 Hoyt 
Frank poultry 410 E 3d Mhtn h 88 S 

Frank C paper h 8 St Charles pl 
Fredk A h 542 Monroe 
Fredk L salesman h 217 Bainbridge 
F C h 717 50th 
Geo h 240 Warren 
Geo F plumber 16 James slip Mhtn h 90 

6th av 
Geo H painter h 954 Gates av 
Geo M chauffeur h 147 Koscko 
Geo W bricklayer h 379 Cleveland 
Geo W salesman h 861 Greene av 
G M h 862 Fbush av 
Gertrude G physician 475 Madison 
Harry manager h 420 Bainbridge 
Harry S advertising 250 5th av Mhtn h 

526 Classon av 
By C stenographer h 181 Hall 
Howard B chemist h 1054 Park pl 
Howard W locksmith 1228 Bedford av 

h 1238 Bedford av 
H H printer h 139 Cumberland 
Ira L bookkpr h 523 Barbey 
Jas elk h 111 S 2d 
Jas G plumber 10 James slip Mhtn b 

413 6th av 
Jas L manager 67 Park pl Mhtn n 

1402 Beverley rd 
John contractor h 41st n 8th av 


152-158 Third St. 


Telephone, 1213 Hamilton 

Steinway & Sons 


Nos. 107 and 109 East 14th Street 



n John engineer h 250 S 4th 

ii John 1) bookbinder h 2145 Pacific 

n John F manager 24 Stone Mhtn h 62 

Lincoln pl 

n John G insp h 244 Sumpter 

n Jos elk h 5S7 6th 

ii Jos undertaker 85 Henry 

,i Jos W lawyer 38 Park Row Mhtn h 37 


ii Kate wid Jos M h 154 Adelphl 

ii Lillian massage h 344 Koscko 

ii Louis hatter h 635A Halsey 

„ Louis W h 338 9th 

ii Mary A wid John h 353 Classon av 

ii Miehl H truckman h E 40th n Snyder 


ii Myle physician h 156 Halsey 

ii Nellie vocal teacher h 208 Lenox rd 

ii Oscar insp h 353 Classon av 

ii RIchd salesman h 185 Java 

ii Robt S h 183 Columbia hgts 

ii Saml musician h 56 Centl pl 

ii Thos bricklayer h 51 India 

ii Thos h 37 Quiucy 

ii Thos H elk u 364 47th 

ii Thos O insp h 353 Classon av 

ii Ulysses S G h 277 Winthrop 

ii Walter metal h 1186 Halsey 

ii Win elk h 534 48th 

ii Wm engraver 20 Fulton Mhtn h 682 


ii Wm hardware Newark N J h 257 S 2d 

ii Wm v-prest 108 Laf Mhtn h 36 Lefferts 


„ Wm mason h S2 Hall 

ii Wm A carpr h 103 Somers 

,i Wm A painter h 1134 Herkimer 

ii Wm E reports 68 Broad Mhtn h 1035 

Laf av 
ii Wm L salesman h 730 Laf av 
ti Win R wagons 36 Warren Mhtn h 495 

E 18th 
ii Wm S sec 52 Gwlck Mhtn h 344 Koscko 
ii WiuQeld S com mer 333 Washn Mhtn 

h 566 Quiney 
„ Winifred M whl John A h 206 Rutledge 
ii McCormick & Bishop (inc) automobiles 
18 Halsey 
Bishop's Wm Sons plumbers 724 3d av & 

16 James slip Mhtn 
Bishoprick Nicholas J tags 147 Centre Mhtn 

h 431 Washn av 
Bisig Chas meat h 159 Ralph 
Biskie Chas M manager h 176 Eldert 

,i Mark W supt h 109 Lynch 
Bisklntv Constantly dry gds 60 Washn 

Mhtn h 114 Pacific 
Biskummer John W elk h 035 Park pl 
Blsland John J elk h 292 Aluslie 
Bismark Realty Co 808 Bway 
Bisley Wm H carpr h 350 92d 
Bisnett Darrelle wld Arthur J h 532 5th 
Bissell Isaac F notice server h 178 Sheri- 
dan av 
n John realestate h 464 Madison 
ii John N h 2022 Beverley rd 
ii Josephine wld h 396 Tpkins av 
.1 Mary E wld Robt S h 196 Monroe 
ii Win T h 5021 4th av 
ii Bros engineers 56 Bowne 
BIsseman Louts skirts 32 Tpkins av 
Blssert Arthur W machinist h 646 58th 

n Geo baker 244 Hamburg av 
Bisset Ben) compositor h 69 E 5th 
,i Donald P harnessmkr 104 N 6th h 150 
N 6th 
Bissett A foreman h 78 16th 

ii Arthur W machinist h 666 57th 
Bisslug Gustave lawyer 38 Park row Mhtn 
n 247 Clermont av 
„ Wm F lawyer 2 Rector Mhtn h 44 S 
Elliott pl 
Blssland Mary D wld Andw n 634 Quiney 
Blsson Benl elk h 764 Wilby av 
n John J liquors 891 Grand h S21 Met av 

Business Directory! 





317 Washington St-, 
Telephone, 3004 Main. 


— ran 






-n— ; 

Fl — 
r vj 

J- ja 
O & 

z =r 


■ ft 


• 3 



8 o 
* o 

















1— i 






m J 

s z 

















734-736 FIFTH AVENUE. Telephone 27 



,i Mary E wid Jacob A h 764 Wllby av 
Bistrowitz Max tailor 12 Bedford av 
Bitman Mux stationer 170 Hamburg av 
Bitoff CIius agt li 1144 E 2d 
Bittil Anthony jeweler b !J5 Iliujrod 
n l'rank meat 180 llarniau 
ii i'rank J meat b 703 Hart 
ii Joseph painter 003 DeKalb av 
Bitter Win carpi b 307 S 1st 

Hitteriek John pressman U 2024 Bergen 

Bittennan Carl candy 1323 Fulton 
ii Lena wid John b 1561 Atlantic av 
n Peter J plumber 301 Jef av 

Bittinger Herman bookkpr 520 Evergreen av 

Bittler Fredk baker 698 Sackett 

Blttlinguieyer Louis glassblower b 227 Hlm- 

Blttmau Elsie D draughtsman b 229 Arling- 
ton av 
ii Fredk dry gds 582 Hamburg av 
ii Mary wid Hy H h 229 Arlington av 
ii Walter draughtsman h 229 Arlington av 

Blttmann Chas F liquors 16 Conover 
ii Fredk upholsterer b 956 E 14tli 
n William liquors 38 Washn av 

Blttner Anthony h 1170 Greene av 
ii Chas letter carrier b 06 Schaeffer 
ii Obrlsr B gold leaf b 193 Dresden 
ii Fredk gold beater h 179 Essex 
ii Fredk printer b 99 Wilson 
ii Fredk salesman h 17A Suydam pi 
•i Fredk tailor b 1073 Decatur 
n Fredk J gold leaf mfr 147 Dresden 
ii Geo elk b 147 Dresden 
ii Hy produce 158 Knickr av 
n Herman H grocer 750 Nostrand av 
ii John cigars 48 New Chambers 'Mhtn k 

274 Woodbine 
ii Louis agt h 534 8th 
ii Louis tailor 442 E 10th Mhtn h 651 

Morgan av 
n Richd moulder h 416 Himrod 
ii Rudolph elk h 230 Prest 
ii Theo printer 309 E 22d Mhtn h 79 Pal- 

Bittorf Hy painter 232 Linden 
ii John painter 32 Ralph 
n Walter painter h 963 Madison 

Blttorff Geo F tailor 553 Met av 

Bittrolffs Bread 219 Suydam 

Bltz Jacob H liquors 8 Moore 
ii Otto silversmith h 14o7 DeKalb av 

Bitzer Conrad meat h 302 Stockholm 
ii John elk b 39 Schaeffer 
ii Julius mechanic h 327 Chauneey 

Biviauo Jos grocer 313 7th av 

Bivlns Cbalfaiid E teacher h 764 DeKalb av 
n Edwd X starter h 347A 13th 
n Geo M painter h 497 7th av 

Blxbv Carrie J wid Edwd li 421 Chauncer 
ii Chas H li 373 Saratoga av 
ii Frank L manager Waslin e Ttllary h 101 

ii H D h 8416 10th av 
ii Robt 8 machinist h 486 Lex av 
ii Robt T sec 62 Rutledge h Montclair N J 
ii S M & Co shoe blacking 46th c 2d av 
ii Walter h 163 Madison 

Bjerka Harold drugs h 81 1st pi 

BJertnes John tailor h 4211 Fort Hamilton 

Bjorhus Hy printer h 64 4th pi 

Bjorklnnd Carl J manager 6 Reade Mhtn h 
268 17th 

BJorkman Alfred E h 385 Baltic 
ii Conrad stationer h 4813 3d av 
ii Gustav decorator 61 4th av 
ii Gustav stationery 4813 3d av 

BJorkuimm Carl irouwkr li 138 Calyer 

Bjoru Adolf painter h 201 S 1st 

Bjornqulst Wm machinist li 652 57th 

Bjornstad Alfred cutter b 530 47th 

Bjorsen Peter grocer 273 Van Brunt 

Blaber HV P printer 114 William Mhtn h 449 
n Louis M (Rev) h 417 Sackett 
n Oliver J printer 114 William Mhtn h 203 

Blaeeau Frank h 24 Reeve pi 

Rlaeh Russ Co West c Green 

Black Alex enrpr h 413 48th 
„ Alex lnsp h 1534 55th 
ii Alex police h 463 54th 
ii Alex G broker 21 Cotton Ex Mhtn h 829 

Ocean av 
ii Alfred F safes 30 Reade Mhtn h 106 
Buffalo av 


Telephone 3'. 10 Flatbush 

Residence Telephone 317 Prospect 



ii Allan adjuster 350 Futon h 1572 East 

ii Allan plumber h 385 E 10th 
ii Archib., Id A carpr h 413 t.Sth 
ii Caroline wid John h 203 S 1st 
n Chas V elk li 1479 Dean 
ii Chas I realestate 376 Throop av 
ii Chas M carpr 251 Rutle<lge 
ii Clyde E lawyer 164 Montague h 717 

Sterling pi 
ii David Ins h 950 Maicy av 
ii David salesman h 491A Madison 
a David G prest 21S Fulton h 14, St 

Francis' pi 
n Edwd E elk h 590 6th 
ii Edwd E depy sheriff h 1 1st pi 
ii Edwin C bldr h 1230 40th 
a Emily J principal Ellery n Bway h 315 

Gates av 
ii Fairman electrician h 407 Classon av 
a Frank W h 203 Macon 
ii Frank W auditor 37 Wall Mhtn h 13 

Strong pi 
ii Fredk W h E 7th c Church av 
ii Fredk W liquors 23 Ferris 
ii Harry plumber h 1999 Bergen 
ii Harry J h 309 Cornelia 
ii Hyrnan plumber 148 Clinton Mhtn h 

1548 St Mark's av 
n Ira mfr h 353 11th 
ii Jas carpr h 427 53d 
ii Jas elk h 87 India 
n Jas dry gds h 926 Prospect pi 
ii Jas A carpr h 427 53d 
ii Jas D bookkpr h 547 Classon av 
ii Jas H undertaker 5605 5th av 
■i Jas K actor h 353 2d 
n Jas L printer 27 Beekman Mhtn h 1620 

Church av 
ii John bricklayer h 345 42d 
n Joha engineer h 464 72d 
a John fireman h 479 12th 
ii John H elk h 86 Stanhope 
ii John J roofer h 87 India 
ii John K manager h 1342 Sterling pi 
ii John W editor 24 Bway h 49 Wyckotf av 

Richmond Hill L I 
n Laura principal Java n Mhtn av u 761 

Westminster rd 
n Lazarus plumber 80 Essex Mhtn h 442 

Stone av 
ii Loring M lawyer 280 Bway Mhtn h 376 

a Louis plumber 148 Clinton Mhtn h 1548 

St Mark's av 
ii Malcolm machinist b 35 E 3d 
n Marie E h furng 927 Fulton 
ii Mary F wid Thos h 188 Carlton av 
ii Matthew machinist h 297 Tpklns av 
ii Matthew M lawyer 26 Court h 442 

Stone av 
n Max tailor 696 lTranklin av 
ii Mllo J hardware h 522 57th 
n Patrick H upholsterer 301 Myrtle av 
ii Perry elk h 1534 55th 
ii Robt elk h 159 Himrod 
ii Robt cutter h 13 E 7th 
ii Robt grocer 266 Pacific 
ii Robt W ins h 231 Fountain av 
ii Rutherford cutter h 117 S 9th 
ii R M W (Rev) h 1339 Bedford av 
ii Saml h 294 Pulaski 
ii Saml drugs 6818 New Utrecht av 
ii Saml J carpet cleaner il8 Johnson av 
a Thos h 1077 E 34th 
ii Walter liquors h 208 Dean 
ii Wesley A claim agt h 79A Cooper 
n Wm bookkpr li 449 Logan 
ii Wm carpr h 273 Bergen 
■i Wm liquors 322 S 3d b 357 Keap 
it Wm A police b 86 Stanhope 
n Wm C manager 350 Bway Mhtn h 03 

ii Wm D salesman h 234 Lefferts av 
ii Wm G elk h 460 11th 
•• Wm H h 122 Bay 26th 
ii Wm H insp h 349 Cumberland 
a Wm J h 790 Hancock 
■i Wm R h 451 East Pkway 
Blaekader Louis E notions h 429 Sterling pi 
Blaekall Sarah M wid Jas h 705A Madison 
Blackburn Andw N carpr h 287 Mldwood 
ii Geo tile layer h 725 58th 
ii Geo C mason b 5702 6th av 
ii Geo J gasfitter h 20S Schenck av 
ii Harrv manager h 4S8A Chauneey 
ii Jas H engineer h 889 Putnam av 




_ 3. 
is oo 

=! 3 

O H 

* CO 





Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN.' 


Tel. 3004 nala. 




21 O 








^^» CO 


1— OS 





John pipefitter h 67 Java 

Ruth wld Peter h 526 57th 

Win oil 22 William Mhtn h 2533 

Church av 
YVilmuth E aeet h 1200 Pacific 
Blackbume Albert prest 45 VV 34th Mhtn h 
110 Mldwood 
Chas W mer 11 William Mhtu h 170 Jay 
Ellen wld Harry h 288 Clermont av 
Wm H dyer 6!) Murray Mhtn h 171 Pros- 
pect ok W 
Blackeby W T (Rev) h 47 Oakland 
Blackett Jos S surveyor 17 Battery pi Mhtn 

h 247 79th 
Blackford Avard W awnings h 219 DufBeld 
Benj supt 26 Brevoort pi h Richmond 

Hill L I 
Edwd stevedore h 25 Windsor pi 
Frances wld Eugene G h 725 St 

Mark's av 
Jas elk h 355 12th 
Jas M stevedore 88 South Mhtn h 340 

John B manager h 484 Gates av 
Wm h 1162 40th 
Wm E carpr 103 Devoe 
Blackhall Alfred J manager h .15 E 10th 
Chas M elk h 15 E 10th 
Walter chemist h 108 Park pi 
Blackham Arthur J acct h 1062 DeKalb av 
Frank J M elk h 366 Chauncey 
Jas W h Hotel St George 
Blackledge Chas E insp h 1216 48th 
Blaekley Eliza wid Harry liquors Coney 

Island av c Webster av 
Blackloek Hy (Rev) h 405 Pacific 
Blackman Arthur elk h 62 Euclid av 

Eilwd L lawyer 43 Cedar Mhtn h 1402 

Frcdk B stenographer 707 Halsey 
Geo K painter 227 Sumpter 
i Louis E engineer h 663 Greene av 
i Mirks painter 428 Bwick av 
i Monroe E physician h 279 6th av 
r Wm W physician h 519 Clinton av 
ackmar Abel E judge Court House h 86S 

Park pi 
i Bruce G physician h 317 Ovington av 
i Elizabeth wid Geo h 213A Bergen 
i Harry T bookkpr h 741 Westminster rd 
Hy C insp h 201 Lincoln rd 
H Janitor h 396 8th 
Blackmore Hy C salesman h 1431 Bedford 
John asst depy sheriff h 585 Gates ay 
Wm foreman h 667 Gates av 
Blackner Hy supt h 150 Powers 
lilackton J Stuart sec 116 Nassau Mhtn h 540 
Ocean av 
ackwell Edwin M florist 252 Cooper 
. John H sec 312 E 23d Mhtn h 56 Rogers 

i Louis E banker 52 Bway Mhtn h 199 

Berkeley pi 
. Louis E jr broker 52 Bway Mhtn b. 199 

Berkeley pi 
i Mary wid Wm h 118 Ashford 
i Realty Corporation 44 Court 
i Roht plumber h 348 2d 
i Robt C elk h 712 Macon 
i Saml elk h 107A Halsev 
i Waldo R lawyer 44 Court h 27 St 

Charles pi 
i Wm H painter 1122 Myrtle av h 782 

i Wm H painter h 111 Stuyt av 
i & Cruser lawyers 44 Court 
ackwood Chas h 314 Quincy 
■ H J physician h Flushing av opp Ryer- 

i Jas [irinter h 3 Pilling 
i John elk h 452 Decatur 
i Robt salesman h 213 Carlton av 
aden John T lawyer 44 Court h 108 Welr- 

Blader John E engineer h 472 54th 
Blades Chas W h 47 Bay 20th 
Hy W police h 47 Bay 20th 
Hugh E auditor h 1424 74th 
Joel A baker 62 5th av 
John steward h 166 15th 
^laedel Wm Jr florist h 208 Halsey 
Blaehowski Leonard grocer 559 Leonard h 

219 N 7th 
P.laesi J G F (Rev) h 223 N J av 
Plaffer Emil house wrecker h 895 Bedford av 
Plagen Minnie wld Albert h 1012 Greene av 
Tilasbrough Fredk electrician u 166 14th 

Pictures^ Paintings 





Blaicb Ernest realestate E 9tb n Av A Mhtn 
h 195 Snyder av 
■ i Lewis manager h 195 Snyder av 
Blalle Adolph elk b 55 McDonough 
Blaine Harold elk h 84 Somers 
Blair Albert L journalist h 10 Lincoln pi 
ii Chas engineer h 1207 Park pi 
n Chas D mer h 302 Lewis av 
ii Edwd L manager h 129 Berkeley pi 
ii Edwin C dentist h 4815 4th av 
ii Francis W oculist 33 Bond h 154 PrOB- 

pect Pk W 
ii Gordon tel opr h 2 Middagh 
ii Harry manager 329 Washn h 266 At- 
lantic av 
ii Harry F undertaker 730 Coney Island av 
ii Jane wid John F h 380 Classon av 
n Jas elk h 212 LefTerts pi 
ii Jas plumber h 373 Prospect av 
ii John fountain pens 6 John Mhtn h 110 

ii John B laundry 289 Centl av h 380 

Classon av 
ii John P plumber 349 Park av Mhtn h 197 

ii John R floors 54 Lex av Mhtn h 780 

Putnam av 
ii Lewis K sailmkr h 413 41st 
ii Lucy A h 469 41st 
n Mary E wid Geo C h 320 Baltic 
ii Robt J shoes 212 Bway h 224 S 9th 
ii Robt S asst editor Bible House Mhtn 

h 16 Lincoln pi 
ii Saml A decorator 1269 42d h 1054 40th 
ii Wm h 582 Rogers av 
ii Wm elk h 611 Rogers av 
ii Wm police h 469 41st 
ii W J teacher h 160 Berkeley pi 
Blair-Zornow Optical Co 33 Bond 
Blaisdell Alfred O draughtsman h 268 Cler- 
mont av 
>i Ohas O supt h 1091 Bwick av 
ii Edith organist h 268 Clermont ay 
ii H Otis demonstrator h 547 4th 
ii Irving bookkpr h 144 Bedford av 
ii Jos F lawyer ill Kent av h 53 Wood- 
ii Jos W prest 90 West Mhtn h 264 

ii Louis B salesman it' 129 Putnam av 
ii Silas C physician 500 Bedford av 
ii Walter F garage 62 Palmetto h 1075 

Bwick av 
it & Bell cleaning 1230 Bway 
n & Co wagon bldrs 111 Kent av 
Blaise Edwd physician h 89 Stanhope 

ii John F draughtsman h 1194 MadUon 
Blak Fredk printer (h 1001 Dean 
Blake Albert M salesman h 902 St John's pi 
n Carroll civil eng h 154 80th 
ii Chas u s n h 183 Bainbridge 
ii Ohas F patternmkr h 1369 70Bh 
n Chas W advertising 621 Bway Mhtn h 

409 Throop av 
„ Christina wid John n 326 2d 
ii Cyrus P realestate 816 Fbush av ih 215 

Marlborough rd 
ii O millinery h 679 Greene av 
n C M sashes 367 Fulton 
ii Edwd L physician h 136 Underbill av , 
ii Edwd M manager h 564 St Mark's av ! 
„ Elnora wid Hy h 243 Wyona 
ii Fred H h 313 Van Buren 
„ Geo realestate h 117 S Elliott pi 
ii Geo tailor h 43 Eldert 
ii Geo wallpaper h 326 41st 
ii Geo H liorist 130 Livingston h 686 E 2d 
ii Geo M elk to 754 McDonough 
n Harry C elk h 687 Monroe 
n Herbert A h 14 VanBuren 
,i Jas elk h 145 S Oxford 
ii Jas realestate 196 Prospect Pk W h 

Ocean Pkway n Av U 
ii Jas A laundry h 324 76th 
ii Jas A physician h 352 Jef av 
ii Jas E physician 352 Jef av 
ii John carpr h 2044 Pacific 
ii John police h 349 Chauncey 
ii John E elk h HA Stuyt av 
ii John F hatter h 287 Montauk av 
ii John M sec 45 Bway Mhtn h 396 Grand 

ii John T bldr n 1748 76th 
ii Jos hatter L' 291 Montauk av 
ii Jos E Ice 518 Dean h 136 Underbill av 
ii J A h 332 75t.h 
ii J E & Co Ice 518 Dean 

0D 50 



H W 

a n 





Brooklyn Street Directory, 











5! £ 

317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone, 3004 Main. 







MM £ Q. 









29 West 34th Street, New York 



Estimates Furnished for Work 
in any kind of Mar- 
ble or Granite 

Telephone : Murray Hill, 2272 


ii Lawrence E prest 52 Bway Mhtn h 303 

60 th 
ii May L eomr 43 Exchange pi Mhtn h 251 

ii Patrick h 7 4th pi 
ii Patrick F fireman n 136 Concord 
ii Peier truckman 210 N 1st 
ii Riehd II caliinetmkr h 313 Van Buren 
ii Theo R police t -25 Hawthorne 
ii Thos police h 539 40th 
.1 Thos sec 342 Fulton h 472 Waverly av 
ii Walter F coffee Mhtn h Hotel Bossert 
ii Wm plumber <h 1867 Cropsey ay 
M Wm L (Rev) supt h Boerum pi c State 
.1 Wm R bookkpr h 178 DeKalb av 
Blakelock Edwd A drugs h 955 Madison 
Blakely Chas E elk h 667 Halsey 
n Glenn cigars b. 287 Hewes 
ii Robt salesman h il268 Pacific 
Blakeman Albert h 1440 Pacific 
ii Albert A printer h' 645 Wilby av 
ii Albert W manager 334 6th av Mhtn h 

645 Wllby av 
ii A & Son tinsmith W 3d n Park pi 
ii Bertha M wld Aaron W h Park pi n W 

ii Frank I impr 25 W Bway Mhtn h 661 

Park pi 
n Harry S salesman in 702 Cortelyou rd 
ii Selina wld Fredk R h 313 78 un 
.1 S E h 363 75th 
Rlakemore Wm F engineer h 522 60rh 
Blakeney Geo W harness 884 Atlantic av 

ii John M insp L 1671 E a2th 
Blaker Abraham paints 1894 Fulton n 46 
ii Walter A agt h 6 Arlington pi 
Blakeslee Edwd supt h 518 Greene av 
ii Edwd E jr b 145 Madison 
.. Wm A acct h 299 Cumberland 
ii Wm F salesman h 132 Cambridge pi 
Blakey Benj W ins h 108 Decatur 
■I John W lawyer 15 William Mhtn h 376 
Blaksberg David restaurant 34 Seigel 
Blame Clemens M wid h 296 Vandt av 
Blanchard Adolph F elk It 90 Stockholm 
Albert F elk h 692 Pacific 
Alva Ward autos 342 Fbush av h 20 

Waldorf ct 
A N h 626 50th 
A W (lnc) autos 342 Fbush av 
Dalton H teacher h 25 Bklyn av 
Edwd carpr Hi 152 Java 
Frank printer h il74 E 39th 
Frank G elec eng 361 Jay h 222 E 17th 
F elk h 619 50th 
Geo metal wkr h 632 Bergen 
Geo W broker Produce Exch Mhtn h 212 

E 17th 
Jas A insecticides 97 Steuben h Mount 

Vernon N Y 
Jas A Co Insecticides 97 Steuben 
Jennie M wid Donald h 82 Crooke av 
Louis truckman 90 Stockholm 
Raymond h 258 Albany av 
Sarah G h 503 Clinton av 
W H truckman 49 Vandt av 
& Co contractors 49 Vandt av 
Blanehette Hy engineer h 24 Douglass 
Blanchfleld Jas A lawyer 217 Havemeyer h 
750 Rugby rd 
ii John J engineer h 465 1st 
n Patrick police h 92 Monitor 
ii Richd foreman h 240 47th 
ii Wm ct attendant h 750 Rugby rd 
ii Wm J elk h 750 Rugby rd 
Blanck August h 64 Clinton av 
ii Bernhard grocer 191 Knlckr av 
ii Chas acct h 64 Clinton av 
ii Chase truckman h 03 Ryerson 
M Geo electrician h 445 Bergen 
n Harris meat 147 Maujer 
ii Joachim H physician 11 Varet 
ii John bookkpr h 64 Clinton av 
Blancke August delicatessen 1177 Liberty av 
ii Danl elk h 161 Covert 
■i Hy baker 186 Atkins av 
ii Herman baker 902 Liberty av 
n Rudolph O Jr flour 31 Water Mhtn h 840 

Washn av 
ii Wolf b 509 N J av 
Blanck melsa Chas agt h 496 Cbauncey 
Blanco Elizabeth wld Jos h 402 Douglass 
ii Ferdinand cigar mfr 57 Liberty Mhtn h 
34 Bergen 
Bland Anna h 8642 New Utrecht av 


ii Geo P furniture h 1617 Fulton 



furniture * Carpets 


Contents of Houses and Flats 
Bought for Cash 

1617 Fulton Street 
Phone »6 Bedford 

Ntar Sumner Ave. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Bland John W salesman h 239 Somers 

11 M F h 67 Sumpter 

11 Wm artist h 1349 Jef av 
Blandamer Harry manager 27 W 4th Mhtn h 
416 Marlborough rd 

11 H h 1235 E 19th 
Blandford Chas B engineer b 226 55th 

11 John E electrician h 1266 Prospect pi 
Blandlno Bros barbers 5913 New Utrecht av 
Blando Bernardo liquors 719 Liberty av 
Blaney Caroline wid Wm H h 16 Brevoort pi 

11 Chas h 304 Monroe 

n Chas E manager 439 Bedford av 

11 Dennis Jr electrician h 151 Meserole av 

11 Edwd J police h 371 Decatur 

11 Hy J barber h 58 CentI pi 

11 H J h 628 Laf av 

11 John shoes 5107 3d av h 546 Washn av 

ii John Y elk h 1138 Bwlck av 

11 Jos V printer 416 11th h Evergreen L I 

11 Patrick livery 794 Union h 747 Prest 
Blaney's Amphion Theatre 439 Bedford av 
Blank Abraham cabinetmkr 82 Broad Mhtn 
h 230 Ellery 

11 Anna M wid Walter W h 208 Dean 

11 Barthold broker 51 Hudson Mhtn h 863S 
20th av 

n B h 130 Bay 29th 

11 Chas buffer h 38 3d 

11 Chas elk h 205 Taaffe pi 

11 David asst sec 175 Remsen h 1532 46th 

11 David tailor 2 Birmingham Mntn h 2077 

11 Eugene printer h 96 Hart 

n Frank compositor h 284 Stuyt av 

11 Frank police h 249 Warwick 

11 Frank police h 250 11th 

11 Geo realestate 244 Bleecker h 706 Macon 

11 Geo S tel oper h 541 11th 

11 Gustav notions 620 Hamburg av 

11 Harry S printer h 348 58th 

11 Hy lithographer h 1133 Kogers av 

11 Jacob elk h 1368 Madison 

n Jacob realestate h 1019 Bwlck av 

11 Jas elk 755 DeKalb av 

11 Jas Jeweler h 170 Himrod 

11 Jesse cashier h 376 Union 

n Jos fruit 7S Humbt 

11 Jos mer h 280 10th 

11 J01 realestate Concord n Jay h 

11 Julius upholsterer 301 Bedford av h 

11 Max Jeweler 82 Nassau Mhtn 
Throop av 

11 Morris produce 65 Moore 

11 N liquors 852 Gates av 

11 N A hotel New Iron pier walk 

11 Rlchd salesman h 2S7 Grove 

11 Rudolph elk h 14 Clinton pi 

11 SIgmund It h 1825 Pitkin av 

11 Walter liquors 637 Washn av 
Blanke Geo C lawyer 253 Bway Mbtn h 
Bklyn av 

11 Hy J letter carrier h 142 Washn av 

11 John baker ©10 Hancock 
Blankemeler Gustave liquors 281 Reld av 
Blanken Danl refiner h 979 Laf av 

n Ht broker 20 Nassau Mhtn h 925 
34 th 

n Ilv elk h 450 14th 

11 Wm J elk h 979 Laf av 
Blanket Chas produce 1509 Mermaid av 
Blankfeln & Goldstein stationers 93 7th av 
Blaiiklield Jos salesman h 594 E 5th 

2? S3 



C I 




STOKES: 519 and 1416 Fulton Street 

is • always pure, 
rich and delicious 
French and Amer- 

ce g3 


•g. p 



h 80 • 














































FACTORIES: i cxn -jlf flavors 

Park Row, New York City, «•*"» <"1 H*¥W4« 

847 Herkimer St.. Brooklyn; 115 

and 813 East 24th Street, New York City 


Telephone at all Addresses 


Successor to GIIXINS & PIVOVAJB 

g 1 

<° * 

\- o 

I I o 








Formerly with JAMES CASSIDT 


226 Livingston 



Blankfonl Bernard clothing h 202 Patches av 

ii Jos clothing h 521 Decatur 
Blankley Thos S h 113 Leffeits pi 

n Wm H h 3G0 Grand av 
Blanks Simon dentist h 110 Essex 
ltlunksteln Harris furrier 7 W 14th Mhtn h 
1345 52d 

ii Israel furrier h 1184 43d 
Blanthorn Edgar H h 1063 E 35th 

,i E H h 401 Jef av 

n Jas h 3S1A Pulaski 

ii John E machinist 526 W 28th Mhtn h 
3S1A Pulaski 

ii Root h 90 Schaeffer 

n Wm elk h 11S0 Halsey 
Blanttiorne Chas carpr h 73 Cooper 
Blanton David B hardware h 1164 Pacific 
Blanz Bernard elk h 477 Chauncey 
Blaseh Julius delicatessen 2146|Fulton 
Blaschke Chas elk h 73 Taylor' 
Biasenbrev Fredk elk h 338 45th 
Blaser Benj jeweler 407 Bwsy Mhtn h 1835 
Park pi 

ii Wm h 330 Floyd 
Blashfield Albeit D painter h 67 Willow 
Blashko Max printer h 416 72d 
Bias! Frank tailor 55 W 24th Mhtn h 1427 

ii Jos h 173 Stockholm 

ii Jos A manager h 450 St John'B pi 
Blasius Nicholas undertaker 132 Norman av 

ii N & Sons undertakers 712 Knickr av 

ii Teter undertaker 132 Norman av 

ii Peter & Sons undertakers 132 Norman av 
Blaskopf & Co clothing Liberty av c Brad- 
Blass Anthony liquors 630 Grand av h 626 
Grand av 

ii Carl liquors 197 Wyckoff av 

n Conrad jr h 406 Montauk av 

ii Geo mason h 514 Selienck av 

ii Geo polisher h 15C Bleecker 

a Herman salesman h 1336 Hancock 

ii John decorator h 1240 Gates av 

n John W elk h 392 Lin wood 

ii Louis V stonecutter h 27 Vermont 

ii Wm A elk h 204 Bradford 
Blaswlck Jos cabinetmkr 355 Douglass 
Blatehford Chas D h 341 Laf av 

ii Hy manager 155 Montague h 178 Colum- 
bia hgts 

ii Jos R aect h 341 Laf av 
Blatchlv Geo h 271 Reid av 
Blatt Benedict h 450 Bedford av 

m Ben] meat 70 N 7th h 95 S 4th 

ii Edwd baker 204 St Nicholas av 

ii Harry produce Surf av 

ii Herman candy 272 Wyckoff av 

ii Jacob h 379 Pacific 

„ Max tailor 1096 Bway h 542 Mc- 

ii Saml fixtures 135 Mangln Mhtn h 66 

ii Simon diessmkr h 410 Hpkson av 

•i Simon suits 1137 Bway h 408 Pulaski 

ii & Newman suits 1137 Bway 
Blatteis Ben] ins 44 Court h 188 Pulaski 

n Ben] S stenographer h 1293 Putnam ST 

ii Max trimmings 45 Mhtn av 

ii Simon R physician 200 Montague h 696 
Wllby av 
Blatter Eugene elk h 485 4th 

ii Titus curtains 890 Bway Mhtn h 486 
Blattmachr Gustav L elk h 63 Ashford 
Blattner David crockery 132 Ridge Mhtn h 
1153 58th 

n Fredk machinist 223 Maujer 
Blatz Bdwd B sec 138 Montague h 476 B 
29 th 

ii Hy collector h 318 Decatur 

ii Jacob h Conklin av n E 93d 

ii John h 46 Bleecker 

a John grocer 184 Stockholm 

a John prest 138 Montague b 858 Mc- 

ii Leopold liquors 206 Wyckoff av 

a Louis A elk h 43 Moffat 

ii Wm engineer h 16 Tpkins pi 
Blau Adolph furniture 294 Atlantic av 

ii Alex liquors 16 Front Mhtn h 876 
Drlggs av 

n Ben] cloakmkr h 744 Driggs av 

ii Eugene h 875 Drlggs av 

ii Frank M realestate 1501 Oortelyou rd 
h 1022 Av P 


ii Hyman examiner h 1044 DeKalb av 

ii Julius G h 875 Drlggs av 

■i Morris lawyer 154 Nassau Mhtn h 875 

Drlggs av 
ii Morris tailor h 309 Wyona 
ii W acct h 491 Gates av 
„ Wm h 177 17th 

ii & MacKenzle realestate 1501 Cortelyou 
Blauherg Wm meat h 1227 Greene av 
Blaufox H & Co leather 835 Flushing av 
Blaum Augustus salesman h 283 Hewes 
Blauman Jas decorator h 363 S 4th 
Blauner Harry manager 375 Fulton h Mhtn 
Blauroek Geo F lithographer h 168 Schaeffer 
Blauss Ben] F shirtwaists h 668 E 31st 
ii John L editor 22 Pine Mhtn h 249 
Blaustein Jos harness 83 New Chambers 
Mhtn h 308 16th 
ii Louis printer h 983 Gates av 
Blaut Saml produce h 1392 Gates av 
Blauta Anthony musician h 633 Mansfield 

Blautb Kirby S folding beds 73 Raymond 
Blauvelt Alonzo asst sanitary supt Fleet c 
Fbush av extension 
Arthur acct h 15 St Mark's av 
Arthur A elk h 328 Bergen 
B Willard publisher h 201 St James' pi 
Chas I shoes Grand av c DeKalb av 
Edwd R elk h 328 Bergen 
Eugene broker h 467 Rogers av 
Frank It hardware 66 Reade Mhtn h 

Hotel St George 
Garret M h 51 Rutland rd 
Geo R machinist h 300 5th av 
Hy h 551 Dean 

Herbert H milk h 624 Bergen 
Isaac D elk h 866 Sterling pi 
Isaac M cutter h 556 Koseko 
John H h 554 7th 
John H salesman h 708 8th av 
John H K lawyer 35 Nassau Mhtn h 

509 Macon 
Jos ice 551 Dean 
Jos mechanic h 973 Madison 
Lester J woolens 45 E 17th Mhtn h 

1969 E 13th 
Lydia wid Alfred h 328 Bergen 
Marion wid John h 744 Kenmore pi 
Peter I artist li 744 Kenmore pi 
Rlehd mechanic h 1343 Bay Ridge av 
Wm h 367% Pacific 

Wm A milk 558 Vandt av h 275 Pros- 
pect pi 
Wm E machinery 41 Park Row Mhtn 

h 333 Bainbridge 
Wm H h 300 Lewis av 
Blay Peter G elk h 417 Waverly av 
Blayney Arthur engineer h 592 Baltic 
Bleam Geo engraver 20 Maiden la Mhtn h 

651 Macon 
Blech Slmche metal 633 Met av , 
Bleeha F J stained glass 202 4th av 
Blechen Chrisr salesman h 30 Jewell 
Blecher Adolph tinsmith 279 Lorimer 
a Chas cornice mfr 49 Nostrand av 
ii Max cornice mil' 4U Nostrand av 
ii Simon roofer h 665 Park av 
n Susan wid Michl h 1376 Park pi 
ii Bros cornices 49 Nostrand av 
Blechman Oscar suspenders 18 Allen Mhtn h 
350 Wyona 
ii Simon suspenders 18 Allen Mhtn h 344 
Bleck Geo liquors 322 S 3d 
,i Wm liquors 322 S 3d h 357 Keap 
ii Bros liquors 3-'2 S 3d 
Bleckenstaver Geo mason h 135 George 
Blecknian Chas weaver h 370 Palmetto 
ii Max fancy gds 198 Watklns 
ii Morris paints 428 Bwick av 
Bleckwehl Chas E salesman h 912 Jef av 
ii C A b 312 Albemarle rd 
ii Geo police h 126 Moffat 
ii Hy J mfr U 635 E 38th 
Blee Willis B optometrist 1251 Fulton 
Bleecker Cornelia wid John R h 321 Clin- 
ii Edwd broker h 516 Putnam av 
ii Jas W jr pianist 883 7th av Mbtn h 

470 57th 
ii John mfr h 147 Hull 
ii LloyQ elk b 864 Hancock 
ii Louis E engineer h 412 MeDonongh 


154 5th AVENUE. 

723 6th AVENUE, 





— i 

z m 

o r 

•■ I 

i— n 

m . 

2 ' o 



rn *^ 

£ r- 

33 fit 


-a a 

X -I 








ii Rutger coffee 132 Front Mhtn h 561 

ii Win D printer h 307 Dltmas av 

n Win H physician b 322 Eldert 
Bleendes Hurry figures 234 Johnson av 

n Morris 254 Jolinson av 
Bleete Jacob barber 510 51st b 502 54th 
Bleetsteln Morris notary 109 E Bway Mbtn 

h 1005 39tb 
Blehl Anilel glider h 376 2d 
Bleich Adolpb candy b 68 Utlca av 

■i P (Kev) h 405 14th 
Bleicber Edwd police h 311 Ralph 

ii Hy elk 307 Graham av 

n Saml laundry 230 Lee av 
Bleidner J grocer 277 Nassau av 
Bleier Hy baker h 462 60th 
Bleigh Robt W express 80 Cortlandt Mhtn 

h 755 Cleveland 
Bleih Julia wid Cbas b 657 Evergreen av 
Bieil Adolpb mason 13 Repose pi 

ii Albert storage h 1081 Vienna av 
Bleller I.yinan W electrician h 444 Chaun- 

Blelmbacb Louis jeweler h 1061 Hancock 
Bleiniyer Geo machinist h 61 Kent 
Bleimiller Ludwig teacher h 360 60th 
Bleinweis Julius buyer h 175 Duffleld 
Bleisteln Geo grocer 586 Court 
Bleisweiss John meat 591 Chester 
Bleiweiss David skirts 58 Lispenard Mhtn 

h 1924 Bergen 
Blend Jacob plumber h 55 Wyckoff 

ii John clothing h 87 Pilling 

ii John ice h 58 Butler 

■i Leonard elk h 1060 E 94th 

ii Teter grocer h 197 Baltic 
Blenderman Albert H marshal h 907 Jef av 

ii Emma wid h 282 Marion 

ii Harry tailor h 211 Middleton 

ii Hy h 273 St James' pi 

ii John H sec 244 Greenwich Mhtn h 
112 Linden av 

ii Louis salesman h 103 Clermont av 
Blendermann Dietrich liquors 262 Furman h 
2913 Glen wood rd 

ii Edwd D grocer 158 Buffalo av h 1311 

,i John'll grocer 457 Tpkins av h 201 

n Louis grocer 222 Reld av h 874 Han- 
ii Louis J liquors 262 Furman h 101 

Kenilworth pi 
ii L & D liquors 262 Furman 
Blendow Geo printer h 206 Sunnyside av 
Blenner John carpr 73 Noble h 120 Oak 
Blent Margt wid John h 211 Hoyt 
Bleoo John H elec eug 17 John Mhtn b. 

Nolan's la n E 94th 
Bleser August monuments 1995 Met av h 127 
Stuyt av 
ii Edwd M stone 418 Meeker av 
ii Jacob liquors 418 Meeker av 
ti Madeline wid Cbas h 179 Clymer 
Bless Jos musician h 27 Arlington av 
Blessin" G C (Rev) h 1498 Greene av 
Blessing Cbas printer b 115 S 2d 
Blesslngton John fireman h 804 5th av 

n Jos machinist b 653 lvKalb av 
Blessley Saml liquors h 9201 Fort Hamil- 
ton Pkway 
Blessman Gustave keeper h 596 Lenox rd 
Blette Frank J elk h 502 54th 
n Fredk J barber 720 Fulton h 80 Clif- 
ton pi 
ii Jacob barber h 502 54th 
Bleuel Frank 602 Johnson av 
Blewitt Thos h 557 75th 
Blews Edwd (Rev) h 124 16th 
BJey C'bns J bookkpr h 202 51st 
„ Conrud grocer 302 S 3d 
,i Einii h 137 Mhtn av 
Bleyer Adolpb dentist 252 Franklin av h 413 
ii Frecllc H dentist 252 Franklin av h 413 

ii Rudolph h 251 Welrfleld 
ii Sigmund h 413 Koscko 
Bievman Theo carpr h 30 Ocean pi 
Bllcher Robt laundrv 322 Iyirlmer 
Bllck Saml eges 346 Greenwich Mhtn h 392 

„ Win 'variety 346 Gwich Mhtn h 1044 
DeKalb av 
Bllekruan Sophia wid Bernard b 118 Jef av 
Bllcksilber Jacob clothier 360 Centl ar 
Bllden Victor drugs 1745 Fbusb av 

I desire to announce that I have 
removed from 14 1 Broadway, to 
my Wareroorus — — — —— — — — . 

120-122 W. 31st St , N. Y. 

Mall and Telephone Orders will 

lteceive Fronapi Attention 
Telephone 5889 Madison Square 


ii Victor elk h 528 Hancock 
Blidsteln Israel meat 236 Sackman 
Bliefernieht Martin grocer 087 Wythe av 
Bligh Cbas W weigher 453 &tb 
ii John H tel opcr h 101 Hemlock 
ii J H h 7418 14th av 
ii Robt G liquors 970 Duinont uv h 755 

n Robt W express 80 Cortlandt Mhtn h 
755 Cleveland 
Blight Orlando R carpr h 183 8th 
Blindenhoter Julius bookkpr h 434 7th 
Blink Jos milk 37 Liberty uv 
Bllnn Christian sec 17 Battery pi Mhtn h 
1546 76th 
ii C Edwd wood 203 Elton h 208 Elton 
n Ernest compositor h 1110 Hancock 
ii Harry coal 205 Elton h 206 Elton 
ii Jas painter h 482 Essex 
ii Kate wid Danl h 682 Greene ay 
ii Mary wid Ernest H' h 54 Hull 
I. Robt painter h 130 Covert 
Blinne Fredk grocer Malta n Hegeman av 
Blisnlkoff Max machines 7 Eldridge Mhtn h 

1155 41st 
Bliss Albert E machinist h 929 Pacific 
ii Andw K bookkpr h 314 Stuyt av 
ii Andw R police h 145 Wilson 
ii A L candy 292 Graham av 
ii Barbara wid Hy h 924 St Mark's av 
n Chas candy 292 Graham av 
ii Chas mechanic h 779 Halsey 
ii C Arthur elk h 515 E 3d 
n Edwd D suspendermkr 880 DeKalb av 
n Edwd W school 55 Hudson av 
ii Eliza wid h 152 Java 
n Everett L coml trav h 731 Qulncy 
ii E W & Co founders ft Waslin 
ii Geo W bricklayer h 436 13th 
n Hy machinist h 152 Java 
ii Jas W letter carrier h 1593 Pacific 
ii Jas W plumber 892 Mhtn av h 935 St 

Mark's av 
ii Jay S printer h 383 3d 
ii Jennie J wid Wm A h 385 10th 
ii John B elk h 1239 40th 
n John L chronometers 128 Front Mhtn b 

404 Jef av 
ii Junius T manager h 297 Ryerson 
,i J W elk b 421 Gates av 
■i Leon agt h 390 6th av 
ii Max h 1155 41st 
n Ralph P teacher h 101 Hawthorne 
ii R Franklin physician h 23 7th av 
ii Sarah F wid Geo H h 373 Ocean ay 
n Warren nickelplater h 290 Himrod 
ii Wm bookkpr h 343 Adelphi 
ii Wm chauffeur h 265 Patcben av 
ii Wm B jr agt 415 Bway Mhtn h 343 

ii Wm M elk b h 1001 Dorchester rd 
n Wm S electrician h 314 Stuyt av 
ii W T salesman h 995 St John's pi 
Blltstein Isaac lumber 134 Melrose 

ii Morris roofer 272 Van Brunt 
Blitz Edwd bookkpr h 677 Bedford av 
Blitzer Abraham grocer 296 S 3d 
,, Bernhfird prest 138 Bowery Mhtn h 730A 

ii I liquors 195 Franklin 
n Louis tailor 1229 Bedford av 
ii Max mfr 46 Wooster Mhtn h 300 Marlon 
ii Saml drugs 1648 Bath av 
Bliven Harry C jr lighters 59 Pearl Mhtn h 
5 McDonough 
ii Hy C freight agt Pier 2 Wallabout h 88 

n Mary I principal 230 Classon av b 88 

it Vaughn carpr h 1704 Av G 
Bllx Ida dressmkr h 354 45th 

ii Louis W boat capt h 363 47th 
BlixV Angrw engineer b 294 Wilby av 
ii A h 32 Bay 14tb 
ii A Emil bldr 294 Fenlmore 
Bllzlnskl S undertaker 101 S 3d 
Blizzard Fredk bookkpr h 460 lltu 
Bloch Abraham h 114 Linden 
Abraham meat h 191 13th 
Acbille h 507 Westminster rd 
Acbllle H elk h 507 Westminster rd 
Benj b 670 Jef av 
Benj advertising h 400 Greene av 
Benj meat 039 5th av h 194 23d 
Benj A engraver 75 Nassau Mhtn h 217 

Lewis av 
Benolt photos 625 Fulton 




Brooklyn Elite Directory, 

r- ^ 

m z 

S ^ ra 

z o 2 

"> 3 £ 

o —I 

* CO 






317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Tel. 3004 flaln. 


UPINGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 





































it Bernhard lawyer 44 Court h 332 Koscko 
ii Chas hair gds 67 3th av Mhtn h 974 St 

ii Chas meat 243 Reld av 

n Chas meat h 509 Throop av 

,i Chas E publisher 738 Bway Mhtn b 526 

n Ohas I drugs 223 Bwtck av 

n Chas S elk h 12 1'ark pi 

ii Fredk meat 424 Greenwood av h 412 
Greenwood av 

ii Gabriel advertising h 507 Westminster 

,, Geo meat 243 Reld av h 1144 Halsey 

ii Herman cutter h 524 Koscko 

.1 Hyman mfr 35 Arion pi 

n Irving L elk h 522 45th 

ii Jacob cahlnetmkr h 32 Patchen ay 

ii Jacob tailor 2112 Myrtle av 

n Jas elk h 509 Throop av 

ii Jerome salesman h 974 St Mark's av 

n Jos meat 2741 Atlantic av 

ii Jos salesman h 328 Jerome 

.. Jos skylights 345 Bedford av 

,i Jules meat 2941 Fulton h 1144 Halsey 

n Julius cabinetmkr 821 Gates av h 34 | 
Patehen av 

,i Julius tailor h 1042 DeKalb av 

.1 J painter 269 Smith 

ii Leopold h 509 Throop av 

,. Marcus tin 79 Met av h 70 N 1st 

ii Max truckman 14 Coenties Slip Mhtn h 
265 Windsor pi 

ii Meyer coml trav h 1853 Park pi 

.1 Michl hardware 5622 3d av h 315 57th 

ii Michl meat Grace av c Lawton av Mhtn 
h 670 Jef av 

ii Morris meat 281 Smith 

ii Morris paints 172 Hamilton av 

n M h 319 Washn av 

n Kegina wid Sauil h 12 Park pi 

n Saml elk h 8650 20th av 

n Saml meat 460 Met av 

ii Saml meat h 168 Pulaski 

M Simon meat 264 Hudson av h 507 West- 
minster rd 
ii Solomon meat 491 7th av 
ii & Hirsch Fur Co 24 Emerson pi 
ii Bros drugs 223 Bwick av 
Bloche Eli P translator h 26 Fulton 
Blocber Jesse D salesman h 518 Lex av 
Block Abram J h 1648 East Pkway 
ii Alex drugs 568 Fulton h 680 Fulton 
n Alice wld Fredk h 680 Carroll ' 

ii August meat 123 Evergreen av 
ii Bernard J h 685 Classon av 
ii Bessie gowns 744 Xostrand av b 788 

Park pi 
n Chas cigars 788 Park pi 
n Chas liquors 100 Buffalo av 
ii Chas restaurant 5704 3d av 
,, Chas F cigars 326 Henry h 139 Amity 
ii David paints 6 Harrison av 
M Dederick grocer 694 Hicks 
ii Drug Co 568 Fulton 

n Edwd a'gt 226 Laf Mhtn h 848 Greene av 
' ii Emma D wld Conrad h 1120 Putnam av 
■ i Ernst salesman h 259 Rutledge 
ii Fredk J elk h 7222 15th av 
ii Fredk S physician 848 Greene av 
ii Fredk W lawyer 150 Nassau Mhtn h 356 

Tpklns av 
n Gaston J manager h 572 9th 
ii Geo L grocer 87 Herbert 
ii Gottholdt machinist 80 Stockholm 
ii Gustav engineer h 312 5th av 
ii Harris agt h 1424 St Mark's av 
ii Harris grocer 155 Stagg 
ii Harry electrician h 150 S 9th 
ii Hy grocer 467 Graham av 
i ii lly oper h 726 DeKalb av 

ii Herman grocer 449 Atlantic av h 496 i 
Atlantic av 

■ ii Herman manager h 190 Jerome , 
1 M Isaac grocer 159 Boerum 

I ii Israel glass 591 Wythe av 

ii Isidor J liquors 4519 3d av 

I .1 I & Sou glass 237 Atlantic av i 

,, Jacob agt 226 Laf Mhtn h 848 Greene av 

I ii Jacob candy 443 Lewis av b 1518 Bergen I 

I ii Jacob grocer 228 Duinont av 

ii Jacob lion works 691 Rkway av h 13 

■ Cook 

I ,i Jacob liquors 4519 3d av h 1218 40th 

• ii John delicatessen 2784 Fulton 

\ n John stationer 326 Henry 

n John F mirrors h 548 Grand av 

J ii Jos cigars 974 Gravesend av 


n Jos electrician 94 Leonard 

ii Leopold Ins h 259 Uutledge 

n Light Co 482 Drlggs av 

ii Louis electrician h 1150 DeKalb av 

ii Louis M tens 88 Belmont av h 184 Chrlsr 

ii Munuel dry gds 683 Washn av h 700 

Washn av 
ii Martin machinist h 236 54th 
n Mux agt 226 Laf Mhtn h 848 Greene av 
ii Max h furng 1910 Fulton 
n Max stationer 499 Atlantic av h 454 3d 

ii Max tailor 645 5th av 
ii Max W fruit B e West av Wallabout 

mkt h 108 Hall 
ii Meyer stationer 155 Buffalo av 
ii Morris underwear 23 Wooster Mhtn h 

700 Washn av 
ii M candy 53 6th av 
ii Nathan cigars h 91 Williams av 
ii Nathan teas 2697 Atlantic av h 

Sutter av 
ii Philip tailor 53 Pike Mhtn h 1575 St 

Mark's av 
ii Richd W h 34 Schermerhorn 
ii Rudolph salesman h 342 Rodney 
ii Saml bookkpr h 410 St Muik's av 
ii Saml bristles 24 Osborn 
ii Saml dry gds 162 Norman av 
ii Saml electrician h 335 15tl. 
n Saml ins 111 Bway h 259 Rutledge 
ii Siegfried physician b 848 Greene av 
.. Wesley S drugs 42 Wall Minn h 45 S 

Portland av 
ii & Glanberg Co 79 Wallabout 
ii & Pupko tailors 1033A DeKalb av 
Blodes A G salesman h 344 Lnauncey 
Blodgett Fredl; T elk h 35 Jef 
ii Geo W civil eng h 30 Stratford rd 
ii Herbert A thermometers h 339 7th av 
i, Herbert L elk h 240 7th av 
ii Milton J marine eng h M> 2d pi 
Bloechle John rectifier h 111 India 
Bloeth Frank J hardware 304 Hamburg av 
ii John M furniture 1452 Bway h 1315 Put- 
nam av 
n Jos J upholsterer 233 Fbush av 
ii Wm J plumber 886 Park av 
Blofard Morris h 1850 Park pi 
Blog Marcus diamond polisher h 631 54th 

M Solomon diamond cutter h 562 53d 
Blohin Augustus II decorator 84 Bway 
n C J liquors 500 Henry 
.. Edwd E rcalestate 120 Taylor 
n Hy blacksmith h E 3d n Foster av 
ii Hy foreman 300 13th 
n John grocer 5502 5th av 
ii John wooden ware Bedford av n Myrtle 

av h 33 E 7th 
ii John H mason h 629 E 28th 
.1 Lester h 120 Taylor 
■I Robt T hardware 758 3d av 
n Theodora M wid Fredk h 137 Rodney 
i. Wm elk h 1349 Bergen 
ii & Greene ship chandlers 758 3d av 
Blohme John carpr h 17% Suydam pi 

n J Hy liquors 1012 Myrtle av 
Blent Andw carpr h 214 Troy av 
ii Chas elk h 1504 Bergen 
n Chas express h 457 54th 
n Frank express 100 W 83d Mhtn h 40 

ii Herrz demonstrator h 47 Bleecker 
i. Victor cutter h 623 47th 
Blomberg Adolph F elk h 442 Clermont av 
i. Albert diver h 342 41st 
ii Albert painter 45 Nevins h 571 Atlantic 

m & ~ 
CO © a 

& 5? 5- 

5i'o < 2 


ii Frank A tailor 442 Clermont av • 

n Wm J foreman h 6 2d pi 
Blomen John E h 232 Schermerhorn 
Blomquist Alex machinist h 4417 5th av 
Blomqvist Chas machiuist h 647 Baltic 
Blomstedt Ludwlg painter h 620 Pacific 
Blond Peter baker h 129 4th av 
Bloudon Chas A supt li 119 Huron 
Blood Chas A police h 824 Sterling pi 

ii Chas E h 857 Gates av 

n Geo I* tel opr h 1169 Fbush av 

,, John II bldr h 744 Madison 

ii Joshua E realestate 1514 Fbush av h 
3404 Glenwood av 

ii Sylvester L broker 66 Bway Mhtn h 27.i 
Bloodgood A D h 574 Bedford av 

n Bradley J supt 345 Clinton av b "" 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 /lain. 






s *• 



ii Devan blankhooks 168 William Mbtn b 

735 Aityle rd 
ii Frank cutter b 104V4 Linden 
ii Geo W elk u 541 8th 
ii Harry B advertising agent h 208 Eldert 
ii Louis T towing h 66 3d pi 
ii Hose wid Chus h 453 Bedford av 
Bloom Abraham clothing 2 Leonard 
ii Abraham tailor 2037 Bath av 
ii Albert L bat mfr h 354 Ocean av 
ii Alex milliner 183 Myrtle av b 104 

Clinton av 
n Alfred elk h 107 Madison 
n Al H h 79 Westminster rd 
ii Benj plumber 4313 13th av 
ii Ben] tailor 1744 Bway h 82 Ames 
n Curl G carpr h 469 7th av 
n Caspar enameler h 653 60th 
n Chas mason b 296 Madison 
n Edwd sec 16 Court h 144 Bwlck ay 
n Edwd'J stairbldr 108 3d pi 
ii Bdwin jr elk h 653 Evergreen ay 
ii Fredk electrician h 392 S 4th 
ii F vests 303 Floyd 
ii Harry tailor h 591 Cleveland 
ii Herman upholsterer b 1880 Bergen 
ii Hiram b 490 14th 
ii Hiram salesman h 550 9th 
ii H carpet cleaning 3 Beadel 
n Isaac carpr h 432 39th 
ii Isidor tailor 1744 Bway b 82 Ames 
ii Jacob blacksmith 225 Leonard 
n Jacob liquors 27 Myrtle av 
ii Jacob shoes 5105 5th av 
n John dressmkr 354 Wythe av 
n John patternmkr h 354 Van Buren 
•i John A lawyer 92 William Mhtn h 47 

n Jos coml trav h 522 Jef av 
ii Jos manager 635 Kent av h Kimball n 

Voorhees av 
ii J h 189 Joralemon 
ii Louis elk b 522 E 8th 
ii Louis painter 2186 Fnlton 
ii Louis setter 108 Fulton Mhtn h 492 

ii Martin E drugs 4815 3d av 
ii Moses h 1232 50th 
ii Moses realestate b 436 Hpkson av 
n Percy plumber h 1647 Bay Ridge ay 
ii Philip shoes 260 Prospect pk W 
ii Reuben cloaks 65 Montgomery Mhtn 

h 111 Truxton 
ii Saml elk h 212 Lewis av 
ii Saml shoes 474 Fulton h 564 9th 
ii Sophia wid Cbas h 118 St Mark's ay 
ii Tbeo H machinist h 381 Sumpter 

ii Theo J machinist h 626A Bergen 
ii Wm salesman h 21 Bay 29th 

ii Wm H truckman h 108 3d pi 

n Winfldd S salesman h 199 8th ay 

ii Bros tailors 1744 Bway 

n &. Keller hats ft 36th 

ii & Zolotow gas fixtures 141 Cook 
Bloomberg Louis prest 280 Bway Mhtn h 
49 Java 

ii Morris button mfr h 129 Java 

ii Morris glazier 196 William Mbtn h 228 

ii Saml shoes 658 5th av h 233 17th 

ii Wm baker h 471 Bergen 
Bloomer Arnold M bookkpr h 432 Hart 

ii Julia A wid Thos h 479 12th 

ii Walter C supt h 551 Herkimer 

n Wm painter 257 Smith 
Bloomfield A C h 171 Senator 

ii David tailor h 1924 Prospect pi 

ii Frank broker 29 Wllby h 60 Hanson pi 

ii Geo II salesman h 549 Qulncy 

n By elk h 140 S Elliott pi 

ii Hy F ship Joiner h 813 Putnam ay 

ii Jos tailor 508 Flushing ay 

ii Mary candy 357 Tpkins ay 

ii M baker 46 N. Y ay 
Bloomgarden Hen] furniture 141 Johnson ay 
h 72 Boerum 

ii Hy poultry 47 Seigel 

ii 'Hy n-alestate 54 Graham av 

ii Howard realestate 46 Graham ay b 
173 Pulaski 

n Hyman realestate 54 Graham ay 

n Isaac realestate 46 Graham ay h 161 

n Igldor realestate b 161 Pulaski 

ii I h 3504 Av L 

ii Bros realestate 46 Graham ay 




ii & Silbennan millinery 704 Mbtn ay JjjJ 

Bloomgarten Hy C meat 101 Moore « 

Bloomingdule Wm J treusr 24 Stone Mbtn b ^Z 

496 14th JjB 

Bloomstein B mfr 146 Leonard Si 

ltloonistou Hyman painter h 636 6th ay —J 

Bloor Clara wid Hy P b 189 Jef av Q 

Bloss Harry H h 25B Hawthorne 2J 

n Herman painter h 236 Bainbrldge •*- 

ii Isaac W plasterer h 409 Dean rA 

ii Otto J foundry Monitor c Norman av *" 

h 53Ti Wilbv av 
ii & Webb Iron Works 243 Monitor 
BlosBfeld Cbas H tailor 187 Montague h 
1934 82d 
n Chas L lithographer 61 Park pi Mhtn 

b 426 2d 
ii Fredk C storekpr h 359 E 22d 
ii Fredericka wid Fredk h 426 2d 
n Walter G h 2407 Tilden ay 
ii Wm fireman h 79 Lott 
ii Wm E engraver 162 Leonard Mhtn h 
1934 82d 
Blossom Chas W mer h 957 2d ay 
ii Fredk A h 511 16th 
n Fredk W lmpr 138 Front Mhtn h 281 

ii Herbert chronometers 140 Water Mhtn 
h 813 Laf av 
Blotch Morris crockery 220 Ellery 
Blount Irving civil eng h 43 Rugby rd 
Blourock Morris dry gds 3823 Fort Hamilton 
a Saml dry gds 5717 New Utrecht ay 
n SIgmund dry gels E 4th e Greenwood 
av h 304 Greenwood av 
Blovelt Andw engineer h 27 Linden 
Bloxham Edwin T salesman b 560 Greene av 
n K boarding h 89 Pierrepont ' 

a Wm J letter carrier h 1252 40th 
Blowitz Roman cigarmkr h 123 Palmetto 
Blucber Fredk stationery 911 Glenmore av 
Blue John H machinery 85 Liberty Mhtn h 
22 Kenmore pi 
ii Ribbon Laundry 903 Fulton 
Bluem Edwd engineer h 261 St Mark's av 
Bluemke Frank h 396 Jef 

n P undertaker 31 Wyckoft av 
Bluesteln Isaac clothing 1050 Mhtn av 
Bluestone Herman hardware 7607 3d av b 
58 Sumner av 
ii Nathan painter 4507 5th av 
Bluett Jos T painter h 632 11th 
Bluff Geo compositor h 117 Jef av 
Bluhdorn Margt wid Wm H h 308 Laf ay 
Bluhler & Sacks buttonbolemkrs 273 N 6th 
Bluhm Otto oysters h 245 Himrod 
Blum Abraham delicatessen 150 Wythe av 
ii Abraham men's furng 924 Bway h 225 

ii Abraham tailor 436 Myrtle av h 1287 

Nostrand av 
ii Adam supt b 812 Cortelyou rd 
n Adolph bookkpr h 256 Eldert 
n Alfred liquors 304 5th av 
ii Anton baker 606 6th av 
ii Arnold liquors 387 Myrtle av h 117 

Reid av 
ii Benj dry gds 449 Grand 
n Benj printer 149 Ridge Mhtn h 30 

Nostrand av J 

ii Bernhard tailor 295 Court 
ii Cbas dentist 3916 Fort Hamilton Pkway 
n David butter 91 Varet 
ii D cigars 453 Atlantic av 
a Edwd electrotyper h 89 Pilling 
ii Edwd C dry gds 422 Fulton h 45 Plaza 
ii Emil agt 927 Bway 
ii Ferdinand dry gils 9:i4 Bwlck av 
ii Fredk R liquors 25(1 Ellery 
ii F G physician St Mark's av c Classon av 
ii Harris rubber 15U Johnson av h 30S 


ii Hy realestate h 189A Floyd ZZZ 

ii Hy C mfr 689 Evergreen av h 928 CO ^ ^ 

Gates ay © PI ^ 

ii Herman dry gds b 18S0 Bergen Q —I 

ii H & Co realestate 189 A Floyd v 

ii Isaac ins b 459 McDonougb ^^ py» 

ii Israel grocer 46 Beaver JJJ 

ii Israel salesman h 557 57tb *£ "H 

ii Israel tailor 52 Stauton Mhtn h 1000 ^ © 

Myrtle av ^^ «« 

n Jacob plumber 66 Humbt __ ^J 

ii John fancy gds 220 Stagg •« "1 

ii Jos liquors 27 Myrtle av 
ii J F h 259 Sterling 




Watches, Diamonds and Jewelry 
141 Broadway, cor. Liberty St., New York 

Try our New Patent Collar Button "The Benedict" 



UPINGWS DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 

OC -; 


< hi 
















ii Lasar musician b 1414 Cortelyou rd 

tc Louis h 932 Madison 

ii I.ouis drugs 50 Leonard 

n ilax meat 131 Mhtn av h 136 W 104th 

u Morris baker 359 Smith 
ii Morris crockery 3910 13th av h 1035 

ii Morris Ins h 96 Bay 10th 
n Morris tailor b 733 McDonough 
ii M meat 3199 Fulton 
ii M meat 1931 Bway 
ii Oscar musician h 118A Sumner av 
ii Otto candy h 203 Marlon 
n Ralph agt h 116 Fenlmore 
ii Saml h 412 E 9th 
ii Saml h 354 Ocean av 
ii Saml bookbinder h 11 Gates av 
ii Saml candy 26D Stockton 
ii Saml physician 705 Classon av 
ii Saml produce 2263 Bath ay 
ii Saml stationer 625 Wythe av 
ii Saml supt h 116 Fenimore 
•i Saml tailor 44 Fulton Mhtn h 72 El- 

ii Saml J dentist b 182 Havemeyer 
ii Solomon salesman h 1495 St Mark's av 
ii S plumber 361 Bwiek av 
ii Theophilus meat 131 Mhtn av 
ii Bros plumbers 133 Varet 
n Bros meat 131 Mbtn av 
ii & Greeustein rubber 156 Johnson av 
ii Warshavsky furniture 122 Graham av 
Blumberg Adolph painter 318 Gates av h 
514 Laf av 
ii Beruhard realestate h 268 Stockton 
ii Cbas carpr 147 55th 
ii David clothing 452 Atlantic av 
m David meat Dumont av e Chrisr av h 

310 Chrisr av 
ii E glass 1215 Gates av 
ii Hyman clothing 284 Atlantic av 
•i Isaac clothing 130 Bleecker Mhtn h 106 

Arlington av 
ii Isaac realestate 230 Grand Mhtn h 4602 

14h av 
ii Jacob mer h. 335 17th 
ii Julius stationer 262 Grand Mhtn h 193 

ii Leopold lawyer 98 Graham av h 268 

ii L & M lawyers 98 Graham av 
ii Mar glazier 14 Sumner av 
n Meyer lawyer 98 Graham av h 268 Stock- 
ii Morris glazier 14 Sumner av 
ii Simon tailor 210 Stagg 
ii S clothing 182 Mhtn av 
ii Wine & Liquor Co 59 Mhtn av 
Blume Abraham chiropodist 46S Balnbrldge 
ii Ben] realestate 31 Wilby h 417 Dean 
n David meat 197 Mhtn av h 187 Devoe 
ii Ernest A bookkpr h 2053 Bedford av 
ii Fredk meat 1157 Liberty av 
ii Fredk salesman 505 6th 
ii Harry L drugs h 587 East Pkway 
ii Hy metals 530 Myrtle av h 465 Pros- 
pect pi 
ii Hy realestate 31 Wilby av 417 Dean 
ii Hy & Son metals 536 Myrtle av 
ii Herbert Iron 536 Myrtle av h 465 Pros- 
pect pi 
i, Herman A mfr 87 5th av h 12th av c 82d 
ii John F salesman h 56 Hull 
n John H tailor 48 Nassau Mhtn h 523 

i, Mary wid Hy G h 651 57th 
ii Max bookkpr h 94 Morton 
ii Max furniture 696 Fulton h 810 Washn av 
ii Michl L elk h 328 Chauncey 
ii Saml salesman 1166 43d 
ii Sylvester realestate 31 Wilby h 417 Dean 
ii Sylvester & Co realestate 31 Wilby 
ii Wm H stationer 100 Kingston av 
Blumen Jacob R salesman h 726 DeKalb av 
ii Jos elk h 516 Greene av 
ii Morris Jeweler 295 Bowery Mhtn h 250 
Tpkins av 
Blumenau Fredk W h 1289 Decatur 
ii Herman realestate 161 Smith h 176 Dean 
ii Max tailor 1152 DeKalb av 
Blumenau's L Sons realestate 161 Smith 
Blumenberg Fredk h 287 McDonough 
■ i Isidor mfr h 1016 Halsey 
ii Moxley broker h 616 Amersfort pi 
Elumenfeld Ben] supt 44 Court h 380 Osborn 
ii Hy h 858 DeKalb av 


ii Morris broker 179 Norfolk Mhtn h 132 

n Morris clothing 1254 Myrtle av 
ii Morris grocer 357% Centl av 
Blumenroder Frank varnlsher h 190 Huron 
Blumenscheln A musician 246 Stanhope 
Blumeuson Isidor cotton gds 50 Walker Mhtn 
h 388 Sutter av 
ii Louis T hosiery 48 Walker Mhtn h 232 

ii Simon h 2086 Dean 
Blumenstein Eckhardt G bldr 797 Monroe 
Blumenstock Frank G signs 82 John Mhtn 
h 32 Hpkson av 
ii John teacher h 538A Wilby av 
ii Leonard liquors 34 Whitehall Mhtn h 

1050 E 18th 
ii L A h 554 7th 

ii Morris compounder h 538A Wilby av 
ii Saml distillery 198 Knickr av 
ii Sigmund asst supt h 538A Wilby av 
ii Solomon liquors 14 Union av h 198 
Blumenthal Abraham liquors 515 Myrtle av 
h 460 Grand av 
ii Edwd dry gds 893 Gates av h 462 Nos- 

trand av 
ii Geo wool 202 N 5th h 688 Jef av 
ii Isaac tailor 297 Myrtle av 
ii Jacob dry gds 893 Gates av h 462 Nos- 

trand av 
ii Jos h 688 Jef av 
n J waste 202 N 5th 

ii Louis mfr 179 Wooster Mhtn h 75 S 9th 
n Louis tea 1079 Mhtn av 
n Maurice ins 289 Bway Mhtn h 39 John- 
son av 
ii Max com mer Produce Exch Mhtn h 4S8 

Marlborough rd 
ii Morltz h 97 Clymer 
ii Nathan skirts h 391 Rkway av 
ii Pauline wid Alex h 75 S 9th 
ii R meat 1157 Liberty av 
ii Saml shoes 59 Seigel 
ii Bros dry gds 893 Gates av 
Blume r Hy elk h 121 Ainslie 

ii Jas hardware 406 Crescent 
Blumers Christian meat 520 Marcy av 
Blumert Jacob engineer h 241 Steuben 
Blumfield Rudolph teacher h 521 Gates av 
n Saml restaurant 248 7th av Mhtn h 46 S 
Elliott pi 
Blumgren Edward chemist h 646 Prest 
Blumhardt Gustav meat 162 Hamburg av 
Blumlein Albert bookkpr h 437 Pacific 
ii Albert contractor h 3014 Glen wood rd 
ii John mfr h 1211 Decatur 
Blumstein D B physician 299 Pa av 
Blunden John elk h 1422 Greene av 

ii Thos compositor h 1393 Gates av 
Blunlein Hy cutter 283 Evergreen av 
Blunt Edmund civil eag h 334 76th 

ii Eugenia Y wid Edmund h 28 Orange 
Blush Chas F foreman h 244 Woodbine 
Blust John P buyer 112 W 27th Mhtn h 70 
St John's pi 
n Otto baker 1175 Liberty av 
Blustein Morris dry gds 126 Moore 
Blute Jns horses h 2351 E 19th 
Bluthman Iouis meat 2915 W 15th 
.. & Haft meat 2925 W 15th 
Bly Conrad fruits 362 S 3d 
ii Jas F architect h 422 St Mark's av 
ii John grocer 6S6 Bedford av 
ii Thos A electrician h 7 Raleigh pi 
Blydenburgh Chas L salesman h 619 Ever- 
green av 
a Fr\nk J cashier 100 Bway Mhtn h 408 E 

ii Geo B carpr 600 Monroe h Chester Park 

L I 
ii Ralph J elk h 155 Decatur 
n Wm h 956 Bergen 
Blyman John horseshoer 1083 Grand h 302 
ii John livery 860 Grand 
ii Jos livery 14 Powers 
ii Jos W livery 858 Grand h 302 Humbt 
Blyn Felix elk h 220 St James' pi 
ii I & Son shoes 485 Fulton 829 & 1203 

ii Louis shoes 695 Grand 
ii Ralph elk 1851 Sterling pi 
Blyulldson Chas steward h 332 40th 
Blynn Harry h 256 6th av 
ii Oscar M shoes h 256 6th av 



act- " a 

5^0) O ^ 

">y £. ffl 
?°3 = 

3131 9 
OO _ *m\ 
OO "* ■ 

«""" ■ _< 



Business Directory!!! 



Washington St.. 

m, 3004 Maim. 








































o3 ? 


Authorized by the State of New York 
56-58 PINE STREET, NEW YORK CITY Tel. John 2131 



>i Wilbur R elk h 360 Chauncey 
BIyth Thos baker 7S3 Gates av 

ii Thos B stenographer h 651 E 4th 
B'ythbourue Water Co 189 Montague 
Blythe Alex grocer Sheepsbead Bay h 677 
Sterling pi 

ii Jas c!k b 4311 4tb av 

ii Jas H restaurant Park circle b 57 E 

ii Saml machinist h 365 47th 

ii Thos grocer 2717 Surf av 

„ Thos milk 2S65 W 5tb 

ii Win J carver h 305 47th 
Boag T J h 35 Norwood av 
Bonk .Tos printer h 352 Laf av 
Boaland John fireman b 702 Lex av 
Boam Jos liquors 851 Fulton h 147 Madison 

ii Nathl elk h 242 Adelphi 
Boan Samuel E elk h 260 45th 
Boand Gustave elk h 843 54th 
Boane Annie wld Jas h 96 E 19th 
Board for the Atlantic Av Improvement 44 

n of Aldermen Borough Hall 

it of Education 131 Livingston 

ii of Elections 44 Court 

ii of D S Pension Surgeons 625 Marcy av 
Boaidman Alphonso F h 41 E 5th 

ii Edwd manager 44 Court b 1052 Lincoln 

,i Elbert H supplies h 687 Lincoln pi 

ii Fredk E amusements 44 Court 

.i Fredk H salesman h 665 St Mark's av 

ii Geo M h 470 Ocean av 

ii Herman electrician h 1058 Wilby av 

,i Jason R S prest 23 W 24th Mhtn h 268 

ii John compositor h 704 E 3d 

ii Perley C manager 81 Nassau Mhtn h 619 
E 17th 

.1 Theodore L salesman h 211 Laf av 

ii Walter A clo< kmkr h 45 E 5th 

ii Wm F clockmkr h 41 E oth 

ii Wm S compositor h 419 Dltma3 av 

ii Wm W undertaker 8 Clinton 
Boardman-Maxwell Amusement Co 44 Court 
Boardy Chas engraver h 108 Ridgewood av 

n Jas teacher h Decatur n Irving av 
P.oarer Jas E steamfitter b 259 Crescent 
Boas Benj h 61 Bay 23d 

ii Cbas h 61 Bay 23d 

ii Emil electrician h 1583 DeKalb av 

ii Gertrude wid Joliu b 143 Cooper 
Boate Wm h 446 58th 

Buatwright Walter V u s a b Fort Hamilton 
Boaz Richd B h 475 Wilby av 
Bob Herman D shirts 48 Leonard Mhtn h 704 

Wilby av 
Bobbin Barnett uniforms 197 Grand Mhtn h 

124 Sumner av 
Bobbs Jacob cement h 12 Sterling pi 
Bohenreith Alphonse liquors 405 Humbt 
Bober Louis clothing 710 Bway Mhtn h 776 
Greene av 

ii Nathan clothing 736 Bway Mhtn h 117 
Van Buren 
Boberg Alfred elk h 248 57th 

„ Olaf carpr h 122 33d 
Bobler Jas E (Rev) h 21 Sidney pi 
Bobinsky Isaac tailor 311 Grand Mhtn h 270 

Boblzycki John tailor 75A 5th av 
Bobker Abraham M elk h 550 Bwick av 
Bobo Albert Edson chairs 150 5th av Mhtn 
h 312 Quincy 

•i Chas h E 92d n Av G 
Bobrlck Paul grocer 570 Court 
Bobroff Benj candy 513 Stone av 

n Roehmiller cutter h 88 Throop av 

ii & Meskin fur dressers 502 Met av 
BobrowBky A & Son buckwheat mill 173 

Engert av 
Bobslen August O hat mfr h 8630 18th av 
Boccard Maurice rangemkr h 823 Dean 
Bocclerl Eugene H contractor 149 Bway 

Mhtn h 1229 57th 
Boch Dora wid h 138 Rochr av 

ii Oscar A undertaker 788 Mhtn av h 575 
Bodhart Chas baker h 161 Maujer 
Bochner Hy h 183 Eldert 

ii Jos Interpreter h 438 Ashford 

ii Jos salesman h 183 Eldert 

H Leopold restaurant 114 Hudson Mhtn h 
480 Madison 


ii Saml B restaurant 114 Hudson Mhtn h 
480 Madison 

Bock Adam stonecutter h 938 Jef av 
ii Alfred electrician 405 5th av h 406 5tb 

ii Alex auctioneer h 1147 Decatur 
ii August h 24 Prescott pi 
ii Bernard salesman h 65 Norwood av 
ii Carl elk h 404 11th 
n Carl F clothing 151 Grand Mhtn b 173 

Waverly av 
ii Chas foreman h 373 5th 
n Chas upholsterer h 104 Stagg 
ii Chrisr tailor h 144 Patchen av 
ii Fredk aluminum beater li 325 Ashford 
ii F letter currier h 99 Freeman 
ii Geo H salesman h 74 Green 
„ Harluf elk h 384 Halsey 
ii Hy salesman h 198 Clifton pi 
ii Hy storage 98 Tpkins av is 621 Wilby 

n H Anton cigars 60 Varick Mhtn h 430 

Prospect pi 
ii Isldor R osteopath h 593 Wilby av 
ii John H sampler h 272 Putnam av 
n Leopold grocer 610 Hart 
ii Louis elk h 1147 Decatur 
ii Millie fancy gds 235 Division av 
ii Oscar stained glass 60 Liberty h 3 Hud- 
son pi 
ii Peter A aluminum beater h 325 Ashford 
ii Philip lithographer h 409 Ohestnut 
ii Richard lithographer h 467 77th 
ii Richard machinist b 684 Hart 
ii Valentine cutter h 22 Lewis av 
ii Walter H printer h 424 63d 
a Wm caterer Mhtn h 534 52d 
„ Wm elk h 373 5th 
n Wm insp h 2023 Homecrest av 
ii Wm mfr h 544 Glenmore av 
ii Wm jr cashier h 495 Glenmore av 
it Wm Jr painter h 442 Barbey 
ii Wm jr stationer 105 Hudson Mhtn h 
329 74 th 

Bockel Frank h 31 Granite 

Bockelman Francis letter carrier ih 174 14th 
,i Geo A clocks h 1018 57th 
ii Mary L h 1450 53d 

Bockelmann Chas grocer 758 Gravesend av 

Bocker Cath wid Bernard h 471 Decatur 
ii Hy treasr 132 Nassau Mhtn h 471 De- 
n John H candy 155 E Bway Mhtn h 378 
S 3d 

Bockes John W realestate h 379 Ocean av 

Bockholt Hy A milk h 832 Classon av 

Bockhop Hy grocer 5102 7th av 
a Wm grocer 600M: 1st av 

Bockhorst Fredk buyer h 1220 Ocean av 

Bocklie Martha wid Christian grocer 803 3d 
av h 204A 33d 

Boekman Isaac mfr h 1069 Prospect pi 
n Jacob painter h 1489 DeKalb av 

Bockmann Abraham E marble 1269 Bway 
Mhtn h 133 86th 
ii Emll impr 1265 Bway Mhtn h 133 86th 
ii Hy locksmith' 235 Irving av 
ii Herman cigars 341 Centl av 
ii Herman engineer h 15 Ridgewood av 
a Julius elk h 320 Bainbridge 
ii Rudolph tin h 259 Hancock 
n Wm grocer 946 Mhtn av h 170 Java 

Bockover Edwd 1 h 240 Steuben 
n L M h 24 Erasmus 

Bockrath Hy bldr 102 Palmetto 
ii & Buttelman bldrs 102 Palmetto 

Bocksel Conrad painter 6502 New Utrecht av 

Bockstahler Michl painter h 78 George 
ii Martin baker 70 Hull h 160 Hopkins 

Bodach Hy F cundy 76 N 8th 

Boddilv A L h 39 Broome 

Boddv Chas machinist h 2812 Fulton 
ii Elizabeth wid John H h 19 Reeve pi 
ii Reinforth J dentist h 351 6th av 
ii Wm D silk Paterson N J h 530 1st 

Bode Albert F delicatessen h 374 Ridgewood 
n August baker h 712 Hart 
n Carl music h 57 Crescent 
ii Christian J lawyer 215 Montague h 160 

Euclid av 
ii Frances grocer 1436 Gates av 
ii H candy 105 Schtdy av 
„ Hv h 139 Ix>tt 
n John A electrician h 532 Koscko 
i, Lena wld Wm h 478 E 8th 
ii Maria T dressmkr h 5307 7th av 


m z 

s § I 

g £ > 

^ C/> 

— 30 



The New York Business Directory for 1860, under the heading Brush 
Manufacturers, gave the address of BRADLEY & SMITH, 251 Pearl 
Street. Trow's Directory for 1910 shows BRADLEY & SMITH 




<c ^ 
































ii Miiry wid John h 696 Putnam av 

,i Wm coal h 367 S 2d 

ii Wm tailor h 299 Marlon 

ii Wm A Ins 164 Montague h 1396 Madison 

ii Win H broker li 17 Decatur 

n Win L supt 171 Bway Mhtn h 5615 13th 

ii Reynolds & Kinnear lawyers 215 Mon- 
ii & Wolff fur dyers Johnson av c Gard- 
ner av 
Bodek Morris leather 433 Rkway ay 
Bodeker Fredk H grocer Neptune av c W 

Boden Anthony salesman h 33 Kossuth pi 
Chas H salesman h 824 Ocean av 
Chester bookbinder h 15A Berkeley pi 
Edwd M pilot h 405 9th 
Elizabeth wid Jos h 164 Carroll 
Fredk buyer h 1255 Greene av 
Geo E electrician h 559 10th 
Jas jr trainer h 465 »th 
John sec 215 Montague h 405 9th 
Jos h 435 Gold 
Julia wid John h 204 Bergen 
Wm elk h 92 Essex 
Wm salesman h Emmons av c Dooley 
Wm G steward h 282 Clinton 
Bodenbender Hy tailor 141 Hart h 387 Koscko 

ii P painter 12 Stagg 
Bodenbrown Wm salesman h 463 44th 
Eodenbausen Wm C plasterer h 510 B 38th 
Bodenhoff Edwd C manager 24 E 21st Mhtn 

h 1842 82d 
Bodenlose Emil J chef h 96 Milton 
Bodenmann John carpr h 1663 DeKalb av 
Bodensehatz Fredk planomkr h 2043 East 

Bodenselk Wm grocer 380 Sumner av 
Bodenstab John engineer h 623 Rogers av 
Bodensteln Fredk salesman h 260A Koscko 

ii Wm collector h 11 Eldert 
Boder Adolph meat h 1306 Gates av 
ii Herman salesman h 502 Chauncey 
Boderman Julius coats 87 E Houston Mhtn 

h 122 Amboy 
Bodevin Hy hardware 91 Grand av h 607 3d 

ii Matbias W elk h 419 11th 
Bodge Wm draughtsman h 803 Beverly rd 
ii Wm patent atty 123 Liberty Mhtn h, 1137 
Sterling pi 
Bodighaemer Herman foreman h 119 Sumpter 
Bodin August musician h 291 Grand av 
ii Chas A wall paper 1519 Fulton 
.• Pincus shirts 297 Cherry Mhtn h 247 
Bodine Abljah E com mer 26 Lawton av 
Mhtn h 277 Clermont av 
ii Elmer E elk h 277 Clermont av 
Bodkin Cath h 357 Qulncy 
n D Geo physician h 897 Laf av 
ii John J police h 2143 Pacific 
ii Louis plumber Dean c Dnderhlll ar 
ii Margt F wid L P h 1321 Bedford av 
ii Martin L physician 255 DeKalb av 
ii Martin R painter 90 West Mhtn h 39S 
Jef av 
Rodmann John engineer h Av K n B 95th 
ii Mary wid John grocer 625 Humbt 
ii Thos carpr 348 Sumner av 
ii Valentine C h 2058 Bergen 
Bodmore Francis G stevedore h 1266 Park pi 
Bodnar S liquors 62 Dnlon av 
Bodner Jacob delicatessen 103 Graham av 

ii Jacob restaurant 1026 Bway 
Bodorl Louis lawyer 203 Bway Mhtn h 477 

E 16th 
Bodwell Harry E electrician b 389 Lincoln 

Body Ren1 F carpr 98 Pineapple h 112 
ii Chas carpr 225 DeKalb av 
n Harry inB h 574 10th 
■■ Hy bldr 98 Pineapple h 361 12th 
ii Jas truckman h 243 DeKalb av 
ii Marv wid Benj h 112 Adelphl 
Boe David M sec h 530 E 19th 

ii H Gustave carpr 144 Patchen av 
Boeburg Alex A contractor h 248 57th 
Boechar Carl meat h 836 Hart 
Boecher Geo b 30 Throop av 
Boeckel Chas decorator h 44 Fort Greene pi 
i. Louis F painter 22 Jackson pi 
ii Wm A lawyer 25 Broad Mhtn h 467 
Boecker Fredk grocer 224 Withers 
Boeckler Julius police h 1444 Greene av 

Pictures*^ Paintings 





Boeckmann Hy E specialties 39 Wallabout 

mkt h 845 E 12th 
Boeddingbaus Hugo sec 117 Hudson Mhtn b 

447 15th 
Boedlgheimer Jacob J jeweler h 199 Logan 
Boegel Chas lisb h 1323 Halsey 
ii Fredk hotel Bergen Beach 
ii Victor lronwkr b 418 S 4th 
Boegemann Hy tinsmith 4314 3d av 
Boeger Wm A h 910 Putnam av 
Boegler Herman h 126 Crescent 
Boehele Jos chemist h 75 2d 
Boeblau Gustave E drugs 712 4th av 
Boehler Adam liquors 134 Mhtn av 

i, Fredk h 184 7th av 
Boebm Adam A plumber 27 Cedar 

August bookbinder h 717 Glenmore av 
Bertha wid John h 1293 Gates av 
Chas Inst repairer 38 Bremen 
Danl P poultry 204 Wallabout mkt h 

111 Cambridge pi 
Frank ins 170 Bway Mhtn h 509 Schenck 

Fredk machinist h 225 Eldert 
Fredk tools 18 Dunham pi 
V Wilhelm examiner h 216 Llnwood 
Geo buyer b 14S6 Pacific 
Geo M com mer 185 Fort Greene pi h 

57 Nichols av 
Harry E h 205 Bay 32d 
John baker 519 Knickr av 
John police h 084 Madison 
John H coin mer 185 Fort Greene pi n 

1109 Bwiek av 
Jos machinist 547 Hlmrod 
Julius mason h 283 Maujer 
Katherine wid John li 916 Hancock 
Lawrence machinist h 37 Maujer 
Lorlyn It N b 91 Kingston av 
Mary grocer 260 Stagg 
Max E produce Wallabout mkt h 642 

Jef av 
M h 58 St Mark's pi 
Philip H engineer h 50A Hull 
Richd h 266 Stagg 
Robt grocer 509 Schenck av 
Teresa wid Herman h 130 Van Buren 
Wm cutter h 1220 Pacific 
Wm plasterer h 996 Putnam av 
Wm plater h 61st u 16th av 
& Co poultry 185 Fort Greene pi & 99 
N 6th 
ii Happel & Holzkamp grocers 1125 Wal- 
labout mkt 
Boehmcke Fred E produce 300 Greenwich 
Mhtn h 872 St John's pi 
ii Fred com mer 300 Greenwich Mhtn b 
545 3d 
Boehme Adolph casemkr b 453 18th 
■■ Carl B chair seats 282 6th h 1702 8th av 
ii Emll h 280 Jamaica av 
ii Fredk drugs 1288 Myrtle av 
n Louis h 375 Barbey 
ii Max produce h 642 Jef av 
ii Paul J tinsmith h 143 11th 
ii Wm elk h 52 Noll 
n & Schulthels chair seats 282 6th 
Boehmer John V fish 1625 Bway 
ii Julius A candv 541 Grand 
ii Peter elk b 553 Hart 
Boehner E hairdresser 1323 51st 
Boehrer Gustav A printer 289 Devoe 
Boehrlnger Chas engraver 267 AtkinB av 
ii Herman painter h 172 Miller av 
ii John W salesman h 1102 Jef av 
n Relnhardt cigars h 304 Stuyt av 
Boelen Caroline h 2672 E 27th 
Boemermann Albert liquors 1276 Fulton h 5 
ii Anna wid Geo h 59 Halsey 
n Geo J realestate 1157 Fulton h 2304 
Clarendon rd 
Boemm Geo W h 629 Hart 
Boenau August grocer 4916 7th av 
ii August h 642 53d 
ii Chas h 866 4th 

ii Theo drugs 159 7th av h 215 Garfield 
Boenlg Fredk baker 754 Park av 

ii Robt W architect 157 Meeker av 
Boening Andw names 325 St Nicholas av b 

255 Woodbine 
Boenkamp Chrlsr grocer 167 Front 
Boenke Ernest agt h 510 McDonough 
Boentje August grocer 543 Evergreen av h 
1163 Jef av 
.. & Von Breton grocers 543 Evergreen av 
Boerckel Cftester A b 80 Aberdeen 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 




X =» 

V - 

? =» 

• cm 


• — » 

9 • 
i* •• 

a ZS. 

8"- 5 m 


I a • • - 
■ ft 2 S * 

° « 

e. ss 

317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone, 3004 Main. 


Real Estate and Insurance 


Special attention paid 

to collection of rents 

and management 

of estates. 












2. o 
"2 o 
a ^ 

■a ■ 

a ° 

a a 

P o 

« - 

* 1 

■ *• « 


Hu B 
o . 


HI 8 J 



J a 2 

• a 


3 « 



ii Eiuil elk h 414 Shepherd uv 

M I.ouls meat 125 Evergreen ay 
Boerke Arnold pipes li 262 Ilimrod 

ii Otto spice graiuer h 2S4 Hinirod 
Boerker John acct li 143 Liu wood 

.. Richard II elk li 143 Liuwood 

n Win C contractor 91 Miildlclou 
Boerusen Christian A F liquors 499 Marey 

Boers (lias F electrician h S Pa av 

n Wm J h 198 I'utnam av 
Boersig Louis horseshoei' 1145 DeKalb av 
Boertling John oper li 275 Dcvoe 
Boeriun Abraham II Latter li 1053 Bedford av 

ii A Keiuseu realestate 4U!i Sumner av h 
155 Nostrand av 

ii Edwd iiainter h 629 Hurt 

" Il>- elk h 750 McDonough 

ii Hy Hreruau li 27 Somers 

ii .Ins W iner Wallabout mkt h 1071 Laf av 

.1 Knitting Mills SO Ten Kyck 

ii I'hilip C h 671 E 31st 

ii Wm plasterer ii 1406 Fbush av 

ii & Henry realestate 409 Sumner av 
Boes Frank h 31 Monroe pi 

ii Hy tailor h 149 Bleecker 

ii Wm F physician 200 Graham av 
Boesch Frank liquors 884 Fulton 

ii John h 5b'14 4th av 

.. Win J ii 410 E 5th 
Boese J H F U'ev) h 24 Sumner pi 
Boesel Mathies carpr h 223 Van Siclen av 
Boeselager Hy grocer 51 lieeve pi Ii 1 E 7th 
Boeseler Chas sec 55 Reeve pi h 60 Madison 
Boesen Christian will Andreas h 227 12th 

n Fredk h 1101 Park pi 

ii Marius printer 250 Adams li 448 59th 
Bocseubeig Wm grocer 402 60th 
Boesiuger Julien elk h 252 Kutledge 

n Wm stationery 1004 Atlantic av 
Boesley Jas h 1254 Sterling pi 
Boeso Chas electrician h 027 Lex av 
Boess? Fredk J impr 68 Nassau Mhtu h 223 

S 9th 
Boest Francis h 134 Monroe 

ii Paul jeweler 330 Evergreen av 
Boetger Dederick candy 1892 Fulton 
Boettcber Anna C wid Chas F h 1003 Greene 

M Arnold bookbiuder h 379 Berrimau 

n Fredk jeweler 85 Myrtle av 
Boettger Chas decorator li lo(>8 Laf av 

ii €has h 290 Stuyt av 
Boettiger Jacob nifr 79 Ilimrod 
i Kate wid Lewis li 79 Himrod 

ii Philip cons eng 154 Nassau Mhtn h 74 
Boettiugheimer Chas delicatessen 049 Knickr 

Boettjer Bernd delicatessen 797 Bedford av 
Boetz Wm spluner h 1457 DeKalb av 
Boetzel Christ F tailor h 419 Marion 
Boewig Hy music 241 Havemeyer 
lioff Chas A cigars 160 Sands 
Bogan A shoes 110 Graham av 

n Edwd J bats h 216 Martense 

n Jacob h 748 Macon 

,, John h 248 Reid av 

ii John salesman h 248 Ciimlierland 

n John shoes h 861 Putnam av 

ii Walter h 194 St Mark's av 
Bogard M T h 6401 15th av 
Bogardt Camille M h 354 Franklin av 

ii Jacob A 1'urng h 461 Laf av 
Bogardus Abraham h 618 Gates av 

ii Elizabeth A wid John F h 150 Magenta 

I, Frank F insp h 1334 Sterling pi 

i. Ira h 81 DeSales pi 

ii John F engineer h 96 Rldgewood av 

., John H lawyer 48 Wall Mhtn h 74 
1 'owning 

.1 Rlchd coal 429 Keap h 408 Rodney 
Bogurt Adrian mason h Bay 35th u Cropsey 

„ Alfred civil eng h 327 48th 

ii Arthur H physician 135 7th av h 27 7th 

„ Chas billiards 223 Dresden 

ii Chas compositor h 170 Cooper 

ii Chas horseclipper h 520 Jef av 

ii Chas H inventor h 448 11th 

.1 Chas J signs 115 Nassau Mhtn h 140 Jef 

n Chas W realestate h E 92d n At K 

H Clarence S salesman b 2209 Clarendon 

ii Edwd J supt h 232 Cooper , 

ii Edwin S bookkpr h 151 Decatur 


STORKS: 519 and 1416 Fulton Street 


S47 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; 115 Park Row, Now York City, 

and 313 East itii Street, New York City 



i. Edwin S elk h 148 Eldert 

ir Ellsworth E wines 1574 Fulton h 1615 

ii E K Co wiues 1574 Fulton 

ii Isaac grocer 183 Green 

ii John lawyer 61 Park row Mhtn h 441 

ii John H h Flatlands av n E 93d 

ii Johu W broker 115 Produce Exch Mhtn 
u 361 6th av 

n J Bion physician h 463 Clinton av 

ii Leonard H elk h 1615 Pacific 

it Minnie teacher h 345 Clinton av 

ii Morgan L proofreader h 1128 Bedford 

ii Nellie A uiilliuer 334 9th 

ii Peter S h 74th u Ridge Boulevard 

ii Thos agt h 231 16th 

ii Tbos painter h 136 Prospect pk W 
Bogarts Jacob tailor b 459 Wyona 
Bogate Bcuj cloaks 161 Myrtle av 
Bogdanoff Saml tobacco 743 Flushing av 
Boge Ernst H grocer 105 Floyd 

,i Wm carpr h 534 18th 
Bogeart Peter A mason h 1678 Nostrand av 
Bogel Alfred elk b 454 Halsey 

ii Chas bookkpr h 924 Bwlck av 

n Chas H elk h 521 Decatur 

ii Fredk hotel Canarsie Shore 

n Fredk mer h 482 Lincoln av 

ii Matta wid h 1180 Bwick av 

ii Wm F grocer 342 Qulncy 
Bogemau Fredk upholsterer h 263 43d 
Bogeu Fredk h 383 Bleecker 

ii Jacob barber h 251 Weirfield 

ii Jacob jr h 74S Macon 

n John broker 56 Pine Mhtn h 1285 Han- 

ii Rachel shoes 64 Moore 

ii R F h 1363 St John's pi 
Bogeudorfer Geo baker 77 Driggs av 
Bogenshutz John h 84 Coml 

n Wm J judge 6 Lee av & lawyer 44 
Court h 84 Coml 
Boger Hy h 3518 Av H 

i. & Bailey artists 246 Fulton 
Bogert Chas J salesman h 465 Greene av 

ii Chas M h 320 Ocean pkway 

i, Chas M elk h 658 Chauncey 

n Elsie C wid Rudolphus h 189 S Oxford 

ii E J garage 66 Weirfield 

ii Flour Co 64 Washn av 

ii Frank h 520 E 19th 

ii Frank insp h 17 Halsey 

ii Florence S music teacher h 1125 Put- 
nam av 

ii Grace E h 19 S Oxford 

n Jas D awnings 213 E 35th Mhtn h 
372 Belmont av 

ii Johu II lather h 783 Hancock 

ii John K h 1123 Bedford av 

ii John R trucks 83 Maiden la Mhtn h 
100 Wyekoff 

ii Jos C painter h 71 Weirfield 

n Nathan elk h 1050 57th 

ii Nelson F pharmacist h 445 72d 

ii N H pianos h 206 Woodbine 

ii Saml billiards 100 Pitt Mhtn h 279 
Division av 

ii Saml V com trav u 699 Park pi 

ii Tbeo cutter h 658 Chauncey 

,i Wm mfr b 25 Butler 

ii Wm plumber h 605 Gates av 
Bogg E S h 680 Fulton 

Bogglano Bcuj trucks 81 Greene Mhtn h 
72d c 14th av 

ii Louis trucks 81 Greene Mhtn h 155 
Boggs Edwd pilot h 110 India 

ii Geo F sec 31 Washn 

n Jeau J h 178 Clinton 

n Lewis D hardware 23 Warren Mhtn h 
404 3d 

ii Ncute borseshoer 170 Gold h 8 Kossuth 

ii Norman T securities 44 Pine Mhtn h 
115 S Elliott pl 

ii Robt H tel oper h 392 Laf av 

ii Sophia wid Wm h 178 Clinton 

ii Walter D C notary Court c Montague 
h 186 17th 

„ Wm pilot h 87 India 

n Win p banker h 45 Cambridge pl 

n Wm T books 1865% Fulton 
b 15 Temple ct 
Bogorod Jos grocer 205 Harrison av 
Bogoslowsky Nathan lauudry 84 Ludlow Mhtn 
h 1930 Livonia av 


P ■< 

m 2 

w 2 -^ 

§ m 5 

* CO 

£ § 


Charlotte Russe 
and Fancy Cakes 
used by countless 
millions. Try them 

T elections at all Addres set 


WINSTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 



-«- 5 

0Q «£ jg 

**■« .<« O 
o c 

P s ts 

•- w rl 

n -aU 




W -r- 


> cu 

«■* = 


c/i s 








m 00 



















Bogosslan Hoihannes tailor 190 Windsor pi 
Bogue Anna wid Felix h 315 lOtu 

i, Anna T wid Martin D h 836 Union 

n Chas A h 873 Greene av 

ii Frank police h 315 10th 

ii Genevieve H li 315 10th 

ii Harriet L principal Dean c N Y av h 
1149 Union 

n Louisa J wid John H h 667 Quincy 

ii Mortimer M elk h 873 Greene av 

ii Morton G lawyer 52 William Mhtn h 
836 Union 

ii Perry D asst treasr 20 Wall Mhtn h 836 

ii Wm H jr h 525 50th 

n Wm H jr searcher h 1010 40th 
Bogul Alex carpr h 280 Keap 
Boh John F auto mtls 1717 Bway Mhtn h 

121 Albany av 
Bohack Edwd manager b 210 Miller av 

ii Hy baker 1405 Myrtle av 

ii Hy C grocer 1124 Bedford av h 1090 
Greene av 

ii H C Co grocers 1016 FBusn av 
Bohag John (Rev) h 284 Schermerhorn 

ii John A (Rev) h 106 Clermont av 
Bohan Jas notions h 690 Maroy av 

ii Patrick h 34 Carlton av 

ii Patrick A plumber h 540 Prospect pi 

ii Thos moulder h 1914 E 13th 
Bohana Israel M cigars 209 Park row Mhtn 

h 454 Wythe av 
Bohanan Oath wid John h 330 10th 

ii John liquors 2 Elm pi h 419 9th 

M John jr liquors 634 4th av 
Bohannan Wilson locks 760 Lex av 
Bohe Thos laces h 175 Waverly av 
Bohem Albert meats h 1109 Bwick av 
Bohen Geo drugs h 84 Lex av 

ii Jas express 26 Fulton h 137 Waverly av 

ii Jos express 216 Wilby av 

ii J pressman h 216 Wllby av 

ii Peter supt h 838 Bergen 

.1 Thos F weigher h 958 Laf av 

M Wm express h S3 Clinton av 
Bohenvldth A liquors 405 Humbt 

ii Chas grocer 616 6th av 
Bohl Ernest h 6610 Ridge Boulevard 

n Ernest A grocer 172 S 8th 

n Fredk S machinist h 625 Sterling pi 

n Wm cabinetmkr h 217 Middleton 
Bohland Hy milk 751 Park av 

ii Hy restaurant 414 Van Brunt 
Bohle Chas engineer h 328 20th 
Bohleber Jacob fitter h 131 Ralph 

n John M eigarmfr 22S Union av 

ii Julius plumber 228 Union av h 680 
Met av 
Bohlen Andw boat capt h 139 17th 

■i August E meat 614 Classon av h 88 

ii Ernest A grocer 172 S 8th 

i, Ernest H grocer 568 3d av Mhtn h 7522 
15th av 

ii Fredk teas h 219 Hull 

ii Geo waters 358 Hart 

ii Hy barges 49 South' Mhtn h 320 1st 

ii Hy elk h 271 Evergreen av 

ii Hy elk h 290 Woodbine 

ii Hy grocer 159 Decatur 

ii Hy J teas 39 9th av Mhtn h 159 Decatur 
Bohlender Fredk conductor h 235 Cooper 

n Mamie wid Hy h 271 Evergreen av 
Bohlin John h 113 St Mark's pi 
Bohl lug Fred A electrician 5416 5th av h 
554 5th av Mhtn 

ii Hy candy 1071 Mhtn av 

n John hotel 4th av c E 10th Mhtn h 110 

ii Wm liquors 144 Sumner av 
Bohlinger Mlchl delicatessen 2036 Fulton 

ii Philip salesman h 113 Huron 
Bohlman Wm electrician h 101 Cooper 
Bohlmann Fredk h 308 11th 

ii Fredk J elk 1278 Decatur 

ii Herman h 251 Ridgewood av 

n Wm toolmkr h 1282 Decatur 
Bohm Adolph A elk h 253 Eldert 

ii Albert impr 260 W Bway Mhtn h 2214 
Av G 

ii John L candy h 3906 Fort Hamilton 

ii Louis crackers h 124 Kingston av 
Bohman August T engineer h 572 46th 

ii Carl E manager h 1150 44th 

ii Fredk foreman h 308 11th 

ii John A upholsterer h 111 Palmetto 



K«. 107 and 109 East 14th Street 



Bohme Paul J tinsmith h 198 11th 
ii Thos F weigher h 958 Laf av 

Bohmer John R barber 417 Bedford av h 111 
S 8th 

Bohmerman Hy optician h 216 Dean 

Bohmke Herman h 205 21st 
ii Herman machinist h 231 16th 
ii Louis M salesman h 17 Cornelia 
ii Otto police h 562 46th 

Bohn Adolph foreman h 253 Eldert 
ii August W coffee 50 Washn av h 112 

Park pi 
n A W & W coffee 50 Washn av 
ii August F contractor h 1101 Jef av 
ii Chas banker h 362 Adelphi 
ii Chas F salesman h Bway c Linden 
i, C R h 521 12th 
n Edwd A bookkpr u 1281 Decatur 
ii Edwd J elk h 780 Rogers av 
ii Emma wid Chas h 983 Decatur 
ii Frank liquors 371 Johnson av 
,t Frank E W elk h 253 Welrneld 
ii Fredk machinist h 279 Hlmrod 
ii Fredk printer h 1237 Madison 
ii Fredk A salesman h 1284 Park pi 
ii Geo elk h 368 Hooper 
ii Harry G architect h 112 Park pi 
ii John A supt h 253 Eldert 
ii John G bookbinder h 258 Saratoga av 
ii John L candy h 3906 Fort Hamilton 

n Julius liquors 149 Maiden la Mhtn h 

395 2d 
ii Louts police h 415 16th 
ii Miclil liquors 371 Johnsoa av 
ii Otto mechanic h 227 Herkimer 
ii Wm elk h 109 Adelphi 
ii Wm coffee 50 Wasbn av h 452 7th 
ii Wm lumber 68 Freeman 

Bohne Chas delicatessen 303 Kent av 
ii Chas meat h 221 Linden 
ii Geo J realestate h 251 Greene av 
ii Hy glue h 328 Stagg 
ii Hy paper h 189 Grove 
ii John moulder h 338 Hendrix 
M Louis J salesman h 243 Emerson pi 
n Paul meat 1005 Mhtn av 
ii Philip meat 405 Graham av 

Bohnemann August liquors 177 Throop av 

Bohnenberger Fred jeweler h 350 Bleecker 

Bohner Fredk W mfr h 279 Ainslie 
ii Geo A elk h 1411 Greene av 
ii Jacob stenographer h 173 Marion 
n Jos & Sons 1093 Met av 
ii Otto liquors 69 Hamburg av 

Bohnert Herman liquors 304 Harman 
ii Jos chaser h 649 Mansfield pi 

Bohnet Edwd liquors 116 Broad Mhtn h 
502 B 17th 
ii Frank lnsp b 550 Hart 
ii John broker 44 Court h 460 E 17th 

Bohnlg Frank salesman h 503 E 8th 
n F A candy 355 7th av 

Bohnsack Elizabeth wid Wm h 487 6th ar 

Bohnson Frank C police h 366 Webster av 
ii Gretha wid Chas h 917 Belmont av 
ii Harry cashier h 917 Belmont av 
ii Hy hay 56 N 10th h Ocean Pkway n 

Ditmas av 
ii Nicholas grain 962 Flushing av 

Bohr John H elk h 211 Taaffe pi 
n Wm W salesman h 479 13th 

Bohrer Arthur h 91 Schaeffer 
ii Wm F stone cutter h 263 23d 

Bohringer Emll meat 338 Hamburg av 
ii John elk h 124 Hoyt 

Bohrmann Carl shoes 520 Classon av 

Boice Edwd W electrician h 99 Harman 
ii Harriet wid Cornelius h 740 Park pi 
n Harry W physician h 103 Qulncy 
i, Hy Smock vocalist 883 7th av Mhtn h 

400 Washn av 
ii Jas blacksmith h 501 55th 

Bedford Riding Academy 

Cor. Bedford and Atlantic Avenues 

Bedford BROOKLYN. H. T. 

Telephone Can, *$ 

George H. Willers, Proprietor 


Proipect Park Branch 
Oor. Flatbash and Ocean Avenues 

TELEPHONE ^ w^latbush 





8 South William SL, 

PHILADELPHIA. Nm Yor|( Cjty> N> y 
































— ■ 























n Lottie wld Martin h 371 Marlon 

ii Oscar foreman h 86 Ross 

•i Walter B elk b 395 Adelohi 
Boileau Nicholas electrician h 22 Hill 
Boin Geo ins h 201 Cleveland 

M Louis F machinist b 62 Georgia av 

ii Wm R notary 114 Reade Mbtn b 798 
Greene ay 
Boinest Walter B coffee 413 Greenwich Mbtn 

b 363 6th 
Boisaubin Alfred b 228 li 9th 
Boise Anna A wid Frank A b 344 Oarlton 

n Burton printer h 92 Buffalo av 

ii Eniil G elk h 164 Wilson 
Boisen Gustave florist Lenox rd e Albany ay 
Boisseau Louis salesman b 350 Linden ay 
Bolssier Fredk G b 478 4th 
Boitel Andw P cigars 229 5th ay 

ii Elisha E cigars 351% Fulton h 217 
Prospect ay 

■i Rafael E h 1216 Foster ay 

ii & Ruiz leaf tobacco 447 5th ay 
Boiyle Alfred J broker b 261 11th 

ii John A jeweler h 1140 44th 
Boiyln Julius impr Mbtn h 1239 Pacific 
Bokee Alfred W stationer 118 Pearl Mhtn 
h 433 2d 

n A Donald broker h 503 6th 

ii Geo auditor h 149 Pierrepont 

n Jos A cashier b 391 1st 

ii J H b 558 Bainbridge 

n J Howard foreman h 438 Clermont ay 
Bokshltzky Nathan grocer 789 Flushing ay h 

381 Koscko 
Bolan Lorenzo W physician h 392 Putnam ay 
Boland Andw bookkpr h 1385 Jet ay 

n Chas F ins 42 Bway Mhtn h 784 Put- 
nam ay 

ii Bdwd musician b 103 Havemeyer 

ii Emma wid Reuben h 103 Koscko 

n Fredk civil eng b 574 Essex 

ii Francis H lawyer 71 Nassau Mhtn h 631 
Nostrand ay 

ii Geo elk h 115 Hall 

ii Geo livery 671 DeKalb ay 

ii Hy elk h 235 Cooper 

ii Jas F elk h 342 19th 

ii John F fireman h 702 Lex ay 

■i John J oysters h 428 54th 

ii John M detective 130 Bway Mhtn b 031 
Nostrand ay 

ii John W engineer h 406 Himrod 

ii Mary dressmkr h 388 10th 

ii Mary wld John b 218 Linden 

ii Thos fireman h 180 Division ay 

ii Thos F h 90 E 4th 

ii Thos J com mer 66 Leonard Mhtn h 810 
Washn ay 

ii Wm janitor h 414 40th 

ii Wm H janitor h 365 40th 
Bolander Carl G mech eng 17 State Mhtn h 
457 State 

ii Fredk h 46 Hampton pi 
Bolanos Plo counsel 66 Beaver Mhtn h 669 

Bold Fredk presBman h 467 Channcey 

ii Geo elk h 493 Hancock 

ii Walter S collector h 22 Cooper 
Boldemann Herman undertaker 226 Hamburg 
ay h 279 Linden 

ii & Biermann undertakers 225 Hamburg ay 
Bolden Isaac H (Rev) h 43 Fleet pi 
Bolding John painter h 366 4th 
Boldman Florence A h 159 Wilby ay 

ii Edwin D autos Bedford ay c Baat 
Pkway h 1520 Bedford ay 
Boldt Franz painter h 129 Chauncey 

ii Halbert A realestate h 533 Macon 

ii Michl A elk b 129 Chauncey 
Bolduan Charlotte E h 967 Lincoln, pi 
Bolean Wm engineer h 286 Ralph ay 
Bolen Frank hatter h 697 Franklin ay 

ii Geo F undertaker 66 Bond h 164 Bond 

ii John h 318 21st 

ii John A machinist h 298 Greene ay 

ii N T physician 897 Bwick ay 

ii Wm J cashier Morris Hgts Mhtn h 466 
Nostrand av 
Bolender Fred candy 192 Knlckr ay 
Boler Chas painter h 342 Hendrix 
Holes Franklin engineer h 638 56th 

ii John E fireman h 1679 70th 

ii Scudder D coffee 118 Pearl Mhtn h 1653 

n Wm II letter carrier h 623 Clinton 


Boleschka Chas F Jeweler 47 John Mhtn k 
188 Dean 

ii Wm h 1052 Dean 
Boley Benj bottles h 11 Weirfleld 

ii Glass Works Met av c Morgan av 

n Jacob hardware 169 Grand 

ii Wm liquors 5624 5th av 
Bolger Chas bowling 2688 Atlantic ay h 691 
Glen more av 

ii Chas collector h 406 Hendrix 

ii Chas T h 10 Cambridge pi 

n Edwin A teacher h 426 Koscko 

ii Eliza wld Philip h 213 Greene ay 

ii Jas M Insp h 197 Harrison 

ii Jacob photos 249 Hooper 

ii Jas P salesman h 417 6th 

ii John liquors 305 Myrtle av b 129 N 

ii Louise wid Jacob h 149 Rodney 

ii Mary wld Wm h 434 43d 

ii Patrick Iiibp b 691 Glenmore ay 

ii Thos meat 497 Greene av 

ii Thos police h 691 Glenmore ay 

ii Wm F bookkpr h 377 Degraw 

ii Wm J lawyer 346 Bway Mhtn b 421 66th 
Boligan Jos cigars 167 Reid ay 
Bolin Alex boat capt h 714 5Sth 

ii Hy J marble setter h 1310 Park pi 

n Jas marble cutter h 349 10th 

m John M F elk h 113 Hall 

ii Jos A cutter h 254 Patchen ay 
Bolitho Saml draughtsman b 46 Clifton pi 

ii Wm salesman b 46 Clifton pi 
Bolivar Biscuit Exchange 1106 Fulton 

ii Geo elk h 13 Oakland 
Bolk Fredk jr elk h 503 Greene ay 

n Theo drugs 710 Qulncy 
Bolko Barnett tailor 409 Snmner ay h 727 

Bolwitz Saml foreman h 1459 St Mark's ay 
Boll Adam h 192 Eldert 

n Alfred salesman h 996 Putnam ay 

ii Chas baker 1299 DeKalb av 

ii Chas bookbinder h 244 Ralph 

ii Emil mfr h 836 Bedford av 

ii Geo painter h 145 Schenck ay 

ii Hy P (Rev) h 446 Liberty av 

n Jacob h 606 Shepherd av 

ii Jacob cigars 182 Sackman 

ii Jacob meat 1459 DeKalb ay 

ii Jacob shoes 1182 Bway h 322 Evergreen 

ii John J restaurant 120 Court h 247 Pros- 
pect pi 

ii Jos drugs b 668 DeKalb ay 

it Max mfr h 1027 Putnam av 

ii Bros bakers 2625 Atlantic av 
Bollaman Leonard turner h 651 57th 
Bolland Fredk elk h 430 St Mark's av 

n Hy grocer h 72 Ross 

ii Jas foreman h 501 13th 

ii John engineer h 71 Granite 

i. J E h 434 7th 
Bollarth Kate wld Jos h 96 Hale av 
Bollas Walter O dockmaster b 73 Conselyea 
Rollback John h Av R & Gravesend av 

ii John grocer 113 Engert av 
Boiler Anthony painter b 282 Sumpter 

ii Chas M painter h 645 Belmont av 

ii Oonrad cashier h Av D n E 87th 

ii Edwin bookkpr h 1130 Greene av 

ii Ferdinand painter h 190 Chauncey 

ii Jos novelties 10 Barclay Mhtn h 132 
Stuyt ay 

ii Leo baker 234 Stanhope 

ii Matthew painter h 163 Cooper 
Bolles Archibald earpr h 208% Calyer 

ii Chas collector b 500 2d 

ii Chas H supt h 354 Ocean av 

ii Elizabeth wld Geo h 1306 Herkimer 

ii Francis A florist h E 10th n Ay L 

ii Hy agt h 602 Qulncy 

ti Laurence artist h 52 Fountain av 

ii Robt police h 459 6th av 

ii Wm J A manager h 99 St Felix 
Bolller Hy elk h 230 Stanhope 
Boiling Thos elk h 761 Franklin av 
Bollinger Alfred F vet surg 24 Snyder av h 
2218 Albemarle rd 

n Conrad elk h 340 E 22d 

ii Frank meat 895 Fbush av h 24 Snyder 

ii Jacob H bookkpr h 223 Weirfleld 

ii John restaurant 1714 Bath av 

ii John J liquors 1051 Fbush ay 
Bollir Christ bookkpr b 653 Evergreen av 



r- ^ 
























Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 Halo 



WINSTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 

1 1 

r- O 

< U 8 


I- UJ 









Bollmann Jas H meat 1163 Fulton h 22 Ar- 
lington pi 
n John draughtsman h 56 Montauk av 
ii Johm H meat 1163 Fulton h 22 Arling- 
ton pi 
ii Rudolph realestate 317 Bway Mhtn h 
294 Bway 
Bollmeyer Hy J elk h 170 Taylor 
Bollong Andw elk h 1303 St John's pi 
Bollowitz Jacob liquors 176 Osborn 
Bollten John C grocer 367 S 4th 
Bollweber Nicholas plater h 1351 Putnam av 
Bollweln Geo machinist h 326 Stockholm 
Bolm Ernest A ice h 109 Adelphi 
Bolnick Benj paper boxes h 307 Berriman 
ii Harry mfr 45 Mercer Mhtn h 843 Bel- 
mont av 
Bolognesi Aido banker 60 Wall Mhtn h 37 B 

Bolousky Louis manager & 306 N J ay 
P.olowitz Morris liquors h 321 Sheffield ay 
Bols Ht carrier h 29 Dean 
Bolsen Frank belting h 32 S 11th 
Bolstein Jacob S milk 34 Moore 

pi Sarah wid Julius h 692 DeKalb ay 
Bolte Hy elk h 72 Schaeffer 
ii Hy hotel 6321 18th av 
ii Hy tailor h 553 Evergreen av 
ii Manfred lawyer 41 Park Bow Mhtn h 

873 Greene av 
ii Wm E sec 186 Bemsen 
Bolter Jos elk h 341 Elton 
Boltman Herman fireman h 658 Dean 
Bolton Andw C physician h 134 S 9th 
.. Anne h 242 6th 
I. David bookkpr h 83 Moffat 
m Ella H wid Alfred A h 61 Pierrepont 
n Frances H wid Wm H h 326 Clermont 

ii Fredk C manager h 99 Meserole av 
ii Fredk G shoes 699 Mhtn av h 193 Mes- 
■i Geo B advertising 1 Madison av Mhtn h 

142 Ross 
ii Hy F letter carrier h 1064 Hancock 
n Jas letter carrier h 564 Vandt av 
ii Jas police h 197 12th 
,. Jas P bookbinder 141 E 25th Mhtn h 165 

Euclid av 
n John h 692 10th 
M John salesman h 710 Degraw 
.. John W sign painter 693 Atlantic av 
■i Jos plumber h 458 Park pi 
ii Jos police h 452 Park pi 
ii Jos E machinist h 85 Butler 29th wd 
„ IUchd W elk h 279 Reld av 
ii T P elk h 319 Degraw 
.i Wayne L draughtsman h 65 E 10th 
., Win iusp h 197 12th 
.1 Wm machinist h 328 Chauncey 
■i Win A h 920 Lincoln pi 
" Wm A coml trav h 30 Hampton pi 
.1 Wm C prest 108 Fulton Mhtn h 281 

Stuyt av 
.1 Wm J agt 103 Fulton Mhtn h 107 N 
Boltz Adam F h 127 Moffat 
ii Jacob jr machinist h 73 Bleecker 
.i Nicholas varnisher h 124 Maujer 
n Rose wid Leo h 255% 19th 
Bolwell Ohas agt h 515 Throop av 

,i Wm elk h 266 Stockton 
Bolz Emil G tailor 175 W Bway Mhtn h 249 
\ Stockholm 

llolzer Jos dry gds 62 Moore 
Soman Adolph elk h 1052 4th av 

ii Carl E elee ecg h 495 Washn av 
Bombach A upholsterer 301 Bedford av 
Biunhara Frank ins h 1392 Greene av 
Jinuilieck Chas T bookkpr h 340 Farragut rd 
Borne Frank grocer 601 Liberty av 
Bouieisler Louis E lawyer 135 Bway Mhtn h 

255 Hancock 
Bomelstein Saml jeweler 753 Mhtn av 
Bonier Fredk elk h 343A Qulncy 

n Geo L signs 71 Court h 158 Douglass 
Bomhoff Hy provisions 1/ 210 Clifton pi 
ii Louis plumber h 588 Bedford av 


Bommerank Fredk tinsmith h 203 Stoyt av 
Bommersheim Adoph printer h 442 51st 
Bomze Hyman eggs 103 Hester Mhtn h 441 

Sutter av 
Bon Fredk S sec 396 S 2d h 258 Clinton av 
ii Marche dyeing 70 Montrose av 
ii Ton Music Hall 126 Rkway av 
Bonaccl-Vincelli Contracting Co 672 Degraw 
Bonagiunt Frank tailor 45 W 34th Mhtn h 

486 Cleveland 
Bonagura Salvatore contractor h 1815 East 

Bonandi John polisher h 323 St Mark's av 
Bonanno Company dresses 238 Livingston 
n Giulio Interpreter h 262 86th 
ii Louis mer 59 Pearl Mhtn h 604 79th 
Bonapart Bertha wid Chapman h 220 Pros- 
pect pi 
Bonar Charlotte A wid Thos h 907 Bedford 
n Geo T lnsp h 607 Bedford av 
Bonawitz Fredk W h 369 6th 
ii Geo art 320 Bway Mhtn h 268 N T av 
ii Hy lawyer 375 Fulton h 701 Halsey 
Bond Albert J collector h 95 S 2d 
ii Alfred C u s civil service 347 Custom 

House Mhtn h 722 Halsey 
ii CLas carpr h 9723 4th av 
ii Ohas F bldr h 479 E 17th 
n Ohas G lawyer 99 Nassau Mhtn to 2103 

Ocean av 
ii Edwd coml trav h 360 8th 
n Edwd M blacksmith h 434 Chauncey 
ii Frances wid Hugh h 23 Macon 
ii Frank oil Mhtn h 224 Union 
ii Frank W conductor h 120 4th av 
it Hugh Gowanus Towing Co Hamilton av 

& Gowanus Canal 
n John engineer ih 533 Baltic 
ii John B elk h 15SA Hull 
■i John M lumber 18 Bway Mhtn h 1250 

ii J Holmes H shipmaster h 312 4th 
ii Levi M elk h 153 Taylor 
ii Mary wid Hugh Ih 491 13th 
ii Milton S buyer h 209 Lenox rd 
ii Oliver W bookkpr h 531 51st 
ii Roscoe H iron h 424 State 
ii Thos umbrellamkr h 104 S 3d 
ii Theodore realestate h 360 8th 
ii Walter H lawyer 32 Pine Mhtn h 170 

Columbia hgts 
ii Willard H prest 76 Court b 2106 Bev- 
erley rd 
ii Wm foreman h 158A Hull 
ii Wm C printer h 1062 Putnam av 
ii Wm H bookkpr h 631 51st 
ii Wm L liquors 106 DeKalb av h 51 Ash- 
land pi 
n W H h 4703 6tb av 

ii & Mortgage Guarantee Co 175 Remsen 
& 176 Bway Mhtn 
Bonder Jacob tailor 38 Desbrosses Mhtn h 

503 Vermont 
Bonderson Olaf machinist h 412 E 16th 
Bondinello Michl barber 5613 3d av h 318 

Bando Louis electrician h 135 Garfield pi 

ii Saml shoes 1181 DeKalb av 
Bondon Louis bookkpr h 135 Garfield pi 
Bondrean Thos J insp h 361 Sumpter 
Bonds L F wid Hy h 247 54th 
Boudward Fredk baker 255 Evergreen av 
Bone Daniel tilelayer h 113 Patchen av 
ii Geo W hotel 755 Bwlek av 
ii Wm printer u 71A Howard av 
Bonell Adelaide M dressmkr 357 Bergen 
Bonelli Pietro J contractor 2091 2d av Mhtn 

h 217 Sackett 
Bonert Louis bldr h 487 4th 
Bonewur S framer 61 Montrose av 
Boney Jas salesman h 263 48th 
Bonfleld Alfred R sampler h 1961 Dean 
n Alfred R jr plumber 1422 Fulton h 238 

Albany av 
ii Chester G lronwkr h 1231 12th 
ii Frank S elk h 1699 Pacific 
ii Wm K salesman h 673 Delamere pi 
Bonflglio G & Son fruit 690 Washn av 
Bongard n h 765 McDonough 
ii Jas mechanic h 225 Bergen 
n John J engineer U 526 45th 
ii Matthew police h 600 7th av 
Bongardt Chas salesman h 290 Division av 
Bongav Albert jeweler h nil Adelphi 
Botlgcrt Peter blids U7S Myrtle av 



Expert Testing audi Repairing 

391 Myrtle Ave. 

■i , ,^«^JJJ(,^.!Jty.5iki^iffij?^jiJi^-a_i,j4_« 

LIS H aALC HY u^alercim buh '-ers HAPDWA Hfc. | 
Factory Ctasson av. cor. W lloughby av, Brooklyn 











317 Washington BL 


TiumoNt 30O4 wua 

B £ 

■ME A ° 




g D S 
"3d =" 


Bongiomo Salvatore salesman h 415 St 
Mark's av 

n ViDcent fruit 268 Washn Mhtn h 515 St 
Mark's av 
Bonguard Danl elk h 1003 DeKalb av 
Bonbag Jacob & Sous painters 052 Bedford 

Bonhani Edwd salesman h 151 Woodruff av 

ii Frank baker h 2ti Boerum pi 

ii John cashier h 151 Woodruff av 
Bonhard Hy coal h 284 Marion 

n Jacob barber 165 Suinp.ter 
Bonick Benj salesman b 438 Cleveland 
Boniello Antbony carpr 630 Lorimer 

ii Bros contractors 672 Lorimer 

ii & Bros earprs 75 Withers 
Boniface Edmund L h 217A Taaffe pi 

n Jacob cigars h 515 Koscko 

.. Louis J mer 15 Whitehall Mhtn h 98 
Bonlfull Wm silversmith h 101 McDougal 
Bonin August gardener h 500 Hart 
Boning Bernard A manager 81 Wilby h 406 

Bonington Chas N elk h 111 Montague 
Bonim Dlysses F cigars 64 Ann Mhtn h 

726 Putnam av 
Bonk J J h 1021 Putnam av 

M Martin salesman h 251 Clinton 

.1 Valentine J treasr h 180 Driggs av 
Boulayer Jacob foreman h 331 Keap 
Bonn Geo \V reflnisher 49 Elizabeth Mhtn h 
80 Clinton av 

,. Robt R machinist h 192 10th 

H Thos polisher h 80 Clinton av 
Bonna Catherine wid John h 248 6th 

■I Frank machinist h 538 4th av 
Bonnabeau Chas cutter h 48 Himrod 
Bonnaci Dominick contractor h 672 Degraw 
Bonnard Gustave M C furs 114 Berriman 

n Leon C elk h 362 Linwood 
Bonnell Arthur H tiles 79 4th h 1396 Union 

,i A Digby iron 81 Fulton Mhtn h 36 Gar- 
den pi 

., Arthur H h 2060 E 9th 

ii Elizabeth W wid Chas h 3 Hanson pi 

ii Harriett wid Edwd h 215 Bergen 

.. Horace E machinist h 662 47th 

n Sarah h 139 Pulaski 

„ Wm A elec eng 132 Church Mhtn h 629 
Putnam av 
Bonner Adolph physician 421 Grand av 

,. Albert furngs 4914 5th av 

i, Anthony J ins 371 Fulton h 1445 70th 

ii Automobile Co 944 Bedford av 

ii Chas L autos h 50 Rogers av 

,i Esther F wid Chas H h 50 Rogers av 

ii Fred liquors 444 Melrose 

n Geo police h 235 Covert 

ii Geo salesman h 190 Vernon av 

it G liquors 16 Lewis av 

■i Harry grocer h 8 McDonough 

ii Harrv L grocer 1701 78th 

■i Hy liquors 1031 Gates av 

n Hugh inspr h 73 Poplar 

,i Jeremiah elk h 399 Qulncy 

ii John florist h 136 Somers 

n Jos clothing h 615 Wilby av 

i, Jos engineer h 463 St Mark's av 

ii Julius jeweler 51 Maiden la Mhtn h 135 
Prospect Park W 

I, Lydla wid Chas h 534 Putnam av 

,, Mary wid John h 100 Prospect pi 

,i Neil A elk h 96 Bay 13th 

i. Oliver R sec 23 E 24tb Mhtn h 93 Un- 
derbill av 

ii Paul E prest 33 Grand b 48 Gates av 

ii Robt liquors 176 Myrtle av 

ii Titus mfr h 8 McDonough 

.1 Wm auditor h 261 Fbush av 
Bonnert Geo cutter h 728 42d 
Bonnerwith Chas calendars 1081 Myrtle av 
h 178 Lewis av 

ii Isaac printer 16 Thomas Mhtn h 967 
DeKalb av 

ii Jacob printer 967 DeKalb av 
Bonnet Christian florist 130 Livingston b 49 

ii & Blake florists 130 Livingston 
Bonnctt Catherine E wid Edwd h 185 11th 

n Tbeo painter h 172 34th 

ii Wm H elk h 345 Prospect pi 
Bonnevie John harness 146 Union av 
Bonney Edwd patternmkr h 1037 40th 

ii John C G h 226 St James' pi 

i. John P contractor 45 York h 398 4th 

ii Wm patternmkr h 427 33d 
Bonnie Maurice electrician h 290 Marlon 


Bonnlngton Harry D teller h 782 Lincoln pi 

ii John H broker 134 Gpoint av 

ii John H sec 27 E 21st Mhtn h 5 Pulaski 

ii Marie wid Webster h 231 Ridgewood av 
Bonnlander Geo engineer h 106 Stagg 

n Nicholas bldr 898 Bway h 876 Hart 

ii Nicholas liquors 1495 DeKalb av 

ii Vincent manager b 1509 DeKalb av 
Bonny Howard R steel h 36 Ormond pi 
Bono Saverio liquors East Pkway c Atlantic 

ii Bros barbers 4615 3d av 
Bonoff Chas photos 1810 Fulton 

n Chas A 835 Myrtle av 

a Peter dry gds h 4 Tpkins av 
Bonomo Albert h 2947 W 5th 

ii Jos liquors 42 Front 
Bonora Michael grocer 2916 86th 
Bonquist Gustave carpr h 29 Ormond pi 
Bonsall Benj W 2970 Fulton 

ii Chauncey bookkpr h 178 Wilby av 
Bonsanko Wm millwright h 1212 Decatur 
Bonshell Hy bronzer h 490 Lincoln av 
Bonsiguore Anthony physician h 202 Union 
Bontemps Anthony L manager 350 Bway 
Mhtn h 636 Carlton av 

ii Jos silversmith h 326 Harman 
Bontz Geo meat h 211 Ridgewood av 
Bonynge Paul lawyer 49 Wall Mhtn h 104 

Gates av 
Bonyun Harry A h 599 Franklin av 

„ Walter A bookkpr h 423 E 5th 
Bonzereau Hy provisions 177 Hudson av 
Boo Jacob J plasterer h 165 Himrod 

ii Wilhelmina wid Michl h 1232 Putnam av 
Boock Ohas meat 5704 3d av b 263 56th 
Boocock Julia h 431 Clinton 

ii Saml W banker 177 Montague b 87 
Boode Fredk fireman h 897 Dean 
Booden Peter varnish 243 N 9th 
Booden's P Sons varnish 243 N 9th 
Boody Alvin manager 176 Montague 

ii Chas A prest 183 Montague h 137 Jora- 

ii David A banker 213 Montague & 111 
Bway Mhtn h 206 Berkeley pi 

ii MeLellan & Co bankers 213 Montague &. 
Ill Bway Mhtn 
Boog Carl M artist 114 E 23d Mhtn h 1217 

Book Morris glass 22 Seigel 

n G Wesley bookkpr h 444 Chauncey 
Bookbinder Hy tailor 4311 3d av 

ii Jacob clothing 100 Myrtle av 

n Jacob physician h 76 Suydam 

ii Saml clothier 100 Myrtle av 
Booke Robt G stationery h 180 Wyekoff 
Booker Geo B express h 531 Classon av 

ii Hays elk h 553 Waverly av 

ii H C h 1652 St John's pi 

ii John D janitor h 1040 Bergen 

n Norman stevedo„re h 68 Albany av 

ii Prentiss h 147 'Sterling pi 

n Robt J express h 1065 St Mark's av 

n Thos P manager 1 Union sq Mhtn h 147 
Sterling pi 
Bookhop Fredk H brush mfr 115 Warren 

Mhtn h 109 Berkeley pi 
Bookhoutt John insp h 254 57th 
Bookman Adolph tailor 19S DeKalb av h 242 
DeKalb av 

ii Hy A tailor h 206 DeKalb av 

ii Jos elk h 1829 East N Y *v 

ii Jos ins h 295 Himrod 

.1 Morris h 1809 East N Y av 
Bookmiller Otto candy 259 Wyekoff av 
Books John D fish 413 5th av h 202 Sth 
Booksbaum Louis h 502 Hart 
Bookshin L dry gds 88 Seigel 
Bookstaber Saml drugs 911 Glenmore av u 

421 Logan 
Bookstaver Danl S printer h 98 Hooper 

ii Josephine A wid 605 E 7th 

ii Wm agt h 1554 E 9th 
Boole Ella A sec 156 5th av Mhtu h 1429 

Av H 
Boomer Geo B civil eng 371 Fulton h 142 
Grant av 

n Jas dry gds h 290 Prest 
Boomhower Arthur carpets 79 5th av Mhtn 
h 1537 50th 

ii Novice E carpets 79 5th av Mhtn h 1010 
Boon Saml O compositor h 764 DeKalb av 
Boone Adam steward h 1679 Kay Ridge av 

n Edwd A elk h 83 Wilson 


Individual Instruction with a GUARANTEE of a Position to each graduate. Open Entire 
Year. Early Night School (take Any 2 hours) from 6 to 9 o'clock. 

Start at once. Send for Catalogue. Regents and College Preparation. 



m c/> 

























> g 









H- O 

s § g 

oo 2 2 








ii Geo elk h 318 Grand av 

n Jas E fireman h 87 Franklin nv 

n Josiah B realestate 2670 Pitkin av b 292 

Lincoln av 
n R B h 309 7th 
ii Thos elk h 83 Wilson 
n Thos E h 114 Carlton av 
ii "Walter salesman h 338 Bainbridge 
ii Wm C Jr machinery h 658 St Mark's av 
Boonims Benj clothing 139 Maujer 
Boor Leo meat 767 Grand h 209 Powers 
Booraem Alfred W lawyer 43 Cedar Mhtn li 
204 Lincoln pi 
n Hy realestate h 67 Arlington av 
.. John V V mecb eng h 204 Lincoln pi 
Boorman Saml bricklayer h 3917 7th av 

ii Saml jr bricklayer h 659 40th 
Boormaster August engineer h 1429 DeKalb av 
Boorn Winnie G jeweler 59 Maiden la Mhtn 

h 661 E 2d 
Boorsem John A painter h 230 Dresden 
Boorstein Etta wid Abraham b 76 Hart 

ii Jacob manager h 283 S 1st 
Boorum Cornelius agt h 727 Madison 
ii Frank bookbinder h 86 Grove 
n Frank machinist h 846 Bwick av 
ii F P h 412 Evergreen av 
ii & Pease Co blankbooks Bridge c Front 
& 101 Duane Mhtn 
Boos Carl H grocer W 8th n Surf av 
ii Chas cabinetmkr h 1335 St John's pi 
ii Hy h 228 Lee av 
ii Isidor tailor b 1937 Park pi 
ii Jacob h 344 Eldert 
ii John electrician h 1359 Park pi 
Booser Chas hotel Sheepshead Bay rd c W 

Boosin Harry cloaks 300 Canal Mhtn h 87 
., Edwin I cloaks 313 Canal Mhtn h 87 
Booth Abraham E mfr 63 E Bway Mhtn h 
825 av 
ii Alice B b 442 Monroe 
n Allen S hardware 80 Vesey Mhtn h 6u3 

Franklin av 
.. Allen S v-prest 248 Fulton Mhtn h 110 

St Mark's av 
ii Amelia fancy gds 2000 Nostrand av 
ii Arthur marble h 156 22d 
ii Austin W h 769 Laf av 
ii Barthels mason li 653 Liberty av 
ii Carlotta wid Thos h 202 R R av 
H Cath wid Constant h 217 Gates av 
ii Chas H ins 164 Montague h 970 St 

Mark's av 
ii Chas W salesman h 227 Maujer 
ii Chester E engineer h 650 Prospect pi 
n Chrisr musician h 191 Hewes 
n Clara wid h 48 Bond 
ii Constant W jr civil eng h 42V& Sumpter 

a Paul A elk h 1851 Nostrand av 
ii David N dentist 222 E Bway Mhtn b 

1635 Bklyn av 
ii Earl moving pictures 414 2d 
ii Edwin J conductor b 1460 Gates av 
,i Emery I drugs 214 Fulton Mhtn b 209 

i. Frank H elk h 504 13th 
ii Fredk C bookkpr h 217 Wyckoff 
M Fredk R foreman b 610 McDonougb 
ii Geo C agt 11 Maiden lu Mbtn h 58 Elton 
ii Geo F adjuster b 1169 Bwick av 
ii Geo W painter b 100 Sackman 
,. Hy machinist h 127 20th 
n Jas elk h 481 Chauncey 
ii Jas A elk h 964 Madison 
ii Jas B manager 277 Greene av li 401 

Classon av 
ii Jas F blue stone N Y av c Av H h 761 

E 31st 
M Jas W carpr h DeBruyn's la c Benson 

ii John A elk h 396 MeDonough 
ii John D dentist 356 Fulton h 5317 7th av 
ii John F bldr 150 Nassau Mhtn h 800 E 

ii John T lawyer 271 Bway Mhtn h 499 

E Sth 
n John W printer 108 Pineapple h !■ 

.. Jos A h 1079 Bedford av 
ii Julius D skirts 63 E Bway Mhtn, h 464 

Wilby av 
ii Katherine h 307 Jef av 
ii Txniisa wid h 1152 Halsey 
n Moses mechanic h 1079 Bedford av 


ii Moses neckwear 419 Bway Mhtn h 48 

ii Nicholas varnlsher h 294 Hurman 
ii N E felts 644 Pacific h 548 47th 
n Peter plasterer h 337 22(1 
ii Ralph W jr prest 342 W 14th Mhtn n 

1062 Bergen 
n Saml elk h 382 E 16th 
ii Saml engineer h 13 Stewart 
ii Steamship Co pier 4 East River & 88 

Gold Mhtn 
M Thos elk h 47 S Oxford 
ii Thos insp h 1304 Bergen 
n Thos machinist b 79 3d pi 
ii Thos J agt h 237 Steuben 
ii Watson machinist h 146 30th 
ii Wni delicatessen h 418 S 4th 
H Wm C h 253 Carlton av 
„ Wm C baker h 227 Maujer 
n Wm E carpr h 1475 Bwick av 
ii Win E realestate 180 Bwuy Mhtn b 6 

ii Win F elk b 181 Joraleinou 
,. Wm H ins 100 William Mhtn h 325 

Stratford rd 
ii Wm J drugs 273 Greene av h 401 Clas- 

son av 
ii Win L draughtsman h 650 Prospect pi 
ii Wm R collector h 477 Quiney 
„ Wm W elk h 135 Heap 
ii W Spencer h 214 Hicks 
Boothe Robt candy h 3. r „ r > S 4th 
Booxbaum Jacob woolens 77 Mhtn av 
Boozen & Bakeruian supplies 96 Thatford av 
Bopaek Max tailor 144 Goerek Mbtn h 345 

Pa av 
Bopp Chas cigars h 206 Covert 
ii Eonma diessmkr h 840 Lex av 
„ Geo elk h 189 Weirneld 
n Geo L iiouwkr Ii 270 Vaudt av 
,. Hy h 132 Oakland 
„ Hv elk U 232 Moffat 
ii John h 119 Noble 
ii John printer h 203 Hull 
n Mary wid Andw h 081 Cleveland 
Boquist Gustaf machinist h 418 2d 

n Olivia wid John h 320 57th 
Borated Specialty Co 71 Clyiner 
Borax Harry agt h 717 I.ex av 
Borbee Bernard patternmkr h 174 Huron 
Boreas John li 199 Hirnrod 
Borchcr Wm insp 78 Crescent 
Borcherding Anna wid Hv K h 78 Wilson 
„ Wm H ins 150 Bway Mbtn h 325 Strat- 
ford rd 
Borchers Anna wid Chas H h 739 Union 
n August H produce 229 Wallahout mkt h 

154 Washn av 
ii A liquors 205 5th av 
a Christian feed 1058 DeKalb av 
ii C G cutlery 329 5tb av b 352 Koseko 
ii Ferdinand upholsterer 32 Patehen av , • 

ii Fredk musician 32 Patehen av "1 W 

n Geo C chemist b 48 Dcvoe P\ *■» 

i, Geo W sujit ft W 59t)i Mhtn h 4198 r- <| 

18th av m 

„ Harry M drugs 280 Jay h 401 3d L: ^ 

a Hy grocer 179 Lee av " <* 

ii Hy J bookkpr h 1560 68th I ^" 

ii John salesman h 786 Finish av <v P 5 

ii John '/. salesman li 447 K 9th >* V> 

ii Michl grain 1058 DeKalb av Z 3" 

ii Nicholas grocer 587 Franklin av h 586 m — . 

Franklin av 
ii Peter W butter h 330 Van Sinderen av 
ii Wm h 78 Crescent 
Borchert Fredk cutter h 82 Norwood av 
ii Ceo cutlery 74 Sumner av b 352 Koseko 
ii John tailor h 767 Hart 
Borehmann ('has euiily 201 Engert av 
Boreino Win printer 278 Court h 308 Degraw 
Borck Philip carpi' h 342A Batnliridgc 
Borcoi'in Jos bookkpv h 262 Heirimau 
Bordciuan Julius co.nts 87 H Houston Mhtn h 

64 Aniliov 
Borden Annie E> h 2628 Av F 
ii John E liquors 199 Richards 
a M Eleanor milliner 216 Held av h 671 

n It IT carpr h 3SG Bergen 
ii Saml ta!l"r h 00 Tiiklus av 
n Sarah wid Th<>.< A h 319 ("uuiberlaud 
Borden's Condensed Milk Co its Sterling pi 
942 DeKalb av 990 Cates av 39(> Lib- 
erty av 0002 Fort Hamilton i'kway 399 
Baltic 2380 (Jravisend av & S40 Met av 
Bordenwieh ("has bookkpr h 035 48th 
Bordfcld Wm F bldr b 366 F. 2Nth 

Business Directory! 





317 Washington St., 






ra * 






734-736 FIFTH AVENUE. Telephone 27 



Telephone 3410 Flatbush 

Residence Telephone 317 Prospect 



Borduer Edwd blacksmith h 174 Hull 

it Michl mason h 567 Chauncey 
Boreekle Emil a 416 Shepherd av 
Boreen Adolph grocer 198 Schtdy av 
Borel Catb wid Julius h 366 5th 

ii Chas watch colorer h 732 Prospect pi 
Borell Elizabeth wld John h 196 Prospect pi 
Borensteln BenJ realestate h 636 Warren 

ii David machinist 72 Washu sq Mhtn h 
330 Bedford av 

,i Philip h 1906 Park pi 

ii J decorator 27 Bay 14th 

n Saml ins 171 Bway Mntn h 330 Bedford 
Borer Emil V compositor h 420 B 8th 

ii Flndan P liquors h 1614 8th av 
Bores August janitor h 262 N 6th 
Boresch Frank cutter h 783 Hart 
Borg Alex F elk h 1129 42d 

ii Christian C foreman h 350 74th 
Borgen Hy carpr h 523 55th 
Borgendahl Andw F (Rev) h 182 Havemeyer 
Borger Geo foreman h 235 50th 

ii Hy C h 661 54th 

ii K wid h 256 Leffert av 
Borgert Cornelius W bookbinder a 1001 Han- 
Borges Frank agt h 1250 Jet av 

M John O Ins a 628 Macon 

ii Maurice engineer h 216 Onion 

ii Win F realestate h 1298 Putnam av 
Borgesen August elk h 176 Onion 

ii Francis mechanic h 699 E 4th 

„ Geo curpr h 396 18th 

ii Pliilip mechanic h 134 Woodbine 
Borgeson Anton h 1353 Hancock 

n Martin manager h 678 Park pi 
Borgfeldt Nicholas H machinist h 221 Eod- 

Borghard Fredk Jr liquors 152 Bway 

n Hy electrician h 396 Harman 

n Herman S grocer 60 Oakland 
Borghardt Chas grocer 508 Throop av h 

1100 Gates av 
Borgia Frank shoes h 1011 2d av 

ii John liquors 484 Adelphl 
Borgmeyer Margt wld Chas h 684 Putnam ay 
Borick Frank V meat 363 Smith h 3 2d 
Borlgnlaux Elizabeth millinery 1160 Gates 

ii Godfrey plumber n 1160 Gates av 
Boris Chas dress gds 21 Mhtn av 

ii Isidor dress gds 21 Mhtn av 

ii Bros dress gds 21 Mhtn av 
Borisoff A Ivan elk h 434 Greene ay 

ii N J & Co bankers 75 Hudson av 

n Saml tailor 110 Montague 
Boriss Raphael liquors 363 Flushing ay 
Boritas Andw grocer 214 Green 
Borjas Fredk liquors 96 Warren h 273 

Borjes Fredk C Hquor9 285 Greenwich Mhtn 
h 144 Chestnut 

ii Fritz E liquors 332 Greenwich Mhtn h 
144 -Chestnut s 

ii Fritz music teacher h 795 Greene ay 

ii John L surveyor h 1471 Greeae av 

ii Louis musician h 1471 Gates av 

n Wm C engraver h 167 80th 
Borker David drugs 240 Court 

ii David newsagt 220 Patchen av 

ii Louis drugs 240 Court 

it Bros drugs 240 Court 
Borkman Gustave wood 125 Fulton Mntn n 

1472 Atlantic av 
Borland Albertina wld Meyer h 183 Eldert 

ii Jas F overseer h 434 63d 

M John insp h 799 Sutter ay 
Borley Alfred G elk h 12 Covert 
Borling Victoria wid Wm h 110A Hart 
Borm Anna wid Thos candy 947 DeKalb av 
Bornian Arthur liquors h 730 Chauncey 

ii Geo baker 985 Flushing ay 

ii Isidor Jeweler h 520 Cleveland 
Bormaun Chas carpr h 390 Berriman 

ii Hy elk h 59 Ralph av 

n Leonard liquors 307 Stockton 

ii Stephen finisher h 1351 Haacock 

ii Wm F drugs 141 Evergreen av h 43 
Born Christina wid John H 1351 Greene ay 

ii H G drugs 109 Ralph ay 

ii Geo H drugs 182 Bedford av 

ii Otto reporter h 101 Wyona 
Bornbei'ger Jas ice h 303 Palmetto 
Bornbuseh Richd gardener h 925 Pacific 


Bornbush Annie upholstery 186 Grand 
Borne Chas A electrician 62 Grand Mhtn h 
449A Moaroe 
ii Chas W elk h 1408 Putaam ay 
ii Eraest fruits 348 Lewis av h Cypress 

Hill L I 
ii John E prest 85 Clinton 
ii L A dentist 781 Mhtn ay 
Borneman Frank silversmith h 195 Linden 
n Louis uudertaker 159 Ralph ay b 24 
Bornemaaa Dora h 240 Carlton ay 
n L H grocer 629 Grand ay 
ii Sarah wld Casper h 381 State 
Borner Johanna wid Jos h 96 Magenta 
n John tailor h 220 Stanhope 
ii Louis pocketbookmfr 269 S 2d 
Bornhoff Herman milk h 357 2d 
Bornholdt Claus produce 1027 Washn ay 
Wallabout mkt h 96 Hall 
ii Hy carpr h 258 Devoe 
Bornhorn Lewis H principal 153 Johnson av 
Bornkamp Anale wid Hy h 916 Rogers ay 
ii Wm grocer 945 Jef av h 54 Howard ay 
ii & Co grocers 945 Jef ay 
Boramana Alfred physician h 438 Greene av 
ii Chas G cashier 224 W 26th Mhtn h 
271 Putnam av 
Bornsteln Ide waist mfr 195 McKlbbln 
n Isaac meat 325 Snedlker ay 
n Jacob grocer 445 Hpkson ay 
ii Jacob tailor 334 Sackman 
ii Jos agt h 398 S 1st 
ii Louis lumber 320 E 75th Mhtn h 1466 

n Saml truckman 200 Liberty ay 
ii Wolf liquors 160 Havemeyer 
Borookow J cigars 1004 DeKalb ay 
Boroschek Hy hats 149 Jewel 
Borough Academy 39 Madlsou 

Advertislag Agency 367 Fulton 

Asphalt Co 1301 Met av & Pilling c 

Centl av 
Auto Co 683 McDonough & 1285 Bed- 
ford av 
Bill Posting Co 254 Atlantic ay 
Building Supply Co Av M c E 17th 
Construction Co 186 Remsen 
Development Co 186 Remsen 
Gas Fixtures Supply & Plating Works 

58 Myrtle av 
Hall Fulton c Court 
Hall Window Cleaning Co 117 Court 
Hand Laundry 187 Atlantic ay 
Law & Mercantile Co 26 Court 
Lumber Co 11 Knlckr av 
Mfg Co couches 60 Beaver 
Motor Su'pplj Co 110 Livingston 
Park Club 13th av c 50th 
Park Cornice Works 1123 39th 
Park Feed Store 1325 56th 
Park Iron Works 1248 59th 
Park Laundry 4004 New Otreeht av 
Park Stables 13th av c 53d 
Parquet Floor Co 983 Fbush av 
Pharmacy 1171 39th 
President Borough Hall 
Roofing Co 1104 Bway 
Security Co 186 Remsen 
Sporting Goods Co (Inc) 1516 Bway 
Storage Warehouse 291 Adams 
Supply Co 602 Degraw 
Wholesale Produce Co 3802 Fort Hamil- 
ton Pkway 
Wire, Lou & Brass Works 337 Adam9 
Borowik Jacob plumber 99 Lewis Mhtn h 1064 

DeKalb av 
Borowitz Louis clothing 119 Canal Mhtn a 

146G 73d 
Borrasoa Adolph electrlciaa h 1650 43d 
Borre John palater h 4 St James' pi 
Borrelli Vincent corals 401 Bway Mhtn h 
187 Harrison 
ii Viacenzo tailor h 32 Russell pi 
Borrero Luis cigarmkr 98 Butler 
Borreseu Steuie wld Lauretz h 9406 Fort 

Hamilton Pkway 
Borrle Thos B plumber h 1456 Bedford av 
n Valentine painter h 4 St James' pi 
Borrmanu Louis liquors 441 3d av h 162 

Borroto Frank cigarmkr h 195 Lefferts pi 
Bors Martin hardware 1866 Fulton 
ii Nathan liquors 163 3d Mhtn h 238 
Lee av 
Borsch Fredk machinist 19S Calyer 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 

n w 

p < 

m z 

x cz 

o z ^ 

=2 O E 

w =! 3 

o m £» 

* CO 

> ° 

— 30 

317 Washington St., BROOKLYN, Tel. 


3004 rialo. 

s I 

<" «• 

H O 

< UJ © 

£ E u 

S 2 z 

try- SS O 






Borski Peter liquors 430 Osborn 

Borsmann llj b 638 Jerome 
,i Robt W elk h 1237 Herkimer 

Borst August cooper b 166 Bleecker 
ii Danl C elk h 197 N 8th 
ii Dewitt cigars 404 6tb av h 547 6th «T 
ii Edwd manager b 419 Classon av 
n Edwd J shoes h 447 Gates av 
ii Edwin D bookkpr b 5C1 Rogers av 
ii Elizabeth wid b 578 Bwiek av 
ii Fredk music teacher h 170 Harman 
ii Geo cornices h 21 Hale av 
ii Geo musician h 151 Himrod 
n Geo candy h 567 Sogers av 
M Leopold M plumber h 18 Folsom pi 
ii Martin earpr h 181 Harman 
ii Robt b 23 Troutman 
n Wesley B supt h 708 Decatur 

Borstelmauu Louis liquors h 1235 Hancock 

Borstein Jos cigars 1564 Bath av 

iiorsum Otto candy 629 Vandt av 

Bort Cath candy 1538 DeKalb av 
ii Chas jr plumber 8644 18th av 
,i Chas P plumber h 8666 17th av 

Borthwiek Chas h 222 Marcy av 
ii Edwd J bookkpr b 1159 St Mark's av 

Bortle Chas H buyer b 407 Ocean av 

Borton Elizabeth wid O S h 189 Ryerson 
ii Geo O compounder Eldert's la c Glen- 
more av 
ii Saml B extracts Eldert's la c Glen- 
more av 

Bortzner Christian elk h 1538 Gates ay 
ii John P bookkpr b 1121 Glenmore av 

Borut Herman dyer 307 Van Brunt 

Borwlck John grocer 1870 Bergen 

Boryerson Fredk manager 628 5th av h 
487 Warren 

Borzick Victoria laundry 945 6tb av Mhtn 
h 1057 57th 

Bosanko Alex miller h 1255 St John's pi 

Bosch Adam cablnetmkr 133 Middleton b »28 
Franklin av 
ii Amelia grocer 270 Nassau av 
ii August grocer 104 Norman av 
n Chas A h 1159 Greene av 
ii Christian salesman h 944 Putnam av 
ii C & L ladies' furng 456 Myrtle av 
ii Emily delicatessen 642 Myrtle av 
ii Fredk drugs 192 Throop av 
ii Geo realestate h 613 11th 
M Geo metalwkr h 532 Marcy av 
ii Hy h 1S7 Spencer 
n Hy manager h 460 56th 
•i Hy meat 3422 Fulton h 134 Euclid av 
n Hv milk 103 Ellery b 90 Ellery 
•I Hy J salesman h 382 7th av 
ii Herman N grocer 644 Hamburg av 
n John bakir 78 Morgan av 
.1 John cabinetmkr h 02 Cedar pi 
ii John engineer h 70A Sehaeffer 
,i John plumber 696 Flushing av b 236 

■■ John jr milk 163 Ellery 
ii John J. plumber 696 Flushing av a 

236 Etna 
ii Kate wid John b 382 7th av 
ii Lewis J plumber b 236 Etna 
ii Nicholas coal h 518 Marcy av 
ii Wm salesman h 215 Stuyt av 
ii Wm F delicatessen 266 Prospect Park W 
ii & .Son plumbers 696 Flushing av 

Bosch's John Sons milk 163 Ellery 

Boschen Fredericks wid John h 3712 8th a? 
M Hv E elk h 527 3d 
i, Hy L elk b 527 3d 
ii Herman grocer 141 Rogers av 
ii John insp h 186 Ala av 
ii John D elk h 158 Jerome 
ii Teniae wid Fredk h 17 Elton 
n Mary wid Hy C h 527 3d 
n Rlchd grocer 138 Lewis av h 144 Lewis 

ii Wm grocer 111 Franklin 

Boschulte Josephine B b 544 Pacific 

Boschwitz Saul jeweler 4916 3d av b 5014 
3d av 

Bose Chrisr grocer 252 Albany av h 1187 
Sterling pi 
Cord liquors 185 Kent av 
Edwd treus 1209 DeKalb av h 25 Za- 

briskie Jersey City 
Hy grocer 651 Alhuuy av 
Herman grocer 470 Atlantic av b 415 

Henna n sporting gds h 1095A Fbush av 
H & Co grocers 86 Albany av 

Pictures^ Paintings 





ii John N realestate G60 Sterling pi b 608 
St John's pi 

ii Rudolph police b 369 76th 

ii Theodore janitor h 300 Lincoln rd 
Boselly Harry stereotyper h 971 St Mark's 

ii Hy elk h 220 Albany av 

n Jas E stenographer b 1254 Sterling pi 

ii Wm E compositor h 220 Albany av 
Boselman Rudolph asst supt b 7 Regent pi 
Bosenberg G grocer 649 Mhtn av 

n Maria wid Wm h 238 Marcy av 
Bosent Adam tailor h 816 Sutter av 
Boshold Geo lithographer h 814 Macon 

ii Wm elk h 33 Sehaeffer 
Boshon Jacob A elk h 259 Albany av 
Bosinius Paul salesman h 3067 Fulton 
Boslos Chas bldr h W 30th n Surf av 
Boslee Frank upholsterer h 108 St Nicholas 

n Geo grocer 268 Wyckoft av 
Boslet Frank S truckman 855 Lex av 

ii Jos M express b 857 Lex av 
Bosley L Douglas h 292 Ryerson 
Bosman Frank F police h 235 95th 

ii M A h 823 East Pkway 

n Saml paper cutter h 340 47th 
Boss Alex C engineer h 304 11th 

m Christine wid Anton b 152 Ralph 

ii Conrad brewer h 109 Sheffield av 

n Edwd J oper h 1360 Putnam av 

ii Hy plumber 1050 Decatur 

ii J H purser h 24 Russell pi 

ii Nelson R (Rev) Ii 29 Scbenck av 

ii Wm L h 177 Eldert 
Bossa Edwd B reporter b 875 St John's pi 
Bossardet Louis C drugs 589 Met av 
Bosse Adolph coml trav h 1321 Jef av 

ii Arnold B ins 76 William Mhtn h Cropsey 
av c Bay 19tb 

n Fred W cigars 559 5th av h 286 16th 

ii Fredk barber h 578 Atlantic av 

■i Hy R engraver 101 Beekman Mhtn h 276 
Windsor pi 

ii Herman lithographer h 285 16th 

ii Marie L b 1321 Jef av 

ii Robt H engraver h 719 E 10th 

•i Wm E ins h 758 McDonough 

ii Wm H police h 150 14th 
Bosselman Herman h 734 E 32d 

n Wm F meat 105 Kingston av h 1529 
Bossen Noah bookbinder h 5214 4th av 
Bossert Chas asst comparer h 372 West- 
minster rd 

ii Chas elk h 273 Llnwood 

ii Chas lumber 1335 Grant b Hotel Bos- 

n Ernest receiver h 124 George 

n Hy h 70 Stanhope 

n Hy foreman h 1177 Greene av 

ii Gottlieb brewer h 1184 Gates av 

ii John lumber 1335 Grand b Hntel Bos- 

ii Louis elk h 10f>8 Laf av 

ii Louis lumber 1335 Grand h Hotel Bossert 

ii Louis & Son lumber 1335 Grand 

.■ Philip realestate h 792 Hancock 

ii Wm stereotyper b 360 Baltic 
Bossey Frank G realestate 1062 Halsey 
Bosshard Theo editor h 100S Lincoln pi 

m Theo mechanic h 282 Kutlcdge 
BosshMrt Frank barber 166 Throop av 

.. Fredk elk h 1610 Bwick av 
Bossi Alfredo barber 373 Jay 

ii Felix machinist h 592 Cth av 
Bossinger Rose polisher 41 Maiden la Mhtn 

h 35 Sumpter 
Bossier F G h 521 Evergreen av 

ii Otto printer h 3050 Fulton 
Bosslet Edwd foreman h 203 Pa av 
Bossman Chas jeweler 337 Grand 
Bossong Cath wid Chas h 390 S 3d 

ii Chas meat 174 7th av h 446 1st 

ii Franz liquors 139 Evergreen av 

ii Herman L drugs 792 Flushing av 

ii Rodrick V elk b 101 Monitor 

ii Wm polisher 54 Noll 
Bossow Ernst T liquors 612 3d av h 130 
Prospect av 

ii Geo cooper Hicks c Bush h 243 92d 
Bost Rolf music h 644 Bwick av 
Bostelmann Wm h 445 McDonough 
Boston Abraham stationer 355 Nostrand av 
h 427 Gates av 

,. Chas N proofreader h 349 56th 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 











317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone. 3004 Main, 



Expert Appraisal for Moderate Fee 



■i Ohas T tailor h 174 Atkins av 

it Fredk J artist 99 Bway 

ii Geo mechanic h 313 59th 

ii Ins Co 1-17 Montague & 12 Court 

n John jr wirewkr h 417 Prospect aT 

ii Jos H artist 191 Quincy 

ii Matthew plasterer h 439 Bergen 

,i Store 1167 Bway 

n Store novelties 167 Mlitn av 

ii Waste Co 200 Newell 
Bostrom Axel C painter h 311 48th 

ii Herman tailor 1092 Pacific 

ii Wm A weigher h 1092 Pacific 
Bostwick Amos h 429 Macon 

ii Andrew W h 1394 Park pi 

ii Anna h 240 Emerson pi 

.1 Edwin L meat 298 Columbia h 512 8th 

i. Frances S librarian h 8104 13th av 

ii Jas A A supplies 1752 Atlantic av n 
1394 Park pi 

n Louis T elk h 562 54th 

n Saml bookkpr h 518 Pacific 
Boswell Frank banker Bway c DeKalb aT h 
396 Halsey 

ii John H pressman h 94 Chauneey 

ii Robt elk h 492 Lincoln av 
Bosworth Alvah H architect h 3009 Glenwood 

ii Chas architect 258 Bway Mhtn h 131 

ii Chas prest 415 Wiiby aT h 51 Jef aT 

n Frank S manager 949 Bway Mhtn h 542 
Jef av • 

ii Jeremiah G printer 123 Chambers Mhtn 
h 850 St John's pi 

ii John H publisher 253 Bway Mhtn h 173 
Woodruff ay 
Botflnick & Selvin bakers 600 Sutter aT 
Botger David candy 1892 Fulton 

n Gustav electrician h 201 Lex av 
Both Geo meat 116 Wyckoff av 

i. Hy h 636 52d 

ii Hy realestate h Av M c E 95th 
Botham Ralph W lawyer 52 William Mhtn h 

786 Wasbn av 
Bothe August examiner h 18 Arlon pi 

ii Helena wid Owen h 226 8th 

i, Wm J barber h 886 Franklin av 
Bothfeld F Otto com mer 116 Broad Mhtn h 

450 Ovington av 
Bothner John electrician h 821 Halsey 

n Paul engineer h 340 Eldert 

ii Wm mouldings 60 Eagle 
Bothwell Dstvid M grocer 16 Clinton h 421 
E 23d 

ii H A elk h 155 Amity 

ii Jas dry gds 1123 Fulton 

ii Jas W sec 395 Laf Mhtn h 721 Elmore 

n Thos E foreman h 167 Wyckoff 
Bothwick Chas J bookkpr h 222 Marcy av 

ii Elliott W manager 1214 Fulton 

.. Walter machinist h 495 St Mark's av 
Botsfor'd Annie wid Albert K h 789 Fbush av 

•i Danl bookkpr h 66 Pilling 

ii Geo music h 86 Schermerhorn 

ii Helolse wid Harpin n 539 Dean 

ii LeBaron physician h 225 Stuyt av 

i. Wm R h 43 Clermont av 
Bott Anton collector h 188 Clarkson av 

ii Chas asst treasr 254 Canal Mhtn h 188 
Clarkson av 

n Chas salesman h 564 McDonough 

ii Chas jr salesman h 4526 18th av 

n Fredk carpr h 300 Clarkson av 

ii Hy E barber h 967 Putnam av 

n Hugo printer h 1419 Bay Ridge av 

ii John meat 79 Spencer 
Botta Vincent chef h 59 Cranberry 
Bottaro Gulseppe physician 44 Prest , h 

Bottay Caroline wid E S h 118 Cumberland 
Bottcher Albert vice-prest 71 Park pi Mhtn 
h 95 S Portland av 

,i Ohas elk h 311 Albany av 

ii Hv ice h 183 Snyder av 

ii John W sec 71 Park pi Mhtn h .1497 E 
Botteuberg Wm meat h 988 Halsey 
Bottendauf Albert draughtsman h 109 

Waverly av 
Bottger Lillle wid Gustav h 473 Bay Uidge 

Bottl Jas meat 938 4th av 'h 576 7th av 

ii Lawrence G supt h 59 Bergen 



Bottigheimer Riehd J jeweler Ih 1200 Nos- 

traud av 
Bottlmore A R h 29 Spencer pi 
Bottinger Ohas W painter h 1721 Dean 
ii Gottlob wagon painter 295 St-boles h 
4G3 Linden 
Bottjer Diedrick grocer 349 DeKalb av 
Geo meat 673 Hicks h 412 Henry 
'Hy foreman h 325 Graham av 
Hy grocer h 631 Classou av 
Hermann realestate h 76 Mc-Dongal 
H furniture 1925 Fulton 
Kate wid Fredk h 1104 Jef av 
Martin gardener h H 7th n Av M 
& Merklin grocers 349 DeKalb av 
Bottling Brewers Protective Association 248 

Bottman Wm plumber 79 Johnson av 
Bottomley John h 109 S 9th 
„ Julia editor 656 Bway Mhtn h 126 Bay 
Bottomore Isabella nurse h 1466 06th 
Botts Chas E foreman h 71 Carlton av 

ii John M coml trav h 394 1st 
Bottstein Alex dentist 342 6th av Mhtn h 
742 'Halsey 
ii Augusta wid Max h 742 Halsey 
n Julius M dentist 342 6th av Mhtn h 
742 Halsey 
Bottwinick Abraham plumber h 5510 5th av 
Botty Frank furs h 85 Franklin av 
ii Fredk tinsmith h 98 Orange 
ii Fredk N cashier h 37 St Mark's av 
Botvink Morris baker 1836 Pitkin av 
Botzen Bernard adv agt h 423 99th 
Bouchard Fredk P pilot Ih 78 2d pi 
Bouche Hector chocolatemkr h 128 Linden 
Boucher Alfred M broker 60 Bway Mhtn 1. 
199 Jef av 
ii Concetta music h 266 Union 
ii Eugene elk ih 1144 84th 
ii Frank polisher h 291 Floyd 
ii Horace E models 105 Maiden la Mhtn 

h 34 Jef av 
ii John J plasterer h 36 Hubbard pi 
Bouchette Ella manicure h 584 Lincoln pi 
Bouchie Isaac carpr h 124 Carroll -' 
Bouchier Jas H bookkpr h 1958 E 14th 

n Stephen J elk h 225% l!»tih 
Bouehy Jos ironwkr h 1275 St John's pi 
Bouck Harry M elk h 1 Koscko 
,i Jas B broker 19 Whitehall Mhtn h 391 

Grand av 
ii Jus B jr varnishes 100 William Mhtn b 

391 Grand av 
ii Wester elk h 178 St John's pi 
Boudin Anna Pavitt physician 477 15 16th 
i. Louis B lawyer 302 Bway Mhtn h 477 

E 16th 
ii Peter shirtmkr h 347 Bradford 
Boudinot Hy B bookkpr h 352 State 
Boudreau Aurele metal h 127 Hull 
n Fleurette stenographer h 271 10th 
ii Jos E It acct h 339 Bainbridge 
n Thos insp h 250 McDougal 
Boudrot Simon engineer h 3712 13th ay 
Bouffler W -Frank h 172 Clifton pi 
Bough Chas J bicycles 121 Jamaica av 
n John auctioneer 121 Jamaica av h 9 

Regent pi 
ii J h 845 Greene av 
Boughan Jas agt h 430 Lewis av 
Bougher Frances E wid h 542 58th 
Boughton C Frank machinist 23 Rose Mhtn 
h 109 Baintiridge 
ii Frances A wid Wm H h 3oS Curl I on av 
ii Herbert asst treasr 100 Broad Mhtn h 

308 Carlton av 
ii Jessie wid John h 1352 Pacific 
ii Margt wid Wm h 1034 40th 
ii Wm engineer ix 1360 Putnnui av 
ii Willis teacher h 227 E 17th 
Bouhen John stenographer h 1SS Jerome 
Bouhler Geo engraver h 249 Hooper 
Bouker DeWitt C agt 307 Washn h Rock- 
away Beach L I 
ii J Frank notary 92 W Bway Mhtn h 8696 
Bay 10th 
Bouldwin Wm J steamQtter h 151 Halsey 
Boulger Benj contractor 39 Cortlaiult Minn 
h 161 Bay 31st 
n Saml nieeh eng 39 Corllundt Mhtn h 26 
• Bay 22d 
Boulson Henrietta E wid Andrew h 439 1st 
Boult Saml (Rev) h 1570 E 19th 
ii Saml E chandeliers h 1570 E 19th 


STOKES: 519 and 1416 Fulton Street 

is always pare, 
rich and delicious 
French and Amer- 

FACTOBIES: j^j, X U fU vnT e 

Park Bow, New York City, "-<*■«> »" lUlVUra. 






w 2 v. 

o m > 

o — I 

8 c» 

— so 

847 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; IIS 

and S18 East 21th Street, New York City 


Telecbcne at all Addresse* 


Real Estate and Mortgage Loans 


Telephone 834 Main 



4$ /O LOAH OH 5 /O 



g < 

X £ 


< w o 



r- UJ 

o z 







11 Wilfred S h 2308 Coney Island av 
.1 Wm (Rev) h 1639 E 13th 
Boulter B C elk h 244 49th 

ii Frank h 635 Haneoek 
Boultou Alfred elk h 251 Court 
ii Alfred J depy receiver Municipal bldg 

h 58 Qulncy 
ii Company bldrs 250 Baltic 
ii Cornelius elk h 702 Park pi 
ii Elwood compositor h 533A Quincy 
ii Frank F h 1402 76th 
ii Geo cutter h 252 Covert 
ii Harry elk h 743 McDonough 
ii Maude R principal Coney Island av e 

Elm av 
n Philip G bldr 250 Baltic h 210 Harri- 
ii Bliss & Dallett agts Furman n Fulton 

& 82 Wall Mhtn 
ii & Ryan bldrs 137 Concord 
Bourn Jos .manager 4512 3d av h 138 5tb av 

n Rickia dry gds h 138 5th av 
Bouman Chas painter h 1098 Greene av 
Boune John H carpr h 154 McDougal 
Bour Anna liquors 261 Johnson av 

ii Frank restaurant 390 Myrtle av 
Bourdette Fredk L drugs 457 6th av 

n Wm mason h 640 Halsey 
Bourdonay Kdwd bronze h 1270 Decatur 
Bourdy Fredk coal 253 Marion h 294 Marion 

ii John printer h 211 Eldert 
Bourgard Leopold bookkpr h 652 48th 
Bourgeois Edmond bookkpr h 90 Clinton av 

,i Edmond M h 97 Henry 
Bourghast Jos delicatessen 384 Pulaski 
Bourgougnon Alex tutor h 367 Macon 
Bourguignon L M liquors 479 Met av 
Bourke Cath grocer 1486 Bergen 
» Douglass engraver h 25 Moffat 
ii Edwd engraver h 19 Moffat 
H Edwd F stenographer h 667 Park pi 
n E F h 25 Moffat 

ii E Lyndsey asst corporation counsel 166 
Montague & lawyer 44 Court h 179 Pa 
•i Geo J salesman h 462 58th 
ii Gerald J elk h 461 42d 
ii Hy E printer h 192 Johnson 
ii Jas J carrier h 616 20th 29th ward 
.1 John P salesman h 258 56th 
ii John W copyist h 221 Cooper 
ii Margt grocer 369 Columbia 
n Mary wid Wm h 237 Cooper 
■i Matthew C realestate h 91 Court 
ii Patrick shoes 13 Stockton 
■ i Philip fireman h 477 Evergreen av 
M Wm h 336 Rldgewood av 
ii Wm ice h 38 15th 
ii Wm paints 258 56th 
Bourns Arthur electrician h 511 12th 
ii Geo mechanic h 253 Pacific 
ii Geo W electrician h 367 Arlington av 
ii Herbert K shirt mfr 84 Nassau Mhtn h 

50 Plerrepont 
.1 John electrician h 421 12th 
n Mary F wid Isaac S h 296 Clermont av 
.. Riehd S S bookkpr h 372 7th 
,i Robt W ins 162 Montague h 407 Ocean 

ii Wm G drugs 373 Lewis uv h 404 Macon 
ii Wm H realestate 71 Hamilton av & 200 
Court h 206 Carroll 
Bourqjardez Jos P h 21 Berkeley pi 
Bousheim Sigismund dry gds 380 Hamburg 

Boussleman Ellas dry, gds 60 YVashu Mhtn 

h 544 54tli 
Boutant Lawrence h 699 Sterling pi 
Boutelle Nathan printer h 115 S 9th 
Houtet Herman paper li 28 Palmetto 
Boutete Howard baker llt>h c 5th av h 493 

Bouton Arthur A mechanic h 292 Wilhy av 
., Chas W yacht broker ft 58th h 423 58th 
n C E h 390 Classon av 
ii Dayton mfr h 742 McDonough 
ii Edwd F salesman h 272 53d 
n Elizabeth wid h 224 Tpkins av 
ii Frank fireman h 341 S 3d 
,. Geo L ins h 577 10th 
ii Irving H elk h 1091 Bwlck av 
n Jas F iusp h 840 Washn av 
ii John C machinery 115 Bway Mhtn h 

82 Laf av 
n Warren L bookkpr b 514 Bainbrldge 
ii W engineer h 1078 Greene av 
Bouvler Louise massage h 2153 E 17th 


Bouyon Albert L stationer 13 Stone Mlitu I; 

891 Park pi 
Bonza A cutler 470 Bergen 
Bova Rafael liquors 14th av c 66th 
Bove Dominick mason h 225 Carroll 

ii Jeremiah barber 121 Court 

ii Vincent shoemkr h 921 Herkimer 
Bovenizer Geo W h 153 Rutland rd 

ii John J elk h 319 Lincoln rd 
Bovers John bookkpr h 126 Sehaeffer 

ii Siebert restaurant 788 Nostvand av 

ii Wm jeweler h 327 S .1st 
Eoves Chas lanternmkr 156 Throop av 
Bovlll Samuel liquors 200 Bedford av 
Bovitz Morris cigars 4903 5th av 
Bovon Salvato undertaker to 98 Ten Eyek 
Bowcock E h 468 Quincy 

ii Matthew carpr to 92 Rogers av 
Bowden Alfred cutter h 331 Ralph av 

ii Edwd L compositor h 354 Laf av 

n Jos teacher h 24 Clifton pi 

ii J B & Co jewelers S3 Washn & 1 Mai- 
den la Mhtn 

ii Laurens R ins 111 William Mhtn h 292 
Clinton av 

ii Martin L jeweler 15 Maiden hi Mhtn 
h 259 Hancock 

n Martin L jr h 259 Hancock 

i. Wm h 316 Gates av 

ii Wm C printer h 718 Halsey ' 

Bowdery V A h 735 Bwlck av 
Bowdish Lewis F teacher h 37 Kenilwnrih pi 
Bowdoin Wm G editor 130 Fultin Mhtn h 

200 S Oxford 
Bowdrey Jennie wid John h 295 Classon av 
Bowe Chas painter h 344 Jay 

ii Jas foreman h 98 Noble 

ii Jas polisher h 426 Gold 

ii Michael W electrician h 329 42d 

ii Robt fireman h 419 16th 

ii Wm boat capt h 302 Henry 

ii Wm J rigger h 1208 Park pi 
Bowell Alfred clockmkr h 550 7th av 

ii Mary E wid Edward h 550 7th av 
Bowen C C h 96 Joralemon 

n David glass h 1299 St John's pi 

„ Elgie artist h 222 Fulton 

ii Enos sparmkr h 344A 19th 

ii Frank H salesman h 1714 E 17th 

n Fredk F plumber h S2 E 5th 

■i Fredk L elk h 470 6th 

ii Geo L carpr 301 17th 

ii Geo N agt h 195 Fenimore 

ii Harrv steamfitter h 234 Martense 

it Hy J elk h 552 Hancock 

n Hy W carpr h 98 Pine 

ii Herbert physician East N Y av c Powell 

ii Jas elk h 669 Halsey 

ii John jeweler h 35 Pulaski 

n John lawyer 81 Fulton Mhtn b 669 Hal- 

n John A lawyer 346 Fulton h Ronkon- 
koma L I 

n John R carpr h 1079 Hancock 

■i John F painter h 87 Bergen 

ii John J elk h 17 Herkimer 

ii Leon C examiner h 235 96th 

ii Lester elk h 43 Powers 

ii Lloyd F elk h 1183 Putnam av 

n Oliver W teas S7 Front Mhtn h 131 

ii Patrick express h 30 Van Dam Mhtn h 
8802 New Utrecht av 

ti P J h 137 Bay 16th 

ii Ruel C (Rev) h 279 Lenox rd 

n Saml M foreman h 453 4th 

ii T H h The Touraine 

ii Wm salesman h 297 Livingston 

.. Wm C elk h 277 Park pi 

n Wm F painter 28S Ralph av 

ii Wm T bldr Lincoln av c Glenmore av 
h 98 Pine 

ii Winthrop E Ins h 1114 St John's pi 
Bower Adolph chef h 31 India 

n Alex machinist h 422 52d 

ii Alford plasterer h 172 Cooper 

n Andw elk h 542 Dean 

ii August jeweler h 178 Wyona 

,i Chas shirtmkr 20 E A2d Mhtn h 733 

n Geo h 99 Richmond 

ii Geo I. drugs h 609 Quincy 

ii Gustav elk h 63 Howard av 

ii Harrv M seeds 525 56th 

ii Hy F elk h 195 Jamaica av 

ii Jas carpr h 422 52d 



o r 

•• I 








m *^ 
£ i— 
■ m 
-. x 

i l 



154 5th AVENUE, 


723 6th AVENUE, 




c I 

— - 
"> in 

X £ ■ 

«° 2. 

. ? 5 "* 

k, «S CO 

CO «" 

r: is a 

J» o 

• Si 

£ "O •• 
00 <r> ui 

ti .. a. 

: a o 

oe Stree 

Ave. Tele 


00 *§, o 

= H to 

■5 ■» 

■ • CO 

§ H en 

18 • 
«o3 * 


ii Jas lr shlpjoluer Erie BaslD h 5Uth n 

17th av 
ii K salesman 269 54th 
ii Mary wid Cbas b 198 Martens 
ii Peter machinist h 313 42d 
ii Blch'ard instructor h 1080 Halsey 
ii Saml plumber b 787 Halsey 
ii Saml W lawyer 25 Broad Mhtn h 770 

Laf av 
ii Saml W prest 127 E 50th Mhtn h 15 

Prospect pi 
ii Wm h 422 52d 
ii Wm h 662 Madison 
I, Wm elk h 595 Jef av 
ii Wm engineer h 1074 Prospect pi 
n Wm jr supt h 1074 Prospect pi 
Bowerhan Chas V detective 575 Drlggs «T 
ii Jessie wid Geo W h 942 Greene av 
n Mary L wid John h 119 Logan 
ii Wm elk h 149 Moffat 
Bowers Alfred decorator 261 Kingston av h 

1069 Lincoln pi 
ii Andw E Janitor h 1260 Decatur 
n Arthur L coml trav h 1200 Sterling pi 
ii Cecelia wid Jacob h 207 Livingston 
ii Chas piano mfr h 616 Nostrand av 
ii Cbas shipmaster h 165 10th 
ii Chas A elec eng h 908 Sterling pi 
ii Edwd painter 261 Kingston av 
ii Eugene S bldr 1433 75th 
ii Frank h 350 Laf av 
ii Fredk h 469 E 29th 
ii Fredk manager 9 Bway Mhtn h COO 

n Geo liquors 313 Evergreen av 
ii Geo manager h 1201 Gates av 
ii Geo music h 325 Jay 
„ Geo B elk h 262 Clermont av 
n Geo F elk h 740 Hancock 
.1 Geo F vet eurg 98 Downing h 486 Cla»- 

son av 
ii Geo W h 679 Sterling pi 
ii Hy h 261 Kingston av 
ii Hy broker 25 Broad Mhtn h 67 Mont- 
gomery pi 
ii Hy engineer h 1759 Bean 
ii Hy h 283 McDonough 
,i John H vice prest 111 5th av Mhtn h 

239 Wasbn av 
,i John L printer h 538 Bainbrldge 
ii John W elk h 3 McDonough 
,, Kate wid John h 41 Taylor 
ii Lester D manager h 401 Beverley rd 
n Margt liquors 313 Evergreen av 
.. Martha E wid Wm h 433 Berry 
,i Mary wid Henry h 960 St Mark'* av 
ii Slgmund mfr 1010 DeKalb av h 19 Cedar 
ii Thos B dentist 450 Grand av 
ii Walter C electrician h 646 Park pi 
ii Wm C elk h 908 Sterling pi 
Bowes Watson W treas 19 Barclay Mhtn h 

22 McDonough 
Bowick Geo h 1S3 Powers 
Bowie Alfred J elk h 261 11th 
.. Alfred W toys 367 Bway Mhtn h 171 

ii Alfred W Jr mech eng 8 Bridge Mhtn 

h 246 Madison 
., Allan realestate 453 5th av h 309 12th 
n Archibald mechanic h 586 E 4th 
ii Derwin W agt h 1217 41st 
.1 Geo bookkpr b 240 14th 
n Jas A elk h 170 Prospect av 
ii Jas A elec h 117 Fbush av 
ii John h 270 Rutlind rd 
ii John brass 112 Front h 65 Johnson 
n John A jewelry 37 John Mhtn h 1140 

ii John L moulder h 333 Laf av 
ii J Franklin men's furng 625 Fulton h 

Westfleld N J 
ii Margt wid Hugh h 240 14th 
n Walter D compositor h 750 Franklin av 
n Wm elk h 345 14th 

ii Wm M chemicals Mhtu h 244 Cumber- 
ii & Co men's furng 625 Fulton 
Bowltz Cbas cigars 95 Meserole 
ii Morris stationer 4903 oth av 
Bowker Insecticide Co Smith c HuntlDgton 
n John mechanic h 471 48th 
„ Theo h 619 E 17th 
Bowler Frank clothing h 474 Laf av 
ii mason h 1035 3d av 
■i John J agt h 253 Sumner av 
ii Jos Hiiuors 145 Frunkltn 
ii Julia wid Jas h 25 Rush 

I desire to announce that I have 
removed from 14 01 Broadway, to 
my Warerooms - 

120-122 W. 3l8t St., N. Tf. 

Mall and Telephone Orders will 
Receive Prompt Attention 

Telephone 5389 Madison Square 


n Thos P police h 452 63d 
Bowles Ann wid Wm h 287 21st 

ii Benj elk 359 Madison 

n Clarence W shoes h 804 Greene av 

ii Bdwd electrician h 26 Cumberland 

ii Geo C elk h 342 8th 

ii Jos J printer 353 Adams h 1127 Jef av 

ii Knight ins h 282 Olasson av 

ii Louis G salesman h 342 8th 

ii Mary E wid Thos N h 474 54th 

ii Thos N (Arm of) supplies 283 21st 

ii Wm janitor h 15 Lincoln pi 
Bowley Melissa wid Kinnard h 38 Cooper 

ii Blehd sec h 287 Beld av 

n Samuel broker 44 Bway Mhtn h 1524 
Bedford av 
Bowling Edgar B vice prest 87 Front Mhtn 
h 53 7th av 

ii Thos mechanic h 239 Throop av 
Bowman Albert salesman h 179 DeKalb av 

ii Alice B physician h 911 St Mark's av 

ii Anna wid Abraham L h 604 "Koscko 

ii Archibald public acct 79 WaU Mhtn h 
199 8th av 

ii Arthur M dentist h 417 66th 

,i Benj F h 194 18th 

ii Chas truckman h 260 40th 

ii Cbas A salesman h 651 Monroe 

ii Chas E truckman 272 Floyd 

n Claus W h 1098 Greene av 

ii C E Co storage 470 Pulaski 

ii Daniel A foreman h 409 Decatur 

n E M h 1810 Av H 

n Frank bricklayer h 126 55th 

ii Frank painter h 250 42d 

ii Frank machinist h 1217 DeKalb av 

ii Fredk earpr h 992 Putnam av 

n Fredk foreman h 75 Stockholm 

n Herbert L coml trav h 997A Laf av 

ii Jas jr bookkpr h 323 Halsey 

ii John bookkpr h 983 Bedford av 

ii John A plumber 520 Pearl Mhtn h 641 

ii John W agt 253 Patchen av 

ii Lewis A h 119 Hull 

ii Maria wid John h 81st e New Utrecht av 

ii Mary J wid Jerome h 201 19th 

ii Morris earpr h 151 Penn 

ii Bobt advertising 31 Nassau Mhtn h 429 

ii B B h 439 15th 

n S J dentist h 417 56th 

ii Thos h 99 Noble 

n Thos H machinist h 99 Noble 

ii Wm tailor 51 Prospect 

ii W R h 750 Macon 
Bowmel Louis tailor 466 Marcy av 
Bown Alfred A cashier h 378 Madison 

ii Victor S salesman h 378 Madison 
BowDe Chas elk 230 52d 

ii Chas electrician h 85 Shepherd av 

ii Chas engineer h 183 13th 

ii Chas B machinist h 184 16th 

ii Chas C printer h 99 Eldert 

ii Curtis H h 622 Park pi 

ii Danl S manager 96 WaU Mhtn h 493 

ii Fred W realestate 38 Park Row Mhtn h 
421 4th 

ii Hy F elk h 370 Degraw 

ii Jos h 463 9th 

ii Bobt elk h 39 Granite 

ii Bobt E h 11S3 Putnam av 

ii Saml salesman h 882 E 34th 

ii Saml C b 1215 Dean 

ii Street Machine Works 30 Rapelye 

ii S W Co (inc) hay 590 Smith 

ii Theo E coml trav h 637 Park pi 

ii W nurse h 332 8th 
Bownes Sarah wid Chas h 348 Schermerhorn 
Bowns Hy E coal 1 Bway Mhtn h Bay Bldge 
Pkway e 92d 

ii Howard S broker 1 Bway Mhtn h 73 
Bowra Walter R plumber 3245 Fulton h 398 

Shepherd av 
Bowrlng & Co agts Pier B Erie Basin 
Bowron Frauds W physician h 260 Tpklns av 

ii Maria L h 259 Tpklns av 
Bowser Harvey A electrician h 957 39th 
Bowsky John hotel 194 Park Row Mhtn h 

433 Union 
Bowtell David bookkpr h 1289 St John's pi 

ii Grace principal Ellery n Bway h 69 El- 
Bowyer Florence wid Chas h 1015 Hancock 





° =2 £ 

— =o 

w 2 *^ 

o m > 

o H 

* CO 

2 = 

Rustic Worhfor Country Estates 

Boatlu Arbors. Tea Houses, Bridges, Back Stops, Chairs, Sottoes, lite. 
A Building Full of Bustle Work to Select 1 rom. 



J I Ul Hi DlRuEN ft SON 314:: COURT:: ST. :: BROOKLYN 




oc -= 

m 2 S 
«- z o 





Bowyers Edwd h 71 Plerrepont 

Box Cha8 bookkpr h 129 Java 
M Hy J glussblower h 113 India 

Boxer Paul tailor 568 Hancock h 236 Lewis 

Boxold Geo P moulder h 321 12tb 

Boy Bernard express h 84 S 4th 
.1 Martin express h 84 S 4th 
■I Wm S elk h 72 Aberdeen 

Boy's Welcome Hall 185 Chauncey 

Boyajian Bros tailors 298 Tth av 

Boyan Alfred asst teller b 529 6th 
.1 Danl brass h 787 Madison 
n John F tel oper h 704 Union 
ii Margt wid John h 529 5th av 

Boyarsky Chas cigars 445 Washn mkt Mbtn 
h 517 Stone av 

Boyce Abner A elk h 117 S 9th 
ii Anna E wid Jas A h 370 Halsey 
ii Arthur J printer h 1352 55th 
n Cath wid Peter h 99 Oak 
H Chas A painter 29 MeDonough h 318 

ii Chas E cashier h 1120 Prospect pi 
m DeWitt L elk h 419 St Mark's av 
ii Edwd machinist h 1765 Dean 
ii Edwd silversmith h 336 Ocean av 
ii Edwd C feathers h 237 Cleveland 
ii Edwd C & Co realestate 16 Court 
ii Elizabeth wid Fredk h 190 Johnson 
ii Ernest W sec h 339 Prospect pi 
ii Estel wid h 354 Ocean av 
ii E Adams stenographer h 1840 67th 
■■ Frank E elk h 42 Clinton av 
n Fredk elk h 1796 Pacific 
ii Geo machinist h 78 Green 
ii Geo physical instructor h 87 Pine 
ii Geo salesman h 347 Quincy 
ii Geo H jr lawyer 141 Bway Mhtn h 347 

ti Geo P 35 White Mhtn h 435 E 4th 
ii Harry H agt 346 Bway Mbtn ~h 217 

ii Harry R silversmith h 336 Dean 
ii Jas fireman h 155 Bridge 
ii Jas mechanic h 732 Saekett 
ii Jas G elk h 23 Spencer pi 
ii Jane wid Wm b 503 Halsey 
n John F carpr h 118 Monroe 
M John H knit gds 346 Bwaj Mhtn h 

8311 Bldge Boulevard 
ii John R elk h 383 E 8th 
n John S engineer h 54 Willow 
ii Mary wid John h 199 Bond 
ii Patrick painter h 1417 Jef ay 
ii Sidney polisher h 111 Vandt ay 
ii Thos J acct h 336 Fbush aT 
ii ThoB W carpr 81 Stockholm 
n Wellington engineer h 111 Vandt ay 
ii Wm blacksmith b 61 Hlmrod 
ii Wm fireman h 275 6th 
n Wm H truckman h 221 Roebllng 
n Wm J salesman h 352 Laf av 
ii Wm J stevedore 31 Emerson pi b 011 

Bedford av 
n W G & Co horseshoer 608 Humbt 

Boyd Adolphus J elk h 1927 86th 
ii Alex pattermkr h 316 McDougal 
ii Alex B elk h 674 44th 
ii Alice W nurse h 220 Hawthorne 
ii Allan F Ice 488 Park pi h 629 B 29th 
ii Andw Z agt 126 Chambers Mhtn h 814 

Prospect pi 
ii Archibald B broker 128 Bway Mhtn h S 

Tennis ct 
ii Archibald P engineer b 135 Gates 
ii Arthur elk b 237 Bay Bldge av 
ii Chas liquors 268 Evergreen av 
ii Chas plater 59 Ann Mhtn h 308 Logam 
ii Chas solicitor h 215 Balph 
ii Chas E fireman h 2700 E 27th 
ii Chas H 38 Henry 
ii Chas W caterer 90 West Mhtn h 220 

Van Buren 
ii Dana H supt h 211 6th av 
ii Donald physician 230 linden 
■i Elizabeth wid Wm h 135 Gates aT 
ii Estelle wid Harry L h 527 Throop 

ii Eugene S bldr 28 Rockwell pi h 100 

Fort Greene pi 
ii Evans Ins 140 Nassau Mhtn h 667 

■i Fredk elk h 794 Macon 
n F H h 1111 Dean 
ii Garfield salesman h 16 Lenox rd 
ii Geo h 559 Laf av 


ii Geo A bookkpr h 592 East Pkway 

ii Goo B lawyer 27 William Mbtn h 2111 

ii Geo D Ice h 433 Prospect pi 

.. Gilbert h 354 Madison 

ii Harrison T h 1235 Madison 

n Hedley see 44 Court h 393 Macon 

ii Hy h 1642 E 18th 

ii Hy B elk h 125 Amity 

n Herman M elk h 1128 Bedford av 

n Jacob master marine h 627 54th 

ii Jas electrician h 1024 41st 

n Jas janitor h 99 Concord 

ii Jas painter h 50 India 

ii Jas jr tinsmith h 235 53th 

ii Jas A h 5S8 Baltic 

ii Jas W letter carrier h 1245 Madison 

ii Jennie wid Edwd J h 259 Decatur 

ii John electrician b 776 Henry 

ii John printer h 576 7th av 

n John jr flour 17 State Mhtn h 219 Cler- 
mont av 

ii John C elk h 1267 Park pi 

n John G lawyer 41 Park Row Mhtn h 461 

n John L electrician h 42 Berkeley rd 

ii John R elk h 236 Lex av 

n John R ins h 515 East Pkway 

ii Jos D h 107 Sterling pi 

ii Julia C wid h 220 Hawthorne 

ii J Fred broker 19 Whitehall Mbtn h 125 

ii Louis delicatessen 966 Jamaica av 

n Martha F dressmkr 771 St John's pi 

ii Matilda wid Frank h 356 Hart 

ii Maxwell bousesmitb h 175 Ashford 

n N Peterson (Rev) h 1610 Dean 

•■ Peter G elk b 133 MeDonough 

ii RIchd elk h 667 Halsey 

•i Richd elk h 37 2d 

ii Richd steward b 421 Waverly av 

ii Robt painter h 154 11th 

ii Robt steward h 128 55th 

n Robt T treasr 16 Court h 515 East 

ii Saml elk h 1185 Bwick av 

ii Sarah h 1345 Bwick av 

ii Schuyler salesman h 283 Marion 

ii Terence E janitor h 335 2d 

ii Thos salesman h 267A Lewis av 

ii Thos H engraver h 559 Laf av 

ii T H building supplies 1111 Dean 

ii Walter elk h 259 Decatur 

ii Walter elk h 107 Lewis av 

ii Warren E tester h 49 Hill 

ii Wm bookkpr h 634 E 4th 

ii Wm elk h 22 Bush 

ii Wm gardener h 49 Tpkins pi 

ii Wm horseshoer 57 Dnion 

ii Wm painter h 32 Covert 

ii Wm supt h 1279 Coney Island ay 

ii Wm H elk h 1003 Sutter ay 

ii Wm J buyer h 426 55th 

ii Wm J mer h 150 Kent 

ii Bros Ice 433 Prospect pi 

ii & BrnehniT liquors 268 Evergreen ay 
Boyde Chas F meat 93 Hamburg ay h 31 

Eayden Elmer E advertising 820 Bway 
Mhtn h B 34th c Av H 

ii Emma L h 645 Greene ay 

ii Frank W physician h 159 Herkimer 

ii Frank N agt 338 Fulton 

n Geo A chandler 52 Water Mhtn h 346 
Waverly av 

ii J Howard chandler 52 Water Mbtn h 
345 Waverly av 

■i Wm A oils 11 Bway Mhtn h E 34th 
c Ay H 
Boye Fredk planomkr h 99th n 4th av 
Boyer Chas H lighters 82 Beaver Mhtn b 
622 2d 

ii Edwd elk h 664 10th 

ii Emlle h 141 Midwood 

ii Foster salesman h 457 Decatur 

n Frank painter h 527A Macon 

ii Isldor meat 642 Centl av h 54 « Her- 
kK kimer 

ii Jas mechanic h 675 Halsey 

■i Russell L h 1138 Pacific 

ii Wm blacksmith h 61 Hancock 

n Wm F diamond setter 16 Maiden la 
Mhtn h 288 Dean 
Bayer's L Sons Co lighterage ft S 6th 
Boyersmitb Frank h 133 Reld av 
Boylan Andw fireman b 124 Suydam 

ii Onus decorator h 2S9 Lenox rd 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 












2 M 


90 s 

fi> a 
B c 



317 Washington St. 




Tel. 3004 Hahi. 


jj 50 & 52 STONE STREET 


cc* s 


o o 



C ' 



.E u 

J= z 

2 o 


t> -1 

— u 

*i 1- 



— CJU 












.i Contracting Co 292 Scholes 

ii Frank liquors 163 Nevlus 

ii Geo It salesman h 1059 Greene ar 

ii Jas conductor h 130 9th 

n Jas truckman u 139 14th 

M John h 554 Grand uv 

ii John liquors 144 Park av b 110 N 

Elliott pi 
■i John J machinist h 360 43d 
ii John M Ins h 118 Beverley rd 
ii Matthew W agt h 474 6th 
m Michl B elk h 118 Beverley rd 
ii Michl F grocer 1001 DeKalb av 
ii Peter A elk h 171 Hooper 
n Philip truckman 292 Seholes h 148 

ii Bobt H elk h 1059 Greene av 
■i S J wid Thos h 1516 54th 
M Thos proofreader h 382 Van Buren 
n Thos truckman 208 33d 
Boyland Frank J plasterer 949 Bway Mhtn 
h 595 Morgan av 
ii Kalph H police h 1706 78th 
Boyle Alice wid Jas h 625 Grand av 

Amelia wid Jaa matron h 428 41st 

Andrew machinist h 942 Pacific 

Andrew machinist h 658 Dnlon 

Andw undertaker h Shore rd n 3 14th 

Anna grocer 139 N 9th 

Bernard elk h 62 Morton 

Bernard J bookbinder h 625 Grand av 

Cath dressmkr h 119 N 4th 

Cath fancy gds 199 Hamilton av 

Cath wid Andrew h 364 4th 

Cath wid Wm h 326 Wilby av 

Cath J h 77 Willow 

Chas elk h 1037 57th 

Chus stationery 993 3d av 

Chas J music teacher h 311 Halsey 

Chas T h 7 Linden av 

Claude P h 1339 Bedford av 

Conrad barber h 434 Evergreen av 

Danl mason h 356 Lex av 

Danl pilot h 244 57th 

Danl A candy 451 Court 

Danl G h 638 Monroe 

David insp h 459 18th 

David A cigars 453 Court 

David G h 640 Monroe 

Edwd diemkr h 438 9th 

Emanuel plumber h 934 Laf av 

Frank mason h 193 Skillman 

Frank h 560 Lex av 

Frank A reporter h 893 Dean 

Frank H Iron h 74 Bay 26th 

Frank I ins h 316 Stuyt av 

Gardiner electrician h 32 E 3d 

Geo blacksmith 74 3d av 

Geo foreman h 19 St John's pi 

Geo W messenger h 1320 45th 

G Winser h 57 Clifton pi 

Hauora wid Einil h 34 1st pi 

Hy h 6 3d 

Hy A Jr elk h 803 Sterling pi 

Jas" buyer h E 2d n Av N 

Jas garage 443 4th 

Jas police h 376 E 9th 

Jas salesman h 531 Koscko 

Jas jr chairs h 231 Maujer 

Jas A elk h 242 Steuben 

Jas A letter carrier h 759 68th 

Jas C gardener h 163 Monroe 

Jas H police h 242 Steuben 

Jas J elk h 151 Java 

Jas J rodman h 428 41st 

Jas L express h 164 Dean 

Jas P depy elk 29 Pa av h 345 Cornelia 

Jas P lawyer 44 Court h 302 Clinton 

Jas R acet h 359 S 4th 

John h 154 Hull 

John h 71 Lefferts pi 

John architect h 588 Pacific 

John elk h 712 Henry 

John detective h 55 Bay 20th 

John fireman h 293 Classon av 

John Janitor h Fort Hamilton Pkway c 
E 5th 

John laundry 326 Wilby av 

John liquors 142 Nevlns h 245 Bergen 

John painter h 1058 Pacific 

John polisher h 280 Carroll 

John C earpr 163 Clifton pi h 67 Clifton 

John H printer h 1435 Bay Bldge av 

John J 185 Division av 

John J liquors 85 Hudson av 


ii John L tel oper h 439 Gold 

ii John R fireman h 359 S 4th 

n Jos painter h 117 St Felix 

ii Jos plumber h 48 Vernon av 

ii Jos A elk h 439 Gold 

ii Jos H finisher h 410 DeKalb av 

n Jos J insp h 779 E 32d 

ii Margt stationer 254 Iloyt 

ii Mary wid John h 787 Hancock 

ii Mlchl bricklayer h 1008 Pacific 

ii Michl engineer h 1480 Bedford av 

ii Michl ironwkr h 566 Clinton 

ii Michl J police h 54 Underhill av 

ii Neil fireman h 45 S 4th 

.. N J elk h 96 Adams 

n Oscar electrician h 1330 Hancock 

ii Patrick h 710 Dean 

ii Patrick engineer h 63 1st pi 

ii Patrick horseshoer 105 Lawrence h 129 

Fort Greene pi 
ii Patrick J laundry 1016 DeKalb av h 393 

ii Philip F police h 52 Tpkins pi 
ii Phoebe A D h 71 Lefferts pi 
ii Uiehd printer h 328 39th 
ii Robt trainer h Coney Island av & Av S 
n Robt J moulder h 1333 St John's pi 
ii Thos horses h 325 Ralph av 
ii Thos tel oper h 127 Schermerhorn 
ii Thos A bricklayer h 56 A Hull 
ii Thos F steamfltter h 29 Centl pi 
ii Thos P furnaces 820 Fulton h 62 Clifton 

ii Thos W machinist h 41 Pilling 
ii Vincent J electrician h 364 4th 
ii Walter sec 179 Marcy av h 112 Lee av 
n Wm hricklayer h 824 Classon av 
ii Wm bldr Ocean av n Emmons av 
ii Wm elk h 233 Schaeffer 
ii Wm foreman n 496 Bergen 
ii Wm foreman h 404 2d 
ii Wm machinist h 546 4th av 
ii Wm sec 346 Fulton h 250 Warren 
ii Wm jr liquors Emmons av n Shore rd 
n Wm A tel oper h 17 S Oxford 
n Wm H insp h 364 4th 
ii Wra H telephone h 221 Hull 
ii Wm L elk h 803 Sterling pi 
ii Wm S broker 130 Pearl Mhtn h 226 

Franklin av 
ii Wilson L agt 4th & 7th av h 318 12th 
ii & Healey undertakers Shore rd n E 14th 

& 1112 Av O 
ii & James garage 443 4th 
Eoyles Geo mason h 193 Court 

ii Geo H bricklayer h 194 Hull 
Boylhart Chas ruler h 85 Adelphi 
ii Fredk dentist h 129 St Felix 
ii Harry chemist h 225 Walworth 
n Wm shipfitter h 85 Adelphi 
n Wm H h 13 Fort Greene pi 
n Wm J broker Cotton ESch Mhtn h 13 Ft 
Greene pi 
Boyling Chas engineer h 1627 Fulton 
Boylstein Geo tiles h 248 E 6th 
Boyn John F carpet cleaning 562 DeKalb av 

h 276 Skillman 
Boyne Danl P fireman h 642 Hleks 
•I Edwd elk h 175 Gold 
h Frank M foreman h 955 Dean 
■i Geo elk h 279 Rutledge 
n John plumber 96 Hamilton av 
n Martin machinist h 632 Bergen 
ii Wm u 128 Division av 
Boynett Jas h 391 S 5th 
Boynton Alma M h 357 Hancock 
ii Alpheus florist h 8752 19th av 
ii Chas H manager 369 DeKalb av h Queen 

L I 
ii Edwd elk h 346 Washn av 
„ Frank A furniture 1061 DeKalb av b 589 
Putnam av 


Sole Manufacturers of 

Boynton's Boilers. 
Furnaces. Ranges 

106 West 37th St NEW YORK 

Boynton F A & Co furniture 1061 DeKalb av 
ii Geo E teacher h 464 E 19th 









— so 
m > 





Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 Haln. 




350 Livingston St., Brooklyn, N. Y. VX^e^^Ll 

" 3 



™ 5 s 

-. z o 









ii Jas II bookkpr h 17 S Portland av 
ii Nehemiah (Rev) h 346 Washn av 
Boyre Stewart elk h 16 St John's pi 
Boysen Gustav florist Lenox rd n Albany av 
n Gustav realestate h 63th c 6th av 
ii .Geo E teacher h 464 E 19th 
H Geo F grocer 387 Wyekotf av 
,i Hy B & Co laundry 892 DeKalb av 
Boysou David electrician h 628 Sterling pi 

., J E h 783 Franklin av 
Boysted Wm a bookkpr h 824 Sterling pi 
Boyton Sainl J grocer 147 Park av h 81 Carl- 
ton av 
Bozin Jos buttous 232 Wooster Mhtn h 1042 

DeKalb av 
Braak Theo II candy 1157 Bedford av 
Braaseh Arthur wagons 506 Water iThtn h 
915 Bwlck av 
ii Edwd wagons 368 South Mhtn n 215 

Lefferts av 
ii Hy agt h 277 E 7th 

ii Max wagons 384 South Mhtu h 387 Mc- 
Braateu Herman carpr h 723 53d 
Braband Alice wld Anthony h 1356 Bwlck av 
ii Edwd buttonholemkr 91 Starr 
.1 John h 118 Jef 

ii Mlchl buttonholemkr 216 Troutman 
ii Peter truckman 42 Morgan av 
ii Theobald buttonholemkr 317 Barbey 
Brabandt Hy liquors 203 Livingston 
Brabant Lawrence varnlsher h 126 Hlmrod 
Brabnac Wm jeweler h 781 Lex av 
Brabson Frank letter carrier h 236 Greene av 
n Thos lamps 51 Lex av h 236 Greene av 
" T & Co lamps 51 Lex av 
Braccini Gaspro h 349 12th 
Brace Chas treasr 8 Spruce Mhtn h 5706 15th 
ii J Hollis elec eng h 155 DeKalb av 
ii Rail Co 44 Court 
Brachhold Wm cutter h 893 Wllby av 
ii Wm C engineer h 640 Bwlck av 
H Wm F delicatessen 219 St Nicholas 
Bracht Adam plumber 229 McDougal 
ii Victor h 123 Schaeffer 
ii Wm polisher h 1052 Pacific 
Brack William R machinist h 105 Etna 
Bracken Cornelius fireman h 807 Bergen 
n Edwin L treasr 12 Bway Mhtn b 103 

.1 Edwd A police b 256 Penn 
n Elmer fireman h 649 Bergen 
n Frank contractor h 83 N Elliott pi 
ii H liquors 164 5th av 
n Jas elk h 55 Stuyt av 
n Jas I elk b. 787 Sterling pi 
ii Jas R insp h 83 N Elliott pi 
ii John h 257 56th 
ii John h 578 Ovington av 
ii John J chief depy License Bureau b. 256 

ii John W elk h 1103 E 40th 
n Martin F police h 256 Penn 
ii Mlchl engineer h 807 Bergen 
„ ii Patrick J plumber h 626 Prest 
lil ii Wm A examiner h 256 Penu 
f « Brackenrldge Jas manager h 405 Madison 
5s " Jotm vice prest 215 Montague h Rich- 
er" mond Hill L I 
**• Brackett Frank steamfltter h 321 6th 
U- ii Geo C h 50 Remsen 
© ii Reginald machinist h 153 Hart 

ii Wallace manager 2 Bridge Mhtn h 1054 

> Sterling pi 

^_ ii Wm cigars 223 7th av 
CC Brackman Wm meat h 1438 67th 
q Brackwoldt Nicholas stationer 395 Henry 
i~"^ Bradhurn G rover conductor h 175 Marlon 
I"" ii Harry elk h 84 McDonough 
O Bradbury Cbas drop forge h 298 5th 
UJ ii Chas Janitor h 298 5th 
e— n Chas supplies h 150 18th 
J*" ii Edwd carpr h 138 7th av 

On Harry B lawyer 60 Wall Mhtn h 164 
Sterling pi 
ii Hy electrician h 437 11th 
CO •• Hy painter h 640 Gates av 
^ n Hy B advertising h 164 Sterling pi 
<*5 ,i Jas engineer h 1039 40th 
O " Jas A asbestos h 203 29th 
l_ ii John S manager h 695 Degraw 
VZ .1 Mary wld Chas h 298 5th 
t» „ Pianos 774 Fulton 
2E " Robt B mechanic h 629 Park pi 
— ii Thos J realestate h 138 7th av 
0_ Braddock Frank fish h 409 Centl av 
—^ Bradcen Frank C contructor h 546 Dean 

Business Directory 


Steinway & Sons 


Bteu 107 tnd 109 East 14th Street 



Rradell Fitdk h 1200 Bwlck av 
ii J S h 1179 Lincoln pi 
ii Maigt wid 1200 Bwlck av \ 

n Val G h 298 Cumberland 
Braden M E h 155 Remsen 
ii W C electrician 240 7th av 
ii & Montigny garage 33 Grant sq 
Brader Wm B physician 1120 Bwlck av 
Bradford Chas N acct h 679 Decatur 
ii Edgar G elk h 34 Sterling pi 
ii Edwd A editor Times sq e W 42d Mutn 

b 175 Columbia hgts 
ii E G h 32 Putnam av 
ii Frank W furnaces 186 Rensen & 1854 

Bath av 
ii Geo manager 415 Produce Ex Mhtu h 

1617 48th 
ii Geo F prest 154 Nassau Mhtn h 1520 

ii Harry elk h 344 Fenimore 
ii Harry painter h 168 Marlon 
ii Hy millwright h 411 40th 
i Hunter manager h 1615 49th 
ii Jas B signs 158 Chambers Mhtn h 43 

ii John nickelplater h 189 13th 
n John C elk h 7708 14th av 
ii John D elk 4919 6th av 
ii Mary h 912 St John's pi 
ii Ruell shoes h 63 Cranberry 
n Street Hospital 113 Bradford 
,i Thos J h 109 Bay 31st 
n Wm mech eng h 202 Wilson 
ii Wm H painter h 81 Rodney 
ii & Turner Co furnaces 186 Remsen A 
1854 Bath av 
Bradigan Philip foreman h 316 Baltic 
Bradlng Robt H leather h 393 Koscko 
Bradish Chas S printer h 706 Jef av 

ii Patrick plumber h 105 Marlon 
Bradle Jacob hatter h 589 Hart 
Bradley Alex shoes E 28th n Canarsie la h 
2802 Canarsie la 
ii Amos C exports h 810 Av C 
n Bernard shoes 269 Van Brunt 
it Chas weaver h 987 Halsey 
ii Cbas H police h 471 Lex av 
n Chas J carpr h 72 6th av 
ii Chas M mer h 1144 Park pi 
ii Claude J salesman h 334 Halsey 
ii Cornelius elk h 407 Prospect av 
ii Cornell W ins h 320 Degraw 
ii Danl M bookkpr h 145 Euclid av 
ii Edwd elk h 1144 Park pi 
ii Edwd machinist h 352 S 3d 
ii Edwd meat h 432 16th 
n Edwd B lawyer 38 Park row Mbtn h 

572 Bedford av 
ii Edwd W sexton h 61 Kingston av 
ii Elizabeth h 1091 Bwick av 
ii Ella V h 28 Windsor pi 
ii Elmer H engineer h 839 Halsey 
ii Frank H machinist h 759 Monroe 
ii Fred M elk h 512 Washn av 
n Fredk J manager h 736 Park pi 
ii Geo C elk h 16 Butler 
ii Guy printer h 606 72d 
,i Harry L teller 44 Wall Mhtn h 247 80th 
ii Hy ins 120 Bway Mhtn h 477 Greene av 
ii Hy J shipmaster h 462 E 29th 
.. Hy S salesman h 348 Clifton pi 
ii Hy T bookkpr h 260 Ryerson 
ii Hugh foreman h 231 10th 
ii Hugh steamfltter u 973 Madison 
n H L h 7904 Ridge Boulevard 
n Irving ins b 411 Caton av 
n Iron Works 37 Ferris 
ii Isaac N collector h 1151 40th 
ii Jas elk h 43 Kingston av 
ii Jas elee eug h 247 80th 
n Jas liquors 4723 3d av h 358 47th 
n Jas pilot h 53 Pulaski 
ii Jas police h 245 Clermont av 
ii Jas A observer 100 Bway Mhtn h 415 

ii Jas C elk h 876S 20th av 




317 Washington St., 




SB B • 9 a 


5 B 














5 ° 

c a z, 3 


R o 2 PI 

S 1 B W 


4 B^o" 

Ii Is 


i?i H 











•8 < 

J S 
































Lewis and Willoughby Avenues, In the heart of Brooklyn 

THat's tKe Place to Educate Your Boy 


Jas J examiner b 663 Bedford ar 

Jas J lnsp h 181 Park av 

Jas W coml trav h S708 20th av 

Jas W machinist h 1605 49th 

John elk h 334 Halsey 

John engineer h 288 Hawthorne 

John machinist h 973 Madison 

John realestate 4O00 Fort Hamilton 

Pkway h 1128 38th 
John restaurant 273 West Mhtn h 1022 

Bedford ay 
John B pilot h 424 Clinton 
John J h 115 S 2d 
John J copyist h 334 Halsey 
Johu J liquors 411 Bedford av 
John J viee-prest 35 Ferris h 648 52d 
John P liquors 6826 New Utrecht av k 

1559 69th 
John it printer h 2802 Oanarsie la 
Jos salesman h 429 7th av 
Jos H (Rev) h 288 Hawthorne 
Josiah mech eng h 798 Washn av 
Julius supt h 357 E 22d 
Luke elk h 254 Cumberland 
Lillian Q wid John h 1040 Park pi 
Mae millinery 915 Fulton 
Martin D elk h 307 13th 
Mary wid John h 9727 4th av 
Miehl carpet 339 Bway Mhtn h 179 Hey- 

Miehl J realestate 152 Montague h 139 

Morris machinist h 261 Division av 
Neil foreman h 81 Hall 
Newton collector h 1151 40th 
Oscar engraver 41 Maiden la Mhtn h 

2117 Fulton 
Oscar F elk h 252 Classon av 
Patrick cutter h 1333 St John's pi 
Paul police h 517 Chauneey 
Peter F lnsp h 1217 Sterling pi 
Rust-Proofing Co 35 Ferris 
Saml decorator h 68 Himrod 
Sidney O bldr h 247 80th 
Vincent printer h 97 Hall 
White-Lead Co 174 Front & 100 Wil- 
liam Mhtn 
Wm elk h 266 45th 
Wi elk h 132 DeKalb av 
Wm salesman h 891 Pacific 
Wm stonesetter h 904 Av O 
Wm corks h 978 Decatur 
Wm printer h 1128 38th 
Wm £ h 2802 Canarsle la 
Wm L police h 426 2d 
Wm V h 940 2d av 
Winant Publisher h 8618 Av I 
Winant Co china 1572 Fbnsh av 

Bradley & Smith, 

If usftctum and Importer* of 

351 Pearl Htreet, 

tfe*r Fnlton, NEW YORK. 

Bradner Frank W physician h 82 Saratoga av 
Bradon Geo boarding h 153 Remsen 
Bradshaw Austin harness 94 Hamilton av 

Chas lawyer h 712 Jef av 

Danl ironwkr h 950 E 14 th 

Fredk printer h 170 Montauk av 

Geo B laboratory 85 Sedgwick 

Geo T K engineer h 640 5th 

Geo W painter h 214 21th 

Hy h 688 Nostrand av 

John J furnisher h 374 12th 

John L stationer 216 Reid av h 712 Jef 

Jos buyer h 428 66th 

J B h 5th av c 88th 

Mary E wid Thos h 240 51st 

Nathaniel F carpr h Oropsey av c 24th 

Richd printer h 92 Oarroll 

Robt fireman h 396 Hoyt 

S P h 1329 Pacific 

Thos F elk h 441 65th 

Wilmer ironwkr h 159 Jerome 
Bradsteader Frank machinist h 1481 DeKalb 


Bradstreet Co agency 307 Washn & 346 Bway 

Bradt C H h 763 East Pkway 

ii Edwd Hilton ins h 473 Hancock 

ii Geo S estates 25 Liberty Mhtn h 585 


ii Geo S h 808 Greene av , 

ii Gesmine wid Louis u 267 Ryerson 

ii Norman autos h 617 Quincy 

ii Walter R butter 8 Waliabout mkt h 267 


ii Wm bookkpr h 74th n 10th av 

ii Wm R meat 6940 3d av h 977 74th 
Bradtmuller Anna wid Chas h 274 Bleecker 

ii John cutter h 52 Shepherd av 
Brady Alice T h 266 Grand av 

ii Alison pilot h 221 Hull 

ii Annie wid Wm h 2050 Dean 

ii Arthur E treasr 71 John Mhtn h 34 Jef 


ii Bernard fireman h 414 St Mark's av 

ii Bernard horseshoer 1650 Fulton h 724 


n Bernard W engineer h 265 Maple 

ii Cath wid John stationer 591 Centl av 

ii Chas elk h E 10th n Av P 

n Chas J undertaker 201A Saratoga av 

ii Danl H electrician h 81 Maujer 

n Edwd h 155 Hart 

n Edwd electrician h 172A Classon av 

n Edwd machinist h 440 48th 

ii Edwd F fitter h 688 Lex av 

ii Edwd J elk h 281 Etna 

ii Edwd J express 190 Richmond 

ii Edwd J hardware 79 Warren Mhtn h 

248 Grand av 

ii Edwd T grocer h 91 Hull 

ii Elizabeth wid Wm H h 96 Ross 

ii Etta wid Philip h 430 Dean 

ii Ernest elk h 988 Halsey 

n Eugene F agt h 467 Laf av 

ii Eugene V electrician h 520 Chauneey 

ii E elk h 154 Norman av 

n Frances shoes 225 Hoyt 

ii Francis police h 19S Hawthorne 

ii Frank manager 517 Court h 63 1st pi 

ii Frank mason ih 1766 Dean 

n Frank E foreman h E 16th n Av Z 

ii Frank J plasterer h 1759 Dean 

n Frank W cons eng 95 Liberty Mhtn h 

505 9th 

ii Geo printer h 800 Macon 

ii Geo M tel oper h 184 Carlton av 

ii Harry printer h 825 Bedford av 

ii Harry L coml trav h 1192 Park pi 

ii Hy elk h 218 Degraw 

■i Hy elk h 426 DeKalb av 

ii Hugh mechanic h 1768 Pacific 

ii Jacob Ironwkr h 362 Baltic 

n Jas h 206 65th 

•■ Jas h 262 N T av 

ii Jas carrier b 205 Ross 

ii Jas contractor h 221 Bay 8th 

ii Jas printer h 638 Marcy av 

ii Jas supt 307 Washn h 89 Johnson 

ii Jas A sec h 9 Agate ct 

ii Jas A tel oper h 184 Carlton av 

ii Jas B h 1 Virginia pi 

ii Jas F lawyer 56 Maiden la Mhtn h 472 


ii Jas 11 lnsp h Kenmore pi c VoorLles av 

n Jas J restaurant 390 Flushing av 

ii Jas P police h 288 Franklin av 

ii Jas T bookkpr h 381 1st 

ii Jas T steamfltter h 270 Nostrand av 

ii John h 149 Powers 

ii John h 225 Pulaski 

ii John bldr h 151 Clifton pi 

H John engineer h 1466 Bwlck av 

ii John engineer h 193 Huntington 

ii John engineer h 265 Maple 

ii John finisher h 375 Pine 

ii John mechanic h 333 3d 

ii John mechanic h 319 42d 

ii John mason h 1632 8th av 

ii John police h 298 Lefferts av 

•■ John printer h 136 N 7th 

■i John truckman h 190 Richmond 

ii John B h 136 N 7th 

ii John B printer 226 RoeWing 

ii John O buyer h 466 51st 

ii John E treasr 171 West Mhtn h 214 


ii John F foreman h 143 Koscko 

ii John F police >h 523 Monroe 

ii John J grocer 726 Hicks 

m CO 
































The New York Business Directory for 1860, under the heading Brush 
Manufacturers, gave the address of BRADLEY & SMITH, 251 Pearl 
Street. Trow's Directory for 1910 shows BRADLEY & SMITH 



apicTURE 1 

s < 

W -* 

< UJ o 






o z 
z o 









ii John J ins li 449 7th 

ii John J police IL 1237 43d 

ii John J salesman h 242 Carlton av 

ii John J contractor 11 Moore Mhtn to 784 

Greene av 
ii John J stonecutter h 157 Koscko 
ii John M plumber h 4il4 Henry 
ii John S livery h 135 Concord 
n John T & Co 170 Flushing av 
,i Jol.n W teacher h 304 Adelpbi 
ii John W ice h 797 Laf av 
ii Jos elk h 982 Laf av 
ii Jos engineer In 180 Berkeley pi 
ii Jos manager h 791 Union 
it Jos milk h 185 Wilby 
ii Jos plumber h 161 57th 
ii Jos A elk h 29 Lincoln pi 
ii Jos A drugs h 248 Grand av 
ii Jos H coppersmith h 436 Bay Ridge av 
ii Jos P (Rev) h 222 Tpkins av 
n KatLarine R principal Knickr av c 

Weirfleld h '151 Halsey 
ii Margt wid Jas h 303 Hart 
ii Martin F liquors 310 Classon av 
n Mary candy 580 Driggs av 
ii Mary wid Thos H h 240 Harrison 
ii Mary J wid Thos H h 690 Laf av 
ii Mary L millinery 265 P'bush av 
ii Matthew, moulder h 476 79th 
ii Matthew J hardware 894 Rogers av h 

825 Bedford av 
.1 Michl boilermkr h 414 40th 
it Michl machinist h 51 Concord 
ii Michl plumber h 329 Herkimer 
ii Nicholas express h 190 Richmond 
■i Olive R h 161 Wilby av 
ii Owen sexton h 284 Chauncey 
ii Patrick h 166 Jef av 
ii Patrick elk h 27 Covert 
n Patrick liquors 106 Meeker a? 
■i Patrick plumber b 161 57th 
n Patrick G elk h 348 50th 
ii Patrick J elk b 271 53d 
ii Peter F liquors 351 Fbush av 
ii Peter P meat 404 Sumner av 
ii Peter T tel oper h 210 5fh av 
ii Philip boilermkr 5504 5th av 
ii Philip house mover h 805 Bergen 
ii Philip meat 611 Washn av h 265 

Fbush av 
•i Philip printer h 297 Himrod 
ii Philip salesman h 791 Union 
ii Philip smelter h 272 Cleveland 
n Philip F earpr h 38 Cooper 
ii Philip J h 211 Carlton av 
ii Philip T (Rev) h 563 Sterling pi 
ii P J contractor 338 91st 
,i Raymond S elk h 200 N 4th 
ii Robt foreman h 98 Eldert 
n Robt L bookkpr h 414 Halsey 
n Saml bldr h 1434 Bedford av 
ii Stephen engineer h 445 DeKalb av 
ii Stephen J elk h 75 Johnson 
ii Stephen mason h 1632 8th av 
ii Susan wid Patrick h 472 9th 
n Susan wid Wm h 143 Koscko 
ii Thos elk h 934 Pacific 
M Thos elk h 201 Hewes 
■■ Thos contractor h 377 S 4th 
ii Thos fireman h 70 Division av 
ii Thos foreman h 85 3d 
ii Thos liquors 93 4th h 461 Union 
ii Thos plumber ft 23d h 530 Clinton 
ii Thos shoes h 01 Ashland pi 
ii Thos H h 724 53d 
ii Thos H h 690 Laf av 

ii Thos H F liookbinder h 94 Franklin av 
ii Thos J police h 102 Nichols av 
ii Thos W cooper 19 Crosby Mhtn h 3d av 

e 86th 
ii Walter h 225 Pulaski 
ii Walter pipefitter h 639 DeKalb av 
ii Walter A flour Produce Exch Mhtn h 

241 Quincy 
ii Wm foreman h 298 Lefferts av 
ii Wm horseshoer h 168 Hart 
ii Wm mechanic h 259 Linden av 
,i Wm printer h 333 3d 
ii Wm A blacksmith 156 Walworth 
ii Wm J painter 574 Gates av 
n Wm M electrician b 246 Macon 
ii & Case decorators 445 Throop av 
ii & Gloe stevedores 50 Congress & 11 

Moore Mhtn 
n & Olllvler realestate 68 5th av 
Braemer Robt salesman h 99 Hemlock 
Braer Hy E hardware h 5519 5th av 

Pictures^ Paintings 





Braerman Isldor oilcloth 65 Belmont av 
Braeunlich Gustav artist h 250 73d 
ii Herman lithographer 86 Fulton Mhtn h 
250 73d 
Braeutigam Conrad W drugs 201 Wyckotf av 
Braffett Wm J private detective 367 Fulton 

h 1093 Gates av 
Brafstcin Abraham tailor 250 Tpkins av 
Bragaw Townsend h 1143 Bwlck av 
Bragdon Edwd O weigher h 740 McDonongh 

ii Edwd W weigher 136 Water Mhtn h 792 

ii Mary wid Jos H h 2684 Bedford av 
Brager Bernhard wire gds 104 Walker Mhtn 
h 1174 41st 

n J grocer 294 Cornelia 

ii Max h 325 Sheffield av 
Bragg Arthur elk h 39 Hemlock 

n Hy elk h 424 New Lots rd 

ii Jas F shoes 18U3 Fulton h 55 Decatur 

n John B insp h 624 Vandt av 
Bragln Aaron S drugs 822 Fulton h 463 
Clermont av 

ii Drug Co 117 Nassau av 

n Max elk h 367 Vernon av 

ii Wolf cloaks 106 Greene Mhtn h 30 
Rkway av 

ii W stationer 7304 5th av 
Bragulia Felix h 1404 59lh 
Braham Anna wid Wm candy 1027 DeKalb av 

ii Arnold setter h 491 DeKalb av 

n Barnett furniture h 513 6th av 

ii Danl A collector h 12 Park pi 

ii Danl G candy 5616 3d av 

ii Chester chemist b 420 Greene av 

ii Emanuel elk h 12 Park pi 

ii Harry musician h 420 Greene av 

ii Herbert J h 345 Clinton av 

n John cigars 4S21 3d av 

ii Ricbd mailer h 539 51st 

ii Bros trimmings 464 Dean 
Brahams Louis tailor 79 Nassau Mhtn h 2623 

E 26th 
Brahe Augustus elk h 134 Patehen av 

n Wilhelmina L wid Wm h 1304 51st 

ii Wm H tel oper h 564 Sterling pi 

ii John supt 409 Pearl Mhtn h 1270 38th 
Brahm Johanne photos 635 3d av 

ii & Andree photos 614 5th av 
Brahme August lumber h 134A Patehen av 
Brahmey Thos elk h 642 45th 
Brahs Julius tailor 1376 Bwlck av 
Braid Jas carpi- h 1802 Prist 

ii John W supt 225 5th av Mhtn h 136 
Braidwood Belle wid Alex h 314 Bainbridge 

n W Douglass bookkpr h 1188 Decatur 
Braig Otto h 2 Ridgewood av 
Braillaid Francis F jr elec appliances 407 

Tpkins av h 505 Throop av 
Brain E R teacher h 78 Cambridge pi 

ii Valentine bookkpr h 1250 N Y av 
Brainard Edgar J ins h 47 Lee av 

n Geo S h 861 Halsey 

ii Harold R h 90 Decatur 

ii Howard D h 65 Gates av 

n John L towing Pier 14 East River Mhtn 
h 486 Koscko 

ii Raymond elk h 349 Pacific 

ii Walter M engineer h 56 Decatur 

ii Ward bookkpr h 347 Dean 

ii Wm H slass blower b 457 Madison 
Braine Bancroft G h 67 1st pi 

ii Elizabeth M teacher h 90 Decatur 
Brainerd Albert B elk h 176 Albany av 

ii Cnas C lawyer 134 Bway h 319 W 95th 

ii Chauncey C editor 307 Washn h 1064 E 

ii Cyprian h 184 Lincoln pi 

n Edwd C elk h 133 Reap 

ii Helen E h 397 Clermont av 

ii H E elk h 216 Prospect pi 

ii J Willard h 92 Lincoln rd 

ii Susan W wid Silas W h 189 Marcy av 

ii Wilbur F supt Hooper c Wythe av h 86 
Bralnson A drugs 402 Sutter av 
Braiser Geo M recorder 346 Bway Mhtn h 

777 E Pkway 
Bralslin Wm C physician h 556 Washn av 
Bralsted Abraham h 643 Prospect pi 

ii Chas h 236 Aluslle 

ii Garrett F boats Canarsle shore h 706 

n Jos W elk h 1016 Halsey 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 


If M ~ » 

s g * 3 - 

£. EI yj ff sa 
S 2. ^ CD 

''.->• D O* 

§ j. w 5 =? 
— 1 PJ *. ~o 
™ 2 rt o *° 

f , C9 • Si 

Z* 5 ° £2 

i* > k~^ 
~ T 7 1 » 
s *3 * * 

s- « 

£ 3 

317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone, 3004 Main, 



317 Washington St. 



h*!** * 

=1 * 






n Otis P painter 235 S 9th 
i. Wm T salesman h 799 Sterling pi 
ii & Co painters 235 S 9th 
Bralteau Amedee hair gds 483 Fulton h 
St Felix 
ii Eugene teacher h 66 St Felix 
Braithwalte Harry silversmith li 356 
Mark's av 
ii John W ins 164 Montague h 646 Lincoln 

n Jos M elk h 259 17th 
Braltling Geo elk h 248 43d 
Braitmayer Hy setter h 164 Hale av 
Braitner Frank bookkpr h 99 Franklin av 
Brake H G h 913 St John's pi 
Braker Annie wid Jas h 338 Clinton 
ii Bernard mfr h 1920 Bergen 
ii Geo h 607 11th 

n Herman fancy gds 168 Chambers Mhtn 
h 67 Osborn 
Bram Chas h 2028 Dean 
ii Hattie wid h 154 Marion 
ii Hy (Rev) h 58 Sutton 
ii N drugs 4601 6th av 
Braman Hiram V V realestate 2 Wall Mhtn 

h 321 Clinton av 
Bramberg Chas machinist 91 Cliff Mhtn h 

391 7th 
Bramell Benj marine eng h 518 55th 
Bramer Michl carriagemkr 250 Varet h 246 

Bramerloh Chas candy 375 Myrtle av 
Brainhall Edwd elk h 82 Ashland pi 
Bramm Chas A h 690 Prospect pi 
Brammel Geo engineer h 303 Prest 
Brammer Otto machinist h 748 51st 
Bramovits Morris woolens 91 Graham av 
Brains Saml cigars 1494 Fbush av 
Bramson Harper W elk h 50 MeDonough 
Bramwell Benj T pilot h 175 Meserole av 

n Jos B foreman h 510 Ridgewood av 
Bran Fiorian A elk h 74th n 12th av 
Branagan Thos J ranges 448 Gates av 
ii Wm F roofer 2001 Nostrand av 
„ Wm J realestate 2501 Atlantic av h 383 
Braneaceio Salvator baker 279 Elton 
Brancale John plumber 30 Union 

ii Jos express h 38 Union 
Branch Chas C lawyer 120 Bway Mhtn h 428 
ii Edwd C physician 451 6th 
ii Edwd H salesman h 451 6th 
n Eva H nurse h 396 Jef av 
ii Geo I machinist h 298 Prospect pi 
ii Irving G electrician h 298 Prospect pi 
n John notions 5512 3d av 
ii Lester V civil eng h 298 Prospect pi 
ii Mason N mfr h 494 10th 
n Stephen P prest h 396 Jef av 
„ Thos J h 599 E 7th 
Branchard Edwd lithographer h 232 Marcy av 
Brand Alex F v-prest 404 W 27th Mhtn h 678 
Prospect pi 
ii Bertha wid Martin h 447 53d 
ii Chas laundry h 1209 Rogers av 
n Chas lawyer 150 Nassau Mhtn h 

ii Chas underwear 401 Bway Mhtn h 

Van Siclen av 
.. Chas A fish 7311 & 9015 3d av 
ii Chas P piano tuner 3102 Church av 
n Conrad Jeweler h 217 Lex av 
ii Edwd T lawyer h 711 Prest 
ii Harry M h 21 Sherman 
ii Harvey E elk h 596 Bedford av 
ii Hy S elk h 910 DeKalb av 
•i Herman elk h 36 Bolivar 
ii Isaac garters 169 Mercer Mhtn a 42 

Lewis av 
ii Isaac M drugs 5424 5tb av h 475 55th 
ii John tile setter h 123 Cooper 
ii Johanna E grocer 3102 Church av 
ii Leonard Jeweler h 681 Sterling pi 
n Moses H trousers 568 Bway Mhtn h 84 

Bay 29th 
ii Nicholas meat 555 Glenmore av 
ii Peter cooper h 241 Marion 
ii Robt cigar boxes 145 Mulberry Mhtn h 

48 Buy 22d 
ii Robt P ins h 368 Qulncy 
ii Rudolph tailor h 63 Himrod 
n Wm coal 626 Gates av & 954 Fulton h 

51 Monroe 
ii Wm liquors 213 Richards h 72 Van Dyke 
ii Wm J letter carrier h 783 Hancock 




n Wm T manager 1 Bway Mhtn h 490 
Branda Nicholas tailor 597 Park av 
Brandal Jacob produce h 98 Ten Eyck 
Braudau Adam tailor h 794 Madison 

ii Caroline wid Win h 64 Sumpter 

ii Geo L h 2523 Albermarle rd 

n Gustav meat 259 East N Y av 

ii Hubert C see 5 Beekman Mhtn h 197 

it Julius liquors 2701 Tilden av 
Brande Anna B 301 Livingston 

ii Chas D dentist h 105 Stone av 

n Jacob A supt h 68 Columbia hgts 
Brandeis Giulia wid h 55 Pineapple 
Brandel Leopold painter h 246 Bleecker 
Brandenberg Arnold W N & Co drugs 554 & 

702 Ocean Pkway 
Brandenburg August ice cream h 535 Ster- 
ling pi 

n Carl S editor h 825 Monroe 

ii Chas F W organist h 61 Ashland pi 

ii Jos laundrv 1078 Putnam av 

H Jos F lawyer 150 Nassau Mhtn h 624 E 

n Julia wid Chas h 61 Ashland pi 

ii Louis carpr h 381 Scheuck av 

„ Walter J chemist 365 Van Brunt h 440 
E 5th 

ii Bros wagon bldrs 382 Hamilton av 
Brandenlmrger Hy shoes 799 Mhtn av 

n Max J h 436 6th 
Brandensteln Arthur agt 640 Bway Mhtn h 
1G6 Bklyn av 

ii Gustav meat 2902 Fulton 

ii Hy coal 312 Stockholm 

ii Hy infants' wear 15th e 6th av Mhtn h 
482 1st 

ii Jos elk h 18 Hamburg av 

ii Jos hsh 18 Hamburg av 

n Julia infants' wear 15th c 6th av Mhtn 
b 482 1st 
Brander Jas h 470 10th 

ii Jos cablnetmkr h 13 Graham av 
Brandes Chas wire 135 William Mhtn h 12 
Folsom pi 

n Chas E window shades 1168 39th 

ii Fredk foreman h 276 Bklyn av 

ii Geo A plumber 268 Court 

n H C h 76 Lawrence av 

ii Max drugs 48 Graham av 

n Victor A grocer 1742 Atlantic av h 57 
Schtdy av 

ii & Gondesen locksmiths 268 Court 
Brandfon Aaron overalls 105 Franklin 
Brandhurst John F h 18 Raleigh pi 
Brand! Anthony stonecutter h 191 Prest 

ii Chas furs h 159 Prest 

ii Jos florist h 110 1st pi 
Brandie Julius printer h 230 Degraw 
Brandin Chas steamfltter h 76 Linden 

ii Jas supt h 867 Halsey 

ii Max steamfltter h 764 Macon 
Brandis Fredk E engineering insts 814 Gates 
av h 684 Madison 

ii F E Sous & Co engineering lasts 814 
Gates av 

ii Hv A mfr 814 Gates av h 684 Madison 

ii Wm engineer h 823 Bwlck av 

ii Wm gilder 569 od av Mhtn h 676 Lex av 

ii Wm surg insts h 823 Bwlck av 

n Wm O lithographer h 77 Moffat 
Brandie Conrad oysters h 31)4 19th 
Brandineier John capmkr h 1138 Halsey 

ii Jos machinist h 1400 Halsey 
Braudner John liquors h 57th u 13th av 
Brandon Edwd awnings 4 Gates av h 126 

ii H M h 494 Classon av 
ii Saml diamond polisher h 1234 41st 
ii Wm E engineer h 198 Windsor pi 
Brandow Amy G wid E Walter h 144 Gar- 
field pi 
ii Edwin pilot h 96 Cumberland 
•i Geo pilot h 809 Herkimer 
ii Martha L wid Edwin H h 12 Gates av 
Brandqulst Bernard painter 191 Gwlch Mhtn 

h 153 Chauncey 
Brandrup Claus S organ hldr n 1132 Greene 

Brandstein Max leatberwkr h 2229 86th 
Brandstrom Mary wid Neals h 430 52d 
Brandt Albert R malt 19 Whitehall Mhtn h 
5 Linden av 
ii Anna nurse h 330 Monroe 
ii August H elk h 61 Illmrod 
ii August H elk h 1312 8th av 


STOKKS: 619 and 14)0 Fulton Street 


»47 Herkimer St., Brooklyn.; 115 Park Bow, New York City, 

and BIS East »4tli Street, New York City 


Charlotte Rosse 
and Fancy Cakes 
ased by countless 
millions. Try them 

Telcphoits at all Addrauts 
























EX c. 









• > 









C O 























^ o 


CD -S 


> Cl 

< =3 


52 > 


3 j£ 
-Q O 




51 FI 
84 R 


o © 


CO ^ 












IIPIHOT'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 


.. Ben] cutler 105 Chambers Mhtn h 182 

Georgia av 
ii Bernard furrier 247 Grand av 
ii Chas janitor b 353 S 4th 
n Chas A awnings 611 Fulton h 198 Van 

M Chas J grocer 4502 4th av 
ii Clirisr liquors 342 Canal Mhtn h 1625 B 

ii Conrad grocer h 417 57th 
ii C A Co (inc) awnings 611 Fulton 
ii C L jeweler 347 oth av 
ii David liquors 644 Driggs av 
ii Edwd machinist h 2S5 Sehenck av 
ii Edwd ins h 51 Cranberry 
ii Edwd A realestate h 65 Chauncey 
ii Ernest F fireman h 571 46th 
ii Fredk A carpr h 361 5th 
ii Fredk P elk h 43S 1st 
ii F grocer 37 5th av 
ii Geo elk h 136 Dean 
ii Geo realestate 151 Ralph av 
ii Geo W sec 402 Bleecker Mhtn h 792 De- 

Kalb av 
ii Gustav W notary 44 Beekman Mhtn h 

1400 73d 
n Henrietta wld Robt h 74 Pineapple 
n Hy dentist h 481 Stone av 
ii Hy elec eug h 765 Albany av 
ii Hy trucks 606 Water Mhtn h 48 Hart 
ii Hy C roofer h 338 Pacific 
ii Hy J h 311 Decatur 
ii Herman h 32 DeKoven ct 
n Herman millinery h 446 Balnbrldge 
ii Homan salesman n 19 Evergreen pi 
ii John H coral trav h 223 East Pkway 
., John I elk h 132 State 
ii Jos razor mfr Mhtn h 182 Georgia av 
n Manasseh clothing 394 Bway Mhtn h 287 

ii Maurice L cutlery 105 Chambers Mhtn h 

1493 East Pkway 
ii Meyer laundry 142 Glenmore av 
ii Mfg Co lace scarfs 2017 Fulton 
ii Morris salesman h 287 Pulaski 
ii Nathan razor mfr 105 Chambers Mhtn h 

182 Georgia av 
ii Robt dentist h 712 Greene av 
ii Robt steamfltter h 1252 Herkimer 
ii Rudolph C manager h 47 Bay 25th 
ii Valentine police b 1612 Bwlek av 
n Washington J physician h 251 Carroll 
Brandtberg Robt E mechanic h 1186 Greene 

Braudtson Gustav W painter 373 Nostrand av 

I. & Wiberg painters 373 Nostrand av 
Brandus Emil lithographer h 68 Bergen 
Brand wood Jos carpr h 1088 Bedford av 
Brandy Chas foreman h 519 Henry 
llrangale John plumber 30 Dnion 
M Jos express 38 Union 
ii Louis plumber 30 Union 
Eranigan Edwd liquors 352 Hicks h 77 
Pacific \ 

.1 Edwd S liquors h 1535 55tb 
ii Frank W liquors h 1535 55th 
ii Stevens J police h 1535 55th 
ii Thos moulder h 27 Devoe 
Branley Jas H h 619 Quincy 
Brann Albert liquors 221 Hamburg av 
Braunan Barrington L music 106% Court h 
508 Clinton 
ii John N engineer h 339 Madison 
Erannin Edwd E tel oper h 189 St Mark's 
i, Patrick Iron h 240 57th 
Bran nock Mlehl J pilot h 852 Glenmora av 

ii Wm A h 63 Bergen 
Ttiannon Robt purser h 175 Congress 
Branscombe Francis upholsterer h 139 18th 

n John supt h 442 Hpkson av 
Biansky Nathan skirts 17 Orchard Mhtn h 

Skidemore la c E 93d 
Brandon John W hatmkr h 229 Putnam av 

,i Jos H F h 263 Clifton pi 
Brant Clnis C printer h 43 S 8th 
Cornelia C physician 91 Macon 
Danl salesman h 484 10th 
Everett bookkpr h 539 Dean 
Geo realestate h 572A Laf av 
Hy L lawyer 38 Park row Mhtn h 91 

John lithographer h 892 Greene av 
M carpr 73 Noble h 1036 Lorlmer 
Robt H engineer b 1252 Herkimer 
Robt W carrier h 1313 Herkimer 
Robt W sec h 1973A Fulton 

Bedford Riding Academy 

Cor. Bedford and Atlantic Avenues 


Brautle Frank restaurant 273 39th 
Branze E boarding h 123 7th av 

ii Harry insp h 123 7th av 
Brapman David capmkr h 362 Miller av 
Brasch Hy grocer 308 E 32d Mhtn h 699 

Glenmore av 
Brascher Hy M liquors 796 Blake av 
Brase Geo grocer 178 Hamburg av 
Brasher Katherine M L stenography 215 
Montague h 151 Columbia hgts 
n Philip M prest 215 Montague 
ii Wm M h 58 7th av 
Brashofer Saml bookkpr h 1723 Park pi 
Brasier Geo M ins h 1559 E 14th 
Brasih Baldo ins 346 Fulton h 187 Jora- 

Braslow Isaac elk h 1034 40th 
ii Max coats 66 Columbia Mhtn h 1516 

Myrtle av 
ii Max salesman h 1427 40th 
Brass Anton h 96 Newell 
n David leather gds 91 Mercer Mhtn h 203 

Ditmas av 
ii Ewald crockery 56 Park pi Mhtn h 

960 Bwlek av 
ii Frances wld Jacob h 401% 18th 
ii Fredk jr coml trav h 141 Ralph av 
ii Goods Mfg Co (Inc) 280 Nevlns 
ii Jessie wid Edwd I h 1445 Bedford av 
ii John W bldr h 998 Bwlek av 
n Louis H crockery 56 Park pi Mhtn h 

998 Bwlek av 
ii Saml carbldr h 255 Covert 
ii Wm paper boxes h 401A 18th 
Brasse John M barber 616 Fulton h 225 

Washn av 
Brassel Marie wid h 2 Mlddagh 

n Matthew T salesman h 514 Lex av 
Brassell Robt soapmkr h 146 Laf av 
Brassington Wm E bookkpr h 143 Milton 
Brassier Chas A translator h 621 Park pi 
Braster Chas leather gds 1460 Bway h 599 
Evergreen av 
n Chas manager 401 Fulton h 156 Bergen 
ii Wm salesman h 1359 Hancock 
Brasure J Arthur elk h 330 72d 
Braswell Drug Co 126 Albany av 
ii Leroy drugs 126 Albany av h 1498 
Bratfisch Louis liquors 765 Park av 
Bratspls M restaurant 103 Graham av 
Bratten Jas janitor h 32 Sumpter 

ii Wm h 1230 Fulton 
Bratton Wm L leather 26 W 34th Mhtn h 

798 Kenmore pi 
Braty Louis goldbeater h 314 RIverdale av 
Brauckmuller August h 404 Hancock 
Braue John mechanic h 210 Freeman 
Brauer Arnold constructing eng 477 West 
n Fredk C jr chemicals 253 Bway Mhtn 

h 208 Putnam av 
ii Isaac shoes 63 Reade Mhtn h 123 Bay 

ii Mary grocer 332 Sumner av 
ii Wm A grocer 75 DufHeld 
Brauhaur Saml D carrier h 645 Warwick 
Brault Oliver B salesman h 615 E 32d 

ii Zephlrin salesman h 518 Greene av 
Braum Grant h 1588 Dean 
Brauman Adolph C foreman h 90 India 
Brauinberger Herman billiards 357 Adams h 

231 Pearl 
Braumullcr Max bldr b 565 72d 
Braun Adoli>li barber 106 Wall Mhtn h 297 
G rove 
ii Adolph grocer 156 Bedford av 
ii Alex elk u 961 Madison 
ii Anna w;rt Adam h 322 K 32d 
ii August contractor h 253 Court 
ii August florist 285 Centl av h 679 Hart 
ii August mfr h 1004 Gates av 
" August meat 1899 Bway h 34 Aberdeen 
ii August police h 529 54tli 
ii August tailor 208 7th Mhtn li 240 S 3d 
ii August K salesman h 129 Schneffer 
ii Beriihard mechanic h 47S Marion 
ii Bernhardt barber 37 Sumner av 
.. Cath wid Jos h 2S0 Marion 
ii Chas h 768 Macon 
ii Chas architect 218 23d h 459 41st 
ii Chas machinist b 835 Quincy 
ii Chas realestate 837 Mhtn av h 581 

ii Chas varnisher h 241 Hlmrod 
ii Chas L meat 1656 86th 
ii C baker 293 Reld av 

George H. Willers, Proprietor 



Proipect Park Branch 
Flatbush and Ocean Avenue* 

8 09 

* a 

r o 

> c 

Z H 
H I 

o -a 

> o 

H < n 

o PI -i 

5" z r 

« c > 

e m z 

2 O 







Telephone Call, 

269 1 

Bedford BROOKLTIf, V. T. 

TELEPHONE ^ 4 w ^f bush 

Gatberwoofc Samud H - Bur . r ' 

WWVIJWV wvvv 8 South William SI? 

PHU^DEI^HIA. New Yor|< Cjty> N> Y 


co -e 

















ii Km i I manager b 207 Bay 20th 

ii Ernst bl<lg supplies 692 Mhtn av h 540 

n Florentine wid Otto h 9G1 Madison 

n Fredk elk h 165 Howard av 

,i Fredk liquors 724 5th av h 219 18th 

■i Frodk tailor h 3S3 Palmetto 

ii Fredk upholsterer h 241 Hlinrod 

ii Fredk E elk h 219 18th 

ii Geo badges 75 Nassau Mhtn h 205 At- 
lantic av 

ii Geo baker h 297 Himrod 

ii Geo baker G8 Meeker av 

ii Geo bookkpr h 149 Bleeeker 

ii Geo A agt h 1650 68th 

ii Geo F realestate 288 Berrlman 

ii Geo G H hay 278 Flushing av 

ii Geo J barber 85 Beaver Mhtn h V- 
Greene av 

ii Geo \V realestate ' 356 Fulton h 70 E 
130th Mhtn 

n Harry A salesman h 68 Palmetto 

ii Hy liquors 550 Centl av 

ii Isaac com mer 140 West av Wallabout 
mkt h 140 Pulaski 

ii Jacob machinist h 1316 Gates av 

ii Jacob supt h 732 43d 

ii John cigars h 962 Jamaica av 

ii John jeweler h 466 Pacific 

n John machinist h 77 Eagle 

ii John produce 152 West av Wallabout 
mkt h 692 Hart 

ii John J h 223 N Henry 

ii John S baker 596 Myrtle av 

n Jos bldr 157 Russell 

ii Jos salesman h 415 Pulaski 

ii Jos G h 71 S Elliott id 

n Louis florist Canarsie av n Tilden av 

ii Louis plumber 343 Ralph 

ii Maurice F elk h 130 Berkeley pi 

ii Michl baker 155 Tillary h 255 Windsor 

ii Morris cigars 253 3d av 

ii Otto salesman h 129 Cleveland 

ii Paul barber h 388 Bergen 

n Peter baker h 379 Pacific 

ii Peter liquors 168 Graham av 

ii Philip tailor 242 Melrose 

ii Itichd elk h 263 Covert 

ii Wm engineer h 776 Macon 

ii Wm F mech ene 1291 Sterling pi 

ii Wm J leather 56 Graham av h 92 Bar- 

ii & Howe bldg mtls 66 Huron « ' 
Mhtn av 
Braunberg L signs 62 Cook 
Braunberger David sec 438 Broome Mhtn h 
161 Eckford 

ii Jas men's furng 779 Mhtn av h 141 

ii Simon dry gds h 157 Newell 
Brauneck Louis F storage 269 Ellery n 13:' 

Brauner Saml pickles 52 Tpkins av Mhtn h 

167 Peun 
Brauness Alois teacher h 494 Fbush av 
Brauninger Fredk bookkpr h 1168 Greene av 
Brauns Edwd carpr 439 Evergreen av 

ii Herman C h 143 Lefferts pi 

ii Ludwlg elk h 475 72d 

■i Truman realestate h 746 Macon 
Braunsdorf Eugene musician 473 Miller av 

ii Herman G printer h 440 Barbey 
Braunstein Abraham grocer 2132 Dean 

n Alex drugs S 3d c Havemeyer h 149 
Sumner av 

ii Alex lnsp h 208 Boerum / 

n C tmnks h 832 Bway 

ii David furs 15 Bleeeker Mhtn h 339 

ii Em 11 M upholsterer 154 Nassau av 

ii Jacob jeweler 51 Maiden la Mhtn h 147 
Marcy av 

ii Louis leather gds 464 Marcy av h 113 

ii Max elk h 354 Stone av 

n M tobacco 5301 3d av 

ii Philip liquors 113 Fulton h 44 Sands 

ii & Hammer liquors 383 Van Brunt 

ii & Herskovltz leather gda 464 Marcy av 

ii & Schwartz liquors 113 Fulton 
Braunwarth Frank liquors 582 Wythe av 
Braunworth Chus binder 16 Nassau h 160 

n & Co bootblnders 16 Nassau 
Brause Saml tailor Dean c Ralph av 
Brauser Barnett tailor 74 Goerck Mhtn h 852 
O*" ester 


ii Louis tailor 74 Goerck Mhtn h 645 Shep- 
herd av 
Brautigam Geo tailor 156 Throop av 

ii John machinist h 183 Palmetto 

ii Robt bags Boebllng c N 10th h 232 N 7th 
& Hoelzleln machinists 192 Bwlck av 
Brautman Abraham jeweler 687 Grand 

n ESlus jeweler 697 Grand 
Brautman's E Sons jewelers 697 Grand 
Bnavel John engineer h 1151 Greene av 
Bravennau Aaron realestate h 326 Snedlker 

ii A h 1898 Bergen 

ii Chus K harness 13 Selgel 

ii J (Rev) h 184 Saekman 
Braves Mary wld Fredk h 528 54th 

ii Wm draughtsman h 528 54th 
Bravey Chas elk h 792 Clusson av 
Bravy Geo printer h 182 Crystal 

n Willard J elk h 215 Suuipter 
Brawley Thelba II elk h 484 45th 
Brawn Jas H elk h 57 Hicks 

ii John P h 11 Willow 
Brawner Alex H brushes 132 Gpoint av h 27 

W 70th Mhtn 
Braxl F grocer 307 Vandt 
Braxton Ernest W fitter h 589 Herkimer 

ii J Howard sec 195 Bway Mhtn h 816 
Laf av 
Bray Chas J hardware 83 Walker Mhtn h 219 
Berkeley pi 

n Clement E printer h 263 Etna 

ii Danl D mechanic h 905 Jef av 

ii Blwood A stereotyper h 683 10th 

ii Frank H elk h 511 Madison 

ii Geo W salesman h 330 Gates av 

ii Harry F sec 339 Bway Mhtn h Hotel 

ii Harry L elk h 6S3 10th 

ii John T agt h 240 Pearl 

ii Jos machinist h 491 Baltic 

ii Patrick iusp h 441 Pacific 

ii Patrick insp h 112 1st pi 

ii Sylvester A machinist h 115 Berkeley pi 
Brayer Michl h 276 Stratford rd 

ii Wm J jeweler 135 N 6th 
Brayfogel John bookkpr h 10413 Greene av 
Brayley Reginald W- salesman h 647 Fbush 

ii Martin printer h E 92d n Av M 
Brayn A S h 713 19th 
Braynard Chas A elk h 824 Washn av 
Brayton Wm H manager h 770 Bwlck av 
Brazeau Eugene h 333 Park pi 

ii Frank fruit 244 Washn Mhtn h 28 B 
Brazell Jos J h 121 Van Buren 
Brazenenn Mary wld Geo h 1S7 10th 
Brazenor Robt motor cycles 1041 Bedford av 
h 885 Myrtle av [av 

ii & Ruderman motor cycles 1041 Bedford 
Brazil Steamship Co 344 Fulton 
Brazlll Arthur L mason h 107 Moffat 
Brazys K publisher 120 Grand 
Breadon Saml H manager 995 Mhtn av h 126 

Breaker Wm T> mer 1G5 Duane Mhtn h 403 

Breakley Elmer carpr h 358 12th 
Breakstone Geo supt h 165 Martense 

ii Herman tailor h 1546 57th 

ii Saml creamery 202 Henry Mhtn h 850 
Laf av 
Breakwater Home for Seamen 19 Atlantic av 
Breamer Hy h 44 Hopkins 

ii Philip h 23 Centl pi 
Brearley H P h 12 Gates av 
Brearton Edwd fireman h 484 Marcy av 
Breason John M foreman b 128 Jef av 

n Wm P fireman h 128 Jef av 
Breath Wm L engineer h 258 Lefferts av 
Breaznell Jos H lawyer 2fi Court h 289 Van 

Brecher Isiilor skirts 51 E 9th Mhtn h 481 

ii Max dressforms h 722 DeKalb av 

ii Saml Ins h 478 N J av 
Brechorst Harry elk h 863 L-»f av 
Brecht Elm m a wld Geo h 321 N J av 

n F W h 15S0 Fbush av 
Brechtefeld Minnie wld h 252 Grove 

ii Rudolph bookkpr h 1132 Laf av 
Brechtol Marl In li 224 Soliaeffer 
Brechtlein M li 7S1 Prospect pi 
Breek Chas E foremau b 4S4 WIlby av 

ii Frank G h 530 Dean 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 









o z 
z o 

m d =0 

w 2 *^ 

§ m 5 

* w 

> 3 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Tel. 3004 naln. 


UPINGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 










































ii F W pharmacist h Flashing av opp 
Brrckel Albeit jeweler h 180 Throop av 
Breckele Sainl collector h 884 Jef av 
Breckenbridge Geo carpi- h 104 S 8th 

ii Gio \V carpr h 09 Stewart 
Breekhelmer John B laundry 489 Graham av 
h 3S2 E 29th 
n L nuat 1778 Nostrand av 
n Peter meat 811 Park av 
Breckle Wm elk h 12 Ditinars 
Breckler Max realestate h 228 Vernon av 
Breckling Franz h 389 Ralph 
Breckman Jos cigars 44G Grand 
Breckwell Jas elk h 18 Webster pi 
Breckwold John coml trav h 1084 Prospect 

Brede Chas plumber h S86 Gates av 
ii Herman liquors h 450 Rogers av 
n John H liquors 794 Nostrand av 
Bredehoft Luetge h 228 Cornelia 
Bredemeyer John fireman h 1222 Park pi 
Breden Chas G tailor h 383 11th 
ii Edwd T elk h 383 11th 
n John meat 414 Graham av h 169 Bck- 

ii Sarah wid Hy h 792 Madison 
n John h 554 Humbt 
ii Julius F grocer 4623 4th av 
Bredenbaeh Jos plasterer h 1852 Pacific 
Bredenstein J lnsp h 552 Dean 
Bredeseu Martin baker h 672 Henry 
Breding S A h 521 E 19th 
Bree Jas pqlice h 98 Rapelye 

n Peter police h 191 N J av 
Breed Dalton letter carrier h 96 Pulaski 
Breeden Abner H bookkpr h Gravesend av n 
Kings' Highway 
ii Priscilla wid August h 643 58th 
Breen Alex livery 1U7 Pacific h 164 Pacific 
n Chas dentist 781 Mhtn av h 67 Sutton 
n David J elk h 371 Sumpter 
n David J jr mech eng h 371 Sumpter 
ii Edwin L tinsmith h 285 Warren 
ii Elizabeth wid Jas h 477A Pacific 
ii E J h 181 McDougal 
ii Frank engineer h 28 1st pi 
ii Geo lumber 24 Gpoint av h 572 E 32d 
ii Hy J composer h 361 Hoyt 
ii Hy S u s m c h Flushing av opp 

ii Jacob J insp h 67 Covert 
ii John ferryman h 33 S 1st 
ii John lumber h 287 Maple 
ii John T printer 60 Fulton Mhtn n 379 

ii Julius bookkpr h 741 DeKalb av 
ii Martin reulestate h 431 80th 
n Maurice lawyer 120 Bway Mhtn h 13 

Fort Greene pi 
n Patrick police h 116 Klngsland av 
ii Patrick C grocer 4702 5th av & 1720 

Bath av h 526 47th 
ii Thos h 32 Marcy av 
ii Thos gasfltter h 155 Bridge 
ii Wm A lumber h 109 Russell 
n Wm E h 811 St John's pi 
ii Wm J surveyor h 10S Van Sicklen 
Breen's Wm Sons lumber 24 Gpoint av 
Breese Chas H manager h 1421 Dean 

M J Wesley salesman h 1532 Bedford av 
Breeves Wm draughtsman 160 Bway Mhtn 

h 528 54th 
Bregel Wm electrician h 1283 Dean 
Breger Moritz realestate h 68 Penn 
ii Saml couches 214 Johnson av 
ti Saml & Son couches 214 Johnson av 
Breglio Mich) Jr h 493 Carlton av 
Bregman Jos shoefltter 157 18th 

ii Louis painter 369A 14th 
Bregner Chas fish 145 Nassau av 
Bregstein Hy h 182 Varet 
n Herman B men's furng 624 5th av 
ii N garments 108 Humbt 
ii Bros garments 108 Humbt 
ii S & Co underwear 86 Meserole 
Brehm Amos M manager 377 Bway Mhtn 
h 474 3d 
ii Chas F printer h 509 Greene av 
n E A liquors 833 Myrtle av 
ii Geo elk h 183 Harrison 
ii Geo mechanic li 1449 Bwlek av 
ii Geo weigher h 387 Himrod 
ii Geo P printer h 509 Greene av 
n Jas W teller h 183 Harrison 
ii John carpr h 393 Himrod 
n John M boxmkr h 1129 Decatur 
ii Martin painter h 1249 Greene av 


i, Bros 358 N 11th 
Brehmer Julius A candy 541 Grand 
Itieid Jos M machinist 511 W Bway Mhtn 
h 792 E 4th 
n Nicholas lithographer h 792 E 4th 
Breldenstein Conrud J roofer 241 Taaffe pi 
Brelding Emma wid Theo h 417 18th 
ii Fredk W tailor h 1309 Bay Ridge av 
.1 Geo E elk h 541 76th 
i, Wm tailor h 838 Hart 
Breidinger John livery 238 Skillman n 1931 

Bedford av 
Breldewuld Hyinan -machinist h 1512 St 

Mark's av 
Breier BenJ underwear 23 Llspenard Mhtn b 
227 Vernon av 
ii Marcus underwear 23 Llspenard Mhtn h 
227 Veruon av 
Brelley Hy J manager 240 Plymouth 
Breimaier Hy brewer h 1587 Gates av 
Brelmer Fredk grocer 1393 Putnam av 
Brein Nathaniel C plumber 2316 Pitkin av h 

1855 Pitkin av 
Breiner Bros meat 310 Av D 
Brelning John L jeweler h 895 Hancock 
Breininger Chas cigars 351 Throop av 
ii C & Sons cigars 351 Throop av 
ii Frank J cigars 351 Throop av 
ii John G cigars 351 Throop av 
Breisacher Frank baker 264 Centl av 

ii Wm meat It 169 Cleveland 
Brelslaud Saml tailor 9 W 31st Mhtn h 179 

Linden av 
Brelt Edwd ironwkr h 174 Covert 
n Herman h 174 Covert 
ii Morris cloaks 81 Av B Mhtn h 15 Mon- 
trose av 
Breitbart Wm candy mfr 552 Flushing av 
Breitbeek G candy 7808 3d av 
Breitenbach Frank H hay 145 Kniekr av n 
95 Kniekr av 
n Wm engineer 67 Grand h 167 Ten Eyck 
Breltenbecker David machinist h 415 Bever- 
ley rd 
Breitenbrueh John carpr h 587 Park av 
n Louis barber 16 Exch pi Mhtn h 111A 
Breiterman Hy h 650 Leonard 
Breitfleld Curl W dry gds 3434 Fulton 

i. Geo knitting 1485 Gates av 
Breithauf Dledrieh roofer h 210 7th 
Breithaupt Fredk C varnish h 400 Van Buren 
Breltkepf Jos hotel 2692 Atlantic av 
Breitman David drugs 550 Marcy av h 150 
Vernon av 
ii D h 186 Hart 
ii D drugs 139 Irving av 
Breltner Emma wid F B h 1114 Putnam av 
n Grover C carrier h 2907 Newkirk av 
ii Matthew barber h 2907 Newkirk av 
Breitson Julius tailor 206 Throop av 
Breitsteln Geo undertaker 128 Grove 
Breitwies Wm P ins 271 Bway Mhtn h 77A 

Breltwleser John G salesman h 157 Taylor 
ii Theo J lawyer 76 William Mhtn h 157 
Breltzer Const physician 186 Tpklns av 

•i David watehmkr h 432 13th 
Brelvogel Dennis J paper h 179 Harrison 
n Geo cornices 46 Rose Mhtn h 1210 Gates 
Breker Eduardo h 433 Dean 

i. Wm J elk h 722 DeKalb av 
Brelsford John F dentist h 543 Bergen 
Brem Irving collector h 712 Halsey 
Breman Frank salesman h 111 Bay 10th 

ii Herman bookkpr h 5714 7th av 
Bremer Frank b 163 Wyckoff av 
ii Fredk W fish 577 Centl av h 33SA 

n Hy cutter h 217 Moffat 
ii Hy musician h 888 St John's pi 
ii Hy produce h 110A Court 
ii Hy W grocer 698 Evergreen av 
ii Herman fireman h 1152 DeKalb av 
ii John h 649 Leonard 
ii John meat 97 7th av h 80 7th av 
ii John E grocer h 1092 Halsey 
n John P grocer 607 Evergreen av h 1090 

ii J Hy physician 156 Noble 
ii Martin tailor h 192 Ralph 
ii Wm elk h 159 S 8th 
ii Bros meats 97 7th av 
Bremmer Bartley elk h 1335 Hancocit 

n Wm see h 63 Cranberry 
Premner Danl G carpr h 249 Harrison 



317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. Telephone, 3004 Main. 







■n — 





t m 





317 Washington St. 





ii Harry I elk h 359 Stuyt av 
n Jas P elk li 563 Jef av 
ii Klcbd chef h 830 Hancock 
Brenaek Emmet wld Thos b 1006 Lincoln pi 

ii Thos P restaurant h 1060 Lincoln pi 
Brendecke Felix printer 335 Adams b 2110 

At I 
Brendel Frank cooper b 185 Woodbine 
ii Hy liquors b 178 Stockholm 
ii Helen wld Max b 397 Monroe 
ii John provisions 81 Wyckoff av 
ii John A realestate 2529 Atlantic av 
ii John E cigars 2527 Atlantic av 
Brendell Chas H tooltukr h E 72d n Av V 
Breneiser Lottie dressmkr b 519 51st 
Brenett Alex moulder h 223 Dresden 
Brengard Emll weaver b 801 St John's pi 
Brenghans Philip jeweler h 422 45th 
Brengle D A nurse h 318 Clermont av 
Brening Clifford Ins h SU5 Hancock 
Breninger Robt H Ins 21 State Mhtn h 201 

Brenker J elotbing 1S95 Fbush av 
Brenkman Herman acct h 533A Hancock 
Brenkshat Gustav A wagons 891 Lex »T k 

229 Centl av 
Brennan Albert manager h 240 Bond 
ii Ann wld Michl h 44 Ormond pi 
ii Anthony J mech eng h 117 St Felix 
ii Buuman letter carrier h 82 Scbaeffer 
n Cath wld Edwd J lh 219 6fh av 
n Cath wid Theo M L 124 2d pi 
ii Chas E drugs 562% 5th av lh 1646 8th 

ii Chas F plumber 'h 84 Prospect pi 
ii Clirisr cigars 99 Union av 
ii Danl F engineer h 332 Butler 
ii Edmund J elk h 333 Euclid av 
n Edwd salesman h 530 Sth 
.. Edwd h E 13th n Av N 
., Edwd supt 154 Nassau Mhtn h 54 N 

Y av 
ii Edwd L draughtsman h 682 Decatur 
ii Edwd W lnsp b 682 Decatur 
ii Elizabeth wid John h 7 Greene av 
ii Ellen wid Patrick h 544 Oth av 
ii Eugene produce h 354 CJasson av 
n Francis insp h 2921 Glenwood rd. 
n Francis printer h 178 N'evins 
ii Frank L plumber h 513 Hart 
n Geo police h 186 Baltic 
,. Geo W ih 354 State 

ii Hulhert shoemfr 54 Classon av h 98 Hill 
ii Hugh machinist h. 544 6th av 
ii. Hugh plasterer h 245 Grand av 
n Jas carpr h 68 Ashford 
ii Jas grocer Brigham n Voorhles av 
n Jas liquors 58th e 7th av Mhln 
ii Jas machinist h 320 2d 
ii Jas mason h 44 Underbill av 
n Jas painter h 280 Adelphl 
i, Jas B Ins h 127 S 2d 
ii Jas J boat bldr h 245 88th 
ii Jas J carpr h 68 Ashford 
ii Jas L liquors h 79 Clermont av 
ii Jas P agt 23 Front 
n Jas R Ins h 933 Lincoln pi 
ii Jas S agt 227 Havemeyer h 35 S 4th 
ii John h 277 Madison 
ii John brasswkr h 288 Hiiurod 
ii John carpr h 1198 Park pi 
n John elk n 275 Wlnttnop 
ii John coal h 44 Underbill av 
ii John cutter h 320 2d 
ii John lronwkr b 306 Stagg 
ii John letter carrier h 14 Decatur 
n John painter h 33S Schermerhorn . 

ii John wagonmkr h 3397 Fort Hamilton 

ii John A supt 860 Mhtn av h 61 Gates av 
ii John E lnsp h 475 Hudson av 
n John F manager h 699 Hhauneey 
ii John H jr elk h 97,1 Lincoln pi 
ii John J draughtsman 215 Montague h 

Lynbrook L I 
ii John J liquors 128 Flushing av h 11 

Clermont av 
ii John J police V Bay 8th c Benson av 
ii John J realestate h 90 2d pi 
ii John M express 123 Wooster Mhtn h 

8633 17th av 
ii John T teller h 213 Carroll 
ii Jos elk h 7 Greene av 
ii Jos ct attendant h 113 Bergen 
ii Jos wheelwright h T66A Moore 
ii Jos L stenographer h <i8 Carlton av 
ii Jos R cashier L' 110 Fenlmove 


n Jos T merchant 16 William Mhtn h 724 

ii Justinian F realestate 26 Court b 350 

ii J J b 351 11th 

ii Lawrence liquors 996 Mhtn av 

ii Lawrence A bldr Coney Island av n Av 
O h 1625 E 15 th 

ii Margt nurse h 127 Halsey 

ii Martin J buyer b 334 Stuyt av 

it Martin J S printer h 415 Dltmas av 

ii Martin J produce 41 W 19th Mhtn L 
151 Rutledge 

ii Mary C wid Edwd P h 213 Halsey 

ii Matthew elk h 573 2d 

ii Matthew mason h 1871A Pacific 

ii Matthew F asst manager 176A Mon- 
tague h 153 2d 

ii Michl electrician h 160 4th av 

ii Michl engineer h 1272 Decatur 

,i Michl glass 280 Adelphl h 426 Henry 

n MieLl mason b 201 33d 

ii Michl police h 135 Fountain av 

ii Michl realestate h 251 Harrison 

ii Michl tel oper h 172 Gold 

ii Michl F insp h 68 Ashford 

n Michl F mason h 267 46th 

ii Michl J com mer 21 Fulton Mhtn h"159 
Garfield pi 

ii Morris J undertaker h 159 Garfield pi 

ii Patrick engineer h 112 Nostrand av 

ii Patrick liquors 46 Park av 

ii Peter gasfitter h 147 N Sth 

ii Peter G fireman h 513 Hart 

ii Philip A lawyer 44 Court h 21 Clinton 

ii Robt shoes 54 Classon av h 98 Hill 

ii Sebastian B carrier h 82 Scbaeffer 

ii Terence P b 1442 4Sth 

ii Thos cooper h 127 S 2d 

ii Thos correspondent h 623 Vandt av 

ii Thos fireman h 208 Nassau 

ii Thos tinsmith 948 Madison h 810 Macon 

ii Thos E agt h 222 N 6tb 

ii Thos F J depy tax comr Municipal Bid;; 
h 806 Lincoln pi 

ii Thos G harnessmkr h 125 Hull 

ii Thos J h 423 State 

ii Thos J elk h 761 Quincy 

ii Thos J lawyer 168 Montague h 1475 
Bedford av 

a Thos M physician 213 Carroll 

ii Thos V plumber h 171 Lee av 

ii T delivery h 70 4th pi 

,i Wm agt h 127 S 2d 

n Wm bookbinder h 205 McDonough 

ii Wm farmer h 41 Kouwenhoven pi 

ii Wm livery 169 Pacific 

ii Win painter 32 Lawrence h 280 Adelphl 

ii Wm police h 99 Devoe 

ii Wm E salesman h 65 2d pi 

n Wm F h 140 Fenimore 

it Wm F police h S67 Gates av 

ii Wm G shoes 303 Bway h 172 S Oth 

ii Wm J elk h 930A Laf av 

n Wm J engineer h 220 Union 

ii Wm J printer h 833 Quincy 

ii Wm N janitor h 267 46th 

n Wm W realestate 64 Carlton av b 68 
Carlton av 

n & Co realestate 767 Fbush av 

n & Cooke plumbers 616 Koseko 

ii & Germann agency 227 Havemeyer 

ii & Stein shoes 303 Bway 

ii & White shoemfrs 54 Classon av 
Brennand Everett C physician h 135 Clinton 
Brennecke Geo broker Cotton Ex Mhtn b 
219 Congress 

ii Geo fireman b 1113 Laf av 

ii Hy cotton Cotton Ex Mhtn h 219 Con- 
Brennelsen Emma wid John A h 154 Adelpbi 

ii Wm baker 1414 Gates av 
Brennen Boltis F elk h 569 E 32d 

ii Chas F elk h 147 57th 

n Ernst teacher h 512 Bergen 

ii F F physician 34S Quincy h 215 Nich- 
ols av 

ii Hannah A wid John H h 976 Sterling pi 

n Jas R agt 166 Montague b 542 East 

ii Jos h 1099 Madison 

n Michl electrician h 11 Dean , 

n Morris plumber h 124 noyt 

ii Thos bricklayer li 173 Saekett 
Brenner Albert 1' realestate 3090 Fulton h 
32 Mllford 




...MASQUERADES. &o... 

Telephone Connection 

FRED. J. WUSTL, Prop. s«o Card with KMute 






° ° s 

w 2 ** 

o m > 

o -H 

* CO 




152-158 Third St. 


Telephone, 1213 Hamilton 

r- o 

< W 2 

^ o co 

o= .c: 




O 2 

Z O 









ii Albert P & Co reulestate 3096 Fulton 

.1 Annie h 205 McDonough 

it Annie wid Martin h 333 Clarkson av 

ii Anthony engineer h 192 Kent 

ii Benedict police h 239 Woodbine 

ii Bernard delicatessen SI Graham av 

n B liquors 37 Bway 

n Clinton A elk h 976 Sterling pi 

,i C dyeing 293 7th av 

ii Daniel G carpr h 29 Strong pi 

ii Emll machinist h 662 50th 

ii Fred sponger 159 Leonard Mhtn h 
Flushing av 

ii Fred Jr manager 159 Leonard Mhtn h 
799 Flushing av 

ii Fredk A h 21 Luquer 

n Fredk H meat 455 Rogers av h 640 

ii Geo L h 34 Woodbine 

ii Gustave elk h 1221 Jef av 

ii Harry fruit 193 Stockton 

n Hy meat 997 Blake av 

n Hy police h 259 Woodbine 

ii Hv realestate Norwood av c Fulton h 32 

ii Hy tinsmith h 1585 Gates av 

ii Herman dyeing 293 7th av h 186 Colum- 
bus av Mhtn 

ii H & Sou realestate 3096 Fulton 

ii Isidor liquors 5712 5th av h 405 6th 

ii Jacob candy 154 Seigel 

ii Jacob comr jurors Court House & law- 
yer 26 Court h 252 Carroll 

n Jacob grocer 52 Mhtn av 

n Jacob miller h 1971 Pacific 

ii Jacob painter h 170 Melrose 

ii John F cabinetmkr h 640 Koscko 

ii Jos neckties 49 Lispenard Mhtn h 

ii J h 615 WIlby av 

ii Leo liquors 1982 Fulton h 1019 Herkimer 

ii Max mfr h 1548 71st 

ii Max neckwear 35 Lispenard Mhtn h 1039 

ii Meyer neckwear 35 Lispenard Mhtn h 
1039 42d 

ii Minnie crockery 938 Blake av 

.1 Morris Hour h 1S6 Sackman 

•i M glazier 911 Gates av 

ii Patrick T foreman h 84 Ryerson 

H Philip painter h 532 Sackman 

ii Saml tailor 112 Park av 

ii S h 66 N 3d 

ii Wm barber h 49 Hull 

,i Wm meat 7303 3d av 

ii Wm plumber 85 Bleecker Mhtn h 34 

ii & Moser liquors 121 Stuyi av 
Brenessel John W foreman h 335 Ralph 
Biennis Hy engineer h 66th n 7th av 
Krennlgan Frank foreman h 113 N 8th 
Rrenowitz Herman contractor 47 Watkins h 

48 Liberty av 
Brensky Nathan dry gds 46 Grabam av h 809 

Wilby av 
Brent Geo manager h 118 Van Buren 
Brentano Fredk moulder h 113 Palmetto 

ii Hv J produce h 190 Java 

., John machinist h 262 N 6th 
Brentenfeld Emil chef h 3907 7th av 
Brenzel Philip cabinetmkr 259 W 27th Mhtn 

h 6U7 Morgan av 
Brercton Wm hardware 424 5th av 

ii & Kenvlek hardware 424 5th av 
Brerton Edwd engineer h 484 Marcy av 
Brese Emil shipmaster h 436 45th 
Brespe Allen E elk h 340 Lincoln rd 
Breselager Hy grocer 51 Reeve pi 
Bresland Cath M h 117A Stuyt av 
Breslau David tailor 166 Hudson av 
Broslauor L David h 14 Glenada pi 

n Morris h 1962 85th 

n Raphael optician h 464 Balnbridge 
Breslavsky Morris watches 51 Maiden 

Mhtn h 8647 Bay 13th 
Breslaw Bernard cigars 5211 5th av 

ii Chas apparatus 72 Pine Mhtn h 367 
Vernon av 

n Harry L h 1634 47th 

n Herman L ins 26 Court h 

ii Micbl apparatus 72 Pine 
Vernon av 
Bresler Samuel cigars 727 Bedford av h 992 

Bedford av 
Breslln Bernard elk h 112 Ashland pi 

,, Cath candy 886 Franklin av 


306 Powell 
Mhtn h 367 



n Chas tiler h 125 Somers 

,i Cornelius elk h 74 Duflield 

ii DanI vet surg h 144 Macon 

n Jas engineer h 112 Park av 

ii Jas letter carrier h 384 Koscko 

ii John h 30 Devoe 

n John baker Belmont av c Van Sicken av 

n John engineer h 1O01 Decatur 

n John A broker 119 Front Mhtn h 8746 
20th av 

ii Patrick liquors 12 Elizabeth pi 

ii Patrick J h 95th n Bay Ridge Pkway 

ii Patrick J liquors 3d av e 91st h 257 
Breslof Bernard tailor 197 Sands 
Breslow A stationer 655 Laf av 

ii Saml restaurant 49 E 19th Mhtn h 352 
Bay Ridge av 
Bresnahan Chas bookkpr h 397 Chauncey 
Bresser Jos delicatessen 944 Gates av 
Bressert Chas fireman h 312 Grove 
Dressier Rudolph meat h 1498 DeKalb av 

ii Saml tailor 338 Stanton Mhtn h 9 Moni- 

n & Rein coats 1620 St Mark's av 
Bressman Moses grocer 206 Scholes 
Brestle John painter h 91 Himrod 
Brethauer Chas foreman h 139 Koscko 

ii Louis jeweler h 308 Koscko 

n Otto novelty gds 207 Ten Eyek 
Bretow Curt W barber h 621 Bwick av 

ii E Wm osteopath h 621 Bwick av 
Bretselier Geo tailor 277 Bleecker 
Bretschnelder Louis bldr h 1220 38th 

ii Paul G drugs S49 Mhtn av & 153 Nor- 
man av 
Bretstein Marcus belts 303 Canal Mhtn h 161 

Bay 26th 
Brett Chas B salesman h 554 Balnbridge 

ii Jas police h 280 Nostrand av 

ii John F salesman h 708 Laf av 

,i Paul W bookkpr h 80 S 3d 

ii Peter J hatter h 694 Lincoln pi 

ii Swan carpr h 375 Douglass 

a Wm G shipping 2 Stone Mhtn h 22 Flske 
pi • 
Brettel Chas E vice-prest 743 3d av h 723 E 

ii Philip framer h E 31st n Church av 
Brettell Charlotte wid Wm H h 7912 13th av 

n Geo T salesman n 85S Greene av 

n Hy liquors 28 Hicks 

n Jesse L manager h 858 Greene av 
Brettler Benj smith 307 E 48th Mhtn h 230 
Lee av 

n Harry lamps 218 Bowery Mhtn h 910 
Myrtle av 
Brettman Geo H salesman h 1052 Halsey 
Brettschneider Abraham foreman h 342 N J 

Bretz Chas W h 172 Marlon 

ii G B (estate of) 186 Remsen 
Bretzficld Saml agt 407 Bway Mhtn h 401 

Washn av 
Breuer Emma dry gds 162 Driggs av 

n Fredk M carp h 812 Putnam av 

ii Gretchen dressmkr 274 Koscko 

ii Herman H drugs 11 Hamburg av h 1240 

ii Herman H real estate 149 Bway Mhtn h 
9317 Glenwood rd 

ii Herman H V clgarmfr h 983 Decatur 

ii Thos A u s n h 364 Bay Ridge av 

n Wllhelmina wid Soson h 274 Koscko 

i, Wm h 282 S 2d 

ii Wm E machinist h 74 Windsor pi 

ii Wm F C pilot h 862 Laf av 

ii Wm H fireman h 756 Macon 
Breuker Geo W copyist h 315 Pacific 
Breunich Hy jr sec 317 Stanton Mhtn h 669 

Breunig Albert police h 336 Stuyt av 
Breuning Edwd plumber h 27 Dorlworth 

ii Fredk baker 258 Wyckoff av 

n Hy supt b 161 Henry 
Breutsch Augustus ice 722 Driggs av 
Brevere Ricl'.d police h 98 Jerome 
Breves Marv wid Fredk h 528 54th 
Brevlk Alfred h 1671 E 12th 
Brevoort Savings Bank Nostrand av c Macon 

ii School 1819 Albemarle rd 
Brew Anthony C woolens 5S Worth Minn h 
2S Clarkson av 

ii Arthur A drugs 957 Fulton h 1407 Dor- 
chester rd 

ii Emily A h 474 Marlboruugn rd 




317 Washington SC, 
Telephone, 3004 Maim. 




Jpn&inny 734 - 736 f|fth avenue - ie!e P h ° ne ^ s ° uth 






ii Frank elk h 118 Cooper 
ii Geo T h 218 Bktyn av 
.1 W'ui T elk u UN3 Ralsey 
h Zaehary T U 28 Clarkson av 
Brewer Alfred tlreunui li 12S7 sterling pi 
ii Beruhard printer li 115 101 h 
M Chas foreman h 1122 Hancock 
u Clifton H (Rev) h 157 Montague 
ii David H broker h 833 Sumner av 
.1 Dorothea II h 396 SterliDg pi 
M Bdwln finisher h 196 Hale av 
ii Harriet wid Geo N h 1843 Dean 
n Hy J physician h 477 14th 
ii Jas machinist h 72 1st pi 
ii Jas G h 140 Winthrop 
n John h 183 Columbia hgta 
ii John G engineer h 1122 Hancock 
88 S Oxford 
ii John J merchant h 287 Maple 
n John T engineer h 80 E 3d 
n Jos elk h 964 Halsey 
n Richd M ins h 319 Jef av 
■i S b 115 Halsey 

ii Thus II dieinkr h 884 Greene av 
ii Virginia H nurse h 137 Garfield pi 
ii Win G manager h 42 Crooke av 
n W H steel ceilings 48 Lex av h 697 Jef 
Brewi Mlehl plumber h 385 Palmetto 
Brewlngton Allen C produce h 5 Linden av 
n Hy J elk h 260 Greene av 
ii Oscar grocer 118 Smith 
Brewis Jennie stationer 175 Mhtn av 
Brewster Chas bldr W 1st n Neptune av 
ii Chas N contractor h 2721 Henry 31st 

ii C C b 31 Ocean pi 
ii DeWltt C salesman h 421 Park pi 
ii Edmund J h 379 Ocean av 
n Eugene elk h 2318 Bedford av 
ii Eugene V lawyer 26 Court h 29 Monroe 
ii Ferdinand W elk h 442 Putnam av 
ii Fredk F undertaker 4000 Fulton 
.1 Geo S h 827 Herkimer 
ii Helen J wid Thos H h 235 Grand av 
ii Herbert II architect 116 Nassau Mhtn 

h 295 E 17th 
n H D physician 165 Patchen av 
n Jas F h 2826 W 1st 
ii Jas N" bldr h 2825 W 2d 
n John elk h 94 Butler 
ii Jos elk h 421 Park pi 
ii Marcus S jeweler 15 Maiden la Mhtn ti 

442 Putnam av 
M Melissa wid b 25 Olive pi 
n M nurse h 26 Gunther pi 
ii Philip elk h 778 Halsey 
ii Robt J hardware h 141 Meserole av 
ii R C physician h 126 Lefferts pi 
ii Walter Shaw lawyer 104 Montague & 40 

Wall Mhtn h 139 Joralemon 
n Wm K awnlngmkr h 8s Clifton pi 
Brex Carl E bout capt h 436 45th 

ii Edwd fish h 465 42d 
Brexeudorff Chas realestate h 680 58th 

.1 Gerhard C elk h 441 Sumner av 
Breyer Arthur metalwkr h 283 Jerome 
n Augustus C metals h 562 Hemlock 
.. Chas h 1636 Bergen 
ii Edwd engineer h 46 Cedar 
ii Hyman cloaks Chrystle Mhtn h 1330 42d 
Breyfogel Jacob carpr b 103 Franklin av 
Brezin Louis surgl lnsts h 172 Stanhope 
Brezinski Anthony mason 150 Ten Eyck h 
225 Maujer 
.1 Anton harnessmkr h 303 Palmetto 
Briard Gilbert realestate h 703 Sterling pi 
Brlarwond Laud Co of Jamaica 69 Court 
Brlazzlari John clocks 459 DeKalb av 
Brlce Robt h 195 Carlton av 
ii Stephen h 1637 E 18th 
m Thos 732 4th av 
ii Wm II letter carrier h 474 52d 
Brick Hy liquors 18 Graham av h 1 Stewart 

ii Saml delicatessen 272 Atlantic av 
Brlcka Fredk prest 75 York h 1326 Jef av 
Brickboer John mineral waters 10 Snyder av 

h 911 8th av 
Brlckelmaler Geo prest 204 William Mhtn h 
113 Prospect nk W 
,i John B Ins 84 William Mhtn h 639 Carl- 
ton av 
Brlcker & Shaffer tailors 29 Morrell 
P.rlikett Edwd engraver h 467 Van Slclen av 

„ Paul J elk h 1582 E 13th 
Prii-kileld Coo M elk h 1H4 Shepherd ay 
Bricklen John h 71st n Narrows av 


Telephone 3410 Fiatbmh 

Residence Telephone 317 Prospect 



Brlckley Wm C shipmaster h 317 Albemarle 

Briekly E;l\\d electrician h 338 57th 
Brickinun M h 1099 Bergen 
n Philip II tailor 80 Columbia Mhtn h 160 

Riverdale av 
M Yorris tailor h 1099 Bergen 
Brlckmeier Wm planomkr h 1405 Greene av 
lirickner Mlcbl elk h 295 Logan 
Briddes Ernest mechanic h 413 DeKalb av 
Briddon Chas F mauager h 30 S 4th 
Bride Margt L elec guards 202 Pearl 

n Matthew T draughtsman h 281 Jay 
Brideson Jos engineer h 712 Washn av 
Bridge Cleaning & Scouring Co 65 Sands 
n Djinl A iron h 545 Dean 
n Edwd machinist h 986 2d av 
ii Fredk W elk h 566 Greene av 
ii Hand Laundry 376 Bedford av 
ii Hotel 125 Fulton 
ii Operating Co 85 Clinton 
ii Wm realestate 186 Remsen h 67 Rut- 
land rd 
Bridgeman H painter h 443 7th av 
ii John foreman h 342 Prospect av 
ii Mark realestate 239 Troy av 
Bridgen Edwd agt h 4706 6th av 

ii Wm P artist 43 Centre Mhtn h 1074 82d 
Bridgens Albert elk h 1607 71st 
n Hy W export 54 Stone Mhtn h 211 St 
James' pi 
Bridgeport Line 4 Court 
Bridger Arthur H shoes 2271 Pitkin av 

ii Hy J Jeweler 470 Fulton h 87 Hanson pi 
Bridges Amelia wid Saml W h 73 Orange 
n Bernard A et attendant h 283 Front 
ii Chas salesman h 347 Chauncey 
ii Chas B police h 283 Front 
n Edwd J bookkpr h 143 Albany av 
ii Frank W dentist 37 Schermerhorn h 570 

ii Jas J foreman h 116 N Oxford 
ii John J warden Raymond opp Laf 
ii' Jos decorator h 504 Dean 
ii Saml janitor h 166 S Portland av 
n Saml W Jr h 515 5th 
ii Thos machinist h 67 Keap 
ii Thos W salesman h 44 Bay 32d 
Brldgette Allan A Ice h 228 Dean 
ii Richd E ice Bond c Douglass h 179 
Brldgetts Hv N broker 2 Stone Mhtn h 247 

.ii John J broker 2 Stone Mhtn h 247 Clin- 
Bridgewater Jos S carpr h 200 Johnson 
Bridgewortb Harry agt h 357 Sumpter 
Bridgham Arthur L engineer h 881 E 34th 
ii Edwd C manager 30 Ferry Mhtn h 184 

Pateheu av 
ii Emily G principal Sterling pi e Vandt 

av h 632 Carlton av 
ii Reuben asst foreman h 202 St Mark's 

ii Reuben L collector h 637 Bergen 
Brldgins Chas W collector h 1834 82d 
Brldgman Chas B tel oper h 414 Decatur 
ii Herbert L manager 194 Washn h 604 

Carlton av 
ii Win H pens 173 Bway Mhtn h 95 Macon 
Brie Eruile H h 840 Fbush av 

ii Peter salesman h 756 McDonough 
Brleding Wm jr printer b 838 Hart 
Brief Max tailor 162 Clermont av 
Brleg August meat h 300 Sumpter 
Brleler David clothing h 594 Balnbrldge 
Briell Arthur G police h 340 6th av 
Briellat Jos printer h 485 6th av 
I'.rlelmiinn Etall wood Logan c Liberty av h 
270 Arlington av 
ii Jos J flagiioles 97 Thames h 236 War- 
Brlen Alfred J machinist li 63 Stanhoi>e 

n Wm silversmith h 73 Barman 
Brlening Chester elk h 420 Park pi 
Brier C H carpr h 358 65th 
ii Frank milk 158 Douglass 
n Geo bookkpr h 236 12th 
ii Jonathan elk h 225 Reld av 
Brlere Julius finisher h 199 Java 
Brierley Alfred elk h 624 St John's pi 
n Hy J paint mfr 240 Plymouth h 291 

Gates av 
n John liquors h 538 Gates av 
n John T contractor h 432 West 29th 

ii Marcus dry gds h 227 Vernon av 


























— =0 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. " 


Tel. 3004 rialn. 






































ii Wm W stenographer h 432 West av 
Brlerton Jas J fireman h 99 Dlkeman 

n Sylvester F police h 253 lllli 
Brtesetnetster Oscar grocer, 260 Front 
Brlesou Chas realestate h 82 Ashland pi 
Brlet John T salesman h 47!) Quiney 
Brletfeld Chas candy 1249 DeKnlb av 
Brietiuau Hy elk h 150 Veruou uv 
Brlgaute Pletro liquors 199 Prospect 
Brlgautl Nicholas artist h 563 57th 
Brlgge Erull ironwkr h 712 51st 
Briggeuiau Gustav artist h 270 Eldert 

ii Hy engraver h 270 Eldert 
Brigglus Geo drugs 108 Debevoise 

'i Lena drugs 95 Debevoise h 101 Debe- 
Briggs Albert solar printing h 51 Wllby av 

n Alfred G bookkpr h 1878 E 12th 

ii Arthur L salesman h 655 E 18th 

ii Ben] F poultry 35 Fbush av h 223 73d 

ii Ben] L h 058 Park pi 

ii Ben] M physician 106 Wilbv av 

ii Chas oysters h 1609 40th 

ii Chas Edwd ins 128 Montague h 175 8th 

Chas H elk h 257 Steuben 

Chas H elk h 209 Van Buren 

Chas H ]r architect h 85 Taylor 

Daul A jr draughtsman 90 W Bway 

Mhtu h 1376 Nostrand av 
David R fish 102 S 10th h 1376 Nostrand 

David R Jr h 218 Hawthorne 
Edgar G painter h 709 Union 
Engineering & Contraetiug Co ft 24th 
E W h 348 12th 
E W plumber 501 6th av 
Ferdinand S broker 108 Fulton Mhtn h 

694 Halsey 
Fordham bldg mtls h 2135 86th 
Francis F lawyer 257 Bway Mhtn h 20 

Virginia pi 
Frank engineer h 37 Fort Greene pi 
Frank H coal 215 Montague h 214 E 9th 
Frank H liquors Coney Island av c Neck 

rd h 2242 Homecrest av 
Fredk bookkpr h 214 Wilson 
Fredk W elk h 1122 Jef av 
Freeland boat capt h 426 3d 
F Fossett h 20 Virginia pi 
Geo patternmkr h 125 Jef av 
Geo E elk h 431 5th 
Gilbert B salesman h 498 Greene av 
Grant plumber ii 265 Marlon 
Hannah wid Philip H h 39Mi Irving pi 
Hy produce 16 Kane pi h 9 Kane pi 
Hy salesman h 113 Dean 
Hy A livery h 1194 St Mark's av 
Hy C buyer h 398 Bergen 
Jas painter h 980 Gates av 
Jas soapstonemkr h 563 Evergreen av 
Jas E plumber h 68 S 3d 
John A teller h 23 Hampton pi 
John W engineer h 446 Chestnut 
Julia L wld Arthur h 209 Van Buren 
J M.cad prest 44 Court h 430 Argyle rd 
Leonard S provisions 110 Wallabout mkt 

h 431A 5th 
Lytton h 15 Strong pi 
Marvin h 161 Penn 

Marvin Jr machinery 167 6th h 23 Hamp- 
ton pi 
Marvin (ine) machinery 167 6th 
Matthias J actor h 1122 Jef av 
Ralph E salesman h 764 Halsey 
Richd carpr 153 W 25th Mhtn h 404 

Prospect av 
Kicbd (Rev) h 93 Rochr av 
Kictid Jr plumber 388 7th av h 479 9th 
Robt bookkpr h 68 S 3d 
Robt T phvsician h 108 4th av 
Ruth wid Milton K h 644 Prest 
Saml A coal 350 Fulton 
Stanley B acct h 204 Columbia hgts 
Theo B elk h 207 Rodney 
Tlios F elk h 82 Clyiner 
Tbos G solicitor 41 Park Row Mhtn h 

23 Greene av 
Tbos H prest 154 Nassau Mhtn h 23 

Hampton pi 
Thos J imp h 639 Laf av 
T D h 147 Montague 
Walter euglneer h 1064 Putnam av 
Walter B librarian 26 Brevoort pi h 

Richmond Hill L I 
Walter M manager h Hotel Bosaert 

Pictures^ Paintings 





ii Wm armorer h 267 Rutledge 

ii Wm brass finisher 100 Schermerhorn h 

1053 Bedford av 
ii Wm conductor h 720 Herkimer 
ii Wm Ironwkr h 550 Essex 
ii Wm plumbers' supplies 100 Lex av 
ii Wm A elk h 207 Rodney 
ii Win C h 255 Steuben 
ii Wm E painter h 42 Bntler 
ii Wm J plumber h 257 16th 
ii Wm R salesman h 151 Garfield pi 
ii Bros plumbers 501 6th av 
Brigham Almira C laundry 942 Gates av 
ii Chas H manager prest 1305 Atlantic 

av h 317 Hancock 
ii Hy M lawyer 27 William Mhtn h 332 

Jef av 
ii John K elk h 50 Willow 
ii L Ward (Rev) h 2112 Beverley rd 
Bright Albert machinist h 118 Melrose / 

n Arthur D banker h 1930 82d 
n Carrie wid Shakespeare h 137 3 8th 
ii Isaac liquors 1836A Fulton 
ii Jas W painter 653 Washn av 
ii Jas W surgl appliances 46 Nevlns h 

2205 Beverley rd 
ii John lawyer h 1304 Sterling pi 
ii Louise wld Geo H h 1079 Halsey 
ii Robt electrician h 118 Calyer 
a Wm proofreader h 188 Sheridan av 
ii & Kirchhoff surgl appliances 46 Nevins 
Brlghtraan Holder A com mer h 67 Cooper 

n S D h 1567 53d 
Brighton Athletic Club 133 N J av 
ii Beach Casino Ocean Pkway n Sea 

Breeze av 
ii Beach Development Co Brighton Beach 
ii Beach Hotel Brighton Beach 
n Beach Music Hall (office) 164 Mon- 
ii Beach Racing Assn 215 Montague 
ii Chas elk h 452 45th 
n Flatbusu Realty Co 180 Montague 
ii Geo horseclipper 575 Carroll 
ii John T h 2905 Clarendon rd 
ii Louis tailor 571 Baltic 
ii Market 44 & 216 5th av 
ii Philip D drugs h 245 Lex av 
ii Pier & Navigation Co New Iron Pier 

Walk Coney Island 
I. Stables 507 Fbush av 
Brlghtson Chas fish 156 Franklin 

n Chas H salesman h 1106 Lorimer 
Brlgner Auna wid Axel h 376 Dean 
Brignoni Jas elk h 293 Schermerhorn 
Briker Saml tailor 31 Moore 
Briley Arthur carpr 549 Macon h 1893 Pa- 
Brill Abraham h 723 E 18th 
ii Abraham sponges 469 W Bway Mhtn 

h 1343 Jef av 
ii David salesman h 545 McDonougn 
ii Dorothea h 494 Jef av 
ii Edwd carriagemkr 267 20th 
ii Edwd E ornaments 302 Pearl h Mhtn 
ii Farrlngton W h 387 Dean 
ii Fredk h 2503 Albemarle rd I 

ii Harry G h 702 McDonough 
a Hy M souvenirs Surf av 
ii Irvin novelties Surf av 
ii Isaac elk h 497 E 29th 
ii Max liquors 138 Nassau Mhtn h 416 10th 
ii Saml h 215 Bay 23d 
ii Wm mfr h 18 McDonough 
ii Wm E Jeweler h 175 Covert 
n Wm E Jr notary 29 Bway Mhtn h 28 
Russell pi 
Brlller Abraham tailor h 410 Barbey 
Brilles Bell D salesman h 23d av c 85th 
Brilliant Freda wid Reuben h 495 4th av 
n Lazarus prest 7 Gt Jones Mhtn h 1040 
Brillmau Abraham Jeweler 283 Bradford 
Brllluent Isaac stationer 478 Bwick av 
Brlmberg Benj cloaks 163 Greene Mhtn h 233 
S 2d 
ii Herman bagging 133 Roosevelt Mhtn h 
395 Pa av 
Brln Benj cap mfr 678 Flushing av 
ii Chas cap mfr 678 Flushing av 
ii Bros cap mfrs 678 Flushing av 
Brina Ignatius J lmpr 178 Grand Mhtn h 

Bath av c 17th av 
Brlnauieou Chas A Ins h 156 Hull 
Brlnck Louis B salesman h 78 E 5th 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 


» JO 



















W (A 


5 ■ 



317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Telephone. 3004 Main. 



29 West 34th Street, New York 



Estimates Furnished for Work 
in any kind of Mar- 
ble or Granite 

Telephone : Murray Hill, 2272 







— u. 







Brlncke Albert barber h 990 DeKalb aT 
Brlncker Louise wld h 449 47th 
Brlnekerhoff Alex G mining 1 Madison ay 
Mhtn h 459 Putnam av 

n Chas O asst see 177 Montague h 1138 

ii Elizabeth wld Fredk h 359 S 5th 

it Isabella W wld Riehd h 273 Clifton 

n Jobn C elk h 180 Wllby av 

.1 Walter J physician h 180 Wllby ay 

ii Wm h 394 Jef av 
Brlneknian Caroline cigars 1321 Myrtle av 

.1 John C carrier h 230 Sehaeffer 
Brlndis Thos liquors 87 Spencer 
Biindley B F h 8666 21st av 

.1 Matilda wid Arthur h 15th av c 84th 
Brine F R elk h 152 Schermerhorn 
Bringmann Frank liquors 528 Wythe av 

n Herman grocer h 429 Sterling pi 
Brink Chas stamper h 1261 41st 

ii Fredk ct officer h 303 Warwick 

ii Julius ins h 1411 70th 

ii Louis M cashier h 418 Classon av 

ii Nathan foreman h 2(i9 Weirfleld 

n Silas stereotyper h 424 54th 
Brinken L dry gels 1071 Myrtle av 
Blinker Edwd B hardware 18 Warren Mhtn 

h 479 Wilby av 
Brinkerhoff Abraham detective h 609 Bed- 
ford av 

ii Abraham S physician h 544 Monroe 

ii Albeit I printer 570 Myrtle av h 303A 

ii Alvin salesman h 292 6th av 

ii Augustus steamfitter h 343 Sumner av 

ii Chas H elk h 111A Chauncey 

ii Harry F signs h 292 6th av 

ii Hy H salesman h 431 Classon av 

ii Herman painter 1001 Bedford av h 
753 Macon 

ii Jas H elk h 238 Macon 

ii John b 739 Carroll 

ii W A h 238 Macon 
Briukman Albert physician h 176 Bergen 

ii Andw printer h 977 Putnam av 

ii Chas com mer h 176 Bergen 

ii Ernest W Jeweler 440 Fulton h 503 

ii Frank T prest 23 Park row Mhtn h 
13-16 St Mark's av 

ii Fred H artist 52 John Mhtn h 977 
Putnam av 

ii Fredk bookkpr h 1433 70th 

ii Hy fireman h 335 Warren 

ii John h 515 Crescent 

ii John brushmkr h 23 Olive pi 

n Louise wid John h 237 Cleveland 

ii Minnie milliner 588 5th av Mhtn h 533A 

n S h 1401A Greene av 

ii Wm G electrician h 919 St John's pi 
Brinkmanu Dederick H candy 435 Bedford av 

n John E plumber h 142 Hale av 
Brinkmeier Louis clgarmkr h 29 Marion 
Brinkmoyer Hy W elk h 19 Elton 
Brinley Hy W oik h 185 Linwood 

ii Sylvester L com mer Mhtn h 115 Bain- 
Brinlow Ella wid Arthur h 27 SchaefTer 
Brinn Hy h 1398 East Pkway 
Brins Edwd C surveyor h 1349 Bergen 

.. Goo W Ins 152 Montague h 1349 Bergen 
Brinsley Danl J .1r elk h 402A Bainbridge 
Brinsmade Wm B physician 117 Montague 

h 166 Columbia hgts 
Brintnall Danl W salesman h 2171 Bed- 
ford av 
Brlodv Chas leather 9 Carroll 

,i Elizabeth wid John h 420 Baltic 

ii Honora wid Patrick h 502 Greene av 

.1 John J roofer h 716 41st 

ii Wm H salesman u 146 Bond 
Brion Adolph E prest 130 Worth Mhtn h 
857 Lincoln pi 

n Edwd T artist h 1335 Bergen 

,i Fredk C h 1437 Union 

ii Hy machinist h 227 Hlmrod 

n Oscar P pressman h 433 East Pkway 
Briordy Miohl foreman h 52 4th 
Brisboris Victor cut glass 2833 Atlantic av 
Brisco Herbert fireman h 686 Franklin av 
Briscoe Chesleigh H lawyer 149 Bway Mhtn 
h 1095 Lincoln pi 

ii Frank elk h 365 12th 

ii Jas painter 481 St Mark's av 

ii Jos H fireman h 3910 Av K 


ii Wm V mining eng h 3910 Av K 
Brlses F X elk h 105 Henry 
Brisk Jacob leather gds 400 Bway Mbtn n 
246 Carlton av 
n Morris toys h 571 Carlton av 
Briska John h 86 Aberdeen 
Briskin Benj distiller 2S8 S 4th 
Briskman Abraham shirt waists 1422 St 
Mark's av 
ii Jos iiilr 72 Trinity pi Mhtn b 73 Rod- 
ii Saml grocer 271 Belmont av 
Brlslin A J vice-prest 1217 Grand h Jamaica 
L I 
ii Company bldg mtls 1217 Grand & 836 

Glenmore av 
ii C A treasr 1217 Grand h Jamaica L I 
ii Frank manager h 364 Clifton pi 
ii John h 756 Macon 

ii John prest 1217 Grand h 364 Clifton pi 
n John jr sec 1217 Grand h 931 Putnam av 
Brisman Wm baker h 2131 Bergen 
Brison Geo carpr h 801 Logan 
Brissel Frank M supt 165 Leonard Mhtn h 
599 Franklin av 
„ Kath F h 204 S 9th 
Brisskumer John bottler h 1587 Gates av 
Brister M W h 2179 Ocean av 

n Susan M wid John W h 53 S Oxford 
Bristol Chas H supt 195 Bway Mhtn h 1221 
Beverley rd 
ii Chas L elk h 5 3d pi 
n Chas O foreman h 43 Ross 
n C II h 750 Ocean av 
n Dennis E restaurant 3 Wilhy h 488 

Classon av 
ii Edwd machinist h 105 Java 
ii Edwd D h 4SS Classon av 
ii Ernest M elk h 11 St Charles pi 
ii Family Hotel 1284 Pacific 
ii Frank P chauffeur h 126 Patehen av 
ii Geo II moving pictures 2947 Fulton h 100 

a Homer C principal 14th av c 53d h 230 

Wilby av 
ii Jas D realestate 758 Ocean av 
ii Jas E restaurant 3 Wilby 631 Fulton 

& 14 Myrtle av h 236 Gates av 
ii Mercantile Agency 192 Montague 
ii Warren H lawyer 190 Montague h 1248 

ii Wm M prest 277 Greene av h 363 Washn 

ii Myers Co chemists 277 Greene av & 92 
Clifton pi 
Bristor Geo R h 18 Polhemus pi 
Bristow Algernon T phvsician h 234 Clinton 
ii A S H h 951 Prospect pi 
n Thomazine wld Geo h 539 Lex av 
ii Walter M bldr 44 Court h 18 Polhemus 
British America Ins Co (of N T) 144 Mon- 
tague & 45 Cedar Mhtn 
British-American Assurance Co (of Toronto) 

144 Montague & 45 Cedar Mhtn 
Britnell Robt J liquors 106 Myrtle av 
Britner Chas shoes 348 Myrtle av 
Britt Adolph elk h 353 6th av 
ii Clifford police h 529 11th 
n Geo insp h 1818 Dean 
ii Hillar insp h 389 5th 
ii Jas gardener h 23 Tilden av 
ii Jas F eoml trav h 255 7th av 
it Jos elk h 849 Halsey 
ii J tinsmith 582 6th av h 286 13th. 
it Jeffery salesman h 1639 45th 
ii John h 325 48th 
ti Margt grocer 477 Columbia 
ii Margt wid Thos h 286 13th 
ii Maurice J caskets h 322 Clifton pl 
ii Michl elk h 17 Van Buren 
ti Morris S firemau h 145 S 9th 
ii Thos B woodwkr h 32 Weldon 
ii Walter elk h 295 S 4th 
ii Wm H steamfitter h 239 Putnam av 
Brittain Jas meat h 05 1st pl 
a Patrick A elk h 1085 Sutter av 
ii Saml engineer h 345 3d 
Brittan Llda badges 83 Myrtle av 
Britten Edgar oper 552 5Sth 
ii Geo D laundry 2 Buffalo av h 262 St 
James' pl 
Britting Hv F cablnetmkr h 471 Herkimer 
Brittou Alfred D lawyer 189 Montague h 
Hronxville N Y 
ii Alfred F examiner 299 Bway Mhtn h 

445 Greene av 
n A A h 201 Roebling 























_■ ^ 






























* ° 


JO > 



O < 

o ? 

X * 


r a 


* I 


2 8 











10E CREIi 

STOKES: 519 and 1416 Fulton Street 

1847 Herkimer St., Brooklyn ; 115 Park Row, New York City, 
and 213 East 24th Street, Mew York City 


is always pure, 
rich and delicious 
French and Amer- 
ican, all flavors. 

Telephone *t ail Address** 


Successor to GILLINS & PIVOVAR 

= Formerly with JAMES CASSIDY 
226 Livingston St. 

TELEPHONE 6670 Vkfi J\ 1 SH5 

g 1 

00 « 

H O 

< LJ O 

£ P uj 


o z 

z o 





,, Benj B weigher h 380A Clinton 

ii Chas J foreman h 382 S 4th 

,i Clarence D supt h 1200 Sterling pl 

ii Edwd blacksmith h 210 Steulieu 

ii Edwin A chemist h 170 Eckford 

ii Eugene prest 350 Fulton h 120 W 80th 

ii Francis P hops 91 Wall Mhtn h 354 
Ocean av 

ii Frank J manager 367 Fulton li 155 Moni- 

ii Geo P sec Jay c Front h 202 N Y av 

ii Harry chef h 262 Himrod 

ii Howard asst sunt 78 John h 7312 14th 

ii Jas L steward h 100 Elton 

ii Jennie toilet articles 262 Schermerhorn 

ii John h 306 7th av 

n John J lawyer 229 Bway Mhtn h i-. 
Kenilworth pi 

ii John P elk h 79 E 4th 

ii Jos h 1166 Pacific 

,i Michl meat 405 East N Y av h 33 Powell 

n Richd printer h 461 Laf av 

n Saml H candy S 4th e Wythe av h 499 

ii Warren printer h 1944 Dean 

ii Wm L cigars h 4856 6th av 

n Winchester h 1227 Av R 
Brittrich John musician h 2024 Bergen 
Broach Wm V realestate 982 Fbush av h 

455 Westminster rd 
Broad Edgar bookkpr h 535 50th 

ii Harry Kay ins 61 William Mhtn h 205 
Arlington av 

.1 Robt N Jr elk h 1462 Pacific 

ii Wm elk h 568 Monroe 
Broadard Jas C elk h 68 Fountain av 
Broadbelt Dan! janitor h 109 Greene av 

n John engineer h 1431 Fbush av 

ii Squire salesman h 583 St John's pi 
Broadbent John W mason h 254 Pulaski 
Broadhead Delia wid Fredk h 106 Rockwell 

ii Ellsworth lawyer h 106 Rockwell pl 
Eroadburst Ernest E toilet gds 216 S 8th h 
970 E 96th 

ii Geo N manager h 681 Putnam av 

n John T broker h 320 Greene av 

ii Philip H teacher b 320 Greene av 

ii P 11 h 703 Nostraud av 

n Richd tinsmith h 131 Grove 

ii Wm broker h 857 Hart 

ii Wm realestate h 28 Hawthorne 

.1 Wm tobacco 80 Beaver Mhtn h 290 Laf 

ii Wm Channing elec eng 320 Greene av 
h 204 MeDonough 

ii Wm E h 681 Putnam av 

n Wm H chemist b 2112 Caton av 
Broadley Harvey H elk h 1187 Bwick av 

ii John J special officer h 35 Cooper 

ii Iiobt hoilernikr h 11 Cooper 
Broadway Alex H com mer 83 Leonard Mhtn 
h 10 Clark 

ii Auetloci Rooms 790 Bway 

ii Badge Co 954 Bway 

ii Bank 12 Graham av 

., Board of Trade 1028 Gates av 

n Branch of Mechanic's Bank 1365 Bway 

ii Candy Co 1848 Bway 

n Carpet Cleaning Works 816 Lex av 

n Cleaning & Dyeing Estab 1380 Bway 

ii Commission Co 926 Bwav 

ii Edmund F fireman b 203 Roebling 

ii Elizabeth dressmkr h 5811 12th av 

n Florist 1010 Bway 

ii Furniture Co 367 Bway 

ii Garage 42 Grove 

ii Grill 912 Bway 

ii Knitting Mills 24 Boerum 

ii Lunch Co 219 Havemeyer 

ii Music Hall 656 Bway 

ii Park Theatre 829 Bway 

ii Review 1104 Bway 

ii Stables 850 Monroe 

n Steam Carpet Cleaning Works 431 Bway 

ii Storage Warehouse 319 Bway 

ii Theatre Bway c Stockton 

ii Wm G com mer 110 Worth Mhtn b 10 

,i Wag.m Works 850 Lex av 

ii Wine & Liquor Co 11119 Bway 
Broadwin Barnett realestate h 699 Bwlck av 

ii Selig h 281 Alnslie 

Stein way & Sons 5 

pianos 8 


Nos. 107 and 109 East 14th Streefl z 




46 W 24th Mhtn h 489 Madison 33 

Broas Chas B supt h 95 S 2d ,- 

Broberg Adolph blacksmith h 1232 67th Jr 

Andw sexton h 103 St Felix J" 

A M decorator h 1271 Prospect pl OT 

Chas tailor h 648 E 4th M 

Eric draughtsman h 49 Prospect pl T" 

Fredk h 89 St Mark's pl CO 

Manfried waters 327 Bergen h 324 

Bergen «. 

Brobst John H cornices Bergen e Ralph av h 

592 East Pkway _ 

Brocas Ricbd B ins h 160 12th « 

Brochman Max prest 54 W 18th Mhtn h 8796 Pl 

Bay 21st Z 

Broehoff Oscar miller h 13 Stewart -| 

Brock Chas upholsterer 1250 Herkimer «j 

11 Edwd O agt h 226 Carlton av 

11 Frank W painter 205 Nassau h 99 Carl- , 

ten av 
11 Harry bookbinder h 1253 Decatur 1 

11 Hv h 229 Madison 

11 Herbert P h" 702 E 5th W 

11 Jacob letter carrier h 418 Gold H 

11 Jas jr teller h 299 13th ft 

11 Jas W painter h 245 Reid av Z, 

11 Jos architect h 368 Van Buren g 

n Jos M meat 245 Reid av 9 

n Marcus L meat 309 Sumner av h 531A O 

Lex av |r| 

11 Marion It dentist h 135 Schermerhorn 

n Saml machines h 318 51st t» 

,1 Saml elk h 418 Gold -j 

n Thos painter h 105 Clermont av J» 

11 Thos J foreman h 442 E 21st *J 

n Wm A woolens Mhtn h 2156 82d 

11 Wm J printer 5 Wilby h 132 Schermer- 1\ 

horn C 

Brockawav Chas engineer h 792 Lincoln pl —, 

11 Chas A manager 140 Nassau Mhtn h 792 2J 

Lincoln pl ""• 

11 Wm H truckman 43 Murray Mhtn h 1139 . 

58tb "2 

Brockett Chas II machinist h 376 S 4tb C 

11 L E dentist h 406 4Sth JO 

Broekhagen Addie wid John H h 654 Jamaica jt| 


11 John elk h 134 Glen 

11 Thco metals 547 Gates av 

Brockhoff Andw J miller h 37 Ross 

n Fredk cigars h 615 0th av 
Broekington Harry tailor h 1051 Madison 

n Harry A h 309 Decatur 
Broekintou Jas S (Iiev) h <>8th n 12th av 
11 J S realestate 44 Court h 68th u 12th 
Broeklebank Arthur F h 738 St John's pl 
Brocklehurst R bldr 943 Kent av 
Brockman Abraham candy 98 Meserole 
11 Hy restaurant 215 Nostrand av 
11 Herman baker h 359 49tb 
11 John elk h 9 Lenox rd 
■1 Saml contractor 456 Marey av h 744 
Park av 
Broekm inn Christian H hay 490 Bway h 821 
11 John painter 30 Dodworth 
11 Julius I grocer 2206 Pitkin av 
11 J & Son decorators 30 Dodworth 
11 Louisa wid Nicholas grocer 34 Crescent 
Brockmeler Austin broker h 1420 73d 
Rrockmeyer August meat h 342 54th 
Brockner Arthur elk h 1520 Bedford av 
Brocks John contractor b 1497 Herkimer 
Brockstein Abraham salesman h 634 Union 

n David men's furng 2122 Fulton 
Brockton Shoe Co 327 Wusbn 

11 Wm h 309 Decatur 
Brockwav Arthur C dispatcher h 452 57th 
11 Chas W Clk b 562 Herkimer 
11 Ceo H furniture 113 Court h 21 Halsey 
11 Harold V elk h 1S12 Av P 


154 5th AVENUE. 

723 6th AVENUE, 



£."> r 


•■ 1 


1— n 


.. -n 


> s 




** I— 

W Urn 

* -I 

5: O 









5 • 

< S 


i: ° 


« * 

3 - 
C w 

• 2 










f— i 




ii Hy I agt h 452 57Ui 

ii John W editor 294 Washn h 284 7th av 

ii Martha A wid Frank b 167 Wilby av 

M Perle B physician h Clarkson av c Al- 
bany a? 

ii Robt O physician h 207 St James' pi 

ii Robt Y bldr h 48G Marlon 
Brockwell Bernard fireman h 436 42d 

ii Frank pipemkr Danforth n Crescent 
Rrod Muses stationery h 1258 41st 
Brodbeck Fredk fireman h 123 28th 
Brode Christ elk h 460 Hancock 
Brodegaard Christian painter 134 23d 
Broden Bernard F bookkpr h 396 Chauncey 

a Harry T cut glass 300 Oakland b. 841 
Bast Pkway 
Broder B h 1050 Pitkin av 

ii Hy realestate 198 Bway Mhtn h 417 
Sterling pi 

ii Lewin salesman h 1614 8th av 

ii Saul A prest h 1628 East Pkway 
Broderick Edwd elk 458 Park pi 

n Edwd F elk h 91 1st pi 

n Frank asst supt h 394 Warwick 

n Frank A salesman h 112 Garfield pi 

ii Jas lumber h 181 Java 

ii Jas manager h 1934 E 15th 

ii Jas miller h 788 Classon av 

ii Jas wlremkr h 260 Wilby av 

ii Jas J dresses 48 W 15th Mhtn h 1977 
Homecrest av 

n John coppersmith h 66 George 

ii John D printer h 294 N 6th 

ii John (Rev) h 2530 Church av 

ii J S h 475 Waverly av 

ii Luke elk h 1821 Nostrand av 

ii Margt wid Michl h 244 Prospect Pk W 
Margt wid Win h 394 Warwick 

ii Martin bookkpr h 251 Grand av 

ii Patrick h 134 Summit 

n Thos eleetrotyper h 440 58th 

ii Thos Junk h 418 18th 

ii Thos J ins h 567 Park pi 

ii Walter J engineer 186 Remsen h 185 Bay 

ii Wm lnsp h 443 Degraw 

ii Wm h 148 N 8th 
Brodersen Hans liquors 149 Hamilton av 

ii May h 18 Cheever pi 

n Hy grocer 323 Franklin av 

ii Jacob coal h 435A Classon av 
Brodfleld Max tailor h 410 Van Slelen av 
Brodhead Jason W candy 114 Norman av 
Brodie Abraham fruit 64 Humbt 

ii Andw letter carrier b 127 Eckford 

ii Chas shoes 533 55th 

ii Chas C elk h 318 53d 

ii Chas F compositor h 227 52d 

ii David W compositor h 89 E 6th 

ii Edwin W h 450 59th 

n Ellas h furng SO Utica av 

n Elizabeth W wid Michl J h 09 St 
James' pi 

ii Emma wid Wm h 318 53d 

n E J liquors 2573 Pitkin av 

ii Francis cooper h 141 Kochr av 

ii Harry delicatessen 5420 3d av 

ii Isaac tinware mfr 52 Ellery h 186 Ver- 
non av 

ii Jas fitter h 174 Montauk av 

ii Jas A furrier 137 5th av Mhtn h 94 

ii Jas A searcher h 581 Hancock 

ii Jos H lawyer h 172 Amity 

ii Julius tinware 52 Ellery h 178 Pulaski 

ii Mfg Co tinware 52 Ellery 

.1 Robt auditor 44 Court h Springfield L I 

ii Snml h 827 East Pkway 

ii Thos L earpr h 438 R R av 

ii Wm A truckman 224 48th h 423 56th 
Rrodigan Philip foreman h 316 Baltic 
Ttrodkin Adolph hatter h ISO S »th 

.. .\atha.n h 2004 Dean 
Brodman John bookkpr h E 96th n Flatlands 

ii Rudolph supt h 221 N Henry 
Brodnax Clarence M engineer h 375 6th av 

ii John acct h 316 Classon av 

n Merrlweather (Rev) 66 Pine Mhtn h 204 
Columbia hgts 
Brodnlcky Leo grocer 103 Met av 
Brodowsky Gabriel machinist 63 E 4th Mhtn 
h 184 Wallabout 

ii Sam] knit gils 252 Boerum 
Brodsky Chas bottling h 368 N J ay 

a nhas elk h 479 N J av 

ii Chas fruit 344 Hamburg av 

I desire to announce that I have 
removed from 14 1 Broadway, to 
nay IVarerooms — — — — — — — — — 

120-122 W. 31st St, N. Y. 

Mall and Telephone Orders will 

Receive Prompt Attention 
Telephone 6289 Madiion Square 


a Fredk W lawyer 49 Chambers Mhtn h 

26 Van Buren 
ii Harris vests 198 Broome Mhtn h 1859 

Park pi 
ii Louis grocer h 969 Gates av 
ii Louis B lawyer 302 Bway Mhtn h 188 

Vernon av 
ii Max tailor 124 E Bway Mhtn h 553 

Bwick av 
ii Wm stationer 524 Wythe av 
Brodtman John livery h 560 6uh av 
Brodtmann Fredk baker 468 Flushing av 
Brody Abraham bldr h 1143 40th 
ii Abraham dry gds 477 3d av 
ii Abraham trimmings 90 White Mhtn h 

2020A Fulton 
In Albert clothing 88 Oanal Mhtn h 1627 

10th av 
ii Alex furs 82 Court 
ii Alex H boatbldr h 738 51st 
ii BenJ teacher to 225 Reap 
n Chas tailor r 21 Bowery Mhtn h 587 

New Lots rd 
n Hy tailor fo 348 S 4th 
ii Hyman pads r 21 Bowery Mhtn h 587 

New Lots rd 
ii Hyman stationer 483 Throop av 
ii Isidor tailor 137 Mercer Mhtn h 239 

n Jacob tailor b 357 Saratoga av 
ii John agt h 400 13th 
ii Jos cigars 807 Blake av 
ii Jos milk 168 Sutter av 
ii Jos H lawyer h 172 Amity 
ii J woolens 15 Mhtn av 
ii Louis tailor 527 Franklin av h 1170 

ii Max teacher In 999 Lorimer 
ii Morris dry gds 527 5th av 
ii Morris shirts 27 Allen Mhtn b. 1414 East 

a M buttons 166 Mhtn av 
ii Saml bags 20 Pearl Mhtn h 827 East 

n Simon H meat 213 Bedford av h 43 

Orchard Mhtn 
ii Solomon T garters 54 White Mhtn h 137 
Bay 22d 
Broecker Wm realestate 23 Patehen av 
Broeker Hy carpr h 618 6th 
Broemmel Fredk E music h 846 Monroe 
Broer Alex G grocer 5223 4th av 
n Herman B hardware 5518 3d av h 236 

ii Wm carpet cleaning 220 23d li 4th av c 
BROER W & CO carpet cleaning 1 220 
to 224 23d near 5th av 
n & Co hardware 5519 5th av 
Broerds Mattes liquors 88 Roebling 
Broere Sebastian J ferrymaster h 201 7th av 
Broers Hy elk h 427 10th 
Broes-van-Heekeren Jacobus J mfr 93 Henry 

h 16 Cambridge pi 
BroesJer Wm h 433 Lorimer 

a Wm drugs 269 Devoe 
Broessler Hy plumber h' 970 Bedford av 
ii John hardware 689 Nostrand av h 58 
Broffer Co (inc) bldrs 367 Fulton 
Brofmau Max skirts 130 Greene Mhtn <h 527 

Brogan Jas elk h 78 Park av 
n Jas F elk h 76 Diamond 
ii Lucinda wid Wm J h 15 Kossuth pi 
ii Patrick F asst supt 219 Pearl Mhtn b 

704 Sterling pi 
ii Peter J bookkpr h 704 Sterling pi 
n Wm fireman h 351 Crescent 
Bl'Oger Harry liquors 111 9 Bedford av 
Broglie Edwd E electrician h 330 Chauncey 
Brogua Jos barber 251 Graham av 
Brohel Edwd C perfumes h 986 Putnam av 

ii John J Oo undertakers 757 DeKalb av 
Broioh Jos electrician h 1022 Sth av 
Broldy A E & Sou knit gds 206 Mlddleton 
Broing Tlheo salesman h 501 Liberty av 
Brolstedt Hy horses 327 Rutledge h 95 

Brokaw Sadie millinery 1609 Bway 
Broker John A optician h ,1172 50th 
Broking Margt wid Hy C h 386 Laf av 
Broman Adolf h 220 Troy av 

ii Chas supt h 568 Wilby av 
Brombach Otto Janitor h 747 Halsey 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 






317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 naln. 



UPIKGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 






UJ o 

o CO 


o z 

z o 









Brombacher August F hardware 31 Fulton 

Mhtn h 399 Clermont ay 
Bromberg Chas physician h 273 Hooper 
Geo jeweler h 1515 10th av 
Harry restaurant 1721 Pitkin ay 
Julius salesman h 311 Carlton ay 
Philip 11 h 8679 Bay 24th 
Siginund E suits 25 W 15th Mhtn h 
1304 40th 
ii Solomon engineer h 446 6th ay 
Bromnerger Herman bowling 70 Court 
Brome Chas W undertaker 2116 Jamaica ay 
h 298 Ridgewood ay 
n Wm plumber h 371 Marlon 
Bromell A H h 158 S Oxford 
ii Theo carpr 67 Sulliyan 
ii Wm H insp h 6012 4th ay 
Bromrlect Chas painter h 93 S 1st 
Bromhead Geo h 550 11th 
Bromley Andw E tel oper h 324 Baltic 
n Edwd h 105 2d pi 
.1 Geo fish 120 Park ay h 86 N Oxford 
n John M shoe cutter h 1.19 Wayerly ay 
ii Oliver carpr h 550 55th 
.. Viola A wid Hy h 23 2d 
.1 Wm painter h 99 16th 
Brommer A millinery 915 Fulton h 401 
Wayerly ay 
ii J Fredk sec 132 Washn pi Mhtn h 183 

M John meat 380 Waverly av h 401 Wayer- 
ly ay 
ii John C artist h 183 Hooper 
ii & Pepper meat 380 Waverly ay 
Bromovitz Isidor bags h 1937 Park pi 
Bronan Andw engineer h 86 Carroll 
Bronder Alphons machinist h 103A Cooper 
ii Gaston A mech eng 229 Bway Mhtn 
h 254 Park pi 
Brondi Balliba meat 5901 New Utrecht aT 
Brone Adolph diemkr h 1157 Gates av 
Bronfman Bertha skirts 136 Greene Mhtn h 

527 Cleveland 
Bronner Arthur trimmer h 263 46th 
ii Chas modeler h 325 Va,n Sinderen av 
ii Elmer E elk h 27 Covert 
Bronson Emmagene wid Nelson h 38 E 5th 
,i Geo cutter h 600 17th 
n Geo tailor 137 Lawrence 
.1 Geo A (Rev) h Gravesend av c Av W 
ii Harry foreman h 20 Laf av 
ii Harry E liquors 1866 Atlantic ay 
n Hy W manager h 212 Ralph av 
ii Meta wid Herman h 102 Huron 
i, Saml E agt h 1435 Bedford av 
n Seymour G h 1303 St John's pi 
n Wm salesman 602 Vandt 29th ward 
n Wm C drugs 498 Decatur 
Bronstein Abraham baths 72 Selgel 
n Jacob tailor 241A Atlantic av 
ii Saml tailor 562 Hamburg av 
Bronx Mfg Co couches 167 Lorimer 
Brood Robt N bookkpr h 1462 Pacific 
Brook Abraham architect 186 Remsen h 245 
Thatford av 
„ Arylen H supt 2013 Bway Mhtn h 1106 

Putnam av 
ii Augustus T manager 253 Bway Mhtn h 

125 St James' pi 
ii A H Co signs 1052 DeKalb av 
n Chas shoemkr 582 Bwick av 
n Edwin h 307 Van Buren 
ii Edwin J ins h 706 Qulncy 
,i Hy toys 1321 Bway 
n Jacob grocer 174 Harrison av 
ii John T salesman h 383 Chauncey 
i. Louis h 1384 Pitkin av 
ii Louis cigars 1042 Mhtn av 
„ Mlchl petticoats 61 E 11th Mhtn h 371 

Vernon av 
,i Walter A artist h 1106 Putnam ay 
.1 & Rosenberg architects 186 Remsen 
ii & Sankln toys 1321 Bway 
Brooke Benj H optometrist 283 Bway JL- 860 
Fbush ay 
M Claude H actor h 735 Rugby rd 
ii Elizabeth wid Alfred h 1335 Hancock 
ii Isidor optometrist 866 Fbush av h 2177 

Bedford av 
ii Jas J lawyer 215 Montague h 663 Ar- 

gyle rd 
ii Milton M lawyer 215 Montague h 417 

Stratford rd 
ii Robt prest 60 Murray Mhtn h 41 St 
John's pi 


n Wallace G advertising 225 5th ay Mhtn 

h 209 Argyle rd 
ii Wm C stevedore h 469 56th 
ii & Brooke lawyers 215 Montague 
Brookes Ward E h 780 E 33th 
Brookfleld Glass Co Grand n Morgan av 
Brooklyn Academy of Music Lafayette ay c 
Ashland pi 
ii Academy of Musical Art 549 Greene av 
ii Academy of Photography 177 Montague 
n Advertising Agency 397 Fulton 
ii Alcatraz Asphalt Co 407 Hamilton av 
n Architectural Iron Works ft 22d 
ii Art Association 174 Montague 
ii Art School 174 Montague 
n Artistic Iron Works 1111 Flushing av 
n Ash Can Mfg Co 2196A Fulton 
ii Association for Improving the Condi- 
tion of the Poor 104 Livingston & 
470 Throop av 
ii Athletic Club 374 Bedford av 
ii Auction Rooms 295 Fulton 
ii Auto Exchange 226 State 
ii Auto Garage Co 1093 Bedford ay 
ii Auto Lamp Co 768 Bedford av 
ii Auto Radiator Co 39 Koscko 
ii Auto Top Co 343 Wilby ay 
ii Auto Transportation & School 896 Bed- 
ford av 
ii Automobile Co 20 N Y av 
ii Badge Co 7 Debevoise 
ii Badge & Novelty Co 371 Fulton 
„ Bank 585 & 262 Fulton 
.1 Baptist Orphanage Coney Island ay n 

Av K 
n Bar Association 29 Court House 
ii Barber Supplies 9 Varet 
ii Barnard Club 132 Remsen 
ii Baseball Club 3d c 4th av 
,i Beading Co 126 Pearl 
,i Beading & Novelty Co 348 Jay 
n Beef & Provision Co 168 Myrtle av 
ii Benevolent Society 84 Amity 
ii Bible Society 215 Montague 
ii Biological Supply Co 387 MeDonough 
n Bird Seed Co 366 Atlantic av 
n Blade Printing Estab 792 Flushing av 
,i Blue Book 307 Washn 
ii Blue Print Works 7 Myrtle av 
ii Board of Realestate Brokers (inc) 189 

„ Bond & Mortgage Title Co 186 Remsen 
n Borough Gas Co Sheepshead Bay rd c 

W 5 th 
ii Bottle Stopper Co 99 Sutton 
ii Bottling Co 331 Court 
i, Box Fastener Co 466 17th 
ii Branch of Corn Exchange Bank Court 

e Montague 
n Brass Foundry Co Wallabout c Franklin 

ii Brass Refining Co 68 Gpoint av 
ii Brass Works & Foundry 263 Scholes 
ii Briar Pipe Works 172 Lorimer 
n Bridge Office 179 Washn 
ii Builders' Supply Co 5th c Gowanns 

n Bureau of Charities 69 Schermerhorn 
1658 Fulton & 255 Division av 
TORY TJping-ton's Directory of- 
fice 317 Washington 
n Business Institute 870 Wilby av 
„ Cab Co 354 Hart 
,i Calcium Light Co 112 Front 
i, Calendar Co 367 Fulton 
n Camera Club 837 Mhtn av 
n Camp Chair Co 702 Fulton 
M Candy Co (incl 1053 Atlantic av 
ii Canine Sanatorium 74 Adams 
ii Cap Works 142 Stockton 
ii Car & Veneer Works 129 Degraw 
ii Carpet Cleaning Works 228 3d ay 
ii Carving Works 134 Classon ay 
n Casiuo Theatre 20 S igel 
I. Catholic Historical Society 98 Richards 
,i Cedar Ware Works 393 Leonard 
ii Cement Stone Co Locust av c Bay ay 
ii Central Dispensary 29 3d av 
ii Chess Club 4 Court sq 
ii Children's Aid Society 74 Schermerhorn 
n Church Society 246 Clinton 
ii Citizen 397 Ful I on 
ii Citv Beer Bottling Co 268 Manjer 




Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Tel. 3004 Halo. 





ii City Co-operative Bldg & Loan Assn 91 
Court T6 39th & 378 Van Brunt 

n City Dispensary 11 Tillary 

ii City Mission and Tract Society 215 Mon- 

ii City Railroad Co 44 Court 

ii City Safe Deposit Co 177 Montague 

ii Civil Service School 13 Wilby 

ii Clothing Cleaning & Repairing Co 47 

ii Club 136 Pierrepont 

n Club for Graduate Nurses 280 St James' 

ii Coal Co 429 Keap 

ii Coal Exchange 8 Nevins 

ii Coat & Apron Supply Co 835 Myrtle av 

■i College 1125 Carroll 

n College of Pharmacy (inc) 265 Nostrand 

n Conservatory of Music 226 Lefferts pi 

ii Consolidated Drug Co 9 Seigel 

ii Construction Co 1074 St Mark's av 

ii Consumers' Coal Co 1531 Bwick av 

ii Cooperage Co 142 Kent av 

ii Cork Co 9 McKibbin 

ii Cornice & Rooting Co 320 Thatford av 

n Coupling Co 473 4th 

ii Courier 592 Hart 
ing-toil c Johnson 1022 Gates av 
321 9th 1834 Bath av 210 Broad- 
way 838 Flatbnsh av 1248 Bed- 
ford av 2511 Atlantic av & 354 
Fulton Jamaica 

n Daily Standard Union 294 Washn 
Broadway 333 Washing-ton 210 
Broadway 833 Flatbnsh av 1211 
Bedford av 1030 Gates av 3 
Union Hall Jamaica & 98 Broad- 
way Flushing" 

ii Deacouess Home M E Church 238 Prest 

ii Democratic Club 201 Montague 

ii Dental Co dentist mtls 350 Fulton 

ii Dental Laboratory 5 Wilby 

ii Dentists 1574 Fulton 

ii Development Co 154 Montague 

ii Diagnostic & Research Laboratory 62 

ii Dining Room Table 254 Wythe av 

n Diet Dispensary 174 Johnson 
317 Washington 


Member of Association of 
American Directory Publishers 






Circulars Addressed and Delivered 



Brooklyn Disciplinary Training School for 
Roys 4 Court sq & 18th aV c 57th 

n District Telegraph Co 204 Montague 1195 
Bedford av 105 Bway 442 Myrtle av 
301 & 838 Fbush av 492 Sumner av 
746 Flushing av 453 5th av 396 Court 
142 Gpoint av 2511 Atlantic av & 1746 
Cropsey av 

ii Dock & Terminal Co 122 25th 

,i Drug Co 3901 5th av 

ii Dry Cell Battery Co 991 Madison 

ii Dyeing Co 517 Rogers av 

,i Dveing Works 83 Wallabout 

ii Eastern District 'Dispensary & Hospital 
10S S 3d 




ii Eastern District Homeopathic Dispen- 
sary 194 S 3d 
n Eastern District Terminal Pier ft N 7th 
ii Eastern District Turn Verein 1043 

Bwick av 
ii Electric Equipment Co 12 Clifton pi 
n Electric Lamp & Novelty Co 278 Fulton 
n Electrical Co 232 Hamburg av 
ii Electrical Repair Shops 45 York 
n Electrical Supply Co 56 Myrtle av 
n Elevated R R Co 168 Montague 
ii Elevator & Milling Co 86 Kent av 
Uping-ton's Directory Office 317 
Embroidery Works 503 Bwick av 
Empire Metal Celling Co 458 Marcy av 
Employment Exchange 310 Fulton 
Engineers Club 117 Remsen 
Eye & Ear Hospital 94 Livingston 
Facing Mills 1105 Met av 
Factory & Power Co 22 Morton 
Female Employment Society 93 Court 
Film Exchange 138 Stanhope 
Filter Bag Co 200 Diamond 
Fire Brick Works 88 Van Dyke 

Hebrew Orphan Asylum 373 Ralph av 
Heights Improvement Co 23 Clinton 
Heights Laundry 175 Clinton 
Heights R R Co 85 Clinton 
Heights Seminary IS Pierrepont 
Home for Aged Colored People 1095 St 

John's pi 
Home for Aged Men 745 Classon av 
Home for Consumptives 240 Kingston av 
Home for Graduated Nurses 280 St 

James' pi 
Horse Collar Co 693 Flushiug av 
Horse Exchange 59 Clinton av 
Hospital Delialb av e Raymond 
Hospital Nurses 66 Montague 
Hospital Nurses Club 172 Laf av 
House Cleaning Co 527 Putuam av 
House Wrecking &. Construction Co 960 

Flushing av 
Howard Colored Asylum Dean n lroy 

Ice Cream Co 606 Bergen 
Improvement Co 3d av c 3d 
Industrial School Association and Home 

for Destitute Children 217 Sterling pi 



Watches, Diamonds and Jewelry 
141 Broadway, cor. Liberty St., New York 

Try our New Patent Collar Button "The Benedict" 




Clay Retorts, Fire Brick and TUe. 
Mnffles, Stove and Range Lining*. 

Office and Works, 

Tel. 17 Hamilton. Bhookltn, N. Y. Oity. 

Brooklyn Fireproof Safe & Door Co 101 

ii Fire Underwriters 44 Court 
ii Forge & Supply Co 21 Franklin 
ii Foundry Co (inc) 372 Gpoint av 
n Frame & Picture Co 1051 Bedford av 
ii Free Kindergarten Society 215 Ryerson 
ii Fruit Market 152 Fbush ay 
ii Furniture Co 563 Fulton 
ii Galvanizing & Mfg Co 50 N 10th 
ii Garage 360 Cumberland 
ii Gas & Gasoline Engine Co 1329 DeKalb 

n Germania (inc) 912 Union 
ii Glass Works 112 Front 
n Grade Crossing Commission 44 Court & 

1964 Bway 
n Grinding Mills 13 Seabrlng 
ii Guild Association 245 Concord 
ii Hand Ball Club 297 Degraw 
ii Hand Laundry 1261 Bedford av 
ii Hard Rubber Co 397 Sumner av 
n Hay & Grain Co 86 Kent av 
,i Health Bread Bakery (.inc) 428 Atlantic 

-I =2 

p < 

m 2 

x c 

z es ro 

* § 3 

o H 

— 59 


The Best Want Medium in Brooklyn 



^T Through the want advertising columns any article- no matter 
^•Lihow small, can be sold or exchanged. One of the most 
interesting features of the EAGLE is the news of what is For 
Sale, Exchange or To Let in Brooklyn and Long Island. .For 
Help and Situations the DAILY EAGLE'S WANT COL- 
UMNS always contain a splendid assortment of such opportunties. 



)%*J8f* 0m V 





■H BK-. 



Free Information 

23d- STREET, MANHATTAN; at 608 14th STREET, 

- ' \ 

These Bureaus will give Information about 







contains a classified list of over five thousand Hotels and 
Boarding Houses throughout the United States, sent free upon 
receipt of two cent postage. t 





e»i» nv-'io »m 

? <r-«<$^_>c 



Srooffyner $rcfc $ re§8c 






// is the Best German Advertis- 
ing Medium in the City 

35 MYRTLE AVENUE Tel. j 55 j*° i Main 



/CORRECT taste and style are 
^ characteristics that distinguish 
the typography of the Roehr Print 
Shop. Our productions include 
Booklets, Brochures, Catalogues, 
Announcements, et cetera — in fact 
anything' in printing in which the 
higher class of workmanship and 
design are requisite f $ % - $ -f % 




*J%9 /V ^a & 





Brooklyn's Popular 
Orve Cervt Daily 

Saturday (Special Edition) 3 cts. 

Delivered at any Residence 

in the Borough at 8 

Cents per week 

Mail Orders for the regular delivery of the 
Times will receive prompt attention 



Always Mewsy 

Always Trustworthy 

Always a Good Medium 

The Brooklyn Times 

The Purchasing Tolver of a newspaper's circulation 
is one of the considerations that appeals bitally to 
the advertiser. In this respect THE fiKOOKLYTt 
T171ES holds a recognized place in the confidence 
of the men k>ho habe achiebed success by a judicious 
use of nelvspaper space. 

The Times is the Only Paper That 

Fully Covers the Brooklyn 

and Long Island Field 


The 'Brooklyn Times,*^*™^ 


1550 Wllllanisburgh 

1551 " 

1552 " 


UHNBIOS'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 

cc == 































The Brooklyn League 

w designed to unite the efforts of all citizens who want to make 
Brooklyn a better place in which to live. It has a regular membership 
of over 1 ,4-00 public spirited men, and maintains a permanent office 
and assembly rooms in the Temple Bar Building. There are 22 local 
civic bodies affiliated ivith the League, making a total membership of 
the combined organizations of over 7,000. The dues are $5.00 per 
year. Frequent meetings and conferences are held. An illustrated 
book will be mailed on application. 


Temple Bar Building, 
JOHN F. GEIS, Secretary. U Court Street. 


.1 Institute of Arts & Seieuces Laf av bet 
Fulton &r. Fbush av 

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences 

(Academy of Music building) 

Lafayette Avenue between Futon Street and 

Flatbush Avenue 

Museum, Institute Park, Eastern Parkway and 

Washington Ave. 
Children's Museum in Bediord Park on 

Brooklyn Ave, 
Treasurer's Offices, Academy of Music Build- 
Director's Office, Academy of Music B .aiding. 

Academy of Music building 
As an associate Member of the Brook- 
lyn Institute of Arts aud Sciences, you 
are entitled to numerous privileges, of 
large educational value, viz. : 

1. Admission for yourself and one other person 
to a'l the Anniversary Meetings, Public Ad- 
dresses and General Lectures of the Institute. 

2. Admission for yourself and one other person 
to each of the Evening Lecturers b rlore the 
Institute and its Departments. 

3. Admission for yourself OR a lriend to each o 
the Afternoon Lectures. 

4. Admission fjr yourself and lamily to all the 
Receptions, and Exhibitions given by the 
Inst lute and its Departments. 

5. To the privileges ot Special Membership in 
several Departments ot the Institute. 

6. To special rates (applic ;ble to members 
only) for reserved-seat tickets to many 
Institute events. • 

The Initiation Fee is $5.00 and the 
Annual Dues are $6.00. Member-h.p year 
begins wiui the month, the first day of which is 
nearest to the date of application. 

Brooklyn Institute of Christian Science 44 
Iron Works ft 24th 
Jockey Club 397 Fulton 
Journal 359 Fulton 

Juvenile Probation Association 102 Court 
Knitting Co 639 Kent av 
Labor Lyceum Assn 949 Wllby av 
Lace Curtain Cleaning Co 187 Pearl 
Lauder Co 35 DeKalb av 
Lard Co 23 Lombanly 
Latin School 40 Monroe pi 
Laundry 270 State 

Law School of St Lawrence University 
307 Washn 


.1 Law & Adjustment Co 26 Court 
Leather Bellini; Co 42 S 6th 
Legal Aid Society 377 Jay 
Life Publishing Co (inc) 307 Washn 
Lock Co 56 Ainslie 

Lodge No 22 B P O E 123 Schermerhorn 
Lumber Co 458 Hamilton av 
Luncheon Co 53 Prospect 
Machine Co 903 Atlantic av 
Malt Vinegar Works 227 Wallabout 
Mfg Co 375 Fulton 
Mason Contracting Co 98 Uraham av 
Masonic Guild Hall 199 Laf av 
Master Bakers' Supply Co 19 Conselyea 
Mat & Picture Co 275 Ellery 
Maternity Washu av c St John's pi 
Medical Journal 307 Washn 
Medical School 344 Bedford av 
2831 Greene av 

For Stores, Dwellings, etc. For 

prompt attention telephone, 

write or call on 

Metal Ceiling Co. 


Telephones 1402 and 1403 Prospect 

Brooklyn Metal Decorating & Dial Co 44th 

c 2d av 
ii Metal Works 180 4th av 
ii Methodist Episcopal Church Home 

Y av c Park pi 
ii Milk Bottlers' Protective Union 

193 Spencer 
n Milk & Cream Co 359 Myrtle av 
M Mirror Works 37 Moultrie 
ii Motor Car Co 40 Snyder av 
n Motor Supply Co 1175 Bedford av 
ii Moulding Supply Co 84 Debeyolse 
ii Mutual Bldg & Loan Assn 526 

trand av 
ii News Co 194 Fulton 
ii Notion & Stationery Co 298 Court 
n Novelty Co 1102 Bway 
ii No 9 Association 248 Khush av 
ii Nursery & Infants' Hospital 396 Her 

ii Nurses' Directory 1194 Bedford av 
ii Office Supply Co carbon paper 20 Court 

Business Directory! 



317 Washington St., 
TltlPHONl, 3004 *«i» 



















Authorized by the State of New York 
5658 PINE STREET, NEW YORK C9TY Tel. John 2131 













-t— < 








































,i Ornamental Plaster Co 230 39th 

n Orphan Asylum 1425 Atlantic av 

ii Outfitting Co 1110 Bway 

n Tad Co 305 Reap 

,, Pants Co 1049 Myrtle av 

n Paper Box Co 258 Wallabout 


Succeeded by the 

Battle Parquet Floor Go. 

155 Lawrence St., at Fulton 

Telephone 4178 Main 

1384 Bedford Ave. Tel. ^1 Bedford 

New York Show Room, Marbridge Bl'Jg., 

Broadway and 34th St.; Office, 605 W. 43m St.; 

Mills, 643-649 W. 43rd S . Telephone 3595 Bryant. 

The Good Kind of Parquet Floors 

Brooklyn Philharmonic Club 8 Tillary 
11 Photo Supply Co (inc) 513 Fulton 
11 Pool Table Repair Co 902 Myrtle av 
11 Plumoing Supply Co 573 Atlantic av 
11 Post Graduate Medical School Bedford 

av c S 3d 
n Post Office Washn c Johnson 
„ Poultry Co 11 S 9th 
n Poultry & Pigeon Supply Co 35 Fbush 

11 Preparatory School 22 Lee av 
11 Public Library administration Depart- 
ment 20 Brevoort pi Frank P Hill 

Libraries Branches 
Albany hgts 234 Albany av 
Astral Franklin c India 1 
Bay Ridge Ridge Boulevard c 73d 
Bedford Franklin av opp Hancock 
Borough Park 14th av c 54th 
Brownsville Gleumore av c Watkins 
Bushwick Bwick av c Seigel 
Carroll Park Clinton c Union 
City Park St Edwards c Auburn pi 
Concord Concord c Jay 
DeKalb DeKalb av c Bwick av 
Department o£ Traveling Libraries 67 

East Arlington av n Warwick 
Flatbush Linden av n Fbush av 
Fort Hamilton 4th av c 95th 
Greenpoint Norman av c Leonard 
Kensington 108 Ditmas av 
Leonard Leonard c Devoe 
Library for the Blind 4th av c Pacific 
Macon Lewis av c Macon 
Montague 197 Montague 
New Utrecht Batli av c Bay 17th 
Pacific 4th av c Pacific 
Prospect 6th av c 9th 
Ridgewood 490 Knlckr av 
Saratoga Hpkson av c Macon 
Senermerhorn 198 Livingston 
Sheepshead Bay 1657 Shore rd 
South 4th av c 51st 
Tompkins Park Tpklns pk 
Wllliamsburgh Rodney c Division av 
Winthrop 23 Monitor 

Publishing House 124 Walworth 

Purchasing Syndicate 608 Bway 

Queens County & Suburban R R Co 83 

Radiator Mfg Co 39 Koseko 

Range Boiler Works 350 Eagle 

Rapid Transit Co 85 Clinton 

Rapid Transit Club Jamaica av c Glllen 

Real Estate Exchange 189 Montague 

Real Estate News 367 Fulton 

Realty Brokerage Co 182 Howard av 

Registry 418 Clermont av 

Renovating Co h cleaners 126 Jay 

Repair Co (inc) 1452 Atlantic av 

Ribbon Mills 790 Bway 

Riding & Driving Club Vandt av c Plaza 

Rooting Co 6th c 3d av 

Rowing Club ft 16th av 

Rubber Co 397 Sumner av 

Rug Works 1747 Fulton 

Saengerbund Sehermcrliorn c Smith 

Salvage Co 582 Bway 

Sanitarium 147 Prospect pi 

Savings Bank 135 Pierrepont 

School of Dental Surgery 130 Livingston 

Scrap Iron Co 219 3d av 

Settlement Association 148 Jackson 

Sheet Metal Stamping Co 105 Scholes 



Shield Co 397 Sumner av 

Shoe Co 110 Court 

Show Case Co 395 Leonard 

Slip Cover Co 375 Halsey 

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to 

Children 105 Scherinerliorn 
Society of the New Church Library 98 

5 Elliott pi 
Soda Water Supply Co 90 Bocrum pi 
Spar Co ft 22d 

Specialty Mfg Co 524 Nostrand av 
Steam Marble Co 174 3d av 
Stove Lining Co 36 S 4th 
Stove Supply Co 716 Flushing av 

Upington's Directory Office 317 
"to ashing'ton 

Suburban Healty Co (inc) 44 Court 

Supply Co 183 Ashford 

Tailoring Co 70 7th av 

Taxicab Co 94 Putnam av 

Telegraph & Messenger Co 313 726 422 
484 & 379 Fulton 1211 Bedford av 345 

6 844 Fbush av & L I depot Fbush av 
438 Myrtle av 484 Sumner av 359 Court 
71 Hamilton av 1304 153 & 925 Bway 
4523 3d uv Mhtn Crossing 295 9th 17 
Adams Bath Beach Station 736 Grand 
849 Mhtn av Navy Yard & Bwick R R 

11 Teut & Awning Co 309 5th av 

11 Tile Co 1021 Gates av 

11 Tinning Co 63 Frost 

11 Title Co 361 Stone av 

11 Tohacco Co 868 Wilby av 

11 Trading Stamp Co 372 »th & 1338 Bway 

11 Training School for Nurses DeKalb av c 

11 Training School & Home for Young Girls 

1483 Pacific 
11 Transit Reform League 44 Court 
11 Transportation Co 49 S 2d 
n Trousers Co (inc) 533 Fulton 
11 Truant School Jamaica av opp Elderts la 
Montague 1205 Fulton & 2 Wall 
Turkish Bath Co 32 Clinton 
Turn Hall 351 Atlantic av 
Twine Mfg Co 950 Gates av 
Typewriting Co 367 Fulton 
Union Coal Co 242 Morgan av 
Union Coruice Roof Co 397 Rkway av 
Union Elevated Railroad Co 85 Clinton 
Union Gas Co 180 Remsen 191 St James' 
pi 130 & 2934 Atlantic av 2069 Fulton 
421 5th av 324 Bedford av 630 & 1381 
Myrtle av 348 Court & 4723 4th av 
Union Gas Co (Engineering Dept) Kent 

av e Cross 
Union Lumber Co (inc) 518 Bway 
Union Petticoat Co 61 Hopkins 
Union Publishing Co 294 Washn 
Unique tailors 320 Schermerhorn 
Valet 334 & 773 Fbush av 109 Montague 

442 & 1239 Bedford av 
Varnish Mfg Co 35 Nostrand av 
Vaudeville & Amusement Co 357 Fulton 
Vault Light Co Norman av e N Henry 
Vehicle Supply Co 1255 Madison 
Veterinary Hospital 397 Carlton av 
Vitrified Tile Works 75 4th 
Volunteer Fireman's Assn Borough Hall 
War Veterans &. Sons' Assn Borough 
STORAGE CO 335 Schermerhorn 
Washer Co 105 Liberty 
Watch Case Co Worren c 4th av 
Water Works Atlantic av n Chestnut 
Weekly News 4708 3d av 
Whist Club 360 Fulton 
Window Shade Co 695 Myrtle av 
Wire Forming Co 302 Pearl 
Wire Nail Co Whale creek & Eagle 
Wire Works 127 Court 
Wooden Wlllowware Co 864 Bedford av 
Work Shirt Factory 482 Driggs av 
Woven Wire Mattress Co 300 Pacific 
Wrecking & Salvage Co 307 Fulton 
Yacht Club ft 22d av 
Young Mens Republican Club 8 Nevins 
.t Brighton Beach R It 168 Montague 
& Flatbush Realty Co (Inc) 215 Mon- 


The New York Business Directory for I860, under the heading Brush 
Manufacturers, gave the address of BRADLEY & SMITH, 251 Pearl 
Street. Trow's Directory for 1910 shows BRADLEY & SMITH 





2 so 

w 2 %* 
o m > 



I I 

Pictures^ Paintings 






























The Brooklyn Warehouse $ Storage Co. 


Near Third Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 



HAROLD T. WHITE, - President 


JOHN B. HOLLAND, ------- Treasurer 

GUY DU VAL, - Secretary 

WM. H. WAYNE, -------- Manager 

OFFICE HOURS: 8:30 A. M. to 5:80 P. M. Telephone No. 4045 Main 
Vaults Open from 9 A. M. to 4:30 P. M. 



n & Jamaica Realty Co Ridgewood av c 

Eldert's la 
ii & Long Island Realty Co 44 Court 
ii & Long Island Window Cleaning Co 412 

Bedford av 
ii & New York Ferry Co ft Grand 
ii & New York Sponging Works 12 Whip- 
ii & Suburban Realty Co (ine) 1516 Bway 
ii -New Jersey Realty Co 215 Montague 

Myrtle av & 59 Montrose av 
ii Reform 1109 DeKalb av 
Brookner Jos tailor h 563 Liberty av 
Brooks Albert D bookkpr h 277 Carlton av 
ii Albert J manager h 98 Macon 
ii Alfred J drugs 1161 Myrtle av 
n Annie dressmkr h 375 6th av 
ii Byron A typewriters 280 Bway Mhtn h 

314 MeDonough 
ii Cath wid Jacob h 601 Halsey 
ii Chas carpr h 524 Classon av 
ii Chas elk h 1379 Bwick av 
ii Chas barber h 133 Sumpter 
ii Chas G cashier h 119 Kingston ay 
M Chas V stenographer h 774 Union 
ii Chas W salesman h 65 Chauncey 
ii Claude machinist h 721 42d 
n David tailor h 444 Elton 
ii David trucks 30 South Mhtn h 177 Rog- 
ers av 
ii Dora wid John h 364 7th av 
ii Edwin L lawyer 176 Bway Mhtn h 435 

ii Edwin R elk h 1051 Bergen 
ii Elias G shipmaster h 346 49th 
ii Ernest h 199 Kingston av 
ii Frank barber h 141 India 
ii Frank L acct 41 Park row Mhtn h 

Kenilworth pi 
i. Frank M prest 44 Court h 146 E 18th 
ii Frank R compositor h 220 Wilson 
ii Franklin A manager 264 Fulton h 

Lincoln pi 
ii Fred S elk h 58 Walworth 
ii Fredk elk h 498 13th 
ii Geo engineer h 308 11th 
ii Geo E horsesboer 344 Park pi 
n Geo W drugs 1161 Myrtle « 

Greene av 
„ . G W & A J drugs 1161 MyTtle av 
ii Gustave painter 17% Chauncey h 

n Harrv acct 15 Wall Mhtn h 
ii Harry E sec 45 Wall Mhtn 

ii Helen A wid Fredk W h 759 East 

„ Hy elk h 505 11th 
ii Hy J elk h 128 State 
i. Hv S teas 83 Water Mhtn h 429 6th 
ii Hyman candy 173 McKibbin 
ii Isldor Jewelry h 450 Bedford av 



b 417 


326 72d 
h 900 De- 


ii Israel police h 23 Cooper 

ii Jacob produce 119 West av Wallabout 

mkt h 73 Ryerson 
ii Jas h 168 Coffey 
ii Jas barber 390 Cumberland 
n Jas salesman h 47 S Oxford 
ii Jas tinware 8 Fulton Mhtn h 522 Ever- 
green av 
ii Jas J lawyer h 450 Bedford av 
ii John auditor h 832 Washn av 
ii John candy h 1561 Dean 
n John h 99 S 2d 
i. John elk h 411 20th 
ii John elk h 507 Vandt av 
ii John A h 734V 3 Carroll 
ii John F elk h 366 7th av 
ii John M salesman h 19 Elton 
ii Jonathan h 47 Pierrepont 
•• Marie wid Walter H h 23 Pellington jil 
ii Mary wid J h 102 S Oxford 
ii Max bldr h 487 Hpkson av 
ii Morris elk h 1591 Lincoln pi 
ii Myrtle millinery 2220 Fulton h 23 

n M h 743 Prest 
ii Nicholas A artist h 1147 57th 
ii Philip F carpr 805 6th av Mhtn h 428 

E 17th 
ii Preserving Co 203 37th 
ii Richd jr elk h 99 Meserole av 
ii Robt engineer h 410A 18th 
ii Robt salesman h 251 Tpkins av 
ii Roger F broker 82 Wall Mhtn h 233 

Berkeley pi 
n Roswell B pilot h 163 Hall 
n Royal Deane h 1344 Pacific 
ii Saml dry gds 222 Smith h 60 Butler 
ii Saml mechanic h 1185 Madison 
M Saml produce 122 West av Wallabout 

mkt h 92 Hewes 
ii Saml realestate h 149 Saratoga av 
ii Saml waists 203 Wooster Mhtn h 884 

Blake av 
ii Saml C plumber 207 DeKalb av 
ii Saml realestate h 27 St John's pi 
ii Siiml E h 1550 N Y av 
.i Saml S vet surjr h 3 16th 
,i Sarah J h 273 E 9th 
ii Thos cutter h 1076 Rogers av 
ii Ward B manager h 696 Quincy 
ii Wm h 107 St James' pi 
ii Wm tinsmith h 76 Henry 
ii Wm A solicitor h 70 Java 
ii Wm E engineer h 360 S 5th 
ii Wm M elk h 29 Madison 
ii & Tedder 4214 13th av 
Brooksbank Theresa wid Geo fc 59 37th 
Brookstone Philip waists 96 Greene Mhtn h 

145 Bay 8th 
Broom Fred h 317 6th av 
ii Hirst broker h 817 6th av 
.i & Newman shirts 126 13th 
Brooman Helen E wid Sandford b 944 Laf av 
Broome Chas drugs Mhtn h 471 Waverly av 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 



317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone, 3004 Main. 







Real Estate and Insurance 

Special attention paid 

to collection of rents 

and management 

of estates. 



ii Chas L asst sec 1109 DeKalb av b 29 

n Conrad painter h 129 George 

ii John L supt h 737 Lex av 

n Thos T casemkr h 282 Rutland rd 

ii Wm H engineer h 393 Warwick 
Broomfleld Jas engineer h 596 Bedford av 

ii John R bldr h 596 Bedford av 
Broonihall Edwd M lastmkr h 1622 68th 
Biopby Afra M undertaker 5619 New Utrecht 

ii Albert T lawyer 168 Montague h 123 

ii A M nurse h 465 Park pi 

ii Chas police li 436 7th av 

n Daul ironwkr h 605 57th 

ii Edwd painter h 60 Carlton av 

ii Edwd produce h 1148 59th 

.. Edwd (Key) h 278 Macon 
i .1 Elizabeth C dressmkr h 480 Washn av 

ii Francis P h 414 Monroe 

ii Geo S h 414 Monroe 

ii Jas h 50 ©heever pi 

ii John bldr h 25 Park pi 

,, John A elk h 28 St Mark's pi 

n John A elk h 592 E 19th 

ii John F reporter h 197 Bradford 

ii John R insp h 8821 Bay 33d 

ii J Bernard supt 18th av c 57th 

ii Martin elk h 110 Patchen av 

ii Michl carpr 7th av n 40th 

ii Michl P lawyer h 703 Rogers av 

ii Michl J undertaker 110 Patchen av 

n Itiehd J stenographer h 831 Putnam av 

ii Thos P asst lire marshal 367 Jay h 197 

ii Timothy L advertising 140 Nassau Mhtn 
h 592 E 19th 

„ Wm h 328 8th 

ii Wm mctalwki h 181 N J av 

,i Wm police h 311 10th 

n Wm stonecutter h 288 Wilby av 

ii & Co undertakers 5619 New Otrecht av 
Broquist Chas machinist h 23 1st 

n Ernest engineer h 314 6th 
Brorson Julius candy 28 Reeve pi 
Broschart Adam painter 179 Scholes 

„ Hy ins h 998 Hart 

n Jacob J plumber 406 Graham av 
Broscher Audw h 125 55th 
Brose Fred treasr 85 Front Mhtn h 281 
DeKalb av 

ii Geo R insp h 181 Garfield pi 

ii Wm C com mer h 181 Garfield pi 
Broseck Oscar F toolmkr h 216 14th 
Bioslnsky John meat h 185 India 
Broeky David furniture 81 Johnson av 
Brosnahan Jos A elk h 360 Union 
Brosnan Edw fireman h 017 St John's pi 

n Edwd police h 381 3d 

ii Elizabeth wid John h 22 Hpkson av 

ii Frank P elk h 61 Hicks 

ii John ct attendant h 381 3d 

n John F elk h 135 Reyerson 

„ Michl elk h 16 Berkeley pi 

ii Michl L engineer h 61 Hicks 

ii Timothy elk h Ovlngton av n 6th av 

ii T F contractor 833A Greene av 

n Wm h 833A Greene av 

ii Wm police h 381 3d 
Brosow Philip broker 66 Leonard Mhtn h 66 

n Simon furrier 74 University pi Mltn h 
06 Rush 
Bross A C b 154 Pulaski 

„ Frank V elk h 217 Clermont av 

ii Saml cabinetmkr" h 255 Covert 
Brassard Geo baker h 426 7th av 

n Theo caterer h 524 10th 
Brosseau John B tailor 1 Barclay Mhtn b 
663 St John's pi 

,. Julian bookkpr h 473 4th 

.ii Yvon P bookkpr h 210 Clermont av 
Brossman Chas H cutter h 272 R R av 

M Wm H cutter h 1411 Gates av 
Brostoff John foreman h 2919 Fulton 

ii Maxwell foreman h 429 Warwick 

ii Saml manager b 309 Warwick 
Broswicke Oscar electrician h 216 14th 
Broter J M tailor 214 Madison 
Brotheer Fredk bldr h Gelston av n 92d 
Brotherhood Ernest h 19 Brevoort pi 

ii of Painters & Decorators 457 Fulton 

ii Painters' Association 6 TUlary 

n Percy M h 9 Prospect pk W 



Brotherldge Hy J vet surg 8 16th & 74 
Tpklna av h 193 Oarlton av 
ii Herbert vet surg 560 Fulton & 4014 

3d av b 193 Carlton av 
ii Jos G horseshoer 166 Carlton av h 
Freeport L I 
Brothers Arthur G draughtsman b 90 Clin- 
ton av 
ii David H elk h 98 Maujer 
■i John elk h 291 Classon av 
ii Lawrence J elk h 279 Prospect pi 
ii Michl engineer b 1578 Bergen 
n Michl engineer h 240 Franklin av 
ii Patrick R attendant h 40 Somers 
ii Saml F chief elk 29 Pa av 
ii Saml F physician 96 N J av 
ii Sarah wld Jas h 1460 59th 
ii Wm F elk h 648A St Mark's av 
Brothman Saml dry gds 541 Flushing av 
Brotsker Abraham shoes 2008 Fulton 

ii C clothing 1680 Fulton 
Brott Jos J antiques 1057 Fulton h 83 

Irving pi 
Brotzmann Fredk C signs 266 State h 184 
ii Wm elk h 383 Bergen 
Brouard Elmer B elk h 255 Van Buren 
ii Fredk B salesman h 496 Qulncy 
ii Hy J com mer 83 Worth Mhtn h 265 

Vernon av 
■i Wm B salesman h 1025 Putnam av 
Broude Ellas & Ohas liquors 153 Osborn 
Broudy David shoes 107 Johnson av h 1485 
East Pkway 
n Wm grocer 123 Walton 
ii Wolf delicatessen h 160 Havemeyer 
Brough John printer h 113 Stuyt av 
Brougham A Leonard lawyer 32 Liberty 

Mhtn h 305 Rugby rd 
Broughton Ella F wld Albert h 974 St 
Mark's av 
n Ella L wid Thos A h 800 Argyle rd 
n Harry stereotyper h 580 Park pi 
i. John tinsmith h 287 Balnbrldge 
n Luke D physician h 304 Lewis av 
Brouiliard Jos watchcases h 138 Dresden 
Broun Campbell C broker 37 New Mhtn h 
853 Carroll 
h John W h 872 Jef av 
ii Louis metal roofer 2772 Atlantic av 
Broune Wm J h 74 Hoyt 
Brouse Ida M matron h 124 18th 
Brouwer John H Jeweler 471 Grand 
ii Saml drugs b 429 Balnbrldge 
n Theo & Son Jewelers 471 Grand 
Brovlnsky Jos buttons 53 W 3d Mhtn h 66 

Throop av 
Browall Carl carpr h 1426 60th 
ii Chas engineer h 165 34th 
ii Neils painter h 1640 59th 
Broward Wm R harnessmkr h 102(5 Putnam 

Browdy Jos plumber 272 Court 

n Max grocer 165 Floyd 
Browe Albert H measurer h 192 Decatur 
ii Fredk H supt 102 Chambers Mhtn h 
192 Decatur 
Brower Abraham L elk h 1271 Bedford av 
■i Albert elk h 266 Cooper 
ii Alex R hats 68 Greene Mhtn b 197 Mc- 

ii Ancel J b 134 Midwood 
it Arnold draughtsman h West n 16th av 
ii BenJ C realestate h 1062 Sterling pi 
n Chas h 839 Hart 
ii Chas F carrier h 160 S Elliott pi 
ii Clinton W h 232A Wilby av 
ii Danl K roofing 77 Maiden la Mhtn b 

349 Rugby rd 
ii David civil eng 215 Montague b 199 

i, David S elk h 371 State 
ii Edwd O elk h 295 MeDsnough 
ii Emeline wid Jas O h 385 Clinton av 
ii Ernest C lawyer 44 Court h 61 Plerre- 

n E Sylvester engineer 90 Liberty Mhtn 

b 865 Park pi 
ii Everard H dentist b 66*8 Prest 
ii Frances M wld Rem L h 163 17th 
ii Frank D elec eng h 199 Keap 
ii Frank E Ins 71 Nassau Mhtn h 214 

Wilby av 
ii Garret h 23 St Francis' pi 
n Geo drugs 426 Court h 99 2d pi 


STORKS: 619 and 1416 Fulton Street 


847 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; US Park Row, New York City, 

and 313 Fust situ Street, New York City 






















— so 

Charlotte Russe 
and Fancy Cakes 
used by countless 
millions. Try them 

TeleoboM at all MtaMN 


UPTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 

• H 

U ( 







9 ^ 

C c« 


<D — 


> o- 


< 33 




* Si 

3 ^ 

.a o 



10 o 


O "- 


r* od 


£: k>- 






ii Geo A elk h 572 McDonough 

ii Geo E lawyer 44 Court b 1084 Park pi 

ii Geo E & Ernest C lawyers 44 Court 

ii Geo L roofer h 288 Ralph aT 

ii Geo V lawyer 44 Court h 1084 Park pi 

ii Horace H jr elk fo 77 Stuyt aT 

ii Jo:in h 205 7th 

ii John b 147 Douglass 

ii John elk h 765 McDonough 

■i Lester elk h 110 N Oxford 

ii Marshall fruit 94 Barclay Mbtn b 489 

n Mary wld Holmes b 313 59tb 
ii Mary wld Jeremiah C h 479 3d 
ii Otro faacy gds h 71 Irving av 
I. Rtehd h 103 Ryerson 
M Roht lnsp h 310 Greenwood av 
ii Van Pelt cooper 84 Emerson pi h 214 

Wilby av 
H Walter manager h 23 St Francis' pi 
ii Wm B Ins h 759 Putnam av 
ii Wm H cooper h 107 Taaffe pi 
n Wm L advertising 12 Elm Mhtn b 106 

Union av 
ii Wm S elk h 405 2d 
ii Wm T turner h 1418 Atlantic av 
Browley Geo bldr h 411A Decatur 

ii Susan wld h 411A Decatur 
Browman Adolph plumber h 220 Troy av 
Brown Aaron meobanie h 91 Hauson pi 

Abner E ins 189 Montague h 474 14th 
Abraham clothing h 209 Smith 
Abraham manager 894 Fulton 
Abraham supt h 2066 E 14th 
Abram H engineer h 874 DeKalb av 
Adam umbrellas 164 Melrose 
Addison earpr b 904 Putnam av 
Addison W prest 195 Montague b 130 

Addison W Electric Co (inc) 196 Mon- 
Adolph artist h 228 86th 
Adrian G printer h 188 Sandford 
Albert express 465 56th 
Albert finisher 819 Bergen 
Albert insp h 165 Howard av 
Albert photos 373 E 29th 
Albert C prest 29 Vandewater Mbtn n 

54 Cranberry 
Albert D elk h 639 Quincy 
Albert H manager 181 3d av b 412 67tb 
Albert L elk h 361 42d 
Albert R insp h 1445 Bedford av 
Albert S elk h 554 2d 
Alex b 604 Franklin av 
Alex printer b 149 Court 
Alex realestate 124% N Elliott pi h 27 ' 

Vandt av 
Alex sexton h 468 DeKalb av 
Alex stonecutter b 452 47th 
Alex J liquors 356 St Mark's av 
Alfred baker 2723 Surf av 
Alfred contractor h 412 57th 
Alfred decorator h 918 Nostrand av 
Alfred A engineer h 517 Putnam av 
Alfred C engineer h 57 S 10th 
Alfred F H decorator h 918 Nostrand av 
Alfred H engraver h 96 Ryerson 
Alfred L mfr 15 Dunham pi h 392 Clin- 
ton av 
Allen elk h 716 Sterling pi 
Alonzo D V h 146 S Portland av 
AJvab G salesman h 122 Kingston av 
Alvln F h 2017 Av G 
Amelia wld Isaac b 352 S 4th 
Amos E plumber b 94 Amity 
Andw boarding 39 Columbia 
Andw messenger b 99 Marlon 
Andw music h 150 Noble 
Andw produce 15 Rock 
Andw J foreman h 784 Madison 
Andw J salesman b 71 Columbia hgts 
Andw S carpr h 341 Sumner av 
Ann C wld David h 518 Madison 
Anna costumes 760 Bway 
Anna wid Jas nurse h 983 DeKalb av 
Anna wld Patrick b 180 Hoyt 
Anna wld Tbos h 455 Marlon 
Annie wld Chas h 361 42d 
Annie J wid Albert h 77 Rutland rd 
Anson knit gds 126 Boerum 
Anthony H truckman h 239 3 4th 
Arthur broker to 93 Ten Byck 
Artbur trainer h 1415 E 9th 
Arthur A lawyer 154 Nassau Mbtn b 

391 E 8th 
Arthur A express b 309A 15th 
Arthur E elk h 1857 Cropsey av 

Bedford Riding Academy 

Cor. Bedford and Atlantic Avenue* 
telephone Can, £\ { Bedford BR00KLTIT, nr. T. 



.. Arthur J police h 112 S 8th 
ii Arthur T fruit b 468 Bain bridge 
ii Arthur W elk fo 194 Bay 10th 
ii August h 200 Freeman 
ii August antiques h 1102 Coney Island av 
ii August engineer b 153 India 
.. August florist h 679 Hart 
ii Augustus lithographer h 380 Halfley 
ii A artist h 228 86th 
ii Bancroft elk h 825 Park pi 
n Barnum b 829 Fbush av 
ii Benj clothing 15 Hamilton av b Mhtn 
ii Benj collector to 94 Marion 
ii Ben] liquors 524 Rkway av 
ii Benj pants 64 E Bway Mhtn h 274 Co- 
ii Ben] stationery 101 Albany av 
ii Ben] tailor 194A Prospect park W h 

805 Coney Island av 
ii Ben] J hatter ih 801 Franklin av 
ii Bernard tailor 49 Sheriff Mhtn h 580 

Marcy av 
ii Bernhardt clothing 591 Fulton b 109 W 

129th Mhtn 
ii Brian elk h 1131 83d 
ii Burr R 65 Dey Mbtn fo 77 E 16th 
ii Byron dentist 77 Hanson pi 
ii Carl S lawyer 38 Park Row Mhtn, a 782 

Prospect pi 
ii Casslus M manager 23 Park Row Mhtn 

b 301 Beverley rd 
n Cath wid John b 1794 Dean 
ii Cath wid. Mich! Ih 560 East Pkway 
ii Cath A wid CLas J h 279 Hicks 
n CbaB b 442 Degraw 
ii Chas h 143 Jef av 
n Chas asst sec 41 Park Row Mhtn h 

1036 Sterling pi 
ii OLas boat capt h 635 60th 
ii Chas bookkpr b 71 Columbia bgts 
ii Chas carver h 37 Wyona 
ii Chas elk h 1008 Hancock 
ii Chas elk h 377 McDonough 
n Ohas elk h 2223 79tb 
ii Ohas elk n 108 S Oxford 
ii Chas clothing 665 Bway b 411 E 51st 

u CLas fireman h 738 Dt-catur 
ii Chas foreman h 141 Middleton 
ii Chas grocer 548 Hart 
ii Chas linens 292 Church Mhtn h 124 Lin- 
coln pi 
ii Chas mechanic h 59 Koscko 
ii Chas moulder b 588 10th 
ii Cbas realestate b 713 Prest 
ii Chas realestate h 1718 Bergen 
ii Chas salesman h 236 McDonough 
ii Cbas salesman fo 902 Prest 
ii Chas salesman h 99 S Oxford 
ii Ohas tailor h 93 Van Buren 
ii Obas treas Bedford av c Av D h 520 

Delamere pi 
ii Chas Jr electrician h 50 Cumberland 
ii Chas A h 810 Fbush av 
ii Ohas A realestate 771 Fbush av 
ii Chas A (Rev) h 165 Howard av 
ii Chas B elk h 255 Van Burcn 
ii Ohas O salesman b 32A Woodbine 
ii Cbas E bookkpr b 135 S Oxford 
ii Chas E chairman 147 Av OD Mhtn h 636 

Fbush av 
n Chas E elk h 403 .McDonough 
ii Chas E elk h 530 McDonough 
H Cbas E engineer h 1464 Dean 
h Chas E ice h 59 Koscko 
ii Cbas E ins h 682 McDonougb 
ii Chas F cards 711 Fulton 
ii Chas F elk b 1407 Pacific 
ii Cbas F liquors 511 Henry fo 192 Onion 
ii Obas F liquors 3 Berry pi 
ii Ohas F liquors 424 Henry 
ii Chas F realestate h 1407 Pacific 
ii Chas G painter 1142A Bedford av 

303A Madison 
ii Chas H asst librarian 26 Brevoort pi b 

Richmond Hill L I 
n Chas H butter 205 S Oxford 
n Ohas H elk h 720 Kenmore pi 
n Ohas H treas 190 Montague L 115 Gar- 

ii Chas H Paint Co 190 Montague 
n Cbas M elec contractor 5 Myrtle av b 

301 Van Buren 
ii Chas R electrician h 658 Dean 
n Chas T advertising b 626 67th 
■i Chas T compositor b 890 DeKalb av 
n Ohas T lawyer b 782 Prospect pi 

George H. Willere, Proprietor 


Proipect Park Branch 
Cor. FUtbush and Ocean Avenues 

TELEPHONE ^^V^tbush 

h 2 



datbenvoob s 8 a f" el w H: B "[ r - 

8 South William St., 

PHILADELPHIA. ^ y^ ^ ^ y 



ii (Mnis w manager 50 Church Mhtn h 650 

B 19th 
ii Christian E draughtsman h 1455 Bed- 
ford av 
n Chrisr W physician h 576 Halsey 
n Clarence A treasr 195 Montague 
ii Clarence D elk h 17 Bay 25th 
ii Clarence 11 elk h 95 Kenilworth pi 
ii Clarence J supplies h 120 Bay 29th 
ii Clarence S h 432 Bugby rd 
ii Clarence S feed h 1871 Fbush av 
ii Clayton B salesman h 39 Jef av 
ii Clinton N h 344 Dean 
n Cyrus F restaurant 462 Court h 1195 

n II framer h 670% Gates av 
H C K h The Touraine 
ii Danl carpi- h 301 42d 
M Danl I) pilot h 539 McDonough 
ii David muulder h 90th n 3d av 
ii David G salesman h 259 Linden av 
,i David J banker 164 Montague h 1802 

Bklyu av 
ii David J ins h 1303 St John's pi 
ii David S & Co soapmkrs 33 Thornton 
n Development & Realty Co 1607 Pacific 
n DeVVitt C ins h 563 Herkimer 
n Dora cigars 192 Hamilton av 
ii Douglas K sec 292 Church Mhtn h 124 

Lincoln pi 
n D W jr realestate Ocean Pkway c 

Church av 
ti Edmund jr police h 16 Bay 29th 
ii Edwd baker 747 Myrtle av 
ii Edwd elk h 110 S Elliott pi 
ii Edwd cattle h 2064 53d 
ii Edwd compositor h 1253 Rogers av 
ii Edwd electrician h 349 57th 
ii Edwd liquors 1 4th pi 
ii Edwd supt h 1102 Fbush av 
n Edwd A printer 444 Pearl Mhtn b 215 

ii Edwd E letter carrier h 332 Hancock 
ii Edwd F umbrellas h 363 Sumpter 
ii Edwd G electrician h 190 Nostrand av 
ii Edwd J fixtures 242 Canal Mhtn b Bay 

14th c Benson av 
,i Edwd J ins h 237 McDonough 
■■ Edwd J insp h 329 42d 
,i Edwd J printer h 299 Adelphl 
n Edwd P h 956 Kent av 
,i Edwd P teller h 554 2d 
n Edwin collector h 1914 8th av 
ii Edwin C painter h 342 Nostrand av 
ii Edwin I painter h 187 Reid av 
ii Eliza D dressmkr 700 Monroe 
ii Elizabeth wid Alex h 58 Taylor 
ii Elizabeth wid Jas h 525 Bedford av 
M Ella M vice-prest 195 Montague h 130 

ii Ellen wid Hy h 2521 Albemarle rd 
ii Elmer E engraver h 115 N J aV 
■■ Elsie J wid Monmouth h 9 Spencer ct 
ii Emil S dry gds 1012 DeKalb av 
n Emma wid Hy S h 912A Laf av 
ii Emma C h 475 Hancock 
ii Emma. D wid Saml h 128 LeHerts pi 
ii Emma L wid John ii 251 McDonough 
ii Brick L grocer 455 Warren 
ii Ernest elk h 513 Marlborough rd 
ii Ernest J florist h 2332 Tilden av 
ii Eugene engineer h 471 Sterling pi 
ii Eugene elk h 22 Monroe 
ii Eugene salesman h 550 50th 
ii E S h 342 Nostrand av 
ii Francis W h 1198 St John's pi 
ii Frank h E 17th c Chestnut 
n Frank candy h 191 S 3d 
ii Frank elk h 1552 Pacific 
ii Frank grocer 246 Gold 
■i Frank metal ceilings h 436 Lei av 
■i Frank pilot h 1415 Bwlck av 
n Frank printer b 243 State 
ii Frank salesman h 275 17th 
■i Frank shoemkr b 211 Buffalo av 
ii Frank A ins h 2699 Bedford av 
ii Frank E h 341 Lenox rd 
ii Frank E physician 591 Hancock 
ii Frank Et trainer h Voorhies av n Ocean 

ii Frank L h 1110 Bwlck av 
n Frank L surveyor h 407 Decatur 
ii Frank M laundry 194 Ralph av 
,• Frank M public acct 30 Broad Mhtn b 

1216 Beverley rd 
n Frank M sec 180 Montague h 84 Van 

■■ Frank P police h 738 B 31st 


n Frank T see 101 Wasun Mhtn b 355 

Jamaica av 
n Frank W cuglin-ur h 12 DeSales pi 
n Franklin acct h 242 Madison 
ii Franklin II manager h 63 1st pi 
ii Fred vice-prest 444 Pearl Mhtn h 560 

I'utnam av 
ii Fred E elk h 832 Washn av 
ii Frederic C h 201 Columbia hgts 
ii Fredk cundy 271 Prospect park W 
n Fredk elk h 852 Laf av 
ii Fredk collector b 547 6th av 
n Fredk ice h 155 Walworth 
ii Fredk machinist h 5209 3d av 
n Fredk printer h 972 Kent av 
ii Fredk E elk h 536 Dean 
ii Fredk H elk h 8125 23d av 
ii Fredk M lawyer 106 Montague & 54 

Wall Mhtn h 215 Greene av 
ii Fredk W elk h 543A nalsey 
„ F J h 1247 47th 
ii F M h 249 Marlborough rd 
ii F Storer sec 035 Kent av b 100 E 19th 
ii Garry E h 1284 Dean 
ii Geo h 144 Henry 
n Geo h 8314 3d av 

ii Geo badges 75 Nassau Mhtn h 205 At- 
lantic av 
n Geo barber h 1210 Greene av 
ii Geo bldr 667 10th 
ii Geo bookkpr h 15th av n Bath av 
ii Geo elk h 524 Greene av 
ii Geo drugs 424 Court h 99 2d pi 
ii Geo electrician h 128 N 4th ■ 
n Geo engineer h 327 Evergreen av 
ii Geo grocer 967 Flushing av 
ii Geo hardware 663 5th av 
ii Geo jeweler h 23 Lawton 
ii Geo manager 81 Warren Mhtn b 440A 

ii Geo mason h 122 George 
ii Geo meat 599 Centl av h 781 McDonough 
M Geo meat 938 4th av 
ii Geo metal 20th c 8th av h 267 Windsor 

ii Geo painter h 327 Evergreen av 
ii Geo police h 521 E 29th 
ii Geo produce 315 Hamburg av 
ii Geo roofer h 451 13th 
ii Geo signs 42 Fulton Mhtn h 379 Han- 
•i Geo trucks h 238 17th 
n Geo A agt h 800 McDonough 
ii Geo A barber h 514 39th 
n Geo A painter h 246 Reid av 
n Geo A police b 244 Hewes 
ii Geo B h 1481 Bedford av 
ii Geo B machinist h 3d c 42d 
ii Geo E machinery 79 West 
ii Geo E plumber 464 46th 
ii Geo F bookkpr h 87 Penn 
ii Geo F engineer b 148 23d 
ii Geo F stationery 61 C 1 y m e r h 626 

Greene av 
■i Geo G com mer Washn mkt Mhtn b 219 

Rugby rd 
ii Geo G harness b 215 Warwick 
ii Geo G painter W 109th & Riverside 

drive Mhtn b 239 Linden 
ii Geo H elk h 663 10th 
ii Geo H salesman h 297 16th 
it Geo H sawmkr h 194 St Nicholas av 
ii Geo J h 135 Oak 
ii Geo J b 669 60th 
ii Geo J elk h 738 Decatur 
ii Geo J realestate 186 Remsen b 15 Glen- 

ada pi 
■i Geo J jr supt 75 West h 131 Eagle 
n Geo K elk h 954 Lorlmer 
ii Geo M barber 79th n 3d av 
ii Geo M depy conr Municipal bldg h 456 

Argyle rd 
n Geo M salesman h 167 Decatur 
ii Geo P editor 1170 Bway Mhtn b 949 

Park pi 
ii Geo R cashier h 7 Linden av 
ii Geo R elk b 954 Lorlmer 
ii Geo R elk h 47 Van Siclen av 
ii Geo R elk b 17 Montgomery pi 
ii Geo R engraver 9 Maiden la Mhtn h 

465A Halsey 
ii Geo R lnspr h 79 Welrfleld 
ii Geo R mason fa 273 Koscko 
ii Geo R realestate h 129 DeKalb av 
ii Geo T manager 81 Warren Mhtn b 440A 

ii Geo W ugt 31 Nassau Mhtn h 662 Macon 
ii Geo W elk b 154 Oalyer 

P ■< 
m z 


° * m 


M £? %fa 
o m > 

o -H 

— 30 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


917 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 Haln, 



UPIHBTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Strait, BrooklfD 

Telephone 3004 Main 

oc 3 

































ii Geo W elk h 954 Lorlmer 

ii Geo W janitor h 1354 Hancock 

.1 Geo W painter h 103 Schaeffer 

.1 Geo W painter 345 Flushing av u 266 

lie we s 

.1 Geo W salesman h 449 E 7th 

.. Geo W sec h 219 5th av 

ii Georgiana E principal Lincoln rd o Al- 
bany av h 167 Decatur 

ii Gerald A physician h 155 Halsey 

ii Gordon mason h 132 10th 

M Gouverneur G engineer h 1138 44th 

ii Grace h 47 Pierrepont 

ii Grace L h 56 Marlborough rd 

ii Gregory h 825 Park pi 

.. Gustav tailor h 332 Bedford av 

n Gustav H agt 51 South Mhtn h 249 


n Gustave antique 215 Atlantic av h 1102 

Coney Island av 

n Gwendolen librarian Bwlck av c Seigel 

h 122 Kingston av 

ii G Sanford fireman h Harway av n Hub- 

ii G Spencer salesman h 579 E 7th 

ii Hall h 392 Clinton av 

N Hamet h 78 Putnam av 

ii Harold elk h 201 McDouough 

ii Harold E manager u 6 S Portland av 

ii Harold S advertising 1170 Bway Mhtn 

h 949 Park pi 

ii Harris G ins h 1539 72d 

ii Harrison H teacher h 41 Hawthorne 

ii Harry h 76 Fort Greene pi 

ii Harry elk h 338 Sunrpter 

ii Harry delicatessen 241 Liberty av 

ii Harry plumber h 140 Hoyt 

ii Harry printer h 422 4Sth 

n Harry salesman h 342 60th 

ii Harry signs h 108 Martense 

n Harry A collector h 78 B 3d 

ii Harry B detective h 471 Rogers av 

ii Harry C elk h 1036 Sterling pi 

ii Harry O foreman h 400 Decatur 

n Harry B stationer h 760 Franklin av 

ii Harry M toolmkr h 249 Prospect pi 

ii Harry V electrician h 61 Stuyt av 

n Harry W printer h 3S2 Essex 

ii Harvey T elk h 55 Ghauneey 

n Hawley B elk h 46 St Mark's pi 

.1 Hy h 224 Clermont av 

ii Hy compositor h 972 Kent av 

ii Hy fruit h 257 Stockton 

ii Hy printer h 470 44th 

ii Hy A h 166 Pulaski 

ii Hy B decorator h 518 39th 

ii Hy B chemist 116 Broad Mhtn h 642 

Putnam av 

n Hy E physician h 1265 Bergen 

ii Hy J bldr 1534 Fulton 

ii Hy J milk h 455 Warren 

ii Hy J police h 1190 Deeatur 

I. Hy J & Son bldrs 1534 Fulton 

ii Hy M salesman h 74 S 9th 

ii Hy M C compositor h 358 Montaok av 

ii Hy S asst comptroller 32 Nassau Mhtn 

h 663 10th 

ii Hy S electrician h 32 St Mark's pi 

ii Hy T nect h 160 St James' pi 

ii Herbert compositor h 308 Linden av 

., Herbert L elk h 82 Kodney 

n Herbert W elk h 781A Humbt 

„ Herman hats 61 Washn h 64 96th Mhtn 

ii Herman realestate h 492 Jerome 

ii Herman stationer 216 Jay 

ii Herman W h 99 r.utledge 

., Hersev stationer 90 William Mhtn h 8 


M Hiram caror h 218 Franklin av 

ii niram S elk h 445 3d 

ii Horace L ins h 432 McDonough 

ii Howard boilers h 1151 Dean 

ii Howard bookkpr h 54 Elton 

ii Howard grocer h 183 Logan 

ii Howard D carpr h 144 Jcf av 

ii Hugh K carpr 336 DeKalb av h 282 


ii H C h 3S8 Classon av 

ii H N (Rev) h 331 Roebling 

ii H furrier 674'/; Gates av 

ii Ida wld Hv h 96 Ryerson 

n Irviu plumber 921 Gates av h 187 Pal- 

ii Irving h 933 Lincoln i>l 

ii Irwin M bookkpr h 1 IS Washn av 

ii Isaac h 979 St Mark's nv 

ii Isaac h 456 Madison 


Isaac candy 2920 Fulton 

Isaac copi>ersmith h 061 Clinton 

Isaac painters supplies 040 Myrtle av 

Jacob delicatessen h 410 Bwlck av 

Jacob grocer 25 Moore 

Jacob liquors h 178 Bridge 

Jacob meat 94 Mlildleton 

Jacob paints 171 Jay 

Jacob D butter h 1209 61st 

Jacob G manager 150 Nassau Mhtn h 
1556 52d 

Jacob M bhir h 1407 Pacific 

Jacob Ii janitor h 1715 Bergen 

Jas h 317 16th 

Jas bookkpr h 59 Quiney 

Jas carpr h E 18th n Av N 

Jas carpr h 404 54th 

Jas elk b 93 S Portland av 

Jas elk h 184 S Oxford 

Jas elk h 632A Quiney 

Jas elk h 953 4th av 

Jas dry gds h 1252 Dean 

Jas engineer h 118 Clinton av 

Jas engineer h 54 India 

Jas engineer h 359 7th av 

Jas plumber h 110 Ashland pi 

Jas plumber h 326 Smith 

Jas mnnager h 81 Cumberland 

Jas moulder h 109 Sheridan av 

Jas printer h 1253 Rogers av 

Jas salesman h 229 72d 

Jas typefounder h 79 B 5th 

Jas A elk b 11 Bklvn av 

Jas C h 197 Covert 

Jas de S eoml trav h 431 80th 

Jas F lnsp h 150 N 7th 

Jas G drugs 240 Court 

Jas G drugs 182 St Nicholas av 

Jas H b 422 Bergen 

Jas H h 241 Bklyn av 

Jas H agt h 978 Madison 

Jas H aprons h 67 Clynier 

Jas H h 783 Laf av 

Jas H machinery 7 Washn av 

Jas H meat h 86 Adelphi 

Jas H sec h 445 3d 

Jas H tools 139 3d av 

Jas H jr compositor h 783 Laf av 

Jas J h 181A Halsey 

Jas J agt 81 Beach Mhtn h 103 Pine 

Jas J reporter h 1634 E 19th 

Jas L h 1252 Dean 

Jas L bookkpr h 1104 Jef av 

Jas L salesman h 218 Carroll 

Jas N vlce-prest 198 Montague & 5 Nas- 
sau Mhtn h 182 N Y av 

Jas P contractor h 258 54th 

Jas S stereotyper h 742 Macon 

Jus T salesman h 68 Orange 

Jas W elk h 56 Clinton av 

Jane A wid Valentine h 123 Sumner av 

Jane wid Geo h 110 Ashland pi 

Jeannette G wid John S h 419 Clinton av 

Jefferson u s n h 84th n 10th av 

Jeremiah E prest 726 Grand h Freeport 
L I 

Jessie C h 611 E 29th 

Jessie J b 451 Deeatur 

John asst sec h 412 Albemarle id 

John bookkpr h 653 E 29th 

John buyer It 79 E Bth 

John cashier h 185 Ailelphl 

John elk h 292 Ainslle 

John elk h 181A Halsey 

John elk h 691 Henry 

John elk h 143 High 

John engineer h 150 N 7th 

John express h 728 Saekett 

John fruit 120 Wyekoff av 

John hotel h 19th av u Bath av 

John insp h 364 Ridgewood av 

John Janitor h 262 Madison 

John liquors 377 S 5th 

John machinist h 132 2d pi 

John meat 202 Grand h 608 Madison 

John plumber h 1543 Dean 

John plumber h I4fi9 DeKalb av 

John printer h 12S7 Decatur 

John printer h 68 Covert 

John realestate h 369 Vernon av 

John riveter h 247 54th 

John salesman h 206 S 3d 

John salesman h 379 8tli 

John shipwright h 246 K 5th 

John Stevedore b 436 4lith 

John tailor 4S1 5th av Mhtn h 100 Bay 


F\ M 



Expert Testing and Repairing 

391 Myrtle Ave. 










■n — | 




317 Washington St 



2 « 



o 8 


a g 





















1 J 


















it John A h Benson av c Bay 22d 
it John A carpr h 1743A Atlantic av 
■i John A realestate h 4th av c 80th 
ii John C police h 188 Hnll 
ii John E agt h 625 McDonough 
ti John E agt h 104 S Portland av 
ii John E engineer h 232 McDonough 
ii John E manager h 667 McDonough 
ii John E painter h 238 Keap 
ii John H carpr h 33 Kouwenhoven pi 
ii John H elk h 155 Walworth 
ii John H mechanic h 516 58th 
n John H produce 146 Palmetto 
' n John J h 107 Henry 

ii John J plumber h 1543 Dean 

ii John J plumber h 775 Madison 

ii John J watehmkr h 394 12th 

ii John L elk h 183 Eldert 

ii John M artist h 167 Windsor pi 

ii John M marine eng h 54 Georgia av 

n John N elk h 332 Ashford 

ii John O elk h 45 Irving pi 

ii John S bookkpr h 195 Balnbridge 

ii John Spencer sugar 112 Wall Mhtn b.756 

Putnam av 
ii John T h 1066 Bergen 
,i John W teacher h 185 Adelphi 
ii Jos h 145 Greene av 
ii Jos carrier h 538 Henry 
ii Jos elk h 775 Putnam av 
ii Jos elk h 635 60th 
ii Jos lnsp h 1102 Herkimer 
ii Jos manager 429 Keap 
ii Jos mfr h 82 S 9th 
ii Jos painter h 23 Lewis av 
ii Jos police h 10 Strong pi 
ii Jos rigger h 123 13th 
ii Jos salesman h 520 Nostrand av 
ii Jos tailor h 270 Bergen 
ii Jos steamfitter h 1040 Herkimer 
ii Jos A printer h 131 Martense 
.1 Jos B dentist h 883 Union 
n Jos E banker 25 Broad Mhtn h 123 Bern- 
n Jos E manager 42 Myrtle av h 397 Laf 

ii Jos G h 96 let pi 
ii Jos H coal 106 Grand h 131A Cambridge 

n Jos H charcoal 433 Keap 
ii Jos H printer h 226A Ralph av 
ii Jos J electrician h 79 Hull 
n Jos J machinist h 5818 5th av 
ii Jos M elk h 147 Hart < 

ii Jos S lawyer h 184 Clinton 
ii Jos W carpr h 112 S 8th 
ii Jos W letter carrier h 162 Keap 
ii Julia wid John h 885 Hancock 
ii Julia A wld Geo W h 63 Hancock 
ii Julius barber h 1678 Pitkin av 
ii J Gratz elk h 1440 59th 
ii J K Co (lnc) ladders 181 3d av 
ii J W J h 81 Cumberland 
ii Kershaw acct h 1415 67th 
ii Lawrence E elk h 630 Mansfield Dl 
n Lawson H elk h Marcy av c S 9th 
ii Leo elk h 254 8th 
ii Levi bricklayer h 297 Bridge 
ii Levi O realestate 204 Montague h 404 

E 16th 
■i Lewis cigars 651 Washn av 
n Lewis O painter 100 William Mhtn h 

113 Columbia hgts 
ii Lewis H restaurant 13S2 Bway h 1383 

ii Lizzie K wid Wm h 334 46th 
ii Louis carpr h 653 48th 
ii Louis cigars h 1023 Laf av 
ii Louis clothing 288 Atlantic av 
ii Louis cooper h 611 Laf av 
ii Louis designer h 346 S 3d 
ii Louis meat 407 Hamburg av h 27 Covert 
ii Louis piano tuner h 791 Halsey 
ii Louis shoes 97 & 106 Smith 
n Louis tailor 519 6th 

ii Louis A lawyer 44 Court h 8005 4th av 
ii Louis C manager 345 Nostrand av h 319 

Putnam av 
ii Louis H silk 131 Bleecker Mhtn h 228 

ii Louis L electrician Prince c Bway Mhtn 

h 1228 Park pi 
ii Louis L supt 115 Bway Mhtn h 77 E 

ii Louis P civil eng h 177 Decatur 
ii Lowell V realestate h 904 Jef av 


n Ludwlg printer h 191 Freeman 

ii Lyman D rubber gds 71 Franklin Mhtn 

h 254 DeKalb av 
n L carpr h 530 49th 
ii L mfr 67414 Gates av 
ii L E h 920 Lincoln pi 
ii L E livery 210 Russell 
ii L Jos (Rev) h 1717 Bergen 
it Margt millinery 1387 Pulton 
ii Margt milliner 341 Ridgewood av h 377 

S 5th 
ii Margt wid Jas A h 461 42d 
ii Marie K wid Peter h 972 Kent av 
ii Martin B manager h 18 S Oxford 
ii Martin J elk h 27 Lincoln rd 
ii Mary wid David h 432 Lex av 
ii Mary wld Geo h 638 52d 
•i Mary wid John h 160 E 23d 
n Mary wid John H h 155 Walworth 
ii Mary wid Thos h 644 Henry 
ii Mary wid Thos h 459 53d 
n Mary wid Wm h 1485 DeKalb av 
•i Mary A wid David h 468 E 26th 
ii Mary A wid Prank h 433 E 51st 
ii Mary L wid Robt h 210 Green av 
ii Matthew boilermkr h 120 10th 
ii Matthew sailmkr h 244 Hewes 
ii Max cigars 326 Stockton 
ii Max lawyer 346 Bway Mhtn h 147 Hart 
ii Max shoes 10 Union 

■■ Max tailor 1670 Cortelyou rd h 598 E 4th 
ii Max tailor ,194A Prospect park W h 805 

Coney Island av 
ii Max H elk h 141 Hopkins 
ii Meigs W elk h 173 Heyward 
ii Melville weigher h 713 Prest 
ii Melvin lawyer 166 Montague h 215 

Greene av 
ii Mengo H elk h 1452 Bedford av 
ii Mlchl barber 751 Flushing av 
ii Mlchl blacksmith h 560 East Pkway 
n Michl E mfr h 282 Ocean Pkway 
ii Mlchl J agt h 450 Lex av 
ii Mlchl J cooper h 538 Halsey 
ii Monroe S elk h 134 Underhlll av 
ii Morris dry gds 646 Flushing av 
h Morris D prest 150 Nassau Mhtn h The 

ii Morris W petticoats 55 W Houston h 12 

Laf av 
ii Mortimer J appraiser 280 Bway Mhtn li 

310 WaBhn av 
n Mortimer S lawyer 76 William Mhtn h 

110 Hart 
•i Morton A teacher h 202 79th 
•i M S & P C electricians 5 Myrtle av 

it Nathan actor h 148 Koscko 

it Nathaniel M attendant h 287 E 38th 

ii Nellie F wid G h 110 N 7th 

ii Nicholas blacksmith h 560 East Pkway 

ii Nicholas W undertaker 1555 Fbush av 

ii N A laundry 133 N J av 

ii Oliver C glass 79 Walker Mhtn h 1107 

ii Orville elk h 698 Hancock 

ii Oscar bldr h 285V> 14th 

n Oscar A b 474 12th 

n Otio salesman h 129 Cleveland 

ii Owen N lawyer 2 Rector Mhtn n 45 8th 

ii Palmer jr cotton h 179 Marcy av 

n Patrick elk h 47 Wyckoff \ 

ii Patrick engineer h 97 Sumpter 

ii Paul Mortimer S baker 33 3d av Mbtu 
h 344 Decatur 

ii Percy elk h 664 Vandt 29tb Ward 

ii Peter u 177 Park av 

ii Peter bldr h 127 Williams av 

ii Peter engineer b 146 Newell 

ii Peter engineer h 274 56th 

ii Peter rigger h 290 Dean 

ii Peter C h 421 Gold 

it Peter F bookkpr h 436 Clermont av 

n Peter F metalwkr h 258 Classon uv 

ii Peter J machinist h 575 17th 

ii Peter P elk h 189 St Mark's av 

ii Peter R h 415 E 16th 

ii Philander S meulder h 243 12th 

ii Philip Janitor h 294 S 2d 

ti Prentice W sec 150 Nassau Mhtn h 5 

ii Ray S lnsp h 180 Prospect park W 

ii Raymond C acct h 2334 Bedford av 

ii Rebecca R wid Alex h 622 E 5th 

n Rlchd elk h 363 42d 

ii Rlchd compositor h 445 4Uth 

ii Rlcbd mfr h 82 S 9th 



























i 1 


Individual Instruction with a GUARANTEE of a Position to each graduate. Open Entire 
Year. Early Night School (take Any 2 hours) from 6 to 9 o'clock. 

Start atonce. Send for Catalogue. Regents and College Preparation. 







































it Rlchd painter h 227 Lee av 

ii Rlchd plumber 451 Atlantic av 

ii Richd B produce 178 Chambers Mhtn h 

8 Glenada pi 

ii Rlchd D manager 10 Court b 175 Wood- 
ruff av 

ii Rlchd F manager 478 Pearl Mhtn h 1473 


ii Rlchd H elk h 2661 E 18th 

ii Rlchd P elk h 381 Halsev 

ii Robt h 194 Van Buren 

ii Robt carpr h 704 Degraw 

M Robt elk h 186 Van Slclen av 

ii Robt letter carrier h 1144 39th 

ii Robt mason h 985 Putnam av 

ii Robt mechanic h 752 Laf av 

ii Robt salesman h 36 Furman av 

ii Robt A publisher 32 Union sq Mhtn h 

56 Pulaski 

ii Robt A realestate h 1221 86th 

ii Robt H h 2661 E 18th 

ii Robt J carpr h 303 Madison 

" Robt O glass 112 White Mhtn h 1107 


, ii Robt R agt h 986 Hancock 

ii Robt S turner h 57 S 10th 

n Robt T journalist h 986 Hancock 

n Robt V mechanic h 129 Ridgewood av 

ii Robt W ins h 1539 72d 

ii Robertine W h 893A Greene av 

ii Roscoe C E h 164 Hicks 

ii Rose wid Jas H h 978 Madison 

ii Rufus H bldr h 1357 Rogers av 

ii Russell R mechanic h 689 Macon 

ii R Bruce h 118 Milton 

ii R Lewis meeh eng h 1326 Sterling pi 

■i R H h 434 15tb 

ii R H cigars ill S 6th 

ii Saml bookkpr h 1538 Bergen 

ii Saml cigars 219 Reid av 

ii Saml cutter h 912 Hancock 

n Saml fireman h 1329 47th 

ii Saml shoes 227 Court h 744 Driggs av 

ii Saml shoes 21 Onion 

M Saml tailor 344 Broome Mhtn h 161 

Engert av 

ii Saml tailor li 353 Snediker av 

■i Saml A blacksmith h 1050 DeKalb av 

ii Saml H salesman h 207 Walworth 

ii Saml S physician 164 Montague h 844 

Laf av 

.. Saml T h 623 2d 

ii Sarah C wid Win D h 723 Fhnsb av 

ii Sarah H wid Jas h 56 Clinton av 

n Sarah J h 597 Jef av 

ii Shelby elk h 546 Lex av 

ii Solomon liquors 1982 Fulton 

ii Spencer cutter h 155 Koscko 

ii Stephen h 2035 East Pkway 

ii Stephen J h 315 Macon 

n Stephen L stationer 651 Washn av 

ii Stephen T pressman h 519 Glenmore av 

n Susan E wid Arthur h 200 Unioo 

■i Sylvanus D h 5 McDonough 

ii S trimmings 295 Atlantic av 

ii Theo printer h 1093 Putnam av 

ii Theo stairbldr h 1093 Putnam av 

ii Theo A h 156 Clinton 

,i Theo M shoes 133 Duane. Mhtn h 59 


H Theo N dentist 75 6th av h 796 Carroll 

ii Thos agt h 676 DeKalb av 

•• Thos bldr h 667 10th 

m Thos carpr h 255 Saratoga av 

ii Thos drugs h 865 Greene av 

ii Thos electrician h 341 Linden av 

■■ Thos florist h 961 Pacific 

ii Thos Ins h 57 Pineapple 

■i Thos Ins h 143 S Elliott pi 

ii Thoa machinist h 184 DufBeld 

ii Thos merchant b 316 E 29th 

ii Thos pilot h 492 Henry 

ii Thos realestate h 958 Putnam av 

ii Thos E h 699 Decatur 

ii Thos B elk h 642 Lei av 

■■ Thos E physician h 278 Clinton 

ii Thos F elk h Bay 20th n Benson av 

ii Thos F painter 590 Nostrand av 

n Thos L stenographer h 1063 Bedford av 

ii Thos N tel oper h 351A 14th 

ii Thos P elk h 794 McDonough 

ii Thos S messenger h 528 Classon av 

n Thos W electrician h 1709 77th 

ii Thos & Son bklrs 667 10th 

ii Ulysses realestate 4001 Fort Hamilton 

Pkway h 540 45th 

n Victor R elk h 318 Carlton av 

ii Visscher leather 153 Macon 

Steinway & Sons 


Nos. 107 and 109 East Mth Street 




ii Wallace G realestate 2891 Fulton h 

Jamaica av 

n Walter h 199 8th av 

ii Walter drugs 456 Fulton h 4 Hart 

ii Walter A carver h 1636 40th 

ii Walter B h 1096 E 17th 

n Walter E engineer h 726 Lincoln pi 

ii Win h 37 Douglass 

ii Wm h 191 Freeman 

n Wm bookkpr 419 E 29th 

ii Wm books h 267 Windsor pi 

ii Wm brass mfr 712 Degraw 

ii Wm bldr h 2413 83d 

n Wm candy 178 5th av 

n Wm cashier h 60 S Oxford 

ii Wm carpr h 74 Palmetto 

., Wm elk h 217 16th 

ii Wm elk h 123 Ashland pi 

ii Wm elk h 1781 Bergen 

ii Wm elk h 109 Congress 

ii Wm elk h 769 McDonough 

ii Wm engineer h 733 Macon 

ii Wm engineer b 408 Rkway av 

ii Wm ice h 286 Wyona 

ii \Ym ice 318 Rutledge h 55 S 9th 

n Wm insp h 614 45th 

ii Wm insp h 86 Woodbine 

ii Wm iron h 65 2d pi 

ii Wm janitor h 28 Quincy 

ii Wm manager h 42 Hale av 

ii Wm incr h 494 McDonough 

ii Win messenger h 1607 Pacific 

,i Wm mfr h 82 S 9th 

ii Wm painter h 918 Atlantic av 

ii Wm salesman h 630 Koscko 

ii Wm shipmaster h 100 34th 

ii Wm supl 273 Meserole h 42 Hale av 

ii Wm tailor 74 Fbusb av h 253 Dean 

n Win trainer li Lake n Village rd 

ii Wm A h 320 Nostrand av 

ii Wm A carpr h 1634 N Y av 

ii Wm A elk h 78 Laf av 

ii Wm A elk h 238 17th 

ii Wm A decorator h 190 15th 

ii Wm A examiner 280 Bway Mhtn n 661 


ii Wm A engineer h 488 Linwood 

ii Wm A police h 336 Throop av 

n Wm A supt h 109 Kingston av 

I. Wm A A bldr 738 Pliush av 2044 

ford av h G91 Fbusb av 

ii Wm B physician 016 Madison av Mbtn h 

65 Bay 32d 

ii Wm C lisb h 186 Shepherd av 

ii Wm C ironwkr h 1783 Pacific 

ii Wm C sexton h 792 Halsey 

ii Wm E h 434 Prospect pi 

ii Wm E h 794 Prospect pi 

ii Wm E elk h 442 Monroe 

ii Wm E elk h 58 Adelphi 

n Wm E designer 198 Bway Mhtn h 394 


ii Wm E managii h 542 Lex av 

ii Wm E physieiau h 36 Bay 23d 

ii Wm E sec h 457 Decatur 

ii Wm E supt li 145 Powers 

n Wm E tel oper h 237 Midwood 

ii Wm F h 17 Montgomery pi 

ii Wm F carpr h 390 Carlton av 

ii Wm F compositor h 86 Adelphi 

ii Wm FI h 68 Orange 

n Wm H asst sec 156 Montague h 1634 

N Y av 

ii Wm H electrician h 102 Richmond 

ii Wm 11 ins h 1539 72d 

ii Win H painter h 918 Nostrand av 

ii Wm H police li 1140 DeKalb av 

ii Wm H salesman h 2S3 6th av 

a Wm H C police li 291 Koscko 

ii Wm J banker h 240 T3d 

ii Wm J elk u 101 Park pi 

n Wm J com mer 113 Worth Mhtn b 8217 

22d av 

ii Wm J paints 05 Grand li 0i>9 Decatur 

ii Wm L h 125 Macon 


Business Directory! 





317 Washington St., 
Tclcphonc. 3O04 Mkiat 




o : > 



Z 3* 

n5 m 


• 3 








734-736 FIFTH AVENUE. Telephone 27 



Telephone 3410 Flatbash 

Residence Telephone 317 Prospect 




.i Win L plumber 4410 Stb ai h 404 48th 

u Wni M acct h 238 Fbush av 

ii Wm N painter h 537 Hart 

ii Win P engineer h 7G Amity 

ii Wm R bldr h 2413 83d 

M Wm K cooper h 5818 5tb av 

n Win It fireman h 488 Linwood 

,i Wm It Janitor h 262 Madison 

it Wm T treasr Jay c Johnson 

ii Wm Wallace supt 85 Clinton h 163 Rich- 

.. Willis H salesman h 414 3d 

ii W F manager h 1198 St John's pi 

.1 W II h 460 75th 

ii W L Co plumbers 4-110 5th a? 

ii W S h 794 Prospect pi 

,i Zelma A see 195 Montague h 130 Wilby 

n Bros clothing 15 Hamilton av & 10 


ii Bros tailors 194A Prospect Pk W 

.. & Co teas 179 Grand 

M i Eckersley pluuibers 774 Fbush ay 

ii £ Heller shoes 227 Court 

ii & Kirseh stationers 7 Reid av 

.. & Klein bakers 99 Thatford ay 

ii & Mosler bakers 99 Thatford av 

n & Mulstein toolinkr 211 3d ay 

n & Patterson iron foundry 33 Marcy ay 

n & Vouderlin box mfrs 61 Boerum 
Browne Albert C salesman h 54 Cranberry 

n Alfred J printer h 84 St James' pi 

i, Andw elk h 2 S Oxford 

ii Andw J machinist h 211 Reid av 

i, Annie C wid Geo J h 14 8th av 

ii An bur bousemover 300 Schenck av 

ii A II & Bro engravers 455 Pulton 

ii Chas electrotyper h 114 Shepherd av 

.. Chas F h 713 Prest 

,i Edmund C sec 28 Fbush av h 1039 E 


ii Edwd electrician b 128 Greene av 

ii Edwd R salesman h 397 Argyle rd 

ii Frank elk h 1552 Pacific 

ii Geo B h 317 Cumberland 

ii Geo E janitor h 176 Montauk av 

ii Geo W contractor h 1113 Herkimer 

n Geo W supplies 44 Court 

ii Hy B cashier 66 Bway Mbtn b 1539 


ii Hj- plumber h 415 11th 

ii Hy-Eyre organist h 557A Monroe 

ii Jas agt h 8 MeDonough 

ii Jas J auditor li 1552 Pacific 

■I Jas J liquors 25 Myrtle av b 50 Johnson 

n John iH b 569 Carlton av 

ii John T janitor h 132 Remsen 

ii Jos A lithographer b 211 Reid av 

.. Mary J wid Jas E b Bay 29th n Bath av 

H Maurice J lawyer h 86 S 10th 

ii Nathan H lumber h 24 Garden pi 

.1 Neil police h 369 Van Buren 

•i Paul R elk h 87 Arlington av 

ii Percy L printer 90 William Mbtn n 8 


ii Rebecca wid Alex h 319 Church av 

it Richd B ironwkr Norman av c Kingsland 

av b 543 Ocean av 

ii Robt E salesman h 380 3d 

ii Rov electrician h 144 Woodruff 

,i Saml tutor li 378 4th 

ii Saul mer 1982 Fulton h 1019 Herkimer 

ii Thos h 802 St John's pi 

ii Thos A school b 451 State 

■ i Thos K furniture 10113 Fbush av 

i. Thos R college 2S Fbush av h 1039 E 


.1 Thos W h 513 Vaudt av 

.. T J teacher h 1199 Bergen 

ii Waldron T physician 91 Kingston av h 

225 Monroe 

ii Walraiu S engineer h 1565 El 12th 

i. Wilkie J acct h 1002 Sterling pi 

I. Win B realeslate 1448 Atlantic av 

i. Wm I) machinist h 252 12th 

i. Wm E dry paint 75 Wallabout b 82 S 


n Win E & Co dry paint 75 Wallabout 

i. Wm E V agt h 1227 Fulton 

ii Wm F insp h 154 4th av 

ii Wm H electrician b 86 S 10th 

ii Wm N buyer 770 Argyle rd 
Browne's Brooklyn Business College 28 Fbush 

Rrownell Herirv B elk h 4614 11th av 

n Robt too'mki- h 3S10 12th av 

ii Sarah wid Thro h 149 0th av 


ii Sarah E dressmkr b 416 Madison 

i. S A h 178 E 17th 

,. Wm C elk h 93 Madison 

ii W H in 690 Prospect pi 

ii W M h 7912 Ridge Boulevard 
Browner John plasterer h 308 19th 

ii Wm police h 313 Prest 
Browning Alex R printer 549 4th av 

i. Andw bookkpr h 451 Essex 

ii Chas L h 428 E 18th 

ii Clarence P manager 216 William Mbtn 
h 1099 Dean 

i. H W h 71 N Y av 

„ Jas W chef h 1654 8th av 

i. Jos G jr h 233 Garfield pi 

n Kiug & Co clothing 547 Fulton 

ii Wm S physician 54 Lefferts pi 
Brownlee Royal E elk h 249 Rutledge 

„ Thos elk h 46 6th av 

ii Thos E teacher 245 Ryerson h 232 Greene 
Brownley Geo W coml tray h 275 Marlbor- 
ough rd 
Brownlow Jas A h 512 5th 

ii Walter bookkpr h 52A Lefferts pi 
Browuly Anna wid Geo h 21 Verona pi 
Brownold Nathan h 348 Jef av 
Brownrigg Wm plumber h 318 Balnbridge 
Brownson Edwd S h 258 Henry 
Brownstein Benj furs 28 W Houston Mhtn h 
HI Throop av 

ii John S printer 10 2d av Mhtn b 97 Os- 

ii Jos jeweler h 1650 East Pkway 

u Jos jeweler h 1624 Pacific 

ii Max lawyer 273 Wyona 

ii Morris men's furng 67 Belmont av , 
Brownsville Cut Stone Co 206 Sutter av 

ii Fruit Distill Co 1842 Pitkin av 

n & Bronx Realty Co 44 Court 
Browsen Louts contractor b 545 Shepherd av 
Browstrom Frank machinist h 36 Verandah 

Brubacher Theo F salesman h 767 Hart 

ii Wm H grocer h 145 Atkins av 
Brucato Pietro impr 19 Whitehall Mhtn h 

65 Bay 28th 
Bruce Amelia wid John h 150 Freeman 

ii Anna H wid John E h 353 Rldgewood av 

,i Ohas A acct 164 Front Mhtn h 1334 48th 

ii Chas W printer 103 Pineapple h 132 
Cambridge pi 

ii Christian P designer h 174 Prospect pi 

ii David J caterer h 59 Fleet pi 

i, Edna wid Wilbert h i435 Av G 

ii Edwd carpr h 593% Vandt ay 

ii Francis printer h S7 Milford 

ii Frank h 500 Madison 

ii Fredk plumber h 14 4th 

ii Fredk J phvsiclan h 286 6th ay 

n Geo baker h 338 57th 

ii Geo B lawyer 320 Bway Mhtn h 136 
Prospect pk W 

ii Geo H h 15 Irvington pi 

ii Harriet E wid Wm J h 1006 Sterling pi 

n Herbert S h 154 Garfield pi 

ii Hy S ins h 144 Garfield pi 

ii Horace sec h 1430 Bedford av 

n Jas elk h 851 Belmont av 

ii Jas machinist h 522 51st 

ii Jas J insp h 770 5Sth 

ii John cooper h 851 Belmont av 

ii Jos electrician h 711 Union 

n Lewis C coml trav h 471 Hancock 

ii Murray asst principal b 615 52d 

ii Robt mason u 78 Sandfon] 

,. Robt tailor h 14 4th 

ii Robt A agt h 560 Madison 

n Robt J h 99 6th av 

ii Thos conductor h 277 Prospect pk W 

ii Wallace h 578 Jef av 

.1 Wallace prest 81 Fulton Mbtu h 267 
Stuyt av 

ii Walter music teacher h 466 56th 

ii Wm salesman h 1006 Sterling pi 

ii Wm upholsterer h 175 14th 

n Wm upholsterer 535 Nostra nd av 

ii Wm A broker 415 Bway Mhtn h 359 

i, Wm II salesman h 41 E 10th 
Bruch Emll tobacco h 1488 N x" av 

ii Hy cutter h 732 E 31st 

.. Louis h 1625 E 12th 
Bnicher Chas A grocer 775 Franklin av 

n Chas W asst supt h 437 McDonough 

ii Jas decorator h 13 Evans 

H John J elk b ISO Madison 



p < 

§ 2 I 

CO C") 

o m > 

O H 

* CO 

sa = 

> ° 

— =0 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 naln. 



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t n 'NEW YORK 



Bruchhausor Andw mason h 1227 Madison 
.. E L h 1227 Madison 
,. Fredk elk b 1227 Madison 
ii Herman elk h 461 3d 
.. Hy bldr 130 Ellery 
.1 II & Son bldrs 130 Ellery 
Bruchmanii Anton brewer Staten Island h 

413 E 25tb 
Brucia I supplies 142 Jobnson av 

ii Jos shoes 498 Liberty av 
Brack Geo tailor h 115 Stanhope 

Hy brushmkr h 126 Gelstou ay 
Jacob grocer 186 Colombia 
Jas dyer 765 Fbush av 
Jas salesman h 109 Kingston av 
Roht grocer 283 3d av 
Solomon grocer 384 Met av 
Theo M meat 179 7th av h 412 2d 
Win II bookkpr h 109 Kingston av 
Bruekbuuer Fredk vlce-prest 1 Hudson Mhtn 
h 911 Sth av 
ii Fredk dry gds 550 5th av h 911 8th av 
Bruekcl Fred H manager 46 Hudson Mhtn h 

69 Columbia hgts 
Brucker Emma wid Walter h 1373 Pacific 
ii Gustav boxmkr 6 Barclay Mhtn h 396 

n Jos liquors 1696 Bergen h 702 Evergreen 
Bruckert Jos tailor h 1553 Dean 
Bruekhansen Anna wid Hugo h 037 10th. 
liruckheim D U 1362 52d 

n Wm dry gds 301 Nostrand av 
Bruckheimer Adolph pawnbroker 705 Grand 
ii David pawnbroker 705 Grand 
M David salesman h 1003 Laf av 
Bruckheimer's M Sons pawnbrokers 705 Grand 
Brackholz L M h 352 State 
Brucklacher Andw J (Rev) h 7810 12th av 
Bruckman Gustav T chemist h 192 18th 
ii Henrietta wid Christian h 521 Greene av 
n Julius plumber h 293 Classon av 
ii Ophelia wid Louis h 192 18th 
Bnickmann A h 415 E 25th 

n Chas G drugs 344 Marey av 
Bruckmeyer Jos stationer 330 Reid av 
Bruckner Albert leather 448 Miller av 
ii Hugo painter h 170 14th 
ii Mai leatherwkr h 163 St Nicholas av 
ii H hardware 3819 Fort Hamilton Pkway 
Bracks Hy J plumber h 487 Hart 
ii Louis grocer h B 12th n Av P 
ii Mary wid August h 487 Hart 
Brude Wm elk h 884 Madison 
Bruden Ohas foreman h 293 45th 
Binder Albert hatter h 17 \ ernon av 
n Anthony J machinist h 392 Berrlman 
i, Erwin noodles 250 Humbt 
n Frauk silversmith h 1305 DeKalb av 
ii John baker h 216 Hirarod 
n John cutter h 452 S 5th 
ii Piucus men's furng 37 Atlantic av 
Bruderle W letter carrier h 172 Kent 
I'.ruderlein Nathan G florist h SS0 Myrtle av 
Brueck Bejij letter earner h 336 14th 

ii Chas liquors 276 Humbt 
Brueeke Geo W artist 835 Bway Mhtn h 418 

Miller av 
Brueckmaun Wm cabinetmkr h 397 Logan 
ISrueokner Chas liquors 1377 Myrtle av 
M Geo produce h 171 Irving av 
ii Jacob painter 735 Bedford av h 740 Bed- 
ford av 
Brueilerlein Alfred h 230 Eckford 
Braegeman Hy carpr h 267 Euclid av 

ii Herman truckman h 363 Palmetto 
Brueggemann Chas police h 38 N J av 
ii Herman weigher h 1231 Halsey 
i. Win elk h 279 Hewes 
Braehl Hy C elk h 90 Ralph av 
Bruel Fdwd T germ expert h 681 Halsev 
Emeu Albert drugs 214 Fulton Mhtn h 256 
.. Benj printer 100 Nassau Mhtn h 1745 

,i Chas A collector h 81 Oakland 
i. Chas C drugs 214 Fulton Mhtn h 471 

Waverly av 
ii Clarence I printer h 31 Pulaski 
M Edwin C printer 100 Nassau Mhtn u 

14611 46th 
ii Fiances wid Frank h 303 16th 
,. Fredk h 108 Eckford 
n Fredk L elk h 72 Rutland rd 
ii Jas H ferrvmaster h 31 Pulaski 
„ Oscar H broker 52 Bway Mhtn h 1436 

Pictures^ Paintings 







ii Reba B physician h 1460 46th 
Bruens Geo H grocer h 284 Stagg 
n Hy candy 385 Myrtle av 
ii John D candy 1471 Bedford av h 745 

Sterling pi 
ii J D candy 780 Gates av 
Bruey Wm H carpr h 448 Bergen 
Bruff Harold lawyer 24 Broad Mhtn h 
Pierre pont 
ii Jas L supt h 370 50th 
ii Wm J guns 313 Bway Mhtn h 
Brugel John F liquors 24 Weirfleld 
Brugge Philip auto radiators 912 Bedford av 
Brugger Ohas W h 193 Halsey 

ii John h 250 Schaeffer 
Brugman Hendrik manager 71 State Mhtn h 

Hotel St George 
Brugmeir L h 561 10th 
Bruh M h 140 Smith 
Brubl Hy salesman h 99 Ralph 
Bruhn Adolph liquors 1446 Myrtle av 
ii Adolph printer h 259 Linden 
a Herman vinegar 179 Meserole av h 30 
Bruhns Geo tel oper h 12th av c 73d 

ii Hy J machinist h 355 19th 
Bruin Ohas elk h 34 Jef av 

ii Hy broker h 102 Lefferts pi 
Brukenfeld Morris silk 530 Bway Mhtn h 

• 609 Wilby av 
Bruker Chas meat 1108 Pacific 
Bruland Rasmus carpr h 4520 6th av 
Bruley Jos A ins 26 Court 
Bruml Hy prest 194 Bway Mhtn h Surf 

av n 12th 
Brumley Chas K realestate 189 Montague h 
392 Grand av 
ii Edwd L realestate 189 Montague h 53 

ii Frank E broker 15 Broad Mhtn h 610 

n Jas L realestate 189 Montague h 
Garden City L I 

James L Brumley 


Auctioneer 189-191 

Appraiser Montague 
Broker street 

Manager Brooklyn-New York 

Brumley John J boxes 75 Grand av h 359 
East Pkway 
„ Theo elk h 404 4tli 
ii Thos S engineer \i 359 East Pkway 
ii Wm S wire 253 Bway Mhtn h 445 

Washn av 
n Willis H ins 224 Produce Exch Mhtn 
h 107 Gates av 
Brumme Alfred lumber 350 Meeker av 

ii Alfred Co lumber 330 Meeker av 
Brummell Elilrldge irouwkr h 1011 Kent flv 
Brunimeui-s Herman mason Elton n Vieuna 

Brummer Emll E salesman It 190 Veruou av 
ii Fredk lithographer h 334 2d 
i, Hy eaudy h 172 Hall 
ii Hv salesman h 3S3 Ridgewood av 
Brun Antonio lawyer h 138 Franklin av 
Bruna Louis com mer 24 Wallabout mkt h 
30 Clinton av 
i, & Scheele com mer 24 Wallabout mkt 
Brunbeck Olaf photos 3206 3d av h 341 61st 
Brunek Fredk lithographer h 1013 Halsey 
Brundage Albert H physician 375 Gates av 
H Autou carpr h 191 Sterling pi 
,. C A manager 134 Nassau Mhtn h 247 

Lincoln rd 
ii Emmelt S music teacher h 7S1 Prospect 

„ Geo I, elk h 271 Reid av 
ii Harriet wid Jas h 245 Varcy av 
ii Jas T realestate h 1421 32d 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 










in »— 
r vi 

O c/> 

Z 3* 



:i m 






*> o 



317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone. 3004 Main* 



Expert Appraisal for Moderate Fee 




It j 5 a 

0?' § 

- ? 5*. 
0w> 5 ^ 

lS*| « 

UQS « « 

■ — 2 u 

<Z ft « 
5 5 e* 
- -J- . 


j| J 5 

<o-g III 
™ E ** Hi 


ii John foreman h 436 Herkimer 

ii John D flah 506 Myrtle av b 294 Wllby 

n Thos engineer h 86 2d 

n Walter A stationery New Utrecht av 
c 58th 

„ Walter F h 303A 5th 

,i Wm II livery h 271 Keld av 

ii Wm M (Rev) h 778 Carroll 
Brundin J E painter h 462 Monroe 
Brundza Armand realestate 76 Rogers av 

n John M chemist 990 Bway h 76 Ro^cvs 
Brune Fred H liquors h 525 Herkimer 

ii Wm h 614 E 18th 
Bruneel Chas J realestate 795 Fbusb av fa 195 

W 96th Mhtn 
Bruner Frank N lawyer 186 Remsen h 483 
8 th 

ii Saml furniture 65 Raymond h 5 Ames 
Brunett Frank asbestos 396 Smith 

ii Leonard steamfltter h 1317 Decatur 
Brunl Louis h 1594 Dean 
Brunig C tea 747 Mhtn av 
Bruning Anna wid Herman h 1039 Bergen 

ii August ice h Av K n Rkway av 

ii Chas grocer 127 Patchen av 

n E Theo grocer Rkway Pkway n Conk- 
lln av 

ii Fredk electrotyper h 443 2d 

H Gustave candy 909 Halsey h 704 Ever- 
green av 

n Hy h 693 Madison 

ii Hy h 452 5th av 

ii Hy h 146 Floyd 

•■ Hy butter h 258 57th 

n Hy coal h 635 A Halsey 

ii Hv leather h 130 Cornelia 

h Hy meat 139 Dtlca av 

ii Hy salesman h 836 Washn av 

ii Hy F physician h 467 75th 

ii John grocer 700 Coney Island av 

ii J N grocer 7203 3d av h 317 73d 

ii J N & Co grocers 7203 3d av 

m J P milk 260 22d 

ii Louis grocer 127 Patchen av 

ii Margt wld Fredk h 117 S 2d 

ii Peter salesman h 814 Av C 
Brunings Herman realestate h 27 Doscher 
Brunje H grocer 358 6th av 
Brunjes Adolph delicatessen 428 Bedford av 

ii Arend bookkpr h 1516 57th 

ii Clara wld Hy h 255 Dtlca av 

ii Fred purser h 325 Chauncey 

ii Geo It salesman h 317 Wyckoff av 

„ Hy elk h 1141 E 7th 

ii Hy delicatessen 553A DeKalb av 

n Hy grocer 83 Concord 

n Hy salesman h 485 17th 

n Hy salesman h 214 Lee av 

ii John elk h 77 Steuben 

ii John H elk h 219 Van Buren 

ii John D salesman h 1475 Greene av 

ii Martin grocer 686 Halsey 

n Martin liquors 723 6th av 

n Martin H seeds 1581 Myrtle av h 317 
Wyckoff av 

ii Martin H & Son seeds 1581 Myrtle av 

ii & Co liquors 32 Crescent 
Brunk Chas h 1189 Greene av 

ii Fredk lithographer h 1010 Halsey 
Brunke Julius elk h 90 Madison 

ii Louis salesman h 459 42d 
Brunkhorst Chas elk h 230 Troy av 

.. Geo h 1231 St Mark's av 

ii Geo milk h 1248 Prospect pi 

ii Jacob grocer 230 Troy av 
Brunle A liquors 180 Wyckoff av 

ii Fredk cornlcemkr 1493 DeKalb av 
Brunn Alex cashier h 88 1st pi 

ii Arthur (Rev) h 92 Hale av 

■i Ewart M h 749 East Pkway 

,. Nathan h 512 7th 
Brunnell A H h 23 Clinton 

ii Wm bookkpr h 923 Belmont av 
Brunnegraber Fred baker 172 Graham av 
Brunnemer Emma L wid John h 719 Qulncy 

ii Sebastian eignrmkr 440 Hamburg av 
Brunner Arthur K electrician h Foster av 
c E 3d 

n Chas plumber h 35 Granite 

ii Chas L hardware 472 LInwood h 480 

ii Chas W physician 998 Flushing av h 103 

n Cyrus Jr bookkpr h 987 St John's pi 
it Cvtus G doorman h 931 Greene av 
ii Emll E h 196 Vernon av 


ii Ferdinand H Jeweler 212 Bway Mhtn 

h 76 Ocean av 
ii Fredk elk h 293 McDougal 
ii Fredk grocer 395 Atlantic av 
ii Geo elk h 63 DeSales pi 
ii Geo H plumber 880 Myrtle av h 542 

Marcy av 
ii Gustav h 74 Troutman 
ii Harry M asst sec 52 William Mntn h 

1019 Beverley rd 
ii Hy salesman h 247% Schaeffer 
ii Hermann h 1731 Bklyn av 
" Jacob musical insts h 414 Shepherd av 
ii Jacob Jr musician h 185 Euclid av 
ii John grocer 36 Morgan av 
n John produce 120 West Mhtn h 266 

n John B salesman h 75 Cooper 
n Jos F earpr h 472 Koscko 
ii Josephine nurse h 1271 Bwlck av 
ii Oscar illustrator h 8751 18th av 
ii Oscar C truckman h 217 Spencer 
ii Philip tailor h 130 Stockholm 
ii Robt J Jeweler 212 Bway Mhtn h 76 

Ocean av 
ii Wallace W elec contractor 774 Myrtle av 
Brnnnlng Chas gardener h 4 Erasmus 
Bruno Alfonzo fruits 68th n Hth av 
n A produce 126 25th 
n Frank fruit 5920 5th av 
ii Frank V realestate 106 Centl av 
ii Helen laundry 82 4th av 
ii Ignatius barber 156 Nassau av 
ii John grocer 936 Liberty av 
ii Jos stationer 59 Havemeyer 
ii Nicholas J painter 725 Met av 
ii Patrick grocer 34 Harrison 
ii Saml V barber 11 Bogart 
Bruno's Rosco Son musical insts 725 Met av 
Brunquell Riehd cabinetmkr h 399 Linden 
Bruns Albert lawyer 150 Bway Mhtn h 1743A 

Atlantic av 
ii Alfred E manager h 157 Bainbrldge 
ii Anthony produce 194 Wyckoff av 
n August agt h 692 McDonough 
n August awnings 50 Ralph av 
ii August barber h 2046 Bath av 
ii August realestate h 215 Bay 13th 
ii Auto Co 1295 Bedford av 
ii A h 273 Bleeder 
ii Chas F baker h 89 Java 
n Chas H candy 273 Tpkins av 
ii Chas H realestate h 518 9th 
ii Conrad cigars h 1258 Jef av 
ii Edwd earpr 212 Hewes h 176 E 3d Mhtn 
n Edwd upholsterer 614 Gates av 
ii ' Ernest framemkr h 355 S 4th 
ii Fredk elk h 22 Ridgeuoiid av 
ii Garage 846 Atlantic av 
ii Gustav police h 223 Schaeffer 
ii Hy earpr h 57 S 3d 
n Hy G baker h 1011 Dean 
ii Hy H candy 1616 Fulton 
ii Hy H candy 2065 86th 
ii Hy W artist 41 W 24tb Mhtn b 1010 

Beverley rd 
n Herman cigars 196 Scholes 
ii Herman realestate 14th e 7th av 
ii Herman realestate 17 Stuyt Mhtn b 146 

Lincoln pi 
n John C cigarnikr h 213 Cornelia 
ii John H 264 Linwood 
ii Jos h 364 1st 

ii Julius E manager 501 Fulton h 179 De- 
Kalb av 
ii Louis lnsp h 34 Arlon pi 
n Louis painter h 368 60th 
ii Martin L delicatessen 408 5th av 
ii Otto liquors W 28th n Surf av 
ii Philip baker h 87 Java 
ii Theo barber 196 Scholes 
n Victor grocer 3173 Fulton 
n Wm electrician h 735 Franklin av 
ii Wm framewkr n 355 S 4th, 
n Wm A baker 91 Gpoint av 
i, Wm H A autos 1295 Bedford av h 271 

ii Wm V h 157 Balnbridge 
Brunschweig Ferd chemist h 3*0 8th 
Brunsen S W h 1927 86th 
Brunson Chas agt h 75 St Mark's pi 
Brunstein Harry tailor 399 Halsey b 117 

n H & Sou tailors 379 nalsey 
ii Louis Mdr h 33S Wyoua 
ii Morris cloaks 679 Bway Mhtn b 533 N 

J av 


































STORES: 519 and 1416 Fulton Street 


847 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; 115 Park Bow, New York City, 

and SIS East 24th Street, New York City 


is always pure, 
rich and delicious 
French and Amer- 
ican, all flavors. 

Telephone at ali Address** 


Real Estate and Mortgage Loans 


Telephone 834 Main 


A 10/ MONET TO -0/ 

4$ /O LOAN ON 5 /O 





























G. P. Brush, Jr., & Bro., 

Steam Carpet Cleansing, 



388, 390, 392, 394 Lexington Avenue, 


Telephone 426 Bedford. Cartage Free. Send for Circular. 


G. P. BRUSH. Jr. * D. S. BRUSH. 





Brunswick Armand realestate 714 Bwav h 
540A Koscko 

■■ Hy E machinist h 23 Middagh 

ii Julius bookkpr h 110 Halsey 

M W Albert supt 11 Dean 
Brunt Hy mechanic h 327 Madison 
Bruntll Frank electrician h 1998 Bergen 
Brunton D & J petticoats 536 Grand 

t. Hy J Jr elk h 438 42d 
Bruzel Reinhold carpr h 848 Bwick av 
Bruorton Wm lawyer 76 William Mhtn h 394 

Brusack K O coatmkr 308 Graham ay 
Bruseke Fredk grocer 54 Clinton ay 
Brush Alfred H (Key) h 1828 83d 

Ii Arthur physician 29 S Portland ay 

ii BenJ baker h 771 4th ay 

ii Bedell elk b 16 Mathews pi 

ii Chas h 190 Georgia ay 

ii C D h 161 Monroe 

n Danl S carpet cleaning 388 Lex ay h 
467 Putnam ay 

n E F koumyss 328^ Fulton b Mt Vernon 
N T 

n Frank engineer h 43 Wyona 

n Geo elk h 729 Decatur 

ii Geo depy sheriff h 152 Powers 

ii Geo W physician 44 Court h 462 Ocean ay 

ii Gilbert P lawyer 60 Wall Mhtn h 467 
Putnam ay 

ii Gilbert P Jr carpet cleaning 388 Lex ay 
BRUSH G P JK b BEO carpet clean- 
ing- 388 Lex av 

.1 Hanford A h 465 E 29th 

ii Harry hats h 34 Ryerson 

ii Harry wagon painter h 7217 8tb ay 

ii Herbert B lawyer 189 Montague h 421 
E 17th n 

n Jas salesman h 1358 St Mark's ay 

ii Jas jr elk h 90 Vandt ay 

ii Jas L draughtsman h 534A Pacific 

n Jas M elk h 84 Vandt ay 

ii John carpr h 420 Prospect pi 

„ John F lawyer 1« Court h 257 E 18th 

ii John S realestate h 16 Mathews pi 

M Julia M h 115 Montague 

ii Mary I wid BenJ h 236A Putnam ay 

ii Nellie wld Wm h 247 43d 

n Piatt realestate 30 Broad Mhtn h 731 

ii Ralph E bookkpT h 262 Albany ay 

ii Richard H liquors 149 4th ay 

ii Runabout Auto Agency 1384 Bedford ay 

ii Sarah M wld Wm A h 29 Bklyn ay 

ii Theo O Ins h 262 Albany ay 

ii Thos D architect h 417 Hart 

ii Thos H h 1010 Ocean ay 

n Thos J wagonmkr 133 Nayy h 366 Herki- 

ii Thos S salesman h 431 Rugby rd 

i> Thos V express h 257 Winthrop 

.. Thos W elk h 318 Balnbrldge 

n Walter express 200 E 47th Mhtn h 439 
Myrtle ay 


M Wm elk h 457 Bergen 

•i Wm H electrician 1234 Fnlton h 1338 
Jef ay 

■i Wm W chief eng Municipal bldg h ltu 

n Wm W tutor h 202 Berkeley pi 

ii Wm E h 729 Westminster rd 
Brnsbaber Alice wld Lewis h 159 Decatur 

ii C H h 450 Qulncy 

n Fredk W elk b 1089 Lincoln pi 

ii Hy com mer h 450 Qulncy 
Brnsnahan Geo printer h 759 Franklin ay 

it John wheelwright h 106 Lee ay 

ii Jos F machinist Av Q n Coney Island 
Bruson Wm meat 438 DeKalb ay h 3 Onion 

Brnssel Albert bottler 4105 3d ay 

ii Henrietta wid Hy a 337 42d 

ii Hy h E 18th n Voorhees ay 

ii Jas carpr h 337 42d 

ii Morris carpr h 245 Snediker ay 

ii Sidney M h 646 Dean 
Brost Abraham tailor 1302 Nostrand ay 

M Bernard tailor 311 Barbey 

■i Chas tinsmith 1276 Nostrand av 

n Chas O coml tray b 817 Halsey 

n Felix tailor h 231 Ralph 

ii Geo plasterer h 21 Stewart 

ii John plater 254 Lorimer h 33 Barbey 

ii Jos carpr h 925 Laf ay 

ti Jos plater 254 Lorimer h 44 Tpklns av 

ii Louis tel oper h 188 Jerome 

ii Paul plater 254 Lorimer h 44 Tpklns 

■■ Wm carpr h 682 Hart 

ii Bros platers 254 Lorimer 

ii & Hartenstein tinsmiths 69 Bartlett 

ii & Relss carprs 925 Laf ay 
Brnstat Hy S (Rev) h 333 S 2d 
Bmsteln K tailor h 1073 Laf ay 
Brutbrock F delicatessen 146 Norman av 
Broton Jos bookkpr h 1063 Pacific 

ii Mlchl brass finisher h 322 Bergen 
Brutschin Fanny tailor 655 Epergreen ay 
Brntt Hy liquors 210 Onion ay h 523 Met 

ii Otto llouors 1195 Bwick av 
Brnun Alex cashier h 218 Carroll 

ii Chrlsr elk h 415 16th 

n Wm H blacksmith 688 Warren b 659 
Bruyn Chas D sugar Mhtn h 102 Leffcrts pi 

ii Frank S elk h 234 St James' pi 

•i Henry B h 102 Lefferts pi 

ii John W salesman b 367 Macon 

,. W E h 515 3d 
Brnzza S R hair gds 460 Hicks 
Bryan Albert E elk h 194 Schermerhorn 

ii Albert E lawyer h 304 Greene av 

ii Alex salesman h 11 Revere pi 

n Alex F h 39 Oakland 

ii Alfred h 547 1st 

ii Alfred acct h 441 State 






— H 

z rn 


a r 




" I 



r- n 

-i ■• 






33 • 




» PI 













S3 o 


m K 

r— * 



-< » 




154 5th AVENUE, 


723 6th AVENUE, 





ii Alfred S advertising 79 5th av Until h 

713 B 19 th 
ii A C teacher h 107 Greene av 
I. Chas A h 290 Vandt av 
ii Chas S police h 346 DeKalb ay 
n Kihvd shoes h 346 DeKalb ay 
ii Emma h 182 Washn ay 
ii Fannie wid Thos h 319 3d 
ii Francis J plumber 1120 Bedford ay 
n Frank J publisher 21 Park row Mhtn h 

149 81st 
ii Fredk M music h 381 Cumberland 
ii Harry painter 599 Washn av h 955 

ii Hy B (Rev) 170 Reuisei h Garden 

City L, I 
.. Jas h 397 6th av 
ii Jas J elk h 2306 Coney Island ay 
.1 Jas J letter carrier h 159 Garfield pi 
ii John elk h 708 McDonough 
M John elk h 117 Grove 
ii John stevedore h 387 14th 
ii Martin C machinist h 556 Halsey 
„ Mary wid Win h 677 St John's pi 
ii Nelson Janitor h 427 Waverly av 
i. Robt B elk h 518 Sterling pi 
ii Robt O manager h 570 Jef av 
ii Thos florist h 387 14th 
ii Thos H cutter h 531 51st 
ii Walter J cashier 280 Bway Mhtn h 164 

ii Walter S kpr h 164 Bond 
ii Win printer h 303 S 5th 
ii Wm C machinist h 126 Cutuberlaad 
ii Wm W elk h 51 Poplar 
ii & Gasteiger knit gds 408 Berry 
Bryant A h 547 1st 
ii A B Janitor h 2184 Dean 
ii Chas pressman h 847 Halsey 
n Chas E asst treasx 495 Bway Mhtn h 

967 Ocean ay 
ii Drake W machinist h 292 Carlton ay 
ii Elbert S milk 706 Pacific 
ii Erastus E letter carrier h 324 Baltic 
,i Frank E bookkpr h 171 S Elliott pi 
ii Frank L teacher h 755 Ocean av 
ii Geo watchmkr h 108 Vernon ay 
n Geo E supt 1322 Bedford ay 
ii Harold W elk h 11 Downing 
ii II W salesman h 624 Carlton ay 
i, Jas elk h 155 Hall 
n Jas teas 4S3 Atlantic av 
n Jas H Janitor h 11 Downing 
ii John carpr 194 Division av 
ii John H salesman h 1231 Sterling pi 
ii Lloyd moulder h 100 Pine 
ii Margt wid Wm h 222 Ross 
ii Mortimer D sec 24 Bway h 184 N Y av 
m Orville milk 63 Underhill av 
.1 Paul L dyeing 703 Fulton & 82 Mon- 
tague h 329 W 83d Mhtn 
ii Saml furs h 340 Bay Ridge ay 
.1 Thos B insp 176 Remsen h 272 Lewis av 
ii Wm B manager 154 Nassau Mhtu h 403 

Ocean av 
.1 Wm C eugineer h 243 Cooper 
ii Wm C engineer h 433 State 
M Wm C physician 54 Greene av 
ii Wm F elk h 228 Ralph av 
n Wm J elk h 25 Palmetto 
Bryant-Lamont Realty Co 175 Sumner av 
Bryar Jas 177 Montague h 194 Clinton 
Bryee Jas Mitchell designer h 454 5th 
.. Wm A broker 68 Broad Mhtn h 695 
Putnam av 
Bryde Ohrisr U proofreader h 1642 41st 
Brydon Fredk music h 771 Madison 
Bryer Chas marshal h 338 St Mark's av 
f. Micbl h 276 Stratford rd 
ii Wm J mechanic h 533 Bergen 
Bryers Alfred J adjuster 46 Cedar Mhta h 
309 Wlnthrop 
,i Danl L bookkpr h 777 Lincoln pi 
ii Geo machinist h 312 Hemlock 
ii Harvey insp h 892 Hancock 
•i John agt 94 Reade Mhtn h 1597 Bwlck 

,i Robt K supt h 369 Rutland rd 
Bryezlnskl Clara music h 423 55th 
.. J h 423 55th 
.1 Jos h 190 Eldert 
ii Max liquors 157 Johnson av 
Bryld Christian carpr h 22 Melrose 
H Edwin salesman 910 Madlsou 
ii H,v realestate h 813 Gates av 
Brymnn Adolph h 117 Floyd 
Bryiner Douglas agt li 2S2 Etna 

1 desire to announce that I have 
removed from 14 1 Broadway, to 

my Warerooms - 

120-122 W. 31st St., N. Y. 

Mail and Telephone Orders will 
Receive Prompt Attention 

Telephone 5280 Madison Square 


n Wm V elk h 645 McDonough 
Bryn Harold physician h 313 L'nion 
Bryner Adolph machinist n 2-18 77th 
Brynildsen Wm music 298 Union 
Brynoldsen Robt eugineer h 229A WyckofT 
Bryologlst The periodical 78 Orange 
Bryon David P realestate 1212 Av R 

ii Edgar C plumber 323 Fbush av h 207 
Bklyn av 

ii Fredk J plumber 1311 King's Highway 
h 1723 E 12th 

ii Jas leather gds 558 Bway Mhtn h 300 
Rugby rd 

n Louisa wid Fredk h 1723 E 12th 

ii Saml ianitor h 2252 Bedford av 
Bryson D M h 1319 74th 

ii Frances H h 103 Madison 

n Jas bookbinder h 104 S 4th 

ii Jas painter h 1004 Herkimer 

.1 Mortimer H elk h 1210 Park pi 

ii Robt H architect 189 Montague h 481 

■i Thos printer h 536 55th 

ii Thos B con tractor 641 4th av 
Brzezinski Jas O h 423 55th 

n Max wines 157 Johnson av 
Bua Danl barber 127 Nassau av 

ii Dometrio contractor h 6502 6th av 

ii Vincent barber 7128 5th av 

ii & Parisi liquors 6th av c 65th 
Buanaguro V h 823 Kent av 
Bub John gardener h 170 Van Slclen av 
Bubblco Annie grocer 106 Walworth 

n Frank barber 120 Walworth 
Bube Fredk tailor h 383 19th 
Bubeck Ernest h 611 Liberty av 

ii Hans baker 611 Liberty av 
Bubendey F h 781 Westminster rd 
Buber Geo E elk h 425 Decatur 
Bublitz Chas salesman h 1145 Bwlck av 

n Chas W' salesman h 1147 Putnam av 
Bubnis Peter liquors 116 N 4th 
Bucans Louis physician 133 Scholes 
Buearia P barber 2030 Bath av 
Buch Arthur elk h 1185 DeKalb av 

n Fredk draughtsman h 129 57th 

ii Lenon dry gds 192 Driggs av 

n Philip meat h 134 Himrod 
Buchaca Emilio physician h 736 Park pi 

n Emilio Jr elec eng h 736 Park pi 

ii Luis elk h 244 N Y av 
Buchan Alex carrier h 831 Bedford av 

ii Jas tools 1113 Flushiug av h 6 Garden 

ii John engineer h 256 Ridgewood av 
Buchanan Annie wid Alex h 220 92d 

ii Archibald h 82 Chauncey 

ii Archibald Jr plumber 488 Sumner av h 
76 Decatur 

ii Arthur L carrier h 537 Classon av 

ii Chas elk h 416 E 29th 

n Chas G machinist 00 West Mhtn V 363 

ii Chas P vice-prest 335 Carroll h 22 E 
03d Mhtn 

ii Duncan M ins h 107 Lincoln pi 

n 'Elizabeth F wid John h 746 Argyle rd 

ii Ellen wid Wm to 173 9th 

•i Frank A iron h 32 Bay 17th 

n Geo A fireman h 485 12th 

ii Geo N custodian Hall of Records 

ii Harry D bookkpr h 107 Lincoln pi 

■i Isaiab fwdg b 344 E 28 Hh 

ii Jas hardware 1587 Fulton h 82 Chaun- 

it Jas mgr 25 Thames Mhtn h 365 Ocean 

ii John police h 347 Tpkins av 

ii John M surveyor 143 Liberty Mhtn h 13 
Monroe pi 

ii Jos F letter currier h 984 Dean 

ii J S supt ih 2 Howard av 

ii Louise wid Peter h 23 Ashland pi 

ii Martha E h 192 Hall 

n Mary wid Wm b 455 56th 

,i Robt boilerinkr h 6606 13th av 

ii Robt elk h 380 Chauncey 

n Robt electrician li 839 Halsey 

i, Robt engineer to 640 F> 3d 

n Saml E manager 11 liway Mhtn h 109 

ii Thos produce h .194 Prest 

ii Thos J .h 96 Ilarmau 
' ,i Wm h 4S9 Olasson av 

ii Wm plumber 4SS Sumner av 

ii W S h U47 Ebush av 
Buchanan's A Sons plumbers 490 Sumner sf 
Buchar Fredk architect 177S Pitkin av li 
1344 St Mark's av 

m (» 

m z 

° = S 

* d s 

s s > 

o -I 

*■ CO 

i i 

Rustic WorK for Country Estates 

KusUo Arbors, Tea Houses, Bridges, Back Stops, Chairs, Settees, Etc. 
A Building Full of Rustic Work to Select From. 






314 :: COURT :: ST. :: BROOKLYN 

oc rz 





























Bucluud Allied pilot h 87 2d pi 

ii Edwd antos b 87 2d pi 

ri Oliver pilot It 87 2d pi 
Bucbhinder ISeuj wall paper h 892 Onion 

ii A drugs 1330 Av H 

ii John h 226 Pulaski 
Bueheuberger Anthony h 494 Jef av 

ii Francis E elk h 466 Greene ay 

ii Fredk A teller h 446 Greene av 

.1 Fredk J agt b 65 Hancock 

ii Maria L wid Francis A 'b 446 Greene av 
Buehenholz Bernard mfr 39 Morrcll h 68 

u D S b 255 Hart 

ii Peter buttonmkr b 255 Hart 
Bncber Abraham J realestate 61 Park row 
Mhtn .b IStb av c 60tb 

., Cbas cigars h 14S0 Myrtle av 

ii Ernest clothing h 59 Keid av 

ii >Hy com] trav b 476 Westminster rd 
Buchbeit Chas J 1. 369 E 31st 

ii John printer 269 Powers 
Buchboltz Fredk bay 58 Hopkins 

n Geo L fireman h 74 Chestnut 
Buchholtz's Fred Sons hay 58 Hopkins 
Buehholz Adolph A cutter b 82 Utlca av 

.1 Helena wid Gustav h 1628 Jef av 

ii Hy h 300 Ridgewood av 

ii H milk to 93 Knlckr av 

ii Kiclid roofer 532 Lorimer 

ii Win liquors 29 Washn av ih 305 Hewes 
Buchbop Caroline wid Louis F h 1449 Bwick 

ii Ferdinand supt h 1136 'Hancock 
Buchignani Gustav agt b 354 Hawthorne 
Buchler Frank actor h 482 Lex av 
Buehuian Danl buyer to 73 Weirfield 

ii Peter teas 674 Park av 

" X h 40 Thatford av 

n Saml dry gds Belmont av c Watkins h 
141 Liberty av 

ii Bros flour 49 Liberty av 
Buchmann Anton brewer Stapleton S It 4.15 
E 25tlh 

ii Fredk barber Lawrence ay n Ocean 
Pkway h Lawrence av n 3d 

.1 Ludwig Ins h 31 Park 
Buchmuller Cbas collector h 222 Bay 8th 

ii Carl liquors New Utrecht av n 8<5th 
Buchnan Phoebe N drugs 884 Pacific 
Buohner Chas J stereotyper h 789 Wilby ay 

ii G P candy 5708 3d av 

i. Jas AV see 917 Bway Mhtn h 220 St 
James' pi 

ii Margt ih 853 Bwick ay 

ii Morris coats 5 Gouvernear Mhtn b 216 
Livonia av 
Buchold Carl noodle mfr Glenmore ay c Ber- 

Bucholtz Fre<lk to 9 Pa av 
Bucholz Albert h Elton c Fulton 

ii Geo painter h 580 Llnwood 
Buchow Chas collector h 20 Stuyt at 

I. Chas liquors 2463 Atlantic ay 
Buchs Chas restaurant 205 Livingston 

ii Jos lithographer h 890% Gates av 
Buehsbaum Ernest H laundry 375 S 5th h 
502 Hart 

ii Nathan furniture 22 Selgel 
Buehterklreh A liquors 951 Grand 
Bnchwald A cornices 93 Tpkins ay h 234 

Buehwalder Thos B elk h 154 Adelphl 
Buchwalter Rose wid Albert h 1033 Jef ay 
Buck Albert salesman h 457 Halsey 

ii A C h 496 11th 

ii Benj buyer h 350 Qulney 

n Chas A draughtsman h 119 Martense 

ii Claude D nailmkr h 25 Newell 

ii Claus liquors 79 Harrison ay 

ii Bdwd harnessmkr 306 Flushing ay 

ii El h 314 Wilby ay 

ii Frank L see 227 Canal Mhtn b 193 29tb 

ii Fredk mason h 103 Madison 

ii Fredk W machinist h 47 Ryerson 

ii Geo H toys 164 Meserole ay 

ii Geo I h 1273 Prospect pi 

ii Harry V salesman h 730 Lincoln pi 

■i Hy liquors h 3 Stewart 

ii Hy salesman h 66 Moffat 

M Herman grocer 156 7th av h 200 Gar- 
field pi 

ii Herman E fcookkpr h 278 Hawthorne 

n H Lowie wid Wilbur B b 1411% Pacific 

ii Jeremiah painter h 177 Classon ay 

ii Jerome Journalist h 349 Carlton ay 

ii John G meat 408 Van Brunt h 125 Coffey 



n John It salesman h 350 Qulney 

ii Mary wid h 840 llitnaiu av 

ii Meugels produce h 974 DeKalb ay 

ii Mina wid Theo E b 75 6th av 

ii I'aul C police b 2253 Bedford av 

ii Ricbd h 130 Utka av 

ii Taylor S prest 4U7 Broome Mhtn h 8© 
Hanson pi 

ii Thos salesman b 314 Classon av 

ii Wallace elk b 327 Monroe 

ii Win II engineer b 266 42d 

ii Win II grocer 80 6th av b 65 St Mark's 

ii Win L h 366 Lenox rd 

ii Win L steward b Clarksou av c Albany 

ii Bros & Co candy 645 & 889 -Mhtn av 
Buckbee John elk h 28 Hart 

,i Jos T elk h 648 Marry av 
Bucket Frank impr 476 Broome Mhtn b 71 

Mid wood 
Buckeleu Mary E wid Jas h 174 Jamaica av 
Buckeridge Geo J elk h 343 88th 
Buckett Wm candy h 206 Ross 
Buekey Ezra L manager 130 Fulton Mhtn h 

2 Willow 
Buckham Stephen salesman h 396A Decatur 
Buckheit Jacob salesman b 411 Himrod 
Buckhorn Frank prest 147 Laf Mhtn h 1235 

ii Louis J brass finisher h 1011 40th 
Buckhout H C realestate 70SA Fulton h 19 
Kingston av 

ii Lena A wid A h 273 McDonough 

n Thos A painter h 42 Reld av 

ii Davis & McLellan bankers 350 Fulton 
Buckingham Allen G realestate 207 Roebling 
Ii 217 S 2d 

ii Edwd T seeds 236 Grand 

ii Ella h 1133 Hancock 

.1 Francis J h 137 High 

ii Geo engineer h 180 Union 

n Geo ins h 312 Putnam ay 

ii Geo A realestate 207 Roebling 

n G A & A G realestate 207 Roebling 

ii Tracy h 543 4th 
Bncklsch Christian (Rev) h 596 R 7th 
Buckle Geo medical baths 16S Schermerhorn 

ii Jos realestate h 543 Hancock 
Buckley Aloysius b 290 Wilby av 

n Ambrose T electrician h 882 Madison 

ii Archibald h 258 Prest 

ii Arthur photos b 547 Throop ay 

ii Arthur vice-prest 929 Bway h Mhtn 

ii Cath h 86 Wilson 

ii Chas compositor h 690 Franklin av 

ii Chas F physician 802 Carroll 

ii Cbas K prest 510 Hamilton ay h 802 

ii Chas R mining eng 29 Bway Mhtn h 112 

ii Cornelius bookkpr h 86 1st pi 

■■ Cornelius O prest 929 Bway b Boston 

ii Cornelius F painter h 30 Butler 

ii C F plumber 140 Vandt av 

ii Danl liquors 1599 10th av 

ii Danl A bookkpr h 432 St Mark's av 

ii Danl B liquors 289 10th h 185 12th 

ii Dmnl J elk h 64 Freeman 

ii Danl J lnsp h 219 Walworth 

ii David elk h 51 Clifton pi 

ii Dennis J electrician Av S n E 8th 

ii D liquors 1548 71st 

ii D J elk h 64 Freeman 

n Edmund F realestate h 378 Clinton 

n Edwd bookkpr h 612 11th 

ii Edwd machinist h 44 Aberdeen 

ii Edwd police h 507 Greene av 

ii Edwd printer b 537 Evergreen av 

n Ellen F wid Michl E h 868 DeKalb av 

ii Emma wid John h 254 Balnbridge 

ii Ernest carpr h 271 42d 

ii Fordbam elk h 986 Madison 

ii Francis A h 615 E 17tb 

n Geo machinist h 153 S 4th 

n Geo E elk h 547 Throop av 

•i Geo H salesman b 252 Balnbridge 

ii Geo P florist h 1391 Pacific 

ii Harry grocer 13 Wallabout mkt h Tuck- 
aboe N Y 

ii Hy police h 84 Prospect pi 

•i Hy A h 211 8th av 

ii Hy A woolens 100 5th av Mhtn h 491 9th 

ii H W bldr 1609 E 17th 

ii Jas elk b 447 lli'li 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 




3 O 








If 25 

p c «^^ 
en R 1 

£ 79 


317 Washington St. BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 naln. 



50 &. 52 STONE STREET 



L» .u_ 

- J° 











it Jas laundry 233 Wyckoff 

n Jas manager 89 Hudson Mhtn h 345 14th 

n Jas physician h 100 Bklyn av 

it Jas E h 693 Park pi 

•i Jas F machinist h 843 Bwlck ay 

ii Jas F trucks 29 South Mhtn h 143 Wil- 

ii Jas J liquors 449 Court 

ii Jas M (Rev) prest 6th n 7th ay h Mor- 
ristown N J 

ii Jas S h 555 Throop av 

ii Jane wid Danl liquors 4402 4th ay 

ii Jeremiah machinist h 652 Bedford av 

ii Johanna wid John h 279 6th av 

ii John cooper h 416 Hooper 

ii John printer h 279 6th av 

ii John stevedore h 56 Concord 

m John B contractor h 2169 Homecrest av 

ii John C Jr plumber h 561 E 9th 

■i John D mer 29 Bway Mhtn h 112 Mon- 

ii John F elk h 234 Balnbridge 

ii John J clothing h 5918 4th ay 

ii John J roofer 637 Grand av 

ii John M physician 600 Carlton av 

ii John S elk h 547 Throop av 

ii John T h 77 Hemlock 

i. John W h 123 Halsey 

ii Jos elk h 386 Carlton av 

ii Jos F jr shoes 107 Dean 

ii J H h 595 Franklin av 

ii Louis manager h 123 McDonough 

n Martha wid Dennis dry gds 138 7th av 

n Mary wid Danl h 149 Lex av 

ii Mary E plumber 274 Jay h 374 Jay 

n Matthias carpr h 271 42d 

.. Michl h 112 Schaeffer 

ii Michl composition h 279 6th av 

ii Michl engineer h 386 Carlton av 

ii Michl pilot h 446 49th 

ii Michl printer h 159 Remsen 

n Michl u s n h 325 8th 

ii Michl J truckman h 212 Carroll 

ii Monroe elk h 253 Mldwood 

ii M F h 117 57th 

ii Oliver K bldr 28 Lenox rd 

ii Oliver K jr elk h 394 Lenox rd 

ii Patrick liquors 4925 5th av 

n Paul elk h 363 Union 

ii Robt elk h 279 6th av 

n Robt florist 5 Kouwenhoven pi 

ii Rose wid Jos h 655 DeKalb av 

„ R J h 149 Lex av 

ii Saml dye mixer h 322 43d 

ii Saml M h 608 East Pkway 

ii Thos flreman h 120 Pulaski 

ii Thos G police h 181 Court , 

ii Timothy bldr h 129 N 1st 

H Timothy elk h 320 Maple 

„ Timothy J elk h 69 4th pi 

ii Walter h 1000 Hancock 

ii Walter engineer h 1865 Cropsey ay 

■i Wm liquors 124 4th av h 120 Pulaski 

ii Wm salesman h 6811 2d ay 

n Wm vlce-prest New Dtrecht ay c 79th 
• h 79th c 18th ay 

ii Wm Jr contractor h 321 16th 

■i Wm B prest 307 Washn h 6811 2d av 

ii Wm C rubber gds 132 Havemeyer & 371 
Pearl Mhtn h 392 Hancock 

ii Wm E lawyer 391 Fulton h 944 Marcy 

ii Wm M lronwkr h 149 Lex av 

ii Wm T mechanic h 732 Gates av 

n Wm W lawyer 141 Bway Mhtn h 104 

ii Woodhull & Burns (Inc) lumber 610 Ham- 
ilton av 

ii & Donohue liquors 764 Laf av 
Buckley-Newhall Co furniture 929 Bway 
Buckman David L lawyer 1 Madison av 
Mhtn h 610 Madison 

.. Elizabeth h 177 Pulaski 

n Erwln D foreman h 875A Greene ay 

n Fredk W manager 97 Warren Mhtn h 145 

•i F W h 152 Grant av 

ii Harry P salesman h 329 Decatur 

ii Mary H wid Ira h 359 Lewis av 
Buckmaster Wm electrician h 420 10th 
Buckmeyer elk h 86 Lex ay 
Bucknall Steamship Lines E Centl pier At- 
lantic dock 
Bucknam Alfred S broker 198 W Bway Mhtn 
b 187 Madison 

H Clarence J salesman h 729 East Pkway 
Bucknel Hy bldr h 157 Hull 


Buckner Carrie wid Wm h 884 Madison 

ii Wm D vlce-prest 885 Fbush av h 130 
Buckridge Geo police b 5411 6th av 

ii Hy W plater 43 John Mhtn h 790 Jef av 

ii Thos J painter h 73A Cooper 
Bucky Milton G lawyer 20 Broad Mhtn h 129 

Rogers av 
Buckye Eliza wid Hy h 1246 Jef av 
Bud Malcolm elk h 306 Fenlmore 
Budd Alfred M teller 124 Bowery Mhtn h 
1550 46th 

ii Azelia wid John h 229 Hancock 

ii Chas W h 165 DeKalb av 

ii Edwd C elk h 277 Tpkins av 

n Frank salesman h 538 2d 

n Fred W h 263 Henry 

ii Harry salesman h 987 Putnam av 

ii Hy painter h 283 Covert 

m Jas cigars 277 Tpkins av 

ii Jas A elk h 1235 58th 

ii Jos painter 204 18th 

ii Martin A elk h 299 Hancock 

ii Ralph W salesman h 1513 Pacific 

ii Rosa A wid John G h 150 Quincy 

ii Wm H buyer h 1513 Pacific 
Budde John smelter h 565 Putnam ay 

ii Thos ins 4820 5th ay h 5001 5th av 
Budden Thos electrician h 1248 56th 
Buddine Robt L foreman h 20 Fairview pi 
Budds Wm T tel oper h 302 Bradford 
Buddsmith Leonard collector h 244 Wilby av 
Budell Max C ins 20 Nassau Mhtn h 348 

Vernon av 
Budelman Chas salesman h 183 DeKalb av 

ii Henrietta h 986 Fbush av 

ii Herman h 331 Nostrand av 

ii Theo M bookkpr h 341 Wayerly av 
Budelmann Anna M wid John W h 390 

n August liquors 424 Greenwich Mhtn h 
455 McDonough 

n Hy meat 106 Lee av h 117 Lee av 
Budenbender G W electrician h 134 33d 
Budenhorn Hy manager 1273 Bway h 264 

Buderus Mary wid Wm h 1284 Sterling pi 
Budge John Saratoga chips h 411 99th 
Budinoff Louis neckwear 527 Bway Mhtn h 

1217 42d 
Budion Jas A plumber b 252 Marlon 

ii John tailor h 137 Sumpter 

ii Jos tinsmith b 220 Jerome 
Budlong Robt E jr manager 15 Maiden la 

Mhtn h 66 Pierrepont 
Budoff Bernard stationer 2061 86th 
Budway Elizabeth A wid Frank h 35 Cler- 
mont av 

n John J reporter b 35 Clermont ay 
Bndzinsky Michl furs 178 India 
Buecheler Godfried h 360 Franklin av 
Buecher Ernest supt h 916 DeKalb av 
Buechler Michl liquors 434 Humbt 
Buechner Alwin R ins 6 Hanover Mhtn h 180 
Prospect pi 

ii Anthony elk h 890 Putnam av 

ii Elizabeth music h 112 Hoyt 

n Geo carp h 483 Pacific 

ii Geo C lawyer 350 Fulton h 28 Forest 
Pkway Woodhaven L I 

ii Oscar books 11 B 17th Mhtn h 226 83d 
Buegeleisen Hyman books 489 5tb ay Mhtn h 

359 Stuyt av 
Buehl Harry plumber li 1383 Putnam av 

n Hy printer h 198 Bldert 
Buehler Alphonse agt 4 Court h 74 Cooper 

ii Chas elk h 609 Hemlock 

ii Chas machinist h 115 Euclid av 

ii Christian see Atlantic av c Chestnut h 
153 Welrfleld 

ii Engelbert blacksmith 14 Clay h 408 Lin- 

ii Fredk blacksmith h 392 Shepherd av 

ii Fredk buyer h 708 Decatur 

ii Fredk W cashier h 1316 48th 

ii John machinist h 408 Linden 

ii J G h 235 Chestnut 

ii Louis M drugs h 329 20th 

ii Minnie wid Jos C h 111 Euclid av 

ii Ralph patternmkr 77 Adams h 995 Hart 

ii Richd upholsterer h 408 Linden 

ii & Schoenborn patternmkrs 77 Adams 
Buehlmeler Hy mfr h 132 Howard av 
Buehrer Wm meat h 111 Walton 
Buehring Theo C lronwkr h 315 Marlon 
Buck A H h 457 Halsey 


Brooklyn Elite Directory, 




m z 

g S > 



317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Tel. 3004 ilaln. 



350 Livingston St., Brooklyn, N. Y. $X5EES&w£Sl 

° 2 

X 3E 

< •** s 


O Z 










■• Gustav H lithographer 54 E 19th Mhtn 
h 466 Classon av 

ii Herman bookkpr h 1019 Laf av 

•I Sophie h 75 6th ay 
Buelenbach Jacob salesman h 429 Balnbrldge 
Buell Chas H sec 26 Court h 187 Quincy 

n Chas S prest 26 Court h 302 Jef av 

ii C S Co roofing 26 Court ic 198 4th av 

ii Elizabeth dressmkr 686 Warren 

ii Fisher A elk h 1420 Av H 

ii Frank elk h 681 Halsey 

ii Hy C moulder h 588 Jerome 
Buente Chas E elk h 1363 70th 
Boerkel Geo liquors 187 Meserole 

ii Louis tailor h 365 Palmetto 

n Pauline dressmkr h 17 Locust 
Buerkle August carver h 788 Hart 
Buermann August realestate 507 Grand Mhtn 
h 871 Driggs av 

ii Chas realestate 507 Grand Mhtn h 217 

ii Wm realestate 1397 Mvrtle av h 271 
S 6th 
Buermeyer Ferdinand W lawyer 391 Fulton 
h 350 Senator 

ii Harry E h Hotel St George 

■i Phoebe H wid Chas W h 442 6th 
Buesacher Wm meat h 169 Cleveland 
Buess Emll jeweler h 476 Grand av 

ii Geo marble cutter h 1149 40th 
Buessing Chas machinist h 101 E 4th 
Buete Hy T h 530 Quincy 
Buetflsh Fredk delicatessen 247 Sumner av 
Buettner Chas salesman h 1442 DeKalb av 

ii Gustav h 343 Ashford 

M Bufalo M C meat 1804 Bath av 
Buff Emll embroideries h 693 Belmont av 

ii Werner h 383 Glenmore av 
Buffalo Commercial Ins Co 148 Montague 

ii Press printing 2 Buffalo av 

.. Radiator Co 4515 16th av 
Buffalo-German Ins Co 148 Montague & 12 

Buffard Ell electroplater h 329 2d 
Buffett Geo milk h 70 Logan 

ii Hy farmer h Mill la & Av N 

ii Nelson C engineer h 33 Aberdeen 
Bufflngton John M engineer h 143 Montague 
Bufflnton Harry B restaurant 411 Bridge h 

Buffier Paul bookkpr h 330 Ridgewood av 
Buffum Maria wld Thos A h 154 Hicks 
Bugbee Geo news agt h .148 16th 
Bugg Edwd I elk h 288 Halsey 

ii Edwd I glass 256 Bway Mhtn h 195 
Kingston av 
Bugge Anna F r 636 57th 

ii Burger painter h 90th n 4th ay 

ii M carpr h 347 48th 
Buggel H F meat 278 5th av h 285 6th av 
Buggeln August milk h 308 10th 
Buggero Jos grocer h 793 St John's 'pi 
Buggy Dpnnls carpr h 217 Gold 

ii John T printer h 97 Sumpter 
Bugliari N barber 69 Ralph av 
Bugle ChaB clockmkr h 370 Keap 
Bugler Michl elk h 1401 Jef av 
Buhl Alex elk h 1123 Halsey 

ii Christian barber 381 Bway Mhtn h 1363 
Putnam av 

n Peter A barber 6 Wilby h 129 Schenner- 

■i Wm machinist h 980 Wilby av 
Buhlar Hy W elk h 292 Greene av 
Buhler Chas baker h 283 Himrod 

ii Chas barber 2855 Atlantic av 

ii Jacob designer h 1437 Bwlck av 

n Louis shoes h 290 Classon av 
Buhlert Lawrence furniture h 42 Somers 
Buhot Herbert W meat 4801 3d av 

ii Herbert W truckman h 353 53d 
Buhr Wm agt h 479 13th 
Buhre Chas barber h 1103 Halsey 

ii Danl liquors 277 Bway Mhtn h King's 
Highway n Ocean Pkway 
Buhrer Emll furrier 5 Bleecker 

ii Fredk W elk h 327 Ashford 

n Herman H mason h 367 Essex 

ii Jacob mason h 328 Shepherd av 

ii Oscar chef h 615 Koscko 
Buhrow Chas A painter h 1578 DeKalb av 
Buhsin Martha wld Nicholas h 415 10th 

n Robt elk h 612 E 21st 

ii Walter A teller h 103 Kenllworth pi 
Buick Motor Co 42 Fbush av 


Bnild-trs Association of the Borough of 
Brooklyn (incj 215 Montague 
n Hardware Co (lnc) 409 Bway 
n Mortgage Co realestate 215 Montague 
ii Trucking & Material Co Bedford av c 
Lincoln pi 
Building Corporation of King's Co 44 Court 

ii Uepartmeut Borough liall 
Bulst Geo Lamb physician h 3 Hancock 
Buitekam David minter h 1063 57th 
Bujese L carpr 121 Washn h 119 Washn 
i: uka I in an Suinl skirts 136 Greene Mhtn h 

481 Essex 
Bukey John tailor 166 7th av 
Bukofzcr Isidor cigars 71 5th av 
Bukoskl John tailor 166 7th av h 450 6th 
Bukouski John C mason h 291 Beld av 
Bukowski John J cashier h 2167 Bedford av 
Bukowsky Stephen shoes 1027 Fulton 
Bulasky Louis machinist 44 E Houston Mhtn 

h 437 15th 
Bulcber Nicholas cashier h 328 Jay 
Bulck Fredk mason h 249 5th av 

ii John jr depy sheriff h 23 Bleecker 
Buldmann Ernest h 57U8 6th av 
Bulger Helen wid nurse h 265 9th 
ii John A copyist h 383 2d 
ii John H machinist h 177 Hooper 
ii John H supt h 2177 Bedford av 
n John J treasr 802 Myrtle av 
ii Michl painter h 394 Shepherd av 
ii Sainl S elk h 190 S Oxford 
n Thos elk h 11 Kingston av 
ii Wm h 525 11th 
Bulgin Aaron printer h 222 Putnam av 
Bulifant Jos broker 84 Vandam Mhtn h 262 

Bulls Tillie wid Edwd h 505 Schenck av 
Bulker Hy express 99 Grand av 
Bulkley Abby I wid John W h 167 S Elliott 
ii Archibald E hangings 42 E 14th Mhtn h 

258 Prest 
ii Chas elk h 245 43d 

ii Chas H realestate 414 Myrtle av & 
Bedford av c Bergen h 345 Adelphl 
it Ellas R moulder h 545 Decatur 
ii Frances wld Chas h 66 Dtica av 
ii Harriet L h 492 Classon av 
ii Harry contractor 88 Emerson pl h 235 

Wilby av 
ii Harry G salesman h 251 11th 
ii Helen P wld Edwin h 48 Remsen 
ii Jonathan paper 75 Duane Mhtn h 136 

ii Stephen drugs 84 Montague b 214 

' Hicks 
ii Washington contractor 94 Emerson pl h 
1765 79th 


estate (established 1870) 414 

Myrtle av & Bedford av & Berg-en 
Bull Alex harness 624 Fulton h 536 83d 
ii Alfred H public acct 38 Park Row Mhtn 

h 1224 83d 
ii Anders H engineer h 519 8tb 
ii Andw elec eng h, 492 12th 
ii Andw pilot h 280 Prest 
ii Arthur H realestate 1090 Fbush av h 

608 E 17th 
ii A A bldr h 1064 56th 
ii Chas G h 13 Monroe pl 
ii Chas M broker 106 Wall Mhtn h 269 

n Chas M Jr broker 106 Wall Mhtn h 269 

ii Daul K h 567 Macon 
ii Edwd realestate 1090 Fbush av h 330 

E 19th 
n Edwin A treasr 235 Bowery Mhtn h 

665 Fbush av 
ii Ernest A roofing 1030 Coney Island av 

h 913 Ditmas av 
■i Eyvlnd sec 100 William Mhtn h 402 

E atb 
ii Geo A paper h 498 Clinton av 
n Geo M elk h 389 Chauncey 
ii Hy lawyer h 157 Clinton 
•i Hy C bookkpr h 435 10th 
n Hy C bldr h 1064 56th 
ii Jas F boat capt h 4S3 9th 
ii J H h 101 A St Mark's av 
ii J M h 51 Quincy 
n Marcus J elk h 390 1st 
ii Oscar boat cant h 226 86th 
ii Robt I physician h 42 4th av 








317 Washington St.. 
TCLKPHONC. 9004 Maim 

MO § a - 
M » P C 




B a 


to *> gi — 


b g «ro 

p. FO 





i. U 







id 5 

0) fl] 














<< | 






< >i 

-» ^ SI 


u «> 


. Lewis and Willonghby Avenues, in the heart of Brooklyn 

That's tHe Place to Educate Your Boy 


ii Sainl supt h 310 Tulaski 

.1 Sidney W dentist 118 Tpklns av 

.. Tlieo F manager 290 Bway Mhtn b 

354 Wilby av 
it Tlios elk b 1287 St Mark's av 
ii Walter ins b 435 loth 
ii Wiu C Ins b 1287 St Mark's av 
,• Win E elk b 344 E 22d 
n & Cozlne roofers 1030 Coney Island av 

Bullar Anna wid Wm li 74 La/ nv 

Buliard Elizabetb wid Harry b 18 Jef av 
ii Danl A h 1293 Dean 
ii Jas H printer b 815 Park pi 
n Phoebe wid Edwd F b 397 Macon 
n Wm mfr b 83 Clarkson av 
,. Wm E reporter b 941 Park pi 

Bullen Forest H b 179 Marcy av 
n Percy S journalist h Sedgwick pi n 
Wakeman pi 

Bullenbaeh Cbas police b 429 Bainbridge 
ii Philip cutter b 429 Bainbridge 

Bullenkamp Annie wid Hy b 369 6th av 
n Cbas E paper ruler 74 Beekman Mbtn 

h 316 Halsey 
ii Geo music b 316 Halsey 
ii Hy salesman b 235 Walworth 
.1 John ¥ realestate 94 High h 428 Quincy 

Bulley Anna M wid Geo F h 538 Pacific 
ii Emma wid John h 127 Lewis av 
.. Frank H b 161 Henry 

Biillibant Hy supt h 294 DeKalb av 

Bullig John boilermkr h 154 31st 

Bulling Bernhardt H drugs, h 39 Shepherd av 
M Emma wid Hy b 14U6 Putnam av 
ii Geo agt h 251 Greece av 

Bulllnger Herman baker 102 S 2d 

Bullis Geo F bookkpr h 159 Jerome 
n Lilia wid Edwd G h 198 Clifton pi 
ii Win A millwright h 9flO Putnam av 

Bullivant Harry H supt h 294 DeKalb av 

Bullness Danl engineer h 771 Bergen 

Bulloch Fredk elk h 226 49th 
i. John patternmkr h 207 Freeman 

Bullock Alfred E acct h E 15th n Av O 
.1 Amy C dressmkr h 6823 16th av 
.1 Chas E livery 3909 4th av 
M Frank E elk h 210 Madison 
ii Harry foreman h 163 Ainslie 
ii Margt wid Augustus A h 456 Degraw 
ii Kobt cigars 99th n 4tb av 
n Wm boilermkr h 64 Waverly av 
,i Wm J foreman h 335 9th 
ii * Bropliy undertakers 9406 3d av 

Bullwlnkel Edwin M physician h 87 S 9th 
.1 Fredk lawyer 367 Fulton h 373 4th 
ii Geo L grocer 652 5th av 
ii Harry physician 359 Rutland rd 
ii Hy farmer h E 92d c Canarsle la 
M Hy D h 473 Park pi 
ii Hy G woodenware 223 Market av 

labout mkt b 168 Heyward 
ii John b 600 Park av 
n John delicatessen 85 Sands 
ii John janitor h 421 St Mark's av 
ii John. E lawyer 271 Bway Mhtn b 

Washn av 
M John H engineer h 26 Sheridan av 
ii J Fredk lawyer 371 Fulton h 245 Halsey 
ii J Treadwell organist h 1040 E 18th 
ii Kate M wid Hy h 504 GreeDe av 
ii Martin mer h 80 S 9th 
ii Martin A h 1066 E 18th 
ii Ricbd H letter carrier h 671 Park pi 
ii & Gerken delicatessen 85 Sands 

Bnllwinker Hy carpr b 1004 Gates av 
ii Wm Investigator h 1004 Gates av 

Bullwlnkle Arthur bookkpr h 148 Kent 
ii Chas H painter b 105 N 7th 
n Geo manager 134 Gpelnt av b 148 Kent 
ii Riehd janitor h 146 Patchen rv 

Bulmer Bertha wid Sllliki r h 345 Stratford 
h Jas K collector h 4 Middagh 
ii Jas P ins b 133 MeDonough 
ii Jane wid Thos h 339 E 53d 
ii Jos machinist b 462 9th 
ii Sydney bookkpr h 459 Chauncey 
ii Wm C decorator h 401 1st 
ii Wm G brassfinisher b 233 Linden 
ii Wm J printer h 157 Himrod 

Bulner Jacob mason h 328 Shepherd av 

Bolow Adolpb h 601 Macon 

Bulson Geo W h 97 Decatur 

Bultman Hy D sec 130 Washn pi Mhtn b 

Bultmann Fredk elk h 411 47th 
ii Fredk grocer 389 7th av 
ii Fredk H D grocer 433 Franklin av 




Bultmeyer Charlotte wid John b 309 Ever- 
green av 
Kultz David E foreman h 349 59th 
Bulwlnkle John M stationer 413 Fulton h 351 

Bolzano Francis grocer 61 Summit 
Bulzer Lawrence baker h 677 Hart 
Biimby John II engineer h 334 E 9th 
Bumstead Wm lish 794 Sebenck av 
Bunce Albert A hardware 100 Fulton h 181 

ii Alonzo A h 395 Monroe 

ii Arthur F elk h 1419 Bwick av 

n Arthur J surveyor b 222 Halsey 

ii Cbas E elk h 1092 Decatur 

ii Cbas E engineer h 956 Laf av 

n Cbas M asst insp 705 Custom Mhtn h 
409 E 8th 

ii Cyrus B hardware 106 Fulton h 183 

n Cyrus F salesman h 1564 49th 

ii Danl L police h 771 Bwick av 

ii Geo h 124 Ainslie 

n Geo carpr h 218 Nassau 

ii Geo elk h 997 Decatur 

ii Geo plumber b 269 Rutledge 

ii Geo teacher h 209 Rutledge 

n Geo W elk h 771 Bwick av 

ii Harry F solicitor b 2047 East Pkway 

n Homer A electrician h 245 10th 

n Howard L bookkpr h 40 Cooper 

ii Jas F engineer h 153 Garfield pi 

ii Jas M insp h 222 Halsey 

ii Jas W moving vans h 466 Clermont av 

n Jesse carpr h 222 Halsey 

ii Jesse salesman h 295 Hooper 

ii John (firm of) hardware 106 Fulton 

ii John stonesetter h 560 53d 

ii Joshua journalist h 1230 Bedford av 

ii Mary E h Hotel Bossert 

ii Richd hardware 106 Fulton h 171 High 

ii Wm barber h 1419 Bwick 

ii Wm elk h 269 Rutledge 

ii Wm A printer h 262 St Nicholas av 
Bunck John J brooms 155 Chambers Mhtn b 

2155 E 17th 
Buncke Hy grocer 1876 Pacific 
Bund Philip elk h 712A Madison 
Bnndes Frank stationer 026 Myrtle av 
Bundlck Cornelius A (Rev) h 325 Lewis av 

ii Elijah truckman h 230 Buffalo 

ii Geo salesman h 483 9th 

ii John S diver 49 South Mhtn h 80 Pilling 
Bundock Alice wid F b 746 MeDonough 

ii John B machinist h 598 Koseko 
Bundow Chas elk h 1592 Bwiek • av 
Bundschu Frank liquors 148 Hamburg av 

n F & Co liquors 567 Evergreen av 
Bundschuer Fredk clockmkr 824 Knickr av 
Bundshuh Jos stonecutter h 273 Himrod 
Bnndstein Chas realestate h 22 Covert 

ii Hy carver h 20 Covert 
Bnndy Abram C engineer h 135 Patchen av 

ii Arthur C furng h 669 Halsey 

ii C Lynn supt 78 Broad Mhtn h 676 
Prospect pi 

ii Oscar painter b 455 Madison 
Bunel Chas A police h 1366 Greene av 
Bung Chrlsr E elk h Kouwenhoven pi h 

Utica av 
Bungardt Herman elk h 429 59th 

ii Peter bookbinder h 296 State 
Bungart Peter realestate 1230 DeKalb av 
Bungartz Nicholas B manager h 70 Lincoln 

Bungarz Gottfried wagons 125 9tb h 20 
Ocean av 

n John meat 1768 Pacific 

■i John wheelwright h 134 9th 

ii Jos ironwkr h 261 13th 
Bungay Geo I salesman h 663 40th 

ii John G lh 465 Delamere pi 
Bunge Ohas civil eng h 355 4th 

ii Ernest F elk b 603 11th 

ii M H sec 258 Bway Mhtn h 317 Ralph 

ii Robt musician h 317 Ralph av 
Bunger August livery h 329 Vernon av 

ii Emma wid Edwd h 157 55th 
Bungeroth Edwd stenographer h 1231 Madi- 
Bungert Fredk salesman h 247 Himrod 

■i Geo elk h 673 Halsey 

n Gottlieb brassfinisher h 191 Manjer 
Bunln Moses painter 221 Atlantic av 

ii Noah hardware 342 46th 

ii Noah physician 141 Sumner av 
Bunk Peter candy 520 Court 
























— I 


=- 30 


The New York Business Directory for i860, under the heading Brush 
Manufacturers, gave the address of BRADLEY & SMITH, 251 Pearl 
Street. Trow's Directory for 1910 shows BRADLEY & SMITH 






< g a 

i Z g 

5 Q- 








Bunker Christian G engineer h 24 Hicks 
ii Edwd A h 401 Washn av 
ii Geo engineer to C34 11th 
M Hy A physician 158 6th av 
ii Horace E elk h 236 N Y av 
ii Howard foreman h 14S0 Herkimer 
ii LeRoy E com mer 274 Washn Mhtn h 

794 Prospect pi 
ii Louis h 45 Bldert 
n Mary A wld h 327 Decatur 
ii R H h 122 Hancock 
ii Thos G elk h 44 McDonough 
H Wm It supt h 21 Berkeley pi 
Bunn Arthur E carpr h New Dtreeht av c 
ii Edwd J cashier h 74 Randolph 
ii Fredk A lawyer 10 Wall Mhtn h 139 

n Geo A manager 104 Montague h New- 
ark N J 
ii John W engineer h 665 79th 
ii Walter C gas flstures 284 Livingston 
h 240 77th 
Bunnekanip Emil bookkpr h 460 Elton 
Bunnell Chas A cigars 29 Centre Mhtn to 
542 60th 
,i Geo A bldr 458 oth 
ii Isaac compositor h 700 E 3d 
ii Jos h 542 60th 
ii Kossuth E advertising 154 Nassau Mhtn 

h 379 Washn av 
„ Mary T wld Jesse H h 1250 Pacific 
n Oscar B foreman h 22 Hpkson av 
n Walter E advertising 154 Nassau Mhtn 
h 379 Ocean av 
Bunner Paul E h 415 Grand av 
Bunny John H actor h 527A Greene av 
Bunstead Aaron foreman h 42 Rogers av 
Bunte Chas contractor 132 Elton 
n John J broker 192 Bway Mhtn h 203 

Schenck av 
ii Louis C h 154 Rutland rd 
Bunth Howard electrician h 988 Halsey 
Bunting Annie E wid Jas R h 294 Laf av 
ii Geo acct h 1325 St John's pi 
n Jas H supt 150 Nassau Mhtn to 309 

Vandt av 
,i S M h 825 Lincoln pi 
n Thos W carpr h 796 Classon av 
Buntman Max tailor 464 Bwick av 
Bunton Robt puinter h 223 Hoyt 
Bunyan John C elk h 496 Stratford rd 

ii Silas A elk h 47 Centl pi 
Bunz Louis H elk to 602 Hancock 
Bunzel Herman barber h 148 Bradford 
Buonaiuto Gabriel barber 486 Myrtle av h 
151 Hall 
M Pasquale liquors 545 Met av 
Buoneristiano Chas G popcorn 253 Waston 
Buono Giovanni physician h 218 Union 
ii Mlchl barber 26 Pulton Mtotn h 146 

ii Vincent C musician h 403 Dnlon 
Buonocore Jos grocer 118 Fulton 

Mhtn 'h 704 Herkimer 
Buonora P liquors 172 Stone av 
Burack Abraham metals 30 Front Mtotn to 

46 Bartlett 
Burbank Benj B machinist h 238 45th 
ii Chas bookkpr h 646 Laf av 
ii Fred W manager 30 Broad Mhtn to 

387 Ocean av 
ii Morton realestate h 8645 20th av 
Burbanks Louise wld Wm to 392 Rldgewood 
n Wm manager to 411 10th 
ii Wm L elk h 392 Rldgewood av 
Burberle Chas reporter h 136 St James* pi 
Burbridge Frank W mixer to 47 E 4th 
Burby Ana wid Jas h 30 Willow pi 
ii A H h 56 3d av 

ii Wm H lawyer 898 Park av h 149 B 
55th Mhtn 
Bureh David mer ft 39tn h 252 79th 
ii Duane salesman to 531A 6th av 
ii Edwin B musician u 371 State 
„ Edwin L collector h 371 State 
„ Elizabeth wid Wm A h 1274 Park pi 
Burchard Chas L manager h 444 Prospect 

ii Edmund L salesman h 403 Rugby rd 
ii Emelie employment 534 Washn av 
ii Gerard L salesman h 444 Prospect pi 
„ Louis F lawyer 342 Fulton h 296 St 

James' pi 
Burchardl Bernhard T manager h 8203 12th 

Pictures^ Paintings 





Burchards Chas H metals 38 Franklin h 

Flushing L I 
Burchell Arthur M salesman h 788 Preet 

ii Austen B realestate 27 Pine Mtotn h 
859 Hancock 

ii Chas E h 805 Putnam ay 

ii Richd B h 837 Hancock 

ii Richd W rodman to 745 Hancock 

n Robt H machinist to 786 Jef ay 

ii Thos E drugs 36 Bkway av h 496 

ii Thos H coml trav h 2326 83d 

ii Thos I sec to 805 Putnam av 
Burcher R H h 39 Downing 
Burchwald Saml H men's furng 357 5th av 

h 363 7th av 
Burck Ernest L meat h 294 St Mark's ar 

ii Frank P meat 142 Smith h 213 Dean 

ii Philip h 213 St James' pi 

ii Theo M meat 179 7th av h 410 2d 
Burckhardt Adolph grocer 57 Ralph av 

ii Fredk J hotel Sheepshead Bay rd n W 

ii Hy C elk a 33 Schaeffer 

ii Jos E plumber Neptune av n W 1st 
Burd Thos elk h 221 Lewis av 
Burden Elizabeth wid Geo h 336 1st pi 

ii Elmer M dry gds 1717 Bway h 1203 

ii Fredk J coml trav h 422 Lewis av 

n Geo h 187 16th 

ii Hy nolke to 4 Hart 

ii Pete'r dry gds 783 Mhtn av h 1203 Dean 

n Thc-o elk h 178 S Elliott pi 

n Theron II h 449 Ditmus av 

ii Walter dry gds 7S3 Mhtn av h 1203 

n & Co dry gds 783 Mhtn av & 1717 
Burder Arthur P D h 59 Prospect pi 
Burdett C H h 33 S Elliott pi 

ii C K h 51 Irving pi 

n Jos H copyist to 195 Atlantic av 

ii Mlchl A realestate 89 Barrow Mhtn 1) 
921A Laf av 

•i Snrril realestate h 33 S Elliott pi 

ii Waleott R h 1323 Dorchester rd 

n Walter S proofreader h 135 Qulncy 
Burdette Richd C plumber 10-13 Bedford av to 
34 Pulaski 

ii & Webber plumbers 1043 Bedford av 
Bnrdick Alvin T liquors 2957 Fulton 

..AT hotel 39th c New Utrecht av 

.1 Clinton D vice-prest 175 Remsen to 814 

■i Geo h 810 Washn av 

ii Geo S electrician h 319 48th 

ii Jas T physician h 434 Gales av 

ii L L h 879 Greene av 

n Maiv F boarding h 403 Classon av 

,i Wiuslow M broker 307 Fulton h 737A 
Burdock Jos bldr 446 Park pi 

ii Thos F fireman h 113 Kenilworth pi 

ii Wm painter h 446 Park pi 
Burdon Annie E h 14 S Elliott pi 
Bureau for Collection of Assessments and Ar- 
rears 215 Montague 

ii for Collection of Taxes Municipal bldg 

n of Buildings Borough Hall 

n of Charities 69 Seherrnerhorn 

ii of Charities Woodyard 80 Pacific 

ii of Complaints Municipal bldg 

n of Electricity and Gas Municipal bldg 

ii of Encumbrances and Permits Municipal 

n of Highways Municipal bldg 

ii of Licenses Borough Hall 

ii of Local Improvements 4 Court sq 

ii of Public Buildings and Offices Munici- 
pal bldg 

n of Sewers 215 Montague 

ii of Street Openings 164 Montague 
Burfeind Dederlck liquors 1191 Bway 

ii Fredk elk h 264 Albany av 

n Geo meat 1484 Fbush av 

ii Hy carpr u 264 Albany av 

ii Hy C mason h 356 18th 

ii John H electrician h 190 Jerome 

ii John W elk li 260 Putnam av 

ii Louisa wld John h 200 Putnam av 

ii Richd foreman to 136 Cooper 
Burford Harry W dry gds h 311 Garfield pi 

ii Geo E supplies 204 John Mhtn h 645 
Mansfield pi 

ii Jas storekpr h 279 6th 

,i Mortimer G physician h 198 Marcy av 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 



6- 9 m 

H a 

* C/9 

•0 - 

2. =: U 3- S3 

g. i* m a ai 

If H » t 

" S 2 : 

- » S H £2 

S> s 6J a r* 

s s • • - 

~ ' m s ae 

;?? B » 

S3 a _^. 

??i B — < 

317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Telephone, 3004 Main. 




317 Washington St. 



:y < 







ii Wm J h 83 S 9th 

ii Win L artist 240 S 9th 
Burg Alfred W bookkpr b 789 Westminster 

ii A meat 338 7th 

n Chas grocer 20(i Fbush av Ii 95 Prospect 

ii Electro-Plating 20 Starr 

n Frank meat 50 Boerum 

ii Furee draughtsman h 412 Clinton 

ii Hy ice h 957 Loriraer 

ii Philip tailor 544 Throop uv 

n Saml meat 471 7th av 
Burgdorf Ernest Ins 148 Bway Mhtn h 154 

Sumner av 
Burge Jas E carpr h 359 Hooper 

ii Robt salesman h 275 Linden 
Burgen David H insp h 052 44th 
Burger Adam truckman h 598 Decatur 

ii Albert tailor 208 Franklin 

ii Alfred elec eng h 64 Morton 

M Anthony J physician h 496 Decatur 

ii Beuj brushmkr h 1711 Park pi 

ii Oath wid Louis h 7 Clifton pi 

ii Chas Jeweler h 327 22d 

ii Edwd broker 52 Bway Mhtn h 73 Mon- 

ii Edwd cornicemkr h 313 6th 

ii Edwd A salesman h 733 Herkimer 

n Edwd T bookkpr 254 S 9th 

ii Emil janitor h 275 Clinton av 

ii Francis J physician 41 Buffalo av 

ii Frank elec contractor h 3U9 Hiinrod 

ii Geo photo engraver ih 1005 Hart 

ii Geo tailor h 395 Pulaski 

i, Geo E elk h 114 Hull 

.1 Geo W mfr 573 6th av h 321 16th 

ii Harry h 1728 45th 

n Harry skylights 232 7th h 379 5th 

ii Hy G medical iusts h 395 Pulaski 

ii Hy S lawyer 100 Diamond 

ii John foreman ih 1000 Hart 

n Jos drugs h 111 Pacific 

a Jos machinist h 395 Pulaski 

ii Josephine wid Jos h 612 Madison 

n Jules h 111 Pulaski 

ii J h 245 Mhtn av 

ii J H h 153 Herkimer 

M Landolin wheelwright 255 Johnson av 

n Louis meat h 1351 Greene av 

,i Louis G h 360 Qulncy 

,i Max H tailor Shore rd a E 16th h Av V 
& E 18th 

ii Maxwell C elk h 69 Suydam 

,i Piucus prest 445 Gwich Mhtn h 1399 
East Pkway 

ii Robt printer h 139 Covert 

n Rudolph machinist h 143 Bleecker 

n Tobias cooper h 285 Mc-Dougal 

ii Wm paper h 1713 78th 

ii Wm tailor 84 Norman av 

ii Wm H broker 52 Bway Mhtn h 443 Clin- 
ton av 

ii Zachariaih fish 76 Taylor h 86 Taylor 

n & Golilke skylights 232 7th 
Kurgerson Otto boat eapt h 530 55th' 
Burgess Aaron mfr 77 Bowery Mhtn h 852 
■Classon av 

i, Adelaide ii wid Joslah J h 267A Lewis 

n Albert compositor h 405% 20th 

ii Bernard h 66 Windsor pi 

ii Bernard milk h 121 Windsor pi 

n ('has shipmaster h 300 8th 

n C E h 311 Marion 

n Olias M h 182 Hancock 

ii Edwd .h 193 Ralph 1 av 

i, Edwd A rlorist 423 Bedford av 

ii lElizn A Uorist 423 Bedford av h 119 

n E G th 193 Ralph av 

i. Fredk (Rev) 170 Ramsen h Garden City 
I. I 

M Fredk mech eng h 347 51st 

ii Fredk G agt h 530 47th 

.. F G h 21 Bay 32d 

ii Gordon h 1 Embury pi 

ii Harriet L librarian Clinton c Union h 
717 Sterling pi 

.. Hy B h 703 Hart 

• i Hy B brushes h 42 Utlca av 

ii Hy G h 80 Truxton 

n Jas painter 158 Spencer 

ii John weaver h 92 Berry 
John E ih 1515 50th 
John L engineer h 157 Ala av 
Joshua printer h 1148 57t'h 
N G h 325 Carlton av 


STORES: 619 and 1410 Fulton Street 


J647 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; 115 Park Row, New York City, 

and 313 East aitli Street, New York City 



n Peter housesmlth h Ocean Pkway n 

Neptune av 
ii Robt (insmith ii 250 50th 
a Robt E searcher h 1096 Putnam av 
ii Stephen V bookkpr h 87 Division av 
ii Wm li 246 Troy av 
ii Wm elk h 70 2d 1>1 
n Wm A shipmaster h 155 Wllby av 
ii Wm II sec Hall of Records h 370 13th 
n Wm L printer h 330 Sackett 

Burggruf Geo h 83.1 Monroe 
ii John realestate 180 Albany av 
ii Josepha wid Matthew h 254 Hewes 
ii Jos C pipemkr h 813 42d 
ii Matthew electrician h 175 Sumner av 

Burgh Louis brewer h 182 Melrose 

Burghardt August paints h 1735 Pacific 
n Edwd h 534 Bainbridgc 
ii Frank J liquors 1437 Gates av 
n Fredk salesman h 11414 Jef av 
n Geo manager 1907 Fulton h Sayvllle L I 
n Geo truckman 24 Furmau av 
ii Gustave O moulder h 221 Linden 
ii Hy D teacher h 188 Emerson pi 
ii Herman elk h 1348 Putnam av 
n Nicholas mason h 549 Throop av 

Burgheim Hy coiul trav L 12 Hampton pi 

Burgher Clarence h 1.123 Bedford av 
ii D E bookkpr h 472 6th uv 
ii John collector ih 555 10th 
ii Wm H broker 52 Bway Mhtn h 443 
Clinton av 

Burgio Chas O barber 1305 Prospect av 

Burglund Fritz plumber h 209 Reld av 
ii F O plumber 342 Lewis uv 

Burgman Chas mechanic h 1478 Gates av 

Burgmuller Edwd machinist h 1318 St 
Mark's av 

Burgmyer Ferdinand elk h 181 Highland 
n Leo J h 26 Herkimer 
n Theo lawyer 44 Court h 20 Herkimer 

Burgoyue Geo mechanic h 249 Hooper 
,i V G wid Stephen F h 127 92d 

Burgtorf August G see 26 Whitehall Mhtn 
756 ISwick av 
ii Oath dry gds 234 Reid av h 756 Bwick 

ii Gustav elk ii 70 A Linden 
ii John G h 1123 Bedford av 

Burguiguon Louis M liquors h 479 Met av 

Burguiii Edwd M egg tester h 559 St John's 

.ii M masseur 865 Tpklns av 
ii Win dyeing 305 Tpkins av 

Burgun Jos A elk h 111 Pulaski 

Burgurt Theo laundry 317 Court h 321 

Burhaus Archie E' ins h 158 St James' pi 
ii Cornelius h 29 Greene uv 
ii Cyrus W teacher 206 Lewis av 
a Everett machinist h 10O St James' pi 
ii Lorenzo D engineer h 124 S 9th 
ii Merrill O elk h 566 53d 
ii Wm truckmau h 31 Vaudt av 

Burhardt Edwd bookkpr h 1340 Hancock 

Burhenne Emil distiller 349 Hamburg av 
ii Gustav elk h 91 Ridgewood av 
n John G manager h 480 Chauncey 
n Walter B bookkpr li 329 3d 
ii & Dobn distillers 349 Hamburg ay 

Burlan Geo furrier h 378 10 9th 

Burk Andw stoves h 578 Bwick av 
n Hy cutter h 1990 Dean 
n Jas printer h 210 Wilson 
ii John h 897 Dean 

ii John plumber 121 Washn h 372 Halsey 
ii John G printer h 30 Douglass 
ii John L police h 897 Dean 
ii Martin blacksmith h SS2 Dean 
a Ralph D machinist h 55 Cranberry 
a Sarah wid Michl h 5S6 Dean 
n Win elec 69 Dean 
ii Wm G restaurant 447 3d av 
n Wm N lawyer h 897 Denn 

Burkard Fredk engineer h 331 Ashford 
ii Geo physician h 1516 Greene av 
a Jos baker 3S6 Hamburg av 
ii Louis drugs 1049 Bway h 1041 Decatur 
ii Otto contractor h 1510 Greene av 
ii Stephen h 1510 Greene av 
ii Wm J drugs 204 St Nicholas av 

Burkirdt Archibald R cashier h 709 Jef av 
ii Bernard J carpr h 271 Rutledge 
a Margt wid Fredk h 700 Jef av 
n Rudolph electrician h 1201 Bwiek av 

Burkart Caroline wid Ferdinand h 32 Lee av 

Charlotte Rosse 
and Fancy Cakes 
used by countless 
millions. Try them 

Telephone at all AddrttMt 



UPINGTON'3 DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 


° *> v* 

60 o 2? 

° »- s 

t/3 *- iJ 

«♦- «i O 

o c 

o.^ a 

£ ■a Js 

tL2 U 


2 o 

5 « 


© :r* 


> a. 

** = 














»^- co 



i> Charlotte wid Casper b 89 Lee av 
ii Hy V plumber h 105 Lex av 
Burke Albert E manager h 552 Hart 
,i Alfred tools 1505 Bwiek av h 1538 

liwiek av 
ii Amelia wld John D ti 59 Clarkson a? 
ii AnUw machinist h 11 Bancroft pi 
., Anna wld Mlchl b 379 7th 
ii Anthony (Rev) b 41 Adelpbl 
ii Arthur E foreman b 410 Douglass 
ii A candy 307 Evergreen av 
ii Bartholomew J elk h 21 St Mark's pi 
ii Bernard paper stock h 403 Baltic 
ii Bridget grocer 50 4th 
ii Bridget wid John b 990 DeKalb av 
ii Celia wid J Edniund h 560 Lex av 
n Chas trucks 103 Havemeyer 
ii Chas F mauager h G97 Hancock 
ii Chas F manager h 48 Shepherd av 
n Chas G elec eng 132 Nassau Mhtn to 258 

Stuvt av 
ii Chas L elk h 348 E 19th 
n Danl elk h 1220 43d 
i, Haul lawyer 307 Wasbn h Summit N J 
ii David A lawyer 37 Liberty Mhtn h 14th 

av c 49th 
a FJdmuufl A h SOS St Mark's av 
ii Edmund F blacksmith h 32 4th pi 
ii Edwd stamper h 021 52d 
ii Edwd C broker b 504 54tb 
ii Edwd C lawyer b 431 Prospect pi 
ii Edwd C tel oyer h 618 54th 
ii Edwd J contractor h 581 E, 28th 
,i Edwd J elec eng 132 Nassau Mhtn h 258 

Stuyt av 
ii Edwd J sheet metal 157 Adelphl h 448 

Myrtle av 
ii Edwd K bookbinder 286 Fulton h 411 

it Edwd L lawyer h 179 Pa av 
ii Edwd V contractor b 581 E/ 28th 
n Edwd W engineer h 766 Lincoln pi 
M Engineering & Construction Co 44 Court 
ii Francis teacher h 118 Franklin av 
ii Francis M physician h 1309 Av G I 
n Francis T harness 1664 Bway Mfctn h 

148 Taylor 
n Frank canmkr b 78 N J av 
ii Frank elk li 536 45th 
n Frank detective b 842 Fbush av 
ii Frank ins b Bay 13th n 86th 
n Frank I! h 228 Putnam av 
,i Frank P cereals 177 Bway Mhtn h 2067 

Ocean av 
ii Frank P lawyer h 2086 Ocean av 
ii Frank T h 148 Taylor 
ii Fredk lK>at capt h 1042 71st 
ii Gustave machinist h 30 Hale av 
ii Hannah wid Chas h 401 Sackett 
ii llv C compositor h 771 Madison 
• I Hy F bicycle sundries 288 10th 
ii J as h 504 1st 
ii .Tas elk b 210 Wilson 
ii .las foreman b 184 Pacific 
ii Jas meat h 386 Sackett 
M Jas police h 367 Evergreen av 
.. Jas realestate 5 Beokman Mhtn h 336 

Gates av 
n Jas restaurant 144 Gpolnt av 
a J is teacher h 290 11th 
ii Jas stonecutter h 284 Koscko 
ii Jas A liquors Ocean av c Av O 
ii Jas F liquors 3024 13th av 
ii Jas F mason h 820 DeKalb av 
ii Jas F mechanic b 94 Atlantic av 
" Jas F printer b 481 Pacific 
.1 Jas F woolens 021 Bway Mhtn h 13 

Brevoort pi 
n Jas M (Rev) St Mark's av c Bkway av 
.1 Jas P carpr r 110 W 17th Mhtn h 128 

Fountain av 
n Jas P salesman b 258 50th 
ii Jas 8 h 20 Plerrepont 
.. Jeremiah h 205 E. 31st 
n Jeremiah mailer h 290 Sumpter 
.1 John elk h 1111 Dorchester rd 
,, .luhii elk h 372 Halsey 
n John fireman h 102 Putnam av 
ii Johu housesmlth b 219 S 3d 
a Johu mechanic h 702 Gates av 
ii John oiler h 239 94t>h 
ii John pilot h 143 12th 
ii Jolm stevedore b 019 DeKalb av 
ii John steward li 241 S 4th 
ii John tailor h 443 Grand av 

Steinway & Sons 


Nos. lorand 109 East 14th Street 



ii John A barber 73 Chambers Mhtn h 1316 

Av G 
John A elk h 462 Vandt av 
John C truckman h 584 Decatur 
John D liquors h 052 Classon av 
John 10 agt h 00 Shepherd av 
John F fireman h 239 94th 
John F painter h 2041 Bay Ridge av 
John F realestate 881 5th av b 3921 5th 

Jolm F stenographer b 504 1st 
John J h 32 4th pi 
John J lwokkpr b 929 E 34th 
John J bookkpr 581 E 2>th 
John J carrier h 212 Norwood av 
John J electroplate!- h 110 Glen 
John J liquors 126 N 7th 
Johu J liquors 319 Oakland h 175 India 
John M elk h 170 Atklus av 
John P lawyer 132 Nassau Mhtn h 448 

Jos b 254 Bay Ridge av 
Jos blacksmith h 199 Kent 
Jos elk h 239 94th 
Jos cooper b 105 Skillman 
Jos plumber h 568 Hart 
J W h 183 8th av 

Lawrence realestate h 450 St John's pi 
Leo E truckman 242 Patchen av 
Lillian wid Wallaek h 2137 83d . 
Margt candy 357 5th av 
Margt wid Danl h 88 Clifton pi 
Margt wid Ricbd h 51 2d pi 
Martin J elk h 100 Bedford av 
Mary wid John h 431 DeKalb av 
Marv A dry gds 841 Liberty av 
Maurice elk h 299 Madison 
Mlchl candy h 145 Maujer 
Mlchl carver h 450 50th 
Mich] ell; h 1757 79th 
Mlchl liquors b 123 3d pi 
Michl machinist 104 Coffey 
Michl J brass finisher h 172 Bergen 
Michl J mason h 63 Sumpter 
Mlchl J stationer 518 4th av 
Michl J supt 307 Wasbn h 300 E 32d 
Milo electrician h 405 Prospect av 
Mllo salesman h 112 Chauncey 
Morris agt u 450 St John's pi 
Oeeauua wid Johu h 1202 40tb 
Oliver P manager 345 Bway Mhtn h 540 

E 19th 
Pa I rick F engineer h 50 W 9th 
Teter elk b 271 Cornelia 
Peter F silks b 470 44th 
Ralph D electrician h 158 Wyekolt 
Raphael clothing 10 Walker Mhtn h 27 

Riehd F broker 13 William Mhtn h 254A 

Grand »v 
Riehd J examiner h 32 4th pi 
Ricbd T liquors 725 Grand 
Roht h 50 Nassau 
Roht E storekeeper h 140 Warren 
Saml clothing 10 Walker Mhtn h 27 

Surah B wld John J h 859 E 34th 
Stanley A salesman h 328 Balnbrldge 
Stephen painter h 91 2d 
Stephen salesman h 437 Prospect pi 
S A uurse h 509 McDonough 
Thos elk b 251A Sumpter 
Tlios cutter b 255 13th 
Thos hardware 025 5th av b 225 19th 
Thos harness h 202 57th 
Thos Jeweler h 201 Hoyt 
Thos liquors h 471 Fbush av 
Thos mason b 20) Hemlock 
Thos music b 382 Gold 
Thos plumber h 238 10th 
Thos supt 894 Mhtn av h 107 Russell 
Tbos jr hardware 025 5th av h 225 19th 
Thos A electrician b 342 93d 
Thos D salesman h 509 McDonough 
Thos F constructor h 59 Sumpter 

Bedford Riding Academy 

Cor. Bedford and Atlantic Avenues 
Telephone Cell, J^g \ Bedford BROOKLYN, H. T. 

George H. Willers, Proprietor 





H Cfl 

r o 

> c 

Z H 

H I 

O -0 

> o 

H < a 

• z r 

« c > 

S m z 

§ ° 

§ < 

= « 

a 5 

a S 

w (0 

2 c 




C H 

m to 





Protpect Park Branch 
Platbush and Ocean Avennee 

TELEPHONE ^4 W? VYatbush 




Samuel H. Burr, 

8 South William SL* 
New York City, N. Y* 






5 e« 




S z 


ii Tlios F plumber 92 Atlantic av 

ii Thos F police h 643 Halsey 

ii Thos J fireman h 43S St Mark's av 

ii Thos J cuuir 50 Church Mhtn h 123 Bed- 
ford av 

ii Thos M elk h 17. r )l Atlantic av 

ii Timothy elk h 227 Oth 

ii Illicit VV C physician 273 Berry 

ii Wm candy h 040 Prest 

ii Win earpr h 207 Vernon av 

ii Wm carriages 200 Skillman h 640 Laf av 

ii Wm elk h 139 Keap 

n Wm elk h 132 State 

ii Wm machinist h 111 Vandt av 

n Wm stevedore h 37 4th 

n Wm E salesman h 125 Berkeley pi 

■i Wm J h 416 2d 

ii Wm J h 273 6th av 

ii Wm J chemist h 859 E 34th 

n Win J coml trav h 1C9 Adelphi 

M Wm J jeweler h 558 Koscko 

M Wm J mailer h 13 E 7th 

ii Wm J prest Jay c Water 

ii Wm J printer h 850 39th 

M Wm J restaurant 127 3d 

ii Wm J treasr 39 Cortlandt Mhtn h 51 

ii Wm 1' depy comr Municipal bldg & con- 
tractor 601 Degraw h 21 St Mark's pi 

n Wm S coml trav h 581 E 28th 

ii Wm V lawyer 166 Montague h 897 Dean 

ii Wlnnifred wid a 261 St Mark's av 

n Wiunified wid Audw n 372 Halsey 
Burkelman Wm H shoes 1523 Bway h 994 

Fbush av 
Burkert John elk 766 Bwick av 

n Paul mason 1423 DeKalb av 

n Walter H h 666 St John's pi 

ii Wm printer h 229 Kent 
Burkett Jas E elk h Kay 11th n Bath av 

ii Rlchd R acct h 23 4th av 
Burkey P H h 234 Fenimore 
Burkhard Frank hotel E 95th c Glenwood rd 

ii Jacob horses 210 Russell h 994 Bwick 

ii Marion G realestate 526 Nostrand av h 
192A Madison 

ii Thos coppersmith 494 Flushing av h 145 

n Tlios jr coppersmith 494 Flushing av h 
192A Madison 
Burkhardt Alex com mer 110 Warren Mhtn 
h 168 Dean 

n August brushes 1294 Wilby av 

ii August shoes 1232 DeKalb av 

ii Chas musician u 510 7th 

ii Christian h 173 Decatur 

ii E M lawyer 44 Court h 772 Lincoln pi 

ii Fredk engineer h 407 Linwood 

ii Geo elk h 491 Elton 

ii Geo J carbonating apparatus h 73 Eras- 

n Hy engineer h 374 Himrod 

n Jacob cigarmkr h 15 Gunther pi 

n Jacob provisions 147 Centre Mhtn h 442 

n Jacob R h 73 Erasmus 

it John grocer 242 Hopkins 

ii John L provisions 147 Centre Mhtn h 442 

n Lawrence fruit h 175 Rochr av 

n Louis photos h 309 Bradford 

ii Mary wid Fredk h 772 Lincoln pi 

ii Matilda wid Carl h 1793 Bklyn av 

n Rudolph drugs 1241 Bway h Liberty N T 
Burkhart Amanda wid Geo h 88 Winthrop 

ii Ben] F machinist h 1006 Decatur 

n Carl fireman h 663 Oth av 

ii Frank liquors 74 Buffalo av 

ii Gustave magician h 309 Bainbrldge 

ii Guslave painter h 180 Mauier 

ii Jos supplies 1292 Wilby av 

ii Wm J liquors Ft Hamilton Pkway c 
Burkhoff Cornelia wid Adrian h 183 High- 
land blvd 
Burkholder Chas C proofreader h 99 Macon 
Burkitt Geo elk h 104 Moffat 

ii Mary A wid John h 198 Leonard 

ii Thos H police h 390 Stratford rd 

ii Thos J shoes h 200 Leonard 
Burkland Chas C elk h 277 Wyekoff 
Burkle Elizabeth wid Martin h Berrlman n 
Hegemau av 

ii Frank lithographer h 99 Himrod 

ii Gustave machinist h 36 Hale av 

n W machinist h 631 49th 
Burklin Fredk elk h 1712 Pacific 


Burkman Chas vegetables Lawrence av n 3d 

ii Fredk earpr h 170 17th 

ii S nnrse h 50 Lawrence av 
Burkmyer Charlotte wid Albert h 652 Chaun- 

Burkoski John tailor 166 7th av h 450 6th 
Burky Ily bookkpr h 440 Chauncey 

ii J upholsterer 1324 Fulton 
Burland Cath wid John h 13U1 Bwick av 
Burleigh Cecil journalist h 709 Cortelyou rd 
Burlein John N grocer 203 Ralph av 
Burlen Albert baker h 383 S 4th 
Burleson Chas E acct h 392 4th 

ii Geo B h S02 Washn av 
Burlett Abraham agt h 415 Chauncey 

ii Chas L painter 376 Sumpter h 664 

ii Wm N agt h 69 Cooper 

ii & Son painters 376 Sumpter 
Burlew Fredk trainer h Av S e E 7th 
Burley John W teacher h 170 St James' pi 

ii Roy G manager 15 William Mhtn h 24 
Burlin Chas elk h 851 Halsey 
Burling Arthur harness 229 Fbush av h 
499 Bergen 

ii Benj harness 229 Fbush av h 499 

n Chas E com mer 7 Greene Mhtn h 768 
Putnam av 

ii Fredk F printer h 133 Concord 

ii Geo police h 1266 Madison 

ii Phoebe wid Sauil h 193 Washn pk 

„ Wm Clinton realestate 208 Gold h 
1144 S3d 
Burlingame Alvah W broker 171 Bway Mhtn 
h 79 Hancock 

ii Alvah W jr lawyer 215 Montague h 
79 Hancock 

ii Chas M agt h'10G6 Bergen 

ii C A artist 191 Clinton 

n Lillian M physician 79 Hancock 

ii Oliver lawyer h 79 Hancock 

ii Walter A shoecutter h 153 Albany av 

ii Wm carpr h 816 Marcy av 
Burnieister Christian fwdg 432 Front Mhtn 
h 317 Lewis av 

ii Edwd H salesman h 91 Humbt 

ii Emil coal 312 Stockholm 

ii Fredk engineer h 143 Cleveland 

n Herman h 91 Hemlock 

ii John machinist h 1440 Greene av 

ii John C architect h 1440 Greene av 
Burrnester Annie wid John h E 92d n Av K 

n Chas coal h 335 Ralph av 

ii Edwd H salesman h 91 Hemlock 

ii Hy carpets h 241 Floyd 

n John H grocer 325 Quincy 

ii Wm salesman h 196 S 2d 
Burmingbam Theo B salesman h 188 Gar- 
field pi 
Burn Albert bookkpr h 353 Chauncey 

ii Alex h 143 Roduey 

„ Danl steamfitter h 98 S 3d 

ii Edwd elk h 54 Macon 

ii Emily wid Geo h 80 St Mark's av 

ii Geo manager h 40 St Mark's av 

it Hy wallpaper 3d av c 35th h 54 Macon 

ii John T 259 Maple 

ii Patrick agt h 303 Adelphi 

ii Wallace J manager 4 Court sq h 599 
Rogers av 
Burnand Bransby depy U 821 Halsey 
Burnard Wm engineer h E 14th n Shore rd 
Burncll Harry elk h 40 Grove 

n Geo A acct h 336 Hawthorne 

ii Jennie D wid Geo h 379 Gates av 

n Wm painter h 333 17th 
Burner Nicholas realestate h 368 Madison 
Burnes Everett A (Rev) h 4614 4th av 

.1 Geo W plumber 180 Bay 14th 

•i Harvey (Rev) h 60 Williams av 

ii Hugh slatecutter h 33 Moffat 

n Jas machinist h 161 23rd 

n John C salesman h 657 54th 

n Wm h 1405 Dean 

ii Wm printer h 422 Gold 
Burnet Hiram fish 6 Fulton fish mkt Mhtn 

h 20 S Portland av 
Burnett Albert E salesman h 134 Prospect 

„ A F manager 030 Myrtle av h 947 E 

ii Ohas D hatter h 615 E 31st 
ii Chas G engineer h 141 Clermont av 
ii Chas R electrician h 58 Grant av 
ii Chauncey H proofreader h 729 West- 
minster rd 

Brooklyn Elite Directory, 

, inr-mtlT 

P < 

m z 

= I 

°* I 

-5 m 

— 30 

w 2 w 

o m > 

o H 

* CO 

£ S 



317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 

Tel. 3004 naln. 


UPIKGTON'S DIRECTORY OFFICE, 317 Washington Street, Brooklyn 

Telephone 3004 Main 



Edwd F salesman h 1842 79th 

E It h 300 Jay 

Geo contractor 504 Schenek av 

Geo salesman h 134A Clifton pi 

Hannah wid Rout h 1116 Decatur 

Ilarrv L elk b 42 Livingston 

Jas architect h 335 53d 

Jas C electrician u 194 Hale av 

John hatter h 592 Balnhridge 

John E elk h 592 Balnbrldge 

John O teller h 306 Jay 

John R reporter 24 State Mhtn h 328 

Stuvt av 
John S jeweler 436 Bedford av h 58 

Josephine M principal 7th av c 79tU h 

378 Koscko 
Louis liquors 500 Grand 
Percy L proofreader h 729 Westminster 

RIehd h 1072 85th 

Rlebd J foreman h 393A McDonough 
Robt N editor 10 Wall Mhtn h 256 

Sterling pi 
Theo A agt h 87 S 10th 
Thos hatter h 206 Ridgewood av 
Thos H salesman h 21 St Francis' pi 
Wm printer 684 DeKalb av 
Wm salesman h 1118 Madison 
Wm G b 393A McDonough 
Burnette Katharine D physician h 379 Greene 

Burney John salesman h 263% Penn 
Burnham Andw J b 140 Lex av 

Avon C teacher h 550 Bedford av 
Avon G jr sec 23 E 22d Mhtn h 1408 

Dltmas av 
Clark physician h 182 Clinton 
Emanuel collections 145 Nassau Mhtn h 
134 Lincoln pi 
ii Emma wld Lyman S b 133 Fort Greene 
Hy F books 943 Fulton 
Jas H h 3505 Av I 
Jas N salesman h 228 Monroe 
John F prest 234 Bway Mhtn h 95 Law- 
L P 343 E 26rh 

Mary wld Chas grocer 311 Park av 
R Wesley teacher h 1801 Dorchester rd 
Thos elk h 1288 Dean 
Thos elk h 569 72d 
Thos machinist h 213 Huron 
Walter B electrician h 251 Sterling pi 
Walter B harness 9 Bergen 
Walter F v-prest 26 W Bway Mhtn h 

202 Lex av 
Wilfred engraver h 1447 52d 
Wm A h 849 Hancock 
Wm P Ins 55 William Mhtn h 382 Mon- 
Wm P shoes h 3 Essex 
Wm W manager 422 Fulton h 1172 
Sterling pi 
Burnhard Wm J master mechanic 215 Mon- 
tague h Sheepshead Bay 
Burnop Jos M elk 1) 677 Argyle rd 
Burns Adelaide millinery 2077 Fulton 
ii Alex polisher h 741 DeKalb av 
ii Alfred elevators h 522 Greene av 
ii Alice wid Geo h 62 Prospect pi 
ii Alice D wid Thos h 535 Putnam av 
ii Andw gocarts 1826 Fulton h 83 Gpoint 

ii Andw J engineer h 373 Douglass 
ii Annie wld h 47 Java 
ii A Lincoln mech eng 600 W 43d Mhtn h 

378 Grand av 
ii Benj tin cans 19 Fulton Mhtn h 298 

ii Benj F supt h 448 44th 
ii Bernard police h 158 Rutledge 
ii Cath wld Thos h 1048 Bedford av 
■i Cath A men's furng 156 5th av 
ii Chas elk b 803 Halsey 
ii Chas engineer h 904 Prest 
ii Chas c-asntter h 3S6% 12th 
ii Chas tile layer h 193 Covert 
ii Chas M fireman h 267 Eldert 
ii Chalfant teacher b 764 DeKalb av 
ii Charlotte wld Jas h 142 Lincoln pi 
n Ohrlsr J Ins 44 Court h 1263 E 10th 
ii Danl boilermkr b 524 11th 
ii Danl carpr h 602 Koscko 
ii Danl cooper h 141 High 
ii David laces h 394 McDonough 
ii David F elk h 161 Jerome 
.1 Edwd h 148 55th 


ii Edwd cashier 128 Bway Mhtn h 904 Prest 

ii Edwd engineer h 293 Carroll 

ii Edwd music h 450 Gates av 

ii Edwd painter h 130 55th 

ii Edwd plumber h 1704 Bath av 

■i Edwd J fish 454 DeKalb av 

n Edwd J police h 426 2d 

n Edwd N phonographs h 500 1st 

ii Edwd T impr h 265 71st 

ii Edwin O salesman h 251 Euclid av 

ii Egbert Reed mfr 42 Withers h 408 Jef av 

ii Elizabeth copyist 21 Park Row Mhtn h 

5623 7th av 

ii Eugene F bookkpr h 583 Bergen 

n E G nurse h 60 6th av 

ii E J h 53A Hull 

ii Foundry & Machine Co 62 Rufrledge 

n Francis cooper h 356 56th 

ii Francis P coppersmith h 227 54th 

ii Frank bookkpr h 336 14th 

n Frank broker h 147 Pacific 

■i Frank fireman h 1264 Sterling pi 

ii Frank iusp h 1041 Sterling pi 

ii Frank machinist h 240 57th 

ii Frank mantels 903 Halsey h 701 Decatur 

ii Frank R salesman h 132 Decatur 

ii Fred W broker 59 Wall Mhtn h 642 St 

Mark's av 

ii Geo electrician h 151 Baltic 

ii Geo mantels 903 Halsey h 548 Decatur 

n Geo B oil 153 Koscko h 241 Clifton pi 

ii Geo H restaurant 324 Greenwich Mhtn 

h 4714 6th av 

ii Gilbert H dlemkr h .179 Richmond 

■i Gilbert P elk h 421 53d 

ii Harry machinist h 309 Bergen 

ii Harry plasterer h 522 Greene av 

ii Harry F sec 134 Bway & 356 Fulton h 

1289 Dean 

ii Hedley V plumber 547 DeKalb av h 

346A Quincy 

n Hugh tile layer h 33 Moffat 

ii Hugh truckman 28 Greene Mhtn h 222 


n Isaac M electrician h 895 4th av 

n Jas bookkpr h 376 Degraw 

ii Jas broker h 2S7 Clarkson av 

ii Jas elk h 187 Butler 

ii Jas elk h 535 46th 

ii Jas elk h 871 50th 

ii Jas elk h 841 54th 

it Jas electrician h 33 Shepherd av 

ii Jas furniture 575 5th av 

ii Jas gardener b 42 Lott 

ii Jas machinist b 161 23d 

ii Jas police h 98 Bergen 

ii Jas salesman h 849 DeKalb av 

ii Jas B engineer h 618 East Pkway 

ii Jas E elk h 120 Uutledge 

ii Jas E news agt Fulton c Grand av h 

996 Fulton 

ii Jas E printer h 426 46th 

ii Jas F compiler 24 Park pi Mhtn h 569 


n Jas G meat 485 Dean 

ii Jas J h 104 N Oxford 

ii Jas J baker 1247 Fulton h 169 Halsey 

ii Jas J carp h 495 Qulney 

ii Jas J see 309 Bway Mhtn h Halsey c 

Marcy av 

ii Jas J steamfltter h 136 10th 

ti Jas R fireman h 1264 Sterling pi 

ii John h 142 Penn 

ii John cans 19 Fulton Mhtn h 298 17th 

ii John meat Glenwood rd c E 94th 

ii John mouldwkr 40 Penn h 93 Ross 

ii John police b 636 Carlton av 

•• John police h 527 55th 

n John A elk h 493 Nostrand av 

ii John E elk h 811 54th 

it John E ilepy collector Washn c Johnson 

h 529 Greene av 

ii John F bookkpr h 1731 Bklyn av 

■i John F electrician h 426 40th 

ii John F manager h 636 Carlton av 

ii John J elk h 407 Quiucy 

ii John J fireman h 61 Division av 

ii John J machinist h 125 Cumberland 

n John J plater h 608 Dean 

n John L Insp h 251 S8th 

n John P keeper h 349 12th 

ii John T salesman h 108 Schaeffer 

ii Jos manager h 93 Floyd 

ii Jos salesman h 476 7th 

ii Jos survevor h 1543 51st 

ii Jus C collector b 5S3 Bergen 

.i Jus F arl 1st h 465 St John's pi 



317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. Telephone, 3004 Main, 









Z 3* 







317 Washington St 

TIUfKom 3004 MAIM 




,i J & Son stone 186 6th 

ii Lauretta h 63 Clarkson av 

ii Lawrence painter u 1214 St Mark's av 

ii Lawrence A elk h 1+2 Lincoln pi 

ii Luke- h 328 Bergen 

ii Luke moulder h 275 Classon av 

ii Luke shlpkpr li ti*H> Sunipter 

n L II teaclier h 033 Clurkson av 

M Mantel & Tile Co 903 Halsey 

ii Margt will John D h 8729 23d av 

ii Margt wid Patrick h 9oo N Y av 

n Martin F cans 19 Pulton Mbtu li 305 

ii Martin J contractor li 1288 Sterling pi 
ii Mary wid Jas h 485 Dean 
ii Mary wid Patrick li <J53 Prest 
.. Mary wid Patrick H h 118 12th 
ii Mary wid Wm li 445 DeKalb av 
ii Mary E wid h 41 Schermerhorn 
ii Mary F wid Win J h 11 St Mark's av 
ii Matthew manager 1569' Fulton h 1288 

Sterling pi 
ii Michl h 484 Marcy av 
ii Michl brushmkr h 540 Sackman 
ii Miclil F prest 50 Church Mhtn h 270 

ii Miclil F special officer h 382 2d 
ii Michl H engineer h 604 Quincy 
.1 Michl J liquors 40 Lewis av h 1080 

Myrtle av 
n Michl J police h 1250 Jef ay 
ii Morris elk h 880 Classon av 
ii Owen contractor h 101 Franklin av 
ii Patrick carpr h 1102 Herkimer 
ii Patrick fireman h 411 Hoyt 
ii Patrick liquors h 2!>8 Albany av 
ii Patrick painter h 79 Carltou av 
ii Patrick J liquors 1438 Fulton 
ii Peter letter carrier h 222 ISth 
ii Peter B bldr 530 Carlton av 
ii Peter J (Rev) h 75 Lewis av 
ii Philander engineer h 191 Division av 
ii Reed silverplater 38 Withers 
ii Rieliil li 296 16th 
i. Robt elk h 1233 Madison 
n Robt lawyer h 904 Prest 
ii Robt mech eng h 365 2d 
ii Robt steamlitter h 357 Winthrop 
,i Robt L elec eng h 3S7 Schenck av 
ii Saml engineer h 567 56th 
ii Saml H jewelry mfr 258 Washn h 162 

8th av 
ii Stephen F h 446 Clinton 
ii Stephen II ropemkr h 1033 Laf av 
ii S B h 270 Van Buren 
ii S H & Co jewelry mtrs 258 Washn 
n Thos actor h 240 7th 
ii Thos elk h 322 57th 
ii Thos elk h 207 Eidert 
ii Thos engineer h 348 43<1 
ii Thos fireman h 47 S 4th , 

ii Thos jockey h 2678 El 18th 
ii Thos lumber h 728 4th av 
ii Thos machinist h 68% Middieton 
ii Thos salesman h 108 Sehaeffer 
ii Thos E liquors 572 Wythe av h 61 

Division av 
a Thos F electrician h 104 2d 
■i Thos P A steamfltter h 283 Classon av 
ii Thos J manager 21 State Mhtn h 144 

Woodruff av 
n Thos J police h 605 40th 
ii Thos J supt 510 Hamilton av h 407 

ii Thos P salesman h 205 71st 
ii Thos S elk h 535 Putnam av 
ii Timothy carpr h 431 Baltic 
ii Walter architect h 9S Bergen 
ii Walter elk h 365 2d 
n Wm h 344 92d 
ii Wm elk h 346 Belmont av 
ii Wm elk h 352 Degraw 
ii Win copper h 91 N'ewell 
n Wm ins h 142 Penn 
ii Wm livery 106 Division av 
ii Win pressman h 422 Gold 
ii Wm steward h 6>J6 Henry 
n Wm stone 186 6th h 051 Degraw 
ii Wm A lnsp Produce Exch Mhtn h 1405 

ii Wm D manager 164 Montague h 816 Hly 

av Astoria L I 
ii Wm F cashier 175 Bway h 303 Mc- 

ii Wm F lnsp h 405 St John's pi 
ii Wm II machinist h 5H2 Ovington av 


ii Win J pninter h 250 6th 

n Wm J pipe covering 20s Nassau 

n Win T h 631 Halsey 

ii Win & Co livery KK> Division av 

i. Winfield .S h 2077 Fulton 

i, W W h 1428 74th 

ii Bios coal ft 26th & 26 Oortlandt Mhtn 

ii & Astarita caterers 109 HaLcv & 1247 

ii & Hurley furniture 515 5th av 
ii & Reed teas 449 Hicks 
Burnside John impr 34 Bowling Green Mhtn 

h 124 Pacific 
n J Gregory exporter 11 Bway Mhtn 

h 365 76th 
Burnsin Saml foreman h 233 34th 
Burnsteln & Mirsky wrappers 39 Morrell 
Burnstone Hirsh salesman h 478 Crescent 
Burquist Adolph machinist h 821 54th 
n Bengt dumbwaiters h 328 Dean 
n Peter carpr h 347 93d 
Burr Albert E h 2112 Beverly rd 
,i Ancrum B elk h 233 Baltic 
ii Anna E wid Chas h 48 Van Buren 
n Carrie wid Chas S h 190 N Y av 
ii Chas F pressman h 29 Russell pi 
n Cornelius A fireproofing mtls 156 5th av 

Mhtn h 243 St James' pi 
ii Bdwd W produce 33 Front Mhtn h 

108 E 18th 
ii Emellne A wid Jos A h 145 Rodney 
ii Francis T manager 150 Nassau Mhtn h 

574 Bedford av 
ii Frank E h 282 Ryerson 
n F S agt 79th c 3d av h 235 79th 
ii Garret E sec 81 Fbush av h Hacken- 

sack N J 
ii Geo E tailor 116 Nassau Mhtn h 151 

ii Geo L clothing 116 Nassau Mhtn h 151 

n Hy P lawyer 16 Court n 157 Clinton 
ii John h 72 Covert 

ii John D parquet floors h 636 Carlton av 
n John T machinist 429 Kent av h Man- 
sion House 
ii John T &. Sons machinists 429 Kent av 
ii John Wells iron founder 84 Calyer h 

225 Decatur 
ii Jonathan S mfr h 98 Rodney 
ii Jos A judge Borough Hall h 169 Co- 
lumbia hgts 
ii Leon elk h 254 Windsor pi 
ii Mfg & Supply Co 102 Lex av 
ii Marcus O salesman h 34 S Elliott pi 
ii Newton H auditor h 901 St John's pi 
ii Saml E attendant h 556 Jef av 
ii Saml H liquors 8 S William Mhtn h 

88 Monroe 
ii Saml W salesman h 337 Prospect pi 
ii Susan E wid Wm E h 498 Greene av 
ii Theo physician h 474 Van Buren 
n Walter C straw gds 159 Mercer Mhtn 

h 169 Columbia hgts 
ii Walter II surgl insts 227 South Mhtn 

h 151 Alnslie 
ii Wilfred bldr Ormond pi c Jef av h 

410 Hancock 
ii Wm H engineer h 225 Hpkson av 
n & Houston Co ironfounders 84 Calyer 
Burrall Geo E mer 19 Whitehall Mhtn h 

944 Marcy av 
ii Sterling H bookkpr h 405 Pacific 
ii Wm D h 405 Pacific 
Burreau E More teacher h 834 Sterling pi 

ii John M elk h 834 Sterling pi 
Burrell A J wid h 1869 Bergen 
ii A L h 1142 Pacific 
n Chas C elk h 1015 Pacific 
ii Elizabeth wid Thos h 1259 St John's pi 
ii Frank U weigher 529 Washn Mhtn h 503 

Clinton av 
ii Fredk A M belting 34 Ferry Mhtn 

h 1409 Albemarle rd 
ii Geo P h Neptune av e W 2d 
ii Harry cutter h 1514 57th 
ii Jos Dunn (Itev) h 58 Downing 
ii Saml P agt 256 Church Mhtn h 218 Park 

,i Wm liquors 284 Jay li 89 Tillary 
Burresen Erwln mechanic h 168 Prest 
Burrldge Elizabeth will John h 137 Alnslie 

ii John carpr h 213 Kent 
Burrill Chas F realestate 189 7lh av h New 

Rochelle N Y 
ii Edwd T tel oper h 074 Carroll 
n Edwd V h 50 Orange 


© SS- 

































...MASQUERADES. &o... 
r- nr - n . .....*--^. n TeH-plione Connection 

FRED. J. WUSTL, Prop. See Card with Nnuie 




■ ■ 

■ ■ 


Telephone, 1213 Hamilton 






Harry elk h 945 Prest 

John F collector h 178 14th 

John T engineer h GT4 Carroll 

Jos D realestate 189 7th av h 234 St 

John's pi 
Sam] G h 100 Pierrepont 
Saml N undertaker 378 Nostrand ay 
Wm H undertaker 07 Fbush av h 




UJ o _ 


z __ Embalmer and 
g] Funeral Director, 

*" BROOKLYN, N-. Y. 




Burrlll Win L realestate 189 7th av h 234 St 
John's pi 
.i Bros realestate 189 7th av 
Burriss Adelaide wld Wm h 5G4 Macon 

ii Chas elk h 167 Cleveland 
Bnrritt Edwd E bldr h 410 Cortelyou rd 
,i Wilmot W contiact agt 81 Wilby h 61 
__ Livingston 

CO Burrongh David W frames 116 Pearl Mhtn 
ti 263 S 2d 
•> ii Edwd T frames 116 Pearl Mhtn h 287 
. * Etna 

JT Burroughs Adele h 372 Washn av 
CO n Arthur G machinist h 649 54th 

n Chas bricklayer h E 92d u Church av 
__ ii Chas elk h 1609 Dorchester rd 
S " Chas elk h 184 Decatur 
*"^ ii Chas salesman h 483 Herkimer 
r - M Chas W furrier 346 6th av Mhtn h 40 
_J Aberdeen 

_— n David weaver h 20 Bklyn av 
__ a Elizabeth L h 8647 21st av 
— ■ „ Ellen wid Geo h 342 Dean 
g_ ii Frank H lawyer 168 Montague 
CO n Frank L elk h 430 50th 
<_■ ii Fredk A pilot h 438 Gates av 
^ .1 Harris S elec eng 15 William Mhtn h 
_5 1416 Pacific 

""^ ii Ilclene M h 432 Franklin av 
__ ii H S elk h 562 55th 

.1 John F h 432 Franklin av 

ii John II broker 15 William Mhtn h 1416 

ii John W photographer h 20 McDonough 
n Luemma H h 430 50th 
ii M A livery 12 Bklyn av 
n Paul G h 1609 Dorchester rd 
n Theo h 470 Westminster rd 
ii Wm bookkpr h 184 Stuvt av 
n Wm E supplies 35 Nassau Mhtn h 1609 

Dorchester rd 
.1 Wm H fish Gausvoort & 13th av Mhtn 

•h 97 Essex * 
.. Wm II prest 74 Bway Mhtn h 228 St 

John's pi 
ii Win V Brick Co (inc) Johnson av & 
Newtown creek & 700 Kent av 
Burrowes Edwd printer h 278 Putnam av 
ii Edwd B plumber h 302 Chauncey 
.. Edwd J h 79 Ashford 
ii Edwd J artist h 1501 DeKalb av 
__ .1 Margt II manager 853 Fulton h 125 Fort 
— _ Greene pi 

^3 Burrows Abraham F paper 29 Peck slip 

Mhtn h 9 Alice ct 
CO " Allen clk h 2521 E 10th 
^^ ii Anna wid XaMian h 272 Etna 
Z ii Arthur Bsih Fulton fish mkt Mhtn h 80 
r^ Kingston av 

i .. B L h 111 Montague 

J_! ii Chas elk h 305 14th 

CO ii Chns P plumber 1421 Bedford av h 140 
_» Welrfield 

— — .1 Da nl J plumber 1421 Bedford av h 96 
_ Hull 

— », n Earl V h 1123 Bedford av 

■— ' M Eugene C steel 12 Cliff Mhtu h 240 

Clermont av 


ii Frank S metal 24 New Chambers Mhtn 

h 1008 Halsey 
M Hy C salesmau ii 731 Madison 
ii Jas elk h 744 McDonough 
ii Jas elk h 615 Lex av 
ii Jas painter h 204 Ainslie 
•i John carpr h 69 Halsey 
ii John printer h 110 4th av 
ii Jos G carpets 45 E 17th Mhtn h 75 1st 

n Lemuel h 622 Greene av 
ii Lemuel jr manager 1 Bway Mhtn h 244 

Clermont av 
ii L M h 505 Rldgewood av 
ii Stephen J stone 106 Frost h 236 Ainslie 
ii Thos C broker 25 Broad Mhtn h 244 

Clermont av 
ii Walter C elk h 80 St James' pi 
ii Walter B impr h 80 St James' pi 
ii Warren E elk h 272 Etna 
ii Wm V Mfg Co cabinet work 430 Kent av 
Burrueker Chas hotel 814 Jamaica av 
ii Chas jr restaurant 1020 Bway h 16 

ii Ohas salesman h 330 Etna 
ii Hy F h 225 Sumpter 
Bursoh Danl F W salt 547 Smith h 252 79th 
n Fredk J W salt 547 Smith h 936 70th 
ii F J W & Co salt 547 Smith 
n Gustavus A mfr 230 46th 
.1 M Adolph produce 1000 3d av b 430 46th 
Bursell Ernest h 55 Pineapple 
Bursky Nathan clothing SO E Bway Mhtn h 

193 Floyd 
Burst Chas W plumber ti 634 51st 
Burstein Assik feed 174 Harrison av 
ii Benj jewelry h 182 Pulaski 
n Ohas lawyer 802 Bway h 914 Putnam av 
ii Harry painter h 132 Nostrand av 
n Hy h 575 E 29th 
n II h 562 Greene av 
ii Isaac feed 362 Wallabout 
ii Louis lawyer 802 Bway h 180 Pulaski 
Burt Albert L publisher 52 Duane Mhtn h 

178 Bklyn av 
.1 Andw h 133 Gates av 
ii Bruce E dry gds h 48 Lefferts pi 
a Chas carpr h 643 Prest 
ii Edwd F publisher 52 Duane Mhtn h 178 

Bklyn av 
ii Edwin C Co shoes 59 Jay 
ii Edwin R carrier h 394 Marlborough rd 
ii Emellne grocer 384 Pacific h 152 At- 
lantic av 
n E A h 93 Wilson 
n E L decorator 305 Bway 
n Fidelia E music h 48 Lefferts pi 
ii Frank prest 81 Fulton Mhtn h 940 Prest 
n Frank II h 1123 Bedford av 
ii Fredk salesman h 4 Alice ct 
.. Fredk T insp h 048 Baltic 
n Harry P sec 52 Duane Mhtn h 184 Bklyn 

n John jr lawyer 07 Wall Mhtn h 053 Mc. 

ii Kath wid Chas h 9 Macon 
a Le Van M draughtsman h 940 Prest 
ii Mary wld David h 50S DeKalb av 
ii Walter elk h 133 Gates av 
n Win vocalist h 97 Sterling pi 
ii Wm E elk h 643 Monroe 
ii Wm F broker 100 Bway Mhtn h 665 St 

Mark's av 
ii Wm H engineer h 213 X Henry 
Bnrtchell Walter D h 5013 Bav loth 
Burtenshaw Chas J livery 13 College pi h 180 

a Wm h 150 St John's pi 
n Wm & Son livery 13 College pi 
Bnrter Ralph elk h 443 I,af av 
Burtera John L barber 146 Rogers av h 703 

St John's pi 
Burtls Alois painter h 39 Soniers 
n A Smith h 125 Woodbine 
ii Chas meat 7020 3d av 
,i Chas S fish 9208 3d av h 354 92d 
,i Edwd C treasr 88 Front Mhtn b 1542 

191 h 
ii Florence L wld Devine F h 199 Carlton 

ii Geo II elk h 2(10 Maple 
n Harry M ct attendant h 82 Rutland rd 
,i Hy B fireman h 41 . Chauncey 
ii Howard I meat 046 Wytl.e av 
ii Ida M wid Jas M h 534 l.inwood 
ii John A elk h 402 McDonough 
n Mary nurse h 70 Fort Greene pi 

Business Directory! 



317 Washington St., 







70 .< 

en * 



■n— j 




I Tile pm on 1, 3004 MAIM. 







734-736 FIFTH AVENUE. Telephone 27 



ii Saml E realestate 135 Myrtle ay h 

Jamaica L I 
ii Seabury J elk h 534 Linwood 
Burton Alfred compositor h 14G2 74th 
ii Alfred J elk h 5S4 10th 
ii Anna S wid Chas K h 127 Hale ay 
n Benj police h 131 Glen 
ii OUas elk h 420 McDommgh 
ii Chas H lnsp h 578 Marcy av 
ii Chas W h 2120 S4th 
ii Edwd C hatter h 644 Warren 
ii Edwd G salesman h 24 Strong pi 
ii Emma wid Ohas h 471 11th 
ii Fannie wid Wm h 1411 40th 
u Geo H machinist 437 Pearl Mhta h 381 

Putnam ay 
n Geo W foreman h 445 Logan 
ii Gilbert elk h 214 Prospect pi 
ii Hy ins h 348 State 
ii Hy jeweler h 107 Wayerly ay 
ii Jas painter h 214 Prospect pi 
ii Jas H police h 1731 Atlantic ay 
ii John compositor h 506 Jef ay 
ii John H treasr 25 Hanoyer pi h Wood- 
mere L I 
ii John M salesman h 356 Clifton pi 
ii John N baker 500 Jef ay 
ii John R prest 154 Nassau Mhtn h 163 

Lefferts pi 
ii Jos L realestate 5 Beekman Mhtn h 

468 Bainbrldge 
ii Kate nurse h 289 Classon ay 
ii Katbryn P typewriters 1004 Fulton 
ii K C h 2710 E 19th 
ii Lenox baker 545 Myrtle ay h 365 Laf 

n Marion L physician h 264 Henry 
ii Melville decorator h 289 Classon av 
ii Percival F salesman li 436 Laf ay 
ii Kobt painter h 214 Prospect pi 
ii Kobt L prest 25 Hanson - pi h Cedar- 
hurst L I 
ii Saml W sec 47 Cedar Mhtn h 1019 E 

n Stanley draughtsman h 752 Marcy av 
ii The liquors 153 Fbush ay 
ii Thos E shoes h 67 Irving pi 
ii Thos R silversmith h 107 Waverly ay 
ii Waldo B chauffeur h Av W c 74th 
ii Walter C realestate 396 7th av h 492 

ii Wm elk h 671 Halsev 
n Wm elk h 575 Bainbridge 
ii Wm designer h 7th av c 43d 
ii Wm E toolmkr h 834 Bwick av 
ii Wm F painter 214 Prospect pi 
ii Wm W police h 289 Classon av 
,i Winfleld G sec 170 Bway Mhtn h 648 
Prospect id 
Burtt Saml A pictures 36 E 23d Mhtn h 2024 
Ay L 
ii W'alter E decorator 177 3d ay Mhtn h 
492 Quincy 
Burtwell Wm supt h 411 E 28th 
ton Mhtn 
Burwell Elbert B draughtsman h 207 Hall 
ii Geo A electrician b 336 Hawthorne 
ii Hy messenger h 146 Lex av 
n Josephine wid Clay h 208 Rutledge 
ii Miehl J carpr 126 Carlton ay 
Burwinkle Albert u s n h 203 Windsor pi 
Busam Leopold wheelwright h 48 Floyd 
Busardo Chas physician 543 Henry 
Busby Ann wid Wilson J h 3S3 10th 
ii Edgar foreman h 359 42d 
n Geo police h 460 Senator 
ii Helen wid Jas h 359 42d 
ii Jos horseshoer 173 36th 
ii Wm contractor h 91st n 5th ay 
BuscemI Chas barber 9S Stagg 
ii Michl barber h 184 Java 
n Michl macaroni 40 Nostrand av 
ii P barber 119 Ralph av 
n Vincenzo barber 800 Fulton 
•i V & Bro barbers 558 Marcy ay 
Busch Adolph h 2068 E 27th 
ii Adolph grocer 316 Devoe 
,i Alfred sec 433 Atlantic ay h 592 2d 
ii August salesman h 373 Arlington av 
ii August H grocer 133 Reid av 
ii A Bottling Co 433 Atlantic av 
i. A & Son coal 90S Atlantic ay & 1105 

Met av 
ii Bernhard tailor 124 Court 
n Carson N candvnikr h 560 Shepherd ay 
i. Ohas h 1117 Wllby uv 


Telephone 3410 Flatbmh 

Residence Telephone 317 Prospect 



a Cluisr hardware 524 Grand h 256 Mhtn 

n Erneline wid Peter h 133 Amity 

n Emma h 1354 Bergen 

n Ernest tailor 627 Hart 

n Francis B elk h 515 76th 

ii Geo salesman h 96 Bay 34th 

ii Geo P coal 908 Atlantic av h Hemp- 
stead L 1 

ii Hy liquors 895 Mhtn av 

ii Hernia u elk h 503 St John's pi 

ii Isaac clothing 162 Worth Mhtn h, 158 

ii John baker 975 Mhtn av 

ii John grocer 336 Pacific h 110 Hoyt 

ii John liquors 895 Mhtn av 

n John liquors 242 Knickr av 

n Martin liquors 1101 Myrtle av 

i: Noel laundry 180 7th av 

ii Paul manager h 92 Rogers ay 

i. Robt h 364 Harman 

ii Bros liquors 35 Gpoiut av 

ii Bros liquors 895 Mhtn av 
Busche Frank salesman h 124 Linden 

ii Wm C cutter h 1177A Putnam ay 
Buseher Hy grocer 19 Bklyn ay 

ii John painter h 114 Java 

ii John tinsmith h 114 Java 

i, Julius tailor 217 Ralph 

n Nicholas tinsmith h 308 10th 
Buschhorn Fredk h 71st e 10th av 

ii John h 10th av c 71st 
Buschlinger Jacob express h 1412 Gates av 
Buschman Albert D h 177 Lincoln rd 

ii Chas bottler Stillwell av n R R av h 
W 4th n Ay T 

ii Chas F grocer 228 Pacific 

ii Fredk elk h 35 Cooper 

ii Geo J musician h 35 Cooper 

ii Richd turner h 1383 Madison 
Buschnea Carl F mfr h 135 Linden ay 
Buschner Albert trimmings 1253 Nostrand av 
h 229 Hawthorne 

ii Albert W piano tuner h 229 Hawthorne 

ii A & Co trimmings 1253 Nostrand av 
Busck August h 83 St Mark's pi 

ii Ivan plumber h 163 Sterling pi 
Buse Fred stoves 32 Old slip Mhtn h 170 

ii Mary wid Wm h 1429 Bwick av 
Busenbark John Q elk h 1441 41st 
Busener Chas com mer 1012 Washn ay Wal- 
labout mkt h 219 Putnam ay 

ii Lina wid Hy h 402 Pacific 
Buser Francis V wallpaper 588 Atlantic av 
h 139 S Oxford 

ii Geo H bldr 386 Cumberland 

n H & J realestate 228 Hamburg av 

ii Jacob realestate 228 Hamburg av 
Bush Abraham V h 249 10th 

ii Albert electrician h 99 Evergreen ay 

ii Alice C wid Wilder M h 53 Pineapple 

ii Archibald B agt 50 Church Mhtn h 135 
Lincoln pi 

ii Arthur stereotyper h 521 Dean 

ii Brass Foundry 467 Malbone 

n Carrie wid Geo h 1402 Bwick ay 

ii Chas engineer h 536 6th ay . 

n Chas A dentist 516 Nostrand ay 

ii Chas A manager h 645A Laf av 

ii Chas V) police h 2802 Farragut rd 

n Chas K engineer h Lawrence ay n 47th 

ii Chas S tailor 5908 5th av 

,i Edwd florist h 629 20th 

ii Edwd ins h 322 Lincoln rd 

ii Edwd principal Maujer n Leonard h 
289 Hewes 

ii Edwd supt h 354 59th 

ii Edwd E salesman h 228 Scnaeffer 

ii Edwin engineer h 536 6th av 

ii Edwin E manager h 24 Wellington ct 

ii Emma h 79 Poplar 

ii Francis B elk h 515 76th 

n Frank actor h 416 Caton av 

ii Frank trainmaster h 1039 Halsey 

n Frank H carpr h 249 10th 

ii Geo agt h 37 E 2d 

a Geo ins h 729 Prospect pi 

ii Geo truckman u 2S2 Skillman 

ii Geo S elk h 555 Quincy 

ii Harriot B h 354 59th 

■i Harry clothing h 128 Clarkson av 

n Harry H tailor 38 Wllby av 

ii Hy B h 70 Hancock 

ii Herman perfumer h 1354 55th 

i, Hiram H h 70 Hancock 

■i Howard machinist h 249 10th 



p < 

m z 

* I 

O 32 = 

O £ 

^ =o 

w 2 v* 

o pi > 

O -H 

* c» 

3 £ 

> 5 


Brooklyn Elite Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. 


Tel. 3004 Halo. 

























.. Jas S fixtures 239 Bway Mhtn h 460 

Classon av 
M John vet surg 737 GleDmore av 
ii Jos shipmaster h 165 57th 
ii Jos liquors 261 Conover 
ii Jos W artist h 287 11th 
n Louis printer h 99 Evergreen av 
n Mary E wid Chas h 664 Baltic 
ii Mlchl W coatinkr 109 S 5th h 101 S 2d 
ii M W & Bros eoatmkrs 109 S 5th 
n Robt W mech eng h 10 Monroe pi 
n Sarah D wid Nathaniel h 181 Decatur 
ii Sarah M wid Rufus T h 202 Columbia 

ii Stephen C "blacksmith h 176 34th 
ii Terminal Co ft 43d & 100 Broad Mhtn 
it Virgil J engineer n 852 Glenmore av 
M Wendell T storage 100 Broad Mhtn h 

167 Joralemon 
ii Wesley C bldr h 135 Lincoln pi 
ii Wm h 128 Clarkson av 
ii Wm elk h 359 S 4th 
ii Wm elk h 634 57th 
ii Wm N dentist 368 Putnam av 
Bushame Anthony agt h 204 Union 

ii Nicholas candymkr b 204 Union 
Bushe Benj N manager 207 Bway Mhtn h 

288 Leonard 
Bushell Chas G realestate 475 Rogers av h 
913 Laf av 
ii Geo P elk h 913 Laf av 
ii Wm G h 913 Laf av 
Bushenberger M L boarding 446 Greene av 
Busher Anne wid Jos h 212 6th 
Bushey Alex C elk h 132% 23d 
ii Alfred foreman h 1113 8th av 
,i Arthur elk u 563 10th 
.i Geo C painter h 132% 23d 
ii Ira S dry dock ft 20th h 214 17th 
Bushing Chas cashier h 294 Herkimer 
ii Fredk coal h 181 Concord 
ii Hy delicatessen 128 Utica av 
ii Hy meat 5420 16th av 
Bushinker & Sloan roofers 25 Glenmore ay 
Bushlinger Mary candy 1412 Gates av 
Bushman Geo carpr h 960 E 15th 
n Geo D h 1123 Bedford av 
ii Hy mechanic h 1996 Dean [av 

ii John J coal 7 Marion h 1204 St Mark's 
ii Kate wid Hy h 1204 St Mark's av 
n Wm finisher h 350 Melrose 
n Bros truckmen 1204 St Mark's av 
Bushnell Alice M wid Giles F h 94 Hancock 
ii Burr G acct h 777 Quincy 
ii Ezra D realestate 187 Montague h 780 

ii E L h 1138A Sterling pi 
n Horace C engineer h 15 Strong pi 
.. John S supplies 227 Fulton Mhtn h 283 
Park pi 
Bushong Franklin P elk h 298 5th 
,i Stewart F dentist 442 9th 
ii Theresa M wid Albert J h 442 9th 
Bushwiek Boarding Stables 262 Bwick av 
ii Central Hospital 2 Howard av 
ii Cigar Co 1317 Bwick av 
ii Coal Co 215 Scholes 

ii Coal Yard 1105 Met av [Grand 

ii Co-operative Bldg & Loan Assn 612 
ii Democratic Club 719 Bwick av 
ii Garage 62 Palmetto 

ii Glass Works 968 Grand & 220 Bway 
• ii Hand Laundry 620 Vandt av 
ii Hospital 2 Howard av 
n Lumber Co 10S4 Grand 
n Paint & Supply Co 428 Bwick av 
ii Pharmacy 314 Bwick av 
ii Pork Packing Co 29 Bwick av 
n Rubber Tire Works 33 Arlon pi 
ii Savings Bank 726 Grand 
ii Storage Warehouse 239 Meserole 
ii & East Brooklyn Dispensary 1097 Myrtle 
Bushy A carpr h 39 Greene av 
Buslck Benj F elk h 402 Shepherd av 
ii Chas police h 13 Jardlne pi 
n Saml mechanic h 1078 Halsey 
LYN TJplngrton's Directory Office 
317 Washinsfton 
any Trade or Profession In the 
U S and Canada Upington's Di- 
rectory Office 317 Washington 
Business Women's Union 80 Wilby 
Busing Adolf M bookkpr 684A Pacific 

Pictures*^ Paintings 





ii August E woolens 244 William Mhtn b 

494B Jcf av 
ii Hy caterer h 201 Chauncey 
ii Hy salesman h 684A Pacific 
ii Hy D employment 1150 Myrtle av 
n Hy M h 684A Pacific 

n Wm woolens 244 AVilllam Mhtn h 197 
Prospect pi 
Busk & Jevons steamships Furman n Fulton 
Busklrk Schuyler conductor h 1264 Madison 
Buskv Davis baker h 145 Ten Eyck 
n John S shoes 54 Beaver Mhtn h 811 
Berkeley pi 
Buss John F bookkpr h 306 Evergreen av 
ii Hy 1214 40th 
ii Louis C millinery gds 170 5th av Mhtn 

h 263 Prospect pi 
ii Peter carpr h 61 Orescent 
ii Reuben jeweler h 38 Leonard 
Bussard Gertrude wid Wm h 114 Dean 
Busse Fred plumber 270 Ellery h 555 
Knickr av 
ii Gustav machinist h 74 E 4th 
n Louis livery 1454 DeKalb av 
ii Wm G machinist 43 Marlon h 420 
Bussell Ernest h 65 Ralph av 
Busselle Jas S advertiser h 514 45th 
Bussensehutt Herman grocer 202 Smith 
ii Margt cashier h 209 Classon av 
n Wm H drugs 792 Nostrand av 
Bussereau John liquors 147 Duane Mhtn h 76 

Clifton pi 
Bussey Chas h 897 4th av 
Bussing Chas I ins 59 Maiden la Mhtn h 194 
ti John F insp h 340 8th 
i. Robt S lawyer 35 Wall Mhtn h 20 Gar- 
den pi 
Bossmann Caroline M wid Hy h 210 Cleve- 
ii Herman designer h 321 Jamaica av 
Bustarfe Albert cutter h 252 6th 
Bustead Saml B elk h 298 Van Slclen av 
Busteed Geo W carpet layer h 418 Shepherd 
ii Margt wid Jas h 92 S 3d 
Busweller Chas H printer h 77A Hull 
Busy Bee Press 1189 Madison 
Butcher Abram B electrician n 79 Cooper 
,i Chas h 580 6th av 
i, David F lawyer 18 Wall Mhtn h 124 

N Y av 
ii Edwd lawyer 16 Court h Richmond Hill 

L I 
ii Geo elk h 1347 Park pi 
•i Geo W sec 257 Water Mhtn h 701 Put- 
nam av 
ii Harry P underwear 350 Bway Mbtn h 

532 E 8th 
it Hy jewelry h 450 Wilby av 
ii Hy sec h 183 Snyder av 
ii Hy C wines 67 Pearl Mhtn h 523 E 8th 
i. Hy S plumber 754 6th Mhtn h 58 Hope 
n Jacob T machinist h 227 Reld ay 
i, John h 229 Reld av 
n J harnessmkr 314 Oakland 
n Mary h 544 State 
ii Robt E plumber 80 Av D Mhtn h 185 

n Thos h 242 Windsor pi 
ii Wm boilermkr h 153A 31st 
ii Wm W lawyer 215 Montague & 230 Gra- 
ham av h 362 Maeon 
Butcher's Saw Filing Co 2123 Fulton 
Butecke Hy M grocer Av L e E 95th 
Butehorn Chas contractor h E 48th n Av M 

ii F Wm salesman h 571 10th 
Butel Geo h 240 Penn 

ii Philip liquors h 276 Woodbine 
Buterhorn Carl L engraver h 453 52d 
Butera Antoni barber 826 DeKalb av 
n Guiseppe meat 74 Skillman 
ii John barber 1342 Fulton h 146 Rogers av 
Buth Jacob baker 242 Hamburg 
Buther Hy W delicatessen 756 Nostrand av 
Buthmann Herman meat E 92d c Sinirh la 

n Wm S meat likway av c Conklin av 
Butkus 'Peter undertaker 213% Berry & 43 

Hudson av 
Butland Harry Jeweler 435 Fulton h 215 St 

James' pi 
Butler Albert G printers mtls 2S4 rear! 
Mhtn h 195A Steuben 
n Albert H ins 164 Montague h 237 Steu- 
ii Alex elk h 456 Quincy 

Brooklyn Street Directory, 


317 Washington St., BROOKLYN. Telephone. 3004 Main. 





H W 
















►Q SB • >^ 

r > 

50 P 










.5 Id 

JC z 

^ bl 






29 West 34th Street, New York 



Estimates Furnished for Work 
in any kind of Mar- 
ble or Grauite 

Telephone : Murray Hill, 2272 


ii Alice B sec 141 Bway Mlitn fa 475 

Washn nv 

ii Xlmedy wid Jos P fc 4U0 Macon 

ti Aloysius printer h 378 711. 

ii Ambrose steamfitter h 2t>5 East Pkway 

ii Arthur elk fa 172 Stnyt av 

a Augusta wid Jos fa 545 Bergen 

ii Bridget T wid Win h 331 Franklin ay 

ii Benj window cleaning 1004 Fulton 

n Bradford lawyer 141 Bway Mfatn h 475 

Wasuu uv 

ii Chas carpr h Lake n Av W 

ii <'faas electrician h 150 Marey av 

ii Chas erahdr 141 W 20th Mhtn h 584 


n Chas manager h 714 Chaimcey 

ii Chas B bookbinding 407 Pearl Mfatn h 

3(55 Macon 

• ii Chas D salesman h 221 B 18th 

a Chas It physician h 584 Franklin av 

a Okas T strawboards 200 W Bway Mhtn 

h 133 Crystal 

a Clayton I realestate h 694 Monroe 

ii Clifford elk h 177 Ridgevvood av 

ii Clifton B elk ,h 447 Wnverly av 

ii Oanl stevedore 32 South Mhtn h 159 


.. David J lildr 8820 Bay 13th 

M Edwd elk h 883 Gates av 

a ,Edwd earthenware 45 Warren Mhtn h 

433 3d 

n Edwd liquors h 378 7th 

n Edwd mechanic fa 444 Pacific 

ii Edwd E meat 762 Fbush av h 758 Fhush 


" Edwd J fish' 331 Monroe h 338 Hancock 

a Edwd M chemist h 23 Poplar 

a Edwin It grocer 208 Washn Mhtn fa 1236 

n Elizabeth S wid Patrick h 456 Bergen 

n Ernest L cabinetinkr 30 Front Mhtn h 

616 44th 

ii E J fa 620A Monroe 

n Francis elk fa 217 Wilby av 

ii Frank bookkpr h 5805 4th av 

n Frank bricklayer h 460 D 21st 

ii Frank coml trav h 1145 Bwick av 

n Frank tinsmith fa' 74 Dtica av 

ii Frank A salesman h. 1117 Putnam av 

ii Frank P realestate h 2315 Beverley rd 

ii Frank T photos 7 Bond li 261 Livingston 

ii Franklin engraver ih 434 Tpkins av 

n Fredk shoes 59 Whitehall Mhtn b 456 

Prospect av 

n Fredk M h 416 Clermont av 

ii F stationer 529 Herkimer 

ii F A h 1147 Putnam av • 

M Geo china repairer h 320 Scfaermerhorn 

n (ieo elk h 1782 Shore rd 

a Geo engineer fa 150 Marcy av 

M Geo engineer h 550 53d 

a Geo F fireman h 298 Wyckoff 

n Geo H h 550 53d 

ii Geo P fa 267 Lenox rd 

n Geo W fa 267 Marlborough rd 

n Glentworth It physician h 229 Gates av 

n G Howard treasr h 462 E 16th 

ii Harold librarian h 513 Throop av 

ii Harry A u s a fa 511 94th 

a Harry P insp h* 71 Stone av 

ii Hv N bookkpr h 446 Miller nv 

n Helen wid John Ii 17O0 Pacific 

ii Honora wid Jas h 2215 Fbush av 

a Howard L librarian fa 1462 Pacific 

ii H A elk h 447 Waverly av 

a Hugh manager 29 Bway Mhtn h Bay 

Ridge Pkway n Ridge Boulevard 

it Irving machinist fa 760 39th 

ii Irving H elk 202 Hale av 

a Israel lildr 8820 Bay 13th 

ii Jas h 545 11th 

ii Jas conductor fa 3 Bolivar 

ii Jas fireman fa' 509 Dean 

n Jas (inc) grocers 268 Grand 

ii Jas iron h 67 Division nv 

H Jas janitor fa 2107 Dean 

ii Jas machinist h 1700 Pacific 

n Jas stenographer fa 378 7th 

n Jas truckman h 19tfa av c 70th 

ii Jas C supt fa 236 Baltic 

ii Jas F h 165 83d 

ii Jas F cashier 280 Bway Mhtn h 106 

Prospect pk W 

ii Jas H fa 177 Ridgewood av 

ii Jas J V 545 1,1th 

ii Jas M chemist h 483 12th 

ii John electrician h 161 Jef av 

ii John engineer h 232 Scbaeffer 


„ John ice 61 3d 

a John mechanic h 360 13th 

,i John painter h 539 E 29th 

a John salesman h 46 1st 

n John trucks 97 Park pi Mhtn h 19th av 

c 70th 
ii John E nect h 293 15th 
.1 John E stationer 81 New Mfatn h 242 

Patchen av 
i, John II tugboats 1 Bway Mhtn h 437 

n John J bldr h 2125 Fbush av 
n John J carpr fa 481 17th 
n John J foreman h E 7th n Av L 
ii John K supplies 59 E lltfa Mhtn h 28 

Lefferts pi 
n John T collector h 478 12th 
a John T engineer h 392 Degraw 
n John W A feather dyer 251 Duffleld 
n Jos elk h 67 Division av 
ii Jos janitor fa 76 Marion 
n Jos salesman fa 2215 Beverley rd 
ii Jos K carpr h 267 Berry 
a Jos M salesman h 347 E 22d 
ii Katherine wid John h 491 State 
ii Katherine wid Michl fa 165 Ryerson 
a Louis W manager 111 Bway Mhtn h 324 

Putnam av 
•i Mable nurse h 113 St Felix 
ii Mary wid Edmund S fa 326 Hart 
n Mary C wid fa King's Highway c E 2d 
ii Mary J wid Jas h 322 Franklin av 
,i Michl E stevedore 32 South Mfatn h 533 

ii Morris B h 507 Clinton av 
ii M J elk fa 134 Winthrop 
ii Patrick h 227 8th av 
ii Patrick elk h 176 Clarkson av 
n Patrick B elk h 275 Classon av 
ii Philip J stevedore 32 South Mhtn h 33 

Willow pi 
ii Plumbing Co 327 Cumberland 
n Portraits 3 Bond 
a Richd engineer h 172 Classon av 
ii Richd engineer h 322 Franklin av 
ii Richd furrier h 099 DeKalb av 
ii Richd liquors 93 3d av 
a Richd J elk h 322 Franklin av 
■i Rufus elk h 831 40th 
a Russell M elk h 953 Laf av 
ii Saml carpr h 402 2d 
i, Saml A cutter h 733 Lex av 
ii Saml S h 378 Grand av 
ii Simon plumber h 733 Lex av 
n Smedlev B elec eng h 1046 Sterling pi 
n Sylvester J steamfitter h 265 East 

n Thaddeus W ice fa 445 9th 
ii Thos baker h 298 Wyckoff 
ii Thos bldr Lake n Av W 
ii Thos carpr h 235 94th 
ii Thos manager 815 Fbush av 
n Thos papermkr h 318 42d 
i, Thos A barber 232 4th av 
n Thos B elk h 782 E 17th 
a Thos J elk h 141 N 9th 
a Thos J decorator h 4801 17th av 
a Thos J liquors 234 Navy & 91 DeKalb av 

h 285 Adelphl 
ii Thos M ribbons 476 Broome Mhtn h 286 

Van Buren 
ii Thos W bookkpr h 11 Moffat 
„ Walter P civil eng h 1726 60th 
„ Wm elk h 255 Reid av 
n Wm salesman h 11 E 3d 
ii Wm salesman h 331 Franklin av 
a Wm E physician h 113 Halsey 
a Wm F printer h 1732 E 14th 
a Wm G supt h 54 Van Buren 
n Wm H elk h 429 Union 
a Wm H depy insp 367 Jay b 392 Pu- 
n Win J h 334 76th 
ii Wm L manager 165 Chambers Mhtn h 

216 17th 
ii Wm Morris physician h 507 Clinton av 
ii Wm S insp h 358 Van Brunt 
a Wm S lawyer 190 Montague h 49 2d pi 
n W John restaurant Bway n Stuyt av h 

614 Jef av 

Butow meat 405 East N Y av 

n Paul delicatessen 1116 8th av 
Butrick Reubeu E lawyer 15 Dey Mhtn h 

878 Drlggs av 
Bntsch Julius steward 17 8th av h 97th n 

Bay Itidge Pkway 


SXOKliSi 510 and 1416 Fulton Street 

FACTORIES: i ran -jtl fl;, vnr r 

847 Herkimer St., Brooklyn; 116 Park Bow, New York City. **-* u ' *" 1I*VU1». 
and SIS East 24 th Street, New York City Telephone at all AddrtttM 

is always pure, 
rich arid delicious 
French and Amer- 





























Successor to GILLIN3 & PIVOVAR ===== 


I 1 

w « 

I- o 

< Ul o 

^ o CO 

S E w 

S 5 S 

as 2- O 

= x 





Formerly with JAMES CASSIDY 

226 Livingston 
NEAR E:t-8Vft *=>!_ 



Butscher Wui realestate 132 Nassau Mhtn h 

91 Chestnut 
Butt Cath wid Henry h 65 Clifton pi 
Chas E elk h 11)08 Hancock 
Clans D provisions 12 Steuben h 2(54 

Cory painter li 972 Laf av 
Edwd liquors 2957 Fulton 
Edwd liquors 2553 Pitkin av 
Brnest h 516 Halsey 
Fredk W elee eng h 468 Quincy 
Hy grocer 181 Howard ay h 426 Bain- 
Hy liquors 5223 2d ay 
Jas F pilot h 483 9th 
John meat h 619 DeKalb av 
John D h 65 Clifton pi 
John J J tel oper h 111 Vandt av 
John T surveyor 115 Nassau Mhtn h 

267 Bainbridge 
Marie wid Chas B h 315 Wilby ay 
Morris shoes 1671 Bway h 1368 Bwick 

Peter H horsesboer 268 Flushing av b 

970A Gates av 
Philip salesman h 295 Tbroop av 
Richd F h 721 84th 
Walter liquors h 14 Koscko 
Win elee eng 18 Cortlandt Mhtn h 
1426 55th 
Butta Wm furniture h 88 Essex 
Buttell Realty Co 1187 Liberty av 
Butterbrodt Florence h 204 Van Buren 
Bufterfass Chas meat 204 East av Wallabout 
mkt h 243 56th 
M Fredk insp h 25 Chauncey 
n Jacob F insp h 1064 Lincoln pi 
ii Ottilie wid Jos F h 1073 Lincoln pi 
.. Roy T elk h 1257 St John's pi 
Butterfleld C notions 246 Irving av 
ii Edwin L strawboards 79 Crosby Mhtn 

h 91 Marlborough rd 
ii E G fitter h 99 Meserole av 
ii Geo W asst weigher h 32 Middagh 
ii Hy A strawboards 79 Crosby Mhtn h 

91 Marlborough rd 
ii Jas W elk h 96 Milton 
>i Saml S reporter h 241 12th 
ii Selinda wid Rufus H h 586 6th 
.1 Wm M artist h 217 Tpkins av 
Butterick Mary E h 406 Franklin av 

m Painless Dental Co (Inc) 617 Fulton 
Butterly Chas J elk h 127 Covert 
n Geo P realestate h 437 Franklin av 
ii John engineer h 127 Covert 
n P James h 744 Franklin av 
•i Thos V elk h 437 Franklin av 
Buttermilch Albert jeweler h 123 15th 
Butterstein P liquors 238 Wyekoff av 
Butterworth Benj T manager 307 Washn h 
3418 Glenwood rd 
ii Eliza A wid Jas h 15 Koscko 
n Frank hatter h 15 Koscko 
ii Fredk G furrier h 203 Midwood 
ii Herliert machinist h 15 Koscko 
n John engineer h 1217 40th 
ii Thos milk h 246 10th 
Buttle Geo M parquet floors 1234 Bedford av 
b Arlington N J 
ii Meyer barber 198 Boerum 
ii Parquet Floor Co 155 Lawrence & 1234 
Bedford av 


Succeeding the Biooklyn Parquet Floor Co. 
155 Lawrence St., at Fulton 

Telephon- 4178 Main 
1234 Bedford Ave. Td-. hone 2641 Bedford 
New York Show R cm, Marbridge Bldg., 
Broadway and 34th St.: Office. 605 W. 43rd St.; 
Mills, 643-649 W. 43rrt St. Tel. 3595 Bryant. 
The Good Mind of Firquet Floors 

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